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Erdogan Gone Rabid and Attacking Peaceful Protesters

Posted by: Pedro Ali Alves

Today in Hatay, occupied Syrian Iskandron strip:

Erdogan gone rabid and attacking peaceful protesters in Hatay, 5 detained and lots of injuries, watch the video, they were rallying pro-Bashar, pro-Syria, pro-Ataturk (secularism), anti-Erdogan and anti-fascism.

Turkey’s Erdogan gone also rabid and attacking the people of Hatay brutally by first trying to prevent the pro-Syria pro-secularism against NATO’s Zionist tool Erdogan and his gang fascism then when the people of Hatay referred to a clause in the Turkish constitution allowing them to peacefully protest without a written permit this what happens..! At least 5 were arrested, many injured..

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US Anti-Muslim Movie, Riots, Mainstream Lying And 12 Million Dead In Muslim

By Dr Gideon Polya (JEWISH UNIVERSITY PROFESSOR) The American anti-Muslim movie has deeply offended the Muslim world, this leading to violent riots around the globe. Violence is wrong, counterproductive and only serves the interests of horrendously violent and deadly US state terrorism, UK state terrorism, French state terrorism and Apartheid Israeli state terrorism. Muslims must resolutely inform the world about the Muslim Holocaust of about 12 million Muslims killed from violence (3.6 million) or war-imposed deprivation (8.9 million) in the post-1990 Zionist-backed US War on Muslims.However the lot of Muslims since at the hands of the West since 1945 has involved horrendous colonialism, neo-colonialism, US hegemony and genocide on a huge and bloody scale.
According to UN statistics, since 1950 avoidable deaths from imposed deprivation have totalled 1.3 billion for the World, 1.2 billion for the non-European world and 0.6 billion for the Muslim World, a Muslim Holocaust one hundred (100) times greater than the WW2 Jewish Holocaust (5-6 million killed, 1 in 6 dying from deprivation) or the “forgotten”WW2 Bengali Holocaust (6-7 million Indians, half of them Muslims, deliberately starved to death by the British)The last 2 decades have seen an horrendous Neocon American and Zionist Imperialist (NAZI)-backed Muslim Holocaust and Muslim Genocide in which the UK, NATO, Apartheid Israel and Australia have variously participated and which since 1990 has killed 12 million Muslims through violence or war-imposed deprivation, the breakdown being 0.1 million (Palestinian Genocide; 2 million since 1936), 4.6 million (Iraqi Genocide), 5.6 million (Afghan Genocide), 2.2 million (Somali Genocide), 0.1 million (Libyan Genocide) (for details and documentation see “Muslim Holocaust, Muslim

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Turkish Airline Flying Al-Qaeda from Pakistan to Syrian Borders


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Turkey’s national air carrier, Turkish Air, has been transiting Al-Qaeda and Taliban militants from North Waziristan in Pakistan to the Turkish borders with Syria, sources revealed on Saturday, mentioning that the last group were flown to Hatay on a Turkish Air Airbus flight No. 709 on September 10, 2012.

“The Turkish intelligence agency sent 93 Al-Qaeda and Taliban terrorists from Waziristan to Hatay province near the border with Syria on a Turkish Air Airbus flight No. 709 on September 10, 2012 and via the Karachi-Istanbul flight route,” the source told FNA on Saturday, adding that the flight had a short stop in Istanbul. The 93 terrorists transited to the Turkish border with Syria included Al-Qaeda militants from Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Yemen, Pakistan, Afghanistan and a group of Arabs residing in Waziristan, he added. The source, who asked to remain anonymous due to the sensitivity of his information, further revealed that the Turkish intelligence agency is coordinating its measures with the CIA and the Saudi and Qatari secret services.
FNA dispatches from Pakistan said new al-Qaeda members were trained in North Waziristan until a few days ago and then sent to Syria, but now they are transferring their command center to the borders between Turkey and Syria as a first step to be followed by a last move directly into the restive parts of Syria on the other side of the border. The al-Qaeda, backed by Turkey, the US and its regional Arab allies, had set up a new camp in Northern Waziristan in Pakistan to train Salafi and Jihadi terrorists and dispatched them to Syria via Turkish borders. “A new Al-Qaeda has been created in the region through the financial and logistical backup of Turkey, Saudi Arabia, Qatar and a number of western states, specially the US,” a source told FNA earlier this month. Ali Mahdian told FNA that the US and the British governments have been playing with the al-Qaeda through their Arab proxy regimes in the region in a bid to materialize their goals, specially in Syria.
He said the Saudi and Qatari regimes serve as interlocutors to facilitate the CIA and MI6 plans in Syria through instigating terrorist operations by Salafi and Arab Jihadi groups, adding that the terrorists do not know that they actually exercise the US plans. “Turkey has also been misusing extremist Salafis and Al-Qaeda terrorists to intensify the crisis in Syria and it has recently augmented its efforts in this regard by helping the new Al-Qaeda branch set up a camp in Northern Waziristan in Pakistan to train Al-Qaeda and Taliban members as well as Turkish Salafis and Arab Jihadis who are later sent to Syria for terrorist operations,” said the source. He said the camp in Waziristan is not just a training center, but a command center for terrorist operations against Syria. Yet, the source said the US and Britain are looking at the new Al-Qaeda force as an instrument to attain their goals and do not intend to support them to ascend to power, “because if Salafi elements in Syria ascend to power, they will create many problems for the US, the Western states and Turkey in future”.
“Thus, the US, Britain and Turkey are looking at the Al-Qaeda as a tactical instrument,” he said, and warned of the regional and global repercussions of the US and Turkish aid to the Al-Qaeda and Salafi groups. “Unfortunately, these group of countries have just focused on the short-term benefits that the Salafis and the Al-Qaeda can provide for them and ignore the perils of this support in the long run,” he said. “At present, the western countries, specially Britain which hosts and controls the Jihadi Salafi groups throughout the world are paving the ground for these extremists to leave their homes – mostly in Qatar, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait and the Untied Arab Emirates (UAE) as well as those who live in Europe and the US – for Waziristan,” the source added.

