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‘Jewish Democracy An Oxymoron’


Democracy and Theocracy cannot exist together in one place.

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Zio-Nazi American Jew Murders Christian Palestinian in Eilat


1. Here’s a headline you won’t see:

“American Zionist Jew on US Tax-payer Subsidized Trip to Israel Murders an  Arab Christian”

William Hershkovitz from Poughkeepsie, New York, murdered Armando Abedwho was a chef and apparently Hershkovitz’s supervisor, at a resort hotel in Israeli-occupied Eilat. Hershkowvitz was in Israel on a work-study program called Oranim that we’ve featured in the past here at Mantiq al-Tayr. Oranim is funded in part by the Jewish Agency – essentially an arm of the Israeli government – which in turn gets lots of money from its North American chapter which is headquartered in New York.

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s headquarters is located in Jerusalem, but there are also satellite sites worldwide. The Jewish Agency for Israel North America, which is currently headed by Misha Galperin, is the organization’s main fundraising arm in North America, and is a registered 501(c)(3).[23]


Israeli commandos fucked up and ended up killing Hershkovitz. We here at Mantiq al-Tayr do solute them however and hope they will treat all killers of Palestinians the same way.  May as well get something for all of the money we give them.

Most press reports say the murder was a “work-related” dispute. However:

“This was a terror attack in every way,” a cousin told Yedioth Ahronoth. “The murderer had said that he hates Arabs and he killed Armando just because he belongs to a minority.”

And you helped pay for it. And you will continue to pay for these crimes until you wake up one day and find you have nothing left. And that day is coming soon, very soon.

2. No doubt even Shas Party members are aware that crazy right-wing Zionist Israel-firsters tend to love Mitt Romney and dislike the current Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Barry Barack Hussein Sotero Obama.  However, lest you fear that there aren’t tons of Jews who just love Barry and consider him to be a complete total suck up to Israel and therefore worth supporting, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr wanted to take moment to show you that Mark Glenn’s favorite actress, Sarah Silverman, has publicly offered to jerk Sheldon Adelson off if would give 100 million of his ill-gotten wealth to Obama instead of to Romney.

I am not making this up. Here’s the link to the video. It is about the most disgusting thing I’ve seen Silverman do, and that’s saying something considering her long line of utterly gross performances.  Warning, if you watch the video you will become uncontrollably angry and will then smash your computer.

(Note to Shas Party members: I was just kidding about Mark Glenn. Mark’s opinion of Ms. Silverman and her work is the same as mine.)

Loving Obama is also something that Sarah Silverman’s sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman, does too. According to this article she’s even making a pro-Obama video, though so far I’ve found no indication that it is on the Net.  Silverman’s sister is married to an American Rabbi and the two of them live on land stolen from Palestinians in Jerusalem.  Silverman’s husband is himself the product of a Jewish radicalization program featured here at Mantiq al-Tayr in the past called “Camp Young Judaea” which is designed to turn American Jews into Israelis – at tax-payer expense.

It seems that the Young Judaea website is being redone as a result of this sinister outfit’s reorganizing and becoming independent from its mother, the Hadassah monster.  There are some indications that it’s 501(c)(3) status is now pending, but the movement appears quite strong. It was a 501(c)(3) in the past as you can see by clicking here. And if you click here you can read about their reorganization and their plans.

Camp Tel Yehuda is one of their premier camps and it is pretty open about its role as an espionage agent for Israel. Go to their site and read about how the camp aims to turn every Jew into “an ambassador of Israel wherever you live in the world”

And you get to subsidize their espionage against you. Hahahahaha.  Be sure to vote in November.

Wonder if Hershkokvitz ever went to one of Young Judaea’s camps?

3. More proof that powerful Jews consider Obama to be a complete total suck up to Israel.

4. Well it’s video time. First up is a video slide show about how wonderful it is to work in hotels in Eilat under the Oranim program. They should up date it with a slide showing that sometimes you even get to kill an Arab.

