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THE UGLY TRUTH: Mark Dankof’s America

Mark Dankof’s America Oct 10, 2012

by crescentandcross



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Turkey, Egypt set to hold navy drills in eastern Med

The joint Turkish-Egyptian navy exercise has been called ‘Sea of Friendship.’ DHA photo

The joint Turkish-Egyptian navy exercise has been called ‘Sea of Friendship.’ DHA photo

The navies of Turkey and Egypt will conduct a joint exercise between Oct. 7 and 14 in the eastern Mediterranean, the Turkish navy announced as President Mohamed Morsi addressed a large crowd to highlight his achievements in his first 100 days in office.

The exercise, called “Sea of Friendship” (Bahr al-Sadaka), will be hosted by Egypt. The Turkish Naval Forces will participate in the exercise with two frigates, two fast attack craft, one replenishment tanker, two landing ships, one marine infantry company, two helicopters and one special forces team. The navies of the two countries held the Sea of Friendship exercise last year, too.

The event aims to develop mutual cooperation and interoperability between the two navies.
The exercise will come after Egypt’s new president strongly defended his performance in his first 100 days in office, speaking to a crowd of tens of thousands at Cairo’s largest sports stadium on Oct. 6.

Morsi presented his achievements since he took power in late June as Egypt’s first freely elected president, facing down criticism that little has been achieved even as he acknowledged that his administration has not fulfilled all of his promises and that much work lies ahead, the Associated Press reported.

Critics, however, say Morsi has not accomplished as much as he could have since winning elections and accuse the president’s Muslim Brotherhood-backed party of mimicking the former regime by going after critics and stuffing government posts with loyalists.

Oct. 6’s event, which included a military parade as part of a ceremony to mark the anniversary of Egypt’s 1973 war with Israel, was also a show of force for the Brotherhood, the Islamist movement that has emerged as the country’s most powerful political group. In his speech, Morsi acknowledged that he has not fully delivered on key promises to fix Egypt’s garbage problem, its traffic problems and energy crisis. But he said many of the basic issues he set out to fix first in his first 100 days in office – which ended yesterday – such as reducing Cairo’s notoriously snarled traffic, have shown improvement.

‘No interest’

Morsi said he had achieved 70 percent of his goals. Egypt has asked the International Monetary Fund for a $4.8 billion loan to help bolster the economy, and officials said theIMF had asked Egypt to restructure its subsidies system as one of the prerequisite for the loan.

He also reiterated that he would abide by Islamic banking laws and not accept interests on the loan, telling the cheering crowd that “we’ll go hungry before we eat off of interest.” He also said his government had cracked down on a “mafia” of officials working in the Petroleum Ministry who were siphoning off millions of dollars in corrupt deals.

“We were in a phase where there was a lot of corruption. We want this corruption to stop,” Morsi
said. “We will uncover all corruption,” he vowed, Agence France-Presse reported.

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Al-Qaeda leader’s brother offers to mediate end to Sinai conflict

Mohamed El-Zawahiri, brother of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman El-Zawahiri, offers to mediate end to conflict between jihadists and Egyptian forces in Sinai Peninsula
Ahram Online
Al-Qaeda leader

Mohamed El-Zawahiri (Photo: Al-Ahram)
Mohamed El-Zawahiri, the former leader of Islamic Jihad and younger brother of Al-Qaeda leader Ayman El-Zawahiri, has said he is prepared to help mediate an end to the conflict between jihadists and the Egyptian military in the Sinai Peninsula.

El-Zawahiri added that he would require guarantees from the state that it would follow through on its promises to the jihadists.

He claimed the government still treated him as an unacceptable party despite the fact that he had offered to mediate an end to the conflict in Sinai, reported Al-Arabiya Net website Saturday.

El-Zawahiri added that his aim as a jihadist was to implement Islamic Sharia law.

He also stated that he did not believe in founding or joining political parties as “it is forbidden by Sharia,” and he would promote his belief via conferences, seminars and rallies.

