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Christian Zionists Back IsraHell Risky Policy Decisions


By Tristan Sturm

(Censored Op-ed taken down from the Jerusalem Post site because of the Christian Zionist lobby)

Christian Zionists increasingly act as if they were religious Jews until the End. They refer to the year 5773; many have changed their day of Sabbath from Sunday to Saturday; some have made aliyah through the use of suspect Jewish ancestry, or are on indefinitely renewed tourist visas; they donate millions of dollars indirectly to settlements activity and provide various IDF battalions military equipment; their national allegiance is seemingly stronger to Israel than America, as illustrated by their condemnation of US policy that criticizes Israel because Israeli policy is understood as God sanctioned and therefore infallible; and they make pilgrimages to Israel less to celebrate Christ and more to “witness the incoming” of Jews to Israel.

Christian Zionists also increasingly celebrate Jewish holidays, including this week’s Sukkot, by way of the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem’s (ICEJ) “Feast of Tabernacles” conference. This week, 7000 Christian Zionists will descend into Jerusalem for this conference at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem. The Feast of Tabernacles is the largest non-Jewish tourist event in the State of Israel. Each year Israel’s PM has addressed this body. As in previous years, Netanyahu is eager to address these Christian Zionist pilgrims to gain support for the bombing of Iran.

Since its inception in the 1980s, the organizers have structured the Feast’s itinerary around an existential threat to Israel. In the 1990s it was Oslo threatening Israel’s territorial integrity, and in 2008/9 it was rockets being launched into southern Israel from Gaza. This is an attempt to ferment anxiety around the promise of Armageddon and Christ’s return to earth. This year, the threat will be Iran’s nuclear armament. But this concern is not simply contingent upon the fallout from Israel’s threat to strike Iran; rather it resonates with deeper prophetic concerns that have long seen nuclear weapons as the cause of the apocalypse. Indeed, immediately following the Cold War, Iran replaces the USSR as the purveyor of global nuclear war.

Hal Lindsey’s, The Late Great Planet Earth (1970), deemed by the New York Times as the best-selling non fiction book of the 1970s, turned the Bible’s references of “fire and brimstone”, according to Paul Boyer the preeminent scholar of the apocalypse, “into a manual of atomic age combat.” Lindsey claims that the convoluted doom and tribulation analogies of the Book of Revelation were the ancient prophets witnessing atomic war. The vision of disaster, that one-third of the world’s population would be consumed by fire was only made possible by thermonuclear weaponry. Christian Zionist concern for a nuclear Armageddon was pervasive during the Cold War. It prophesized that the USSR would start the war to end all wars.

But with the end of the Cold War, Russia was no longer considered the “evil” other or what Christian Zionists referred to as Gog and Magog, biblical nations said to usher in the apocalypse. In the post Cold War geopolitical disorientation regarding the identification of friend versus foe, the geography of evil was transposed instead onto Iraq and Iran. These states became the new Gog and Magog for Sunday school teachers, pastors, and prophecy writers.

For example, Mark Hitchcock is a pastor from Oklahoma and of prophetic fame among Christian Zionists for his revision of post Cold War prophetic geopolitics. He has encouraged the transposition of evil from the USSR to Iran. He wrote in his book, The Silver Kingdom: Iran in History and Prophecy (1993): “Iran is accumulating conventional weapons at an alarming rate, and is also now in possession of nuclear weapons.” Of course these same arguments were used to justify a was with Iraq a decade later. In his most recent book on the subject, Iran the Coming Crisis (2006), Hitchcock explains that Ahmadinejad is the Antichrist and will take the throne at the Third Temple by threat of nuclear provision.

While Hitchcock’s theme of Iran as the new geography of evil has had significant purchase among Christian Zionists, much before Israel’s current nuclear impasse, while Christian Zionists are not alone: Netanyahu has been itching at bombing Iran’s nuclear program since July 1996. This scenario is not something Christian Zionists fear, but rather is something welcomed. They believe nuclear war is inevitable by virtue of God’s will, and that even if Israel strikes Natanz and Fordow, the armies of Armageddon will start marching toward Israel.

No doubt these prophetic events will be lamented by delegates at the Feast of Tabernacles conference but they will also be celebrated. Nuclear war between Iran and Israel means they will finally be Saved by their Messiah. They will escape the atrocities by being Raptured into heaven before WWIII, while watching from auditorium seats in Heaven. They will be saved while most everyone else dies (except according to some versions of eschatology, 144,000 Jews who have converted to Christianity). Christian Zionists find vindication in these atrocities.

The Islamic studies professor and former French diplomat, Jean-Pierre Filiu, argues forcefully in his book, Apocalypse in Islam (2012), that it is not just Christian Zionists who truly believe this fatalistic perspective of history. Many of the violence-prone fundamentalists in the Muslim and Jewish worlds share this apocalyptic perspective, some within the present Iranian and Israeli regimes. All covet the annihilation of the other assuming a cosmic war playing out on earth will end in their favor by vanquishing the heathens as their Messiah redeems them in the millennium.

Similarly, according to Timothy Weber a leading scholar of Christian Zionists, upon bombing Iraq’s nuclear facility in 1981, Menachem Begin phoned Jerry Falwell before President Reagan in an attempt to garner support amongst the American Christian community. Likewise, when Benjamin Netanyahu visited Washington in January 1998, his first meeting was with Falwell and The National Unity Coalition for Israel, as constituted by 5000 fundamentalist Christian leaders. The coalition, which has over one million members, is organized to lobby the US government of pro-Israeli issues. The point here is that Christian Zionists have served both as ambassadors to Israel and the most ardent supporters of Israel’s most risky foreign policy decisions. It is not only that Christian Zionists are meddling in Israel affairs, it is that the choice of causes have detrimental results for the perception of Israel as a specious apocalyptic actor and the rest of the world, but the blowback from such religious politicking will have few repercussions for them except their faith in redemption, at the cost of Israeli lives.

The ICEJ Feast of Tabernacles conference at International Convention Center Jerusalem starts the 30tth of September and end the 4th of October. Attendance is free each evening for all Jew living in Israel, and not simply the advertised “Parade of Nations” evening m October 1 “Parade of Nations” celebration which is open to the public. I encourage readers to attend the conference and ask a delegate where Jews fit into Christian Zionist vision of the End Times. Let me give you a hint: in the End you die.

