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Zionist Romney Meets Tebow’s Boss


Skulz does it again.

1. “Standing on Israeli soil, U.S. presidential candidate Mitt Romney on Sunday declared Jerusalem to be the capital of the Jewish state and said the United States has “a solemn duty and a moral imperative” to block Iran from achieving nuclear weapons capability.”

Romney travels to Jerusalem which is under an illegal occupation and proclaims the illegally occupied territory to be the capital of the one country in the world that is loved by more Jews than any other.

Oh, and what’s this “standing on Israeli soil” shit. Of course one could argue that if he had said the same thing in Washington, DC he would have been standing on Israeli soil there.

“My understanding is the policy of our nation has been a desire to move our embassy ultimately to the capital (Jerusalem),” he said, adding, “I would only want to do so and to select the timing in accordance with the government of Israel.”

But of course, since the job he is running for is directly subordinate to the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

Which means that all Americans, like it or not, are subordinate to the Office of the Prime Minister of Israel.

2. Now we here at Mantiq al-Tayr demand that Tim Tebow get involved in this. Tebow is supposedly a Christian who now works for the New York Jets. Jets owner, Woody Johnson, flew to Israel to be at the big fundraising even Romney is holding there.  He’s done this sort of thing with Romney before.

So Tebow – do you support Israel’s apartheid state?

Get a load of this shit. [Note to Shas Party members, red highlighting is done by a mole I have inside the Romney campaign.]

“Shepherding Mr. Romney at the wall was J. Philip Rosen, a Manhattan lawyer who owns a home in Jerusalem and has helped organized a $50,000-per-couple fund-raiser scheduled for Monday morning. Mr. Rosen said Sunday he expected up to 80 people for the breakfast, up from his estimate on Friday of 20 to 30 because of the influx of Americans.

Among those who flew here for the event, were the casino magnate Sheldon Adelson, who has vowed to spend $100 million this political season to defeat President Obama and who wore a pin that said “Romney” in Hebrew letters; Cheryl Halpern, a New Jersey Republican and Israel advocate; Woody Johnson, owner of the New York Jets; John Miller, chief executive of the National Beef Packing Company; John Rakolta, a Detroit real estate developer who led the finance committee for Mr. Romney’s 2008 presidential bid; L.E. Simmons, the Texan owner of a private-equity firm with ties to the oil industry; Paul Singer, founder of a $20 billion hedge fund; and Eric Tanenblatt, a lawyer and Romney fund-raiser in Atlanta who had never before visited Israel. Scott Romney, the governor’s brother, and Spencer Zwick, his national finance chairman, also were on hand.”

And get this:

“They were greeted at the posh King David Hotel here Saturday night with gift baskets that included white yarmulkes, which many wore to the Western Wall, and Israeli chocolate bars made with Pop Rocks. Some spent Sunday touring Jerusalem, while others observed the fast; after the speech, Sander Gerber, a hedge fund financier, and Mr. Rosen, were among those who made a makeshift minyan for the evening service, standing between lines of alternating American and Israeli flags overlooking the Old City.”

Could you imagine if Obama were to travel to a Muslim country that illegally occupies sites that are holy to Christianity and Judaism with a bunch of billionaires and millionaires during the month of Ramadan and a bunch of his entourage fasted during the daytime and then one of the richest of them were to set up a Friday prayer service that they went to? Oh, that he did all this to RAISE MONEY for his campaign?

3. We don’t get no respect. Only in the US could Romney’s statements quoted in this article be considered a softening of the comment of Romney aide, Dan Senor, who said the following:

Oh, and the Huff and Puff Post also reported that Romney’s words were a sort of stepping back from what Senor said, but I digress.

“If Israel has to take action on its own, in order to stop Iran from developing that capability, the governor would respect that decision,” Mr. Senor said.”

Here are Romney’s responses, from himself personally and from Senor writing on behalf of the Romney campaign:

“Governor Romney believes we should employ any and all measures to dissuade the Iranian regime from its nuclear course, and it is his fervent hope that diplomatic and economic measures will do so,” Mr. Senor said in an e-mail statement released by the campaign. “In the final analysis, of course, no option should be excluded. Governor Romney recognizes Israel’s right to defend itself, and that it is right for America to stand with it.”

In an interview on CBS’ “Face the Nation,” Mr. Romney said: “I’ll use my own words and that is I respect the right of Israel to defend itself and we stand with Israel.”

“We’re two nations that come together in peace and that want to see Iran being dissuaded from its nuclear folly,” he said.

