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The Psychological Issues Underpinning Jewish Supremacism


An Israeli company which recruits young Jews to work in Europe and the U.S. selling oil paintings door-to-door and sales at kiosks in malls has inadvertently provided a fascinating insight into Jewish psychology and self-image.

The company Maka, advertises extensively on Jewish internet sites in Hebrew, looking for Jews who seek “worldwide job opportunities.”

The job seekers are portrayed in photographic images as young, attractive, blonde females, the very antithesis of the typical young Jewish person.

The use of blondes—of which there are some in Israel, mostly the result of marrying in with Gentiles and other forms of “genetic theft” by Jews, as symbols of young Jews contrasts strongly with what the majority of Jews actually look like, as the images below (of British Jewess singer Amy Weinstein and American Jewess comedian Sarah Silverman) illustrate well.

This misrepresentation of Jews by themselves as Northern Europeans rather than Semites (which is what genetics has now conclusively proven they are, as if visual sight was not evidence enough) is repeated regularly in Israeli Defense Force propaganda, where the most European-looking types are almost always used as the public face of Israel.

Why do Jews want to portray themselves as Gentiles? Given the long-standing hatred espoused towards European gentiles in particular, the desire to be like the hated goyim is an interesting self-reflection on the psychology of Judaism.

Possibly it is a case of jealously, or some deep psychological urge to “look like the enemy.”

This might also be a reason for the famous “nose jobs” and related plastic surgery carried out by large numbers of Jews to try and look less Jewish.

Whatever its cause, the body dismorphia displayed by Jews, as revealed once again by the advertisements, shows that the issue of Jewish Supremacist behavior has a deep physical and psychological basis to it.

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  1. Haxo Angmark says:

    these are insightful remarks on an important aspect of the Jewish problem, but I’d add a couple qualifications. First, only the Jews native to the Middle East (sephardic, mizrahic, etc.) are “semites”. The Jews who, beginning in the 1920’s, hijacked Palestine are Ashkenaz, that is, Khazars who originated in Central Asia c. 700 AD and then wandered westward; along the way capturing genes from various host populations that enabled some of them to “look” un-Jewish to varying degrees. This genetic differential, of course, blows out of the water any Zionist “right of return” claim to Palestine…and it is precisely why, post-1948, an extensive article on the Khazar roots of Ashkenazic, out-of-Europe Jewry was scrubbed from the Jewish Encyclopedia. Second, the Jewish “urge” to “look like the the (goy) enemy” is heavily tactical, not merely psychological. Obviously it is much to the Jews advantage, in subverting and destroying any host population to – at least up to a certain point – blend in with the host. In this connection, it is of interest that the younger generation of Jews in both Europe and the Anglosphere are increasingly eschewing cosmetic surgery and other means of camouflage. They are “coming out” as what they are: Jews. This, I think, is because they believe they have won…that their power over the Host – via control over the Central Bank, mass media, shabbatz goy political class, and so forth – is now so absolute that they cannot be displaced. About this we shall see…


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