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Al-Qaeda Now A US Ally In Syria


By Joseph Wakim
While we reflect on the 11th anniversary of the al Qaeda attacks on American soil, there is a blinding light that may obscure our view: this sworn enemy now fights hand in hand with the US against the Syrian regime.The historic State of the Union address by US president George W. Bush on September 20, 2001 is loaded with morals and principles about good and evil.The president’s ultimatum was clear: either you are with us, or you are with the terrorists.In Syria, there is mounting evidence that Al Qaeda and its allies are actively deploying terror tactics and suicide bombers to overthrow the Assad regime.Syrian citizens who prefer the secular and stable state to the prospect of an Iraqi-style sectarian state may well be turning this same question around to the US government: are you with us, or with the terrorists?
This week, head of the Salafi jihad and close ally of al Qaeda, Abu Sayyaf, pledged ”deadly attacks” against Syria as ”our fighters are coming to get you” because ”crimes” by the regime ”prompts us to jihad”.Bush referred to al Qaeda as the enemies of freedom: ”the terrorists’ directive commands them to kill Christians and Jews”. But Sheikh Muhammad al Zughbey proclaimed that ”your jihad against this infidel criminal and his people is a religious duty … Alawites are more infidel than the Jews and Christians”. Because the new jihad targets Alawites rather than Jews and Christians, does this render them better bed fellows?By his own admission, Bush stated that al Qaeda was ”linked to many other organisations in different countries … They are recruited from their own nations … where they are trained in the tactics of terror … They are sent back to their homes or sent to hide in countries around the world to plot evil and destruction”.Yet this is precisely how the foreign jihadists in Syria have been described by reporters.
They are funded and armed by Saudi Arabia and Qatar. And they collaborate with the Free Syrian Army which is aided and abetted by the US.Bush condemned the Taliban regime because they were ”sponsoring and sheltering and supplying terrorists. By aiding and abetting murder, the Taliban regime is committing murder”. Eleven years later, the parallels produce an uncomfortable truth.If only the Syrian uprising was as simple as the Arab Spring narrative where citizens seek democracy and freedom. But those unarmed protests have long since been hijacked by a cocktail of agendas which have little to do with Syrian democracy, and more to do with a proxy war to create a sectarian Sunni state that weakens Shi’te Iran’s main partner in the region.Bush was correct in claiming that al Qaeda ”want to overthrow existing governments in many Muslim countries such as Egypt, Saudi Arabia, and Jordan” – who were all US-Israel allies at that time.But his list stopped short of mentioning Syria or Iraq, the real targets of al Qaeda. Why does overthrowing Syria, using the same terror tactics, fail to attract the same degree of outrage?Bush continues: ”We will starve terrorists of funding, turn them one against another, drive them from place to place, until there is no refuge or no rest.
And we will pursue nations that provide aid or safe haven to terrorism.”This pledge appears to have fallen on its own sword, given the funding of the jihadists in Syria. The terrorists have bred and spread across borders, which is the opposite of Bush’s prophecy.The US administration must come clean about its financial aid. It cannot use one hand to sign a blank cheque to the rebels, and the other hand to cover its eyes to their immoral and illegal tactics. It cannot hide behind ”the end justifies the means” as there are too many innocent lives at stake.Bush rode off on his high horse: ”We are in a fight for our principles, and our first responsibility is to live by them … may God grant us wisdom”.If the principles and morality are to be taken seriously, then they need to be applied consistently.
The US regime should be actively and publicly distancing itself from the foreign terrorists and Salafist jihadists that are proliferating within sovereign Syria.It should be condemning al Qaeda for its militant intervention. It should be condemning the Saudi sheikhs who issue fatwas for an Alawite holocaust.The wisdom that we see is grief over the al Qaeda crime 11 years ago, yet covert collaboration with this sworn enemy today.Perhaps the US is applying another principle that they may have learned from their pragmatic Arab allies – the enemy of my enemy is my friend
A “Palestinian Terrorist” Wearing the Star of David – Palestinians arrest al-Qaeda ‘poseurs’ Adam Yahiye Gadahn: The Fake Terrorist official FBI wanted poster for terrorist Adam Yahiye Gadahn  Adam Pearlmen is his REAL name! Adam is the grandson of the late Carl K. Pearlman; a prominent Jewish urologist in Orange County. Carl was also a member of the board of directors of the Anti-Defamation League, which was caught spying on Americans for Israel in 1993, much as AIPAC has been caught up in the more recent spy scandal. We have MI5 (British CIA) posing as Alqueda. “Al-Qaeda cleric exposed as an MI5 double agent”,,,1-3-1050175,00.html
We have israel posing as alqueda in the phillipines.
British operatives, arrested by Basra police and later freed by a British military operation, were identified by the BBC as “members of the SAS elite special forces”

