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Ammar Abdulhamid(ZIONIST)10th October 2012
The most overt form of assistance provided by the United States to the Syrian opposition is the State Department’s Office of Syrian Opposition Support (OSOS), an organization established to aid opposition activists trying to bring down the Assad regime and located in the trendy Cihangir neighborhood on the European side of Istanbul.State Department strategic planner Maria Stephan, a prominent theorist of nonviolent resistance, was dispatched to oversee the training that OSOS provides to activists. Stephan, a State Department veteran whose foreign postings include Afghanistan and Libya, is the co-author of Why Civil Resistance Works: The Strategic Logic of Nonviolent Conflict. She is also the former director of policy and research at the International Center on Nonviolent Conflict.
[ed notes:who is she really? “Dr. Stephan worked in the Office of the Secretary of Defense for European/NATO policy at the U.S. Department of Defense and with the international staff at NATO Headquarters in Brussels. 
Stephan had already been meeting with activists in Istanbul for months before the OSOS trainings began in August, according to multiple activists who met with her during this time. She organizes and observes the training on civil resistance, media production, promoting anti-sectarian thought, and avoiding communications monitoring, according to a Syria-based activist who traveled to Istanbul for the OSOS trainings. Activists from other Middle Eastern countries, including Egypt, conduct the workshops.A British consultant also works with OSOS as an advisor, but he said he was not cleared by the State Department to speak about its activities. 
The State Department refused requests to interview Stephan.The United States is relying on OSOS as one of its central points of contact with the Syrian opposition.During Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s August visit to Istanbul, she snubbed the Syrian National Council, which has failed to coalesce into a unified opposition body, and instead met with activists being trained by OSOS.
OSOS pays for activists’ trip to Istanbul, as well as their stay in an upscale hotel if they can manage the perilous journey to Turkey. At the end of the training they are given a satellite phone and computer and are expected to return to Syria — though not all do, according to activists familiar with OSOS.U.S. efforts to organize Syria’s opposition also appear to be receiving help from the British. A Washington-based Syria analyst told Foreign Policy that OSOS was set up with funding from the State Department with the assistance of a Beirut-based consultancy firm called Pursue Ltd
United Kingdom Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO)Department for International Development (DFID) Ministry of Defence (MoD)  United States Office of Transition Initiatives (OTI), United States Agency for International Development (USAID) ITS REALLY FRONTS FOR THESE GOV’s AND THEIR INTELLIGENCE AGENCIES CIA AND MI6
Alistair Harris, Pursue’s director, is a former British diplomat known for his work canvassing extremist groups in Palestinian camps in Beirut, the analyst said. Harris has also written a policy paper on al Qaeda in the Arabian Peninsula for the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace.
An article in the British newspaper the Daily Telegraph initially described Harris as “a British political consultant overseeing the [nonlethal aid] programme.” It was later edited to omit his name.Via email, Harris denied that Pursue is “undertaking any activities relating to the Syrian opposition on behalf of the U.S. or any other project partner.” However, he admitted his personal involvement in the program, writing that he is “involved in US assistance programming, but not through Pursue.”
[ed notes;harris bio ..  He is an Associate Fellow at RUSI 
A second office, run by a company called Access Research Knowledge (ARK), has been opened a short walk from OSOS. There, another British consultant oversees a number of employees of various Western and Arab nationalities. When Foreign Policy visited the ARK office, at least two employees knew Harris by name.At least one employee is involved with Pursue, and activists said it is acting as an advisor and intermediary for funding from “Friends of Syria” countries to the Syrian opposition. ARK also provides funds and consulting to a new opposition media outlet founded by a group of liberal-minded Syrian activists calledBasmaSyria.
A State Department spokesperson described ARK as “an implementing partner” of the U.S. nonlethal-aid program.”ARK is currently undertaking activities to support the nonviolent Syrian opposition and Syrian civil society,” the spokesperson said. “Project activities involving hundreds of beneficiaries have taken place in Syria and neighboring states since the onset of the Syrian crisis.It shares the inclusive vision of a future Syria for all Syrians where the rule of law is applied equally and the people of Syria are represented by a legitimate, responsive, and democratically elected government.”The activists themselves see the projects as a way to get their message out to the world more effectively.”
