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Eu does not meet nobel vision, rewards human rights abuser IsraHell


by Paul Larudee

by Mairead Corrigan Maguire – Nobel peace prize (1976)

PRESS RELEASE 12th October, 2012


Alfred Nobel was a visionary who believed in a demilitarized peaceful world.  In his Will he left his Nobel peace prize to those who would work for ‘fraternity among nations’,’abolition or reduction of standing armies’, and ‘holding and promotion of peace congresses’.

In Nobel’s will the award for Peace was to go to Champions of peace, those working to replace militarism with international order based on law and the abolition of national military forces.  Nobel’s vision and dream was to replace the power of militarism and war, with the power of law.   I believe the Awarding of the Nobel Peace Prize to the European Union, does not meet the criteria of  Alfred Nobel vision and spirit,  and his vision of a demilitarized peaceful world.

In many ways the European Union has  done much in the past sixty years for Peace and reconciliation amongst nations, but it has sadly done little for the demilitarization of Europe.  Whilst the EU imposes  severe Austerity measures upon many EU  countries it simultaneously supports the growing militarisation of Europe by its support for US/NATO (guilty of war crimes against Iraq, Afghanistan,  etc., )   It continues to support the policies of   USA Nuclear weapons, held in six EU States.  It supports  arms sales from European States (UK, Germany, etc.,) to coutries all around the world.   The EU instead of upholding human rights for countries such as Palestine, has rewarded  Israel by giving them special trading status and huge grants (EU tax payers money) for its Military Research and weapons thus enabling it to continue it illegal policies of  occupation and Apartheid  of Palestine.

I cannot support this decision to give the peace prize to EU  and  appeal to the Swedish Foundation Authority to hold the Nobel Committee accountable for giving, yet again, a political award  instead of supporting People taking courageous, and often dangerous stands to help move the human family away from military international Relations to one based on peaceful resolution of conflict.

I believe that the reform of the nobel peace Committee is now necessary. As is the case of all other nobel prize committees which are made-up of experts in their particular field, perhaps it is time too for the NPP Committee to be comprised of people experienced in the field of Peacemaking and International Law.

Mairead Corrigan Maguire – Nobel peace prize (1976)

The Peace People, 224 Lisburn Road, Belfast BT9 6GE, Northern Ireland
Phone: 0044 (0) 28 9066 346   Email:

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Greta Berlin in Salem, MA


by Ariadna Theokopoulos


A lucky few had front row seats at Great Berlin’s Oyer and Terminer cybertrial. The hall was packed and it was standing room only for most attendees. Hushed whispers, excited twitters, and face-to-face exchanges in the back seats created an ominous droning sound.

“What did she do exactly?”
“You don’t know?! She posted a video.”

“No, I mean one of those.”

“No friggingfreespeech way! She didn’t clear it with anyone?”
“No, she claimed it was not supposed to be widely disseminated; she probably knew it might create a furore, but it somehow got sent out of the Freegaza account.”
“But someone said it was just one of those stupid videos that bark up the wrong tree, chewing the old cud about the Zionist Jews’ role in the holocaust.”
“No, it is a lot worse. It is one of those provocative videos, like David Duke’s. You know the BDS saying: “You post, you’re toast.”

“That’s an incredibly dumb video though. Like there isn’t enough current stuff to talk about regarding the role of the Jews in the banking collapse, for one thing.”
“That would not be an approved video either. In fact worse. One of these days I swear I’ll see you up there in Greta’s box. Don’t you get it? It can’t be about the Jews, only about zionists and some Israelis, and not all of them, only the bad ones, like Netanyahu.”
“Did she say that she liked the video and approved of its content?”

“That’s another silly question. What’s wrong with you today? It does not matter that she did not say that. It is bad enough that she watched it and/or sent it on. If we all did stupid things like that where would we be? We’d all be watching and reading anything and discussing it!”

We cannot afford to… wait, how did he put it?

“Can’t remember his name exactly Steve Damsel or Hamsel from Jerusalem, formerly from the US. In his blog called Desert Peace he called her “a witch” and said “we can’t afford to alienate anybody.”

“ Smart guy. He is right: what kind of protest movement would we be if we upset people?”

“I read Emily Hauser in the Daily Beast. She explained that Greta harms the Palestinian cause and Emily knows her onions. Her Palestinian onions, as it were, because she said she was talking “as a Jew, a Zionist, and an Israeli.” She even added “as a pro-Palestinians activist I’m pretty pissed off.”

“Shhhhhh@! He is coming!”

“Ali Abounimah. Don’t you recognize him by his limp?”
“What happened to him?”
“Atzmon caught his you know what in a revolving door.”
“What ‘you know what’?”
“I don’t know if the word is on the approved list. In Yiddish it’s beitsam. I guess I can say it in Spanish: cojones.

