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America’s Secret Deal with Mexican Drug Cartels


By Tom Burghardt

Global Research

In a story which should have made front page headlines, Narco News investigative journalist Bill Conroy revealed that “A high-ranking Sinaloa narco-trafficking organization member’s claim that US officials have struck a deal with the leadership of the Mexican ‘cartel’ appears to be corroborated in large part by the statements of a Mexican diplomat in email correspondence made public recently by the nonprofit media group WikiLeaks.”

A series of some five million emails, The Global Intelligence Files, were obtained by the secret-spilling organization as a result of last year’s hack by Anonymous of the Texas-based “global intelligence” firmStratfor.

Bad tradecraft aside, the Stratfor dump offer readers insight into a shadowy world where information is sold to the highest bidder through a “a global network of informants who are paid via Swiss banks accounts and pre-paid credit cards. Stratfor has a mix of covert and overt informants, which includes government employees, embassy staff and journalists around the world.”

One of those informants was a Mexican intelligence officer with the Centro de Investigación y Seguridad Nacional, or CISEN, Mexico’s equivalent to the CIA. Dubbed “MX1″ by Stratfor, he operates under diplomatic cover at the Mexican consulate in Phoenix, Arizona after a similar posting at the consulate in El Paso, Texas.

His cover was blown by the intelligence grifters when they identified him in their correspondence as Fernando de la Mora, described by Stratfor as “being molded to be the Mexican ‘tip of the spear’ in the U.S.”

In an earlier Narco News story, Conroy revealed that “US soldiers are operating inside Mexico as part of the drug war and the Mexican government provided critical intelligence to US agents in the now-discredited Fast and Furious gun-running operation,” the Mexican diplomat claimed in email correspondence.

Those emails disclosed “details of a secret meeting between US and Mexican officials held in 2010 at Fort Bliss, a US Army installation located near El Paso, Texas. The meeting was part of an effort to create better communications between US undercover operatives in Mexico and the Mexican federal police, the Mexican diplomat reveals.”

“However,” Conroy wrote, “the diplomat expresses concern that the Fort Bliss meeting was infiltrated by the ‘cartels,’ whom he contends have ‘penetrated both US and Mexican law enforcement’.”

Such misgivings are thoroughly justified given the fact, as Antifascist Calling reported last spring, that the Mexican government had arrested three high-ranking Army generals over their links to narcotrafficking organizations.

In Conroy’s latest piece the journalist disclosed that the “Mexican diplomat’s assessment of the US and Mexican strategy in the war on drugs, as revealed by the email trail, paints a picture of a ‘simulated war’ in which the Mexican and US governments are willing to show favor to a dominant narco-trafficking organization in order to minimize the violence and business disruption in the major drug plazas, or markets.”

A “simulated war”? Where have we heard that before? Like the bogus “War on Terror” which arms and unleashes throat-slitting terrorists from the CIA’s favorite all-purpose zombie army of “Islamist extremists,” Al Qaeda, similarly, America’s fraudulent “War on Drugs” has been a splendid means of managing the global drug trade in the interest of securing geopolitical advantage over their rivals.

That major financial powerhouses in Europe and the U.S. (can you say Bank of America, Barclays, Citigroup, Credit Suisse, HSBC, ING and Wachovia) have been accused of reaping the lions’ share of profits derived from the grim trade, now a veritable Narco-Industrial Complex, the public continues to be regaled with tales that this ersatz war is being “won.”

While the Mexican body count continues to rise (nearly 120,000 dead since 2006 according to the latest estimates published by the Instituto Nacional de Estadística y Geografía, or INEGI, as reported by the Paris daily Le Monde in a recent editorial) the United States is escalating its not-so-covert military involvement in Mexico and putting proverbial boots on the ground as part of the $1.6 billion U.S.-financed Mérida Initiative.

But have such “initiatives” (in actuality, taxpayer-funded boondoggles for giant military contractors), turned the corner in the drug war? Not if estimates published the United Nations are accurate.

According to the 2011 World Drug Report, published by the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC): “US authorities have estimated for the last couple of years that some 90% of the cocaine consumed in North America comes from Colombia, supplemented by some cocaine from Peru and limited amounts from the Plurinational State of Bolivia. For the year 2009, results of the US Cocaine Signature Program, based on an analysis of approximately 3,000 cocaine HCl samples, revealed that 95.5% originated in Colombia (down from 99% in 2002) and 1.7% in Peru; for the rest (2.8%), the origin could not be determined. The trafficking of cocaine into the United States is nowadays largely controlled by various Mexican drug cartels, while until the mid-1990s, large Colombian cartels dominated these operations.”

Despite more than $8 billion lavished on programs such as Plan Colombia, and despite evidence that leading Colombian politicians, including former President Álvaro Uribe and his entourage had documented links to major drug trafficking organizations that go back decades, the myth persists that pouring money into the drug war sinkhole will somehow turn the tide.

But drug seizures by U.S. agencies only partially tell the tale.

As UNODC Executive Director Yury Fedotov pointed out in the introduction to the agency’s 2011 report,Estimating Illicit Financial Flows Resulting from Drug Trafficking and Other Transnational Crimes, “all criminal proceeds are likely to have amounted to some 3.6 per cent of GDP (2.3-5.5 per cent) or around US$2.1 trillion in 2009.”

UNODC analysts disclosed that illicit money flows related to “transnational organized crime, represent the equivalent of some 1.5 percent of global GDP, 70 percent of which would have been available for laundering through the financial system. The largest income for transnational organized crime seems to come from illicit drugs, accounting for a fifth of all crime proceeds.”

“If only flows related to drug trafficking and other transnational organized crime activities were considered,” UNODC asserted, “related proceeds would have been equivalent to around US$650 billion per year in the first decade of the new millennium, equivalent to 1.5% of global GDP or US$870 billion in 2009 assuming that the proportions remained unchanged. The funds available for laundering through the financial system would have been equivalent to some 1% of global GDP or US$580 billion in 2009.”

“The results,” according to UNODC, “also suggest that the ‘interception rate’ for anti-money-laundering efforts at the global level remains low. Globally, it appears that much less than 1% (probably around 0.2%) of the proceeds of crime laundered via the financial system are seized and frozen.”

Commenting on the nexus between global drug mafias and our capitalist overlords, former UNODC director Antonio Maria Costa told The Observer in 2009, “that the proceeds of organised crime were ‘the only liquid investment capital’ available to some banks on the brink of collapse last year. He said that a majority of the $352bn (£216bn) of drugs profits was absorbed into the economic system as a result.”

Would there be an incentive then, for U.S. officials to dismantle a global business that benefits their real constituents, the blood-sucking gangsters at the apex of the capitalist financial pyramid? Hardly.

Nor would there be any incentive for American drug warriors to target organizations that inflate the balance sheets of the big banks. Wouldn’t they be more likely then, given the enormous flows of illicit cash flooding the system, to negotiate an “arrangement” with the biggest players, particularly the Sinaloa Cartel run by fugitive billionaire Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán?

In fact, as Narco News disclosed last December, a “quid-pro-quo arrangement is precisely what indicted narco-trafficker Jesus Vicente Zambada Niebla, who is slated to stand trial in Chicago this fall, alleges was agreed to by the US government and the leaders of the Sinaloa ‘Cartel’–the dominant narco-trafficking organization in Mexico. The US government, however, denies that any such arrangement exists.”

Narco News reported that according to “Zambada Niebla, he and the rest of the Sinaloa leadership, through the US informant Loya Castro, negotiated an immunity deal with the US government in which they were guaranteed protection from prosecution in exchange for providing US law enforcers and intelligence agencies with information that could be used to compromise rival Mexican cartels and their operations.”

In court pleadings, Zambada Niebla’s attorneys argued that “the United States government considered the arrangements with the Sinaloa Cartel an acceptable price to pay, because the principal objective was the destruction and dismantling of rival cartels by using the assistance of the Sinaloa Cartel–without regard for the fact that tons of illicit drugs continued to be smuggled into Chicago and other parts of the United States and consumption continued virtually unabated.”