They are just helping us. We didn’t study media; we didn’t study photography,” said an activist who works for BasmaSyria, which has distributed videos via YouTubeFacebook, and the Saudi-owned news channel Al Arabiya since August. The videos — which are shot, written, and produced by the activists — mainly target a Syrian audience and promote the idea that the uprising in Syria is not sectarian in nature. .“We are like a mini-Syria,” one BasmaSyria activist said. Each activist receives a modest salary, equipment, and media training.
When a new group of activists comes to Istanbul for OSOS training, BasmaSyria activists are called in to give them a brief pep talk.Foreign Policy visited the BasmaSyria office in early October and was shown several of the group’s videos. The activists say that their aim is to counter the Assad regime’s narrative that the Syrian revolt is a sectarian conflict. “It’s regime propaganda, a pretext to say this revolution is an Islamic revolution and Sunni will kill Alawi,” one activist said. Another activist, a Christian woman from the city of Homs, furiously said that even prominent Western journalists have been paid “a lot” by the Syrian regime to promote a sectarian agenda in Syria.
The editing and narration of BasmaSyria’s videos are more professional than most of the Syrian opposition videos uploaded to YouTube. .The activist met with Clinton during her August visit to Istanbul, but the encounter only heightened this person’s impression of how far behind the United States is on Syria.
[ed notes;in other words the us state dept is running a network of people who produce videos in favour of regime change against syrian’s a hasbarah operation ..
A State Department spokesperson in Washington did not respond to a request for further information about its Syria program. Discussions with activists, however, suggested that the resources available to OSOS remain limited.”In truth, we are not talking about major expenditures here,” said Ammar Abdulhamid, a prominent Syrian activist and fellow at the Foundation for Defense of Democracies in Washington, cautioning that OSOS was too new to assess its effectiveness.
[ed notes;ammar abdulhammid is a Zionists with ties to Israhelli thinks and neocon circles..hes also frontman for national salvation  in d.c. a syrian muslim brotherhood front for abdul khadam 
 In addition to OSOS and BasmaSyria, the United States has also funded a workshop for Syrian women held in the Turkish border city of Gaziantep. The project was about having a “vision for Syria in 2020,” said the Syrian activist who organized the workshop. Funding was provided through the State Department’s Bureau of Conflict and Stabilization Operations.At the workshop, Syrian women developed ideas about what they want different aspects of their country — the economy, health services, security, and civil society, for instance — to look like in the future. “Syria didn’t have institutions before,” the activist said. “Any support for building institutions or building capacity is very welcome, and it is very effective.… The more the better.”
Asked what participants did during the workshops, she said, “Basically, it was about explaining personal stories, talking about the past and the present as well and planning for the future.”An activist in Syria said that the State Department had also funded a project for Syrian lawyers and judges, but the organizers were not reachable for comment.The State Department has said the effect of the OSOS training will best be seen after the regime falls.
However, the relationship between the armed opposition — which believes it is taking the greatest risk in fighting the regime — and civil society activists is tense.”Some of [the armed opposition] think we are doing a useless job, and some of them think we are doing a good job,” the organizer of the workshop for women said of the armed opposition. “At some point I think there will be some conflict.”Asked about OSOS, she said,  that the training had valuable aspects, such as helping her shoot and edit powerful videos to promote her view of Syria’s revolution and to document human rights violations in a way that the material could be submitted as evidence to the International Criminal Court.
[ed notes:when you have a (WESTERN)”network of  paid cells” calling themselves activists based in turkey and within syria,being paid by the Zionist ran us state dept,and these are also working with Brittish agents with ties to intelligence agencies, running ”GOVT BACKED” operations behinds the scene,orchestrating videos and formulating western friendly narratives of syrian conflict,does this qualify as a conspiracy?