Mohamed El-Zawahiri was among 59 jihadist prisoners released in March 2011. He was later rearrested and tried by a military court on various charges but acquitted in March 2012.

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ZIO-NAZI PROPAGANDA Check out this video on YouTube:

YouTube – Videos from this email

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Renewed Israeli Escalation in the Gaza Strip: 1 Palestinian man killed and another wounded, along with 8 civilians, including 4 children and 1 woman


The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) strongly condemns the assassination, on Sunday, 07 October 2012, of 1 Palestinian man and the severe injury of another.  8 civilian bystanders, including 4 children and 1 woman, were also wounded in the attack.  PCHR calls upon the international community to immediately act to stop these actions by Israel’s forces and renews its call for the Higher Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations under Article 1 of the Convention to respect and ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 17:10 on Sunday, an Israeli warplane fired two missiles at two men in civilian clothing who were riding a motorcycle, as they were passing by Taha Hussain Elementary School in the Al-Brazil neighborhood, south of Rafah.  It should be noted that the attack was carried out at the end of the school day, moments before the students began to leave the school.

The targeted persons, Abd-Allah Hassan Mikawy (24) and Tal’at Khalil Al-Darbi (23), both from Rafah, sustained burns and shrapnel wounds throughout their bodies. Their condition was described as critical.  Abd-Allah Hassan Mikawy was transported to Al-Shifa Hospital in Gaza City. His leg was amputated but he died of his wounds on Monday evening.  Tal’at Khalil Al-Darbi was transported to Nasser Hospital in Khan Younis, where his leg was amputated, according to medical sources.

8 civilian bystanders were wounded in the attack, including 4 children and 1 woman, the mother of 2 of the wounded children.  They were visiting the woman’s family home at the time of the attack.  The wounded were transported to Abu-Yousif Al-Najjar hospital in Rafah, and their wounds were described as moderate.  The victims were identified as:

1- Sabrin Hussain Al-Qatrous (Al-Maqousi) (23), from Jabalia Camp, who was wounded inside her parents’ house;

2- Bisan Muhammad Al-Maqousi, (1 month), from Jabalia Camp, who was wounded inside her grandparents’ house;

3- Nassim Muhammad Al-Maqousi (2), from Jabalia Camp, who was wounded inside his grandparents’ house;

4- Malak Hisham Abu-Jazar (3), from Al-Brazil neighborhood in Rafah, who was wounded in front of her family home;

5- Bashir Mustafa Keshta (10), from Al-Brazil neighborhood in Rafah, who was wounded while walking in the street;

6- ‘Awad Muhammad Abu-‘Armana (30), from Al-Brazil neighborhood in Rafah, who was wounded in front of his house;

7- Juhad Housni Al-Qatrous (27), from Al-Brazil neighborhood in Rafah, who was wounded in front of his house; and

8- Abdul-Hadi Mahmoud Abu-Mor (56), from Al-Salam neighborhood in Rafah, who was wounded while on his way to the mosque attend Al-Maghreb (Sunset) prayer.

Israeli radio quoted military sources, reporting that the raid had targeted two alleged members of the Global Jihad organization.  The report alleged that the men were planning a complex military attack in Sinai that was scheduled to be carried out in the coming period.

PCHR reiterates condemnation of these crimes, expresses utmost concern over such escalation, and:

1- Stresses that these crimes form part of systematic violations perpetrated in the occupied Palestinian territory, particularly the Gaza Strip, which reflect Israeli forces’ disregard for the lives of Palestinian civilians; and

2- Calls upon the international community to immediately take an action to put an end to such crimes and reiterates its call for the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations under Article 1 which stipulates “the High Contracting Parties undertake to respect and to ensure respect for the present Convention in all circumstances,” and their obligation under Article 146 which requires that the Contracting Parties prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention. These grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and under Additional Protocol I of the Geneva Conventions.

