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War Crimes in Syria with George Galloway


by Jonathon Blakeley

Published on Aug 20, 2012 by PressTVGlobalNews
The United Nations has issued a 102-page report, alleging that both sides on the Syrian conflict have carried out numerous “war crimes.” Now the trouble is in danger of spreading into Lebanon. The leader of Lebanon’s Progressive Socialist Party, Walid Jumblatt, has said that this could all herald the unraveling of Sykes-Picot, a reference to the secret agreement between the British and the French in 1919 that was meant to define their spheres of influence and control in the Middle East during World War I.

Separately, Indians celebrated on Wednesday the 65th anniversary of their country’s independence from Britain. Indian Prime Minister Manmohan Singh said the country would send a rocket to Mars next year. India has one of the fastest growing economies in the world even if many of its people do not have a safe drinking water. In 2008, India sent a successful probe to the moon and detected evidence of water on the lunar surface for the first time. “A note to Mr. Singh, providing reliable water for your own people at home might be a better achievement,” said George Galloway.

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CrossTalk: Syrian Puzzle


by Jonathon Blakeley

The one story that has come back again and again at deLiberation and caused more controversy than any other subject is of course :- Syria. Crosstalk can be quite good  with the right mix of clients, this episode has some illuminating analysis on the Syrian Puzzle.

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Zio-Nazi is the World’s Largest Terrorist Organization: Joe Cortina


by Kourosh Ziabari

Captain Joe Cortina

Captain Joe Cortina is a former airborne special operations officer and U.S. Army Training Center commander. He subsequently embarked on missions as intelligence investigator and anti-terrorist advisor and traveled to different countries in the Middle East and Central America. His visit to Israel was an opportunity for him to realize the anti-American atmosphere governing the Occupied Palestinian Territories and the feeling of resentment and antipathy the Israeli citizens have toward the United States despite the all-out military, financial and political support and backing which Washington offers to Tel Aviv.
Joe Cortina attended the University of Miami, University of Tampa Spring Hill College and Florida Southern College and holds degrees in physics, biology and chemistry.
Cortina has strong anti-Israeli views and believes that the Israel Defense Force is the largest terrorist organization in the contemporary world. He believes that Israelis are the main reason for the political and economic problems the United States suffers from.
What follows is the text of interview with Joe Cortina with whom we have talked on a number of issues, including his viewpoints regarding the policies and actions of Israel, his firsthand experiences in the Occupied Territories, the impact of Arab Spring on the political status of Israel and the recent social crisis in Tel Aviv.

Q: Joe; as a former airborne special operations commander with a remarkable experience in intelligence affairs, you have had the opportunity to visit some of the Palestinian territories and lands Israel occupies. What was your first impression upon visiting those areas? What’s your analysis of the Israelis’ treatment of the Palestinian people?

A: The poverty of the people obviously forced to live in what was for all intents and purposes an enormous outdoor prison run by sadist monsters and sociopaths was heartbreaking. I have been in more than a few impoverished nations but the combination of the struggle of everyday life coupled with the fact that these good people were occupied by the largest most barbaric brutal terrorist organization on earth was heartbreaking. Soldiers would beat and humiliate old women children and other defenseless civilians with a rage and brutality unparalleled in my experiences with terrorists in Nicaragua and El Salvador. The wanton murder of children was one of the crimes that will burn in my mind forever. Remember these brave people have their backs to the sea with no place to escape Israeli brutality

Besieged Palestinian children

Worth adding- is the fact that every dollar for every bullet that murders every Palestinian child is bought and paid for by American taxes! Every white phosphorous bomb that burns the flesh off little children in their own yards, every rocket, every plane that carries that rocket into the side of a school building or a hospital ambulance is a gift from my countrymen- I am ashamed to say. Even the Jew driven Caterpillar bulldozer that smashed the life out of wonderful caring young girl named Rachel Corrie was a gift of death ‘from America with hate’ for anyone who would stand up for some poor Palestinian farming family – be they Christian or Muslim.

What hypocrisy. We claim to be a Christian Nation – yet – in the very name of Christ – two out of every ten Palestinians that we are accomplices to the murder of – are also Christians.

Among knowledgeable intelligence people – the so called IDF – is correctly termed: ‘world’s largest institutionalized terrorist organization’. I know something of real terrorism and have had unique experience working with the heads of state of friendly foreign nations who requested my assistance and skills as an advisor on counterterrorism.

I have observed legitimate military organizations as well as terrorist groups in other nations and the IDF fulfills the most stringent description to a terrorist. They attack and murder innocent civilians, murder public officials as well as news media personnel, attack medical facilities, bomb and destroy homes and businesses, target helpless civilians especially defenseless children and infants schools churches and mosques.

Been there seen that – yet should I or any humanitarian attempt to share these ugly truths with my own people, the influence of the evil Israelis is such that even in our churches, the truth is banned and censured. Should your readers still believe that myth that America is a nation built on free speech, I could never tell these same truths to a school or church inside my own country.

This is testimony of how much the Jews fear the truth in what used to be the United States of America. I have more than one friend whose lives and families have been threatened by these Godless criminal psychopaths. What a disgrace to America. Think about it. You will publish these truths and yet your culture is slandered as repressive while my own nation which I have served in its elite, with honor love devotion and respect, censures me.

I witnessed such brutalities against God’s most helpless creations that had these criminals been under my command I would have shot them dead on the spot as war criminals and to save lives of the innocent and defenseless. In short these people were the most ruthless brutal, sadistic sociopaths I have ever witnessed, including FMLN terrorists of El Salvador. They took an obvious sadistic enjoyment in torturing, maiming, killing and humiliating the helpless that I have never witnessed elsewhere. Their cowardice was unconscionably evil and demonic.

Israel’s American spy, Jonathan Pollard

Q: In one of your notes, you had mentioned that “anti-American” anti-Christian graffiti were prevalently seen in the streets of Israel as well as the commendation of Jonathan Pollard whom the American people consider a traitor. Would you please explain more about Israel’s treason to the United States? The U.S. has always been a staunch supporter, financer and patronage of Israel. How come Israel has betrayed the United States, at least culturally?

A: The traitor spy Jonathon Pollard is a folk-hero in Israel. The graffiti was legion in smaller towns that are not frequented by naive gullible American ‘tourists.’ Tel Aviv is the Jew version of the Soviet Potemkin Village deception, always sanitized so as not to show Americans the truth about how they and America are despised.

When Jew shill newspaperman Walter Durante was given a tour of the USSR and Ukraine, all the visited villages were given a complete sanitizing of any terrorizing and ethnic cleansing of the Kulak farm owners who had systematically been murdered by the millions.

The result was of course history. Durante was awarded a Pulitzer Prize for his lies about the wonderful treatment of the people by the monster Stalin and his all secret police who murdered some 15 million Ukrainian farmers.

The same lies are perpetrated daily in Israel with Tel Aviv as the showcased city of ‘American Christian loving Jews.’ Pollard, the most injurious traitor in American history is not just considered okay with the Jews. He is an urban legend there! He is their national hero as was obvious by endless graffiti with anti American slogans and pro- Pollard slogans.

How come? Treason is an Israeli thing. At about two percent of the population in the USA – over 90% of the convicted spies in America have been Jews including one Congressman! Here is a comment by a prominent Jew leader of what they really say behind our backs

My opinion of Christian Zionists? They’re scum. But don’t tell them that. We need all the useful idiots we can get right now.”

— Benyamin Netanyahu, at the time a former Israel Prime Minister

The Jews there hold America and Americans in total contempt and ridicule, especially because of our Christian heritage, our founding Fathers and our Christian based Constitution.

Here is yet another example of the mockery arrogance and ridicule the Israeli leaders have for America and our leaders. Unfortunately in this case, he is not lying as Israelis usually do:

I want to tell you something very clear, don’t worry about American pressure on Israel, we, the Jewish people control America, and the Americans know it.”

– Ariel Sharon to Shimon Peres, October 3rd, 2001, as reported on Kol Yisrael radio.

Here is a typical incident of the type I experienced personally or frequently heard of while there.

At one of the many roadblocks, usually manned by a small IDF military unit, we stopped our armored vehicle just long enough for the CIA to ‘inspect’ the situation.

I got outside and overheard 2 of these young soldiers speaking. Much to my surprise, they had Brooklyn accents! I asked them where they were from, and they answered New York. Apparently they had left the States to serve a foreign power – remember – these were American citizens, who just happened to be Jews.

Puzzled at this bizarre reply, I decided to give benefit of doubt and responded with something like: “Boy, you guys are really something ¬ having served the military of our country; remember, they were American citizens, and then investing your time in a ‘feeling for duty’ to Israel”.