Those assertions seem to be borne out by emails released by WikiLeaks. Conroy disclosed: “In a Stratforemail dated April 19, 2010, MX1 lays out the Mexican government’s negotiating, or ‘signaling,’ strategy with respect to the major narco-trafficking organizations as follows:

The Mexican strategy is not to negotiate directly.

In any event, “negotiations” would take place as follows:

Assuming a non-disputed plaza [a major drug market, such as Ciudad Juarez]:

• [If] they [a big narco-trafficking group] bring [in] some drugs, transport some drugs, [and] they are discrete, they don’t bother anyone, [then] no one gets hurt;

• [And the] government turns the other way.


• [If] they [the narco-traffickers] kill someone or do something violent, [then the] government responds by taking down [the] drug network or making arrests.

(Now, assuming a disputed plaza:)

• [A narco-trafficking] group comes [into a plaza], [then the] government waits to see how dominant cartel responds.

• If [the] dominant cartel fights them [the new narco-trafficking group], [then the] government takes them down.

• If [the] dominant cartel is allied [with the new group], no problem.

• If [a new] group comes in and start[s] committing violence, they get taken down: first by the government letting the dominant cartel do their thing, then [by] punishing both cartels.

“MX1,” Narco News revealed, “then goes on to describe what he interprets as the US strategy in negotiating with the major narco-trafficking players in Ciudad Juarez–a major Mexican narco-trafficking ‘plaza’ located across the border from El Paso, Texas:”

… This is how “negotiations” take place with cartels, through signals. There are no meetings, etc. …

So, the MX [Mexican] strategy is not to negotiate. However, I think the US [recently] sent a signal that could be construed as follows:

“To the VCF [the Vicente Carrillo Fuentes] and Sinaloa cartels: Thank you for providing our market with drugs over the years. We are now concerned about your perpetration of violence, and would like to see you stop that. In this regard, please know that Sinaloa is bigger and better than [the] VCF. Also note that CDJ [Juarez] is very important to us, as is the whole border. In this light, please talk amongst yourselves and lets all get back to business. Again, we recognize that Sinaloa is bigger and better, so either VCF gets in line or we will mess you up.”

I don’t know what the US strategy is, but I can tell you that if the message was understood by Sinaloa and VCF as I described above, the Mexican government would not be opposed at all.

In sum, I have a gut feeling that the US agencies tried to send a signal telling the cartels to negotiate themselves. They unilaterally declared a winner [the Sinaloa Cartel], and this is unprecedented, and deserves analysis. If there was no strategy behind this, and it was simply a leaked report, then I will be interested to see how it plays out in the coming months.

Keep in mind that this “analysis” is from a senior CISEN officer describing U.S. “strategy” for managing, not putting a stop to the flood of narcotics crossing the border.

“In a separate Stratfor email dated April 15, 2010,” Conroy wrote, “MX1′s views on the US strategy with respect to the drug organizations in Juarez, essentially favoring the Sinaloa ‘Cartel,’ is referenced yet again:”

We believe that when the US made an announcement that was corroborated by several federal spokespersons simultaneously (that Sinaloa controlled CDJ [Juarez]), it was a message that the DEA wanted to send to Sinaloa. The message was that the US recognized Sinaloa’s dominance in the area [Juarez], although it was not absolute. It was meant to be read by the cartels as a sort of ultimatum: negotiate and put your house in order once and for all.

One dissenting analyst thinks that the message is the opposite, telling Sinaloa to take what it had and to leave what remains of VCF. Regardless, the reports are saying that the US message to the cartels was to negotiate and stop the violence. It says that the US has never before pronounced that a cartel controls a particular plaza, so it is an unusual event.

“Unusual” perhaps, but not surprising given the secret state’s documented history of close collaboration with major drug trafficking networks that serve as unofficial, though highly-effective instruments, for advancing U.S. imperial strategies.

In a recent piece published by Global Research, analyst Peter Dale Scott observed that America’s two “self-generating wars” on “terror” and “drugs” have “in effect become one.”

“By launching a War on Drugs in Colombia and Mexico,” Scott wrote, “America has contributed to a parastate of organized terror in Colombia (the so-called AUC, United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia) and an even bloodier reign of terror in Mexico (with 50,000 killed in the last six years).”

And by “launching a War on Terror in Afghanistan in 2001, America has contributed to a doubling of opium production there, making Afghanistan now the source of 90 percent of the world’s heroin and most of the world’s hashish.”

“Americans should be aware of the overall pattern that drug production repeatedly rises where America intervenes militarily–Southeast Asia in the 1950s and 60s, Colombia and Afghanistan since then,” Scott noted. “(Opium cultivation also increased in Iraq after the 2003 US invasion.) And the opposite is also true: where America ceases to intervene militarily, notably in Southeast Asia since the 1970s, drug production declines.”

“Both of America’s self-generating wars are lucrative to the private interests that lobby for their continuance,” Scott averred. “At the same time, both of these self-generating wars contribute to increasing insecurity and destabilization in America and in the world.”

In this light, Narco News revelations make perfect sense. As the global financial crisis deepens, brought on in no small part by the massive frauds perpetrated by leading capitalist institutions, they have inflated their balance sheets with a veritable tsunami of hot cash generated by the Narco-Industrial Complex.

In turn, the American secret state, working to recapitalize financial markets beset by a seemingly insolvable liquidity crisis resulting from massive bank frauds, turn a blind eye as these same institutions become major centers of organized crime, monopoly enterprises which could not survive without the trillions of dollars of illicit funds parked in offshore accounts.

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Tooth Fairies And Suicide Bombers


“Hi, my name is Abdula.  I’ll be your suicide bomber this evening …”

by Carol A. Valentine
Curator, Waco Holocaust Electronic Museum 
Copyright, May, 2002
May be reproduced for non-commercial purposes.

May 9, 2002 — People, let’s use our noggins.  The suicide bombers are not what they seem to be.For many months now, I have been reading stories in the Washington Post and the Washington Times about alleged “suicide bombers”.  Within a short time after the attack, not only is the suicide bomber identified by name, but we have nice colored photos, almost portrait quality shots, of the dead culprits.

For example, on April 27, 2002, the Washington Post ran an article in the Style section, “Female Suicide Bombers: the New Factor in Mideast’s Deadly Equation.” Shown at the top of the article are four color photos of the faces of four Palestinian (?) women, face to the camera, posed for the photographer.

How thoughtful of the suicide bombers to have those photos taken.  How thoughtful of the suicide bombers to leave the photos behind to be conveniently found by the Zionist-owned press.  And what a public service the Zionist-owned press is doing the whole world by publishing these photos.


Typically, stories about suicide bombers tell us that the bomber went to a public place such as a bus stop, market,  restaurant, pool hall, etc., and blew himself/herself up along with one, two, or many Israelis.

Funny, they rarely hit military targets.  I wonder why?

The general story line is that the bomber had explosives attached to his/her person. The story goes on to describe the carnage in grisly detail — dismembered bodies, etc.  But, remarkably, the suicide bomber himself/herself is not blown to smithereens.  The bomber’s body is left in sufficiently good shape to be identified immediately, and of course the Israeli authorities do just that.

But even more remarkable: The Israelis come up with these nice portraits of the culprits.  And what is  most remarkable of all?  Everything is coordinated, bombers ID’d, photos gathered, stories written — and published all over the world by the Zionist press — within a few hours or days after the event.


Why would a Palestinian bent on vengeance commit suicide?  Far better to go to the bus stop, market, restaurant, pool hall, etc., with a shopping bag or backpack full of explosives, casually discard the package in some inconspicuous place, and leave.  BOOM!  Lots of Israelis die, and the bomber walks away to bomb another location next week.  But no, we are asked to believe that the suicide bombers blow THEMSELVES up, too.

“Why would the bombers do that?” we ask.  “Because they are fanatics, that’s why,” is the response.

Well, if you are a Palestinian fanatic you would surely would want to kill as many Israelis as possible.  You would want to extend your life as long as possible to do that job.  Committing suicide unnecessarily would be a very dumb thing to do.


In all the years of IRA activity in Northern Ireland and Britain, the IRA never used suicide bombers, did they?  Wonder why the “Palestinians” have to?


There’s another variation to these inane suicide bomber stories.

“The suicide bombers are not just fanatics, they are MUSLIM fanatics.  Allah will reward them for their deeds.  They want to go to heaven to be rewarded.”