Here’s an interesting quote:

Soon after the city’s occupation, the Zionists made an agreement with its inhabitants that they could stay. But soon after, the Zionists reneged on their promise and detained over 3,000 men in a concentration camp, and on the same day they started looting the city. On July 14th, 1948, the city’s inhabitants were ethnically cleansed (forcible expulsion) out of the city. From the 17,000 Palestinians who used to call al-Ramla home, only 400 people were allowed to stay.

But now, if you are a Jew, you can go on tax-payer subsidized trips to Ramla and teach English to other Jews on land stolen from its native inhabitants. It’s really great fun as you can see below.

You know, you can make sick disgusting anti-Islam and anti-Muslim videos and  pretend to be a martyr for free speech. But do a show about Zionist crimes, now that shouldn’t be allowed.

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German state TV reports: Syrian rebels claim responsibility for attack on Turkey


by R. Teichmann

On Oct. 4th, the German state TV channel ZDF reported on the attack on Turkey several times.

„Raketen- und Granatfeuer. Die Türkei übt Vergeltung für einen Angriff von syrischer Seite. Gestern Nachmittag hatten syrische Rebellen einen türkischen Ort in Grenznähe beschossen. Seit Wochen schon warnt Ankara davor, die Türkei zu provozieren. Inzwischen haben sich die syrischen Rebellen ganz offiziell zu der Provokation bekannt.“

Translation: (emphasis added)

“Rocket and mortar fire. Turkey takes revenge after an attack from the Syrian side. Yesterday afternoon Syrian rebels fired on a Turkish village close to the border. For weeks Ankara had warned against provoking Turkey. Meanwhile Syrian rebels officially claimed responsibility for the provocation.”

Only 3 hours later in its Heute in Europa”  at 1600 hours it reports:

01:40 – 01:52


“Raketen und Granatfeuer. Vergangene Nacht übte die Türkei Vergeltung für einen Angriff von syrischer Seite. Gestern Nachmittag hatten Rebellen einen türkischen Ort in Grenznähe beschossen.“


“Rocket and mortar fire. Last night Turkey took revenge for an attack from the Syrian side. Yesterday afternoon rebels fired on a Turkish village close to the border.

0220 – 0227

Aussage eines Einheimischen (Türke): „Die syrischen Rebellen versuchen, uns in ihren Konflikt zu verwickeln. Wir müssen da sehr vorsichtig sein.“


Testimony of a local Turk: “The Syrian rebels try to draw us into their  conflict. We have to be very careful here.”

In their main evening news  “Heute” at 1900 hours they report:

01:40 – 01:53


„Raketen- und Granatfeuer. Vergangene Nacht übte die Türkei Vergeltung. Gestern Nachmittag hatten die Syrer einen Ort in Grenznähe beschossen. Die Spannungen zwischen den Nachbarn waren eskaliert – Ankara schlug zurück.“


“Rocket and mortar fire. Last night Turkey took revenge. Yesterday afternoon the Syrians fired on a Turkish village close to the border. The tensions between the neighbours had escalated – Ankara retaliated.”

In the late evening news “Heute Journal” at 2300 hours they reported:

0154 – 0205

“Raketen und Granatfeuer. Vergangene Nacht übte die Türkei Vergeltung. Gestern Nachmittag war von syrischer Seite ein Ort in Grenznähe beschossen worden. Die Spannung eskalierte. Ankara schlug zurück.”


“Rocket and mortar fire. Last night Turkey took revenge. Yesterday afternoon a village close to the border had been fired upon from the Syrian side. The tension escalated – Ankara retaliated.”

0235 – 0242

“Zerschossene Häuser und menschenleere Straßen. Noch ist nicht einmal klar, wer eigentlich geschossen hat, die syrische Armee oder die Rebellen.”


“Houses shot to pieces and streets devoid of people. It is not even clear yet who really fired, the Syrian army or the rebels.” 

The first victim of war is the truth

The first report clearly states that the rebels officially claimed responsibility for the attack on Turkey.

It is telling to see how the pressure on this TV station worked. They had to back-paddle:

At 1300 it was the Syrian Rebels officially claiming responsibility.

In the main evening news at 1900 it was the Syrians (suggesting the Syrian army). This is a prime example of how the first and probably most authentic and truthful report is turned and twisted by the spin doctors to come to the desired result. In these times of Orwellian double speak we have to give credit to the ZDF that they did not stick with “The Syrians did it” but at least ended with a question mark – in the late evening they leave it open who was responsible.