They answered proudly and without hesitation: “Oh no – we haven’t served in the United States military – there’s no way.” Then they both broke out in a cynical almost convulsive mocking laughter. So if there is any doubt where their loyalties lie; consider their unabashed answer of contemptuous scorn for the notion of patriotically serving in uniform for America.

I can’t think of any male American citizen who would sneer at serving the United States but willingly owed their loyalties to say Italy, or Greece or Ireland, or France or Germany, just because his ancestors were of that ethnic group. And if one such person voiced such an opinion, you can imagine what people would think of him. But of course, apparently if you are Jewish, such odious and openly proud mockery of love of this country is acceptable conduct. I observed this disgusting phenomenon everywhere there and not only with the IDF. So much for the loyalty of the average American Jew to America.

Q: The U.S. mainstream media, as you once indicated, don’t give realistic coverage to the plight of the Palestinian nation under the Israeli suppression and occupation. What’s the reason? Will the media feel threatened if they sound critical of Israel? Are there certain political lobbies which influence the U.S. media?

A: The reason is quite obvious to any thinking American citizen. Jews have total control of all mainstream news media from newspapers to periodicals to television; what I call Talmudvision. As for feeling threatened to speak the truth, you must understand that all of these news people writers news anchors producers journalists are either Jews or Jew loyal. One example, Fox news for instance is owned by the Jew Rupert Murdock

There are literally hundreds of Jewish lobbies in America; all seditious, all violent, all treasonous, all working as parasites for the betterment of their tribe and to the peril of the American people. The ADL, AIPAC, JDL and SPLC are examples.

You speak of lobbies which influence U.S. media. I believe this needs clarification. The U.S. media is already virtually 100% Jewish! They need no ‘lobbies’ to support them and they are all controlled by Jews in America.

A fact: six Jewish companies control over 96% of the entire world’s entertainment and news media. It would take a hundred single spaced pages of small print to list them all!

Here are a very few examples of the endless list of debris that Godless Israelis use to destroy the wholesomeness goodness innocence and decency of our children 24-7 and I haven’t even included their violent video games: New World Entertainment – Ron Pearlman, Dream Works -Steven Spielberg, Viacom – Sumner Redstone [Murray Rothstein], CBS – Lawrence Tisch, Sony Entertainment – Michael Schulhof, Warner Music & Warner vision – Danny Goldberg & Stuart Hearsch, Time Warner Publishing – Norman Pearlstine, Disney Pictures – Joe Roth and Miramax – Weinstein Brothers!

Q: You have had the experience of visiting Israel in person. How has been the treatment of Palestinian children and women by Israelis? I don’t have a pre-disposition, but from your articles, I can understand that the Israeli soldiers behave toward the Palestinian children and women quite brutally. Is that right?

A: I had substantial experience observing the treatment of Palestinian children by the IDF and it was always brutal, barbaric, cruel, dehumanizing and often ended in outright cold-blooded murder. The average American simply either never gets to see or hear of these war crimes against children or doesn’t believe anybody could be that sadistic or, sadly, they just don’t consider a Palestinian’s life is worth anything as they have been infected with the Israeli mentality that these children and all Arab people in general are nothing more than “cockroaches,” “sand-niggers,” “camel-jockeys” and “rag -heads”

As a result of the 64-year Israeli occupation, Palestinian citizens live in a constant state of trepidation and apprehension

These vicious, cruel, senseless, dehumanizing, demeaning terms are used by the highest echelons of our corrupt Godless military by ambitious sociopathic war criminals like General McChrystal and his replacement General Petraeus, both scum of the earth. As a former company commander I can tell you that troops use racial slurs with impunity only with full approval of their superiors. What I and my brother officers would have considered as unconscionable, barbaric, racist and filth fifty years ago, has become common fare in the military today, I am sad to say.

One incident burned in my mind in particular, not only for the barbarity and cruelty of the act in itself, but because of the frequency of these child murders as attested to me personally by CIA officials I was in the company of that day, who had witnessed such horrors as routine frequent and all in cold-blood just for meanness.

In Gaza City outskirts our IDF jeep escort suddenly came to a screeching halt and a soldier with an FNFAL jumped out and ran to the close by roadside to confront his threat and nemesis, a half naked 5 year old child, standing by the roadside with tears streaming down his dusty cheeks, standing defiantly against the fifth most powerful military in the world, arms raised high, brandishing his threatening weapon, an egg sized pebble.

This ‘terrorist’ I was later told, was probably an orphan who had witnessed his home bulldozed to rubble, his olive trees uprooted , his sister raped and his parents murdered by IDF terrorists. There he stood trembling but defiant, knowing he would be dead in a matter of seconds. The ‘brave’ Israeli drew his weapon down to an aiming position just as I leaped our of our embassy vehicle, raced to within a few feet of the Jew and aimed my camera at the would be murderer and screamed that he had better kill all of us if he murdered that child as I would show the pictures to the entire free world press.

He gave me a dirty look, uncocked his rifle, rose to his feet and returned to his jeep. I breathed a sigh of relief and returned to the CIA vehicle. Inside when we got under way, one of operatives seated next to me said, “You know you just saved that kid’s life!” Before I could even gather my wits to respond, a second member of the troop commented that, “Yes, but so what? That kid won’t live to see the end of the week. They shoot them like rats here in their own land”. Nobody else spoke for sometime and I never forgot the message of the incident.

The Israelis there knew no bounds to their cruelty, whether murdering journalists or baby children; the more vicious and sadistic the act the better they liked it. One particularly savage twist to murdering children was to allow the snipers to take with them vicious hungry attack dogs. For their amusement, these sick people would shoot the child and then turn the dogs loose while the bereaved, horrified parents, friends and relatives would try in vain to recover the body of their precious child before it was eaten. This of course added an additional perverted twist to the murder of the helpless child as the snipers then shot the parents of the child as they attempted to reach their baby.

These incidents were well documented by international human rights groups, physicians and eye witnesses. Try as I might; no Jew-controlled American newspaper would carry the story as it would be an embarrassment to our fine brave moral Israeli allies and besides. It was not as important in the eyes of most Americans as the all important NFL Super Bowl ‘games’. Look up the definition of ‘games’: diversions for children. Thus so is the priority of the American people today.

The Jew IDF has also frequently used children tied up on their military vehicles to be used as human shields. I witnessed this cowardly act at least once. Their level of cowardice of these Jews made me sick to my stomach!

Perhaps the most vile and reprehensible acts commonly committed by the IDF was the practice of murdering a pregnant Palestinian mother by shooting her through her belly in such a way as to murder the unborn child as well. It was such a common occurrence that these brave moral soldiers would wear special T-shirts that would show the Mother with a sniper’s crosshairs over her stomach with the caption: “ONE SHOT- TWO KILLS”. Once again – these things cannot happen in any civilized nation’s military without express permission and approval of the authorities.

Had I approved of my men doing such a vile reprehensible act years ago, I would have been relieved of my command – court marshaled – and dishonorably discharged and righteously so! But as I stated before, the IDF is an oppressive terrorist organization, not a civilized military for the defense of a nation against aggressors. They convict themselves by their own actions. They are the only modern military on earth that has ever disgraced themselves in such an abominable fashion. That is a fact!

I could write volumes regarding the atrocities of the Israeli IDF against civilians, all well documented and corroborated, but hopefully the few examples I have presented will give testimony to the criminal and demonic nature of these monsters.

Q: Do you consider Israel as one of the impediments to the betterment and improvement of Iran-U.S. relations? Iran has always complained that the United States supports Israel’s occupation of Palestine, covers up Tel Aviv’s nuclear program and uses Israel as a pretext to launch wars. Can we foresee the rapprochement of Iran and the United States with the presence of Israel?

A: Israel is not just “one of the impediments;” it is the only impediment to good relationships. As a patriot, father, journalist, veteran, former diplomat and contributor to the betterment of my nation, I and all rational, morally responsible, educated Americans I know consider Iran a friend whose sovereignty we respect.

Joe Cortina believes that the Americans respect Iran’s right of sovereignty. Israel has been repeatedly threatening Iran with a possible military strike

Iran is quite correct that the United States is a monumental hypocrite for supporting a stolen terrorist rogue state whose history is a seamless series of unprovoked terrorist activities against the indigenous people.

As to the reconciliation of Iran, which has committed no offense against the U.S. in any way, shape or form, and the United States, which is today an occupied nation and nothing more than Israel’s whore and attack dog, I should say that will never happen as long as the rogue criminal war mongering State of Israel exists

Q: The United States has targeted Iran with economic embargoes, UN Security Council resolutions, an intensive media campaign and has sporadically talked of the possibility of a military strike against Iran. What’s your analysis of these threats? Can Washington bring Tehran to its knees by these ploys, especially through paralyzing Iran’s economy?

