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Lieberman: Don’t let Egypt get away with violations




Foreign minister warns that Israel can soon find itself in ‘slippery slope’ as Egypt moves tanks into Sinai Peninsula – a move which clearly violates peace treaty

ed note–despite not being a ‘I told ya so’ type, nevertheless, I told ya so…

Of the MANY objectives Israel wanted to achieve with the so-called ‘Arab spring’, one of the more important was a break down in relations with Egypt so that the 1979 Peace Treaty could be done away with and therefore Israel be given a free hand to engage in military actions to re-take the Sinai.

We are now watching this very scenario play out before our very eyes.


Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman said Tuesday that Israel must make sure that the 1979 peace treaty is upheld and not stay silent as Egypt’s military forces enter Sinai.

Israeli state officials expressed concerns over the fact that Egypt failed to notify Israel about the deployment of tanks in Sinai – a move that clearly violates the peace treaty.

In a closed meeting with ambassadors in Jerusalem, Lieberman said, “We must make sure that every detail is upheld, otherwise we’ll find ourselves in a slippery slope as far as the peace treaty is concerned.”

Israel has asked Egypt to withdraw the tanks and state officials believe that the US will use its influence over Cairo, which depends on US aid, to compel it to remove them.

Egyptian tank in Sinai (Photo: MCT)

The request was conveyed within the last few days, an Israeli government official told the New York Times, adding that it was likely that the Obama administration had made a similar approach to Cairo.

Earlier on Tuesday, state officials told Ynet that the problem can only be solved if the US intervenes and puts pressure on Cairo. “Netanyahu will need the Americans,” one state official said. “He’s got a beef with them. Things are getting more complicated by the minute.”

The US, on its part, was careful not to denounce Egypt’s move. “Without getting into our private diplomacy with one country or the other, I would make the general point that as the Egyptians work hard now to defeat terror and turn back other security threats in the Sinai, we’ve been supportive of those efforts,” State Department spokeswoman Victoria Nuland said Tuesday.

She nevertheless added, “We have encouraged them in those efforts not only to enhance security in Egypt but also to enhance security for neighbors, security in the region. And we have encouraged that lines of communication stay open in keeping with peace treaty obligations and that they make full use of the mechanisms that are available for transparency, for confidence- building.”

Last week, the New York Times reported that the US and Egypt have begun negotiating an aid package meant to help Cairo fight the growing terrorist threat in Sinai.

According to the report, the Pentagon is discussing a variety of options for sharing intelligence with Egypt’s military and police in Sinai.

‘Israeli border not the problem’
Earlier, Israeli state officials said they were unimpressed with President Mohammed Morsi’s efforts to prove he is fighting terror and noted there is no evidence to suggest he intends to handle the problem.

They noted that Egypt’s problem in Sinai is not on the Israeli border but in other areas which terrorists use to smuggle weapons into the region. One official said that in order to prove that he’s serious in fighting terror, Morsi needs to “move commando forces, not officers, into Sinai to secure the border with Israel,” explaining that other borders, like the one with Sudan, are being used as smuggling routes.

While Jerusalem does not want to create a crisis with Egypt, it wishes to demonstrate that a violation of the treaty, even with a small number of tanks, will not be ignored.

Egypt trying to test Israel?

Some state officials are concerned that Egypt is trying to test Israel’s determination to uphold the peace accord. Cairo officials have already announced that the agreements will be reconsidered and it is possible Egypt’s unilateral steps are part of an effort to create a conflict on the ground that will eventually lead to a reevaluation of the peace deal.

Arab media reported that Egypt’s presidential bureau denied reports that Cairo had accepted a formal request by Israel to remove military equipment from Sinai including tanks and heavy machinery.

Presidential spokesman Yasser Ali told reporters that no message from the Israeli government had been received in relation to the matter but stressed that securing Sinai was a matter of national security for Egypt.

Meanwhile, state officials estimated that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will need to reach a decision on a possible strike in Iran in the coming weeks. “The prime minister will have no choice but to hold a discussion and decide on a course of action,” one source said.

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Livni: Israhel must not play role in US politics


by crescentandcross

In Newsweek op-ed, former opposition chairwoman takes a jab at PM Netanyahu for what appears to be intervening in US election campaign in Romney’s favor

ed note–allow me the opportunity of translating what Livni is actually saying here–

‘Oy, the internet is REALLY screwing things up for us…Yeah, it’s been GREAT for corrupting otherwise clear minds with propaganda and pornography, leaving the gentiles scurrying around like drugged cocka-roaches, but now other things are getting out there, like Rabbi Ovadiah Yosef, Cast Lead and a while lotta other embarassing stuff. People are beginning to realize how much we control things and now all those ‘old canards’ are being proven true. Better let the cocka-roaches go back to sleep, and THEN we can get back to work throwing our weight around…’ 


Former Opposition Chairwoman Tzipi Livni may be using much of her free time to travel the world but has not abandoned politics altogether.

In an opinion piece published by Newsweek’s Daily Beast, Livni touches on the role Israel plays in the US’s political discourse. “This past week as I visited the United States, it was impossible to miss the degree to which Israel has become an issue this election season. It has not always been this way,” she wrote.

“I remember as Israeli foreign minister witnessing first-hand the impressive depth of the bipartisan support for Israel. That deep bipartisan American commitment to Israel’s security, a commitment which has been maintained for decades, cannot and should not be undermined by turning Israel into a wedge issue in political campaigns,” she added.

“The US-Israel relationship is based on a broad recognition for our shared democratic values. These are the very same values which have made the United States great; and since its inception, Israel has been the clearest expression of those American values in the Middle East. Keeping Israel above partisan politics is particularly important for both our states when the Middle East faces unprecedented turmoil. “

The former Kadima chairwoman further added, “For us, in this tough neighborhood, our special relations are a fundamental component of Israel’s deterrence, precisely because this is clearly not a partisan issue that depends on who is the president or which party is in power, but rather, on deep, ongoing ties that transcend party rule.

“This is an honest and intimate relationship in which each side presents its concerns, and they become joint challenges for both governments.”