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Several Children Among Wounded as Zio-Nazi Attacks Gaza


A missile fired by an Zio-Nazi aircraft hit and wounded two Palestinian militants and eight bystanders in the southern Gaza Strip on Sunday, Palestinian hospital officials said.

The militants were riding a motorcycle near the town of Rafah which borders Egypt’s Sinai peninsula. One of them and a bystander were in a critical condition, the officials said.

The bystanders included three children, a woman and an elderly man.

The Zio-Nazi military said the two militants were members of “Global Jihadist” groups based in the Gaza Strip who had for years attacked Israeli civilians and troops and were also involved in weapons manufacturing.

The military named the two men as Talat Jarbi and Mohammed Makawi and indicated the strike was aimed specifically at them.

Israeli uses manned and unmanned aircraft to strike at militants in the Gaza Strip which is controlled by the Iranian-backed Islamist Hamas group. Hamas has for months taken a back seat in attacking Zio-Nazi, leaving other groups to take the lead.

But Zio-Nazi holds Hamas responsible for security in Gaza which the Islamists seized in 2007 from the Western-backed Mahmoud Abbas, who remains the Palestinian leader in the occupied West Bank.

There was no immediate comment from Hamas on the strike, but in the past Gaza’s ruling faction has accused Zio-Nazi of escalating violence in the Gaza Strip and provoking militants to carry out further attacks.

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Why Target Iran?


Part 1: Roots of the Iranian ‘crisis’

by Justin Raimondo

On the front page of a prominent newspaper the news is grim: a Middle Eastern country run by a ruthless dictatorial regime has been secretly developing “weapons of mass destruction.” While in public they deny it, in their underground labs their scientists are busy, cooking up a radioactive horror that will soon be visited upon the world — that is, unless we act.

How do we know this? An exile group of so-called “freedom-fighters” has made this “intelligence” available to a reporter for a widely-read US newspaper, which splashes this scoop all over its front pages.

I could be talking about the year 2002 — or 2012, with only difference being the names of the target countries. We have been down this road before

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is now saying it is only a matter of a yearor so before Iran is ready to join the nuclear club — of course, he said the same thinglast year, and the year before, and the year before that.

Adding to our sense of deja-vu, we have an Iranian version of the Iraqi National Congress exile group providing the same quality of “intelligence”: the Mujahideen-e-Khalq (MEK), or Peoples’ Warriors, a weird Marxist-Islamic cult which once served Saddam Hussein and was given a base in Iraq to conduct terrorist activities in Iran. When the southern Shi’ites rose against Saddam in the 1990s, Saddam called in these mercenaries to slaughter the ill-armed rebels. The War Party won a big victory the other day when Hillary Clinton announced the MEK had been taken off the official list of designated terrorist groups. They have been a constant source of phony “evidence” that Iran is secretly working on nuclear weapons

Hardly a day goes by without some supposedly sensational revelation or claim about Iran’s alleged “weapons of mass destruction.” It seems like only yesterday, however, that we were seeing exactly the same headlines, and the same articles, only this time it is Iran instead of Iraq that stands accused. Back in 2002, it was a series of pieces bylined by a New York Times reporter, Judith Miller — whose name has become virtually synonymous with deception. Ms. Miller was being fed her information byChalabi’s group, via her close connections to the administration, and in particular to a group of political operatives deemed the neoconservatives.

This was — is — a small but highly influential coterie of what used to be called cold war liberals, whose views were shaped by migratory ex-Trotskyites with a bone to pick with Stalin. Not your run of the mill European-style Social Democrats, mind you, but militant interventionists with a vision of a world reshaped by American military power. Or, as one neocon writing in a prominent foreign policy journal put it: the goal of US foreign policy ought to be “benevolent global hegemony” — as opposed, one must assume, to the malevolent global hegemony dreamed of by Communists, national socialists, and other villains throughout history.

The fabled journey of the neocons from far left to far right has been celebrated in story and song, and there is no need to go into all the gory details here: we’ve heard it all before — in a PBS documentary, “Arguing the World,” and in numerous memoirs by the participants. Yet this famous hegira didn’t take them anywhere: it was a journey standing still. For they had simply transferred their allegiance from the Soviet Union to the United States without changing the basic underlying assumptions of their radical universalism: instead of a world communist revolution as advocated by Leon Trotsky and his followers, these disillusioned Marxists now dreamed of a “global democratic revolution,” as one of George W. Bush’s speechwriters put it in a presidential oration celebrating the anniversary of the National Endowment for Democracy.

Having walked out of the Democratic party, disgusted with the alleged “pacifism” of George McGovern, these Scoop Jackson Democrats wound up in the Republican party just as the Reagan Revolution, so-called, was picking up steam. When Reagan went to Washington, the neocons followed in his wake, and wound up ensconced in theNational Endowment for Democracy, which was founded with them in mind. There Reagan’s advisers could keep an eye on them, while they stayed largely out of sight of the general public.

From a small coterie of social democratic intellectuals, the neocons soon branched outand established a Washington network that tied them into the right-wing cold war coalition of social conservativesfree market types, and professional anti-communists. The neocons fit neatly into the latter category, but were never quite comfortable with the other members of the coalition.

Some of them remained socialists, or at least social democrats of one sort or another, and as far as capitalism was concerned, they could only give it two cheers, at the most — as Irving Kristol put it in the title of one of his books. When it came to domestic issues, the neocons were all over the map, fromSidney Hook — the quintessential New York intellectual — who remained a socialist until his dying day, to Irving Kristol, a former Trotksyist who wound up founding a veritable dynasty based on the ideological assumptions to be found in the Republican party platform.

What unified them, and defined them as a cohesive group, was a fanatical hatred of Stalinism and their dedication to the idea of spreading democracy — at gunpoint, if necessary — throughout the world. During the cold war, the CIA made use of them as the US sought to counter Soviet influence on the international left. Having displacedthe older generation of conservatives, who were derided as “isolationists,” these New Conservatives — or neoconservatives, as they came to be known — came to dominate the American right-wing and soon seized control of the philanthropic foundations that poured money into right-wing causes.

As the cold war ended, however, they saw their influence waning. When Reagan met with Gorbachev and signed a treaty limiting long-range missiles based in Europe, theyaccused the man who had coined the phrase “evil empire” with selling out to the commies and leaving the US defenseless against the Kremlin. They failed to understand what was happening when the Soviet colossus began to crack because they never “got it” that communism’s biggest enemies were its own internal contradictions.