“Because I’m on foreign soil,” Mr. Romney said, “I don’t want to be creating new foreign policy for my country or in any way to distance myself from the foreign policy of our nation, but we respect the right of a nation to defend itself.”

Thus when Senor says Romney will “respect” Israel’s attacking Iran and when Romney affirms exactly that, this is called “softening” of Romney’s position.

4. Who is Dan Senor? I mean this is just too much. Wiki needs to stop outingwar-mongering Jews. ☺

“Daniel Samuel Senor, known as Dan Senor (/ˈsiːnər/; born November 6, 1971), is a founding partner of Rosemont Capital LLC, and Rosemont Solebury Capital Management. He is also a Fox News contributor and a frequent contributor to The Wall Street Journal among other publications. He is co-author the book Start-up Nation: The Story of Israel’s Economic Miracle, about the economy of Israel and globalization in the Middle East. Senor is most noted for his former position as chief spokesperson for the Coalition Provisional Authority in Iraq. He is married to television news personality Campbell Brown. Senor is currently serving as a foreign policy adviser to U.S. Presidential candidate Mitt Romney.”

We don’t have journalism in the US anymore, we have elites who do whatever the fuck they want in any guise they desire and we, just like moronic Queen-worshiping Brits and Canadians, fall for it. We get what we deserve.

But it gets worse. With Zionism it always does.

Only this time, I’m going to let you read between the lines.

Oh, hold on a sec. The Wiki article also notes that Senor grew up in Canada, though he was born in New York and:

“He received his undergraduate degree from the University of Western Ontarioand Hebrew University in Jerusalem[3] and received an MBA from Harvard in 2001.

But I digress.

Anyway, Senor married a nice Catholic girl named Campbell Brown, I’m sure most of you who watch television have heard of her.

Read this article about their wedding – and read it carefully.  I will give you a slight hint from the article, but read the whole damn thing.

“In the ceremony that followed, the couple vowed before 150 guests not only to stay together forever but “to repair one small piece of the broken world.”

Now read this article. The whole thing.

I can hear you all bitching and moaning, “Mantiq, damn it we read you because you find cool stuff and distill it for use so we can get back to watching baseball and football games. Please don’t make us read all of those two articles. We’d rather go back to Alex Jones and Frosty the Flake. Please, have mercy on us.”

Okay. I still think you should read both articles in full because of what they say and don’t say and where they give you hints.

Tell ya what, I’ll just ask you a question.  Which of the two of them converted?

Guess you’ll have to read to find out.

5. Well, here is a woman who knows who she is. And I really like who she is. ☺

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ZIO-NAZI PROPAGANDA: PA official: Romney recognizing Jerusalem as IsraHell’s capital ‘unacceptable’


TEL AVIV (JTA) — Former Palestinian chief negotiator Saeb Erekat said that Mitt Romney’s recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was “unacceptable.”

Erekat said that Romney’s statement during a policy speech on Sunday, in which the presumptive Republican presidential candidate said that Jerusalem is “the capital of Israel,” goes against years of U.S. policy. The status of Jerusalem is one of the most sensitive issues in the Israeli-Palestinian peace process, as both sides claim it as a capital.

“At the end of the day, the U.S. has interests in this region, it has embassies in 57 Arab and Muslim countries,” Erekat told The Associated Press. “I don’t think they will sacrifice everything for such statements, mere disturbing statements that will strengthen extremists in the region.”

Erekat helped negotiate the Oslo Accords between the U.S. and Israel in 1993, and resigned as Palestinian chief negotiator in 2011. He remains an aide to Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

During a trip to Israel on Sunday and Monday, Romney met with several Israeli leaders, including Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and President Shimon Peres. He also met with Palestinian Authority Prime Minister Salam Fayyad. He did not meet with Abbas, nor did he mention the Palestinians once during Sunday’s policy speech.

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Zionist Puppets Romney outrages Palestinians by saying Jewish culture helps make IsraHl more successful


<br /><br />
	Mitt Romney visited the Western Wall in Jerusalem’s old city this weekend.<br /><br />
” /></strong></p>
<p style=

Zionist Puppet Mitt Romney told Jewish donors Monday that their culture is part of what has allowed them to be more economically successful than the nearby Palestinians, outraging Palestinian leaders who called his comments racist and out of touch.

“As you come here and you see the GDP per capita, for instance, in Israel which is about $21,000 dollars, and compare that with the GDP per capita just across the areas managed by the Palestinian Authority, which is more like $10,000 per capita, you notice such a dramatically stark difference in economic vitality,” the Republican presidential candidate told about 40 wealthy donors who breakfasted around a U-shaped table at the luxurious King David Hotel.