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Dr. June Terpstra

Historicle American icon, Christopher Columbus, and his brother Bartholomew,
mass murdered some two million of the Taino people on the island of
Hispaniola in just four years. In their quest to kill and torture as many people
as possible they built extremely wide gibbets, hanging victims with feet barely
touching the ground amidst fire caused a slow strangling burning death.

On yet another USA manufactured “holiday” where schools close to honor the savage conquistador, Christopher Columbus, who ushered into history the holocaust of approximately 11 million native north American “Indians” I propose a mandate for indigenous holocaust education, K-12. Like the new federal legislation introduced in congress to mandate education of the Jewish holocaust, I also propose we replace not only senior citizens arts and crafts but pre-school arts and crafts with education workshops developed to examine the denial of Indian genocide and removal; the denial of African Diaspora genocide and slavery, past and present; and, the genocide of Arabs and Muslims occurring in Palestine today.

Currently being reviewed by committees in the U.S. House of Representatives and Senate, the Simon Wiesenthal Holocaust Education Assistance Act – if passed – would provide select organizations nationwide with competitive grants to be used to develop Holocaust curriculum guides as well as training for teachers.



Never Forget

A common expression of white men and women in the USA regarding their barbaric history towards Africans and Native Americans is for “them to just get over it”! The sloganeering of remembering history in order to avoid extermination, removal, kidnapping, enslaving, lynching does not apply to non-Jews. Yet the history of Europe’s program of extermination of the Jews is now introduced in the US Congress to be mandated education in public schools with an official curriculum written and sponsored by Jewish historians. Mandated education on all holocausts only seems fair and right in the “democratic, truth loving land of equality”. Everyone should know the history of the mass murders and removals of Native Americans and the countless Africans killed through the middle passage and their slavery and savage treatment by the Euro-Americans. The truth about all genocides should be mandated education for everyone everywhere.

Students in colleges and universities in the USA typically do not know the history of the indigenous people of North America. They believe a lie told to them in the mandated public education programs that Columbus “discovered” America! They never heard of the Arawak, the Taino, the Algonquin, the Huron, or any of the tribes of the First Nation People. They are horrified to read the first source documents, the letters of Columbus, the letters of Bartolomeo Las Casas wherein the descriptions of the genocide, torture and terrorism of the natives is described.

For example, upon Columbus’ invasion, the Arawaks, regrettably, greeted the savage Europeans, bringing them food, water, and gifts. Columbus wrote in his log:

“As soon as I arrived in the Indies, on the first Island which I found, I took some of the natives by force in order that they might learn and might give me information of whatever there is in these parts…They… brought us parrots and balls of cotton and spears and many other things, which they exchanged for the glass beads and hawks’ bells. They willingly traded everything they owned…. They were well-built, with good bodies and handsome features…. They do not bear arms, and do not know them, for I showed them a sword, they took it by the edge and cut themselves out of ignorance. They have no iron. Their spears are made of cane…. They would make fine servants…. With fifty men we could subjugate them all and make them do whatever we want.”

When Bartolomme Las Casa arrived on Hispaniola in 1508, he writes, “how “two of these so-called Christians met two Indian boys one day, each carrying a parrot; the soldiers took the parrots and for fun beheaded them, the boys…they suffered and died in the mines and other labors in desperate silence, knowing not a soul in the world to whom they could turn for help…there were 60,000 people living on this island including the Indians; from 1494 to 1508, over three million people had perished from war, slavery and the mines. Who in future generations will believe this? I myself writing it as a knowledgeable eyewitness can hardly believe it….” (Source: Bartoleme de Las Casas, Brief Account of the Devastation of the Indies, 1542)

Most of my college students know nothing about the terrorism that led to extermination and removal of the American Indians. They are unaware of the conservative estimates that the indigenous population of the United States prior to European contact was greater than 12 million. Four centuries later, the count was reduced by 95% to 237 thousand.