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Protest in Ramallah – an ominous sign for the IsraHell occupation


By Uri Avnery

Uri Avnery argues that foreign aid and Israeli handouts from stolen Palestinian tax revenue provide only temporary relief from Israel’s economic strangulation of the Palestinians, and that a “Palestinian Spring” targeted at the occupation may come sooner rather than later.

Visiting Ramallah after an absence of several months, I was again amazed by the ongoing building activity. Everywhere new high-rise buildings are going up, and many of them are beautiful. (Arabs seem to have an innate talent for architecture, as any world anthology of architecture affirms.)

The building boom seems to be a good sign, confirming Israeli assertions that the economy in the occupied West Bank is flourishing. But on second thought, my enthusiasm faded. After all, the money invested in residential buildings does not go to factories or other enterprises that provide jobs and promote real growth. It only shows that some people are getting rich even under the occupation.

My destination was a diplomatic reception. Some high functionaries of the Palestinian Authority (PA) and other upper-class Palestinians attended.

I exchanged pleasantries with the Palestinian prime minister, Salam Fayyad, and some of the well-dressed guests, and enjoyed the delicacies. I did not discern any excitement.

“Palestinian journalists told me that the price of petrol in the West Bank is almost the same as in Israel: about eight shekels per litre… Since the minimum wage in the West Bank – about 250 US dollars per month, is only a quarter of the Israeli minimum wage, that is atrocious…”

Nobody would have guessed that at that very moment, in the centre of the city, a stormy demonstration was taking place. It was the beginning of a massive protest that is still going on.

The demonstrators in Ramallah and other towns and villages in the West Bank are protesting against the high cost of living and the economic hardship in general.

Palestinian journalists told me that the price of petrol in the West Bank is almost the same as in Israel: about eight shekels per litre. That would be about eight dollars per gallon in the US or 1.7 euro per liter in Europe. Since the minimum wage in the West Bank – about 250 US dollars per month, is only a quarter of the Israeli minimum wage, that is atrocious. (This week the Palestinian Authority hastily lowered the price.)

Recently, on the Muslim Eid al-Fitr holiday ending the Ramadan month of fasting, the occupation authorities surprisingly allowed 150,000 Palestinians to enter Israel. Some went straight to the sea shore, which many of them had never seen before, though they live less than an hour’s drive away. Some went to visit ancestral homes. But many others went on a shopping spree. It appears that many goods are actually cheaper in Israel than in the impoverished occupied territories! (By the way, not a single incident was reported that day.)

The protests were against the PA. It’s a bit like a dog biting the stick, instead of the man who is wielding it.

Actually, the PA is quite helpless. It is bound by the Paris Protocol, the economic appendix of the Oslo agreement. Under this protocol, the occupied territories are part of the Israeli “customs envelope” and the Palestinians cannot fix their own customs duties.

Amira Hass of the Haaretz newspaper cites the following conditions:

“Sooner or later … the wrath of the Palestinian poor will change direction. Instead of blaming the Palestinian Authority, they will turn against their real oppressor: the occupation.”
  • Inhabitants of the Gaza Strip are not allowed to export their agricultural products;
  • Israel exploits the water, minerals and other assets in the West Bank;
  • Palestinian villagers pay much higher prices for water than Israeli settlers;
  • Gaza fishermen cannot fish beyond three miles from the shore;
  • Palestinian inhabitants are forbidden to travel on the main highways, compelling them to make costly and time-consuming detours.

But more than any restrictions, it’s the occupation itself that makes any real improvement impossible. What serious foreign investor would go to a territory where everything is subject to the whims of a military government which has every motive for keeping its subjects down? A territory where every act of resistance can provoke brutal retaliation, such as the physical destruction of Palestinian offices in the 2002 “Operation Defensive Shield”? Where goods for export can rot for months, if an Israeli competitor bribes an official?

Donor nations can give some money to the PA to keep it alive, but they cannot change the situation. Nor would the abolition of the Paris Protocol, as demanded by the demonstrators, change much. As long as the occupation is in place, any progress – if there is any – is conditional and temporary.

Still, the situation in the West Bank remains far better than that in the Gaza Strip.

True, as a result of the “Turkish flotilla”, the blockade of the Strip has been lifted to a large extent. Almost everything can now be brought into the Strip from Israel, though almost nothing can be brought out. Also, the naval blockade is in full force.

However, lately the situation there has been improving rapidly. The hundreds of tunnels under the Egyptian-Gaza border are in practice bringing in everything, from cars to gasoline to building materials. And now, with the Muslim Brotherhood in power in Egypt, this border may be opened completely, a step that would radically change the economic situation of the Strip.

“Donor nations can give some money to the PA to keep it alive, but they cannot change the situation. Nor would the abolition of the Paris Protocol … change much. As long as the occupation is in place, any progress – if there is any – is conditional and temporary.”

Nabeel Shaath, the top Palestinian diplomat, told me at the reception that this may actually be a major obstacle to reconciliation between the Palestine Liberation Organization (PLO) and Hamas. Hamas may want to wait until the economic situation in the Strip surpasses that in the West Bank, reinforcing their chances to win all-Palestinian elections again. Mahmoud Abbas, on his part, hopes that the new Egyptian president will convince the Americans to support the West Bank and strengthen the PA.