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STFU ALREADY! US: Syria Showing ‘Contempt’ for IAEA

Syria is showing “contempt” towards the IAEA by refusing to cooperate over a suspected undeclared reactor destroyed by Israel in 2007, the US envoy to the agency said Friday. Assad’s government “is using its brutal repression of the Syrian people as an excuse for not cooperating with the agency’s investigation,” Robert Wood told a meeting of the IAEA board. Syria’s “rejection of the international community’s calls to remedy its non-compliance shows its continuing contempt for this board and for the system of international safeguards,” he said, according to a text of his remarks. The IAEA board reported Syria to the UNSC in Jun 2011 after Amano concluded that the Dair Alzour desert site was “very likely” a nuclear reactor. The IAEA says information provided to the agency suggested that the alleged reactor, which was still under construction when it was bombed by Israeli aircraft in Sep 2007, was being built with North Korean assistance.
ON THE IAEA NPT ISSUE AND MEETING AT UN …US  REFUSED TO ATTEND AND PARTICIPATE,PROVING THEIR FRAUDULENT CONCERNS AND SO CALLED COMMITMENTS TO THE NPT AND NON NUCLEAR PROLIFERATION ISSUE…AND ISRA-HELL HIDES  & PLAYS POSSUM DUE TO MEETINGS FOCUS ON ITS ILLEGAL NUCLEAR WEAPON STOCKPILES AND ITS REFUSAL TO SIGN ONTO NPT(IRAN,SYRIA BLAST WEST AND ISRAHELLS NUKES)…  ASHAR JA’AFARI ( Syria) said that despite the fact that there was universal understanding that the sole danger in the Middle East lay with Israel’s nuclear weapons, some of those who turned a blind eye to that “clear-cut situation” were pleased to raise new allegations with suspect motives.
That non-impartial and non-objective trend exposed the falsity of those countries’ statements to the effect that they wished to see a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.  They themselves had supplied Israel with nuclear materials for decades, he said.  Those States had further tried to divert attention from such facts during last year’s NPT conference.The “nuclear hypocrisy” which marked the minds of Western States did not further the goals of the nuclear non-proliferation regime, he said.  Instead, it encouraged irresponsible nuclear activities by a Power that refused to place its programme under the safeguards of IAEA.  In that regard, the Agency should hold Western States responsible for their violations of Articles I and II of the NPT.  Referring to the “crass insinuations” made against Syria yesterday by the Head of the delegation of the European Union, he reminded the Assembly that many States in the European bloc did not comply with their nuclear commitments.
The Director General of the IAEA had stated yesterday that the Agency had come to the conclusion that a building at the Dair Alzour site, discovered in 2007, was a nuclear reactor that should have been declared to IAEA.  Further, the Board of Governors had found in June 2011 that Syria did not comply with its international nuclear obligations.  Contrary to that opinion, Syria in fact made the NPT the main pillar of its policy.  He recalled that, in 2003 — when Syria had been a non-permanent member of the Security Council — it had presented a draft resolution to the effect of creating a zone free of nuclear weapons in the Middle East.  That resolution remained unadopted.   Syria’s credibility could, therefore, not be questioned, he said.  Its policies had simply clashed with those of the major Security Council Powers.Moreover, the Council and IAEA did not condemn Israel’s “gross aggression” against its sovereignty in 2007 — a fact that Syria had hoped would have been mentioned in the Director General’s report, but was not.
He quoted a paragraph written by the former Director General of IAEA, Mohamed El-Baradei, entitled “The Age of Deception:  Nuclear Diplomacy in Treacherous Times”.  It stated that “one of the strangest and most striking examples of nuclear hypocrisy […] must surely be Israel’s bombing of the Dair Alzour installation in Syria in 2007”.  The then-Director General had informed countries that anyone with evidence that the installation had been nuclear in nature should come forward, but none had done so. Later, in a television interview, Mr. El-Baradei had been asked whether the facility was a nuclear reactor.  He had responded that Syria had not seen any evidence to conclude one way or another.
 However, he had added that, “to bomb first and ask questions later”, as Israel had done, was deliberately undermining the system.  Only the IAEA had the means to verify allegations of clandestine nuclear activity.  Moreover, he recalled that the former United States Ambassador to the United Nations, John Bolton, had been asked in a separate interview what he thought of the assertion that Israel should have brought its evidence to IAEA; Mr. Bolton had replied that “the notion that Israel or the United States would put their national security in IAEA’s hands is just delusional”.  To hear those sentiments coming from the United States Ambassador to the United Nations was “dreadful”, the former Director General had noted.
AND…Sixty-sixth General Assembly First Committee 6th Meeting(IRAN ,SYRIA LASH OUT AT WEST AND ISRAHELLS NUCLEAR PROGRAM) 
Exercising his right of reply, Syria’s delegate said that the only nuclear threat in the Middle East was Israel, which had stated that it wanted to open a dialogue that was not genuinely committed to the idea of creating a nuclear-weapon-free zone in the Middle East.  He said the Netherland’s delegate had today inaccurately referred to Syria.  Other incidents should be noted.  He pointed to a 1992 air crash near Amsterdam, with a cargo of chemical and radioactive materials, saying that the incident proved the Netherlands’ “hypocrisy”.  In the Dutch delegate’s statement, he also never called on Israel to join the NPT as a non-nuclear-weapon State. He said that the Norwegian delegate had repeated in this Committee the same allegations, criticizing others, when her country had contributed to helping Israel develop nuclear weapons, he said.  As she was Ambassador to Israel, Norway’s delegate knew better than anyone what the situation was.
If Norway truly wanted to ensure non-proliferation, it should help with the creation of a nuclear-weapon-free zone and stop providing nuclear technology and materials to Israel.  And if Norway’s intentions were good, it should help the IAEA to put an end to the Israeli nuclear weapons programme that threatened peace and security.He said France, whose delegate had also addressed the Committee, was also responsible for supplying Israel with a nuclear reactor.  He would be pleased, as would other colleagues here, to hear a courageous presentation from France and other representatives who had supplied nuclear technology and materials to Israel evince an echo of guilt when criticizing Syria.  That was a double standard, and a manner of addressing issues in a deceptive way.  Issues of a technical nature should not be politicized here in New York.  He added that, in the past, France had tested its weapons in Algeria, near to inhabited areas.  That was a crime.
[NOW For those unfamiliar with the dutch incident mentioned,see…The Dutch, Israel and Airport Security – Part 2 4, 2009 marked the 17th anniversary of the worst air disaster in Dutch history. It also was the date of the beginning of one of the largest scandals and cover-ups in the history of the Dutch government and it involved Israel, Mossad, the US, El Al, secret and illegal chemical weapons transfers, unconfirmed allegations of weapons-grade plutonium, and as many as 2,000 local residents and firemen eventually reporting health complaints.