Supporting the original ZDF report that the rebels are responsible for the attack is another video  (Source: Syria News) which shows that the rebels have the equipment to carry out such an attack.

These mortar shells are Russian-made, at least, the armed Western-backed fighters state this in this video on YouTube. It seems that they use ammunition that they got by attacks of arms depots of the Syrian Arab Army.

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Delisting of MKO will boomerang on U.S.‎

Hasan Kazemi
The United States’ recent decision to remove the Mojahedin Khalq Organization from

its list of foreign ‎terrorist organizations will have no impact on the public perception of

the group as a notorious ‎terrorist entity. ‎

The move was a carbon copy of what the European Union did several years ago, and it is a clear ‎example of the double standards the U.S. government applies in dealing with the issue of terrorism. ‎

‎Over the past few years, Washington has labeled many Muslim governments and organizations as ‎terrorists, only because of their brave resistance against the hegemonic policies of the West. ‎However, the MKO has admitted that it has killed more than ‎‏16,000‏‎ innocent citizens and government ‎officials of Iran, and no one can deny that the group is terrorist. The United States’ double standards in ‎dealing with the issue of terrorism and its blatant support for groups like the MKO will certainly ‎encourage other terrorist organizations to expand the scope of their carnage. ‎

However, the Iraqi government recently decided to close down Camp Ashraf, which was the last ‎sanctuary of the MKO on Iraqi soil. The move greatly angered Washington, since U.S. officials had ‎made every effort to save the camp, which many political analysts say is being used as a strategic ‎platform for pressuring the Iranian government and nation. Despite the massive amount of pressure ‎imposed on them by Western governments, the Iraqi people and government stood firm on their ‎legitimate demand and showed that they are opposed to anything that undermines Iraq’s national ‎security. ‎

The amicable and brotherly relationship Iran and Iraq currently enjoy has its roots in the two countries’ ‎common cultural and religious values. Thus, the U.S. decision to delist the MKO is expected to have no ‎impact on these friendly ties. Time will prove that legitimizing the activities of a notorious terrorist ‎group will harm the national interests of the United States more than the interests of any other ‎country.‎

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The Victory Hour with Max French

The Victory Hour with Max French Oct 6 2012

by crescentandcross


Download Here



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Journalist Almost Assasinated for Exposing Turkey Delivering Weapons to Syrian Rebels


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Assad in rare appearance: Enemy has IsraHelli weapons



Syrian president makes rare public appearance at annual memorial ceremony for 1973 war; compares war to current crisis. Meanwhile, dozens more killed in infighting


President Bashar Assad made a rare appearance on Saturday at the annual memorial ceremony honoring Syrians who died in the 1973 war with Israel.

Assad first laid a wreath before the ‘anonymous soldier’ monument in Damascus. The wreath was presented to him by two orphans who lost their fathers during the war. Later he took part in a public prayer session.

Syrian national television aired the ceremony and praised the “magnificent Syrian victory that brought pride to the Arab nation.” However, this time the national television station linked the 1973 war to current violent events in the country.

“There are many similarities between the current aggressive activity and the circumstances of the 1973 October war,” said Assad during the ceremony, “Syria is confronted with an enemy armed with Israeli and Western weapons aimed at destroying Syria, and its people are being punished for foiling the conspiracies of our neighboring countries.”

The national TV network stressed the claim that the current violence in Syria was instigated by a foreign conspiracy, while emphasizing the Syrian regime’s support for anti-Israeli organizations such as Hezbollah.

General Fahd Jassem al-Freij, chief of staff of the Syrian army, made a rare statement during the ceremony, saying the Syrian government is willing to grant amnesty to Syrian rebels who will express regret for their actions, while rebels who will not show remorse “will be squashed under the footsteps of our troops.”

al-Freij also said that the Syrian military will soon restore safety to the country, and that “the most dangerous parts of the conspiracy are behind us, and slaughtering is on its way down.”

Despite these statements, violence in Syria is showing no signs of calming down.