(When I reminded Shaath that years ago I attended his wedding at Jerusalem’s now desolate Orient House, he exclaimed: “We thought then that peace was just a step away! Since then, we have been thrown a long distance back!”)

Despite the economic troubles, the picture of the Palestinians as a helpless, pitiable victim is far removed from reality. Israelis may like to think so, as well as pro-Palestinian sympathizers around the world. But the Palestinian spirit is unbroken. Palestinian society is vibrant and self-reliant. Most Palestinians are determined to achieve a state of their own…

On the way to the reception I did not see a single women in the streets with her hair uncovered. The hijabwas everywhere. I remarked on this to a Palestinian friend, who is quite unreligious. “Islam is gaining,” he said. “But that may be a good thing, because it is a moderate form of Islam that will block the radical ones. It is the same as in many other Arab countries.”

I did not perceive any sympathy for the ayatollahs of Iran. But nobody wished for an Israeli attack. “If Iran bombs Israel in retaliation,” Nabeel Shaath remarked, “their missiles will not distinguish between Jews and Arabs. We live so close to each other, that Palestinians will be hit like the Israelis.”

Since my visit, the demonstrations in Ramallah have intensified. It seems that Fayyad serves as a kind of lightning rod for Abbas.

I don’t think that this is just. Fayyad seems to be a decent person. He is a professional economist, a former official of the International Monetary Fund. He is not a politician, not even a Fatah member. His economic viewpoint may be conservative, but I don’t think that this makes much of a difference considering the situation in Palestine.

Sooner or later, and probably sooner rather than later, the wrath of the Palestinian poor will change direction. Instead of blaming the PA, they will turn against their real oppressor: the occupation.

“When the Arab Spring finally arrives in Palestine, its main target will not be Abbas or Fayyad. Abbas is no Mubarak. Fayyad is the very opposite of a Gaddafi. The target will be the occupation.”

The Israeli government is aware of this possibility, and therefore made haste to pay the PA an advance on the tax money that Israel owes the PA. Otherwise the PA – by far the biggest employer in the West Bank – would be unable to pay salaries at the end of this month. But that is only a stopgap measure.

Binyamin Netanyahu may stick to the illusion that all is quiet on the Palestinian front, so that he can concentrate on his efforts to get Mitt Romney elected and frighten Iran. After all, when Palestinians are protesting against Palestinians, that’s OK. The Israeli-Palestinian conflict is frozen. No problem.

But this illusion is, well, an illusion. In our conflict, nothing is ever frozen.

Not only are the settlement activities going on steadily – if quietly – but on the Palestinian side, too, things are moving. Pressures are building up. At some point, they will explode.

When the Arab Spring finally arrives in Palestine, its main target will not be Abbas or Fayyad. Abbas is no Mubarak. Fayyad is the very opposite of a Gaddafi. The target will be the occupation.

Some Palestinians dream about a new intifada, with masses of people marching non-violently against the symbols of the occupation. This may be too much to hope for… But the demonstrations in Ramallah and Hebron may be a sign of things to come.

There is still truth in the old saying, that the conflict here is a clash between an irresistible force and an immovable object.

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Congress was warned about Libya last month


While Washington vacationed in August, the non-partisan Congressional Research Service issued a now prescient-sounding report warning that Libya’s security concerns were an “immediate priority” that might require far more attention and resources than the United States had given it.“Libya’s security remains a function of Libyans’ self-restraint rather than the capability of security authorities,” CRS warned.

That self-restraint broke down severely this week as, according to U.S. officials, an apparently coordinated attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi emerged from a crowded protest, leading to the death of U.S. Ambassador Chris Stevens and others. It was the apex of a string of concerning violent incidents dating back months.

The author of the report, Christopher Blanchard, specialist in Middle Eastern affairs, on Thursday told the E-Ring, “Security has deteriorated since the election [in July] and the government has not appeared able to stop attacks on religious buildings or an ongoing string of assassination attacks on former regime security officials. The attacks on the U.S. offices in Benghazi were the latest and most severe in a series of attacks on foreign diplomatic facilities and international organizations in Libya.” 

“This incident underscores what the State Department itself said in its late August travel warning: militia groups outside of state control are active in Libya and pose a direct threat to Libyans and foreigners.”   

According to Blanchard’s report, which is titled Libya: Transition and U.S. Policy and dated August 9, 2012, Libyan security is severely hampered by several factors, as the country continues to emerge from civil war and moves haltingly toward unifying its governance and security institutions and ad-hoc groups. 

U.S. officials and outside experts, CRS stated, already harbored significant concerns over loose security at the country’s borders and “hundreds of suspected weapons sites,” in addition to massive proliferation of small arms, shoulder-fired MANPADS rockets, and “heavy weaponry” in and just outside of Libya.

The combination of those factors, CRS surmised, specifically worried counterterrorism and arms-trafficking experts, citing “unexploded ordnance, explosive remnants, and looted weaponry.”

The precarious security situation is made worse by the existence and state-reliance on militia groups across the country, only some of which have willingly integrated, to various degrees, with official security forces.  

“Security concerns remain the immediate priority, as a series of isolated armed conflicts and attacks on international targets in several cities have raised serious questions about the ability of the interim authorities to ensure order,” wrote Blanchard. “As of August 2012, militia groups remained active and influential, with some acknowledging and participating in government efforts to assert central security authority. Public displays of weapons, attacks on international targets, and isolated armed clashes underscore the threats posed by some groups. Security officials continue to rely on irregular forces to provide security in much of the country.”

The report continues, “Libyans’ initial euphoria at the downfall of Muammar al Qadhafi has settled into an uneasy mix of hope and fear about the country’s future.” 