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Turkey, Israel Share Common Interest in Syria: Netanyahu

Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu has sent a conciliatory signal to Turkey, saying the two countries have a common interest in Syria.“We both have a border with Syria, and I am sure we both want to see a stable and peaceful Syria,” Netanyahu said of Ankara. “That is a common interest. There are other common interests that come to mind. I think it is in our common interest to find a way to be able to stop, to arrest, the slide in our relationship and resume a fruitful dialogue,” he said in an interview with The Jerusalem Post
Erdogan has spoken to the Anti-Defamation League and the American Jewish Committee.The American Jewish Congress gave Erdogan awardFriday, November 11, 2011 – THENAKEDFACTS ERDOGAN ,PUSHING ZIONIST INTERESTS middle east – THENAKEDFACTS Turkish-Israeli trade up despite rift Business as usual between Turkey, Israel

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Syrian Turmoil Convenient for the U.S., Says ( ZIONIST ISRAHELLI )


Prof. Zaki Shalom tries to explain why the Americans are remaining silent as President Bashar Al-Assad slaughters his own peopleThe turmoil in Syria is convenient for the United States, according to Prof. Zaki Shalom, a specialist on policy,security and international relations.Prof. Shalom spoke to Arutz Sheva on Monday, and tried to explain why the Americans are remaining relatively silent as President Bashar Al-Assad continues to slaughter his own people.He said that behind every U.S. move there are varied and complex interests, and that the Syrian issue is no different. He noted the upcoming election and said the White House prefers to keep any international conflicts to a minimum.
“They want to avoid embarrassment which would endanger the President’s position, a position that is not very good as it is,” said Prof. Shalom, adding that this is also the reason why the Americans are silent on the issue of Iran’s nuclear program.“Americans do not shed a tear over the fact that Syria is being weakened,” he added, saying that he believes that the Americans, unlike some of the Israelis, do not believe that the rebels are necessarily the ‘good guys’ in the Syrian turmoil.“The Americans know the truth that both sides are slaughtering one another and that their intervening will result in their being tarnished,” said Prof. Shalom. He added, however, the Americans are maintaining low-level contacts with Syrian officials.
  American officers are located near the Syrian borders and intelligence ties continue between U.S. representatives and Syrian elements, he said.


Another fact that makes the Americans satisfied with the events in Syria is the close relationship between Russia and China and Syria, said Prof. Shalom. The headache caused to both these powers because of the events in Syria is, at the end of the day, convenient for the Americans, he said.