A: I believe the threats are as real as they are unfounded. The notion that we are somehow privileged to play God on who can and cannot have the benefits of nuclear power is an arrogance that I find personally offensive. We are the only nation to use atomic weaponry, and we used it to murder hundred of thousands of defenseless civilians in an already defeated nation. How courageous we were. Even more offensive to any rational person is the idea that we should call a country which was based upon terrorism of the worst kind; stolen from its previous rightful owners and is the only country on earth who has committed an act of war against America and the American people by purest definition, that is, the massacre of American sailors on the USS Liberty on the high seas.

Additionally the Israelis are the most immoral people on earth whose vile, wicked crimes against humanity and God Himself are legion, documented and endless! An attack against the sovereign nation of Iran will lead to WWIII and the possible end of civilization as we know it.

Another senseless war for the greater glory of Israel will only further polarize America, further weaken our already Jew decimated economy and make our once loved and respected nation the most hated people on earth. I owe my children and grandchildren my uncompromised effort to restore and secure world peace which is the exact opposite of the goal of the Jews.

My guess is that the Iranian people have the grit and determination to withstand any and all embargos we would be foolish enough to do the Israelis bidding for. All of this is solely about the ambitions of the Parasite State of Israel and its demonic dream of an ‘Ertz Israel’ to dominate the world. The Jew has already occupied and destroyed Russia, Germany and now my own country which is totally occupied by Jew money, influence, terror and extortion. They not only economically destroyed these nations, but have made them essentially atheist.

Lest we Gentiles and Arabs alike forget who has been responsible for more death and destruction than all other entities throughout history. It has been the Zionists and their invention, communism. Two world wars, half the world enslaved by communism and now Communism’s inseparable ally, Zionism are both manifestations of the Devil.

Q: What’s your idea on the revolutionary wave which has encompassed the Middle East since early 2011? Will the Arab Spring have influences on and implications for Israel? Will the empowerment of Islamic parties in countries such as Tunisia and Egypt have a negative impact on Israel’s security?

A: Here I am departing from things I know as truths from study travel and personal experience. I can only hope that my logical conclusions are correct. I was witness to part of the First Intifada, which I and others consider the same message as the Arab Spring: both seeking human rights, dignity and freedom for Arab people. That little child whose life I apparently saved on that hot dusty street in Gaza was the embodiment of the whole thing as I saw it. No sane human being wants war!

The only people I have seen in my life who thrive on wars and the misery it brings are Jews. On that issue, I know much the Israelis do not want peace. They want war! Want to know why? Because stupid goy will always be there to do their fighting for them. WWII? The Germans didn’t want war. Name one act of war against America by the Germans committed before we waged war against them. It doesn’t exist; yet every American school child somehow believes the lie that we were attacked by Germany. I am also a historian and specialist in the realm of Atlantic warfare, before as well as after we entered.

All of the offensive provocations at sea were committed by U.S., and not the Germans. That is not my opinion and I can prove it if necessary. Once again who profited most by WWII? Of course the Jews. I noticed that anywhere we fought Communists, Jews were glaringly absent from the military. I personally trained over a thousand young warriors during Vietnam, the Berlin Crisis and the Cuban Crisis period. Guess how many of the Jews were involved? None Not even one Jew did I see in uniform.

As to the question of Israeli security, the Jews will be as secure as they really want to be. If they stop murdering, robbing, torturing, humiliating and destroying Arabs and their property, then there will be no reason for them to fear reprisals for justice. If your family sends thugs to brutalize or murder my children, I will go to your family and kill everyone including your cats and dogs. If you do not needlessly harm my family, I will not have any reason to attack you. It is just that simple.

What all Arab people need to do is to put aside petty squabbles and unite for a common moral cause. Of course we are now your enemy, not in my mind but because the Jews who run my country say so. You are not my enemy. My enemy are the Jews but my people are too stupid or to complacent to understand that fact. You people need to all come together, call it what you like; Jihad, Intifada, al-Thawrāt al-Arabiyyah, but be resolved in your goal, keep free and defend your families form Jew aggression, and if dirt rich oil Arab Sheiks do not also make the commitment, they are not ‘your’ people. I know; we have the same problem here.

Q: The Arab Spring started quite promptly, unexpectedly. A street vendor set himself ablaze in protest at the mistreatment he had suffered by the police, and the street protests began, which consequently changed the whole Arab world. Could Israel and the United States evade the negative consequences of Arab Spring? What will be their strategy to counter its possible effects?

A: Does it really matter if it is a fruit peddler who is abused or a parent who has watched their child murdered? Should not All Arab people share the pain of indignities, humiliations, theft, beatings and murders of innocents at the hand of the Israelis, or sadly in this case, at the hands of their allies like the British, for whom I have nothing but resentment for reasons that could fill a book, or Americans, who are as guilty as anyone else.

We are taught from childhood that there are consequences for our actions; were we not? I have fought as well as I could for justice to the Arab people for many years of my adult life, so my conscience does not burden me with the sins of my countrymen. I have preached the truth, even as I do now, to all who have the wisdom to recognize it. I have encouraged my own people to embrace the enemies of our enemy; the Jews as they would their brothers. It is a difficult task at best.

You see, as a moral Christian person, I see no “negative” consequences of a people who wish freedom and dignity for themselves and their families, in this case, your people. My country’s Founding Fathers believed exactly as I do and you do. It is only the perversions of Jew influence that has poisoned my people’s minds. Perhaps it may be to your surprise but many of our Founding Fathers warned us centuries ago of the evils of the Jews.

Consider this ominous council of George Washington: “The Jews work more effective against us than the enemy’s armies. They are a hundred times more dangerous to our liberties and the great cause we are engaged in. It is much to be lamented that each State, long ago, has not hunted them down as pests to society and the greatest enemies we have, to the happiness of America,” From the Maxims of George Washington by AA Appleton.

A quotation from another Famous Founding Father Benjamin Franklin: “If you do not exclude them from these United States in this Constitution, in less than two hundred years they will have swarmed here in such great numbers that they will dominate and devour the land and change our form of government, for which we Americans have shed our blood, given our lives, or substance, and jeopardized our liberty,” From notes gathered at the Philadelphia Constitutional Convention of 1787

Sadly, good readers and friends of freedom, the above predictions have already morally and economically destroyed my country

And finally with your permission may I quote form your sacred book, the wisdom of yet another world famous figure: “Whoever is a friend of the Jew, belongs to them, becomes one of them, God cannot tolerate this mean people. The Jews have wandered away from divine religion. They are usurpers. You must not relent in your work which must show up Jewish deceit,” The Prophet Mohammed (PBUH) in the Koran.

The strategy of my corrupt occupied country will probably be another false flag disaster, designed to profane and slander Arab people. It will be done by the joint effort of the Mossad and the White House, of that you can be sure!

Q: And finally, what do you think regarding the recent uprisings in the Occupied Territories, marked by the self-immolation of four Israeli men who set themselves on fire to contest the growing social inequality and rising cost of living in the country. What’s your take on that?

A: Well; there wasn’t a lot of info on the events but I did read what was to be his suicide note. Before I read anything I was of course somewhat shocked as it was Israeli Jews who had burned themselves to death and not some bereaved widow who had witnessed her husband and children murdered by these same animals and had nothing to live for but being imprisoned by her Jew neighbors for the rest of her life. The man, Moshe Silman, was not a good man to begin with. He was been one of the IDF thugs responsible for countless deaths and suffering of the Palestinians.

My first reaction was good riddance: one less evil Jew. Then I thought, perhaps he had seen the light and could no longer live with his guilt of causing so much innocent human suffering of completely innocent civilians. I mean, after all, even Judas repented for his treason, and he is the only Jew I have ever actually read documented proof of being remorseful, but after I read the suicide note, I realized this was nothing more than a typical, self-serving, whiny Israeli.

His ostensibly last formal thoughts on earth were not repentance or guilt or compassion for the real suffering of his fellow man. My take? Here is another self centered Israeli whose concerns were money and not being treated well. He damned war criminal Netanyahu. Did he curse him for the horrors he had committed in the name of his fellow compatriots? No; that would be too noble. He was apparently angry because he didn’t get well treated after doing his duty murdering Palestinian children. He spoke of large sums of money he had paid, so he had earned lots of money somewhere.

I wonder if he ever thought that he lived a hundred times better than the poor Palestinians he starved, beat, humiliated and murdered. I will stay with my first reaction. He just got a dose of what he had been handing out for so long. Perhaps a few hundred thousand more Israelis should follow his example, and make the world a safer place for human beings. I kept looking for the “thank you” for the thousands of tax dollars I have been forced to give him and other Israeli reptiles over the years; the money I could have given my own family.