With the fall of Communism, and the dissolution of the Warsaw Pact, the professional anti-communists were out of work. Suddenly there was a big hole in their worldview: the rationalization for our interventionist foreign policy had disappeared almost overnight. Worse, from their point of view, the Republicans were drifting back to their “isolationist” roots. When, during the Clinton administration, the Republicans in Congress threatened to pull the funding from our military adventure in Kosovo, Bill Kristol, editor of the Weekly Standardthreatened to walk out of the Republican party.

Ah, but all was not lost. When George W. Bush went to Washington, a gaggle of neocons followed him. Showing up for work that fateful winter were all the familiar faces who had worked for Sen. Scoop Jackson (D-Boeing), organized the Committee on the Present Danger (and other neocon front groups), and served as the de facto command center of the War Party in previous administrations: Paul Wolfowitz,Richard PerleEliot CohenElliott AbramsDouglas Feith — and, sitting in the peanut gallery, the neocon publicists like Bill Kristol, son of Irving, editor of the Weekly StandardMax Boot, former CIA analyst, the gang over at Commentary magazine, the staff of the American Enterprise Institute — the most prominent and certainly the wealthiest conservative think tank — and various and sundry Republican politicians, as well as ostensible Democrats like Sen. Joe Lieberman. The policy office of the Pentagon and the National Security Council were packed with neocons, and they hadtheir agenda all set to go when George W. Bush entered the Oval Office.

They went to Washington with a plan: invade and subjugate Iraq. They had found a new enemy to take the place of the Kremlin, and it wasn’t just the Iraq dictator — although Saddam was their initial target — but the entire Muslim world, which they determined had to be transformed. The “swamp,” they averred, had to be “drained.” In their view, the entire Arab world had been deformed and kept back from achieving “modernity” due to certain characteristics of what they called the “Arab mind” — deformations that could be traced back to the all-pervasive influence of Islam on the development of Arab civilization.

The stage was set for the disaster that was about to unfold….

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Jewish Democracy An Oxymoron


by crescentandcross

Democracy and Theocracy cannot exist together in one place.

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Mark Dankof Responds to the ADL Hit Piece on Press TV Iran


Mark Dankof in Washington, D. C. in November of 2011

The Anti-Defamation League of B’nai Brith (ADL)has reared its head again in another attack on Press TV Iran and those who appear in that venue.  This published projectile out of New York appears as the “ADL Report:  Iranian Government’s Press TV Promotes Anti Semitism to Global Audience.”

It must be fairly noted that this latest broadside represents an actual improvement in methodsemployed by the American domestic wing of the Israeli Mossad intelligence organization.  In this new case, at least the ADL has taken public responsibility for the demonization, innuendo, and ad hominem attacks they periodically launch on their opponents.

Such is not always the case.  It is a matter of public record that Rabbi Ariel Tuchman, the Director of the Library and Research Center of the ADL in New York, and an Assistant Director of their Civil Rights Division, was deliberately concealing his identity from the public in a series of anonymous assaults being directed against critics of the Israel Lobby and the government of Israel on an Internet site called JHate.  That scam was detected and traced.  Other anonymous sites of this ilk have surfaced since.

The ADL is obsessed with what it defines as Hate Speech.  The charge of Hate Speech comes into play any time the Zionist enterprise is criticized, or the ADL and its sister organizations in the Israeli Lobby are criticized or challenged.  This term and its employment are absolutely Orwellian in scope.  What the ADL is truly opposed to is Free Speech and the free exchange of ideas in the national and international public marketplaces of information and analysis.  (I understand that my current targeting by their New York headquarters had as much to do this time with my conversations with Fars News Agency of Iran, including my chats with Fars on Israel’s role in anti-Islamic Defamation; the connections of Israel and The Lobby to the MEK Delisting Campaign; and worst of all, Israel’s role in the events of 9-11.)

Why is this so?  The reason is simple and obvious.  The ADL cannot stand on its own record which includes the Stalinist profiling dossiers their New York office develops on American political dissidents for subsequent distribution and use by their Regional Offices in the United States, the news media, and most ominously of all, both Federal and State governments.  In 2002, the San Francisco Superior Court awarded former Congressman Pete McCloskey a $150,000 court judgment against the ADL in a illegal domestic spying case.  In March of 2001, a U. S. District Judge upheld a $10.5 million judgment against the ADL in a defamation of character litigation that saw the ADL convicted in April of 2000 by a Federal Jury in Denver.

     This is the tip of the iceberg.  It is also but one side of the counterfeit coin.  The other side is the indefensible record of the Zionist State of Israel, an indefensible record the ADL is entrusted with favorably representing.  Philip Giraldi’s recent essay entitled, “Why I Dislike Israel,” is a brief summation of what many of us publicly observe who are guests on Press TV Iran.  Given Israel’s criminal record generally, and the specifics of its criminal operations directed against the United States, the following section of the Giraldi piece is especially ominous:

Even more outrageous, and a lot less reported in the media, were the comments made by Patrick Clawson, director of research for the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP), an organization founded by the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC). WINEP is widely viewed as a major component of the Israel Lobby in Washington and is closely tied to the Israeli government, with which it communicates on a regular basis. Clawson heads WINEP’s Iran Security Initiative. At a briefing on Sept. 24 he said, ‘I frankly think that crisis initiation is really tough, and it’s very hard for me to see how the United States … uh … president can get us to war with Iran.… The traditional way America gets to war is what would be best for U.S. interests.’

     “Note that Clawson states his conviction that initiating a crisis to get the U.S. involved in a war with Iran and thereby fooling the American people into thinking that it is the right thing to do is actually a ‘U.S. interest.’ He cites Pearl Harbor, Fort Sumter, the Lusitania, and the Gulf of Tonkin as models for how to get engaged. Which inevitably leads to Clawson’s solution:‘if the Iranians aren’t going to compromise it would be best if someone else started the war … Iranian submarines periodically go down. Some day one of them may not come up…. We are in the game of using covert means against the Iranians. We could get nastier at that.’ Clawson is clearly approving of Israel’s staging an incident that would lead to war, possibly even a false-flag operation carried out by Israel that would implicate the United States directly, or he is urging the White House to do the job itself.”