[ED NOTES;THIS ZIO PROFESSOR.. SOME BACKROUND Zaki Shalom is a member of the research staff at the Institute for National Security Studies and the Ben-Gurion Research Institute at Ben-Gurion University. ..ALSO SEE.. THE SYRIA CONSPIRACY THE FINAL NAILS IN THE

– YouTube


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Frank Olson: CIA Scientist Murdered for Moral Stand



The official story was that this CIA scientist had been doused with LSD and jumped out of the window. Turns out he was pushed for objecting to chemical experiments on unwitting US soldiers and citizens. (Were these experiments forerunners of chemtrails?) Olson is an example of how  real heroes go unsung. 

by Darryl Roskow

In the early morning hours of November 28th, 1953, Frank Olson — a high-ranking clandestine chemical and biological weapons expert for the US army and CIA — crashed through a closed window at the Hotel Pennsylvania in downtown Manhattan, plunging 13 stories to his death [1],[3],[10].

At the time, the media reported that Olson was a ‘government scientist’. Olson’s death was officially ruled to be a suicide [1],[10].

Years later, the CIA would admit to covertly dosing Olson with LSD — nine days prior to his death.

Who Was Frank Olson?

Frank Olson was a top scientist involved in U.S. ‘Deep State’ covert biological and chemical weapons research, conducted for the US Army and CIA [1].  Olson began his career at the U.S. Army Germ Warfare facilities at Ft. Detrick, Maryland, joining shortly after it opened in 1943 [2].

Olson’s son writes,

“My father was a research scientist who was involved with germ warfare, associated with the Special Operations division. That was the most top secret kind of research that was done out at Fort Detrick, and [was done] in coordination with the CIA” [3].

As ‘Deputy Head of Special Operations’, Olson was involved in MKULTRA, MKNAOMI, Project Artichoke, Project Bluebird, and MKDELTA [1],[7]. Olson specialized in aerosol delivery systems [10].

Olson’s boss was CIA TSS chief and MKULTRA scientist Dr. Sydney Gottlieb who was in the employ of both the CIA and Lockheed at the time



Atrocities in Progress:

During May and December of 1950, Olson witnesses CIA ‘terminal experiments’ in Germany, where unconsenting individuals are administered biological and chemical agents during ‘interrogations’, always resulting in death [2],[10]. The purpose is to broaden CIA knowledge of useful drugs for assassinations, interrogations, and mind control. [10]

During August 1951, Olson travels to Point-Saint-Espirit, France, where he is involved in a secret MKDELTA experiment known as Project SPAN [7]. An LSD-like ergot compound is covertly sprayed on the French public, resulting in mass psychosis and seven deaths [7].

During May 1953, Olson witnesses MI6 ‘terminal experiments’ at Porton Down, U.K,  where innocent soldiers (who think they are testing a cure for the ‘common cold’) are administered steadily increasing doses of Sarin nerve gas, resulting in horrible deaths [10].  The purpose is to determine the ED50 and LD50 of Sarin nerve gas in man [8],[10].

Pangs of Conscience:

Frank Olson began to have serious moral doubts about his involvement in government atrocities [1],[10],[12].

Olson privately expressed his moral objections to Dr. William Sargant (MI6) at Porton Down – conversations which Sargant secretly passed to CIA-higher-ups Sydney Gottlieb and CIA Director Allan Dulles [4],[9],[10].

The CIA became concerned that Olson was a security risk.  So they arranged for an overnight scientific meeting of Ft. Detrick scientists at Deep Creek Lake, Maryland, which Olson was required to attend.

During this meeting, TSS chief Dr. Sydney Gottlieb secretly administered LSD to all the scientists, including Olson.  The true purpose of this Deep Creek LSD party was “to trap [Olson]” [10],[11],[13] — specifically, to see whether he would be likely to ‘spill the beans’ on the vast government criminal activity in chemical and biological weapons research.

Olson became livid upon learning of being dosed with LSD without his consent.  The meeting at Deep Creek Lake confirmed to Olson the immorality of the men for which he worked.

Olson returned from Deep Creek to his wife and children, somber and lucid. He expressed an overwhelming desire to quit the CIA and biowarfare field entirely [1],[10],[12].

Olson immediately tendered his resignation to Ft. Detrick Special Operations Chief Vincent Ruwet [1].

The CIA had other plans.

Evidence for Murder:

CIA TSS Deputy Dr. Robert Lashbrook had already determined Olson to be a 
security risk” in a classified memo [13].  So the CIA convinced Olson to

attend a debriefing in New York before they would accept his resignation — to which Olson traveled with Lashbrook in late November 1953 [10].

Several days later, on November 28th 1953, Olson was murdered by Dr. Robert Lashbrook — who was in the hotel room when Olson plunged to the concrete below [10].  Lashbrook didn’t even bother to go outside to see if Olson was still alive [13].