By August, CRS concluded, “popular patience has waned.”

On Thursday, Blanchard said Libya’s limited “ability to provide security creates a dilemma for U.S. decision makers.” If the U.S. targets “hostile groups” or even provides direct security support for the Libyan government to do so, it may “inflame local opinion and undermine the image of the recently elected government among some Libyans.”

And any expansion of U.S. assistance would take time and money, both of which are “politically controversial…in both countries.”

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A division of labor: ultras wage parallel battles to shape Egypt’s future




By James M. Dorsey

Militant soccer fans of arch rival Cairo soccer clubs Al Zamalek SC and Al Ahly SC represent two sides of the same coin in the forefront of a struggle for the future of Egypt.

Militants of the Ultras White Knights (UWK), the Zamalek support group, are locked near the US embassy in Cairo into vicious street battles with police and security forces, one of a string of confrontations since last year’s toppling of president Hosni Mubarak. In the ultimate analysis, their struggle aims to force reform of Egyptian law enforcement, the country’s most despised institution, which is widely seen as the brutal enforcers of Mr. Mubarak’s repressive regime, even if those on the battlefield often express their goal in simpler terms of revenge and settling scores.

On the other hand, Al Ahly militants, who together with UWK played a key role in ousting Mr. Mubarak as well as in subsequent street battles that have left scores dead and thousands wounded, have turned their ire on the management of their club in an effort to combat corruption in Egyptian soccer.

Neither battle is easy but achieving victory in the struggle in which UWK has taken the lead is likely to prove far more difficult than turning soccer into a model for the fight against corruption in Egypt and removing the remnants of the Mubarak era.

In a conciliatory move as violence raged around the US embassy in Cairo that no longer had anything to do with the bigoted, fringe US video clip that sparked mass protests across the Muslim world and everything with deep-seated ultras’ animosity towards law enforcement, Ultras Ahlawy, the Al Ahly militants, said they were satisfied with progress in a trial of 74 people, including nine security officials, accused of responsibility for the death in February of 74 of their colleagues in a politically loaded soccer brawl in Port Said.

The ultras’ gesture in a statement late Thursday came days after they had stormed their club’s training ground as well as the offices of the Egyptian Football Association (EFA) to protest the slow progress of the trial and the willingness of the club’s management to acquiesce in the lifting of a seven-month old suspension of soccer imposed in the wake of the Port Said incident before justice for the dead had been achieved and that involved banning the fans from attending matches.

The statement was in stark contrast to repeated assertions by the ultras that the “real culprits” of Port Sid, the leadership of the military and the police and security forces, were not being held accountable for the worst incident in Egyptian sport history. The brawl, in which police did little to prevent the 74 deaths, is widely believed to have been a failed attempt by the military and the police to teach the ultras, emboldened by the overthrow of Mr. Mubarak, a lesson. It is also widely seen as an effort to cut the ultras, one of Egypt’s largest, most organized civic groups, down to size.

“Seven months have passed since the death of our dearest friends. Regardless of the postponement of trial proceedings to Sunday, [the court] has gone a long way towards realizing justice, which will mollify martyrs’ grieving families,” Ultras Ahlawy said on their Facebook page, which has some 577,000 followers.

They attacked Al Ahly’s management for not doing enough to “safeguard the rights of the martyrs,” singling out club chairman Hassan Hamdy. Mr. Hamdy, who doubled as head of advertising of Al Ahram, the flagship of Egypt’s state-run media, has long been seen as a corrupt Mubarak crony. The ultras hold him responsible for a decision by the Switzerland-based Court of Arbitration of Sport (CAS) to overturn a ban imposed by the EFA on Al Masry SC for the role its fans played in the deaths of the Al Ahly militants. CAS issued its ruling after  the EFA failed to attend a court hearing.

Fan fury was further fanned by Mr. Hamdy’s endorsement of world soccer body FIFA executive committee member Hani Abou-Reida, a former member of Mr. Mubarak’s National Democratic Party, for the EFA presidency. “We demand the resignation of Hassan Hamdy’s corrupt board, which neglected the rights of the martyrs. Hamdy endorsed Abou-Reida merely to serve his own interests,” the ultras said.

Ousting Mr. Hamdy and defeating Mr. Abou-Reida in the upcoming EFA election is likely to prove a walk through the woods in comparison to reforming the police and security forces with whom the ultras have been locked into battle in stadiums and on streets since their emergence in 2007 as the most militant force confronting the Mubarak regime.

Reforming the authoritarian police and security forces goes far beyond simply removing Mubarak era figures from their posts. It involves a top-to-bottom radical institutional change and introducing a new organizational culture. It means grooming a community-oriented corps that is depoliticized, focused on protecting civilians and combating domestic violence rather than repressing opposition groups and trained in the respect of human rights and conducting real investigations instead of extracting forced confessions. It also means downsizing the corps which out numbers the military by a ratio of almost 2:1 as well as the bloated interior ministry that oversees it and rewriting laws that have turned the police and security forces into political executers.

All of that is easier said and done. But without it, taking the sting out of repeated, violent confrontations between the highly politicized, street battled-hardened ultras and the police and security forces in a bid to keep Egypt on a steady course of political transformation and economic recovery is likely to prove difficult at best, if not impossible.

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No cooperation with war crimes in Syria!


Once again, the British ruling class is joining with other imperialists in the US and elsewhere to prepare the ground for a criminal and unjustified war against a sovereign state.

Once again, a dirty covert war is being waged in order to destabilise a broad and democratically-elected government and blackmail a people into abandoning its leaders.