In a time when Washington and Jerusalem play political ping pong over a possible Israeli strike in Iran, which the US opposes, Livni stresses that “In the face of these many challenges, the joint task of any American president and any Israeli prime minister will be the same: to reinforce a regional alliance of pragmatists against the extremists, to identify the common denominator, and to work together against the threats.”

Recently, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been criticized of favoring Republican presidential hopeful Mitt Romney. “Political leaders in both countries, and from every party, have a sacred trust to protect and nurture this relationship—and to immunize it from partisan politics—for the sake of our citizens who hold it dear, for the sake of their future, and for the sake of the interests and values we share and cherish,” Livni remarked.

“To be sure, as between any two friends, close though they are, there are occasional disagreements. It is not a secret that within Israel as well, we have some differences over policy issues. Yet our democratic bonds permit those disagreements to take place without endangering our strategic alliance from without.

“Whoever the American people elect as their president this November, the people of Israel will remain eager to work with his administration as we continue to strengthen our ever important relations.”

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Report: West bribed Syrian officials to defect


Hillary Clinton (ISRAEL OUT) Israeli President Shimon Peres (R) and US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton kiss after a joint press conference on July 16, 2012 in Jerusalem, Israel. Clinton is in Israel to discuss diplomacy with Iran, Syria and Egypt in addition to peace talks regarding the Middle East.

The Times quotes source as saying that EU diplomats meeting in Doha agreed on the need to ‘incentivize’ senior officials in order to accelerate collapse of Assad regime. Free Syrian Army on General Tlass: He’s not a defector, he’s a millionaire


European countries have been cooperating with Arab states in the Persian Gulf to bribe top Syrian officials to defect from President Bashar Assad’s regime, The Times reported Tuesday.

According to the British newspaper, during a meeting of European diplomats in the Qatari capital, Doha, in May, it was agreed that Syrian officials should be “incentivized” to defect from the regime in Damascus in order to hasten the collapse of the Assad government.

This strategy appears to have yielded immediate results, as a number of senior Syrian officials – including former Syrian Prime Minister Riad Hijab and General General Manaf Tlass – have announced their support for the rebels fighting forces loyal to Assad.

A source familiar with events at the meeting in Doha, which brought together ambassadors to Syria and Qatar, was quoted by The Times as saying that it was agreed that interference by Russia had destroyed any hope of success for the peace plan initiated by UN envoy Kofi Annan.

“They came to the decision that publicly the Annan plan had to be supported, but privately they needed an alternative. Defections were not coming fast enough. They had to coerce and incentivize these guys to drive a wedge into the regime,” the source said. “Bribes were never mentioned explicitly, there was no need. Everyone understood precisely and left the meeting on the same page.”

The source said the Syrian defectors do not just receive a suitcase full of cash for their pains, they are expected to contribute to the opposition effort.

According to the report, Coordinators and fundraisers for the Free Syrian Army (FSA) in the Gulf confirmed that the new strategy had been in place for several weeks.

“Certainly bribes are being paid,” an FSA fundraiser was quoted by The Times as saying. “Western intelligence agencies are keen to incentivize regime officials.

“The Friends of Syria are already thinking of the next phase after Assad, trying to gather third- and fourth-tier officials for the next step. They fear a disintegration of the country like Iraq,” he said.

However, according to the report FSA operatives are concerned that some defectors are only leaving now in the hope of securing senior positions in government as the country is pieced back together. The Times said Tlass, the general and former right-hand man to Assad, who fled to Paris in July, arouses huge cynicism among the opposition.

“He’s not a defector, he’s a millionaire,” said one FSA co-coordinator.

Fingers have also been pointed at Nawaf Fares, Syria’s former Ambassador to Iraq, who fled in July. One source in Doha was quoted by The Times as saying: “He’s not doing this out of the goodness of his heart.”

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What has become of the Arab Spring?

What has become of the “Arab spring ?”

”The only genuine revolution to have taken place is an intellectual one : the region’s peoples have become aware that they can become masters of their destiny, and in a spirit of non-violence, overturn dictatorship. This is far from a negligible achievement ; it is also the condition for the social and political revolutions that we so whole-heartedly wish for. When the Great Powers appear to have agr

eed not to find a solution for Syria, when the former allies of the dictators pretend today to be the best friends of the people and of democracy, when nothing has yet been won in political terms, it is vital that the people remain mobilized, that they not retreat and—avoiding the trap of blind violence (which the Egyptian military may well encourage to justify a further crack-down)—agree on priorities for a democratic resistance. The strength of the mass movements came from their unshakable unity against the dictators ; their weakness is due to the lack of leadership in creating a shared vision of the future. National mobilizations must place themselves at the heart of regional dynamics, of new South-South economic relations, and draw strength from the new multipolar international balance of power. If the energy of the Arab uprisings is to be transformed into revolutionary power, the voices heard on Tahrir Square must call for more than the end of the regime, and determine with greater lucidity and clarity the national and regional dimensions of their resistance. Mass mobilization is necessary, but the revolutionary ideal remains to be defined ; the revolution has yet to come.”
Tariq Ramadan
Photo: What has become of the Arab Spring? </p>
<p>What has become of the “Arab spring ?” The only genuine revolution to have taken place is an intellectual one : the region’s peoples have become aware that they can become masters of their destiny, and in a spirit of non-violence, overturn dictatorship. This is far from a negligible achievement ; it is also the condition for the social and political revolutions that we so whole-heartedly wish for. When the Great Powers appear to have agreed not to find a solution for Syria, when the former allies of the dictators pretend today to be the best friends of the people and of democracy, when nothing has yet been won in political terms, it is vital that the people remain mobilized, that they not retreat and—avoiding the trap of blind violence (which the Egyptian military may well encourage to justify a further crack-down)—agree on priorities for a democratic resistance. The strength of the mass movements came from their unshakable unity against the dictators ; their weakness is due to the lack of leadership in creating a shared vision of the future. National mobilizations must place themselves at the heart of regional dynamics, of new South-South economic relations, and draw strength from the new multipolar international balance of power. If the energy of the Arab uprisings is to be transformed into revolutionary power, the voices heard on Tahrir Square must call for more than the end of the regime, and determine with greater lucidity and clarity the national and regional dimensions of their resistance. Mass mobilization is necessary, but the revolutionary ideal remains to be defined ; the revolution has yet to come. -- Tariq Ramadan
    • Bree Zee I think my good friend, Talgha Bendie from South Africa would most likely agree with you. It would be interesting to get him to make a comment here. He gave some talks in Gaza about this similarity, but I don’t have the knowledge that he does in order to make the comparison…Let’s see if he hears us…