In closing, I hope that that my Iranian friends have gained some insight into the problems we have in my country and that there still are many of us here who do not bear any ill will towards Iran as there is no rational reason to. We are the educated, informed, moral people of my country and even though we may now be in the minority because of mass ignorance here, we do know who the real enemy is, and long for our own freedom from his occupation. The true Christian is all but ‘extinct’ in America, long since infiltrated and infected with the most fatal disease mankind has ever encountered: Judaism. Even the Pope who I was taught was ‘infallible’ since childhood has become an evil man, poisoned by the Jews. He is now a hypocrite and the enemy of truth!

We true Christians love our Muslim brothers as ourselves, and we are persecuted for it by our own people.

The overall arch enemy here of all my people? Mass ignorance! The Israeli is only the opportunist who knows how naive and gullible our people are, so we are easily led to drink from his shiny seductive cup of poison.

The Israeli was, is and always will be a parasite that takes it’s sustenance by sucking the life blood from it’s host victim until there is nothing left but a desiccated morally rotted corpse, a shell of what we once were. Only a fool would befriend and trust an Israeli. The reason that these wicked, demonic people hate our Founding Fathers is because they knew the truth, and tried to warn us, almost two hundred and fifty years ago!

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NYPD Admits Muslim Spy Program Generated No Leads or Terrorism Investigations — Only Controversy


by deLiberation

After years of spying on Muslim neighborhoods, infiltrating groups and eavesdropping on conversations across the northeastern United States, the New York City Police Department has admitted its secret Demographics Unit failed to yield a single terrorism investigation or even a single lead. In the years following the Sept. 11 attacks, the NYPD secretly infiltrated Muslim student groups, sent informants into mosques, eavesdropped on conversations and created databases showing where Muslims lived, worked and prayed. We’re joined by Adam Goldman, who co-wrote the Pulitzer Prize-winning Associated Press series that revealed the spy program and, most recently, its failure.

Rush Transcript

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: The New York City Police Department has admitted its secret Demographics Unit that spied on Muslims in an elaborate CIA-backed effort over a more than six-year period failed to yield a single terrorism investigation or even a single lead. In the years following the September 11th attacks, the New York police secretly infiltrated Muslim student groups, sent informants into mosques, eavesdropped on conversations and created databases showing where Muslims lived, worked and prayed.

Court records unsealed Monday show information collected by the NYPD’s Demographics Unit did not spark a single investigation. Assistant Police Chief Thomas Galati said, quote, “I never made a lead from rhetoric that came from a Demographics report, and I’m here since 2006. I don’t recall other ones prior to my arrival.” In his unsealed testimony, Galati confirmed the police gathered information on people even when there was no evidence of wrongdoing, simply because of their ethnicity and native language. Galati said a business can be labeled a, quote, “location of concern” whenever police can expect to find groups of Middle Easterners there.

This latest story was first reported by the Associated Press, which first uncovered the NYPD’s Demographics Unit. This is an excerpt from a video that accompanied the AP’s first story on the NYPD’s spying.

AP REPORT: At this New Brunswick, New Jersey, apartment, an alarming scene was found inside unit 1076: terrorist literature strewn about and a wealth of computer and surveillance equipment. But this wasn’t the command center of a terrorist cell. The materials belonged to a secret team of NYPD intelligence officers, a unit operating miles outside its jurisdiction.

AMY GOODMAN: Over the past year, the Associated Press has continued to reveal more details of the NYPD’s actions. These include the targeted surveillance of Shiite mosques following increased tensions between the U.S. and Iran, the practice of spying not just in New York but across the Northeast, financial backing from the White House for the program, and the targeting of Muslim mosques with tactics normally reserved for criminal organizations.

The police departments have drawn widespread protests and even criticism from the FBI, which has said these operations damaged its partnerships with Muslims and jeopardized national security. Faced with protest and calls to resign, New York Police Department Commissioner Ray Kelly defended the spying in February.

COMMISSIONER RAY KELLY: We believe we’re doing what we have to do, pursuant to the law, to protect this city, a city that’s been attacked successfully twice and had 14 plots against it in—you know, in the last two decades.

AMY GOODMAN: We’re joined by Adam Goldman, who co-authored the Associated Press series that revealed the New York Police Department’s spying and, most recently, how it led to no leads. He was part of the Associated Press team that won the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting for the series.

Adam, welcome to Democracy Now! Talk about your latest piece and also the scope of the spying.

ADAM GOLDMAN: Well, our latest piece, we feel, is important because it—it really brings to the forefront this idea that what the NYPD was doing, in particular with the Demographics Unit, was fruitless. The NYPD has said repeatedly, you know, what they’re doing is keeping the city safe, but as this deposition shows, by the top NYPD officer in the intelligence unit, nothing much came from these efforts that—the Demographics Unit and what they’ve been doing since 2003. And critics of the Demographics Unit would say that the deposition only shows more of what the NYPD is doing, which is ethnic and religious profiling.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, Adam, how was the deposition obtained in the first place? Can you give us some of the background on that?

ADAM GOLDMAN: Well, we obtained the deposition after it was unsealed. Galati had to do a deposition as part of a class action lawsuit that dates back to the ’70s, when the NYPD was spying on political groups. And as a result of that, the lead plaintiff in the case, Barbara Handschu, in which the case is known, there were a series of—a series of agreements and settlements made with the NYPD in which the NYPD said that they wouldn’t gather this type of information on people without probable cause. And after 9/11, the standard got changed to reasonable suspicion.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: And so, then the lawsuit was an attempt to determine whether the NYPD was in violation of the Handschu decision?

ADAM GOLDMAN: Yeah, that’s right. After we started publishing our stories, we also published secret NYPD documents that were provided to us. And we believe the lawyers used those to help get this deposition.

AMY GOODMAN: Let’s turn to some of the testimony of NYPD Assistant Chief Thomas Galati. In your article, Adam, you note he overheard two Pakistani men complaining about airport security policies that they believed unfairly singled out Muslims. Galati said police were allowed to collect that information because the men spoke Urdu. These are his exact words, quote: “I’m seeing Urdu. I’m seeing them identify the individuals involved in that are Pakistani. I’m using that information for me to determine that this would be a kind of place that a terrorist would be comfortable in,” unquote. Your response?

ADAM GOLDMAN: Well, the people involved in the Handschu case would argue that, you know, that’s clearly—that’s First Amendment-protected speech. The police are free to go anywhere they want as a private citizen. You know, obviously they can go to restaurants. You know, they can go to mosques. They can do things that you and me can do. But, you know, when they start going to these places and recording constitutionally protected speech, writing it down and putting it in police files, and, you know, as a result of that, putting the name of innocent Americans in these police files, you know, the lawyers would argue that that’s where they’re crossing the line, and that’s where they’re violating Handschu. And they’re actually retaining that information, which is a violation of Handschu.

AMY GOODMAN: NYPD Assistant Chief Thomas Galati also justified eavesdropping on a conversation in a Lebanese cafe. He said analysts might be able to determine that the customers were from South Lebanon. Galati went on to explain, quote, “That may be an indicator of possibility that that is a sympathizer to Hezbollah because Southern Lebanon is dominated by Hezbollah.” Adam?

ADAM GOLDMAN: Well, once again, critics of this program would say that’s just nothing more than crude profiling. It’s guilt by suspicion. So, everybody from South Lebanon is possibly connected to Hezbollah? I mean, that’s sort of like saying, you know, if you’re Jewish and—you know, if you’re Israeli and you live on the West Bank, are you a radical settler?

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Well, also, there had been previous press reports that at least one terrorist plot had been—the uncovering it had been aided by information the Demographics Unit found. But your reporting suggests that that’s not—or indicates that that’s not true. Could you explain that?

ADAM GOLDMAN: Well, it’s Galati himself who says it’s not true. The public department has been on the defensive trying to defend these efforts and the $3 billion they’ve spent on this. And Galati testified that the Demographics Unit never generated a lead or a terrorism case. And as part of that, we assume he’s talking about the 2004 case in which there was a young man who was in a bookstore, and a confidential informant from the NYPD developed a relationship with him, and eventually, you know, it was revealed through an NYPD operation—you know, a sting, essentially—that, you know, he wanted to bomb the Herald Square subway tunnel. But Galati says—under oath, I might add—he testified that that case, that bookstore, wasn’t a result of the—wasn’t a result of the Demographics Unit. Now, the deputy commissioner, Paul Browne, and this guy Mitch Silber, who used to run the—used to be the top analyst, NYPD, had publicly said that, “Well, that’s not true,” that “We did learn learn about this bookstore from the Demographics Unit.” So, you know, there’s a disconnect there. I’ll give Galati the benefit of doubt, because he’s testifying under oath.

AMY GOODMAN: Last month, an audiotape was released of the 911 emergency call that helped uncover the New York Police Department’s secret spying on Muslim neighborhoods inside New Jersey. On the tape from June 2009, a building superintendent in New Jersey told a 911 dispatcher he had discovered a suspicious apartment as part of a routine check.

BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT: Came across an apartment where there’s some suspicious activity.

911 DISPATCHER: What’s suspicious?

BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT: Suspicious in the sense that the apartment has about—has no furniture except two beds, has no clothing, has New York City Police Department radios.

911 DISPATCHER: Really?

BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT: There’s computers in there.

911 DISPATCHER: There’s what?

BUILDING SUPERINTENDENT: There’s computer hardware, software, you know, just laying around. There’s pictures of terrorists. There’s pictures of our neighboring buildings that they have.

911 DISPATCHER: In New Brunswick?


AMY GOODMAN: On the tape from June 2009, the building superintendent in New Jersey told the 911 dispatcher he discovered a suspicious apartment as part of this routine check. Adam, talk more about this.

ADAM GOLDMAN: Well, this was an apartment in New Brunswick, New Jersey, that the NYPD Intelligence Division had been using as a base of operations, essentially, to spy on citizens of New Jersey. And we learned about that safe house, and we wrote about it originally in our first story in the Pulitzer series that we published in August of 2011. When we tried to get the 911 call—eventually we had to sue the New Brunswick Police Department after NYPD meddled with the case, and we obtained that. And they were using that apartment to, we believe, spy on a Muslim student association in New Jersey.

And, you know, what makes that interesting, on several levels, but most importantly, the federal authorities and others say that the NYPD went to New Jersey, and they didn’t tell anybody. And then, when this call came in, you know, the FBI Joint Terrorism Task Force and local police responded to the house. I mean, it sets up a dangerous situation when other law enforcement officers are working in a state, and they don’t tell anybody.

JUAN GONZÁLEZ: Adam, you mentioned the FBI. Could you retrace for our viewers and listeners this whole issue of the FBI stance on this spying by the Demographics Unit? It’s not the first time that the FBI has raised publicly skeptical questions about activities, of anti-terrorism activities of the New York Police Department. But the department, on the other hand, has engaged in a pretty aggressive public relations campaign to defend its activities.

ADAM GOLDMAN: Yeah, the NYPD has really been out there defending—defending what they’ve done, saying they—you know, everything they’ve done has been—conforms to Handschu. The FBI’s problem with what the NYPD is doing is that when the NYPD Intelligence Division comes to the FBI with a possible lead or referral, the FBI has to be sure that information was gathered in a way that can be used in court and that it wasn’t, you know, generated from First Amendment speech, protected speech. So, there are things that the FBI has refused to take from the NYPD. There is a great deal of mistrust there between these two organizations. The FBI doesn’t feel that it can trust the NYPD Intelligence Division in how they’re gathering this information, and if, in fact, it was a legitimate lead or, in fact, were they just doing what the Demographics Unit was doing—they’re just going into, you know, a bookstore and spying on people and then putting an undercover officer or an informant there and saying, “Oh, yeah, this is how we obtained the information.” But in reality, how they obtained it was, you know, spying on people who were just having political speech. And it reached a head when we published a story about the NYPD and the Demographics Unit mapping the Muslim community in Newark. The NYPD said, “Well, we were following a lead,” but we know that’s not true. We know from our sources in the NYPD that they did the same thing they did in New York. They just went to this community, and they mapped it, without any probable cause. The cause was that they were Muslim, so thus we need to go over there and we need to take a look at them. And then we—

AMY GOODMAN: Adam, we’re going to have—


AMY GOODMAN: We’re going to have to leave it there, because we have to go to a breaking story in the Arctic. Adam Goldman, a reporter for the Associated Press. He and his colleagues won the Pulitzer Prize for Investigative Reporting for the series they did revealing the extensive domestic surveillance program deployed by the New York Police Department in the wake of 9/11.

This article is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-Noncommercial-No Derivative Works 3.0 United States License

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The Syrian Gambit


by Roy Tov

The Syrian War Aftermath

Damascus explosion

Syria being a strategic country in the Middle East—it has a significant population and sits on important commercial and military crossroads—we are unlikely to see the ongoing war continuing for much longer. Both sides in the conflict have mighty allies, who are helping their protégées. Both sides can claim victories. In the last days of August 2012, the Syrian government seems to be regaining control of Aleppo, the country’s main trade center. On the other hand, the rebels conducted successful attacks at the heart of Damascus, the country’s capital, which was supposed to be safe under the protection of the Republican Guard, Syria’s Army elite unit. At a certain point one side may decide to withdraw before sustaining heavy damages; or, one side may give a lucky strike and decapitate its opponent.

A solution in which the regime is exchanged peacefully is unlikely; as pointed out in It’s Too Late for Assad’s Resignation, this conflict runs also along ethnic lines. Assad is an Alawite, while most of the country’s population is Sunni. For years, the government and army gave advantages to Alawites. All of the Syrian Army pilots are Alawites, as is much of the Republican Guard. If the Free Syrian Army surrenders, everything will look like before; the mercenaries will be mysteriously swallowed by the western desert that had earlier vomited them out. However, if the Assad regime decides “to improve its positions backwards” (polite “militarese” for “withdrawal”), a different scenario is likely to happen. It will be defined by the nature of this regime in general, and the Republican Guard in particular.

Blood Brothers

Syria inner circle

If not knowing the secret behind them, it is very difficult to understand the activities of special units. The latest event along this line I commented upon dealt with the placement of cameras and beamers by the IDF in Lebanon, near Beirut. They were discovered last year by Hezbollah, and Lebanon formally complained to the UN. Such operations are routinely performed by an IDF unit named Shaldag (“kingfisher” in Hebrew), a spin-off of Sayeret Matkal. The latter is the General Headquarters Commando Unit, to which Benjamin Netanyahu and Ehud Barak belonged. The people chosen for these units often possess unusual capabilities. One of the Kingfisher soldiers I knew had studied with me in the same high-school. He was slightly deformed. His legs were like thin sticks; his arms belonged to a superhero.

At the age of 15, he climbed a rope effortlessly all the way up to the gymnasium’s ceiling without using his legs. After the class was over, he did that three times in a row; he kept chatting all the time and easily won the bet (a moneyless bet; in our Communist kibbutzim money was a reactionary term). He was perfect for a military unit heavily dependent on helicopters and motorbikes. Ehud Barak has an unimpressive body; yet, he can easily open any lock, at least those used until a generation ago. This is impressive and explains their technical capabilities, but is not enough to forge the loyalty needed to perform operations behind enemy lines, where you must trust your fellow combatant to death. An additional ingredient is needed.

Such loyalty must be forged. One way of achieving this is by creating mutual dependence among the fighters. The easiest and cheapest way to accomplish that relies on hidden—but real—threats. Invariably, these soldiers watch each other perform crimes; they posses so much embarrassing knowledge about each other that—if I may use a sarcastic form of this phrase—they become “blood brothers.”

This explains the oddly polite relation between Barak and Netanyahu despite the bitter political rivalry between them. The Syrian Republican Guard is the parallel of the IDF elite units with a twist, they also perform bodyguard tasks. They are the only military unit allowed into Damascus, and sum up a full division, roughly 10,000 soldiers. Nowadays, the unit is led by Bashar al-Assad’s brother, Maher. The guard’s loyalty is enhanced also by ethnic considerations.

A destroyed Syrian army tank

The point is simple. Since the conflict is also ethnic, the losers can’t leave anybody behind. If Assad’s regime surrenders, the Republican Guard cannot be dismantled quietly. It cannot blend into the population. Alawite men of certain age and looks will automatically be tagged as “Former Republican Guard” and will be dealt violently by the new regime. Any evacuation plan by Assad must take into account the Republican Guard; he can’t split it, he can’t dismantle it. Assad knows that the only way to ensure the loyalty of those who will provide the military security he needs for the evacuation will demand the safety of all his blood brothers.

The Syrian Gambit

Understanding this, what is needed for a safe evacuation is clear. The aerial route is unlikely to be chosen. To transport well over 10,000 people (the Republican Guard and the core of the Assad Administration) quietly and safely is almost impossible. It would be such a temptation for Israel to strike such a convoy, that it is better not to put this to test. The safest approach would be for Assad to move overland to the northeastern part of his territory, which is controlled by Kurds. From there, he may create an enclave from where to conduct the resistance, move to the Shi’a parts of Iraq, or even reach Iran. These options would be feasible. Since the beginning of 2012, two clear signs of this plan had emerged.

In recent months, Bashar al-Assad gave benefits to Kurds living in Syria; thousands of them got their citizenship after waiting for many years. In recent weeks, the Syrian government withdrew troops from the Kurdish northeast and sent them into the areas controlled by rebels. The safety of the move may have been underlined by further promises to the Kurds. This assures the safety of the path to be followed. Another critical point is the loyalty of those to follow Assad.