Students in the USA are provided with a cursory history of Euro-American genocide and slavery of African people but not to any extent that includes the hundreds of Hollywood films, after-school specials, or school projects that prioritize the Jewish holocaust. Millions of black Americans were killed during the trans-Atlantic slave trade and during their servitude. They were systematically tortured, killed and enslaved. Forty thousand slaves were transported each year to the occupied territories called colonies. These were blatant and overt acts of terrorism for political gain. Yet African Americans are consistently told to “get over” their history of slavery and genocide at the hands of Euro-Americans.

Patents on Holocaust

Who holds a patent on holocaust histories? Tragically, the genocides of history are a condemnation of human beings capabilities of human goodness, mercy and decency towards each other. Moreover, the victor’s insanity extends to a mythical patent on the very words of holocaust and genocide, terrorism and barbarism. Those who write the definitions, histories, make the movies, and develop the propaganda claim intellectual property rights to even the words and stories as they codify their stories and erase the stories of their victims.

Those who dare to use the word, “holocaust” when speaking of the genocides and the wars of terrorism against the First People of North, Central and South America; the natives of Africa in the past; and the Iraqi and Palestinians presently are accused of “anti-Semitism. Jobs are lost, tenured denied, and rendition and prison if they are a Semitic Arab. Thus, even the history of the Arab people as Semites has been erased and now only applies only to the Jews. He who writes the rules, rules.

Who benefits?

The conquerors, the imperialists, the state terrorists of today are US, UK and Israel. Therein resides the majority of 4% of the class who own the biggest weapons of mass destruction, the most nukes, and the control of the media and who directly benefit from which peoples stories are mandated and those whose stories are erased and denied. Today, it is the stories of the genocide and holocausts of the Iraqi and Palestinian people being erased in the corporate media of the USA. When the stories are told, they, like the indigenous peoples of Africa and North America, are painted as savages and terrorists deserving of a program of extermination. After all, if one does the crime of resistance by fighting the imperialists, one will do the time. Their story will be erased if not mandated by their advocates and lobbyists. Without a mandated history they are invisible, they do not exist. No Hollywood films for indigenous oppressed people unless it includes a white hero who tells their story and comes to rescue them in the super power’s super hero fairy tale.

Sankofa and Rights to Return

I teach the concept of Sankofa in my classes on Race and Ethnic Relations. Sankofa is derived from the Akan people of West Africa. Sankofa literally translated means “it is not taboo to go back and fetch what you forgot.” The word Sankofa is used today across the pan-African world to promote the idea that African people must go back to their roots in order to move forward. Whether oppressed or oppressor, all people must go back to their roots in order to change domination paradigm.

The term Right of Return refers to the principle in international lawthat members of an ethnic or national group have a right to their lands whether through immigration and naturalization into the country that they, the destination country, or both consider to be that group’s homeland independent of prior personal citizenship in that country. This belief is sometimes reflected in special consideration in a country’s immigration laws (called “repatriation”) which facilitates or encourages the reunion of a Diaspora or dispersed ethnic population.
When will the land be returned to the indigenous of North, Central and South America, Africa, and the Middle East? When will they have a right to have what was theirs, returned?


History repeats itself in horrifying patterns mirroring past tragedies. During the Cold War the imperialists of the USA sponsored covert terrorism that killed millions of people. These wars were called WWIII by CIA officials. Today, the same rabid greed that fueled the Europeans of the past fuels the US, UK and Israeli imperialists today as they conduct genocidal programs similar to those of their Europeans ancestors. Replete with walls, Jim Crow separation of latrines in Iraq, no voting or land rights for Arabs, puppet regimes, and the killing of over a million men, women, and children in Iraq and Palestine, recently including a little girl with backpack at a checkpoint in Gaza, the terrorism of the super power goes unchecked and unabated.

As the greedy imperialists veto healthcare for children in the USA they simultaneously give the orders to rendition, torture and terrify Arabs and Muslims all over the world. They enslave the poor with IMF debt while giving them “equal opportunities” to work in their sweatshops, oil fields, diamond, copper and gold mines. Clearly, they do not remember their genocidal history and need the Red, Black, and Brown indigenous peoples mandated education curriculum before millions more people are erased in their latest extermination program.