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Long-Suffering Haitians Want Change


by Stephen Lendman

Haitians know adversity and anguish as well as anyone. They’ve experienced over 500 years of oppression, slavery, despotism, colonization, reparations, embargoes, sanctions, deep poverty, starvation, crushing debt, and natural calamities from destructive hurricanes to a dozen regional magnitude 7.0 or greater earthquakes.

Except briefly after their successful 1804 revolution and under Aristide, they’ve been denied legitimate governance and freedom. They continue suffering today under stealth Duvalierist Michel (“Sweet Micky”) Martelly. He’s a US-installed stooge.

He wasn’t elected. He was anointed. He’s Washington’s man. A March 2011 runoff process installed him. He took office in May. He fits the neoliberal/imperial mold. He’s an anti-populist former Kompa singer.

He has longstanding ties to Haitian elites, militarists, reactionary Duvalierists, and thuggish Tonton Macoute assassins. He enforces predatory neoliberal harshness.

UN Blue Helmet MINUSTAH occupiers and internal security forces enforce state-sponsored repression. Haitians wanting freedom and justice are denied. Activists are targeted.

Their liberating struggle continues. They’ve had enough and want change. Since September, they’ve held large protests, gone on strike, and massed in Port-au-Prince and elsewhere across the country.

On September 30, huge crowds commemorated the 21st anniversary of the 1991 coup against Aristide. In February 2004, a second one followed.

Protests continue. On October 15, Haitians came out in force in Port-au-Prince. At issue is government corruption, broken promises, high living costs, unaffordable food prices, and other unaddressed issues.

Under ideal conditions, Haitians endure hardships most Americans can’t imagine. How can they when Western media say little. US television explains nothing.

Haitians accuse Martelly of serving business and elite interests. At the same time, vital people needs are ignored. He promised relief and delivered betrayal. One protester spoke for others, saying:

“Martelly is wasting the meager resources of the country to buy luxury vehicles and for international trips that don’t bring anything to the country.”

Another said, “Grassroots organizations are going to organize with other political forces to mobilize the rest of the country against this corrupt regime supported by a few members of the international community.”

Others said plenty more. On Sunday, they came out in force. They demanded Martelly resign. Hundreds of thousands remain homeless nearly three years after the devastating January 2010 earthquake.

Rebuilding efforts focus on commercial development and other projects benefitting Haitian elites. Ordinary people are ignored. No one cares if they live, die, suffer or starve.

They get by best they can in squalid makeshift camps. They’re little more than flimsy tents and shacks made from bed sheets, tarpaulin, wood scraps, or metal parts. They’re unsafe to live in. Normality is nowhere in sight or considered. Authorities able to help don’t care.

Haitians want to leave but have no place to go. They’re desperate, impoverished, unemployed, and for many falling ill untreated. They’re vulnerable to torrential rains, deadly diseases, and water-borne ones like cholera. Since winter 2010, it claimed thousands of lives. Deaths continue regularly.

Life in Occupied Haiti is hellish. Hoped for help doesn’t come. International aid falls far short. New homes to replace destroyed ones aren’t planned.

Haiti’s 1987 Constitution called its republic “indivisible, sovereign, independent, cooperative, free, democratic, and social….” Like France, its national motto is “Liberty, Equality, Fraternity.” Basic rights were established.

Article 19 guarantees “the right to life, health, and respect of the human person for all citizens without distinction, in conformity with the Universal Declaration of the Rights of Man.”

Article 22 “recognize(s) the right of every citizen to decent housing, education, food and social security.”

Article 24 guarantees “individual liberty.” Other fundamental rights were established.

Aristide alone respected rule of law provisions and enforced them. Despots before and after him trashed what they should have supported. Martelly’s as bad as the rest of them. He follows a long shameless tradition.

On June 12, 2012, he went further. He got lawless constitutional amendments established. They affirmed diktat executive power. They reinstituted Duvalierist death squads. He violated constitutional provisions doing so.

Before he left office, Rene Preval and parliament rushed through similar amendments. The day before his term ended, they were published.

Parliamentary protests followed. Changes didn’t correspond to what passed. Amendments were suspended. Weeks after taking office, Martelly published a decree suspending them.

He established a committee to make recommendations. Everything was done secretly. Constitutional law was violated. He hardened tyranny.

Perhaps with tongue in cheek, the Congressional Research Service said on August 1, “There is still much to be accomplished in the democratization of Haiti. (M)outing public frustration” is understandable.

Political activist David Oxygene went further. On June 19, he was arrested. He was targeted during one of many Port-au-Prince demonstrations. People attending demand help for Haiti’s poor, disadvantaged, unemployed, and homeless.