Syrian activists told foreign news agencies that approximately 60 people were killed during the fights between the army and the rebels on Saturday. Approximately 30,000 were killed in Syria since the beginning of the civil war 18 months ago.

Memorials for the 1973 war took place Egypt as well. This year marked the first time the memorial ceremonies were held under the Muslim Brotherhood regime. President Mohamed Morsi laid a wreath on slain president Anwar Sadat’s grave.

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Greta Berlin in Salem, MA


by Ariadna Theokopoulos

A lucky few had front row seats at Great Berlin’s Oyer and Terminer cybertrial. The hall was packed and it was standing room only for most attendees. Hushed whispers, excited twitters, and face-to-face exchanges in the back seats created an ominous droning sound.

“What did she do exactly?”
“You don’t know?! She posted a video.”
“No, I mean one of those.”
“No friggingfreespeech way! She didn’t clear it with anyone?”
“No, she claimed it was not supposed to be widely disseminated; she probably knew it might create a furore, but it somehow got sent out of the Freegaza account.”
“But someone said it was just one of those stupid videos that bark up the wrong tree, chewing the old cud about the Zionist Jews’ role in the holocaust.”
“No, it is a lot worse. It is one of those provocative videos, like David Duke’s. You know the BDS saying: “You post, you’re toast.”

“That’s an incredibly dumb video though. Like there isn’t enough current stuff to talk about regarding the role of the Jews in the banking collapse, for one thing.”
“That would not be an approved video either. In fact worse. One of these days I swear I’ll see you up there in Greta’s box. Don’t you get it? It can’t be about the Jews, only about zionists and some Israelis, and not all of them, only the bad ones, like Netanyahu.”
“Did she say that she liked the video and approved of its content?”
“That’s another silly question. What’s wrong with you today? It does not matter that she did not say that. It is bad enough that she watched it and/or sent it on. If we all did stupid things like that where would we be? We’d all be watching and reading anything and discussing it!”
We cannot afford to… wait, how did he put it?
“Can’t remember his name exactly Steve Damsel or Hamsel from Jerusalem, formerly from the US. In his blog called Desert Peace he called her “a witch” and said “we can’t afford to alienate anybody.”
“ Smart guy. He is right: what kind of protest movement would we be if we upset people?”
“I read Emily Hauser in the Daily Beast. She explained that Greta harms the Palestinian cause and Emily knows her onions. Her Palestinian onions, as it were, because she said she was talking “as a Jew, a Zionist, and an Israeli.” She even added “as a pro-Palestinians activist I’m pretty pissed off.”

“Shhhhhh@! He is coming!”
“Ali Abounimah. Don’t you recognize him by his limp?”
“What happened to him?”
“Atzmon caught his you know what in a revolving door.”
“What ‘you know what’?”
“I don’t know if the word is on the approved list. In Yiddish it’s beitsam. I guess I can say it in Spanish: cojones.
And since you still look clueless I’ll tell you the revolving door was the business with Ali saying culture does not matter.
Well, Atzmon turned the revolving door back on him with Goldhagen or something and Ali has been limping ever since.”
“Oh, no, he’s coming closer to Greta and sniffing her. He can sniff Atzmon on anybody from a mile away. He looks ready to pounce on her.”
“How can he pounce while limping and wrapped in that djellaba?”
“It’s a judge’s robe but he had it cut like a djellaba: makes him look more Palestinian.
“I hear Naomi Klein resigned from the FG advisory board. A way of saying she can’t be associated with an organization that watches videos. Those videos.“
“Who will speak for the accused? Will someone say anything about her contribution, or that doesn’t count? She founded FG, didn’t she?”
“Maybe, but only in the introduction prior to reading her charges. Makes them, you know, balanced.
“But the Palestinians? I mean the Palestinians in Palestine, especially Gaza?”
“What about them? What do they have to do with this? Leave them out of this discussion. This is far more important. It’s all about racism, that is, its worst form ever, anti-semitism.
Which is why Ali monitors discussions of a group of 1,000 members or more. You can’t have people flapping their jaws on their own.”
“You’re right. Greta was on probation anyhow. She went off the reservation by saying Atzmon had been ‘demonized.’ I swear that’s the word she used. I think Ali will tear her flesh off the bone, just watch.”
“How do you know?”
“ Haven’t you read Harry’s Place? They’re challenging Ali to prove he is not an anti-semite, and giving him a list of the next candidates for Oyer and Terminer. 
Here, read this copy:

“I’m not sure he really believes what he’s saying.
The thing is, Ali Abunimah’s website isn’t much better at all. Abunimah encourages antisemites of similar stock to Greta Berlin, to write for the Electronic Intifada.
Electronic Intifada still lists Sonja Karkar as an author.