Once again, every kind of military, economic and diplomatic pressure is being brought to bear by the most powerful rogue states on the planet as they channel all their resources into trying to oust a popular government.

Once again, the truth is being systematically turned on its head by shameless media hacks and lackey politicians, as wall-to-wall war propaganda tries to convince British workers that those defending their people’s freedom and independence are ‘criminals’, while the hired thugs of imperialism’s death squads are ‘popular revolutionaries’.

Once again, the propaganda hides one simple truth: that the only crime that the Syrian government has committed in imperialist eyes is of having refused to ‘know its place’.

Syria’s leaders have refused to submit to imperialist domination. They have had the temerity to maintain an independent economic and foreign policy rather than allowing American and European multinationals free reign to loot the country’s resources and exploit the country’s people. They have supported anti-imperialist resistance movements in Palestine and Lebanon. They have given shelter to millions of Palestinian and Iraqi refugees. And they have maintained good diplomatic and trading relations with the three biggest thorns in the side of US imperialism — Russia, China and Iran.

For that stand they have earned the enmity of imperialism and the loyalty of the Syrian masses. And for that they deserve the support of workers and oppressed peoples all over the world.

All-out war against Syria will be bloody and brutal. There is no crime that our rulers will not commit, and no dirty bomb too barbaric for them to use. The people of Vietnam, Korea, Yugoslavia, Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya can testify that electricity and water supplies, hospitals, schools, food stores, crops and public buildings will all be targeted and destroyed. The legacy will be not only the destruction of 60 years’ worth of post-colonial achievements and untold tens or hundreds of thousands of Syrians under Nato bombs, but an ongoing toll of death, disease and disfigurement left by uranium-tipped missiles, white phosphorous and other undeclared contaminants in the very air Syria’s children breathe and the water that is left for them to drink.

Aggressive war against a sovereign nation is the highest crime under international law. Any and all cooperation with such a war is a crime against humanity.

It is time to take a stand and demand that our unions and anti-war movement do likewise. If we collectively refuse to fight or supply the war, the imperialists will have no option but to back down. We must stop allowing ourselves to be complicit in the murder of our sisters and brothers abroad, and in the destruction of their homes and communities. We must refuse any longer to be turned into war criminals by our barbarous and bloodthirsty rulers.


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Israel and Jewish identity and power


By Gilad Atzmon
Gilad Atzmon considers the implication of Zionist intellectual Daniel Gordis’s view that Israel is intrinsically linked to Jewish identity and that the demise of the Zionist entity would spell disaster for Jewish power globally, especially in the United States and Europe.

Last month an interesting article was published by Tablet Magazine. The author, Daniel Gordis, is a committed Zionist intellectual who is concerned about the inevitable collapse of the Jewish state and its impact on world Jewry in general and American Jews in particular.

Although it is reassuring that Zionist scholars are realizing that that the Jewish state is on its way out, a more important fact is that Gordis’s article provides a glimpse into contemporary Jewish identity politics, Jewish culture and Zionist collective psychosis. Interestingly, Gordis reaffirms each and every critical argument I myself raise in my latest book, The Wandering Who?

Gordis is tormented by polls suggesting that the centrality of Israel within Jewish American life is declining. Apparently, a recent survey indicates that 50 per cent of young Jewish Americans (aged 35 years and younger) would not see the destruction of Israel as a “personal tragedy”.

“…Jewish omnipotence may be seen as a direct continuum of Israeli strength; when young American Jews witness their elected American politicians dancing shamelessly to AIPAC’s Klezmatic noise, naturally they are filled with a sense of invincibility, and it is this that is the essence of contemporary Jewish collective power – a power that can only be realized in connection with Israeli strength.”

In his attempt to explain such a dramatic change in Jewish diaspora attitude, Gordis refers to Peter Beinart’s take on the subject: that young American Jews feel safe and, unlike their parents, do not fear anti-Semitism.

Beinart is correct. Western Jews are no longer anxious. On the contrary, contemporary Jewish political arrogance knows no limits. The American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC) and similar Western Jewish lobbies have been openly pushing for interventionist wars for more than a decade and some influential Jews have been open in exploring different forms and aspects of Judaeo-centric domination of the media, banking, culture and politics. In fact, it seems that many Jews are not troubled at all by a possible rise of anti-Semitism and are unconcerned with any possible consequences of their own actions.

To a certain extent, this sense of Jewish omnipotence may be seen as a direct continuum of Israeli strength; when young American Jews witness their elected American politicians dancing shamelessly to AIPAC’s Klezmatic noise, naturally they are filled with a sense of invincibility, and it is this that is the essence of contemporary Jewish collective power – a power that can only be realized in connection with Israeli strength.

Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder revisited

Gordis attempts to shake Jewish diaspora confidence by reintroducing the old tribal collective fear. He writes: “Theodor Herzl did what he did and wrote what he wrote because Jewish life in the diaspora had become, to use Hobbes’s phrase, ‘poor, nasty, brutish, and short’.” According to Gordis, contemporary Jews are too self-possessed and feel far too safe. “What happened back then, they assert, could not happen today.” But Gordis believes they are deluded. “American Jews’ confidence resembles that of the Jews of Cordoba – who were forcibly converted, burned alive at the stake and summarily expelled in the Spanish Inquisition.” Similarly, he asserts that, “the Jews of Berlin in 1930 also believed they had found the ultimate enlightened home, that the dark days of Europe would never return. And in the space of but a few years, German Jewry was erased.” Here, Gordis conveys a clear message: in the light of a new potentialShoa [holocaust] “American Jewish life as it now exists would not survive the loss of Israel”.

“Gordis’s message to American Jews is clear. A strong Israel together with AIPAC’s control of American foreign policy is good for the Jews and any alternative is a recipe for disaster.”