A hotel operator overheard a telephone call made Lashbrook from Olson’s hotel room to a number in Long Island, a mere minutes after Olson’s death outside. The phone call went like this [2],[3]:

CIA TSS Deputy Dr. Robert Lashbrook: “Well, he’s gone.” Other Party (likely CIA TSS Director Dr. Gottlieb): “Well, that’s too bad”

<Both Individuals Hang Up>

In 1996, Olson’s body was exhumed at the request of his family, and forensic expert James Starrs ruled his death to be a homicide [1]. Olson had sustained blunt force trauma to the temple, which occurred prior to Olson’s ‘fall’.  Olson was likely struck with a heavy object by CIA deputy Robert Lashbrook, and then thrown out the window, as outlined in the declassified 1951 CIA Manual on Assassinations [10],[13],[14].  No charges were brought  due to “lack of evidence” – due to the death of witnesses [13].


(left, widow Alice Olson gets the sweet talk from Master Mason President Gerald Ford) 


Frank Olson knew the deepest secrets of U.S. government scientific atrocities.  These experiments spanned the globe, involving assassination, mind-control, biowarfare, and aerosol delivery of biological agents. The CIA considered Olson’s conscience a national security risk, and so he was murdered. 









[8] Porton Down Technical Paper #399


[10] Documentary: National Geographic: Secret CIA Experiments.

[11] Declassified Report to CIA Security Office chief Col. Sheffield

Edward: CIA Wiretap of Dr. Robert Lashbrook and Dr. Harold Abramson

[12] The Biology of Doom: America’s Secret Germ Warfare Project


[14] Declassified CIA Manual on Assasinations:



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Occupied Lives: No justice for my son’s death


Saad al-Majdalawi 

On Tuesday, 16 August 2011, Saad al-Majdalawi, a 17-year-old mentally disabled boy, died when he was targeted with live fire by Israel’s forces positioned on the border between Nusseirat, in the central part of the Gaza Strip, and Israel.  Saad was unarmed and posed no threat to Israeli soldiers when he was shot and killed.

Abdul Rahim al-Majdalawi last saw his son on Saturday, 12 August: “Saad left the house at around 8 p.m.  He did not come back that night and we assumed he had gone to visit a relative or friend.  The next day, he still had not come back, so we started looking for him.  On Tuesday night, some of my relatives got news that a member of the al-Majdalawi family had been killed at the border and that the body was in Al-aqsa hospital. Nobody told me anything until 12 pm, so I went to the hospital when I heard the news from relatives and neighbors.”

Abdul Rahim went to the morgue, afraid that it was his son who had been killed: “Saad usually left home for maybe a day when he went to see relatives and friends.  He had never gone missing for 3 days before.  This is why I went to the hospital to see which member of the al-Majdalawi family had been killed.  I viewed the body and realized that it was my son Saad.  He had a bullet hole at the top of his head and his nose had been torn off by bullets.  There were more wounds on his chest, shoulder, leg and left elbow.”

Abdul Rahim does not believe that Saad would have posed a threat to Israel’s forces: “I do not know how far he had been from the border when he was killed, but Saad had never caused problems for anyone.  He had never harmed anyone in the house or in the neighborhood, and yet he was dead.  Up until now, it is really not clear to me what happened that night. I cannot even tell the total number of bullets that were in his body.  He was alone when he was killed.”

The death of Saad has been particularly hard for his father, given that they were very close: “Saad was in secondary school, but he dropped out because of his mental condition.  He also had a speech impairment and was punished at school for it.  He was very sociable though and liked interacting with people, even though sometimes they would laugh at him or even hit him when they heard him speak.  This made him very depressed and increased his psychological problems.  We had started seeking treatment for his mental condition a month before he got killed.  I wanted better treatment for him.  I understood his suffering and we were very close because of this.  Now, he is gone.”

The possibility of filing a legal complaint evokes strong emotions in Abdul Rahim: “What happened to my son still makes me sad.  He is gone and nothing can change that.  It is very hard for me to talk about it.  He was respectful and always made us laugh.  The house feels empty without him.  His brothers miss him very much and they are still greatly affected by his death.  I wanted the best for him.  I don’t believe anything will come out of a complaint or lawsuit.  I do not want compensation and nobody can give me excuses for why they killed my son.  I do not have faith in any legal procedures, because nobody can accuse Israel and nobody can prosecute them even when they are wrong.  It is unfortunate, but nothing will come out of this.”