Alan Ronkin, deputy director of the Jewish Community Relations Council says that teaching about the Holocaust is “critical to shape the next generation…Holocaust education not only teaches about the past but it also uses the lessons of the past to help shape students’ decisions to become future leaders [who fight] against racism, bigotry and anti-Semitism.” I agree, lets teach all the holocausts of history including Native American, African, and the genocide of the Arabs of Palestine and Iraq)

I remember a song taught to me in elementary school whose words said, “Red and yellow, black and white, we are precious in his sight”… a more truthful version would be “red, and yellow, black and brown, no matter where they’ll mow you down”. Perhaps a true history of holocausts will benefit all humanity and not just the victors, their lobbyists, advocates and scribes.

June Scorza Terpstra, Ph.D. is an activist educator and university lecturer in Justice Studies, Criminal Justice and Sociology. She has founded numerous programs for homeless, abused, youth and oppressed people in the USA. She is presently teaching courses on Law and Terrorism, Social Justice, Resistance, Criminology, and Juvenile Justice. She is a former Community Research Fellow and doctoral graduate of Loyola University Chicago.




Human Rights Watch: Abusive System – Failures of Criminal Justice in Gaza

Introduction by Dr Gabi Weber: Readers of this new report by Human Rights Watch may take into consideration the fact that  HRW is funded by George Soros´ Open Society Foundation as some Zionist right wing sources reveal.

You should also bear in mind that many of the NGOs operating in Palestine are also heavily supported by Soros´ Open Society and similar organisations.

If you want to learn more about Open Society Foundation´s goals in the Middle East (Arab Regional Office) click here. You will then be able to find out what are the liberal Zionist´s plans for the people of Arabia.

This is what interventionism is all about.

Gabi Weber

Human Rights Watch Report


This report highlights the failure of the criminal justice system in Gaza under Hamas rule, including security forces, prosecutors, and judges, to uphold the law and protect the rights of detainees and criminal defendants and hold those responsible for serious abuses accountable.

Based on interviews with former detainees, lawyers, human rights groups, and reviews of case files and court judgments the report documents how Hamas security services in Gaza routinely conduct arrests without presenting warrants, refuse to promptly inform families of detainees’whereabouts, deny detainees access to a lawyer and torture detainees in custody.

In August 2008, Abdel Karim Shrair was arrested by members of the al-Qassam brigades, Hamas’s armed wing, which detained and allegedly tortured him at an unknown location for three weeks before transferring him to the custody of the police. The military prosecutor then ordered Shrair’s detention and interrogation by the Internal Security service, and later charged him with collaborating with Israel, in part on the basis of information that his lawyer alleged was obtained under torture. Internal Security interrogators also tortured Shrair, his family said, and prevented them from seeing him until October. Shrair’s mother said that when she was first able to see him, his legs and face were bruised, his feet were swollen, his hands and arms had rope marks and his chest had burn marks.

The military courts did not adequately address Shrair’s claims of torture. The courts held that the prosecutor, by subsequently ordering Shrair’s detention and interrogation, had retroactively “corrected” prior gross violations including Shrair’s warrantless arrest and incommunicado detention. Shrair was sentenced to death and executed by firing squad in May 2011. His mother said that Hamas authorities had prohibited the family from burying him, and that police beat her when she tried to hold his body during the interment.

Shrair’s family members are among numerous witnesses who have reported that the Internal Security agency, the drugs unit of the civil police force, and police detectives all engage in the torture of detainees. The Independent Commission for Human Rights, a non-partisan Palestinian rights group that also monitors abuses in the West Bank, reported receiving 147 complaints of torture perpetrated by these forces in 2011. As a measure of how broken the system is, three criminal defense lawyers in private practice told Human Rights Watch that they had themselves been arbitrarily arrested and tortured in detention by Hamas security forces.