And since you still look clueless I’ll tell you the revolving door was the business with Ali saying culture does not matter.
Well, Atzmon turned the revolving door back on him with Goldhagen or something and Ali has been limping ever since.”

“Oh, no, he’s coming closer to Greta and sniffing her. He can sniff Atzmon on anybody from a mile away. He looks ready to pounce on her.”

“How can he pounce while limping and wrapped in that djellaba?”
“It’s a judge’s robe but he had it cut like a djellaba: makes him look more Palestinian.
“I hear Naomi Klein resigned from the FG advisory board. A way of saying she can’t be associated with an organization that watches videos. Those videos.“

“Who will speak for the accused? Will someone say anything about her contribution, or that doesn’t count? She founded FG, didn’t she?”

“Maybe, but only in the introduction prior to reading her charges. Makes them, you know, balanced.

“But the Palestinians? I mean the Palestinians in Palestine, especially Gaza?”
“What about them? What do they have to do with this? Leave them out of this discussion. This is far more important. It’s all about racism, that is, its worst form ever, anti-semitism.

Which is why Ali monitors discussions of a group of 1,000 members or more. You can’t have people flapping their jaws on their own.”
“You’re right. Greta was on probation anyhow. She went off the reservation by saying Atzmon had been ‘demonized.’ I swear that’s the word she used. I think Ali will tear her flesh off the bone, just watch.”
“How do you know?”

“ Haven’t you read Harry’s Place? They’re challenging Ali to prove he is not an anti-semite, and giving him a list of the next candidates for Oyer and Terminer. 
Here, read this copy:

“I’m not sure he really believes what he’s saying.
The thing is, Ali Abunimah’s website isn’t much better at all. Abunimah encourages antisemites of similar stock to Greta Berlin, to write for the Electronic Intifada.
Electronic Intifada still lists Sonja Karkar as an author.

Electronic Intifada recently published Stephen Salaita.
Stephen Salaita is a fan of the antisemite Gilad Atzmon.

Ali Abunimah himself has condemned Atzmon for years for antisemitism. Whilst dismissing Atzmon, Abunimah claimed “We must protect the integrity of our movement”. But he still lets one of Atzmon’s admirers write on his blog.
Abunimah also publishes the antisemite Ben White.”

“Some say this is guilt by association and they say it like there’s anything wrong with it as an accusation. Harry’s Place called Ali a “weird and creepy guy.” Next stop: anti-semitesville. So Ali has to, you know, put out.”
“But why isn’t it starting?”

“They’re waiting for Avi Mayer, you know who he is, the head honcho of the Jewish Agency for Israel.”

“But what is he doing here? He is not FG. In fact he says the Free Gaza Movement endorses violence against Israel.”

“No, in this he is with us. In a manner of speaking. It’s complicated.
At any rate, this is the kind of video that should not be circulated at all, so when the FG deleted it from their tweet account, Avi Mayer used a screenshot he had taken of it and posted it.”

“Obvious: so everyone can see what they better not watch and pass around.“
“I am beginning to pity her, if he cross examines her.”
“I know, he is merciless.”
“No, worse: I am told he has a killer halitosis.”
“Quiet now, they’re ready to begin.”

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Pakistani Media: US Training MKO Members in Afghanistan


The Pakistani media disclosed that the US is training around 2,000 members of the terrorist Mojahedin-e Khalq Organization (MKO, also known as the MEK, NCR and PMOI) in special military camps in Afghanistan. The Karachi-based Urdu daily ‘Ummat’ reported that US authorities have setup a training camp for people of MKO in city of Heart in Afghanistan. According to the report, under the plan about 2,000 foreigners, mostly from Iranian origin are being training at ‘Shindand’ airbase in Heart bordering Iran. The daily said, the plan to train the MKO people for destruction and violence inside Iran was suggested by Israel and the trained activists may launch their terrorist activities in Iran by next year.
The daily reported that under the deal with the MKO, US has removed sanctions against the key figures of the group including restrictions on their bank accounts and travel abroad. The daily said, some of the members of the family of former king of Iran also have contact with MKO and they also wanted to station at an Iran’s neighboring country but could not achieve the goal. The daily added, the former royal family members had secretly visited Afghanistan with the assistance of Sardar Abdul Wali, the son in law of Former King Zaher Shah in 2007 but soon after under the Iranian pressure, they escaped from Afghanistan.

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They Dance To Daijal’s (Anti-Christ’s) Tune


Muslims believe that Daijal or the anti-Christ would control the world prior to Armageddon and will rule most of the world. Many modern Muslim scholars say that Daijal and the Beast that men must obey is the Central banking system with its fractional reserve banking and interest bearing currencies. Most Westerners have realized that something is terribly wrong. They just did not understand that Satan was in charge of their banks and their governments directing their armies to kill and occupy nations in wars to benefit IsraHell. Both Muslims and Christians believe Daijal or anti-Christ is Jewish.