On 21 September 2011, PCHR submitted a civil complaint to the Ministry of Defense, which so far has not lead to a positive outcome.  Additionally, on 25 September 2011, PCHR submitted a criminal complaint to the Military Prosecutor of the Israeli military, which has been rejected on 07 May 2012.  On behalf of the al-Majdalawi family, PCHR also submitted an Individual Complaint to the Special Rapporteur on extrajudicial, summary or arbitrary executions on 10 September 2012.

The targeting and killing of a child, a protected civilian, is a war crime, as codified in Articles 8(2)(a)(i) and 8(2)(b)(i) of the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court.

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Kenneth Timmerman’s Knesset Campaign


by mantiqaltayr

1 . Israel-firster Kenneth Timmerman is a favorite target of  Mark Dankof and in Mark’s recent podcast from September 5th, (did I mention you need to go here and download it and listen to it now?) Mark rips him a brand new one. Timmer-ran is actually running for Congress, and like so many Israel-firsters he openly reveals that Israel is his main interest. Here’s a snap shot taken a couple of days ago of the first page of his campaign website.

Yup. It’s from the top of page one. The very first thing Timmerman featured is his support for Israel and how his opponent does not suck up to Israel enough. On the right you’ll see a tweet that shows that Timmerman just happens to think that of all the countries in the world that could have been behind the 911 attacks, the one that he thinks it was just so happens to be the next country that Israel has been trying to get us to invade for years. (As of at least September 12, the Iran did 911 stuff is now the first thing on his website.) No doubt this is pure coincidence.  He’s been after Iran for a long time, going back at least 20 years. His ilk, when fully in power, could get us into a nuclear war.  He even wrote a book about it.

Timmerman’s advocating for Israel is legendary, even by Israel-firster standards.  Not surprisingly, on his website, under “Issues” we find  that Israel plays a prominent role and if you click on Israel you will get a tome about just how much Timmerman wants you to kiss Israel’s ass.  Here are some excerpts:

I believe the state of Israel is America’s best ally in the Middle East, and the only ally we can always depend on. 

Yes, we sure can depend on Israel, just ask the survivors of the USS Liberty, they’ll be glad to tell you how much you can depend on Israel.

I agree with the majority of the U.S. Congress that the United States should comply with U.S. law and move the U.S. embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem immediately.

I’ll go one better. Let’s just go ahead and move the capital of the United States from Washington to Jerusalem so there will no longer be any illusions whatsoever.

But it gets worse, with Zionism it always does.

“Today, of course, President Obama uses harsher words to criticize Israel for building new apartments in the capital, Jerusalem, than he does to condemn Iran’s nuclear weapons efforts. I believe this is an outrage. The United States should not be dictating policy to the democratically elected government of the state of Israel.”

Instead, Ken will make sure that the “Jewish State” (a bigoted concept that he whole-heartedly endorses) will continue to dictate policy to you. And frankly, you deserve it.

Did I mention you should listen to Mark Dankof’s show from last week? He rips Timmerman a new one.

2. I guess I should at least acknowledge the disgraceful situation with regard to the assholes who made the “Innocence of Muslims” video and I may do more on this one later.  I’d like to just take a moment to ask you people to make the life of Joseph Smith your next project and we’ll see how that one goes.

3. We here at Mantiq al-Tayr have come up with a handy new invention for the likes of Kenneth Timmerman and all the other politicians running for office this fall. We were going to unveil it yesterday but due to the iPhone 5 announcement we thought we’d wait  just a little longer so that our new product will garner more attention. So our next post will feature our latest technology triumph.

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Adherence to the Values of Sufism

By Sajjad Shaukat

At this critical juncture when Pakistan has continuously been facing target killings, attacks on places of worship, bomb blasts and burning of houses due to growing menace of religious extremism, sectarian and ethnic divisions, needs to spread the values of Sufism among the people.

Basically, Sufis love Allah and therefore, love of humanity is the genesis of their doctrine. Sufis like Muhiyeddin Ibn Arabi who promoted the school of Wahdat al-Wujud, demolished all walls of separation between one faith and another by making love of all human beings as the base of their religion. In this regard, Ibn Arabi said that love is his religion and his Sharia.

They teach the message of tolerance, equality, and respect for other religions, faiths, sects and hence can help in countering the growing threat of extremism.

Sufism does not believe in divisive messages; they prefer unity and cohesion among human beings without any discrimination of caste, faith, colour and sect. They find God in the heart of man, and winning hearts and minds of the people offer benefits to all sectarian and ethnic entities of Pakistan.

In terms of Sufis’ concept, one can note that love not only leads to tolerance but also eliminates all movements based on extremism and exclusive truth. One who loves all humanity always adopts an inclusive approach and feels that truth cannot be the monopoly of some exclusive group.

Devotion to the values of Sufism is essential to those who believe in humanity and want to build human civilisation on the basis of love, not hatred.  Adherence to these thoughts is also necessary to all the persons of Pakistan who seek to get rid of subversive activities, conducted by the religious extremism in the country.