Yet I have NEVER seen one cite from the Qur’an that justifies suicide, under any conditions.  Quite the reverse.  I have seen cites from the Qur’an which clearly prohibit suicide.

Now doubtless there are passages in the Qur’an saying eternal bliss will be endowed upon those brave souls who lose their lives while fighting God’s war.  Big deal.  We have chaplains in the US military who, give or take, give our soldiers the same kind of message.  That’s their job.

If the Israelis want us to believe that the suicide bombers are fanatic Muslims, they need to come up with Qur’anic scriptures to prove their point.  They don’t.  They can’t.  The Israelis are lying.  What else is new?


The Palestinian suicide bombers have been compared to the Japanese Kamikazee pilots who purposely flew their bomb-laden planes into American war ships at sea during world War II.

The Japanese knew they were in danger of losing the war, and they wanted to reverse the trend.  So they arrived at a strategy which would inflict maximum American damage for minimum Japanese damage.  The Kamikazee strategy was very successful.  For each Japanese killed, 10 Americans were killed and many ships were sunk or badly damaged.  Unfortunately for the Japanese, the Kamikazee strategy was not successful enough. The US had the A-bomb.

The Kamikazee pilots’ purpose was not to commit suicide.  Their deaths were the necessary by product of a heroic attempt to defeat a military enemy, an enemy who threatened the life of the Emperor, their God.  Of course the Kamikazee pilots thought they’d go to Heaven, too, but that seems to be a common denominator for all who fight in the Good War.


And what of the Hamas, claiming responsibility for these suicide bombings? The reports that the Hamas takes responsibility comes from the Israelis, and we know they never lie.

There is almost no chance the Hamas is a real Palestinian operation.  It almost certainly is an undercover Israeli mockingbird operation.

Note of Semptember 28, 2004: For an example of false Islmaic terrorist operations, consider a recent case in France. A Jewish community center was set ablaze, and “the attackers daubed swastikas in red ink on two refrigerators and badly spelled anti-Semitic slogans such as, ‘Without Jews we would be happy,’ and ‘The world would be pure if there no more Jews,’ according to police and a rabbi at the synagogue.” (According to AFP)

True to form, an Islamic terrorist group claimed credit for the fire. “The statement posted on the Internet in the name of the Jamaat Ansaw Al-Jihad al Islamiya (Group of the Holy Islamic War Supporters) said the attack was ‘in response to racist acts by Jews in France against Islam and the Muslims’ and ‘as a simple response to the racist and savage acts by Jews in Muslim countries like Palestine.'” The governments of France and Israel condemned the act. Convincing, isn’t it? ISLAMIC GROUP CLAIMS PARIS ARSON August 23, 2004 By: ICEJ News HOMELESS JEWISH MAN ARRESTED FOR PARIS ARSON ATTACK August 31, 2004 By: ICEJ News Jewish man arrested in Paris arson Craig S. Smith NYT Tuesday, August 31, 2004

One week later, French police learned that the fire and vandalism were the work of a “homeless, mentally unstable” Jewish man who had attended the center.

OK, these things happen. And when nerves are tense, people make mistakes. But who invented the Arabic terrorist group and wrote the web page that claimed responsibility? Probably not the “homeless, mentally unstable” Jewish man.

Before me on my desk are two color photos of — can you believe — students who attend “suicide bomber” schools.  The schools are run by either the Hamas, or Hamas “sympathizers.”

One dramatic front page color photo appeared in the Washington Times of December 10, 2001 with this caption:

Ready to Die: At an anti-Israeli demonstration commemorating Hamas’s 14th anniversary yesterday, suicide bombers with fake dynamite strapped to their chests paraded near the southern Lebanese city of Sidon.

The photo is attributed to Associated Press, and shows at least 10 people, whose faces and bodies are entirely covered by white sheeting, facing the camera.

Another dramatic front page color photo appeared in the Washington Times on March 4, 2002.  The caption reads:

“Hamas activists, dressed as ‘suicide bombers’ with fake explosives strapped to their waists, rallied yesterday in the West Bank.”

There are at least 11 white-garbed clowns in this photo, which is again attributed to Associated Press.

Juxtaposed beneath the photo of the suicide bomber students is a photo of four young Israelis, two of them boys dressed in black with black hats and side curls.  The boys wear mournful expressions on their faces.  The caption reads: “Blast site: Ultra-Orthodox Jews watched volunteers clean the Jerusalem site Sunday where a suicide bomber killed nine persons.”

“Gee, how sweet and nice those young boys look.  Fancy having to put up with suicide bombers …” that’s what we are supposed to think.

Israel has declared on many occasions that assassination is its official policy.  How many times have we heard of Palestinian leaders summarily shot dead on the spot by Israeli hit men? That being the case, how realistic is it that the Israelis would permit these young “suicide bombers” to train openly, and march down the street openly?  How likely do you think it is that Israel would permit REAL suicide bomber schools to exist?

And how do you think that Associated Press found out about the demonstrations and showed up to take photos?  Next we’ll be told the suicide bomber schools have public relations departments and send out press releases.

How dumb do they think we are, that we’d believe all this?  Well, you can speak for yourself. But I ain’t THAT dumb.


I believe Israel runs a suicide bomber campaign.  The suicide bomber campaign serves at least four purposes.

* Sharon the Madman needs an insane foe.  An insane foe makes Sharon and those behind him look good, or at least not so bad.

* In May, 2001, world public opinion was moved to sympathy for the Palestinian cause.  We were  enchanted at “The Return of the Knight.”

The heroism of this young Palestinian boy swept the world’s imagination.  Obviously, the Israelis were losing the PR war.  Shortly thereafter, a new rash of suicide bombers broke out and continues to this day.  The suicide bomber campaign was in part an attempt to reverse a  growing Israeli PR disaster.

*  By September 11, 2001, Muslim fanatics committing suicide had to be firmly planted in the public mind as a common-place event.  That paradigm made the fantastic stories of the “suicide pilots” — those Muslims accused of crashing the United and American passenger jets into the World Trade Center and the Pentagon  on 9-11 — easier to swallow.

* Depicting the Palestinians are irrational fanatics justifies their extermination.  Proof?

This from the mouth of Richard Cohen, columnist for the Washington Post.   On February 5, 2002, Cohen wrote a column “Why the Turn to Suicide?”


NEW YORK — On my first visit to Israel, the government supplied me with a guide — a former army officer and combat veteran renowned for his hawkish views. We disagreed about almost everything, including the nature of the “enemy.” I found his views simplistic and repulsive. Recently, though, I have begun to wonder if he wasn’t right …

Cohen then moves on to talk about suicide bombers.

It [Palestine]  is now behaving as the Japanese did toward the end of World War II when, in desperation, they sent pilots crashing into U.S. ships. These kamikaze attacks were both effective and terrifying, but they were also a clear sign that Japan had gone nuts.

The kamikaze attacks were an important element in the dehumanizing of Japan. They encouraged, maybe the right word is “permitted,” the use of the atomic bomb. After all, the enemy was not rational. It was barbaric. It would never surrender. It would fight to the last square inch. Better to incinerate them all.

In a similar manner, suicide bombings have transformed the image of Palestinians. Now, in the view of many, they are similar to the people my guide once so excoriated and insulted — so different, so primitive, so cruel and indifferent to human life that they celebrate the suicide of a loved one and the simultaneous murder of innocent people.

There you have it.  The PR payoff of the suicide bomber campaign is to convince world public opinion that any barbaric act against the Palestinians is justified.  Nuke them, burn them alive, decapitate every last man, woman, and child.  Do whatever you wish.


If I were the director of an Israeli dirty trick intelligence organization, I could think of a number of ways to pull off “suicide” bombings.


  • Send an agent to a public place, have him inconspicuously drop off his package and leave.   BOOM!   Meanwhile, simply abduct and murder some unfortunate Palestinian and blame it on him or her.
  • Create a false ID for the Israeli agent, have him establish that persona in real time, send him into a public place, have him inconspicuously drop off his package and leave.  BOOM!  Then disappear the agent.
  • With effective Israeli control of hospitals, mental hospitals, and prisons, Israeli intelligence people have a plentiful supply of the walking wounded at their fingertips — Palestinians who are human ruins, shellshocked, brain-damaged and drugged to the gills.  How easy it would be to send one of these unknowing unfortunates out on an errand. “Here, strap this money belt around your middle to make sure you don’t lose the money.” Tell the poor sap to meet someone in a pool hall, and detonate the “money belt.” BOOM!