Those familiar with the situation in Syria probably shouted “Manaf Tlass!,” when I commented on the loyalty expected from the Republican Guard. Until he resigned in July, he was a Brigadier General of the Syrian Republican Guard and member of Bashar al-Assad’s inner circle. He is the son of the former Syrian Defense Minister Mustafa Tlass and overall a very prominent figure in the Syrian Administration. His resignation was presented as a win of the rebels. However, it was unlikely to be so. He is too linked to the Assad regime—including with the first president of the dynasty—to be safe after his resignation. What determined his fate—and of others in the Guard—is his being Sunni. As such, he couldn’t be trusted for the delicate task Assad is apparently planning and was dismissed. Everything looks nice and tight for an emergency plan, except for one thing.

Moving overland such a mass of people and the core equipment needed for the new administration is not easy. Such a convoy takes time and space. It will be seen by a million predatory eyes. It can be intercepted in a million ways before it finds a haven. Assad must make sure that the most probable organization capable of blocking his move would be neutralized for a while. The IDF will for sure attempt to destroy such a convoy.

Recently, the IDF acknowledged it cannot deal with massive destruction of industrial and civilian infrastructure (see IDF: Home Front Command not ready for war with Iran). This is particularly grave due to the highly poisonous qualities of some of Israel’s industrial areas. This gives Assad an opportunity. The Republican Guard is responsible for the operation of chemical and biological weapons; Syria and Israel are among the largest owners of these in the world. If Assad decides to relocate out of Damascus, probably he will make sure a large distraction keeps the IDF busy. In another odd distortion of the phrase, Israel and Syria would become blood brothers.

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UK Cricket: The Pietersen Affair


The Pietersen Affair

By Michael Shrimpton 

Predictably England are struggling in the Lords Test, with a weakened batting line-up.  Equally predictably there were empty seats.  Cricket lovers do not want to see England’s Second XI.

Kevin Pietersen

It is reasonable to suppose that South Africa were behind the original leak about the contentious texts to the Mail.  I can’t see KP having been behind it, nor do I suppose that the Mail hacked into his mobile phone!

For once I am in complete agreement with Piers Morgan.  Straussy, Giles Clarke and Hugh Morris at ECB and the selectors have bungled this badly.  Clarke and Morris need to resign for the sake of English cricket and Strauss should step down as captain.

A fine player he has been greatly over-rated as a skipper.  He comes across as authoritarian and unwilling to consult his senior players, except Cook, who is too close to Graham Gooch in my opinion.  He bungled the last two Tests badly.


Some of the media attacks on KP have been poisonous in the extreme.  I am sure he would be an effective skipper if re-appointed.

The idea that he should not be playing for England, mooted in yesterday’s Telegraph, is beyond outrage.  He is a British Citizen, born to a British mother.  There was an excellent response today, referring to the great Basil D’Oliveira, who scored two fine tons against Australia (I watched him on telly scoring the second, 117 from memory, on Illingworth’s 1970/71 tour).

The politics of this scandal run deep.  Congress is quite close to Peking, the Indian Premier League has semi-official backing, its funding may be linked (lawfully) to a high-yield trading programme, a la Kerry Packer,  and England’s next tour to is to India.  KP is the one England batsman they really fear, so they will welcome an understrength England team.

KP came here as a refugee from South African racial quotas – just as iniquitous as the racist selection policy which banned D’Oliveira, and KP is a far greater talent.  By refusing to play him on spurious grounds England are effectively enforcing the ANC’s policy of racial quotas.

 Sink the Bismarck

Nice to see this splendid old movie, starring Kenneth More, on the box again this week.  A valuable boost for morale.  I shall be giving the background in Spyhunter, and commenting on the tragic loss of HMS Hood.

The movie was well-made, albeit influenced by a German spy in the Admiralty, anxious to conceal the real reason for Bismarck’s breakout (she wasn’t going after convoys – only the Prinz Eugen).

As usual the producers never sought advice on the stock footage – the warships at the end, purporting to be Rodney & KGV, appear to include HMS Barham, Ark Royal and both the Nelson class, with not a KGV class in sight.  The footage was probably shot in the Med before 1941.

Malta Story, starring Jack Hawkins, another fine actor, has also  had an airing this week, again with the wrong stock footage.  Whilst paying tribute to the fine work of USS Wasp in flying off Spitfires for Malta, they showed HMS Eagle!  Her twin funnels were quite distinctive.  She was a happy ship – one of my family went down with her sadly, according to family legend.  Originally a battleship intended for the Chilean Navy her engine room instruments, famously, were in Spanish.

I am always happy to review movies & documentaries for factual errors by the way!  The number of mistakes is surprisingly high.  Most producers seem happy to include footage of an aircraft or a ship, never mind which one.

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France ready for Syrian intervention without UN


INTERNATIONAL momentum for limited military intervention in Syria gathered pace yesterday amid opposition reports that 4000 people have been killed this month, the deadliest since the uprising began.

France signalled it would be willing to participate in a limited no-fly zone and suggested for the first time that such an operation could be mounted without reference to the UN Security Council, where Russia and China wield a veto.

The United States and Turkey have already discussed the possibility although Hillary Clinton, the US Secretary of State, has said ”greater in-depth analysis” was needed.

Mr Le Drian ruled out a no-fly zone over the whole of the country, saying such a step would be tantamount to war.

Instead, a coalition of Western states, Turkey and Arab powers could close Syrian airspace between Aleppo and the Turkish border, he told France 24 television.

With international observers withdrawing last week after the collapse of a UN-backed peace initiative, Western powers are coming under mounting pressure to take action amid scenes of unprecedented bloodletting in Syria’s biggest cities.

More than 200 civilians and combatants are being killed every day, according to opposition groups, with the death toll in Aleppo rising sharply after the regime ordered air strikes on the city for the first time this month.

In scenes reminiscent of Iraq at its most violent, grisly footage filmed last week in the Damascus district of Qaboun showed dozens of bloodied corpses with their throats slit.

And there were reports on Friday that a Syrian government fighter jet bombed an apartment building in eastern Syria, killing at least 21 people as rebels took control of a major checkpoint.

The air raid on Mayadin, a city in Deir el-Zour province near the Iraqi border, occurred as rebels gained control of a key checkpoint on a bridge over the Euphrates River.

The British-based Syrian Observatory for Human Rights says 21 people, including a child, were killed in the air strike.

The soaring death toll has sharply escalated the civilian exodus from Syria, with more than 30,000 people fleeing the country in the past week alone. The UN said more than 200,000 refugees have now crossed into neighbouring states since the uprising began, exceeding its projection of 185,000 by the end of the year.

In neighbouring Lebanon, fresh clashes broke out on Friday in the northern city of Tripoli between supporters and opponents of the Syrian regime, killing two people and wounding 17 others, Lebanese security officials said.

Gunmen from the Alawite neighbourhood of Jabal Mohsen fought armed elements from the neighbouring district of Bab Tabbaneh, populated by Sunnis. The Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, comes from his country’s Alawite minority, while rebels are mostly Sunnis. Among those wounded by sniper fire was a technician working with journalists.

Meanwhile, the wife of a journalist for a US-funded television network who was reported missing in Syria said on Friday he is believed to be in the custody of pro-government forces. Alhurra TV correspondent Bashar Fahmi, a Jordanian citizen of Palestinian origin, and his Turkish cameraman, Cuneyt Unal, are said to have been captured in Aleppo after entering Syria on Monday.

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Syrian Christians in 2-week blockade by rebel fighters, residents desperate

REUTERS / Khaled Al Hariri

REUTERS / Khaled Al Hariri

TAGS: ConflictCrimeReligionHuman rights,OppositionWarSyria


An estimated 12,000 people have spent two weeks blockaded in the Christian town of Rableh, Syria, near Homs in the south. Experiencing a shortage of food and medical supplies, residents could not leave as rebel snipers were shooting at them.

The town, close to the border with Lebanon, was liberated by Syrian government forces on Friday, according to Beirut-based Al-Mayadeen satellite channel. These reports are yet to be verified. Sixty militants were reportedly eliminated.

For about two weeks Syrian rebels maintained blockade of the mostly-Christian town, refusing entry to food and medical supplies, according to the Aid to the Church in Need Catholic charity, which tried to deliver supplies to the city.

We have organized ourselves so we can stand by each other and we are sharing everything so we can survive. We need all the help we can get. Please help us,” a local priest told the Caritas, a Lebanon-based Catholic humanitarian organization, during a phone call from Rableh.

After a two-week blockade the basic necessities were reportedly running out in the town because the bridges around the settlement had been blown up and roads were made impassable.