The abusive practices of the security services in Gaza flout human rights norms that Hamas has pledged to uphold, and also violate Palestinian laws. These laws require police to obtain judicial arrest and search warrants, and prohibit torture and the use of evidence obtained under torture. Security officers commonly arrest civilians and present them before Gaza’s military judiciary, even though its remit should be limited to military offenses.

In the seven cases documented in this report, the judiciary in Gaza, which consists of civil and military branches, consistently failed to hold to account security services that operated outside the law or to uphold the rights of detainees. In the cases Human Rights Watch examined, the military judiciary did not throw out any criminal cases against detainees because of due process violations, and ignored or failed to investigate credibly detainees’ claims that they had been tortured. Hamas officials claim to have disciplined hundreds of members of the security services for abuses since Hamas took power in 2007, but Hamas has never published any details about the officials involved or the disciplinary measures taken. Members of the Internal Security agency apparently continue to enjoy absolute impunity despite consistent allegations of severe abuse.

Former detainees who alleged they were abused by security services said they despaired of finding justice; several were afraid to describe what had happened to them in custody, even on condition that their identities would be kept confidential. Some men said they had needed medical care due to torture, and sought to obtain medical records as evidence that they had been tortured, but that hospital officials refused to provide them. Human Rights Watch is aware of at least three cases in which Hamas has executed prisoners whom judicial authorities sentenced without adequately reviewing credible claims that their convictions were based on evidence obtained under torture.

In previous research on intra-Palestinian political violence and abuses against detainees, Human Rights Watch found that the main factor underlying such human rights violations was the conflict between Hamas and its rival, the Palestinian Authority, which often prompted “tit for tat” abuses in Gaza and the West Bank. The intra-Palestinian political rivalry is still the root cause of many abuses against detainees, but there have been increasing reports of custodial abuse in Gaza against detainees accused of non-political crimes.

Victims of alleged abuse whom Human Rights Watch interviewed include persons detained on suspicion of collaborating with Israel or the Palestinian Authority in the West Bank, as well as alleged perpetrators of drug offenses and fraud. Human rights lawyers in Gaza said that they have continued to receive the same kinds of allegations of abuse from victims since Hamas and Fatah announced a political reconciliation in May 2011.

Human Rights Watch impartially documents abuses by governing authorities in Gaza, Israel and the West Bank. This report does not attempt to compare abuses by Hamas with abuses by the Palestinian Authority security forces in the West Bank, where Human Rights Watch has also documented arbitrary arrest, torture and impunity. As part of a potential reconciliation agreement, the Palestinian authorities in Gaza and West Bank should both ensure that victims of torture and other cruel, inhuman and degrading treatment or punishment are compensated appropriately and that members of security forces responsible for torture are brought to justice.

Given credible evidence of widespread and gross violations of due process as well as systematic ill-treatment and torture, Hamas should take meaningful steps to reform its justice system to strengthen the rule of law and protect the rights of detainees. Hamas should immediately declare a moratorium on executions in death penalty cases. In light of numerous cases of detention where family members and lawyers are not notified of or able to promptly determine which security forces have custody, Hamas should ensure that detentions are carried out only by security forces legally authorized to do so.

It should halt the prosecution and trial of civilians by the military judiciary. (The Palestinian Authority significantly reduced such military arrests and trials of civilians in the West Bank in 2011.) Hamas should explicitly guarantee that all detainees have the right to contact their families and a lawyer immediately upon arrest and that their families and lawyers can visit them in a timely manner. It should ensure all detainees are brought promptly before an independent judge after being detained.

Hamas should also ensure that members of security services are held criminally liable for abuses against detainees, and it should sanction prosecutors and judges who turn a blind eye to violations, such as by issuing retroactive arrest warrants or accepting evidence that was credibly alleged to have been obtained under torture. Hamas authorities should strengthen oversight and complaints mechanisms intended to keep security services in check, including by allocating more resources to investigating and prosecuting security officers allegedly responsible for abuses. Hamas should facilitate the work of human rights groups in Gaza, including the Independent Commission for Human Rights, to monitor conditions of detention and examine alleged abuses.