I’ll allow you to come up with other possible scenarios.  It’s not hard to do.

And as for the interviews with the bereaved family members — we don’t know the people being interviewed from Adam.  They could have come straight from Central Casting.  Or they could be genuinely bereaved family members of real victims — people who have been watching too much Tee Vee and believe the “suicide bomber” media campaign.

Expect more “suicide” bombings, but believe them less.  Thank you.


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Bali, Australia & The Mossad

By Rose Cohen
Sydney, Australia
It could be that Moslems really did the Bali bombing, but I doubt it, it’s too perfect.To be honest, I speculated that something would happen against the Australians after our PM broke the total international isolation of Bush and Blair. EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN whom I talked to, disagrees with our government – AND I MEAN EVERY SINGLE AUSTRALIAN including the Editorial of the Sydney Morning Herald…..this has NEVER happened before!As ABC National Australia Radio and many Australian papers mentioned, our government practically invited such a terrible event by ‘sticking our neck out’ far beyond ANY international codes of behavior. As a result, we lost a one billion dollar Wheat deal with Iraq, while our ‘friends’ the Americans are increasing their taxes on Australian farm products!!! Outrageous? NO, Mister Rense, this is the ‘normal’ international code of behavior which selfish Bush and his NWO mob are trying to impose on the rest of the world.Israel, IMHO tricked Australia, and forced our government into supporting Bush blindly in order to generate Islamic hatret towards Australia. Once this hate is established the rest is ‘clear sailing’ and they can use their Mossad contacts among radical Moslem groups to blow up Australians. These are CLASSIC MOSSAD PROTOCOLS. Now Bush can easily request the Indonesian government (which is in his pocket to the tune of $600 million dollars at least – and Australia trained Indonesia’s military) to “join the war against terrorism”. This tactic is NOT a speculation, it is written almost word for word in the Protocols Of The Elders Of Zion.

<> Yes, I am an Israeli-born Jew but I am NOT a Zionist. Many efforts have been made to dismiss the Protocols as a hoax…frankly, it matters not whether they are or aren’t because of their astonishing reflection of reality. Read them and decide for yourself.

Israel has an advantage that NO other country has (not to mention unlimited, free American money): Israelis can SPEAK Moslem languages just as good as the local Moslems do. Mossad networks inside Moslem countries have had a lot of publicity in the past, but whatever we heard is just the tip of an iceberg. The Mossad can ‘motivate’ any Moslem group to become ‘terrorists’…since they have all the ‘spiritual’ justifications for it: THE AMERICANS ARE REALLY THE BASTARDS. The Mossad does not have to work hard to convince the Moslems about the ‘bad’ Americans: Bush, Giulliani, Condoleezza and Fox News are doing it VERY well.

The poor, unsophisticated Moslems will never realize who is really pulling their strings. And the whole thing is, of course, being financed with unlimited American taxpayer money. Saddam got his BioChem WMD supplies and instructions from America and the Mossad is using American money to control the

US. It is all quite brilliant and few will ever figure it out. Make NO mistake about it….and if you want to sugar-coat it to quiet your conscience….do it, and call it what you wish. And don’t forget, Sharon is the only current head of state who was found responsible for war crime massacres (Sabra & Shatila, 3000 dead Palestinian women and children) by a commission of his own Israeli government !!!

Israel has a network of spies worldwide among Jews living in these countries too. I MEAN IN ALMOST EVERY COUNTRY WORLDWIDE. Think carefully about that. Read what an ex-Mossad agent has disclosed:

Israel has a SPY INDUSTRY which is unparallel worldwide. Israel is leading the world by its nose towards WW3 and most gentiles have no brain to realize it:

As Sharon and Bush just reaffirmed in the White House, Israel will let Bush and the US fight a war for it, removing Saddam and taking Iraq’s oil. Bush said he expects Israel will retaliate if attacked by Iraq. Who knows, Israel may nuke Iraq AND the Americans in the upcoming Desert Storm II …EXACTLY as it did with the USS Liberty.

The reason I continue to maintain that it was probably a Mossad-involved operation in Bali, is because of the perfection ‘job’…it takes a Jew to understand the Zionist mind as reflected in the reviled ‘Elders’. Without reading this officially scorned and hated book, no one can EVER understand the Mossad and/or Israel. This is why we in Israel have been always forbidden to read the Protocols and the government maintained a 50+ year campaign among Israelis to discredit the Protocols as a fraud. I had an Israeli professor as a guest in my house recently here in Sydney. He, too, was absolutely certain The Protocols are a fraud, but he readily admitted that he has NEVER read them! When I commented that whether the Protocols are legitimate or not, we Jews have actually behaved and accomplished almost 100% of what is written in them. He could not believe it. Ignorance is bless, I guess he can sleep at night. However, in the interest of fairness to the professor, I should add that in the last 45 years of my research in this subject, I have yet to meet a single Israeli who actually read the Protocols.

The Moslems are often emotional and unsophisticated…rather lousy ‘material’ for terrorists. They bomb and then usually declare to the whole world that they did it.


Most of what we read about al Qaeda and bin Laden is a CIA/Mossad fiction, always based on fictional ‘informed sources’. Al Jazzeera is now a CIA asset (based on my research). IMHO, they are designed to funnel hatred towards bin Laden and stimulate the fictional ‘terrorism’ mania gripping American now.

BIN LADEN IS JEWISH, full stop. A very close friend and a MOST eminent Israeli journalist told me recently, that according to Jewish law – bin Laden is Jewish, as his mother is Jewish(!).

AND — if that is not enough, this irrefutably honest Israeli journalist, disclosed to me personally that bin Laden’s mother’s family lives in Israel (I will not print here the exact address which he provided me). I knew that bin Laden was Jewish long time ago, but with the current war hysteria I never mentioned to anyone except to my husband. The fact that bin Laden is Jewish, is known in Israel, but the ‘free’ ‘democratic’ ‘press’ of Israel will NOT publish it, as we have to continue to promote the myth that he is a ‘villain’.

Actually, I will not be surprised if bin Laden is living now in Israel, and the Mossad is ‘laughing all the way to the bank’ ! When Israel and Bush finally will control all world’s countries, I am confident that bin Laden will be invited as an honored guest.

We (should I say they?) the Jews NEVER brag about what we are doing, and the public (here and in Israel) is totally innocent and uninformed about the amount of terror that we are manipulating and releasing on the whole world at the moment.

The strategy is simple: attemt to make our enemies suspect each other and then

fight it out. It saves us the work. Keep in mind that our enemies are ANYONE WHO IS NOT JEWISH.

The “USS Liberty” nearly happened again in the attempted bombing of the Mexican Congress some months ago and the Jewish-controlled American ‘press’ never even reported it. Only you Mister Rense, saved the honor of America, by being the only one in the American-English press to post it.

The Mossad was somehow involved in the 9-11 attacks…another “USS Liberty”? and NO ONE WOULD BELIEVE IT. (Even when those Mossad kids were caught dancing with glee on Manhattan roofs! What more do you want?). As usual, ‘by chance’, both Barak and Netanyahu, former Israeli Prime Ministers, ‘just happened’ to be in the USA at the time. They conducted a massive speaking tour all over the USA and appeared on every TV program which agreed to accept them. THEY, NOT Bush, launched the “war on Terror”….when the WTC iron was still hot. But then, Americans never realized what was happening under their noses because they never read the Protocols!

NO ONE WILL EVER BELIEVE IT IF THE ZIONIST PUPPET MASTERS WOULD BE INVOLVED IN NUCLEAR TERROR ATTACK ON LOS ANGELES, PARIS OR SYDNEY….just wait. Americans will jump like lemmings off the cliff. believing every word they hear on Fox News and CNN.