My Visit to a London Embassy Under Threat

By Jeff Cohen –

London — On Friday, I visited Ecuador’s embassy here in the capital of the former British empire and saw a building surrounded by a phalanx of cops, with several of them at the front door. The embassy is in an upscale neighborhood near Harrods department store. The intimidating police presence was ordered by a Conservative government that waxes eloquent about the need to respect (British) embassies overseas.The intensified police deployment is only part of Britain’s response to Ecuador’s decision — after a long review — to grant political asylum on human rights grounds to WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, who took refuge in the embassy two months ago. The British government has made it clear that it will not allow Ecuador to provide safe passage and asylum to an individual who — for the “crime” of publishing — has heard powerful U.S. voices in politics and media call for his murder.At the door of the rather small embassy, I was met by cops who interrogated me about who I was and why I sought entry. I had to wonder if the embassy was under siege by Britain on behalf of Washington, which reportedly stands ready to prosecute the WikiLeaks founder.  Again, that’s for the “crime” of publishing — not sexual assault. 

Besides all the mainstream journalists, cameras and satellite trucks across the street from Ecuador’s embassy, I was heartened to see British citizens protesting their government’s actions  – and also standing up for Bradley Manning, the young U.S. Army private who faces life in prison as the accused WikiLeaks leaker of documents showing military and diplomatic crimes by the U.S. government.  Among the placards I saw: “Exposing War Crimes Is Not a Crime — Free Assange, Free Manning” and “Protect Freedom to Publish.” and “If Wars Can Be Started by Lies, They Can Be Stopped By Truth.”

It’s important to know that Britain’s Foreign Office recently threatened Ecuador in a letter — claiming a legal basis to go ahead and arrest Assange from the embassy after revoking the building’s diplomatic status. On Thursday, a prominent Conservative member of Parliament tweeted that Britain should break off diplomatic relations with Ecuador and then invade the “former embassy” to seize the WikiLeaks founder.

A U.S. group I co-founded,, is circulating a short online petition thanking Ecuador and protesting Britain’s threats against the embassy and refusal to uphold the right of asylum.

As the father of two daughters (who are with me in London), I take sexual assault allegations seriously (Assange has never been charged). But standing outside this embassy surrounded by British police, it looked to me like a classic case of powerful Western states uniting to intimidate a less powerful country on behalf of their prerogatives toward domination and war. It had nothing to do with “the rule of law.” And it had nothing to do with women’s rights.

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AIPAC Wants War on Iran


by Stephen Lendman


AIPAC is an unregistered foreign agent. It calls itself “America’s Pro-Israeli Lobby.” It’s represented Israeli interests since 1953.

Virtually no one in Congress confronts it. Doing so is a career-ender. It has enormous influence over US Middle East policies affecting Israel, including war and peace.

It disseminates disinformation, lies and hate. It viciously attacks opponents. It calls Iran “the world’s leading state sponsor of terrorism and is racing toward a nuclear weapons capability.”

It manufactures threats to promote fear. It wants the Islamic Republic destroyed. It targets other regional states. It wants unchallenged Israeli regional dominance.

James Petras says its sole purpose “is to ensure Israel’s unchallenged military and political power over a huge region from North Africa to the Persian Gulf.”

Its annual meeting “is the most outrageous public display of Zionist-Jewish power as it shapes US foreign policy.”

It threatens “to drag the US into another major war in the Middle East – this time against Iran.” Doing so is lawless, madness, and self-destructive.

Its web site says “While the World Talks, Iran Enriches; More Pressure Needed.” A litany of disinformation and lies followed.

Negotiations failed. Iran got more time “to advance its nuclear program and cleanse a suspected nuclear site.”

The international community “must dramatically” increase pressure.

Iran “is believed to have carried out experiments on nuclear explosives.”

“Satellite images indicate Iran has been working to cleanse (a suspect) site by removing buildings and soil.”

Iran’s nuclear capabilities have advanced. It fuel stockpile approaches nuclear weapons production capability.

“America must make clear that it will act to prevent Iran from achieving the capability to build a nuclear weapon at a time of its choosing.”

Contain(ing) a nuclear Iran” is inadequate. US policy must reject any possibility of Tehran developing nuclear weapons. All options must be considered, including “military action.”

Economic sanctions must be “accelerated” and “crippling.” Washington should do whatever it takes to prevent a nuclear Iran.

AIPAC is a destructive, malevolent, evil force. It’s heading Washington for war. Waging one on Iran assures losers, not winners. Israel may self-destruct in the process. Catastrophe will affect the region. America won’t escape harm.

War on Iran may go nuclear. Weapons of mass destruction may be used against a nonbelligerent state. The potential economic and human consequences are staggering. At issue is either stopping this madness or be consumed by it.

Nuclear war leaves no middle ground. General Omar Bradley said the only “way to win an atomic war is to make certain it never starts.” It may be closer than most imagine.

Congressional and administration sentiment reject containment. Preventing an Iranian nuclear capability is prioritized. Doing so heads America closer to war. Timing alone is unknown.

In mid-August, Foreign Policy featured a debate of sorts. David Rothkopf headlined “The Drums of August.” He’s Foreign Policy’s CEO and Editor-at Large. Earlier he served as Kissinger Associates managing director and US Deputy Under Secretary of Commerce for International Trade Policy.

“Israel is not bluffing,” he said. The punch line about a boy crying wolf is that “the wolf shows up.” Reasons for attacking Iran are “clearly growing more compelling for Israeli leaders.”

A litany of canards followed, including:

Diplomacy isn’t working. Sanctions alone aren’t enough. Iran’s nuclear program is accelerating. It’s advancing closer to weapons capability. Tehran threatens to destroy Israel. It “murder(ed) five Israeli tourists in Bulgaria. (It’s) hard for Americans to grasp (its) existential threat.”

Failure to confront Iran is “imprudent.” He implies might equals right as the bottom red line.