Unsaid is the war by our Banker Occupied Governments against their loyal citizens by splicing proteins into their food that sterilizes them and gives them high blood pressure, diabetes and cancer. Satan loves human sacrifice and those who dance to Daijal’s tune want to make hundreds of thousands of dollars before you die of an otherwise preventable or easily curable disease.

Those who are not religious would prefer to say that our government is run by psychopaths and our government is therefore a psychopathocracy.

We know that Turkey, Saudi Arabia and Qatar dance to Daijal’s tune because they do not heed the words of the Prophet who said that at the end of this current period in history that Damascus would conquer Constantinople which is modern Istanbul. Nor do they pay any attention laws against killing fellow Muslims. I have heard repeatedly from certain Muslim scholars that the Saudi royal family was originally Jewish followers of Sabbatai Zevi, the Jewish Satanist who converted to Islam and founded his own Islamic sect, the Donmeh. The Donmeh to this day have a strong influence inside Turkey. Most modern IsraHell Zionists are followers of Sabbatai Zevi which explains in part the relation of IsraHell to Turkey.

Muslims believe that Jesus is the Jewish Messiah and they also believe in the Virgin Birth. That does not concern us here other than as a basis for an ecumenical understanding. Billions of Christians and Muslims face certain defeat if they do not learn to cooperate politically against their common enemy which is IsraHell and Daijal’s banking system. Christians need to learn from their Muslim brother and sisters that their banking system is satanic,

Currently, the European Union is systematically reducing its 27 member nations to slavery. The United Kingdom used to have the Bill of Rights and the Magna Carta to protect its citizens against tyranny, But empires do not have citizens with rights. They have subjects who can be imprisoned without trial and whose sole function is to pay taxes and to obey all orders. The American President now has the right to arrest, torture and detain without trial any European or American.  The Secretary of Defense Leon Panetta testified before the US Senate that wars are now declared by the UN Security Council and NATO which is a euphemism for killing innocent people 8,000 miles away as soon as the Rothschilds or IsraHell tell them to attack.

The Banker Occupied media tells obvious lies. The Department of Homeland Security says we must believe what the TV says or we will be classified as terrorists. The US Army went into court and told a federal judge to detain protesters because protests were low level terrorism. In case you wondered where these judges came from Sibel Edmonds told us that FBI agents doing background checks on judicial nominees discovered that men and women who had committed felonies were appointed to the bench with honest men and women of integrity being sent home.

The banks run the European Union and the United States. The  politicians of Europe who will not allow a vote to withdraw from the EU are servants of those they obey,=. Neither the politicians of Europe nor America will allow a debate on money, debts and Global Depressions. It can all be said in less than 90 seconds but is forbidden to be said on TV in either America or Europe.

Depression are caused by an accumulation of debts that are Unpayable. One source of debt is government bonds. But they ought not to exist. A government could as easily create its own debt free money as issue a bond and exchange it for checking account money the Banker Occupied Government allows a bank to create out of nothing. Why should the bank be allowed to collect interest? They ran no risk. The banks can always create more money out of interest and exchange it for more bonds. And the banks can only loan us money by creating more which inflates our currency so we are the ones suffering a loss but we receive no compensation.

The solution is quite simple and has been mentioned by me before. Issue a non-interest bearing currency as Lincoln did. Ban fractional reserve banking. Do not allow banks to create money at all. The US Money Supply is approximately 10 trillion dollars . If the economy grows 5% a year, then the Money Supply ought to grow at the same rate which would be also 5% so the ratio of money to things to buy is constant and prices are stable. We ought to cancel all 20 trillion dollars of US federal, state and local debt. We can do that by seizing all the money in  Comprehensive Annual Financial Reports at tens of thousands of state, local and federal agencies. We should then make all government debt illegal.

To seize the assets of the criminals on Wall Street who stole tens of thousands of dollars from us, we will need to send the US military into Lichtenstein, the British Channel Islands, Gibraltar, the Isle of Man, the Cayman Islands and other banks in the Caribbean and even Panama. The final step would be to use the seized money to fund pensions and to cancel $20,000 in debts of adult citizens. If they do not have that ,any debts, then their balance can be credited to their retirement account at cooperative trust associations. I would make pensions or the promise to pay a retiree X amount of dollars in 30 years illegal. Take all that money and deposit it today into an account in your name  in your retirement account at your cooperative trust association. Let that trust association issue small loans, credit cards and sell insurance. Take all the profits and fund your pensions.

I can say this because I do not dance to Daijal’s tune. I cannot say this on TV because the networks do dance to anti-Christ’s tune.

Notes: This article explains how Hyperinflation will push most Americans into poverty before the end of 2013.

So What Happens In 2013 When The Number Of Poor In America Goes From 100 To 280 Million?

The Mathematics Of Austerity: Proving Austerity Never Was Even Intended To Work

IMF Economists: ‘We Were Wrong.’ Will Someone Please Tell The Press And The Politicians.’