As I always said, we are now in a neverending cycle of destruction, a proven recipe for world Zionist domination:

1. We are always told to trust the ‘news media’.

2. The ‘news media’ tells us to trust the politicians.

3. The politicians are always using the old trick of saying that they base their decisions on information from the ‘intelligence agencies’. IMHO, most American politicians are on the Mossad payroll or are certainly otherwise compromised by Zionist/Israeli lobbies and

power brokers.

The vote in the Congress giving Bush war powers over Iraq is INDISPUTABLE EVIDENCE for those who maintain American ‘representatives’ are nothing more than American traitors. Consider that the few who have the integrity to discuss it admit phone calls to their offices are running about 90% against the Iraq war. One honest Congressman admitted last week that his phone calls are 99 to one AGAINST Bush’s war.

4. The ‘news media’ NEVER tell the public that the Intelligence agencies are usually at the core of the problem as these agencies are the ones which invent such trickery as ‘The Gulf of Tonkin’ and the vile ‘Operation Northwoods’. These treasonous acts and many

others like them are done at the behest of the NWO-Zionist-Banker-Transnational cartels.

5. Spending tremendous time on search engines, I can sense that the Mossad is spending a LOT of effort to remove much data about the Mossad from search engines and the Internet in general.

6. The Mossad is reading every single email around the world, including this one, and they can manipulate politicians and journalists to their best advantage with ease. While many joke that Bush’s speeches seem to be written by Sharon and the Mossad, I am not sure that it is not actually a reality in some cases. Just look at who his closest advisors are.

7. The NSA refused to release the satellites photos of Manhattan during 9/11. If they would, I am confident we could see the dancing Israelis on the top of the Manhattan roof.

8. There are rampant accusations over the internet that the Maryland Shooter could be only a CIA or Mossad-trained, since he is so professional. AGAIN, the NSA was requested to release satellite videos of Washington DC area, and they refused. It is no secret that the NSA is monitoring that area by satellites and reviews of the tapes could show the ‘White Van’ and its destinations. If the NSA could read a coin on the ground from a satellite, as they boasted, they should be able to identify the White Van, too.

7. In short, events will only escalate downhill for as long as we let the fox guard the chickens.


Mister Rense,

First, let me thank you for letting me have my say. I have been holding this inside for a long time.

The most ironic part of it all is that we Jews taught the world that the Moslems are evil. This is a totally false concept. I visited many Moslem countries and they are a most gentle people…primarily because of their religion. Moslems are praying 5 times a day, they do not have time to play Pokemon, go on drive-by shootings, or watch another Jewish TV ‘documentary’. ONLY when I visited Moslem countries, did I realize how massively corrupt our Western culture is.

We are now the most evil culture in the history of our civilization. Our children are little more than brainless idiots, criminals and prostitutes……. and we have the audacity to criticize the Moslem culture?

AND Bush is ‘saving our civilization’? I can see the Elders bursting with laughter in their graves. My husband always said that as long as we Jews control your TV, you American dummies will believe anything!

MY CONCLUSION (as a simple housewife from Sydney):

Since it is indisputable that most politicians in most countries are lying, if we want to reverse the present decline of our society, we must administer a polygraph test to every politician worldwide once a month and take appropriate and immediate action if they

are found to be lying. Imagine the turnover!

Again, thank you for taking the time to read this.

Keep up your wonderful work.


Rose Cohen






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An opportunity to listen to the  voices of the people who live in the biggest Jewish ghetto ever.

Israel is the Jewish State, it is racially driven and Judeo-centric to the bone.

Israel is about to implode, the enemy is within and it isn’t the Palestinians, the Arabs or the Goyim. It is Jewish supremacy and morbid tribalism that is inherent to Jewish political collectivism.

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Given the severity and uncertainty of the economic crisis we are all experiencing, I suggest we look once more at the work of Milton Friedman, the leading economist and a staunch advocate of hard capitalism.

During the 1960s -80s Friedman was regarded by many academics, politicians and world leaders as the most important post- World War Two economist. Friedman was chief economic advisor to Ronald Reagan, Margaret Thatcher and Menachem Begin. He also went on record advising the Chilean military dictator Augusto Pinochet.

It is far from surprising to note that more and more commentators have realised in recent years that it was Friedman’s ideology and advocacy of free enterprise, zero governmental intervention and privatisation that has led to the current financial turmoil. It was Milton Friedman’s philosophy that also contributed to the transformation of the West into a service economy.

But Friedman wasn’t just an economist: he was also a devout Zionist and a very proud Jew. Friedman was interested in the role of the Jews in world finance and politics. He also attempted to analyse and understand the attitude of Jews towards wealth. In 1972 Friedman spoke to The Mont Pelerin Society about  “Capitalism and the Jews”. In 1978 he repeated the same talk, addressing  Jewish students at the Chicago University’s Hillel institute.

I’d suggest that Friedman deserves our immediate attention, since he contributed to the rise of an ideology and school of thought that bears some responsibility for the rearrangement (some might say dismantling ) of  the West’s economy.

The Jewish Paradox

Friedman was, no doubt, a sharp intellect, and could offer sharp and succinct criticism. Yet, Friedman was not entirely ‘a cosmopolitan’ in every sense of that word, since he was deeply involved in Jewish concerns and Zionist affairs, and he was deliberately open and transparent about being so.

In the talks he gave in 1972 and 1978, Friedman examined a unique Jewish paradox :  “Here are two propositions,” he said. “Each of them are validated by evidence yet they are both incompatible  one with the other.”

The first proposition is that “there are few peoples if any in the world who owe so great a debt to free enterprise and competitive capitalism as the Jews.“

The second proposition is that  “there are few peoples or any in the world who have done so much to undermine the intellectual foundation of capitalism as the Jews.”

How do we reconcile these two contradictory propositions?

As one may gather by now, Friedman, the free enterprise advocate, was clearly convinced that monopoly and government intervention were bad news in general; but, more crucially for him, they were also very bad for the Jews.

“Wherever there is a monopoly, whether it be private or governmental, there is room for the application of arbitrary criteria in the selection of the beneficiaries of the monopoly—whether these criteria be color of skin, religion, national origin or what not. Where there is free competition, only performance counts.”

Friedman, clearly prefers competition. According to him  “the market is color blind. No one who goes to the market to buy bread knows or cares whether the wheat was grown by a Jew, Catholic, Protestant, Muslim, or atheist; by whites or blacks.”

Friedman’s elaborates further: “Any miller who wishes to express his personal prejudices by buying only from preferred groups is at a competitive disadvantage, since he is keeping himself from buying from the cheapest source. He can express his prejudice, but he will have to do so at his own expense, accepting a lower monetary income than he could otherwise earn.”

“Jews” Friedman continues,  “have flourished most in those countries in which competitive capitalism had the greatest scope: Holland in the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries, and Britain and the U.S. in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries, Germany in the late nineteenth and early twentieth century.”

According to Friedman, it is also no accident that Jews suffered the most in Nazi Germany and Soviet Russia, for these countries clearly defied free market ideology.

One may suggest at this point, that though it is undoubtedly true that Jews suffered in Soviet Russia and in Nazi Germany, and though it is also true that these countries defied free market ideology — Friedman fails to establish a causal or even rational relationship between the opposition to the free market, and anti Jewish policies.

However, the message Friedman conveys is clear — Jews do benefit from hard capitalism and competitive markets.

Yet, Friedman is also genuinely intrigued by Jewish intellectuals’ affinity with anti-Capitalism : “Jews have been a stronghold of anti-capitalist sentiment. From Karl Marx through Leon Trotsky to Herbert Marcuse, a sizable fraction of the revolutionary anti-capitalist literature has been authored by Jews.”

How could that be, Friedman wonders? Why is it that, despite the historical record of the benefits of competitive capitalism to the Jews; despite the intellectual explanation of this phenomenon that is implicit or explicit in much liberal literature from at least Adam Smith onwards, the Jews have been disproportionately anti-capitalist?

Friedman considers some answers —

Rather often we hear from Jews on the left that their affinity to humanitarian issues is driven by their ‘Jewish humanist heritage’. More than once I myself have commented that this is an utter lie. There is no such a Jewish heritage. Driven by tribal precepts, both Judaism and ‘Jewish ideology’ are devoid of universal ethics. If there are some remote patches of humanism in Jewish culture, these are certainly far from being universal.