The reaction of Palestinian leaders to Romney’s comments was swift and pointed.

“What is this man doing here?” said Saeb Erekat, a top Palestinian official. “Yesterday, he destroyed negotiations by saying Jerusalem is the capital of Israel, and today he is saying Israeli culture is more advanced than Palestinian culture. Isn’t this racism?”

The economic disparity between the Israelis and the Palestinians is actually much greater than Romney stated. Israel had a per capita gross domestic product of about $31,000 in 2011, while the West Bank and Gaza had a per capita GDP of just over $1,500, according to the World Bank.

Romney, seated next to billionaire casino owner Sheldon Adelson at the head of the table, told donors at his fundraiser that he had read books and relied on his own business experience to understand why the difference is so great.

“And as I come here and I look out over this city and consider the accomplishments of the people of this nation, I recognize the power of at least culture and a few other things,” Romney said, citing an innovative business climate, the Jewish history of thriving in difficult circumstances and the “hand of providence.”

Romney, in comparing the Israeli and Palestinian economies, made no mention of the fact that Israel has controlled the West Bank, Gaza Strip and east Jerusalem since capturing them in the 1967 war. Israel withdrew from Gaza in 2005, but continues to control access, and has enforced a crippling border blockade since the Islamic militant Hamas seized the territory in 2007.

In the West Bank, Israel retains overall control, and Palestinians only have limited self-rule. Israel controls all border crossings in and out of the West Bank, and continues to restrict Palestinian trade and movement.

The World Bank and the International Monetary Fund have said repeatedly that the Palestinian economy can only grow if Israel lifts those restrictions.

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Romney in IsraHell on Iran: So What is the Difference with Obama?


Both Obama and Romney have suggested by Zio-Nazi has the right to defend itself by waging war on Iran simply by alleging Iran is becoming “nuclear capable” (in other words having the technological ability to make a nuclear bomb even if they are NOT making one). If this is true than there there would have been thousands of wars since the Second World War, if war was justified simply because a nation developed the same military potential as their enemies.  — The Zionist-controlled media has made big issue of a Republican presidential hopeful Zionist Mitt Romney’s remarks on IsraHell having the right to attack Iran—but in reality, this is exactly what Barack Obama has also repeatedly said.

The duplicity of the media in attempting to create the impression that there is some sort of difference between the Republican and Democratic parties is merely part of the Zionist Jewish Supremacist “divide and conquer” strategy which they have employed against all non-Jewish people over the millennia.

In the latest trick, attention has been given to Romney’s claim, while on pilgrimage to his puppet-masters in IsraHell, that he supported Israel’s “right to defend itself”.

According to the Financial Times, one of Romney’s senior aides “outlined a far more hawkish policy than that of the Obama administration.”

According to that article, this “far more hawkish policy” included a backing of “Israel’s right to conduct a unilateral attack on Iran’s nuclear facilities.”

However, the reality is that Obama has stated on many occasions that the military option against Iran must remain “on the table” and that he also supports IsraHell’s right to defend itself.

For example, an article in the Real Clear Politics news source has a video of Obama addressing an AIPAC conference, saying that IsraHell has a right to defend itself.

In other words, there is no difference between the two candidates for the presidency, and the latest “controversy” is based on nothing at all.

It is, as said earlier, merely part of the Zionist Supremacist “divide and rule” strategy designed to trick Americans into thinking that they actually have a choice.

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America is Hated because of Zionist-Controlled Foreign Policy


The Zionist-directed U.S. foreign policy is the primary reason why America and Americans are hated by much of the world and is the primary cause of terrorism against our nation.

According to Stephen M. Walt, professor of international relations at Harvard University, “Americans ought to reflect a bit more on the long-term costs of our willingness to do unto others in ways we would most definitely not want them to do unto us.”

Writing on his foreign policy website, professor Walt said that Americans should remember the “Golden Rule—Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”

Referring to how the Obama administration is using American power in ways “that remain poorly understood by most Americans” (Obama’s targeted assassination policy against suspected terrorists and the U.S. cyber-warfare campaign against Iran), professor Walt said that what he found “troubling is the inevitable secrecy and deceit that is involved. It’s not just that we are trying to fool our adversaries; the problem is that we end up fooling ourselves, too.

“As I’ve noted before, when our government is doing lots of hostile things in far-flung places around the world and the public doesn’t know about them until long after the fact, then we have no way of understanding why the targets of U.S. power might be angry and hostile.

“As a result, we will tend to attribute their behavior to other, darker motivations.