Electronic Intifada recently published Stephen Salaita.
Stephen Salaita is a fan of the antisemite Gilad Atzmon.

Ali Abunimah himself has condemned Atzmon for years for antisemitism. Whilst dismissing Atzmon, Abunimah claimed “We must protect the integrity of our movement”. But he still lets one of Atzmon’s admirers write on his blog.
Abunimah also publishes the antisemite Ben White.”

“Some say this is guilt by association and they say it like there’s anything wrong with it as an accusation. Harry’s Place called Ali a “weird and creepy guy.” Next stop: anti-semitesville. So Ali has to, you know, put out.”
“But why isn’t it starting?”
“They’re waiting for Avi Mayer, you know who he is, the head honcho of the Jewish Agency for Israel.”
“But what is he doing here? He is not FG. In fact he says the Free Gaza Movement endorses violence against Israel.”
“No, in this he is with us. In a manner of speaking. It’s complicated.
At any rate, this is the kind of video that should not be circulated at all, so when the FG deleted it from their tweet account, Avi Mayer used a screenshot he had taken of it and posted it.”
“Obvious: so everyone can see what they better not watch and pass around.“
“I am beginning to pity her, if he cross examines her.”
“I know, he is merciless.”
“No, worse: I am told he has a killer halitosis.”
“Quiet now, they’re ready to begin.”

12 Responses to Greta Berlin in Salem, MA

  1. Roy BardLog in to Reply

    October 7, 2012 at 9:54 am

    Over at 972, Larry Derfner says Greta has been slandered.

    It seems that she posted the video as an example of “the terrible propaganda that could be spewed on websites”, intending it for the eyes of a small discussion group only.

    Derfner is satisfied that it is not the case that “she believes in this psychotic, frothing-at-the-mouth garbage about Jews

    Free Gaza’s defence is that Facebook did it:

    For some reason, Facebook connected our Free Gaza account to her personal Facebook account, and the link was posted.

    oh dear, oh dear, oh dear…

  2. Jonathon BlakeleyLog in to Reply

    October 7, 2012 at 10:50 am

    best laugh I have had all week. ;-)

    Ali (Anti-semite finder General) Abunimah, I am reminded of this instructive piece on a related matter of finding witches, anti-semites and other heathens.

    • Roy BardLog in to Reply

      October 7, 2012 at 1:42 pm

      Surely it would help the movement muchly if Ali the Bookburner just published a comprehensive list of all the materials that we aren’t allowed to view, and the websites that we aren’t allowed to visit or link to, if we want to be part of his solidarity movement……

      I’m sure Harry’s Place and his co-campaigners such as Avi Meyer would join him. Greenie would be able to kosherise it and everyone could feel safe and smug.

      Except possibly the Palestinians – but hey they don’t appear to be the priority any more….

  3. Jonathon BlakeleyLog in to Reply

    October 7, 2012 at 3:06 pm

    I thought the same thing too, It would help greatly if we in activism movement knew what was kosher and what was not, and also who is kosher and who is not.

    But seriously….

    It seems to me that the activism movement is being divided in to the kosher approved form and everthing else which has been loosley categorised (falsely so) as anti-semitic in nature.

    • who_meLog in to Reply

      October 7, 2012 at 6:16 pm

      “It seems to me that the activism movement is being divide in to the kosher approved form and everthing else which has been loosley categorised (falsely so) as anti-semitic in nature.”

      that’s how it is done. divide and conquer, jp edition.

  4. Paul LarudeeLog in to Reply

    October 8, 2012 at 2:00 am

    Dispel the Doubts? What Doubts?