Stephen Walt‘s view differs. He headlined “Another reason the US shouldn’t go to war with Iran,” saying:

Washington should avoid war. It’s not in America’s interest. Diplomacy should be prioritized, not conflict. Policy makers mustn’t “get buffaloed into a war by Israel.” He urges reengaging Iran directly.

It “makes so much sense,” he stresses, even though AIPAC and other hardliners reject it. Together with Netanyahu, they’re heading America for war. They’re “paint(ing) the United States into a corner.”

Why is “simple.” Israel can’t go it alone. It lacks enough power. It can’t sufficiently damage Iran’s nuclear facilities without US help. Israel understands. It’s pushing Washington into a war it shouldn’t wage.

Notions about “closing windows,” “red lines,” “zones of immunity,” and other rhetoric are political ploys to “stifle diplomacy, strengthen sanctions,” and pressure Washington to use force. Israel needs America for its “heavy lifting.”

Netanyahu/Barak war talk is “bluff, but one can scarcely blame Israel for employing a tactic that keeps working so well. It’s our fault we keep falling for it.”

Walt’s argument falls short. Vital issues too important to ignore weren’t discussed. No evidence suggests an Iranian nuclear program. Nations with them don’t lob them at each other or non-nuclear states. Aggressive war is lawless.

Iran threatens no one. It urges peace, not war. It wants a nuclear free Middle East. Claiming an alleged nuclear threat is red herring cover for regime change.

Attacking Iran may go nuclear. Doing so assures mass casualties. Israel will be affected like Iran. So will America, other regional nations, and Western ones.

Anytime war is waged, it’s hell. Potential nuclear war is madness and self-destructive. Netanyahu and Barak allegedly set a September 25 deadline. Obama’s got until then to commit to military action or Israel will go it alone.

Israel’s US ambassador Michael Oren said Israel will attack even if destroying Iran’s nuclear facilities entirely isn’t possible. “Diplomacy hasn’t succeeded,” he said.

“We’ve come to a very critical juncture where important decisions do have to be made.” He added it won’t be “in the too far distant future.”

Oren also raised the bogus issue of an alleged Syrian chemical weapons threat. He suggested dealing with it might have to be prioritized. Earlier, Israel threatened to attack Syrian facilities where chemical weapons are stored. Doing so increases the likelihood of full-scale war.

Israel is spoiling for a fight. Ideally it wants Washington to do its heavy lifting. Either way, it wants regional rivals removed. War is its final solution.

A Final Comment

Last March, Occupy AIPAC said “AIPAC wants war with Iran. We don’t!” Its open letter to Congress said “AIPAC is on the warpath – this time with Iran. They say the US should be willing to attack Iran or support an Israeli attack.”

“AIPAC pushed our government into the catastrophic war in Iraq by exaggerating Saddam Hussein’s threat and lying about weapons of mass destruction. Now they are repeating history, with AIPAC lobbyists vastly exaggerating Iran’s nuclear threat and eschewing negotiations.”

“AIPAC continues to lobby for policies that prohibit a just peace for Israelis and Palestinians and support violations of international law. AIPAC’s views do not represent the values and interests of the majority of the American people who voted for you, who pay the taxes that fund our government, and whose family members serve in the U.S. military.”

“The majority of Americans do not want another war in the Middle East and the US can’t afford a war during the worst economic downturn since the Great Depression.”

“The Iraq war left thousands of Americans and hundreds of thousands of Iraqis dead. We implore you not to repeat this tragic mistake. Say no to AIPAC, no to war with Iran and yes to diplomacy.”

Wars don’t solve problems. They create them. War with Syria and/or Iran may cross a line too potentially catastrophic to risk. Priority one is stopping leaders willing to chance it.

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Uptight Geo-Political Environments of Pakistan


by Asif Haroon Raja


India has been principally responsible for disturbing the peace in South Asia because of its habit of meddling into the internal affairs of its smaller and militarily and economically weak neighbors. Her burning desire to become the unchallenged power of the region and that too not by winning the confidence and willing cooperation of the neighbors but by applying Chankyan and coercive tactics as well as force. It believes in the policy of ‘making someone else’s enemy is its friend’. Whenever it found any of its neighbors prospering economically or becoming militarily strong, it resorted to clandestine means to undermine its progress. As a result, South Asia is among the most impoverished and backward regions of the world.

Bill Clinton’s state visit to India in March 2000 laid the foundations of the new Indo-US strategic partnership that was gradually building up after the end of cold war. Thereon, military and nuclear cooperation between the two countries expanded extensively. It included transfer of military technology and missile development and permitting India to procure nuclear material from World Suppliers Group freely. India was the first country to welcome America’s Ballistic Missile Defence (BMD). With India part of this program, once it gets operationalized, it will have dangerous consequences for Pakistan since it will disturb the regional military balance and will seriously impact Pakistan’s minimum nuclear deterrence.

The US-Israeli military and nuclear strategic partnership with India particularly after 9/11 has added to the woes of South Asia in general and Pakistan in particular. Among all the South Asian states, Pakistan is the only country which stands up to the Indian challenge boldly and refuses to get blackmailed. Indo-US collaboration has minimized the chances of resolution of Kashmir dispute which has kept the two neighbors on a warpath since their birth. Instead of helping in resolving the dispute and guiding India to adopt a friendly and helpful posture, the US is helping India to become the strongest military and nuclear power in Asia-Pacific and a bulwark against China, which believes in policy of peaceful coexistence.

Following Obama’s visit to India in March 2011 during which he promised to make India permanent member of UNSC and a recognized member of nuclear club, Hillary Clinton on her visit to India in July 2011 goaded India to take a stronger role across Asia to demonstrate its political and economic clout and become an effective counter weight to China, which in her view was flexing its muscles. She advised India to bolster support for Afghanistan and Pakistan and help them build strong economies. She went a step further ahead and counseled India to open up with Myanmar, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh and improve ties with them.