Holy Holohoax. My Government Wouldn’t Lie To Me.

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Zio-Nazi Jonathan Spyer and his IDF comrades near
the border during the Second Lebanon War
ISRAHELL ZIO-NAZI MOLE POSING AS JOURNALIST SNEAKS INTO SYRIA TO RIDE WITH FREE SYRIAN ARMY TWICE! INTERVIEWS AND HANGS OUT WITH FSA AND TERRORIST GROUPS The Israeli Who Sneaked into Syria  My friend and colleague Jonathan Spyer sneaked over the border with the Free Syrian Army to cover the war against Assad from the front lines. He did it twice. And he’s an Israeli.He has the chops for it. His magnificent first book,The Transforming Fire: The Rise of the Israel-Islamist Conflict , is partly about his experience in South Lebanon, first as a tank operator with the Israel Defense Forces during the war against Hezbollah in 2006, and then again as a journalist the following year. I won’t tell you exactly how he manages to get around in these dangerous parts of the world on an Israeli passport, but he does, and we should be grateful because he produces outstanding work 
I recently spoke with him about what he has seen in Syria recently, what the West ought to do about it, and about the even greater threat from Iran and what the West ought to do about that.MJT: You’re a brave man, Jonathan Spyer, for sneaking into Syria twice as an Israeli. Tell us what it’s like there right now and how things have changed since you were there nine months ago.Jonathan Spyer: Well, the most immediately notable change between my first visit in February and the most recent trip was the extent to which the rebels have consolidated their control on the ground in the Idlib and Aleppo Governates. .An additional notable, though not new, element was the disparate and still not united nature of the rebel forces. In Aleppo city, in which I spent a few days, there are a number of different groups fighting the regime.
In addition to the various battalions operating under the banner of the Free Syrian Army, there is the powerful Islamist Tawhid Brigade, also the Saudi supported Ahrar al-Sham group and a number of other groups. In interviews, rebel commanders did their best to put an optimistic slant on the absence of unity, but none sought to deny it.MJT: What should the US do about Syria? Stay out of it? Arm the rebels? What?Jonathan Spyer: My own view remains that the United States and its allies should engage closely with the rebels, identify deserving clients and begin to arm and support them. This has not yet happened to a significant degree and the result is the current stalemate. It’s understandable that many Westerners feel that given the rise of Sunni Islamism as a result of the downfall of secular Arab dictatorships over the last 18 months, the US interest is to stay out. Understandable, but wrong.
I understand well the argument that Sunni Islamists dominate the rebellion. My own view is that the organized, tight, Iran-led bloc remains by far the most pressing and dangerous enemy of the West in the region right now. Reality and history rarely give us the luxury of having only allies that are our ideological blood brothers. The 1939-45 period offers an example. The possibly dubious nature of our ‘allies’ should not be an excuse for paralysis in the face of an active enemy who has plainly declared his intention of replacing the US-led regional dispensation that has pertained in the region since 1991. It’s also important to note that there are significant secular elements in the FSA and the opposition. Still, these elements are nationalist rather than liberal-democratic in outlook.
Regarding the type of help, the list is a familiar one: arms, most importantly anti-aircraft weapons for the rebels, and a no-fly and no heavy armor zone in the north would be the most urgent first moves.In other words, I think the Syrian situation presents an opportunity to deal the Iran-led regional bloc and its backers a very telling defeat. I think this opportunity should be taken, though I acknowledge the concerns regarding the people in the rebel movements and the ideas they support.MJT: The relatively “moderate” Muslim Brotherhood used to be quietly popular there back in the 80s before Hafez al-Assad beat them to death in the city of Hama. Are they still popular? Or are they a marginal force like they are next-door in Lebanon?Jonathan Spyer: Well, after the Muslim Brothers were crushed by the regime in 1982, Assad took extreme measures to make sure that they wouldn’t rise again.
Muslim Brotherhood membership is an offense punishable by death in Assad’s Syria. So unlike in, say, Egypt, the Brotherhood didn’t have a ready-made infrastructure on the ground when the uprising began. But they have by all accounts been busy, and working in close cooperation with Qatar they are said to have built up direct links to various rebel battalions active in the country. I would imagine, without knowing for sure, that the Tawhid Brigade of Aleppo is one of those. The powerful Farouq Brigade in the Homs area may well be another.The Brothers have money and are well organized. They think, as you know, that they are now having their moment in the region after many long years of waiting. Hence their representatives are there in southern Turkey making deals, establishing supply lines, providing money, and building their structures on the ground. 