Oxygene heads Haiti’s Movement for Liberty and Equality by Haitians for Fraternity (MOLEGHAF). Charges against him were bogus. Fellow activist Duckens Charles was arrested and imprisoned at the same time.

Oxygene’s lawyer convinced a judge to release him. On August 30, he and Charles were freed together. Last spring, Oxygene was warned to stop protesting. Otherwise he’d be arrested, prosecuted and imprisoned. He and others like him are vulnerable.

Martelly wants no opposition. He’s playing hardball to silence dissent. Independent journalists are endangered. Outspoken Haitian lawmakers risk trouble.

In early October, Senator Moise Jean Charles challenged Martelly, saying:

“We are not only in the streets against the high cost of living, corruption, nepotism, bad governing, dictatorship, but equally to demand (his) departure….”

Oxygene won’t be silent. Deep poverty, corruption, state repression, and other unaddressed issues are too intolerable to ignore.

“We demand social services like work and decent housing,” he said. “We’re not asking for a couple little jobs here and there. We’re asking for a fundamental change that allows the poorest folks to have a decent life, to make a decent living.”

“Martelly promised that he was going to make change but nothing has changed, and people see that. People’s bad situations have gotten worse. There is growing discontent in the quarters populaires, or poor neighborhoods, where young men don’t have work and families go hungry.”

During two months in prison, he and around 100 others were crammed in a cell meant for 34. They got small amounts of untreated water. Drinking it risks disease, even death.

“Conditions are really harsh,” he said. “People fight every day. “Men stab one another, smoke, take drugs, and become frustrated because of the” appalling conditions. “Their frustrations” boil over. They take it out on each other.

Arrest and imprisonment strengthened his activism. He knows he’ll be arrested again. So do others like him.

“These kinds of things can either break you and make you turn away from the struggle, or they can fortify you to battle harder for change. For me, it made me stronger to continue the struggle and never give up until I see change or until they kill me.”

“Ann nou batay pou viktwa final, pou chanjman mond la,” he says. Let’s fight for the final victory, for the world to change. It won’t happen unless ordinary Haitians and people everywhere do it on their own. It’s the only way.

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Palestinian Authority to Hold Sham Elections


by Stephen Lendman

Longtime Israeli collaborators Mahmoud Abbas and Salam Fayyad scheduled West Bank municipal elections on October 20, 2012. Democracy isn’t on the ballot. Palestinians are skeptical for good reason.

For the first time since January 25, 2006, they’ll vote in an election much different from then. Fed up with institutionalized Fatah corruption and subservience to Israel, Hamas candidates swept to victory.

They won 74 of the Palestinian Legislative Council’s (PLC) 132 seats. Hamas became Palestine’s legitimate government. It remains so despite Fatah’s complicity with Israel. Doing so separated West Bank authority from Gaza.

Ismail Haniyeh is Palestine’s prime minister. Fayyad’s PM appointment lacks legitimacy. He represents lawless coup d’etat authority. Abbas’ term as president expired in January 2009. He remains in office illegally.

Palestinians suffer because of their allegiance to Israel and Washington, not them. Elections this month assure continuity, not democratic change.

On October 10, the Los Angeles Times headlined “Palestinian voters skeptical about value of elections.”

Hebron City Council aspirant Maysoun Qawasmi expressed popular frustration, saying:

“We are seeing the same people running, and they aren’t offering anything new. Voters are looking for independent voices.”

In fact, they want officials representing them, not Israel. Abbas and Fayyad won’t tolerate them. Everything is arranged for Fatah candidates to win. “They always win,” said Qawasmi. “And nothing ever changes.”

One Palestinian perhaps spoke for others, saying:

“I don’t understand how we can have elections in just half the territory. I don’t even know who’s running.”

Given a rigged process, Hamas opted out. Doing so got Abbas/Fayyad to hold elections they might have cancelled otherwise, knowing they might lose. They tolerate no opposition.

They crack down hard against challengers. They mock democratic freedoms. They represent despot authority. They’re complicit Israeli puppet stooges.

They dismissed about 50 Fatah members wanting to run as independents. Prominent former Nablus Mayor Ghassan Shaka’a was bumped illegitimately.