All she said sounded music to India since it fitted with its mythical beliefs of emerging as the most powerful country of Asia-Pacific. Her words dipped in honey couldn’t however hide her real motives. Instead of showing mirror to India that it should put an end to its blackmailing and coercive tactics against its smaller neighbors, and should refrain from human rights abuses, intolerance and state terrorism, she instigated and encouraged India. She concluded her loaded speech by saying that India was doing fine but needed to do more to build leadership role in broader Asia-Pacific region and should practically start hegemonizing over everything from maritime security to human rights. In other words, what she implied was that having successfully terrorized the weaker neighbors into submission, India should now put on the guise of a well-wisher and a builder and should outwardly exhibit greater openness and tolerance.

While entreating India to counter the growing influence of China, she contradicted American policy by adding that India, China and the US should coordinate their efforts to build Asia’s future. She remarked that Afghanistan and Pakistan should take advantage of galloping economy of India and settle tariff issues expeditiously. What she hinted at was that Pak-Afghan trade transit agreement which she presided over in Kabul, had slyly allowed trade rights to India through Wagah border, which in her perception would be to the advantage of all the three. This is yet another treachery of an imperialist power similar to British treachery when Lord Mountbatten on the quiet had granted India access to Kashmir via Gurdaspur. Two-way use of Pakistani territory for trade between two strategic partners will further boost India’s economy; reduce Afghanistan’s dependence on Pakistan, and will further dip down Pakistan’s economy. It will open the route for India to exploit Afghanistan and Central Asia’s markets and Pakistan’s status will get reduced to a mere staging centre.

Ironically, China is the major provider of loans to USA and is playing a critical role in averting global economic meltdown which has badly affected USA and Europe. In line with its pragmatic policies of peace and friendship, China has maintained friendly relations with USA, Europe, Russia, India and Muslim world. China is however sensitive to growing influence of USA in Central Asia and its hegemonic ambitions and is therefore feeling uneasy over the US decision to make its military stay in Afghanistan beyond 2014.

Likewise, Russia also would not like outsiders to steal the resources from its backyard. Both China and Russia are already quite put off over the way the US invaded and plundered Iraq’s oil. After deposing Qaddafi and gaining control over Libyan oil with the help of NATO, CIA and the Libyan rebels, it is striving hard to bring a regime change in Syria using similar tactics. Russia and China are also unfavorably disposed towards the US-Israeli-EU aggressive plans against Iran and like in the case of Syria, will not support the idea of war or additional sanctions against Iran. In order to safeguard their resource-rich backyard and also to counter unipolarism, Russia and China have forged strong ties and energized SCO to checkmate pervasive influence of USA and its ulterior designs and to promote multi-polarism.

Notwithstanding common fears of Russia and China against the US imperialism, the two communist giants are equally mindful about Islamic threat emanating from Afghanistan and its repercussions over Muslim Central Asian Republics where Islamic movements are raging. China is itself confronted with Muslim Uighar movement in Sinkiang. SCO which is basically an economic oriented grouping, it also caters for defence and security of the region. All the member states conduct joint military exercises to show their muscles. Taking into account the importance of Pacific Ocean and Yellow Sea, Russia and China are taking steps to beef up their naval strength in Asia Pacific region.

The US has already disturbed the peace of this region by occupying Afghanistan and holding on to it for so long. It had lured Army contingents of 48 countries including 28 belonging to NATO countries promising them to share the spoils of Afghanistan and Central Asia. Afghanistan is used as a platform to achieve strategic and economic objectives in this vital region of Eurasia laden with oil, gas and other mineral resources. The US has gone out of the way to make India the leading player in Afghanistan and is counseling Pakistan that its salvation lies in accepting India’s hegemony. In order to bend nuclear Pakistan or to disable its nuclear program, CIA in concert with RAW, Mossad, MI-6 and RAAM embarked upon a systematic covert plan to destabilize and weaken it from within using Afghan soil. Indo-US Israeli nexus coupled with Indo-Afghan-and Afghan-US strategic partnership accords and India’s water war are ominous developments for security of Pakistan.

The US is ignoring India’s massive human rights against all its religious minorities in India and against Kashmiris and is pressing Pakistan to settle Kashmir dispute on Indian terms; that is, accepting Line of Control as permanent border between Azad Kashmir and Occupied Kashmir. While India considers Pakistan as the sole impediment in her drive towards attaining regional and global power status and views Pak-China closeness with deep concern, America view China as her chief rival and also views Pakistan’s nuclear program with anxiety mainly because of Israeli apprehensions. Energy starved Pakistan is being pressured to sever Pak-Iran gas pipeline project. Whatever little warmth in Pak-US relations till 2010, it has watered down as a result of series of offensive acts by USA. Both do not trust each other and uneasy alliance is in name only.

Pakistan is going through a very critical period of its life because of its weak and irresponsible leadership, divided and demoralized society, tumbling economy, energy and financial crises, restive Balochistan, FATA and Karachi, ongoing war on terror, dependence on untrustworthy USA and uptight geo-political conditions surrounding it because of unsafe eastern and western borders. This criticality will remain at peak till such time US-NATO forces exit from Afghanistan. Pakistan’s slight shift towards China-Russia axis to ward off emerging threats is discernible. However, unless Pak-China-Russia and Pak-Iran strategic partnership pacts are inked, threat to Pakistan’s security will remain ever pervasive.

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The Face of Hate in IsraHell – Is it Real or Just for Show?


Bible Tearing all looks like Hollywood Theatrics to Me

“My response was timely and appropriate…All the Knesset members should have thrown it in their trash bins.” …MK Michael Ben-Ari

by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor


National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari

The Knesset had a dust up last month. Some ‘full of themselves’ Christian missionaries decided to stuff Knesste MK member mail boxes with copies of the New Testament, despite knowing that that would be seen as a provocative act by the radical Ultra Orthodox MP’s.

Their head cheerleader, National Union MK Michael Ben-Ari, knowing the missionaries were pulling a publicity stunt to keep their donations flowing, decided to piggyback his own publicity stunt to keep his donations flowing, also.

He tore up his New Testament copy in front of cameras knowing that the media to make a big stink over it, and they did.

Enter stage left, the American Anti-Defamation League which should be renamed THE Defamation League as that is their primary function for the Israeli/Jewish Lobby here.

The ADL called on Ben-Ari to apologize. Sure!! If only they could have held their breath and waited for this to happen, we would be rid of the ADL, one of America’s premier hate groups, along with AIPAC and theSPLC.