In The Wandering Who? I explore the impact of Pre-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Pre-TSD) and I refer in particular to that uniquely Jewish collective tendency to be culturally, spiritually and politically shaped by some phantasmic, imaginary, future disastrous event. Jewish politics is always formed by future trauma. Accordingly, Gordis’s message to his fellow Jews is clear. It isn’t the Shoa of the past that should unite us, it is actually the Shoa ahead that should reawaken our Zionist bond.

Gordis’s message to American Jews is clear. A strong Israel together with AIPAC’s control of American foreign policy is good for the Jews and any alternative is a recipe for disaster. “When some 400 mostly Orthodox rabbis marched on Washington in the October 1943, President Roosevelt simply refused to meet them and departed the White House via a rear door. There were no mass protests, no caravans of buses to Washington to demand help for their European kin.” Nowadays, the situation has changed dramatically. The presidency of the USA is a democratically-elected position reserved for that candidate who has bought the trust of the Jewish lobby.

“Jews today no longer think of themselves as a tiptoeing people,” says Gordis. And why should they? Thanks to Israel and its powerful lobby, they regard themselves as the most influential and powerful ethnic group on the planet. In America, AIPAC dominates foreign policy, in Britain 80 per cent of the governing Conservative Party MPs are members of the powerful Conservative Friends of Israel (CFI) and in France the Representative Council of Jewish Institutions in France (Conseil Représentatif des Institutions juives de France or CRIF) runs the show. Take it from Gordis, an official Zionist mouthpiece, “Israel has changed the existential condition of Jews everywhere, even in America. Without the state of Israel, the self-confidence and sense of belonging that American Jews now take for granted would quickly disappear.” In short, Jews can run the show – but only as long as Israel is unbeatable.

And he is not wrong. As with so many Zionists, Gordis is both frank and consistent, a quality I rarely find within the Jewish anti-Zionist discourse. Gordis openly admits that we are dealing here with a clear paradox. The sense of belonging and security that leads many American Jews to believe that they do not need the state of Israel is itself a product of that very same state of Israel. The lethal arrogance that led Zionists such as Bernard Henri Levi or Jewish Chronicle writer David Aaronovitch to advocate interventionist global wars should be seen as the outcome of a strong Jewish state – a state that quite literally gets away with murder.

Symbolic identifier

In The Wandering Who? I suggest that Israel operates as a key Jewish symbolic identifier so that Jews construct their identity in reference to their Jewish state. This is not only true for Zionist Jews but is also the case for some so-called “anti Zionist Jews” whose identity is inherently tied to their opposition to Zionism and Israel. The disappearance of Israel would leave their political identity stark naked.

Gordis detects a similar pattern amongst liberal American Jews. “Though many American Jews, especially the younger among them, now believe the loss of Israel would not be tragic, Israel continues to energize them in ways that no other issue does.” Gordis continues: “Israel is not just a homeland to Israelis. It is also a ‘state unto the diaspora’; the state that, even from afar, secures the life and instils the passions of Jews all over the world.” This is true not only for Zionists, but also to those very few Jewish anti-Zionists who, by means of negation, passionately cling to Israel.

Apocalypse soon

Gordis seems to realize that, for Israel, the game is over, but he realizes that this may also entail a collapse of Jewish power. “The loss of Israel would fundamentally alter American Jewry. It would arrest the revival of Jewish life now unfolding in parts of Europe. And Israeli Jewry would be no more. The end of Israel would, in short, end the Jewish people as we know it.”

The current “Jewish golden epoch” is coming to its inevitable end. Yet, the question that remains is whether Zionist and Israeli leaders would let our planet survive the collapse of their latest Jewish empire? Following Binyamin Netanyahu’s, Ehud Barak’s and AIPAC’s relentless push for Armageddon, and bearing in mind that collective suicidal narratives such as Samson and Masada are so precious within the Zionist and Israeli discourses, we should stay on high alert. Sadly, turning our planet into dust is fully consistent with the Israeli and Zionist mission.

It is down to world leaders to dismantle Israel and its powerful Jewish lobbies wisely and carefully, accepting all the time that we are dealing with a very lethal entity. But it is also down to each one of us to be fully attentive to Gordis’s exchange with his fellow diaspora Jews. It is down to us to oppose any form or symptom of Jewish power: Zionist, “anti-Zionist” and Sabbath Goyim alike. It is down to us to save ourselves and our universe, but also to save the Jews who may bring about a disaster on themselves and on us all.

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Jim Stone: Batman Movie Massacre Was Staged

James Holmes is a patsy, visibly confused as to why he ended up in his predicament. His demeanor is of one who has been extensively drugged, which would account for his amnesia. It would also explain why he was found slumped over a steering wheel and detained without incident.
(Editor’s Note: I reserve judgment but present this information for discussion purposes. ) 

by James Farganne
Denver’s Westword Magazine has recently reported on a bizarre twist in the Aurora theatre shooting case: to wit, one witness has made the incredible allegation that she was shot not by defendant James Egan Holmes, but by Aurora police chief Dan Oates.

According to this stunning allegation, made in an August 27 “Motion to Intervene”, the claimant was visited at home by police chief Dan Oates (a recent import from the NYPD) and Dist. Atty. Carol Chambers.

She alleges that Oates and Chambers blackmailed her into falsely testifying as a victim of the shootings – threatening, if she refused, to prosecute her on charges of prostitution and charity fraud. The police chief then shot her in “places that were not life threatening” so that she would appear to have been shot by Holmes himself.

The motion also claims that other so-called victims are actors working for the conspirators, calls for everyone involved to take polygraph tests, and demands a congressional investigation.