Sufi poetry is inspiring with an appeal to all segments of the society. Sufis use local metaphors which are understandable by the common people. They live within the community they belong and solve the problems faced by general masses, regardless of their ethnic origin, creed and religion.

In this respect, followers of Sufism are far more democratic with their universal and pluralist approach. According to their idea, “if the truth is not an exclusive monopoly, no community can be privileged as possessor of the truth.”

In fact, the social contract of Pakistan and its cultural foundations blended with the large heartedness of Sufism are dexterously flexible and deftly persuasive to accommodate the dissenting thoughts and opposing beliefs. And a majority of the people in the country is imbibed by Islamic teachings as inspired by the Sufi Saints who are loved, cherished and followed as symbols of Islamic philosophy, having an appeal for tolerance and respect for religious beliefs of other communities.

The main quest of Sufism is to obtain inner and concealed meanings of Holy Quran and to make a perfect man, emulating the Prophet Muhammad (PBUH). They believe in unity of God and acknowledge by preaching that a source of all knowledge is Allah. God Almighty Allah created human beings and only He knows the secrets of diversified systems of faith followed by men. In this context, the main strength of Sufis is readiness to engage in dialogue and maintain unconditional esteem of others. They approach the opposing faiths without any fear of getting conversion, with an urge to learn and understand the rationale of that belief system including faith, thus adopting the different paths of reaching God. They also believe that God is not found in some particular religious place or where one places God, but God lives in the heart of man. Therefore, a person can find out God regardless of his religion, caste or ethnic identity. So, inward struggle is the most important quest of Sufis who treat other religious communities kindly and generously.

Again, by taking origin from the concept of love for all human beings, Sufism is based on a deep spiritual approach and on looking into one’s inner self. Spirituality is therefore far more inclusive. In this regard, Maulana Rumi, when asked what his identity was, he replied “love” as love is inclusive of all identities. We must respect the dignity and integrity of the one we love and that is possible only when we concede full freedom to that person. Otherwise, where there is a sense of possession we deny freedom to that person. But love cannot be genuine unless it is pure and purged of all traces of selfishness and personal desires.

Unlike the prejudice, fanaticism, religious bigotry and chauvinism, found in puritans, adherents of Sufism are also liberal, broadminded and moderate. Notably, Sufism is against any other competing faith as Pakistani culture has the potential to promote the Islamic values by taking the roots from Sufism.

It is of particular attention that Pakistan is an ideological country which was created on the basis of Islamic principles and spiritual values to enable the people of the country to live their lives as per their faith, religious commitment, cultural norms and socio-political values. The founder of Pakistan, Quaid-e-Azam Muhammad Ali Jinnah, openly advocated the importance of idealism, human equality and fair play in Islam. He asserted that Non-Muslims including Hindus, Christians and Parsis are all Pakistanis. They will enjoy the same rights and privileges like all other citizen and will play their rightful part in the affairs of Pakistan. While, the constitution of Pakistan also provides complete religious freedom, security and civil rights to all people irrespective of their creed, caste, religion and ethnic origin.

But it is our misfortune that at present, Pakistan faces a deteriorated situation due to extremism, terrorism, sectarian divide, corruption, exploitation, target killings, forced abductions and extortions which appears to be overriding clauses of the constitution and underlined characteristics of Pakistani social order. Some people think that a Messiah who may re-orientate Pakistani society onto a podium of peace, tolerance and principles of mutual co-existence can save the country from these precarious phenomena.

Today, people of the country require the values of Sufis who also curb undue materialistic desire, anger and greed, and are accommodative to the opposing thoughts and beliefs in wake of the present state of affairs in Pakistan. Besides, Sufism projects the values of justice as historical evidence proves that Sufi Saints in the past had been pleading forgiveness for the guilty and justice for the innocent from rulers of the time. Moreover, Sufis also offer guidance to the rulers on Islamic values and good governance.

However, cultural revival of Sufism and adherence to their values in Pakistan would be very useful in rectifying the people, fighting the menace of extremism in any form, and strengthening the nation, which is also divided on the basis of tribes and provinces. For this purpose, our politicians, religious scholars, intellectuals and especially media must project the principles of Sufism in order to get rid of the ongoing multi-faceted crises which Pakistan is facing in religious, political and social terms.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power


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Victory to Syria! Oppose imperialist intervention in the Middle East

Victory to Syria! Oppose imperialist intervention in the Middle East

20 September 2012 (7.00pm)

Marchmont Community Centre, 62 Marchmont Street, London WC1N 1AB

Public meeting organised by CPGB-ML

Speakers will give a clear insight into the situation in Syria and contradict the pro-imperialist

arguments made by governments, media and also so-called socialist parties in Britain.