Map of Gaza Strip. © 2012 Human Rights Watch


Jeffrey Blankfort to Ali Abunimah


I know you have great ambitions, Ali, but Abe Foxman does not plan to retire yet although you do give a very good imitation of him as grand inquisitor. Perhaps, he will hire you as the ADL’s expert on “anti-Semitism” in the solidarity movement since at the moment you seem to be doing the job for free. After reading what you have written about Greta Berlin, one of the leading activists in the struggle for justice in Palestine and the Free Gaza Movement, in particular, you obviously did not learn any lesson from your earlier scurrilous denunciation of Gilad Atzmon.

But who in hell (because we have to look everywhere for the source and that’s the most obvious place to start) commissioned you to be the decider of who is and who isn’t a part of this movement and the judge on high of his or her activities?  While you remain silent, I must note, about those in the movement in leadership positions who dismiss or minimize the face of the enemy in this country, namely the American Zionist Jewish Establishment, and who deny its control over Congress and  ignore its stable of syndicated columnists and propaganda ministries parading as “think tanks” that dominate the Washington beltway. I have to assume that you agree with them.

For quite some time, Ali, the Electronic Intifada put out good information, (except about The Lobby) but it seems its success has gone to your head and allowed you to think you are some kind of an oracle. I would advise you to cut it out before your last name becomes an unbecoming verb. (as in, “Did you hear? So and so has been Abunimahed?”)

Jeff Blankfort

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Killing Iranian Scientists Is Terrorism: U.S. Official



forgot to blog on this when it came up last week, but, in the wake of the State Department’s decision to de-list the MEK, two “senior State Department officials” who cannot be otherwise identified, briefed the press on the decision in a teleconference last Friday afternoon, Sep. 28.

They explained the reasons for the de-listing, while making very clear the administration’s institutional distaste for the MEK. As was reported in the mainstream press, they said, among other things:

…[T]he Department does not overlook or forget the MEK’s past acts of terrorism, including its involvement in the killing of U.S. citizens in Iran in the 1970s and an attack on U.S. soil in 1992. The Department also has serious concerns about the MEK as an organization, particularly with regard to allegations of abuse committed against its own members. The Secretary’s decision today took into account the MEK’s public renunciation of violence, the absence of confirmed acts of terrorism by the MEK for more than a decade, and their cooperation in the peaceful closure of Camp Ashraf, their historic paramilitary base.

As the briefing progressed, the emphasis was placed very much on the phrase “the absence of confirmed acts of terrorism,” as when one questioner recalled the NBC report earlier this year that quoted one unnamed U.S. official as confirming Iran’s charges that Israel had used MEK militants in recent years to carry out assassinations of Iranian scientists associated with Tehran’s nuclear program. The briefing’s senior official repeated the mantra about “confirmed acts”, noting,

And I should add that the United States Government has not claimed that the MEK was involved in the assassination of scientists in Iran. And that’s really all we’re going to have to say on that.

I followed up later in the briefing by asking whether the U.S. government considered the assassination of Iranian scientists an act of terrorism, and the following colloquy ensued:


Briefer: “If we had information on that and could pursue it, we would, but as I said, we have never said that this group was involved in those assassinations.”

Question: “…I just wanted to find out whether the USG considered that the assassination, regardless of who it was by, of Iranian scientists, would constitute an act of terrorism.”

Briefer: “Well that would be my understanding, but I think you’d have to have the lawyers take a look at that.”