Other PLO candidates running independently were denied funding. They include candidates representing the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine (PFLP), Democratic Front for the Liberation of Palestine (DFLP), and People’s (Communist) Party.

Al Haq human rights group legal consultant, Issam Abdeen, said:

“The sound basis for any election to take place is a healthy, political atmosphere. (It’s) clearly lacking here.”

According to Palestinian Central Electoral Commission (CEC) chairperson Hanna Nasser, the West Bank has over 350 districts. However, 181 won’t participate because only Fatah candidates are running.

In addition, another 78 postponed voting until November. At issue is getting enough candidates to stand in a fraudulent process.

On October 18, the Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) expressed great concern about upcoming elections. At issue is limited public freedoms and “continuing widespread” PA human rights violations.

On July 10, Palestine’s CEC was “instructed to make the necessary arrangements in order to organize the elections in both the West Bank and the Gaza Strip by the Council of Ministers in Ramallah.”

After Hamas CEC participation was terminated, “the Council of Ministers annulled their previous decision.” They decided on only West Bank elections.

The most recent local council ones were held in stages from December 2004 to December 2005. In December 2009, the mandate for these elections expired.

Since then, separate West Bank/Gaza authorities appointed local council members directly. Favoritism substituted for democracy.

“As the mandate granted by the Palestinian people in local, legislative and presidential elections has expired, these institutions have lost their authorization to represent the will of the Palestinian voters.”

“Therefore, the holding of renewed elections is the democratic entitlement of the Palestinian people.”

Fatah denies them that right. Abbas and Fayyad take orders from Israel. They salute and obey. Palestinians lose out altogether.

Legitimate general or local elections require certain conditions in place. Transparency is fundamental. So is a free, fair, and open process. The popular will of the electorate must be prioritized.

Public freedoms must be protected. They include “the right to freedom of opinion and expression, the right to peaceful assembly, the right to form associations, freedom of the press, the release of political detainees, and an end to restrictions placed on political activities.”

Nothing resembling electoral freedom is in place. How could it be with democracy excluded from the ballot. Palestine is fractured in two pieces. Abbas repeatedly delayed elections. After promising Fatah/Hamas unity, he backed off and did nothing.

Security forces he controls also compromise human and civil rights. Israeli diktats are prioritized over democratic freedoms and legitimate governance. Palestinians deserve better. They’re denied it under Israeli-enforced occupation rules.

Abbas/Fayyad began corrupting the process months ago. Fatah outliers, other challengers, and Hamas members were targeted. Arrests were made. Palestinians wanting legitimate government were imprisoned.

What’s upcoming this weekend assures continuity of lawless government and Fatah-enforced occupation harshness. Palestinians should opt out and stay home. With choice off the ballot, nothing they do electorally will change things.

Separately, Haaretz headlined “Netanyahu cabinet to adopt part of Levy report on legal status of West Bank outposts.”

All settlements and outposts violate international law. Israel spurns it dismissively. In January, Netanyahu appointed a three-member committee. Former Supreme Court Justice Edmond Levy headed it.

He excluded fairness and rule of law principles from consideration. Three issues were examined:

(1) Legal aspects of Israel’s occupation.

(2) The 2005 Sasson Report’s conclusion that dozens of outposts built on privately owned Palestinian land were illegal.

(3) Whether Israel’s presence in the West Bank is, or is not, an occupation.

Levy’s report rewrote international law. It claimed that occupation “as set out in the relevant international conventions cannot be considered applicable to the unique and sui generis historic and legal circumstances of Israel’s presence in Judea and Samaria spanning over decades.”

“Israelis have the legal right to settle in Judea and Samaria and the establishment of settlements cannot, in and of itself, be considered illegal.”

It recommended legalizing illegal outposts. It said zoning officials should authorize them without further political approval. It urged no restraints on settlement construction.

Netanyahu praised the report, saying:

“In my opinion, this report is important because it deals with the legalization and the legitimization of the settlement enterprise in Judea and Samaria on the basis of facts, a variety of facts and arguments that should be seriously considered.”