Let any communists, socialists, anti-war activists or democrats who hitherto doubted the real

intentions of the armed ‘opposition’ and its western backers now open their eyes and rally in

support of the brave and beleaguered people of Syria and their anti-imperialist leadership.

Map: click here

Stalin Society: 

23 September 2012 (2.00 – 5.00pm)

Kings Cross Neighbourhood Centre, 51 Argyle Street , London WC1H 8EF

Subject to be announced

More info:


Map: click here

NO to the war on Syria!

25 September 2012 (7.30pm)

Khidmat Centre, 36 Spencer Road, Bradford, BD7 2EU

The Leeds branch of the CPGB-ML have organised an urgent public meeting on the ongoing crisis

in Syria.

Speakers will include Sammi Ibrahem, a Palestinian with close contacts on the ground in Syria,

and Harpal Brar, the Chairman of the CPGB-ML.

It will give a reliable and clear insight into the situation in Syria and contradict the pro-imperialist

arguments made by large media organisations in the west and other ‘socialist’ parties in Britain.

The meeting will also discuss how the working-class of Britain can stop a likely war on Syria and

the deaths of thousands within this independent country.

We hope you can attend this important meeting and spread the word!

More info:

Map: click here

Lobby of Labour party conference

30 September 2012 (2.30pm assemble)

Peter Street, Manchester, M2 3GX

Focus of the lobby is defending against the cuts.

Map: click here

Celebrate the Great October Socialist Revolution!

03 November 2012 (6.00pm)

Saklatvala Hall, Dominion Road, Southall, UB2 5AA

This annual event should be a fixture in everyone’s diary. An inspiring meeting and social

celebrating the historic achievements made possible by the Great October Socialist Revolution.

This year, we will be marking the 95th anniversary of the October revolution with a full

programme of speeches and cultural performances, followed by good food and socialising with


Further details will follow closer to the event. Until then, make sure you put the date in your diary!


Harpal Brar speaks at the 91st anniversary:

Red Youth speaker at the 94th anniversary: 

Joti Brar asks ‘What does USSR mean to my generation?’ :


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No cooperation with war crimes in Syria. Join the axis of resistance

 Posted by: Sammi Ibrahen Sr

Once again, the British ruling class is joining with other imperialists in the US and elsewhere to prepare the ground for a criminal and unjustified war against a sovereign state.

Once again, a dirty covert war is being waged in order to destabilise a broad and democratically-elected government and blackmail a people into abandoning its leaders.

Once again, every kind of military, economic and diplomatic pressure is being brought to bear by the most powerful rogue states on the planet as they channel all their resources into trying to oust a popular government.

Once again, the truth is being systematically turned on its head by shameless media hacks and lackey politicians, as wall-to-wall war propaganda tries to convince British workers that those defending their people’s freedom and independence are ‘criminals’, while the hired thugs of imperialism’s death squads are ‘popular revolutionaries’.

Once again, the propaganda hides one simple truth: that the only crime that the Syrian government has committed in imperialist eyes is of having refused to ‘know its place’.

Syria’s leaders have refused to submit to imperialist domination. They have had the temerity to maintain an independent economic and foreign policy rather than allowing American and European multinationals free reign to loot the country’s resources and exploit the country’s people. They have supported anti-imperialist resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon. They have given shelter to millions of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. And they have maintained good diplomatic and trading relations with the three biggest thorns in the side of US imperialism — Russia, China and Iran.

For that stand they have earned the enmity of imperialism and the loyalty of the Syrian masses. And for that they deserve the support of workers and oppressed peoples all over the world.

All-out war against Syria will be bloody and brutal. There is no crime that our rulers will not commit, and no dirty bomb too barbaric for them to use. The people of Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya can testify that electricity and water supplies, hospitals, schools, food stores, crops and public buildings will all be targeted and destroyed. The legacy will be not only the destruction of 60 years’ worth of post-colonial achievements and untold tens or hundreds of thousands of Syrians under Nato bombs, but an ongoing toll of death, disease and disfigurement left by uranium-tipped missiles, white phosphorous and other undeclared contaminants in the very air Syria’s children breathe and the water that is left for them to drink.

Aggressive war against a sovereign nation is the highest crime under international law. Any and all cooperation with such a war is a crime against humanity.

It is time to take a stand and demand that our unions and anti-war movement do likewise. If we collectively refuse to fight or supply the war, the imperialists will have no option but to back down. We must stop allowing ourselves to be complicit in the murder of our sisters and brothers abroad, and in the destruction of their homes and communities. We must refuse any longer to be turned into war criminals by our barbarous and bloodthirsty rulers.

No cooperation with war crimes in Syria!

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