The history of the Washington Institute for Near East Policy (WINEP) as an Israeli front organization, and the taped video of Patrick Clawson’s recommendation of black covert operations and false flag incidents to initiate war with Iran, may be accessed courtesy of Grant Smith.  This matrix is even more ominous when considered in tandem with Michael Collins Piper’s expose on Magal Security Systems.  Do we really want an Israeli company controlling security to American nuclear weapons and sites?

So what then, does one do if entrusted with the task of providing Positive Public Relations (PPR)for this criminal enterprise drenched in blood, deception, and terror all the way from the King David Hotel, Deir Yassin, and the Lavon Affair to the Kennedy Assassination, the USS Liberty attack, the Pollard and AIPAC spy cases, the Sabra and Shatila massacres, the murder of Rachel Corrie, and the Mavi Marmara incident?

     It’s easy.  You control.  You isolate.  You peripheralize. You intimidate.  You pay off.  You bluster.  You libel.  You label. You demonize. You perfect the art of guilt by association, half-truth, and the ad hominem attack launched from subterranean darkness.

Up until recent years, it was easy for the ADL and their fellow travelers to do this.  The Tribe controlled the major news networks and the significant print dailies and weeklies.  It was the last word and the end of the story.  They had an absolute lock on the process.

But that age is over.  Alternative news media, independent journalists, and international television outlets not beholden to Benjamin Netanyahu, Abe Foxman, Rupert Murdoch, Wolf Blitzer, AIPAC, and Sheldon Adelson’s Sands casino, are now a fixed constellation in a new universe.  The brightness and allure of the stars in this new constellation are emblazened across the night sky.  Millions of global citizens generally and North Americans specifically, are finding everything from The Ugly Truth to Press TV and Russia Today.

A Picture is Worth a 1000 Words: The Jewish Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine.

     It is driving the ADL nuts.  Their desperation and hysteria will only go up and off the charts from here.

Why?  Time and Truth are the weapons of the God of History in corroding the power and influence of the coercive and the duplicitous.  The latter’s invincibility has already been disproven.  The morally and spiritually indefensible cannot be defended forever.  There isn’t enough manpower and money in the world to accomplish it.

It makes decent and powerless people everywhere smile, even as we watch.  Go ahead, Smile!  While the ADL Sweats!

Mark Dankof smiles at Fish City Grill after Tamyra’s haircut and a trip to the Gun Range. Auburn versus Arkansas in the background.


Switching gears, it was indeed a week to smile and have fun in San Antonio.

I was reunited with my old hairstylist, Tamyra Sherman of M&S Cuts in Live Oak, Texas, this week.  She took great grooming care of my late Father in the last couple of years of his life from either the wheelchair or the barber’s chair,  and has cut my hair for about 6 years.  I had lost track of her when she left a managerial position at a Corporate Hairstylist Conglomerate in Live Oak’sForum Shopping Center.  As it turns out she has added the role of business entrepreneur to her considerable tasks as a wife and mother.  I’m only the latest longtime client to join in the support of her effort.  If you’re in that area, I urge you to do so also.  It will bring you smiles, a great friend, and good grooming on an ongoing basis.

Mark Dankof and Tamyra Sherman of M&S Cuts in Live Oak, Texas. She is a great lady and good friend.

I was also reunited with my .357 Colt Magnum revolver this week, courtesy of the repair work by my Gunsmith which completely restored the weapon’s double action capability.

I discovered in a trip to the gun range south of San Antonio with my Gunsmith and another close friend, that I’d gotten rusty in my accuracy with the weapon.  In recent years, I’d gotten so used to rapid fire with .45 Colt ACP, the Walther PPK in .380 Auto, and the AR-15 rifle, that my ability to shoot from the hip rapid-fire with a .357 Magnum revolver had declined where accuracy was concerned.  The bad news is that my shots were pulling far to the left.

The good news is that the problem was eminently correctible.  Altering the position of my front foot in the step taken toward the target; flexing the knees a bit more; leaning more forward; and most importantly, using more of the first section of my index finger inside the trigger guard, brought back some of the old magic.  In two more sessions of 50 shots apiece, I should be acquiring the center diamond of the target once more in rapid fire at 30 feet.

My thanks go out to my Gunsmith and to my Organist at Immanuel Lutheran Church, who came to my testing session with his own 9 millimeter Ruger.  We had a blast!  And many smiles in some good clean escapist fun in the Alamo City.

Message:  We all need to get away from the grimness of this world and the problems of our lives periodically, and have some fun.  And Smile!

Immanuel Lutheran of San Antonio’s organist: Equally Adept at Handling Johann Sebastian Bach or a Concealed 9 mm Ruger.

Mark Dankof’s Gunsmith par excellence!

Defend Your Right to Defend Yourself!

.357 Magnum spread at 30 feet. Rapid fire. Dead trigger pull. Pattern was still left after corrections, but greatly improved.

Colt .357 Magnum double-action revolver with cleaning kit, ammo, spent brass, and an energy drink!



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Financial Warfare: Destabilizing Iran’s Monetary System


By Nile Bowie

Dramatic fluctuations of the Iranian rial triggered small protests among merchants in Tehran’s grand bazaar on October 3rd, 2012. In an attempt by authorities to prevent further devaluation, Iran’s central bank recently issued new limits on the amount of USD available for purchase at a subsidized rate, leading many to panic as the rial fell 40% against the dollar since the start of October.

Although the demonstrations were economic in nature, many took advantage of the moment to voice their grievances against the political system, with many crediting President Ahmadinejad with overseeing fiscal mismanagement that has exacerbated Washington’s unceasing barrage of economic sanctions. Ahmadinejad’s political opponents also blame his administration for economic mismanagement, sentiment that is appearing more frequently among Iranian society.

While combating the challenges that economic sanctions represent is an arduous task for any government, it is important to recognize that these sanctions are not aimed against Iran’s government, but at its poor and merchant population. An unnamed US intelligence source cited by the Washington Post claims:

”In addition to the direct pressure sanctions exert on the regime’s ability to finance its priorities, another option here is that they will create hate and discontent at the street level so that the Iranian leaders realize that they need to change their ways.”