“Remember back in 2009, when Obama supposedly extended the “hand of friendship” to Iran? At the same time that he was making friendly video broadcasts, he was also escalating our cyber-war efforts against Iran.

“When Iran’s Supreme leader Ali Khamenei reacted coolly to Obama’s initiative, saying: ‘We do not have any record of the new U.S. president. We are observing, watching, and judging. If you change, we will also change our behavior. If you do not change, we will be the same nation as 30 years ago,’ U.S. pundits immediately saw this as a ‘rebuff’ of our supposedly sincere offer of friendship.

“With hindsight, of course, it’s clear that Khamenei had every reason to be skeptical; and now, he has good grounds for viewing Obama as inherently untrustworthy. I’m no fan of the clerical regime, but the inherent contradictions in our approach made it virtually certain to fail. As it did.

“We keep wondering: ‘Why do they hate us?’ Well, maybe some people are mad because we are doing things that we would regard as unjustified and heinous acts of war if anyone dared to do them to us.

“And if we keep doing unto others in this way, it’s only a matter of time before someone does it unto us in return.”

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Zionist Wars Doubled the U.S. National Debt


The two Zionist-engineered wars in Afghanistan and Iraq double the U.S. national debt, new research has revealed.

Writing in the Foreign Policy Journal, Paul Craig Roberts said that the U.S, has been at war since October 2001, “when President George W. Bush concocted an excuse to order the US invasion of Afghanistan.

“This war took a back seat when Bush concocted another excuse to order the invasion of Iraq in 2003, a war that went on without significant success for 8 years and has left Iraq in chaos with dozens more killed and wounded every day, a new strong man in place of the illegally executed former strongman, and the likelihood of the ongoing violence becoming civil war.

“Upon his election, President Obama foolishly sent more troops to Afghanistan and renewed the intensity of that war, now in its eleventh year, to no successful effect.

“These two wars have been expensive. According to estimates by Joseph Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, when all costs are counted, the Iraq invasion cost US taxpayers $3 trillion dollars. Ditto for the Afghan war.

“In other words, the two gratuitous wars doubled the US public debt. This is the reason there is no money for Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, food stamps, the environment, and the social safety net.

“Americans got nothing out of the wars, but as the war debt will never be paid off, US citizens and their descendants will have to pay interest on $6,000 billion of war debt in perpetuity.

“Not content with these wars, the Bush/Obama regime is conducting military operations in violation of international law in Pakistan, Yemen, and Africa, organized the overthrow by armed conflict of the government in Libya, is currently working to overthrow the Syrian government, and continues to marshal military forces against Iran.

“With wars and bankster bailouts, Bush and Obama have doubled the US national debt while failing to address the disintegration of the US economy and rising hardships of US citizens.”

Full article

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Zionism’s Crimes Continue: No Books for Gaza


Under Zio-Nazi blockade of Gaza, books are a rare, cherished commodity. Zionist does not explicitly ban importing books to Gaza, but the blockade makes it extraordinarily difficult to do so. The shortage amounts to a kind of censorship, Gazans say.

The Zio-Nazi blockade of the Gaza Strip has been blamed for a multitude of problems facing the population there: malnutrition, unemployment, limited access to electricity and potable water.

Gaza’n students and educators say that under the Zio-Nazi-imposed siege, education is suffering too. The blockade makes it so difficult to bring in books that they are forced to resort to bootlegging and smuggling, they say. The limited supply of original books has driven up costs, making them difficult for most Gazans to afford.

Book smugglers in Gaza are reluctant to disclose details on their routes, fearing ramifications from Zio-Nazi regime, which already bombs the Egypt-Gaza tunnels several times a year, and the Hamas government, which has increased its searches at the passenger-only Rafah border crossing, through with retailers also attempt to smuggle goods. The Gazan government considers the tunnels a legitimate trade route, so it allows goods to pass through there.

Gaza’n education officials assert that the tunnels are key to the education of Gaza’s 500,000 students. Awni Maqayyid, head of the Hamas-run Islamic University’s Central Library, says that “the education system would collapse” without the tunnel industry.

Despite smugglers’ attempts to stock Gaza’s libraries and bookstores – around 5 million textbooks are required per year – Palestinians are still frustrated by the lack of books in Gaza. They hold zio-Nazi responsible, arguing that the restrictions on book imports amounts to a censoring of their education.

Full article

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U.S. Jewish Federations Shying Away from Mentioning Zionism


Continuing efforts to expose the Jewish Zionist Supremacist and overtly racist nature of Zionism are starting to pay off with the news that the Jewish Federations of North America (JFNA) have last week rejected the inclusion of the term “Zionism” in a major system-wide planning document.