From The Times of Israel:

[Knesset Speaker Reuven] Rivlin decried Ben-Ari’s act, saying all religious books had to be respected. “Holy scriptures are important to their believers,” he said.

What would the Jewish reaction be if a parliament member from another country burned the Torah, Rivlin inquired. Democracy includes the freedom of expression, “but not the freedom of offending believers of other faiths,” he said. “Freedom of religion is a cornerstone of this country.”

All this make believe is a sad charade. The Israelis have desecrated Christian and Muslim symbols and places of worship for decades, all part of their ethnic cleansing program, making life unbearable for them. Some of the worst individuals are punished now and then, but the political Ultra Orthodox have nothing to fear from their government.

Most Israels hate them, not for what they do to the Palestinians, but because they will not work and put their huge families on forever welfare. Wherever they live they insist that working Jews should fund all community services because (try to guess this)…they are working and therefore should pay taxes.

Aren’t we all just dying to have a bunch of neighbors like this, and spitters, too. Actually we already do have some. In New Jersey these welfare Orthodox demanded not only new housing, but big square footage and two kitchens. And yes, this housing is closed to all but you know who.

Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem – now retired

Holyland Christians used to be 20% of the population. They are down to 2% now. My source on this was Latin Patriarch Michel Sabbah of Jerusalem when I interviewed him here in Atlanta years ago.  And I must say he is one of the most impressive people I have met.

Some Israeli Ultra Orthodox Jews have a thing for spitting on Christian clerics they cross paths with, spitting on the large crosses they wear, which they find offensive. Some even rough up the priests, and spit in contempt when they pass a Christian cemetery.

No, you have never heard about any of this in the American press, and you never will. It might slowdown the cash pipeline from the Christian Zionist over here who are huge funders for the Israeli oppression of Muslim and Christian Palestinians alike.

Such reporting is not allowed here, very actively ‘discouraged’ as harmful to one’s career. I call this ‘spitting on your career’, and they do from time to time to make an example.

Personally, I consider the Christian Zios not only a threat to Christianity, but a national security threat to America…a two for one deal that they don’t even charge extra for.


Have You Ever Seen a Synagogue Shoot Up Like This?

I edited my first documentary TV show on the Siege of the Church of the Nativity some years ago. A Palestinian priest, Father Labib from California, had spent his personal savings to get the interview footage and obtain some of the actual combat footage, including the dramatic night shooting. If there is reader interest I will make another run of DVDs.

During one of the punishment sweeps of Bethlehem, some of the locals caught out on the streets, including policemen, ran for safety and refuge in the Church as they new from past experience that the IDF pumped up troops could shoot them on sight.

The church bell ringer, a deaf man, was oblivious to what was happening as he walked to work as usual. But as he took a step through the doorway he took a bullet in the back, the first to die during the siege.

Lot’s of flares were used to try to set the church’s wooden roof on fire, an early Christmas present from the IDF

This one hour show had incredible footage of the Israelis shooting up the church at night to keep those inside from sleeping.

The also wanted to have those with guns on the inside, policeman and a handful of wanted local militia men to shoot back and use up their ammo prior to the IDF raiding the complex.

The Pals were too smart for that as they were saving their ammo for when the commandos came.

As part of the raid preparation the IDF tried to kill as many of those inside as they could. Snipers picked off kids trying to pick leaves off the lemon trees and grass in the courtyards.

Father Faltas told how a sniper just missed shooting him in his room through an open window where he would have been clearly visible through the scope as a priest. The Israelis waited almost a week before they would allow the dead to be taken out, wanting those inside to enjoy the stink as long as possible.

At night crane mounted machine guns fired down through the old wooden roof, bouncing bullets around on the inside trying to get some lucky hits. And they fired continuous flares night after night hoping to get some on the roof and set it ablaze, accidentally of course.

The commando raid did finally come one night. But the Palestinians inside had anticipated where their weak spot was and had been waiting in ambush each night. They caught the commandos my surprise and wounded several, forcing the others back.

But they had the presence of mind not to finish them off. They knew the Israelis would be coming back to get them so they retreated a few rooms back. When the rescue mission did come, the first thing they did is set fire to one of the rooms as a screen for pulling their wounded back.

I included an audio interview  with the top Vatican diplomat who was involved in the negotiations at the time who described it all in detail. As always, none of this was covered by American media…nor probably will this New Testament tearing up. The skinny dipping Dead Sea Congressman will have to last us for a while.

Let’s go back to the Times for some more theater:

Abe Foxman – of the Defamation League

“As Jews, we expect others to treat our holy books with respect and understanding,” said Abraham H. Foxman, the ADL’s national director. “We should likewise show respect for the holy books of other faiths.”

Foxman said that “a member of parliament and a representative of the State of Israel ” was even more obligated than the average person to act with respect. ”His actions run counter to Jewish values and the standards of Israel’s democratic society,” Foxman said.

Ben-Ari told the Hebrew news site NRG that he had been compelled to take action because Rivlin was silent on the matter.

Those who sent the books wanted “to trample the bodies of millions of people killed for being Jewish,” Ben-Ari said. Rivlin needs to stop trying to appease missionaries, he added.

“My response was timely and appropriate,” the right-wing legislator said. “All the Knesset members should have thrown it in their trash bins.”

A response sent from Ben-Ari’s office to the Hebrew news website NRG called the ADL a hypocritical body. “We didn’t hear the organization speak out against the burning of synagogues and desecration of Jewish graves,” it said.

“Ben-Ari will continue to safeguard Israel’s honor, along with the honor of all those who were murdered for being Jewish,” the statement said.

Government spokesman Mark Regev told AP, “We totally deplore this behavior and condemn it outright. This action stands in complete contrast to our values and our traditions. Israel is a tolerant society, but we have zero tolerance for this despicable and hateful act.”


Most Christians have no idea what really happened here

Can we all give up our survival activism now that good old Abe Foxman is defending the New Testament? If we look into the ADL press releases on the attack on the Church of the Nativity do you think we will find outrage?

We know of a book coming out soon which might spread some light why the ADL and the Israelis are putting on this religious tolerance charade in the land for Jews only.