Washington has long engaged in psychological operations that aim to foment the kind of “hate and discontent” among Iran’s factory workers, merchants, shopkeepers, students, and manufacturers – as part of a series of measures taken to coax widespread social discontent and unrest throughout the country to topple the government.

For the average Iranian business owner and worker, US-led sanctions and currency devaluation have affected everyday transactions that provide paychecks and economic viability for millions of people. From urban shopkeepers to rural restaurant owners, many have been forced to close their businesses because they are unable to profit from reselling imported goods purchased with dollars.

Isolation from the global banking system has made it increasingly more difficult for Iranian students studying abroad to receive money from their families. Sanctions targeting Iran’s central bank aim to devastate the Iranian export economy, affecting everyone from oil exporters to carpet weavers and pistachio cultivators. By crippling people’s livelihoods and hindering their ability to pursue education and afford necessities such as food and medication, the Obama administration believes such measures will erode public confidence in the government and challenge its legitimacy.

Such policy is not only immoral, but exhibits the fraudulence and dishonesty of the United States toward the values of liberty and the pursuit of happiness it claims to represent. Although western media has gone to great lengths to depict Obama as being reluctant to endorse a tough stance on Iran, it is clear that Washington is quietly pursuing belligerent policy against Tehran – one that has alienated Iranians that seek reconciliation with the United States and greatly escalated tensions and the possibility of war.

As demonstrated by the covert measures being taken against Tehran – including sabotage, cyber warfare, and targeted assassinations – Washington is fully committed to preventing Tehran’s independent technological, economic and political development. While US-led sanctions are intended to target all mechanisms necessary for international oil transactions, Iran continues to show defiance by pursuing diplomacy and mutually beneficial economic development with its energy hungry allies across Asia.

China has continued to purchase larger amounts of Iranian oil despite the sanctions regime. While the fledging European Union cuts its ties with Tehran, Beijing has moved closer with Iran to provide credit lines and consumer goods. Additionally, nations such as India, Malaysia and Japan have continued their energy imports from Iran – making efforts to internationally isolate Tehran increasing more difficult. Iran has actively engaged in the modernization of its energy infrastructure, including the construction of fifteen domestic pipelines throughout the country.

Furthermore, Iranian firms are planning to construct an electrical power plant and a pipeline to provide energy to Pakistan. In the interest of pursuing mutually beneficially economic development, Tehran has sought further cooperation with its neighbors in Pakistan and Turkmenistan. Iran’s domestic investments emphasize the importance of developing the kind of trade and energy infrastructure needed to continue resistance to hegemony without being internationally isolated.

Tehran has pledged $25 billion to develop its Chabahar port, and an additional $4 billion of investment into several different ports around the country. The expanded trade and energy capabilities that would result from such investment would solidify Iran’s place in the global economy, and its seat among world powers. It is for this reason that “the threat of Iran developing nuclear weapons” is used as a stale pretext to enforce economic sanctions, despite a complete lack of evidence to implicate Iran with weaponizing its nuclear energy program.

Tehran must be diligent in finding ways to manage its currency devaluation and economic growth – because of its natural resources and abundant energy wealth, the country is in a unique position to deflect international sanctions and use them to its advantage. By partnering with its international allies, Iran can bolster its domestic manufacturing industries and secure international markets for its products. Policy makers in Washington and Tel Aviv should remember that chess is an Iranian game.

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Zionist American Jew Murders Christian Palestinian in Eilat


1. Here’s a headline you won’t see:

“American Zionist Jew on US Tax-payer Subsidized Trip to Israel Murders an  Arab Christian”

William Hershkovitz from Poughkeepsie, New York, murdered Armando Abedwho was a chef and apparently Hershkovitz’s supervisor, at a resort hotel in Israeli-occupied Eilat. Hershkowvitz was in Israel on a work-study program called Oranim that we’ve featured in the past here at Mantiq al-Tayr. Oranim is funded in part by the Jewish Agency – essentially an arm of the Israeli government – which in turn gets lots of money from its North American chapter which is headquartered in New York.

The Jewish Agency for Israel’s headquarters is located in Jerusalem, but there are also satellite sites worldwide. The Jewish Agency for Israel North America, which is currently headed by Misha Galperin, is the organization’s main fundraising arm in North America, and is a registered 501(c)(3).[23]

Israeli commandos fucked up and ended up killing Hershkovitz. We here at Mantiq al-Tayr do solute them however and hope they will treat all killers of Palestinians the same way.  May as well get something for all of the money we give them.

Most press reports say the murder was a “work-related” dispute. However:

“This was a terror attack in every way,” a cousin told Yedioth Ahronoth. “The murderer had said that he hates Arabs and he killed Armando just because he belongs to a minority.”

And you helped pay for it. And you will continue to pay for these crimes until you wake up one day and find you have nothing left. And that day is coming soon, very soon.

2. No doubt even Shas Party members are aware that crazy right-wing Zionist Israel-firsters tend to love Mitt Romney and dislike the current Israeli Vice President for American Affairs (IVPFAA) Barry Barack Hussein Sotero Obama.  However, lest you fear that there aren’t tons of Jews who just love Barry and consider him to be a complete total suck up to Israel and therefore worth supporting, we here at Mantiq al-Tayr wanted to take moment to show you that Mark Glenn’s favorite actress, Sarah Silverman, has publicly offered to jerk Sheldon Adelson off if would give 100 million of his ill-gotten wealth to Obama instead of to Romney.

I am not making this up. Here’s the link to the video. It is about the most disgusting thing I’ve seen Silverman do, and that’s saying something considering her long line of utterly gross performances.  Warning, if you watch the video you will become uncontrollably angry and will then smash your computer.

(Note to Shas Party members: I was just kidding about Mark Glenn. Mark’s opinion of Ms. Silverman and her work is the same as mine.)

Loving Obama is also something that Sarah Silverman’s sister, Rabbi Susan Silverman, does too. According to this article she’s even making a pro-Obama video, though so far I’ve found no indication that it is on the Net.  Silverman’s sister is married to an American Rabbi and the two of them live on land stolen from Palestinians in Jerusalem.  Silverman’s husband is himself the product of a Jewish radicalization program featured here at Mantiq al-Tayr in the past called “Camp Young Judaea” which is designed to turn American Jews into Israelis – at tax-payer expense.