MJT: Do have any idea how many Syrians are supporting and/or working with the Salafist elements of the Free Syrian Army because there’s no other option compared with how many are supporting the Salafists because they genuinely sympathize with the Salafists?Jonathan Spyer: Don’t know how many in terms of numbers. I saw a number of checkpoints of the Saudi-supported Ahrar al-Sham group at prominent places in Aleppo city, complete with Salafi banners. They’re certainly there. My sense was that they weren’t the most serious factor. I don’t think Salafiya as such has a particularly large constituency in Syria and I don’t think it will succeed in becoming a central political faction. Much more notable and important, I think, is the growth of Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamism as a powerful element in the armed insurgency.
The Tawhid Brigade, for example, is the most powerful single armed unit in Aleppo. I interviewed one of the commanders of the brigade, and I would characterize its outlook a Muslim Brotherhood-style Islamist. Its members are critical of extreme, Al Qaeda-style Islamism, but they are also open about their own desire for an ‘Islamic state.’I also met members of a hastily assembled Sharia Council in Azaz town. The council consists of religious former FSA commanders and religious notables. I was told that it currently constitutes the highest legal authority in the town, working in cooperation with the armed rebels. Again, I’d stress that the heartland of the rebellion is a very conservative, devout, Sunni Arab space.
This rebellion has a religious coloration. At the same time, this does not imply the victory of Al Qaeda types.MJT: You and I have both spent some quality time in Lebanon, me as a journalist and you as a journalist and as an Israeli soldier. So let me ask you this: what do you think about the Free Syrian Army’s threat to take the fight to Hezbollah in its stronghold south of Beirut?Jonathan Spyer: Let me add a bit of anecdotal evidence regarding this from my own time in Syria. The hatred felt by FSA and other Syrian insurgent fighters toward Hezbollah is very intense. It of course also has a sectarian element.
I have seen Hezbollah flags burned at opposition demonstrations in Idlib Province. In Aleppo last month, I interviewed a Tawhid Brigade fighter who referred constantly to the party as ‘Hizb a Shaytan’ (party of Satan.) It created a weird dynamic in our conversation because I would keep asking about ‘Hezbollah’ (party of God) and he would keep replying by referring to ‘Hizb a Shaytan’ until in the end I started feeling like I was acting as some kind of apologist for Hezbollah. Which I’m not. As you know.
In general, I think Hezbollah knows it has a great deal to fear from the rise of the Sunnis in Syria. If Assad falls and the rebels win, this will almost certainly mean a ‘renegotiation’ of the sectarian balance of power in Lebanon, too, to Hezbollah’s severe disadvantage. At that point, the organization will have to decide whether to accommodate itself to a new balance of power, or to fight to retain its dominance against a new, Sunni-dominated Syria and its Lebanese allies. Neither prospect is attractive to Hezbollah, so it is doing its utmost to preserve the rule of the Assad dictatorship.MJT: Do you think Hezbollah will unleash its missile arsenal if Iranian nuclear weapons facilities are attacked? And if so, how much damage are we talking about here?Jonathan Spyer: I think it is very likely that there will be action of some kind by Hezbollah against Israel in the event of any attack on Iranian nuclear facilities.
Hezbollah, after all, is entirely the product of a thirty year investment by the Islamic Republic of Iran. To a great extent, this investment was intended for precisely such a moment.Hezbollah has re-armed since the 2006 war and possesses, we are told, around 60,000 short range missiles as well as a medium and long range missile capability, including the M-600 missile system. This would give them the ability to hit targets in central Israel. However, Israel’s aerial and artillery capacity is in an entirely different league, and in such an instance there would be few political constraints against a swift Israeli response. So the result of Hezbollah’s taking such action would be the devastation of Hezbollah.MJT: Is Israel going to pre-emptively strike Iran’s nuclear facilities?Jonathan Spyer: An Israeli attack of this kind, we can now say with some confidence, will almost certainly not take place before next spring.
There are strong voices within the Israeli defense establishment who argue against an Israeli pre-emptive strike at any stage because of what they consider to be the limited damage that Israel could inflict and the very negative diplomatic fall-out (if you’ll pardon the expression) that would result from such a move.Generally, I think that a nuclear Iran is not only, or mainly, Israel’s problem.The Iranians want above all to replace the United States as the guarantor of security in the Persian Gulf region. 
This is because they understand the power that comes from having the last word in an area so vital to the global economy. A nuclear Iran is a step toward the Iranian domination of the region, of which domination over the Gulf would form the vital centrepiece. This isn’t only, or mainly, Israel’s problem, and I personally see no reason why Israel should act as the gendarme of the oil-rich Arab monarchies of that area, enabling them of course to hysterically criticize it in public and thank it from the bottom of their hearts in private.[ed notes;there you have it,,confirmation,that israhelli troops are indeed inside syria and alongside syrian rebels and terrorists…he was an idf tank operator in 2006 lebanon war!!now hes a correspondant ,yeah sure thats what it is!Agiant blow to the rebels yet again,who are again hanging out with
Zionists,.neocons,warcriminals,and even us marines behind the scenes(that is until i catch them)!!!also see…  