Friedman, however, offered a further take on the subject: In direct reference to Lawrence Fuchs who argues that the anti-capitalism of the Jews is a “direct reflection of values derived from the Jewish religion and culture,” Friedman wonders — if Jewish culture is, indeed, inherently anti capitalist  (as Fuchs suggests) how is it then, that Jews failed to successfully combat Capitalism and free markets throughout their history?  Friedman analyses that whilst “Jewish religion and culture date back over two millennia; the Jewish opposition to capitalism and attachment to socialism, is at the most, less than two centuries.”

Being a sharp intellect then, Friedman managed to dismantle  Fuchs’s argument. He managed to counter the argument that Jewish culture is inherently socialist or humanist. If Judaism is, indeed, inherently and innately bound to such ethics, how is it that this humanism failed to become dominant throughout Jewish history?

Friedman also reflects in a surprisingly respectful manner, on the writing of alleged anti Semite Werner Sombart’s The Jews and Modern Capitalism. Sombart identifies Jewish ideology at the heart of capitalism. “Throughout the centuries, the Jews championed the cause of individual liberty in economic activity against the dominating view of the time. The individual was not to be hampered by regulations of any sort. I think that the Jewish religion has the same leading ideas as capitalism . . . “(1)

Though Jewish intellectuals at the time were largely unhappy with Sombart’s book, Milton Friedman is brave enough to admit that there is nothing in  Sombart’s book itself to justify any charge of anti-Semitism (though, he argues,  there certainly is in Sombart’s later work).  Friedman, a proud capitalist, tends actually to interpret Sombart’s book as “philo-Semitic”.

“If, like me”, says Friedman, “you regard competitive capitalism as the economic system that is most favorable to individual freedom, to creative accomplishments in technology and the arts, and to the widest possible opportunities for the ordinary man, then you will regard Sombart’s assignment to the Jews of a key role in the development of capitalism as high praise. You will, as I do, regard his book as philo-Semitic. “

Milton Friedman may even agree with early Marx, that Capitalism is Jewish ‘by nature’. Yet, while Marx believed that in order for the world to liberate itself from Capitalism  it had better emancipate itself from the Jews (3), for Friedman capitalism is of profound value and to be respected, and Jews should be praised for their inherent bond with this philosophy and its diverse ramifications. As far as Friedman is concerned, for Capitalism to prevail, Jews should continue to do what they are good at: and that is to trade freely in an open and competitive market.

Friedman seems to dismiss the presumed  ‘intellectual honesty’ behind Jewish affiliation with the left and anti capitalism: He tends to argue that the Jewish intellectual inclination towards the left is a direct outcome of some political and historical circumstances, rather than ethical or ideological choice. He explains that, in his view, Jewish affiliation with the left is the product of a particular occurrence in Europe in the nineteenth century.

“Beginning with the era of the French revolution, the European political spectrum became divided into a “Left” and a “Right” along an axis that involved the issue of secularism. The Right (conservative, Monarchical, “clerical”) maintained that there must be a place for the church in the public order; the left (democratic, liberal, radical) held that there can be no Church at all . . . .”

It was only natural, then, for the Jews to join the left — in fact Jews could only join the left.

“The axis separating left from right also formed a natural boundary for the pale of Jewish political participation. It was the left, with its new secular concept of citizenship, that had accomplished the Emancipation, and it was only the left that could see a place for the Jews in public life.”

Such a reasoning, then, views Jewish affiliation with the left as a politically opportunistic move instead of a form of ‘moral awakening’.

Such a reading of the ‘Jewish left’ reaffirms my own critical assessment. It also explains why some Jews join the left — they support cosmopolitanism, solidarity, an international working class; and yet, they themselves  often seem to prefer to operate within  ‘Jews only’ racially orientated  cells such as the Bund,  Jewish Socialists or even Jews For Boycott of Israeli Goods. Friedman’s  reasoning might also explain why so many Jews who had their roots in the so- called ‘left’,  ended up preaching moral interventionism and Neo Conservatism.(4)

Friedman argues also, that Jewish affiliation with the left might be better understood as an attempt to disown some anti Semitic stereotypes of the Jew as being  “a merchant or moneylender who put commercial interests ahead of human values.”

According to Friedman, the Jewish anti capitalist is there to prove that, far from being money-grabbing, selfish and heartless, Jews are really public spirited, generous, and concerned with ideals rather than material goods. “How better to do so than to attack the market with its reliance on monetary values and impersonal transactions and to glorify the political process, to take as an ideal a state run by well-meaning people for the benefit of their fellow men?”

And yet, in Friedman’s logic then, it is not a ‘moral awakening’ that moves the Jew to the left; it is neither humanism, nor solidarity and nor is it kindness, but, instead, it seems to be a desperate attempt to replace or amend the Jewish image.

Surprisingly enough, I find myself in total agreement with Friedman, though I would phrase it differently. I do differentiate between ‘the leftist who happen to be Jewish’- an innocent category inspired by humanism,  and ‘the Jewish leftist- which seems to me to be a contradiction in terms, for the left aims to universally transcends itself beyond ethnicity, religion or race.  Clearly ‘Jewish left’ is there to maintain a Jewish tribal ethno-centric identity at the heart of working class philosophy. ‘Jewish left’ is there to primarily serve Jewish interests

I noticed that Richard Kuper, the European Jewish activist behind the recent Jewish Boat to Gaza, was quoted as saying  that their  goal was to show that “not all Jews support Israeli policies toward Palestinians.”

It seems to me that the message Kuper conveyed was pretty clear: Rather than being driven entirely by a genuine care for the Palestinians in Gaza, the Jewish boat was also engaged in a symbolic exchange.  It was also there to save the image of the Jews rather than solely providing humanitarian support. This fact alone may explain why the Jewish boat hardly carried any humanitarian aid for the Gazans. Rather than a ‘humanitarian aid mission for the Palestinians,’  it was probably also an ‘image rescue for the Jews’.

Seemingly then, Friedman managed to resolve the paradox between his two initial propositions (Jews being the benefactors capitalism vs. Jews being profoundly anti-capitalist) by offering an historical and political explanation: Jews or Jewish intellectuals are not really against capitalism; it was just the “special circumstances of nineteenth-century that drove Jews to the left, and the subconscious attempts by Jews to demonstrate to themselves and the world the fallacy of the anti-Semitic stereotype.” It was neither ideology nor ethics.

This interpretation explains why left Zionism was doomed to disappear. During his talks, Friedman reviewed the right/left political division in Israel. He noticed that two opposing traditions were at work in the Jewish State: “an ancient one–going back nearly two thousand years– of finding ways around governmental restrictions (and) a modern one– going back a century– of belief in “democratic socialism” and “central planning.”  Friedman was clever enough to gather already in 1972 that it is the “Jewish tradition”, rather than ‘socialism’, that would prevail. Friedman noticed already in the 1970’s that Israel was capitalist to the bone. He predicted that the short phase of Zionist ‘pseudo socialism’ was foreign to Jewish culture.

Yet. It isn’t just Israeli left that was doomed to die. Friedman’s reading of Jewish culture also explains why the Bund (5) died; it didn’t really spread to the West; it also explains why the legendary Mazpen and other Jewish tribal anti Zionist revolutionary groups have never attracted the Jewish masses.

Self-Fulfilling Prophecy

Friedman is not free of fault. In spite of his succinct reading of the Jewish left/right divide there are a few crucial points that have to be made about Friedman’s reading of Jewish culture, and his reading of capitalism.

Friedman argues that the free market and competition is good for the Jews. Yet he is also adamant that Government intervention is a disaster that leads to anti Semitism and other forms of institutional bigotry. If Friedman’s model is valid, then Jews in the West had better brace themselves, for Western Governments are currently intervening in the markets  in a desperate attempt to slowdown the inevitable collapse of what is left of our economy and relative wealth.

If Friedman’s model is correct, and intervention is indeed bad for the Jews, then anti Jewish bigotry could be immanent, especially considering the gigantic bailout  intervention schemes put up  by states in an attempt to save what remains of the Western economy.

But it goes further — it is also plainly clear that the bailout schemes are there to amend a colossal disaster caused by the endorsement of Friedman’s own ideology. We are all paying a very heavy price for free enterprise, hard capitalism, or, in general, the ideologies Friedman was so enthusiastic about.