Snipers were waiting for those who thought about leaving the town in search for food. Those who dared to leave in search for food were shot at. Three men who made attempts to leave the disaster zone were shot dead, informed the charity’s representative Father Waldemar Cislo from Beirut.

There were motorcyclists who made an attempt to carry bread into the village, but they were also shot at, though managing to escape the firing line unhurt.

Electric power supply has also been disrupted in the area as the conflict between the Bashar Assad government’s forces and the rebel militants intensified.

Those Syrians who finally made it to the other side of the border described the situation back home as critical.

Some people are starting to feel the hunger, children’s milk is running out, [there are] no canned goods, even children’s diapers no longer exist,” they said.

Both Syrian and Lebanon Catholic authorities have also been calling for urgent help to the people in Rableh.

Aid to the Church in Need, previously active in Damascus, Aleppo and Homs (Syria), and Caritas (Lebanon) had formed a small – about 800 kilograms – emergency aid delivery consisting mostly of food, medicine and milk powder, hoping to get it to the town if militants agreed to let it pass, but troops made it to the scene first.

Electric power supply to Rableh has already been restored, reports Al-Mayadeen satellite channel.

According to the UN estimates the total number of Syrian refugees has already exceeded 200,000 as the fighting continues between the government and rebel forces.

The government of President Bashar al-Assad said the country’s capital has been freed from the militants and the mop-up operation in the financial hub of Aleppo is getting close to the end.

Syria’s neighbors report of a refugee exodus from the country.

Turkey has claimed 3,500 refugees crossed the Turkish-Syrian border in the last 24 hours alone. According to Turkey’s Disaster and Emergency Management Directorate official, Ankara has received 78,000 Syrian refugees on its territory.

Another Syrian neighbor, Jordan, reports a record 2,200 people coming from Syria overnight to find refuge in the Zaatari camp in the north of the country, informed the spokesman for the UN High Commissioner for Refugees in Geneva, Adrian Edwards.

As of now, there are no independent sources of information to deny or confirm the Syrian refugee statistics.

Still, many Syrian civilians deny the very idea of fleeing abroad.

If you go as a refugee you won’t get any respect,” a 20-year-old student in Bustan al-Qasr settlement, not far from the frontline, told Reuters. “For most people here, self-respect is the most important thing,” he explained.

The UN estimates the death toll of the 17-month conflict in Syria exceeds 18,000 victims from both sides.

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Israel breaks silence over army abuses


Ex-soldiers admit to appalling violence against Palestinian children/Military whistleblower tells of ‘indiscriminate’ Israeli attacks

Hafez Rajabi was marked for life by his encounter with the men of the Israeli army’s Kfir Brigade five years ago this week. Sitting beneath the photograph of his late father, the slightly built 21-year-old in jeans and trainers points to the scar above his right eye where he was hit with the magazine of a soldier’s assault rifle after the patrol came for him at his grandmother’s house before 6am on 28 August 2007.

He lifts his black Boss T-shirt to show another scar running some three inches down his back from the left shoulder when he says he was violently pushed – twice – against a sharp point of the cast-iron balustrade beside the steps leading up to the front door. And all that before he says he was dragged 300m to another house by a unit commander who threatened to kill him if he did not confess to throwing stones at troops, had started to beat him again, and at one point held a gun to his head. “He was so angry,” says Hafez. “I was certain that he was going to kill me.”

This is just one young man’s story, of course. Except that – remarkably – it is corroborated by one of the soldiers who came looking for him that morning. One of 50 testimonies on the military’s treatment of children – published today by the veterans’ organisation Breaking the Silence – describes the same episode, if anything more luridly than Hafez does. “We had a commander, never mind his name, who was a bit on the edge,” the soldier, a first sergeant, testifies. “He beat the boy to a pulp, really knocked him around. He said: ‘Just wait, now we’re taking you.’ Showed him all kinds of potholes on the way, asked him: ‘Want to die? Want to die right here?’ and the kid goes: ‘No, no…’ He was taken into a building under construction. The commander took a stick, broke it on him, boom boom. That commander had no mercy. Anyway the kid could no longer stand on his feet and was already crying. He couldn’t take it any more. He cried. The commander shouted: ‘Stand up!’ Tried to make him stand, but from so much beating he just couldn’t. The commander goes: ‘Don’t put on a show,’ and kicks him some more.”

Two months ago, a report from a team of British lawyers, headed by Sir Stephen Sedley and funded by the UK Foreign Office, accused Israel of serial breaches of international law in its military’s handling of children in custody. The report focused on the interrogation and formal detention of children brought before military courts – mainly for allegedly throwing stones.

For the past eight years, Breaking the Silence has been taking testimonies from former soldiers who witnessed or participated in human rights abuses in the occupied territories. Most of these accounts deal with “rough justice” administered to minors by soldiers on the ground, often without specific authorisation and without recourse to the military courts. Reading them, however, it’s hard not to recall the Sedley report’s shocked reference to the “belief, which was advanced to us by a military prosecutor, that every Palestinian child is a ‘potential terrorist’”.

The soldier puts it differently: “We were sort of indifferent. It becomes a kind of habit. Patrols with beatings happened on a daily basis. We were really going at it. It was enough for you to give us a look that we didn’t like, straight in the eye, and you’d be hit on the spot. We got to such a state and were so sick of being there.”

Some time ago, after he had testified to Breaking the Silence, we had interviewed this soldier. As he sat nervously one morning in a quiet Israeli beauty spot, an incongruous location he had chosen to ensure no one knew he was talking, he went through his recollections about the incident – and several others – once again. His account does not match the Palestinian’s in every detail. (Hafez remembers a gun being pressed to his temple, for example, while the soldier recalls that the commander “actually stuck the gun barrel in the kid’s mouth. Literally”.)

But in every salient respect, the two accounts match. Both agree that Hafez, on the run after hearing that he was wanted, had slipped into his grandmother’s house before dawn. Hafez showed us the room in his grandmother’s house, the last on the left in the corridor leading to her room, where he had been hiding when the soldiers arrived. Sure enough, the soldier says: “We entered, began to trash the place. We found the boy behind the last door on the left. He was totally scared.”

Both Hafez – who has never read or heard the soldier’s account – and the soldier recall the commander forcing him at one point during his ordeal to throw a stone at them, and that the boy did so as feebly as possible. Then, in the soldier’s words “the commander said: ‘Of course you throw stones at a soldier.’ Boom, banged him up even more”.

Perhaps luckily for Hafez, the second, still uncompleted, house is within sight of that of his aunt, Fathia Rajabi, 57, who told us how she had gone there after seeing the soldiers dragging a young man behind a wall, unaware that he was her nephew. “I was crying, ‘God forbids to beat him.’ He recognised my voice and yelled: ‘My aunt, my aunt.’ I tried to enter but the two soldiers pointed their guns at me and yelled rouh min houn, Arabic for ‘go away’. I began slapping my face and shouting at passers-by to come and help. Ten minutes later the soldiers left. I and my mother, my brother and neighbours went to the room. He was bleeding from his nose and head, and his back.”

The soldier, who like his comrades mistook Ms Rajabi for the boy’s mother, recalls: “The commander said to [her]: ‘Keep away!’ Came close, cocked his gun. She got scared. [He shouted:] ‘Anyone gets close, I kill him. Don’t annoy me. I’ll kill him. I have no mercy.’ He was really on the edge. Obviously [the boy] had been beaten up. Anyway, he told them: ‘Get the hell out of here!’ and all hell broke loose. His nose was bleeding. He had really been beaten to a pulp.”

Finally, Hafez’s brother Mousa, 23, a stone cutter who joined his aunt at the second house, recalls a second army jeep arriving and one soldier taking Hafez’s pulse, giving Mousa a bottle of water which he then poured over Hafez’s face and speaking to the commander in Hebrew.

“I understood he was protesting,” says Mousa. This was almost certainly the ‘sensitive’ medic whom the soldier describes as having “caught the commander and said: ‘Don’t touch him any more. That’s it.’” The commander goes: ‘What’s with you, gone leftie?’ And he said: ‘No, I don’t want to see such things being done. All you’re doing to this family is making them produce another suicide bomber. If I were a father and saw you doing this to my kid, I’d seek revenge that very moment.’”

In fact Hafez, did not turn into a “suicide bomber”. He has never even been in prison. Instead, the outcome has been more prosaic. He no longer has nightmares about his experience as he did in the first two months. But as a former mechanic he is currently unemployed partly because there are few jobs outside construction sites and the Hebron quarries, where he says his injuries still prevent him from carrying heavy loads, and partly because he often does “not feel I want to work again”. And he has not – so far – received any compensation, including the more than £1,100 he and Mousa had to spend on his medical treatment in the two years after he was taken.