A year later, the war in Libya is far from over


By: Horace Campbell

Chris Stevens belonged to that section of the US Department of State that was very knowledgeable about the movements of militia members between Benghazi, Libya, and the current war against the Assad regime in Syria. Libyan Islamists from the Eastern region comprise the largest single component of the ‘foreign fighters’ who are playing an ever more dominant role in the war being waged in Syria with the aim of toppling the government of President Assad. According to some estimates, they comprise anywhere from 1,200 to 1,500 of approximately 3,500 fighters who have been infiltrated into Syria from as far away as Chechnya and Pakistan.
Throughout North Africa, the fallout of the NATO war was being felt with the citizens of Libya bearing the brunt of the lawlessness that had been unleashed. Such lawlessness suited the short term interests of the capital equity forces of Wall Street, the oil executives and the Emirates. The proliferation of military weaponry from unsecured Libyan stockpiles — including small arms, explosives and shoulder-fired anti-aircraft missiles (MANPADs) — expanded the availability of weapons with the border regions suffering directly. The present Libya is again dominating the news as the US government is forced to juggle lies and disinformation. There are now at least seven new books that detail the quagmire of the NATO intervention.
Next month, my own contribution will be published by the African Institute of South Africa. The title of my book is ‘Global NATO and the Catastrophic Failure in Libya: Lessons for Africa in the Forging of African Unity’. This book will join the wave of statements from across the world calling for corrective measures for Africa against this new plunder. NATO is now completely discredited and is being called to expand war to Syria, Iran and beyond.
destruction in Mali is directly related to these forms of plunder by Western interests.

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Washington in Africa 2012


Forget all the rhetoric. Increased access to oil, imposition of pro-corporate economic policy, hostility to China and attempts to gain cooperation in the ‘War on Terror’ are the most important factors in US foreign policy on Africa. The November elections won’t change that. ‘US actions since 9/11 represent the final stage in the US’s century-long effort to complete the project of making US-led globalization a concrete reality across the world through three historical moments: 1) the attempted creation of a global Monroe doctrine between 1898 and 1919; 2) the Roosevelt administration’s creation of the Bretton Woods Institutions – the World Bank and IMF – and the UN; and 3) globalization – the US-led effort to establish a new global regime based on free trade, deregulation, and privatization’. – Neil Smith, The Endgame of Globalization, 2005 The US Assistant Secretary of State for Africa and former three-time ambassador, Johnnie Carson, was feted by Brooks Spector recently at Daily Maverick, in an article entitled ‘America’s Mr Africa’.

While it is always fitting to honour African-Americans who persevere to the top despite that country’s deep internal racism, Spector makes contentious political and economic claims about the ‘new’ US Africa policy. ‘For some observers at least,’ he says, ‘Barack Obama’s new partnership with Africa was announced in his speech in Accra [11 July 2009], when he declared the era of the authoritarian African big man to be over – kaput!’ As described below, however, Washington has maintained extremely cozy relationships with a variety of African dictators. THE US VERSUS AFRICAN DEMOCRACY Has Washington, as Carson claims, helped Africa democratise? The quaint US State Department notion is based on Washington’s ‘talking left’ about democracy.

On closer examination, Obama and Carson are ‘walking right,’ along the same neo-conservative track George W. Bush prepared across Africa’s military, geopolitical and extractive-economic terrain. Thanks to White House patronage, murderous African dictators still retain power until too late, most obviously Egypt’s Hosni Mubarak, who is personally worth at least $40 billion (according to an ABC News report) and who was recipient of many billions of dollars in US military aid in the 18 months following Obama’s speech. As Carson’s boss Hillary Clinton remarked in 2009, ‘I really consider President and Mrs. Mubarak to be friends of my family,’ and offered this gaffe a few days before the corrupt tyrant was overthrown in February 2011: ‘Our assessment is that the Egyptian government is stable.’

As a result of her affection for one of the worst African big men, Egypt’s democratic movement’s core activists turned a cold shoulder to Clinton again and again.Washington’s coddling of other dictators was signaled just weeks after Obama’s Ghana speech, when his UN Ambassador Susan Rice announced a New York luncheon with 25 African heads of state (40 had been invited): ‘We are looking to have a dialogue with responsible leaders about the future of Africa’s economic and social development.’ Obama dined with numerous tyrants that day, as only a few governments (Eritrea, Guinea, Kenya, Madagascar, Niger, Sudan and Zimbabwe) were specifically ‘left off the guest list because of disputes over their governance or an antagonistic relationship with Washington,’ according to Kenya’s Nation newspaper.