We will be writing about it very quickly when it comes out as it will be making earth shattering revelations.

Does Wikipedia claim all the church people and civilians were hostages of the ‘gun men’, when all of those people were on record in denying that they were? Was the Knesset at the time outraged? Were they during the Gaza and last Lebanon incursions?

No, they weren’t. And neither was the ADL  This is all for show, a cheap publicity stunt, a chance for Abe Foxman to justify the hall million salary he is milking out of the ADL, which many members by the ways do not approve of the huge salaries paid.

No government can be formed in Israel’s fractured political stew without the radical Ultra Orthodox Israelis getting their free ride…no work, no taxes, and the moral judges of all.

When trying to get control of the government, the new bunch of thieves replacing those leaving would let the Orthos burn a mountain of New Testaments. Sheldon Adelson would even pay for them.

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Press TV: Americans Tiring of Netanyahu’s Clownish Threats


Americans Tiring of Netanyahu’s Clownish Threats

By Press TV and Gordon Duff

We have one thing in our news every day now, secret plans Israel leaks about their upcoming “shock and awe” attack on Iran. We don’t get it once a week, it’s a new story every 2 hours on every network, every paper.

Then come the admissions, that Israel can’t attack anyone without America doing the fighting. We knew that all along. What Israel also knows is that no American will fight an Israeli battle again, not after Afghanistan and Iraq.

Israel’s candidate for President, Romney, isn’t doing well in the polls. The real polls have him up to 20% behind and Netanyahu is in a total panic. Obama, as we remember from the comments he made “off microphone” to Sarkozy hates Netanyahu.

Then we learned in a recent poll that only 4% of American Jews feel Iran is a threat of any kind. What that fails to mention is that the other 96% must believe something else, like Netanyahu is lying and that any additional illegal war in the Middle East will not receive support, not from them, not from other Americans.

Going even further, there are many Americans that see the idea of the US being ordered around by Wall Street and organized crime, time we admit that is who is calling for war, as treason.

To begin with, almost like we were dealing with a legal case, I will lay out a few facts. The challenge stands, if you can prove me wrong, please do so. Of course, I wish anyone good luck with that one.

  1. Israel’s Air Force is defense oriented no heavy bombers, minimal refueling capability and all 2nd and 3rd generation with upgrades. What they are not capable of doing is operating in an air defense environment that is “robust.” This is why they want US help, they can do nothing on their own but bomb defenseless Gaza, something the Egyptians will eventually demand an end to.
  2. The 2003 bombing of Syria by Israel never happened. Neither did the 2007. We have conclusive proof of this. Syria has a Russian manned S300P2 air defense system, at least 10 years beyond the most advanced Patriot III variant. They can shoot down any ICBM, Cruise type missile and any stealth aircraft, things Israel won’t have for years. Why the lying? Good question.
  3. Israel is telling their people that war with Iran would account for 500 dead. That is based on a war with no fighting and assuming Iran only has old Scud missiles like those Saddam used decades ago. Iran’s missiles are not only extremely advanced but deadly accurate and capable of overwhelming the “Iron Dome” system.
  4. The supposed “war” is based on unverified suspicions Israel has regarding Iran’s nuclear program, suspicions the CIA disagrees with. They have no evidence and much very real evidence exists to the contrary. However, attacks on any nuclear facility, and all will come under attack, both Israel and Iran, will have serious health consequences for everyone in the region, by region I mean 1000 miles. Israel would suffer major damage to their Dimona weapons center and defense industries, Iran would suffer also but Jordan would become uninhabitable from Dimona radiation as would Saudi Arabia and the Gulf States. Limited air and missile war against nuclear facilities is the equivalent of WMD attacks and is insane.

Despite the Putin visit to Israel, the UN Security Council is not going to authorize an attack on Iran. Syria will demand Russia veto and a Chinese veto is a given.

Under those circumstances, any American president that acts without approval of the UN Security Council, as Bush did, will face impeachment.

Bush and Cheney destroyed all credibility the White House has to act unilaterally or to get blind support from congress, despite the very proven fact that AIPAC and the ADL are either paying off or blackmailing many members of the government.

The Murdoch/News of the World bribery blackmail scandal was a Mossad scandal, wiretapping and blackmail, not “hacking” and “tabloid journalism.”

When you expect newspapers, part of the problem themselves, to print accurate information about their ties to intelligence agencies, their slavishness, you have a long wait.

This leaves several real and critical issues in the Middle East that Netanyahu and his controlled press is trying to keep people from learning about:

  1. Egypt has become a “wild card.” With their Israeli stooge, Mubarak out of power, exposing their decades of phony invasion alerts, they may well be looking at accountability. It is our hope that Egypt will blow up their half of the Gaza Wall. Israel has to recognize that the old settlement and the current hostility are based on two things, Israeli interference with the Egyptian Army and the recent Sinai incident which has raised suspicions. Responsible talks, something not seen for decades, would be advisable.
  2. The move against Pakistan may well signal an attempt to neuter their ability to resist a broad move by Israel in Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have bought key government officials and hope to gain total control through any means. Pakistan, with their air force, now 4th generation JA 17s and robust nuclear capability, stand in the way. Israel has a choice. Pakistan can be a reasonable intermediary or be pushed into general hostilities. There is not widespread hostility toward Israel in Pakistan, not yet. It is best things be kept that way for Israel’s best interests.
  3. Turkey is playing both sides against the middle, hoping to get into the EU, an organization already in self-destruction, while dancing between Israel, Russia and the US. What Turkey has not done is meet its promised obligations as expressed by Erdogan regarding the Palestinian people and Gaza.
  4. Saudi Arabia is coming apart internally. Despite years of extremist anti-Israel rhetoric, it is now clear that the current regime there has been working hand in hand to keep the people of the Islamic world enslaved. Internal divisions within Saudi Arabia are more than just the demonstrations never reported in the West. Saudi Arabia is in a crisis of leadership at the highest level, one that may lead to a divided state or an overthrow of the current government.

One of the biggest issues is Netanyahu. He has lost the confidence of the Israeli military, has poor poll ratings but, in a political system where voting is rigged, a system flooded with Russian surrogate voters and election cheating, no other leader is capable of overcoming Netanyahu’s weaknesses.