According to a report in the Zionist Jewish Press, the JFNA’s “Global Planning Table” is the mechanism by which JFNA and Federation leadership come together to determine the allocation of dollars for new Federation initiatives outside of the United States.

The report is considered a building block of the allocations decision making process, and it was the call to include Zionism in the recent report that was rejected, according to the article which was written by Zionist activist and founder of the “Z Street” lobby group, Jeiwsh Supremacist Lori Lowenthal Marcus.

“The Global Planning Table page of the JFNA website does not include either the term Zionism or Israel,” Marcus complained.

Richard Wexler, former chair of the Chicago Federation and national chairman of the United Jewish Appeal, admitted that JFNA’s leaders have rejected the inclusion of the term “Zionism” in their Global Planning Table Work Group Report because the term “is too controversial.”

According to Marcus, “some fear the JFNA move will be seen as a watered-down acceptance of the notion that Zionism is to blame for the problems in the Middle East.”

In reality, all that is happening is that some Zionist Jewish Supremacists have realized that in the age of the Internet it is no longer possible for their newspapers and television networks to cover up the true racist and gentile-hating nature of Zionism, and instead have tried to “soften” their image by simply not referring to it.

It is also important to bear in mind that Zionism is simply the “latest” expression of Jewish Supremacism, as Communism once was, and that the real problem lies in the nature of Jewish Supremacist psychology.

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Zionist Occupied U.S. Government Continues to Arm Racist Zio-Nazi State


The Zionist-controlled U.S. government has signed yet another deal to arm the racist, Zionist Jewish-supremacist the Zionist regime with state-of-the-art Lockheed F-35 jet fighters, it has been announced.

According to a report in the Ynet news service, the Pentagon has reached an agreement with Lockheed Martin Corp on a $450 million program to enhance electronic warfare equipment on the F-35 fighter jet, and integrate Zionist-unique systems beginning in 2016.

“This agreement kicks off the Israeli program,” said one of the sources, who was not authorized to speak on the record. “Now all of the agreements are in place.”

The deal comes as Defense Secretary Leon Panetta prepares to visit Israel next week where he will discuss heightened tensions with Iran, which on Thursday underscored its support for Syria despite its brutal crackdown on a 16-month uprising.

The deal will allow increased participation in the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter program by Zionist companies, including Elbit Systems Ltd and state-owned Israel Aerospace Industries, which will start building wings for the radar-evading warplane.

IAI already builds wings for the F-16 fighter jet, the world’s most widely used fighter, also built by Lockheed. Elbit, in a joint venture with Rockwell Collins, makes the advanced helmet used by pilots on the single-seat F-35.

Agreement on development of the new Zionist version of the F-35 will allow Zionist to install its own radio and datalink systems, as well as other equipment.

The radar-evading, multirole F-35 is the Pentagon’s costliest arms purchase, expected to top $396 billion for 2,443 aircraft in three models through the mid-2030s.

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The Psychological Issues Underpinning Jewish Supremacism


An Israeli company which recruits young Jews to work in Europe and the U.S. selling oil paintings door-to-door and sales at kiosks in malls has inadvertently provided a fascinating insight into Jewish psychology and self-image.

The company Maka, advertises extensively on Jewish internet sites in Hebrew, looking for Jews who seek “worldwide job opportunities.”

The job seekers are portrayed in photographic images as young, attractive, blonde females, the very antithesis of the typical young Jewish person.

The use of blondes—of which there are some in Israel, mostly the result of marrying in with Gentiles and other forms of “genetic theft” by Jews, as symbols of young Jews contrasts strongly with what the majority of Jews actually look like, as the images below (of British Jewess singer Amy Weinstein and American Jewess comedian Sarah Silverman) illustrate well.

This misrepresentation of Jews by themselves as Northern Europeans rather than Semites (which is what genetics has now conclusively proven they are, as if visual sight was not evidence enough) is repeated regularly in Israeli Defense Force propaganda, where the most European-looking types are almost always used as the public face of Israel.

Why do Jews want to portray themselves as Gentiles? Given the long-standing hatred espoused towards European gentiles in particular, the desire to be like the hated goyim is an interesting self-reflection on the psychology of Judaism.

Possibly it is a case of jealously, or some deep psychological urge to “look like the enemy.”

This might also be a reason for the famous “nose jobs” and related plastic surgery carried out by large numbers of Jews to try and look less Jewish.

Whatever its cause, the body dismorphia displayed by Jews, as revealed once again by the advertisements, shows that the issue of Jewish Supremacist behavior has a deep physical and psychological basis to it.

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