There is something  Friedman didn’t tell his listeners in  the 1970s — He himself probably did not realise the full meaning of his economic model. He himself did not realise that the adoption of his philosophy by Ronald Reagan and Margaret Thatcher would eventually bring the West to its knees.  He himself did not realise that it was his own advocacy of hard capitalism that would lead Western continents to poverty and deprivation. He perhaps did not realise back in the 1970s that it was his model that would eventually eliminate productivity, and every positive aspect of the welfare state. Milton Friedman did not realise at the time that service economy that suited some ethnic minorities for two millennia wouldn’t necessarily be a successful model once adopted into a macro model.

As Friedman had gathered, throughout their history Jews and other ethnic minorities were very effective operating as service economy within competitive and productive markets. However, Jews and other ethnic or religious  minorities did well  because others were there to work around them. The transforming of the West into a service economy driven by relentless greed, a process that followed Friedman’s economic precepts, is now proving to be a disaster. It means poverty and global depression. It is translated into alienation from labour and productivity.

Friedman may have been correct when he predicted that governmental intervention may lead to anti Semitism — yet, he probably failed to realise that it was largely his own intellectual  heritage that would be responsible for the current financial disaster. It is in fact his own economic model and  prophecy that could also introduce Jews to far more suffering.


(2)ibid 174

(3)“What is the secular basis of Judaism? Practical need, self-interest. What is the worldly religion of the Jew? Huckstering. What is his worldly God? Money. Very well then! Emancipation from huckstering and money, consequently from practical, real Judaism, would be the self-emancipation of our time.” Karl Marx On The Jewish Question, 1844

(4)David Miliband, David Aaronovitch and Nick Cohen are all  good  examples of the above.

(5) East European  Jewish Socialist Party was formed in 1897 as thetthe General Jewish Labour Bund of Lithuania, Poland and Russia.



Defence Day: Pakistan Faces ‘Different War’


By Sajjad Shaukat

The 6th of September holds a significant place in the history of our nation, when Pakistan’s courageous armed forces and the entire nation stood united in 1965 for the defence of the homeland in thwarting the nefarious designs of the enemy which had threatened the territorial integrity of our beloved country through an all-out war.

Pakistan Army not only forced Indian troops to retreat from Lahore sector, but also crossed the Line of Control, occupying various parts of Indian-held Kashmir-the root cause of the war.

This time, the Defense Day has come at a time when Pakistan and its security forces have been facing a different war, while enemy is also different, which employs subversive activities of various kinds.

Unlike the past wars, being fought between two sovereign state actors through the traditional armies with tanks and machine guns, the arena of war has changed. In the ongoing era, non-state actors have made it difficult for the military to serve alone as the automatic dominant sphere in every war, covering all the land, sea and space domains. Now, lethal weapons such as bombasts, suicide attacks, target killings, forced abductions, ethnic and sectarian violence and similar other tactics used by the terrorists, can be more harmful in damaging the interest of a rival country. As part of the new warfare, these tactics are employed by the foreign enemy inside a rival country, and the phenomenon can rightly be called the ‘different war.’

In these terms, our security forces are facing boldly an invisible enemy—the militants who mostly fight anonymously. Even the US-led powerful states have failed for the last eleven years in fighting these insurgents who act upon the strategy of ambush attacks and suicide bombers as found in case of Afghanistan. Instead, within a very short span of four months, Pakistan’s armed forces and intelligence agencies have successfully achieved a landmark victory by dismantling the command and control structure of the Taliban in Swat, Dir and Buner, forcing them either to flee or surrender. Our forces are still coping with pocket resistance in some tribal areas and sudden attacks of the militants particularly in Bajaur Agency and South Waziristan boldly.

In his book, “Fighting Power: German and U.S. Army Performance, 1939-1945”, Creveld identifies the elements of moral force, whom he calls “fighting power, the willingness to fight and the readiness, if necessary, to die.” The greater these elements, the less vulnerable an armed force will be to demoralisation. So, Moral force is critical in determining the combat power of any belligerent.

There is no doubt that such elements like will to fight and moral force have been more found in Pakistan’s forces which had defeated India in 1965. It is owing to this passion that while waging this new style war with the non-state actors, several personnel of our security forces, especially those of Pak Army have sacrificed their lives for the integration of the country, and compelled the militants to escape or run from the war-zones.

Notably, after fierce gun-battle, brave personnel of Pakistan Air Force and Pak Army’s Special Service Group (SSG) of Commandos foiled the assault on Kamra Base on August 16, this year by killing all the terrorists who were disguised in security forces’ uniform, and were equipped with latest guns and rocket launchers. 

In fact, the US, India and Israel are in collusion to weaken Pakistan because it is the only nuclear country in the Islamic World. Based in Afghanistan, these countries’ secret agencies CIA, RAW and Mossad have been supporting subversive attacks in various cities of Pakistan through their affiliated militant groups in order to fulfill secret strategic designs against Pakistan. While backing similar acts of sabotage in the province of Balochistan, these agencies have also been assisting Baloch separatist elements. While maintaining law and order in Balochistan, many soldiers of the Frontier Corps have lost their lives.

Particularly, RAW has hired the services of many Indian Muslims. Posing themselves as militants, they have joined the ranks and files of the Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan (TTP) and other extremist outfits.

Besides, these foreign hostile elements have also been sending heavily-armed militants from Afghanistan’s side, which intermittently target the security check posts of Pakistan’s forces and other infrastructure of the areas, located near Afghan border. These insurgents have martyred more than 100 soldiers of Pak Army which forced them to retreat by killing several militants in the past one and half year. Recently, on two different occasions, these miscreants kidnapped more than 20 personnel of Pak Army and released videos, showing their severed heads. Despite it, our Army did not yield to these ruthless tactics, but have continued to fight with the insurgents with valour.

Pakistan’s Interior Minister Rehman Malik and top civil and military officials have repeatedly disclosed that training camps are presence in Afghanistan, and supply of arms and ammunition to the Baloch separatists and Pakistani Taliban keeps on going by the external elements as part of a conspiracy against Pakistan.

While, ISI thwarted a number of subversive acts of the insurgents by providing timely information to the government and through pre-arrests of the renowned militant commanders including capture of foreign agents.

Different war also includes a deliberate propaganda campaign of the US, India and Israel which are distorting the image of Pakistan. In this respect, a blame game against country’s army and intelligence agency, ISI keeps on going for extrajudicial killings. These hostile elements also misperceive that Pakistan’s nuclear weapons are not safe. However, all these anti-Pakistan developments are interrelated as US, India and Israel intend to create unrest in Pakistan.

It is regrettable that our political leaders become unintentional victim—benefiting the external plotters who want to create a division between the political leaders and the armed forces. On the other hand, our media, particularly most of the TV channels conduct controversial debate between rival politicians and commentators, contesting internal politics. By ignoring the sacrifices of Pakistan’s security forces against terrorism, they malign Pak Army and ISI.

In this context, while stressing upon national unity, Gen. Kayani especially stated on June 9, 2011, “Any effort to create division among important institutions of the country is not in national interest…the people of Pakistan whose support the army has always considered vital for its operations against terrorists.”

Today our nation stands at the crossroads of its destiny, facing multiple challenges to the security of the country. So, it is not army’s war only; it is nation’s war which demands cooperation of every citizen and politician.

On this occasion, imbibing the 1965 spirit of unity, the Defence Day serves as a motivating force for the civil and military personnel including the public to cope with the new dangers of this different war.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power

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Need for Dialogue with the Haqqani Militants


By Sajjad Shaukat

In the past few years, a number of regional and international conferences held with a view to bringing stability and peace in Afghanistan before the foreign troops complete withdrawal from that country in 2014. Another major purpose of these forums was also to conclude a peace deal with the Afghan militants.

After the Tokyo conference on Afghanistan, held in earlier July, this year, efforts to convince Taliban for talks with the Kabul government have been expedited and Pakistan has been requested to play an important task in this regard. During the tripartite meeting in Kabul on July 19, this year, British Prime Minister David Cameron and Afghan President Hamid Karzai met Pakistan’s Prime Minister Raja Pervez Ashraf, and reiterated Islamabad’s assistance for durable peace and stability in Afghanistan. They fully backed Pakistan to help arrange meetings between Afghan and Taliban representatives.