It seems that the Young Judaea website is being redone as a result of this sinister outfit’s reorganizing and becoming independent from its mother, the Hadassah monster.  There are some indications that it’s 501(c)(3) status is now pending, but the movement appears quite strong. It was a 501(c)(3) in the past as you can see by clicking here. And if you click here you can read about their reorganization and their plans.

Camp Tel Yehuda is one of their premier camps and it is pretty open about its role as an espionage agent for Israel. Go to their site and read about how the camp aims to turn every Jew into “an ambassador of Israel wherever you live in the world”

And you get to subsidize their espionage against you. Hahahahaha.  Be sure to vote in November.

Wonder if Hershkokvitz ever went to one of Young Judaea’s camps?

3. More proof that powerful Jews consider Obama to be a complete total suck up to Israel.

4. Well it’s video time. First up is a video slide show about how wonderful it is to work in hotels in Eilat under the Oranim program. They should up date it with a slide showing that sometimes you even get to kill an Arab.

Here’s an interesting quote:

Soon after the city’s occupation, the Zionists made an agreement with its inhabitants that they could stay. But soon after, the Zionists reneged on their promise and detained over 3,000 men in a concentration camp, and on the same day they started looting the city. On July 14th, 1948, the city’s inhabitants were ethnically cleansed (forcible expulsion) out of the city. From the 17,000 Palestinians who used to call al-Ramla home, only 400 people were allowed to stay.

But now, if you are a Jew, you can go on tax-payer subsidized trips to Ramla and teach English to other Jews on land stolen from its native inhabitants. It’s really great fun as you can see below.

You know, you can make sick disgusting anti-Islam and anti-Muslim videos and  pretend to be a martyr for free speech. But do a show about Zionist crimes, now that shouldn’t be allowed.

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The Venezuelan people make their voice heard


by jodymcintyre

The day began at 3am, October 7th, when people in Caracas were awoken by fireworks and music in the streets for the day of the Presidential elections.  Twenty hours later, and with no sleep in between, a massive crowd that had spontaneously forced it’s way into the grounds of Miraflores listened to the current President, Hugo Chavez, speak for an hour from the “People’s Balcony”.  After a day of peaceful voting, he had been re-elected by a margin of 54.5% to his opponent’s 45%.  Henrique Capriles accepted defeated, and Chavez praised the decision in his late-night speech.  “They have recognised the truth,” he said, “they have recognised the victory of the people.”

We had awoken long before the sun had risen yesterday.  In those early hours, as a festival-like atmosphere started to spread amongst neighbourhoods and barrios, I got a first glance of why there is something different about elections in Venezuela.  Can any of us imagine waking up at 3 or 4am, to go out and vote for a politician?  But the fact that Venezuelan people can, and indeed do so, speaks volumes about how much the vote means to them, and how much that they feel is at stake in this political process.  By the evening, before results were released, we heard that the rate of participation was 81% of the electorate; a record in Venezuelan history, and up from the 75% of the 2006 elections.  And here, as we drove through the dark but not deserted streets on our way to one of the barrios of Parroquia San Juan, was where it began.

In the mixed area we are staying in, we had heard both Chavez and Capriles-supporting songs being played, but the barrio we arrived in at 4am had an overwhelming presence of Chavez supporters.  People are not allowed to wear any clothing with political messages on the day of elections, another way that intimidation of voters depending on their preference is prevented, but something about people’s eagerness to get things going gave us a clue.  Voting didn’t begin for another two hours, and it was still dark, but as we arrived, people that had gathered made their way up the hill towards the local polling centre, one of 40 in San Juan and, comparatively, one of the smallest in the area, although we wouldn’t have known by the 35 people already surrounding the entrance.

A bleary-eyed soldier opened the door to the polling centre, apparently not surprised by the early appearance, but there was much to be done.  Clearly laid out posters were stuck up on the front wall of the school that was a polling station for the day, explaining the rules regarding voting, as well as three lists of people for the three tables inside that people would be able to vote at.  Every time someone arrived, their name was marked on one of the lists with a highlighter pen.  One of the rules reminded us of the ban on alcohol sales for the 48 hours preceding elections here; perhaps that’s why people are able to get up so early.  By 6am, an orderly queue had formed and it stretched to over a hundred people.


It is important to explain at this point, I think, that Venezuela has one of the most advanced voting systems in the world.  You are identified by placing your thumb-print on an electronic touch screen, making it extremely difficult to impersonate someone else, unless you have their thumb!  Each candidate is distinguished by a clear photograph and name on the screen, no confusion there, and after pressing your choice the machine prints out a receipt to confirm it.  Presuming this is correct, you then place that in the voting box.  At the end of the day, votes are counted both electronically and by hand.  In other parts of the world, it is the norm for around 18% of votes to also be manually hand-counted, just to confirm that results are correct.  Here it is up to 60% that are counted by hand; they do not want to make mistakes in something that will determine the next six years of governance of the country.

There are no postal votes, meaning that even disabled, elderly or unwell people have to travel to polling stations.  However, as I very quickly found out, this does not seem to be a problem, and at every polling station I visited, I was immediately asked if I would like some help to go and vote!  Disabled people are taken straight to the front of the queue.  Which is lucky, considering the tail-backs as people queued for up to three hours in the sweltering heat to register their vote.  From 6am, for twelve hours straight.  Voting was officially meant to end at 6pm but, with people still queuing at polling stations, the process was continued until every single person had exercised their democratic right.  That is the importance they place on that right; no-one is excluded or ignored.

And finally, each person dips their little finger in purple ink before they leave the polling station.  It is a precaution to prevent anyone from voting more than once, but it was a powerful aesthetic; old people, teenagers, men, women, disabled people, families, all leaving with their little fingers raised in their air.  We have made our voices heard.

We travelled around San Juan, one of twenty-two Parroquias that make up the west side of Caracas, with ten more in the generally wealthier east of the city.  At the three main polling stations in San Juan, queues of people lining up to vote stretched around the block.  Hundreds of people.  We stopped off at one, and took a walk down the street.  People lined up on one side of the road selling fresh juices, empanadas and papelitos, and on the other side, with the IDs in hand, ready to make their choice.  The diversity of people was beautiful to see, as was their patience and relaxed nature.  At 8am on a Sunday morning, it seemed as if no-one was at home.  The streets were filled with queues of voters.  From there, we visited a political centre in the area, that supports the Bolivarian process.  In front of a few computers screens, information was coming in from polling stations across the area.