Amongst the 40 were Cameroonian dictator Paul Biya, and as his office reported, ‘At the end of the two and half hours that they spent together, most of the African leaders left the dining hall visibly satisfied.’ Democracy and human rights were apparently left off on the agenda, according to a briefing by the main White House Africa security official, Michelle Gavin.Another attendee was Gambian president Yahya Jammeh, a colonel who after overthrowing a democrat in 1994 and later claiming to have found an AIDS cure, last month came under renewed criticism from international human rights advocates after carrying out the first nine out of a potential 40 mass death-row executions (those threatened include an elderly 84-year-old, eight prisoners with mental health issues and eight foreign nationals).

As one local citizens’ network put it, ‘Given that the Gambia government uses the death penalty and other harsh sentences as a tool to silence political dissent and opposition, Civil Society Associations Gambia believes that any execution is a further indicator of the brutality with which President Jammeh’s regime is bent on crushing political dissent.’ Yet when asked whether, like the European Union, the US State Department would ‘also have some sort of response should they not heed these warnings not to proceed?,’ the official answer was chilling: ‘I think we haven’t telegraphed any response at this point.’ One reason not to annoy Jammeh was the US Central Intelligence Agency’s reliance upon a Banjul airport as a secret destination and refueling site for ‘rendition’ victims, that is, the illegal transfer of suspected terrorists to countries carrying out torture on behalf of Washington. According to former US air force veteran and Miami Herald journalist Sherwood Ross, amongst 28 countries ‘that held prisoners in behalf of the US based on published data’ are a dozen from Africa: Algeria, Djibouti, Egypt, Ethiopia, Gambia, Kenya, Libya, Mauritania, Morocco, Somalia, South Africa and Zambia.

With the possible exceptions of Kenya and Zambia, all these regimes remain close Pentagon allies, and hence difficult for genuine democrats. Last March, as the Arab Spring wave moved east from Tunisia, Obama backed the Djibouti regime of Ismail Omar Guelleh against pro-democracy protesters, apparently because of the tiny dictatorship’s hosting of several thousand US soldiers at Washington’s only solely-owned base on the continent. Such hypocritical relations are not new, and even though he served less than a term in the US Senate, Obama developed ties to some of the continent’s most venal elites. Promoting US interests in the form of petro-military complex profits, an ever-expanding ‘War on Terror’ and an anti-Chinese political block, are the common denominators behind Washington’s African alliances.
Some examples are illustrative:In 2006, before becoming president, he visited Chad’s dictator Idriss Deby in part to press the case for Chevron Texaco, which Deby had just expelled for failing to pay sufficient taxes. 
Obama infamously extended red-carpet treatment to oil-rich Gabon’s world-class kleptocrat tyrant Ali Bongo 15 months ago in spite of nearly unprecedented controversy.This was followed by a similar invitation a few months ago to Ethiopia’s then prime minister Meles Zenawi, in spite of objections from Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International leaders who complained, ‘The United States, the World Bank and other states and institutions have shown little or no attention to Ethiopia’s worsening human rights record.
By inviting Meles to the G-8 summit, the US government is sending a message that at best shows a lack of concern about the human rights situation in Ethiopia, and at worst, will be perceived as a US endorsement of the Ethiopian government’s policies.’ After Meles died in August, the New York Times acknowledged that ‘he was notoriously repressive, undermining Obama’s maxim that Africa doesn’t need strongmen, it needs strong institutions.’ The article quoted former US National Security Council official John Prendergast’s concern about ‘a vexing policy quandary’ in Washington’s relations with Ethiopia, Rwanda, Uganda and South Sudan: ‘All of them have served American interests or have a strong US constituency, but all have deeply troubling human rights records.’ (Whether this is a ‘vexing quandary’ or instead best described as a time-honoured tradition is up to the reader to decide.)
Obama’s support for Rwandan strongman Paul Kagame, including $800 million a year in aid and in June 2012, protection against possible UN censure for supporting genocide in the Congo, attracted complaints by respected social justice groups (including the Hotel Rwanda Rusesabagina Foundation). Maurice Carney of Friends of the Congo explains: ‘Since Rwanda invaded Congo in 1996, millions of Congolese have perished, hundreds of thousands of women have been systematically raped and Congo’s wealth has been looted. So the impact of Rwanda’s role in destabilizing the Congo has been tragic for the people of the region and especially the Congolese people.
And this is really the sad part about the whole situation, because it’s within the means of the United States to hold its ally accountable, but it has not done so to date.’Washington subsequently chided Kagame, apparently as a result of his turn to new Chinese patrons, according to analyst Eddie Haywood: ‘US State Department cables released by Wikileaks show that Washington has been keeping a close watch on Rwanda-China economic ties. Referring to meetings by Rwandan officials with a Chinese delegation, the cables took note of Rwanda’s economic agreements with China and loans from Beijing for the construction of buildings to house the Office of Foreign Affairs and to finance a railway project. China also agreed to consider funding the construction of a new stadium, a women’s center and a Confucius Institute.
Rwanda requested the delegation for duty-free access to Chinese markets, and Rwandan rice cultivation and road projects were discussed. As Rwanda is a transportation gateway for the Congo’s vast resources to the global market, it goes without saying that China’s ‘control by investment’ of a railway project traversing Rwanda through to a port in on the East coast of Tanzania would raise concerns in Washington.’ Last year, citing US national security interests, Obama issued a waiver so as to send more than $200 million in military aid to US-allied regimes in Somalia, the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Libya, South Sudan and Yemen in spite of a 2008 US law prohibiting such funding because of their armies’ recruitment of child soldiers.
According to Human Rights Watch’s Jo Becker, ‘The Obama administration has been unwilling to make even small cuts to military assistance to governments exploiting children as soldiers. Children are paying the price for its poor leadership.’Although Northwestern University professor Richard Joseph does give Washington credit for its roles in facilitating democracy (albeit in US interests) in Côte d’Ivoire, Guinea, Niger, Nigeria, Senegal and Malawi, the overall message is one of extreme hypocrisy: Obama is only opposed to African dictatorships which are anti-US (or allied to China), but if you are a sub-regional power, help hunt Al Qaeda or have substantial oil reserves, you may commit horrendous crimes and still get the prized White House photo op.