These are bombshell allegations. One would think that those accused, if they were innocent, would want exoneration. So how did the Arapahoe County Court respond?

Judge William Sylvester remarked that “the Court has information that the named victim … did not file this pleading, and it appears that someone may be filing pleadings with false names.” 

Based on these vague references to undisclosed “information” and the “appearance” of foul play, the judge declared the motion illegitimate, struck it down, and released it, redacting the filer’s name. 

But he didn’t stop there. He also ordered that the county’s Adult Protection Services consider the redacted party for mental health evaluation – an action that brings to mind the recent warrantless detention of Brandon Raub.
Instead of fully disclosing the motion and investigating the claims, Judge Sylvester redacted the former and pronounced the latter to be insane.

Do you smell a rat? If so, the following information might be of interest to you.


Investigative reporter Jim Stone, whose Fukushima Report (May 2011) implicated Israel in that disaster, has presented compelling evidence for his conclusion that the Aurora shooting simply never happened at all.

If Stone is correct that Aurora was a staged “Wag the Dog” event, then it lends credence to the claimant’s allegations. 

Here I will go over the most damning holes he has blown in the official story. Those wanting a more complete picture can review all the material at Stone’s website, linked here.

First, in our CCTV- and smart-phone-ridden era, how is it possible that we have no visuals of the shooting? Not one single tape from inside the theater has surfaced – let alone a phone-cam video on YouTube. We have yet to see so much as a photo from inside, or any CCTV footage from the mall itself.


Second, look at the blood splatters reported to have come from the body of an injured child as she was carried out of the theater. Aside from the lack of bloody footprints, why do the splatters point toward the theater door, rather than away from it?

Third, “victim” Jessica Redfield (a.k.a Jessica Ghawi) was a TV intern who claimed to have witnessed a mass shooting at a shopping mall in Toronto in June 2012. Stone found  that on her Twitter feed, she claimed on June 2 to have been present at a mass shooting only weeks earlier. She replied “Buhahahahaha” to a joke about shooting.What can account for her jocular tone?


In other tweets, Redfield/Ghawi announced that she was set to move into a lavish new living situation replete with swimming pools and ponds – digs well beyond the means of a mere intern.

After Aurora, her name hit the Social Security Death Index a bit too soon: immediately. Stone figures that her taking a big payout for her participation in a staged event would explain these anomalies.

Additionally – and Stone provides the math to back this up – the odds of one person witnessing two mass shootings in their lifetime, let alone one summer, are about 1 in 23 billion: vanishingly small.

Fourth, since pictures can be so much more expressive than figures and words, consider the following photograph from Aurora, with Stone’s comments.


Fifth, consider the alleged perpetrator, Holmes. How is it possible that a timid graduate student, who had never handled a gun, suddenly found the wherewithal to avail himself of military-grade firearms and body armor, to trick out his apartment with sophisticated booby traps, and to shoot that many people in a dark environment where they would surely be diving for cover under the seats?

Simple. It isn’t possible. James Holmes is a patsy, visibly confused as to why he ended up in his predicament. His demeanor is of one who has been extensively drugged, which would account for his amnesia. It would also explain why he was found slumped over a steering wheel and detained without incident.


Now for the hard evidence that the Aurora shooting was nothing but a mock-up. Fortunately, it comes to us right out of the rats’ mouths: the police dispatch tapes.

You read that correctly. Audio links at Stone’s site, sourced from, clearly reveal that the Aurora police were not rushing to a real crime scene that night. 

Rather, they were coordinating a drill.

At minute 11 of the first recording, the police units check in with each other and verify that all participants are ready. At minute 14, they discuss the positions they will be taking up at the mall. Five further audio links contain the dialogue of the drill itself.

In the seventh and final recording, the cops blandly discuss locations for photo ops with the “families” of the “victims”. In a real emergency, of course, the families would never have allowed their loved ones to wait bleeding in the ambulances while they posed for the shutter.


These recordings alone are enough to prove that no shots were fired in the theater that night. The testimony of whoever filed the Motion to Intervene indicates that the real victims – the ones who ended up at the hospital that night – were undesirables rounded up and blackmailed into falsely testifying, or murdered outright. It might also explain the very sinister circumstances surrounding the sudden death of a nurse who was in the emergency room that night, and who could very well have been told, by dying patients, the real reasons they were there.

Photos from the “crime scene” show that the coordinators of this false flag event should have been more selective when screening actors to cry crocodile tears for the cameras of a complicit media establishment.

From the actions of Judge Sylvester in quashing the Motion and redacting the claimant’s name, we can deduce that the court system in Arapahoe County is as corrupt as the Aurora police.

I expect that many will wonder: if no shooting took place, then who was in the theater? Wouldn’t they be telling everyone that the shooting never happened? 

Well, in the official account, theater attendance was down that night, just as the planes on 911 were two-thirds empty. A low number of participants, all in on the game, makes the secret easier to conceal.
In many precedent false flag events, including 9/11, drills coincided with real events so as to muddle the waters. In this case, the drill was the stand-in for an event that never happened at all.
First Comment by Elm:

The Stunned, The Drugged & The Surprised Patsy
In Response to, “Jim Stone: Batman Movie Massacre Was Staged”
The Batman Movie PSYOP is characteristic of at least two other historically pivotal events, that of the assassination of JFK on November 22, 1963, & also more recently, the November 4th, 1995, assassination of Israeli Prime Minister Yitzhak Rabin. Like Holmes, neither the accused & convicted assassin Yigal Amir nor Harvey Oswald were aware they had actually shot or murdered anyone. 