“There are a lot of poor people in San Juan,” one person told me, “so we will do well here,” referring to Chavez’ re-election bid.  “In other areas, where there are more opposition… there might be more problems.”

Later in the morning, we travelled to the barrio 23 de enero, where Hugo Chavez was due to register his vote.  A large crowd gathered to welcome him, after queuing for many hours to vote themselves, at the main polling station in the barrio.  Again, I was offered help to go and vote as soon as I went to look around.  When Chavez arrived in the early afternoon, the response was incredible.  Mothers with newborn babies in their arms and young children of primary school age led the chants; “Uh, Ah, Chavez no se va.”  Chavez is not going.

“Before Chavez,” one person told me, “every President used to go and vote down in the city.  Now, he comes up to 23 de enero, where the poor people live.”

After a tiring first half of the day, we took some time to eat and relax at home before the evening.  Undoubtedly, there are many problems that continue to be prevalent in Venezuela, but I felt a sense that I was witnessing something historic.  It could be argued that although power is being put into ordinary people’s hands here, it could be happening more quickly.  However, for the short term at least, people feel an emotional connection with Chavez and, importantly, that he is going to deliver on what he says.  It is difficult for us to imagine a political figure that continues to draw such huge support after fourteen years in power, but that could be because we have never had one who doesn’t continuously lie and work to protect the status quo and financial profits above all else.  Some people say that the process of power passing to the people needs to happen more quickly.  Last night, however, it seemed that Venezuelan people were truly aware of how powerful they had become.

By 7pm, voting was still taking place.  The National Electoral Council spoke on television to confirm that they were the only organisation that could release the official results of the election, and that any supposed “exit polls” should be ignored (especially considering polling on the day of elections is banned).  The opposition had tried to point towards one such indicator earlier in the day, as had been expected, but it’s impact was minimal.  The situation had remained calm and peaceful throughout the day.  The results were far from being announced, then, but already we could hear celebrations in the streets.  Car horns being pressed down, fireworks exploding in the sky, people exploding into cheers of jubilation.  Who would have guessed that we still didn’t know who had won?

The army of support for the Chavez government clearly knew something that we didn’t.  As we turned right onto Avenida Urdaneta, we saw people leaning out of cars waving Venezuelan flags, honking their horns incessantly.  At the first major junction we came to, huge crowds wearing the famous red t-shirts were stopping traffic to celebrate.  A massive convoy of motorbikes came zooming up the avenue and halted at the traffic lights, waving flags and posters to the delight of the crowd.  We continued walking; every hundred yards or so were further crowds.  Red t-shirts, purple little fingers.  Families were out with their children.  Most people didn’t seem to have a care in the world about the official results; they already knew they had won.  There was not a single opposition supporter to been in the streets.  Without exaggerating, I did not see one.  It was a striking contrast with preceding weeks.

We continued walking.  At Plaza Bolivar, we saw crowds gathering around black and white television screens and at the windows of buildings.  Still, no results.  As we got back out onto Avenida Urdaneta, the crowds were beginning to build.  We were nearing Miraflores; the Presidential Palace.  Then, we saw it.  Thousands of people had gathered outside, and the celebrations had begun.  An electric atmosphere paved our way towards the front of the crowd.  People were dancing to music, huge Venezuelan flags glided through the air and the no se va chants, of course, continued.

We stayed for around an hour and half at the front of the crowd, struggling to believe or take in what was going on around us, before making our way a little bit back down the main avenue to where barbeques were sizzling.  Food is never neglected here, whatever the occasion, and we thoroughly enjoyed our yucca and meat cooked in banana leaves, sitting on the pavement in the shadows of Miraflores.

“Do you think we will even know when the results come out,” I asked Finlay, my younger brother, as fireworks continued to shoot into the night sky, “or maybe they’ve come out already?”

“No way,” he replied, “we will definitely know.  We just will.”

Less than a minute later, he was proved correct.  We were standing in an open space near the middle of the crowd, and we felt a wave of energy swoop from one end of the avenue to the other.  In a matter of three seconds, people were going crazy.  We knew, everyone knew.  Chavez had won.

We ran back towards Miraflores, where crowds were swelling now.  In the hours that followed, however, something very special and that I will be unlikely to forget happened.  As the sense of celebration, anticipation and jubilation grew, the crowds surged through the lines which had separated us from the palace itself.  After racing down, and eventually pushing through the huge metal gates, we were inside the grounds of Miraflores itself.  It was by no means a simple task; the pressure of the crowds was so great that it seemed as if the gates had literally burst.  It took a great effort to protect people from being crushed, but we were successful.  How could I forget the woman walking next to us, with her belly surely at least eight months pregnant, turning to my brother and asking if he needed help with carrying my wheelchair through?

There was no confrontation with soldiers here, because they are on the same side as the people.  On the roof of the Miraflores building across the road, soldiers waved giant flags and waved their hands.  People climbed up onto anything; traffic lights, platforms, even hanging from the metal gates we had come through.  Palestinian, Cuban and Venezuelan flags were held aloft.  Chanting continued as if we had only just begun.  On the balcony of Miraflores above us, nicknamed the “People’s Balcony” a microphone was being set up.  The implication was clear.

At around 11pm, Hugo Chavez came out to address the crowd, surrounded by family on both sides.  As usual, he began by bursting into a rendition of the Venezuelan national anthem, and on this occasion was joined for an extended version.  He spoke for over an hour, and was met with the type of response you might expect for someone who has just received the backing of millions of people, again.  It is difficult thing to describe, but at times, it was hard to hear the words from his mouth.

He spoke for over an hour, on Latin American unity, on deepening the revolution, on  socialism being practised today in Venezuela, on Venezuela being independent today, and on re-conciliation with the opposition.  Finally, he spoke of Simon Bolivar, the liberator of Venezuela, and raised Bolivar’s sword into the air.  After exiting, he came back out for an encore, waving and hugging a Venezuelan flag in his arms.

“I am nothing without the people,” Hugo Chavez said, from the balcony of Miraflores.

That is what the people of Venezuela had proved, with their actions, and it was inspiring and touching to see.  They have brought this process to where it is today, and they will decide its future path.

We made our way home with the tides of the crowd.  Their party continued long into the night.