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Deputy Prime Minister for Services Affairs Omar Ghalawanji who is also Minister of Local Administration has said that SYP 1 billion has been allocated to the building committee established last month to compensate for the damage caused to uninsured private properties affected by terrorism this year.
During the first meeting of the committee on Sunday, Ghalawanji, who chaired the committee, said that half of the money will come from the budget of the Local Administration Ministry and the other half from the state general budget, adding that SYP 30 billion has been allocated to the committee and will become available to it by the start of next year.Ghalawanji reviewed the committee’s tasks which include setting the basis and criteria for compensating damage, taking necessary steps for rehabilitating damaged infrastructure and utilities, and providing humanitarian relief to affected citizens.
He pointed out that his ministry has requested sub-committees in the provinces to finish documenting actual damage to private properties and put the data in charts within a week, adding that the issues of raising the values and the cap of compensations and finding the mechanisms for compensating owners of vehicles damaged by terrorism are being discussed


Unknown Snipers and Western backed “Regime Change”

A Historical Review and Analysis By Gearóid Ó Colmáin  Unknown snipers played a pivotal role throughout the so-called « Arab Spring Revolutions » yet, in spite of reports of their presence in the mainstream media, surprisingly little attention has been paid to to their purpose and role. The Russian investigative journalist Nikolay Starikov has written a book which discusses the role of unknown snipers in the destabilization of countries targeted for regime change by the United States and its allies. The following article attempts to elucidate some historical examples of this technique with a view to providing a background within which to understand the current cover war on the people of Syria by death squads in the service of Western intelligence.[1]
In Susanne Brandstätter’s documentary ‘Checkmate: Strategy of a Revolution’ aired on Arte television station some years ago, Western intelligence officials revealed how death squads were used to destabilize Romania and turn its people against the head of state Nicolai Ceaucescu.Brandstätter’s film is a must see for anyone interested in how Western intelligence agencies, human rights groups and the corporate press collude in the systematic destruction of countries whose leadership conflicts with the interests of big capital and empire.Former secret agent with the French secret service, the DGSE(La Direction générale de la sécurité extérieure) Dominique Fonvielle, spoke candidly about the role of Western intelligence operatives in destabilizing the Romanian population.“how do you organize a revolution? I believe the first step is to locate oppositional forces in a given country.
It is sufficient to have a highly developed intelligence service in order to determine which people are credible enough to have influence at their hands to destabilize the people to the disadvantage of the ruling regime”[2]

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[Iron Dome] Tamir Missiles to be Produced in the US? US congressmen are promoting an initiative to establish a shared production  line of the Iron Dome missiles in the US Arie Egozi 14/10/2012 US congressmen are attempting to initiate a measure that could lead to the shared production of the Iron Dome system’s Tamir missiles in the US, both  to assist Israel and to have the system operated by the US to protect US forces around the world.Washington was very impressed from the capabilities of the new system, which  achieved and interception rate of more than 80% during the initial round of  combat.
US legislators are interested in having some of the missiles be produced in the US, with US funding.A similar matter was done with the Arrow system, with some of the Arrow-2 missiles being produced by Boeing in the US, and more than half of the new Arrow-3 missiles were produced in the US.The US production of Tamir missiles will reduce the pressure surrounding the Israeli defense budget, and it seems that it will also advance the possibility that the Pentagon will approve the acquisition of the Iron Dome system by the Army or the US Marines.US sources have said in recent months that the Iron Dome system is ideal for  defending US forces deployed in various places around the world.
  Buy, America: Make Iron Dome a Joint U.S.-Israel System  
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Top Weapons Manufacturers and War Profitteers sponsor JINSA (Zionist Isra-helli Front Organization),ceremony giving (Henry Jackson Society) award to (US military brass who promote IsraHells war of terror


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