    I am not going to waste my time trying to liberate Palestine by prosecuting Greta Berlin for the offense of – in essence – turning onto a one-way street against the traffic.

    Doing so gets a lot of attention, and the drivers heading towards you will say a lot of nasty things. However, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you secretly harbor a desire to sabotage the traffic or that you are part of a movement to end one-way streets. It means that you weren’t paying attention to the road signs.

    Greta has apologized for the error. According to Ali Abunimah, however, “many people” want to “dispel the doubts” by having Greta publish the full conversation in which the offending video link occurs.

    What doubts?

    This is not a rhetorical question. What exactly is the accusation, if any? I have to stretch my imagination quite a bit to even guess the intention of this statement. That Greta is a closet racist? A spy?

    Or is this just a fishing expedition? A grand jury? A House Unpalestinian Activities Committee investigation, looking for anything that might lead to an indictment?

    What Ali and Co. are asking (to continue the analogy) is to know who else was in the car, what the contents of the trunk (boot) may have been, the car specifications and legal ownership, any outstanding liens, the time of day and weather conditions, etc.

    I disagree with Greta on substantive issues and other real concerns, but that is just the point. Let us disagree on and discuss substance, not this foolishness. There is enough disunity already. Can we please set these matters aside and just liberate Palestine?

    • Ariadna TheokopoulosLog in to Reply

      October 8, 2012 at 2:17 am

      Wonderfully expressed, Paul.
      This is a traffic court trial that carries deportation as a penalty.
      The traffic violation charges seek to establish if
      –she turned into a one-way street (a) on purpose; or (b) by mistake because she dod not see the sign
      –she shone her headlights on the sign (a) on purpose; or (b) by mistake.
      Gilad says the sign itself is a violation and scorns the militia who patrol the street.

      • Paul LarudeeLog in to Reply

        October 8, 2012 at 3:22 am

        You clearly have followed this much more than I have, Ariadna, which is why I trust your report more than my own. Thanks for being willing to do that so that some of the rest of us don’t have to.

    • Ariadna TheokopoulosLog in to Reply

      October 8, 2012 at 2:51 am

      As you say: “Can we please set these matters aside and just liberate Palestine?”

      In the meantime:
      10 Palestinians Injured By Army Missiles In Rafah
      IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources reported that ten Palestinians were injured, on Sunday evening, when the Israeli Air Force fired several missiles into Rafah, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip. Some of the wounded residents are in serious conditions; an infant is among the wounded. …

      Ansar 3 Convoy Arrives In Gaza
      IMEMC – The Ansar 3 Jordanian solidarity convoy managed to enter the Gaza Strip, Sunday, through the Rafah Border Terminal between the Gaza Strip and Egypt, the Palestinian Information Center reported. …

      Soldiers Attack Palestinian Farmers Near Hebron
      IMEMC – Palestinian medical sources in Hebron, in the southern part of the Gaza Strip, reported Saturday that dozens of Palestinian villagers, picking their olive trees west of Hebron, were treated for the effects of teargas inhalation after being attacked by Israeli soldiers. …

  5. Roy BardLog in to Reply

    October 8, 2012 at 8:20 am

    For those who haven’t yet seen it, the Statement by members of Berlin’s FB discussion group can be seen at the bottom of the linked article:

    Ours is a small and secret Facebook group, 37 members strong, consisting of a very diverse set of people from different backgrounds, ethnicities and opinions. Many of us know each other personally; our mutual trust allows discussions to involve subjects that are not appropriate for public consumption, sometimes simply because our opinions are not fully ripe; we experiment with them and bounce them off each other in an attempt to understand the issues at hand, developing a better and more coherent argument.

    I’m sure Ali the Anti-Semite Finder General can feel the hairs standing up on the back of his neck……

    Meanwhile, even Gilad was surprised by Ali the Bookburners haste:

    Needless to say that when I heard about the Zionist slandering of Greta Berlin I thought to myself that within less than a week Abunimah would join the party. I was wrong, in fact it took him less than 24 hours

    I don’t know who Abunimah’s pay masters are, but I guess it ain’t the Islamic Jihad.