Rangin Spanta, the national security adviser to Afghan President Karzai disclosed on August 12 that two months ago, an Afghan delegation had held secret talks with Taliban former second in command Mullah Abdul Ghani Baradar who is under detention in Pakistan, but Islamabad denied the statement.

However, in a bid to win Taliban’s support for reconciliation, President Karzai called upon their leader Mullah Omer to take part in the coming elections. On the other side, the Taliban were willing to resume talks with the US, but had refused dialogue with Karzai whom they consider colonial puppet.

But at the end of June, in Kyoto, Japan, an active member of the Taliban Shura (council) held talks with Masoom Stanakzai, a leading member of the Afghan High Peace Council and adviser to President Karzai.

Earlier, the Qatar-based talks with America were suspended because US President Barack Obama did not release five Taliban detainees to participate in peace negotiations as a pre-condition by the Afghan militants.

Meanwhile, BBC reported on August 1 that despite the positive Taliban statements, Obama administration did not want to say anything conciliatory towards the Taliban because US presidential elections are near.

Otherwise, US along with other western countries is fully supporting Karzai-led regime to commence peace deal with the Afghan Taliban with the help of Pakistan.

In fact, exclusion of the Haqqani militants from the dialogue will prove fruitless, further increasing the intractable issues of Afghanistan. In this context, American top officials have continuously blamed Pakistan Army and country’s intelligence agency, ISI for supporting North Waziristan-based Haqqani network for killing Americans in Afghanistan. In June, this year, US Defence Secretary of State, Leon Panetta repeatedly stated that drone attacks would continue on safe havens of terrorists in Pakistan, while accusing the Haqqani insurgents for some of the deadliest attacks in Afghanistan. In this respect, US high officials seek to set aside the fact that US-led NATO forces have failed in coping with the resistance of Afghan Taliban who are fighting a war of liberation against the occupying forces. In fact, America and other NATO countries want to make Pakistan a scapegoat of their defeat in Afghanistan.

It is of particular attention that on September 17, 2012, in a rare interview by telephone from an undisclosed location, leader of the Haqqani militant network, Sirajuddin Haqqani revealed that the group has become so confident after battlefield gains in Afghanistan that “it no longer has sanctuaries in Pakistan, and instead, felt secure inside Afghanistan.”

Particularly, Pakistan’s Federal Interior Minister Rehman Malik remarked on July 12 that Haqqani network was an Afghan entity and Pakistan had nothing to do with it.

It is mentionable that during her trip to Pakistan on October 20, 2011, US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had emphasised Islamabad to help and “encourage Taliban militants to enter negotiations in good faith,” adding that “Pakistan has a critical role to play in supporting Afghan reconciliation and ending the conflict.”

Viewing Hillary Clinton’s efforts with skepticism, a senior Haqqani commander told Reuters on October 25, 2011 that the Afghan Haqqani group would not take part in any peace negotiations with the United States. He disclosed, “Americans have made several attempts for talks which we rejected because we are united to liberate our homeland.”

Notably, US President Barack Obama signed on August 10, the Haqqani network Terrorist Designation Act of 2012 into law to determine the designation of the group as a foreign terrorist organisation.

Nevertheless, America must grasp ground realties, in case; it is serious in establishing stability and peace in Afghanistan with the assistance of Pakistan. In this connection, first of all, it should end blame game against Islamabad in relation to safe havens of Haqqani militants in Pak tribal areas. America should also take notice that since April 2011, heavily-armed insurgents from Afghanistan’s side have been entering Pakistan’s region intermittently, targeting the security check posts and other infrastructure. Despite Islamabad’s strong protest, this intrusion continues. So, question arises as to why ISAF/ NATO failed in stopping this cross-border terrorism.

US should also know that Pak-Afghan border is porous with heavy terrain. Thus, it is much difficult to halt infiltration of militants from both the sides. So, appropriate coordination between NATO and Pakistan forces is essential to prevent cross-border incursions.

Nonetheless, US wants that before any deal, violence against Afghan people must stop and the Taliban must cut ties to Al Qaeda and other terrorist groups. America seeks to distinguish between Al-Qaeda-related fighters and Afghan insurgents—good and bad Taliban, but it is much obscured matter as there is no scale to differentiate between them because all of them including Haqqani militants are fighting against the US-led NATO forces in Afghanistan with the same motto.

It is pertinent to mention, Afghan government is handing over the security of some areas to the Afghan forces, while full security control of Afghanistan to the Afghan army by the end of 2014. Now, question also arises that if well-trained US-led NATO troops, equipped with sophisticated weaponry could not succeed in defeating the Afghan Taliban as to how Afghan forces would cope especially with the Haqqani insurgents which are now battle-hardened guerrilla group and stronger than other warring factions as perennial suicide attacks, bomb blasts, roadside explosion and assaults on the US and NATO forces prove.

Besides, after the withdrawal of NATO troops in 2014, the US seeks to keep its six military bases in Afghanistan permanently to fulfill its multiple strategic interests in the region. Even if, US succeeds in reaching a peace agreement with other Afghan Taliban which is not so easy, Haqqani group’s perennial attacks on the US troops and Afghan forces would not allow the Kabul government to achieve stability in Afghanistan in the post-2014 scenario as also desired by other NATO and western countries. In such a drastic situation, Pakistan will not succeed in its role of facilitator in the reconciliation process with the other Afghan Taliban, and to help the US-led western nations in bringing peace and stability in Afghanistan. In this backdrop, western countries will not sustain their economic aid in that lawless country.

Following realistic approach, US and Afghan President Hamid Karzai must also include the Haqqani militant groups in initiating peace dialogue with the other Afghan militants.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power

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Al-Qaeda – The Mechanisms – The Inside Info


Posted By: Sammi Ibrahem Sr

This is a refreshing look at reality – totally absent from Mainstream Media. And it has a ring of truth throughout it. We Western Nations are the terrorists.

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IsraHell made C4 explosive used in Bali bombing

by Mike

(OCTOBER 16,2002) Police investigating the deadly bombing of a nightclub in the Indonesian island of Bali in which nearly 200 people died have found traces of plastic explosive manufactured in Israel at the site of the attack.

The discovery of the explosives suggests a sophisticated bombing operation.
Reports from the French news agency AFP say that the head of Indonesian intelligence, Hendropriyono, has disclosed that the explosive was a type known as C4, tracked to a manufacture in Israel.

Forensic process
Identifying components of explosive have been matched to the fascist C4 manufacturer in the rogue state of Israel.
Tests for matches with explosive are conclusive. Tracking the manufacturer through analysis of components in residue.
The agency also cited Indonesian police spokesman Brigadier-General Saleh Saaf as saying that “we have processed the data and we are now really certain that the C4 explosive was made in Israel”.

Mossad operations have been exposed in a series of leaked CIA documents and in statements by security officials in the US and Singapore . And are linked to the bombings in Bali

The Saturday night blasts, which are a suspected mossad terror operation followed persistent reports that mossad was operating in the area.
After the massive peace rally in Australia that same weekend, these mossad operations where put into high gear in a deadly way. Mossad terror network operations are working hard to draw the western world into war for Israeli and U.S conquest.

The discovery of traces of Israeli made plastic explosive could be a vital clue to who was responsible.

Military explosive

The Israeli made C4 explosive used in the Bali bombing is a powerful agent manufactured in Israel by the fascist United States and is used widely by the American led axis of evil military forces around the world.

AFP quoted a British manufacturer of C4, Mark Ribband, as saying that it is a white substance that resembles uncooked pastry and needs a detonator to make it explode.

Mr Ribband said that it is “a standard issue, military explosive” the trade in which was controlled carefully.

Clues from components

Explosives experts can tell a lot from the type of explosive used, like who manufactured it and its origin.

A large area was devastated by the explosion in this professionally executed slaughter that was extremely effective in the American fascist’s goal of maximum casualty inflicted

Brian Caddy, Emeritus Professor of Forensic Science at Strathclyde University in Scotland, says that identification might enable investigators to track down the potential sources of the explosive material used.

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