The report by Sir Stephen Sedley’s team remarks that “as the United Kingdom has itself learned by recent experience in Iraq, the risk of abuse is inherent in any system of justice which depends on military force”. Moreover, Britain, unlike Israel, has no organisation like Breaking the Silence that can document, from the inside, the abuse of victims like Hafez Rajabi who never even make it to court.

But as the Sedley report also says, after drawing attention to the argument that every Palestinian is a “potential terrorist”: “Such a stance seems to us to be the starting point of a spiral of injustice, and one which only Israel, as the occupying power in the West Bank, can reverse.”

Breaking the silence: soldiers’ testimonies

First Sergeant, Kfir Brigade

Salfit 2009

“We took over a school and had to arrest anyone in the village who was between the ages of 17 and 50. When these detainees asked to go to the bathroom, and the soldiers took them there, they beat them to a pulp and cursed them for no reason, and there was nothing that would legitimise hitting them. An Arab was taken to the bathroom to piss, and a soldier slapped him, took him down to the ground while he was shackled and blindfolded. The guy wasn’t rude and did nothing to provoke any hatred or nerves. Just like that, because he is an Arab. He was about 15, hadn’t done a thing.

“In general people at the school were sitting for hours in the sun. They could get water once in a while, but let’s say someone asked for water five times, a soldier could come to him and slap him just like that. I saw many soldiers using their knees to hit them, just out of boredom. Because you’re standing around for 10 hours doing nothing, you’re bored, so you hit them. I know that at the bathroom, there was this ‘demons’ dance’ as it was called. Anyone who brought a Palestinian there – it was catastrophic. Not bleeding beatings – they stayed dry – but still beatings.”

First Sergeant, Combat Engineering Corps

Ramallah 2006-07

“There was this incident where a ‘straw widow’ was put up following a riot at Qalandiya on a Friday, in an abandoned house near the square. Soldiers got out with army clubs and beat people to a pulp. Finally the children who remained on the ground were arrested. The order was to run, make people fall to the ground. There was a 10- to 12-man team, four soldiers lighting up the area. People were made to fall to the ground, and then the soldiers with the clubs would go over to them and beat them. A slow runner was beaten – that was the rule.

“We were told not to use it on people’s heads. I don’t remember where we were told to hit, but as soon as a person on the ground is beaten with such a club, it’s difficult to be particular.”

First Sergeant, Kfir Brigade

Hebron 2006-07

“We’d often provoke riots there. We’d be on patrol, walking in the village, bored, so we’d trash shops, find a detonator, beat someone to a pulp, you know how it is. Search, mess it all up. Say we’d want a riot? We’d go up to the windows of a mosque, smash the panes, throw in a stun grenade, make a big boom, then we’d get a riot.

“Every time we’d catch Arab kids.You catch him, push the gun against his body. He can’t make a move – he’s totally petrified. He only goes: ‘No, no, army.’ You can tell he’s petrified. He sees you’re mad, that you couldn’t care less about him and you’re hitting him really hard the whole time. And all those stones flying around. You grab him like this, you see? We were mean, really. Only later did I begin to think about these things, that we’d lost all sense of mercy.”

Rank and unit unidentified in report

Hebron 2007-08

“One night, things were hopping in Idna village [a small town of 20,000 people, about 13km west of Hebron], so we were told there’s this wild riot, and we should get there fast. Suddenly we were showered with stones and didn’t know what was going on. Everyone stopped suddenly; the sergeant sees the company commander get out of the vehicle and joins him. We jump out without knowing what was going on – I was last. Suddenly I see a shackled and blindfolded boy. The stoning stopped as soon as the company commander gets out of the car. He fired rubber ammo at the stone-throwers and hit this boy.

“At some point they talked about hitting his face with their knees. At that point I argued with them and said: ‘I swear to you, if a drop of his blood or a hair falls off his head, you won’t sleep for three nights. I’ll make you miserable.’

“They laughed at me for being a leftie. ‘If we don’t show them what’s what, they go back to doing this.’ I argued with them that the guy was shackled and couldn’t do anything. That he was being taken to the Shabak [security service] and we’d finished our job.”

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The Plan


Carolyn Hamlett.jpg

I have known “The Plan” since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be….It has been a very slow process to get people to the point where common sense is not so common.

Carolyn Hamlett is a former “multi-generational server” in the Illuminati. She provides further evidence that humanity is the victim of a long-term satanic conspiracy that is entering its final stage.

By Carolyn Hamlett

“The Plan” is twofold. The physical component of “The Plan” is the plan for the NWO, which is being carried out by the globalists.

Its purpose is to lead the masses to the point where they will gladly embrace the spiritual “Christ”, aka New Age Christ, which is Lucifer’s representative. So if one thinks that the plan for the NWO is an evil and deceptive plan, they literally don’t even know the half of it.

Though I don’t remember hearing the term “Project Blue Beam” while I was in the organization, everything that was explained to me back in 1957 concerning the importance of Sputnik, accurately describes Project Blue Beam.

The next biggest event after Sputnik was September 11,1990; after that it was September 11, 2001…

I have known “The Plan” since I was a small child and have seen it carried out just as I was told it would be. When I was a small child, I was told that just before the end of the 20th Century, one of our members of the organization would be chosen, a man, who would emerge on the world political scene to introduce some of our esoteric terms to the masses under the guise of peace and security. This was also to be a signal for those serving the organization that “The Plan” was in it’s final stages and was stepping out from the underground, to become exoteric.

Our esoteric terms were to be presented in such a manner that “the masses” would readily adopt them into daily usage, becoming desensitized to their meanings and esoteric roots.

Thus, “The Plan” could step out from the shadows to work openly before the very eyes of the sleeping masses.

It was George Bush Sr. who was the chosen “light bearer”, who on September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM gave his famous “Toward a New World Order speech”. He continued to introduce more of our esoteric terms in several more speeches. “Global” was one of these words. It soon replaced the word, “world”. He spoke of a “new world order”. He mentioned “a thousand points of light”. Other terms that soon became mainstream are “masses”, “implement” (as “implement” A New World Order, “implement” The Plan) and “usher in”.

11 years later to the day, on September 11, 2001, the organization pulls off the “attack on America”, which created many opportunities for the organization in their push for the final steps of the completion of their plan for that NWO.

NOTE THE DATES AND TIMES and see the progression. Also, keep in mind how many times the numbers 1, 9 and 11 are used and how often September 11th is used. The numbers 9 and 11 are favorite numbers in the organization, and September 11th is a favorite date for the organization.

Here is an interesting bit of trivia to get you started off with:

Proclamation 5696 — 9 – 1 – 1 Emergency Number Day, 1987

“Now, Therefore, I, Ronald Reagan, President of the United States of America, do hereby proclaim September 11, 1987, as 9 – 1 – 1 Emergency Number Day. I call upon the people of the United States to observe this day with appropriate ceremonies and activities.”

I can tell you that it is a fact that the members of the organization certainly do “observe this day”, September 11th, with their own “appropriate ceremonies and activities.”


On September 11, 1990 at 9:09 PM, President George Herbert Walker Bush gave his “Toward a New World Order speech”. Speaking before the joint session of Congress in regards to the Persian Gulf War, he stated that the war presented an opportunity for a “New World Order” to emerge.

On 1/16/1991 Bush launches his war in the middle east, a war that “presented an opportunity for a “New World Order” to emerge”. (That date is significant in several ways in occult numerology. Again, notice use of the numbers 1 and 9.)

On September 11, 2001, the organization pulls off the “attack on America”.
I did know of the organization’s plan to pull off a catastrophic event on the east coast that would cost the lives of many people, and I knew the reasons why the organization was going to do this. …


Some ceremonies were to generate power. Some served as a means to encourage people working in the organization or to bind them to the organization, which would help facilitate the working of it toward the goal of a world government.

Mostly what my years of observation have shown me is that although they have a plan and have had it mapped out for many years, they have had to work very hard to get it done.

There is no magic formula when it comes to working deception upon the hearts and wills of men. It has been a very slow process to get people to the point where common sense is not so common.

The organization can move only as fast as they can push and prod the masses without the masses knowing they are being purposely manipulated by an exterior source toward a planned objective.

The organization has to work on preparing the stage before they try to market each idea so that the masses are more likely to “buy it”. One example is the Clinton health plan. I knew the masses were not ready to “buy it” and that it would be presented again under a different administration.

So, in my observation, I don’t see that any supernatural ceremony has any power over the masses. Of course, there is power and influence in numbers and the more that are here practicing evil, the greater the presence of evil will be.

Without going into detail here, I will just say that Lucifer has increased his presence here on the earth for this very last stage of his plan. If you see and feel greater evil now than ever before, you are not imaging it. This step up of his forces is as you worded, “for the purpose of facilitating the anti-Messiah’s rise to power and the establishment of world-government.”

(This is an excerpt from a long interview which appears here. ) 

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