    • Ariadna TheokopoulosLog in to Reply

      October 8, 2012 at 1:48 pm

      Don’t underestimate the Anti-semite Finder General’s difficulties. While hair standing up on the back of one’s neck is a reflex (see explanation below), acquiring control over it so that it can be SEEN requires exquisite fine muscle control and exhausting practice.

      stock-photo-dachshund-with-a-surprised-look-3587871.jpgdog w/hair standing on end

      “Piloerection, or the hair standing on end at the shoulders or from the shoulders down the back is a sign of arousal or excitement associated most often with fear. In addition to the bristling hair, the pupils are likely dilated, or open wide.
      Although the look is aggressive,it is a sign of fear. The more hair that is standing on end, the more nervous or fearful. Piloerection is more visible on short, stiff hair. A slight raising of the shoulder hairs can progress to hairs raised up and down the back and even down the tail. Some severely frightened dogs, for example, resemble cats with all of their hairs bristling and tails that look like bottle brushes.

      Adrenalin triggers contraction of the arrectores pilorum muscles in the skin. They contract and push up the hair follicles causing the hair to stand away from the body. The term comes from the Latin pilus meaning hair and erection meaning elevated.
      In addition to being an involuntary reaction, piloerection has the added advantage of making the dog look bigger.”

  6. October 8, 2012 at 1:25 pm

    I see a typo in a title published by an otherwise impeccable source of kosher information, searchlight:

    The title is Allah’s Willing Executioners. I am sure it should have been
    Ali’s, not Allah.

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State TV: Syrian troops thwarted infiltration by NATO Rat’s from Turkey


Turkish military stand near the Turkey-Syria border in Akcakale, Turkey, early October  5, 2012.

A day after the two countries launched reciprocal cross-border attacks, Syrian state TV stopped NATO Rat trying to sneak into the Syrian border town of Khirbet al-Jous.


Syrian troops thwarted an infiltration attempt by armed groups from neighboring Turkey, state television reported Friday, a day after the two countries launched reciprocal cross-border attacks.

The broadcaster added that the armed groups were trying to sneak into the Syrian border town of Khirbet al-Jous.

“The Syrian troops confronted and killed most of the infiltrators, many of whom were foreigners, including a Turkish citizen,” reported the television broadcast.

Turkey’s parliament Thursday approved a government request to carry out a possible military operation inside Syria.

Turkey this week shelled targets inside Syria in retaliation for a Wednesday mortar attack, which killed five Turkish civilians.

Meanwhile, a brigade of the rebel Free Syrian Army has threatened to kill 48 Iranians it captured in the capital Damascus in August.

The brigade claimed in a statement that the Iranian hostages are members of Iran’s elite Revolutionary Guards. Iran has said the captives are Muslim Shiite pilgrims.

The Syrian opposition has repeatedly accused Iran of helping the government of President Bashar Assad in crushing a pro-democracy uprising that started in March last year.

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Zio-Nazi army turns Palestinian homes in Hebron into Nazi Camp


Zio-Nazi occupation forces have turned the roofs of Palestinian homes in the ancient city of Hebron, south of the West Bank, into Nazi military barracks and control points under the pretext of providing security for Jewish Nazi settlers during the Hebrew celebrations of the Sukkot Feast.

Human rights sources in the Hebron Rehabilitation Committee reported that a large number of Nazi forces took over the roofs of several Palestinian homes along the lanes of the old town. These houses, including the family home of the Islam Al-Fakhouri in Al-Sahla area, have been turned into Nazi military barracks and control towers while the families have been forced to leave.

Nazi soldiers also commandeered the roofs of the Abdulmutallab Abu Sunaina, Imran Abu Rumaila, Daoud Jaber, Nader Salaymeh and AliAl-Rajabi households turning them into control points.

Sources also point out that the regions extending between the Nazi settlement of Kiryat Arba, the Cave of the Patriarchs, Tel Rumeida, Al-Shuhada, Al-Ras, and Wadi El-H’aseen streets; and the areas of Al-Masharqa Al-Fawqa and Tahta, are subjected to a blanket Nazi police and Nazi army presence.


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