I may be wrong about this, but I think this was the first acknowledgment by a senior State Department official that killing Iranian scientists was an act of terrorism. At the time of the assassination last January of Mostafa Ahmadi Roshan, my recollection was that, while vehemently denying any responsibility for the killing, U.S. officials avoided using the word “terrorism” in describing the act. As Clinton said at the time, “I want to categorically deny any United States involvement in any kind of act of violence inside Iran.” Other officials also referred to the killing as violence, rather than terrorism. It seemed a deliberate avoidance; after all, all eyes were focused on Israel as the most likely instigator, if not perpetrator, of the killing — an assumption that Israeli officials did very little to dispel — and it would be politically pretty dicey for the Obama administration to suggest that Israel practices terrorism against its perceived enemies.

Of course, the senior State Department official who said it would be his understanding that the assassination constituted terrorism added an artful hedge, suggesting that the lawyers would have the last word on the question. And, because the briefing was on “background,” his statement did not constitute “official” U.S. policy in as authoritative a way as if it had been “on the record,” in which case his name would be public. But henceforward, at least, there is some institutional backing for the notion that killing Iranian scientists does indeed constitute terrorism and that those who are responsible can therefore be considered terrorists, including states.

Oh, and a bit more on what the officials had to say about the MEK. Asked whether the U.S. might engage the MEK as a party in U.S. relations or actions regarding Iran, the same senior State Department official was pretty unequivocal:

I want to be very clear about this. We do not see the MEK as a viable opposition or democratic opposition movement. We have no evidence and we have no confidence that the MEK is an organization that could promote the democratic values that we would like to see in Iran.

There is nothing in the way they govern themselves that would suggest they’re interested in adopting democratic principles, and there is a long and fairly rich set of documentation on how they treat their own personnel that really does suggest to the contrary. So continue to have serious concerns about the group with regard to allegations of abuse that’s committed against its own members. They are not part of our picture in terms of the future of Iran.

It will be interesting to see if the advocates MEK has been able to accumulate and/or buy among former officials and members of Congress can overcome get any traction in the coming months.

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Police: Eilat shooter clearly sought revenge


by crescentandcross

Police investigation into shooting at Leonardo Club Hotel reveals William Hershkovitz was carrying axe. CCTV shows him wrestling security guard for gun

ed note–2 things worth mentioning here

1. It is OBVIOUS even to a blind man that Hershkovitz is no ‘Semite’. He is a white European. Therefore, Abe Foxman et al can kiss our collective touches over their use of the misnomer ‘anti-Semitism’.

2. Hershkovitz was actually planning to be an AXE MURDERER rather an a typical American/IDF gunslinger.

So much for superior ‘Judeo-Christian’ values.


William Hershkovitz, the American volunteer who opened fire at the Leonardo Club Hotel in Eilat on Friday after being fired the day before, arrived at the resort to exact vengeance on his former employers, the police said Tuesday.

Hershkovitz, 24, a Jewish man from Poughkeepsie, NY, who was in Israel as part of the “Oranim” Israeli-American exchange project, killed 33-year-old Armando Abed, from Mi’ilya, a local council in the western Galilee, who was employed at the hotel as a sous-chef.

Hershkovitz himself was killed when the Police Counterterrorism Unit stormed the hotel.

According to the police, an axe was found among Hershkovitz’ belongings. The findings have led investigators to believe that the incident was premeditated.

CCTV footage reviewed by investigators clearly showed Hershkovitz assaulting the hotel’s security guard from behind, brutally throwing him on the ground and then wrestling him for his weapon.

With the guard’s gun in hand, he then ran into the hotel lobby and opened fire.

According to the sequence of events, as compiled by police following witness statements and the CCTV footage, after firing in the lobby, Hershkovitz ran into the hotel kitchen, pulled out the axe and threatened the employees present.

He then shot Abed three times and barricaded himself in the kitchen, refusing to negotiate with CTU officers already on the scene.

When the officers stormed the premises and arrived in the kitchen area, Hershkovitz began shooting at them. They returned fire, killing him.

The Eilat Police said that the investigation so far has cleared the security guard from any wrongdoing.

“A comprehensive review of all the hotels whose guards are trained by the police’s civilian security unit is underway to make sure all of their security protocols are updated,” the police said.

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