His “hubris” has buried Israel, backed them into a corner where what was only threats of war may be the only way the extremist government can stay in power. The more unpopular Netanyahu gets, the more extreme and irresponsible his rhetoric and the more wild and conspiratorial his manipulation of press assets within the United States becomes.

He is already counting dead from a war he is incapable of even starting. How far can he go beyond this before totally destroying any credibility and good standing Israel may have left, even among the allies who had previously ignored Israel’s apartheid police state they claim is the “only democracy in the Middle East.”

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U.S. Department of Defense Contract Awards for August 21, 2012


Here’s Today’s Department of Defense Contract Awards


Volvo Construction Equipment North America, Ashville, N.C., was awarded contract SPM8EC-12-D-0012.  The award is a fixed price with economic price adjustment contract with a maximum $776,000,000 for specific construction equipment.  Other locations of performance are Pennsylvania, Sweden, and Korea.  Using military services are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and federal civilian agencies.  There were fifteen solicitations with fifteen responses.  Type of appropriation is fiscal 2012 through fiscal 2017 Defense Working Capital Funds.  The date of performance completion is Aug. 20, 2017.  The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, Philadelphia, Pa.

Dentsply International, York, Pa., was awarded contract SPM2D0-12-D-0009.  The award is a fixed price with economic price adjustment, indefinite delivery and indefinite quantity contract with a maximum $13,721,676 for various medical and surgical components.  There are no other locations of performance.  Using military services are Army, Navy, Air Force, Marine Corps, and federal civilian agencies.  There were seventeen responses to the Web solicitation.  Type of appropriation is fiscal 2012 Warstopper Funds.  The date of performance completion is Aug. 20, 2013.  The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Troop Support, Philadelphia, Pa.

Raytheon Co., Andover, Mass., was awarded contract SPRRA2-12-C-0032.  The award is a firm fixed price, sole source contract with a maximum $6,997,617 for antenna element assemblies.  There are no other locations of performance.  Using military service is Army.  There was one solicitation with one response.  Type of appropriation is fiscal 2012 Army Working Capital Funds.  The date of performance completion is June 22, 2014.  The contracting activity is the Defense Logistics Agency Aviation, Redstone Arsenal, Ala.


CJW/Desbuild, JV*, Hyattsville, Md. (N40080-12-D-0408); CFM/Severn, JV*, Millersville, Md. (N40080-12-D-0409); Blazer Enterprises*, Great Mills, Md. (N40080-12-D-0410); The Matthews Group, Inc.*, Purcellville, Va. (N40080-12-D-0411); Tidewater, Inc.*, Columbia, Md. (N40080-12-D-0412); MSI Universal*, Gaithersburg, Md. (N40080-12-D-0413); Persaud Companies*, Bethesda, Md. (N40080-12-D-0414), are each being awarded a firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity multiple award construction contract for various construction/renovation/repair services in supports of shore facilities of supported commands at U.S. Navy and Marine Corps installations within the Washington, D.C. metropolitan area, Maryland and Virginia.  The maximum dollar value for all seven contracts combined is $120,000,000.  Blazer Enterprises is being awarded task order #0001 at $1,644,000 for the construction of Unmanned Aircraft System at Webster Field, Naval Air Station, Patuxent River, Md.  Work for this task order is expected to be completed by August 2013.  All work will be performed in Md. (45 percent), Washington, D.C. (30 percent) and Va., (25 percent).  The term of the contract is not to exceed 36 months, with an expected completion date of August 2015.  Contract funds in the amount of $1,794,000 are obligated on this award and will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  This contract was competitively procured via the Navy Electronic Commerce Online website with 51 proposals received.  These seven contractors may compete for task orders under the terms and conditions of the awarded contract.  The Naval Facilities Engineering Command, Washington, Washington, D.C., is the contracting activity. 

Insitu, Inc., Bingen, Wash., is being awarded a $23,401,476 modification to a previously awarded firm-fixed-price contract (N00019-11-C-0061) for additional operational and maintenance servicesin support of the ScanEagle unmanned aerial systems.  These services will provide electro-optical/infrared and mid-wave infrared imagery in support of land-based operations in Operation Enduring Freedom to provide real-time imagery and data.  Work will be performed in Bingen, Wash., and is expected to be completed in August 2013.  Contract funds in the amount of $23,401,476 will expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  The Naval Air Systems Command, Patuxent River, Md., is the contracting activity.

Allen Vanguard, Inc.*, Ogdensburg, N.Y., is being awarded a $6,978,131 modification under previously awarded firm-fixed-price, indefinite-delivery/indefinite-quantity contract (N00174-11-D-0019) for the procurement of operations search kits and protective equipment for Afghanistan National Security Forces (100 percent) under the Foreign Military Sales Program.  Work will be performed in Ogdensburg, N.Y., and is expected to complete by September 2013.  Contract funds will not expire at the end of the current fiscal year.  Naval Surface Warfare Center, Indian Head Division, Indian Head, Md., is the contracting activity. 


Northrup Grumman Technical Services, Inc., Herndon, Va. (FA8106-08-C-0010-P00178) is being awarded a $29,693,800 firm fixed price contract modification to exercise the option to extend services for six months of fiscal year 2013 in support of the C-20 Contractor Logistics Support contract.  This effort includes depot maintenance; contractor operated and maintained base supply, and flight line maintenance and field team support.  Work is to be completed by March 30, 2013.  The contracting activity is OC-ALC/GKSKB, Tinker Air Force Base, Okla.


The University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, Calif., is being awarded a $7,385,049.00 modification to a cost plus fixed fee contract (HR0011-11-C-0094).  This work supports the DARPA Prophecy program, which seeks to transform the vaccine and drug development enterprise from observational and reactive to predictive and preemptive by spurring development of a multidisciplinary approach to predicting viral evolution.  Work will be performed in San Francisco, Calif., (54.5 precent); Buenos Aires, Argentina (5 precent); San Diego, Calif. (15 precent); New York, N.Y. (7.5 precent); Stanford, Calif. (15 precent) and Haifa, Israel (3 precent).  The work is expected to be completed by March 31, 2014.  The Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency is the contracting activity.

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