Individuals present at the peace rally in Tel Aviv during the preceding moments to Rabin’s actual assassination heard & recorded Amir exclaiming several times he had only fired blanks. Canadian born Israeli author Barry Chamish presents evidence in his book “Who Murdered Yitzhak Rabin,” that Rabin was shot in his car on the way to the hospital, & not by Amir, as the official story to this day relates. All three — Holmes, Amir AND Harvey Oswald were indeed, confused as to the situation in which they found themselves — Oswald actually protesting his innocence live on camera & fully convinced of certain exoneration. 

According to Oswald’s girlfriend Judyth Vary Baker, Oswald was aware JFK was being set up, but he could do nothing about it. See Me And Lee
These cloaked operations harken back to Nazi means & methods, in particular the torching of the Reichstag on 27th February, 1933, and the Gleiwitz Incident on August 31, 1939, in which Nazi soldiers posing as Poles staged a fake attack on the German radio station Sender Gleiwitz in Gleiwitz, Upper Silesia. 

In the case of the Reichstag fire, a Dutch Communist by the name of Van der Lubbe was left wandering outside the Reichstag, arrested & charged with the offense. In any case, whereas the Reichstag fire led to a suspension of civil liberties & a consolidation of Nazi power, the Gleiwitz Incident served as a pretext for a full scale invasion of Poland, & as evidence to the world Germany was the aggrieved party. 

In a repeat performance of the Reichstag Mechanism, events on 9/11 seem to follow a well trodden & dog-eared formula. On page 437 of his 1300+ page historical treatise, Bill Clinton’s Georgetown mentor and author of “Tragedy and Hope: A History of The World In Our Time,” writes it was a homosexual arson squad drawn from SA leadership that torched the Reichstag in 1933.

Many of these false flag & patsy events leave open wounds – wounds like JFK & even 9/11 that haven’t healed to this day. Even the Reichstag Fire in 1933 still resonates in history, & upon human consciousness with a darkness. It would seem then, if history does repeat itself, America is today post Reichstag Fire with 1939 still to come. But then, America isn’t Germany.

(Makow – Then there is 9-11 itself which was completely staged. No planes. Paid witnesses. 
Planes inserted in films later.) 

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1911 Llanelli Rail Strike commemorated


On Saturday 18th August there was a march and rally to commemorate the anniversary of the Llanelli rail strike of 1911. The strike was memorable both for the slaughter of two workers by the British army, and for the heroic and steadfast spirit of resistance which animated the strikers and their many supporters. The CPGB-ML contingent was proud to support this event, distributing their literature as they marched through Llanelli.

At the rally many spoke about the spirited local campaign to prevent the downgrading of the Accident and Emergency service at the local Prince Phillip hospital. Sadly, a number of speeches seemed more concerned with point-scoring between Labour and Plaid Cymru, with each blaming the other for the threatened cuts coming down the line. A speaker from the CPGB-ML was invited by Llanelli Trades Council to say a few words, a welcome opportunity to put the historical events of 1911 in the context of today’s crisis of capitalism and the tasks facing the working class. The comrade spoke as follows:

On behalf of the CPGB-ML I would like to thank Llanelli Trades Council for inviting me to say a few words on this day of commemoration.

When we recall the murder by the British army of John John and Leonard Worsell, we do not comfort ourselves with the false idea that this was the last time workers were slain by the British state.  It is sufficient to recall

(a) the fatal battering of anti-Nazi campaigner Blair Peach in 1979;

(b)the judicial murder of Jean Charles de Menezes in 2005, shot seven times in the head whilst pinned to the ground in Stockwell tube station;

(c) the killing of bystander Ian Tomlinson at the G20 demo in 2010, now revealed to have been the subject of a criminal cover-up by the official pathologist; and

(d) the public execution of father-of-three Mark Duggan in 2011 on the streets of Tottenham.

All four were victims of state violence. In their case, the instruments of the state wore police uniforms. The army in recent years has been reserved for the slaughter of workers in faraway places – though we note that the Irish murdered in Ireland by the Parachute Regiment on Bloody Sunday (to mention but one of the myriad crimes against the Irish nation) were said by the colonisers to have met their deaths on ‘British soil’.

In remembering the events which took place in Llanelli one hundred years ago, we are inspired by the fighting spirit shown by working people resisting capitalism, by the spirit of non-cooperation which erupted even within the army itself, and by the electrifying effect this resistance had throughout the whole community. So far from being merely a historical footnote, the events of the 1911 Llanelli rail strike have real and urgent lessons for all those workers today who are fighting to prevent their living standards being ground down by a capitalist system in crisis.

The uprisings triggered last summer by the assassination of Mark Duggan revealed a depth of anger amongst young workers deprived of a decent future by the crisis of capitalism, and a willingness to fight back against a system that is effectively declaring war on the entire working class. Those uprisings were closer to the true spirit of 1911 than anything the TUC has yet come up with by way of ‘coordinating resistance’, despite the proven willingness of local government workers, doctors, construction workers, teachers, transport workers, students and Occupy activists to make a fight of it. All that is missing is the political leadership.

It is time to stop lying to the working class about the character of this crisis. The choice which faces us all is not ‘destructive cuts’ versus ‘humane cuts’. The choice is between a warmongering capitalist barbarism spinning out of control – or socialism. The best commemoration of the martyrs, strikers and fighters of 1911 will come when the red flag is hoisted over Wales, Scotland and England. Bring it on! Join the struggle! Long live the spirit of 1911!”

After the rally, we marched up the hill to the cemetery where our two fallen comrades are buried. We laid one floral tribute (from the CPGB-ML) on the grave of Leonard Worsell, and a second (from Red Youth) on the grave of John John.

Report by Wales and South West Region CPGB-ML

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