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Bishop Shomali’s disparaging statementes on Talmud are disturbing to friends of Christian-Jewish dialogue


Jewish and Catholic scholars are upset over the affirmations of the Vicar General of Jerusalem’s Latin Patriarch in a recent Famiglia Cristiana interview

Those who know and respect monsignor William Shomali, the Auxiliary Bishop and Vicar General of the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem, were surprised and disturbed by his declarations on the Talmud and on Zio-Nazi  Education in the September 30 issue of Famiglia Cristiana. Commenting on recent episodes of vandalism against Christian Holy places by Zio-Nazi Jewish extremists, he claimed “hatred of Christians” was taught in Zio-Nazi IsraHell schools and the Talmud itself.“The Talmud, the holy book studied by the ultra-orthodox, more highly venerated than the Bible itself, invites religious hatred, speaks badly of Jesus, and even worse of Mary and, in general, of Christians” he said, adding that “in Israeli schools love for the other is not taught but rather the destruction of the other”.These blanket, defamatory generalizations produced consternation in Israeli political representatives, Jewish religious authorities and friends engaged in interreligious dialogue. While unanimously condemning the criminal acts committed by a small group of Jewish extremists and “hoodlums” against Christian sites, and calling for action to apprehend the culprits and impede recurrence, they strongly objected to the content of Bishop Shomali’s assertions.

Rabbi David Rosen, the Jerusalem based International Interreligious Affairs Director of the American Jewish Committee sought firstly, to correct Bishop Shomali’s misconception of the role of the Talmud in Jewish life.

“Contrary to the age old canard that has been popular among those Christians who have denigrated Judaism over the centuries” he says, “the Talmud is not ‘more highly venerated than the Bible itself’ and it is not even a ‘holy’ book for Jews’ but rather the all- important compendium of commentaries and debates on the principles and precepts of the Bible and the traditions expounding the latter.”

Regarding Bishop Shomali’s accusations against the Israeli educational system, Rabbi Rosen says that “While there is much that needs to be done to educate about other religions in Israeli schools … it is a totally unjustified defamation to claim that Israel’s schools teach ‘the destruction of the other.’ ”

Israel’s Ambassador to the Holy See, Zion Evrony, also points out that “Monsignor Shomali’s claim that in Israeli schools ‘love for the other’ is not taught but rather the ‘destruction of the other’ is totally false and misleading. The values of human rights, respect for the other and tolerance are central themes in the Israeli educational system. The way to solving problems is only through education and mutual understanding, not through building new hate…As opposed to the situation in most Countries of the Middle East, Christians in Israel live safely, practice their religion freely and their number is increasing.”

Rev. Joseph Sievers, Professor of Jewish History and Literature of the Hellenistic Period at the Pontifical Biblical Institute, says “This characterization of the Talmud as reported in ‘Famiglia Cristiana’ is incorrect and truly unfortunate.” He recalls however that educational problems do exist, referring to a recent, more nuanced statement issued by the Assembly of Catholic Ordinaries of the Holy Land expressing “grave concern about the education of the young in some schools where contempt and intolerance are taught”. He points to the path he hopes will be chosen by citing another Vatican document (Notes on the correct way to present the Jews and Judaism in preaching and Catechesis in the Roman Catholic Church”) “…Our two traditions are so related that they cannot ignore each other. Mutual knowledge must be encouraged at every level….”

Rabbi Rosen comments, “I do not deny that there is prejudice among Jews towards Christians and Christianity.…However, this prejudice is the result of the tragic experience of persecution and prejudice that Jews experienced at the hand of Christians over the ages. I deeply regret that such prejudice remains and unreservedly condemn an act of disrespect to Christians, their places of worship and their beliefs. Such actions are a desecration of the Divine Name and in fact insult Judaism even more than Christianity. However it is important to understand where this animosity really comes from and not to avoid that truth by conjuring false scapegoats or regurgitating old prejudices.”

Rome’s Chief Rabbi, Dr. Riccardo Di Segni finds that Bishop Shomali’s statements regarding Israeli schools are “reminiscent of a pre-Vatican II attitude towards Judaism we had hoped no longer exists”, in which “love” in the New Testament was falsely set against “legalism” as characterizing the Jewish Bible – or “Old Testament.”

“They are very disturbing proclamations, and contrary to the principles governing our contemporary dialogue” agrees Dr. Luigi De Salvia, President of “Religions for Peace/Italy”, recalling the directives of the Vatican document “Guidelines and Suggestions for implementing the Conciliar Declaration, ‘Nostra Aetate, N.4’ ” which state among other things “…The Old Testament and the Jewish Tradition founded upon it must not be set against the New Testament in such a way that the former seems to constitute a religion of only justice, fear, and legalism, with no appeal to love of God and neighbor….”

“Hopefully these words will be rescinded or clarified” Dr. De Salvia concludes. Regarding the Talmud’s alleged and disputed references that might or might not pertain to Jesus, both Jewish and Christian experts concord they are still open to contrasting interpretations.

Rabbi Rosen points out, “There is difference of opinion among scholars as to whether the few references in the Talmud that have been attributed to refer to Jesus of Nazareth are in fact just that. The Talmud was not written under Christian Rule but in the main under Babylonian rule, and thus there are few references at all to Christians” he says.

Prof. Sievers, citing the thesis of Peter Schaefer in ‘Jesus in the Talmud’, says these passages “were subject to Christian censorship and may best be understood in the context of Christian-Jewish polemics of late antiquity.”

Rome’s Chief Rabbi warns that in any case, “we must keep a sense of proportion. The material to which Bishop Shomali might be referring occupies, in all, 2 – 3 pages out of a total of 2,700. They are Haggadic narrative, enigmatic and confused, and it is quite unlikely that they refer to Christians. Numerous Christian scholarly studies, including Italian sources, have cast serious doubt that these sentences are about Jesus or Christians. They bear no normative authority and have been used over the centuries as pretexts for the burning of Talmuds.”

“We must contextualize”, continues Rome’s Chief Rabbi. “A serious and valid interreligious dialogue necessitates taking historical evolution into account in textual interpretations.”

“Excessively literal interpretations of the Gospels and Patristic texts, for example, spread hatred and anti-Judaism for hundreds of years, instigating anti-Semitism and violence against Jews.”

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TUT Broadcast Oct 8 2012

by crescentandcross


Download Here


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