It’s unsurprising given Likud’s position on settlements, stating:

“The Jewish communities in Judea, Samaria and Gaza (all Occupied Palestine) are the realization of Zionist values. Settlement of the land is a clear expression of the unassailable right of the Jewish people to the Land of Israel and constitutes an important asset in the defense of the vital interests of the State of Israel.”

“The Likud will continue to strengthen and develop these communities and will prevent their uprooting.”

Likud rejects Green Line separation of Israel and Palestine. It incrementally steals Palestinian land. It declared all Jerusalem sovereign Israeli territory.

Likud’s Charter also rejects Palestinian self-determination, saying:

“The Jordan river will be the permanent eastern border of the State of Israel.”

“Jerusalem is the eternal, united capital of the State of Israel and only of Israel. The government will flatly reject Palestinian proposals to divide Jerusalem.”

“The Government of Israel flatly rejects the establishment of a Palestinian Arab state west of the Jordan river.”

Levy’s Likudnik standing remains unblemished. He’s more shyster than jurist. He’s little more than a retired Likud Party hack. His opinions are entirely separate from legal principles. Revisionism defined his ruling.

Haaretz said Netanyahu plans to legalize West Bank outposts. Previously he stopped short. No longer. Together with other hardliners they’ll do it to appease settlers ahead of planned January elections.

Doing so will make it easier to steal land, expand settlements, and dispossess more Palestinians. Adopting key parts of Levy’s report effectively annexes all West Bank territory Israel wishes.

Maybe taking it all is planned. Put nothing past fascists like Netanyahu. Some of his policies exceed what some despots would dare.

Surprisingly, Defense Minister Ehud Barak opposes his move, saying:

Approving the Levy report “will backfire on those who support it. The report’s adoption won’t strengthen the settlements in the West Bank, but will instead cause diplomatic damage and will increase Israel’s isolation in the world.”

He urged cabinet members reject what’s now approved. Labor leader Shelly Yacimovich agreed. He called Netanyahu’s move a transparent pre-election stunt. He’ll do more harm to Israel’s security than improve it.

Kadima MK Yisrael Hasson said Netanyahu’s “playing with a flame-thrower over a barrel of gasoline. (He) wants to enslave the State of Israel for the sake of political interests and we will pay the price for that.”

Other opposition party members also expressed criticism. Likud MK Danny Danon said he’s trying to enlist congressional support. He wants Washington to legitimize what’s illegitimate.

Getting it he calls “a rare historical opportunity.” With US elections approaching, perhaps he’ll succeed. No one considers what’s right for Palestinians important.

Decades ago, Washington made them non-persons. Israel did earlier in 1948. Effectively, they’re denied all rights. Occupation harshness demands it.

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LA Times: Romney’s a drug-money launderer


Why Has Not Only Corporate Media, but also Obama’s Opposition Research Let Romney Slide on his Criminal Associations?

by  Kevin Barrett

Mitt Romney made his fortune cleaning druglords’ cash

Back in July, the Los Angeles Times – not VT, Infowars or Truth Jihad Radio – broke the story that Mitt Romney is a drug money launderer. How did we all miss this story? (Until John Hankey and then Gordon Duff picked it up.)

Maybe it’s because the Times story never comes right out and says “drug money laundering.” It doesn’t have to.

What the Times article does say translates directly and unambiguously as DRUG MONEY LAUNDERING, in caps, exclamation point.

According to the Los Angeles Times, Romney’s company, Bain Capital, “paid out a stunning 173% in average annual returns over a decade.” “Stunning” is not the word. “Criminal” is more like it.

Bernie Madoff was arrested and went to jail because he was paying 10% annual returns. That’s how it came to light that he was running a criminal enterprise. You just cannot possibly pay 10% returns consistently, year in and year out, with legitimate investments. Never happened, never will.

Ponzi schemes sometimes pay as high as 20% – and soon collapse, and the perps go to jail. But a 173% annual return is far beyond the range of the craziest, most short-lived ponzi scheme.

Romney wasn’t running a ponzi scheme. He was running a drug money laundry. His clients, the Times explains, were shady characters from Panama. Here’s how it works:

A druglord hands Romney, a.k.a. Bain Capital, ten million dollars in cash. Romney puts it on his books as a one million dollar investment in Bain Capital.

At 173% interest, it only takes Romney a few years (officially) to return ten million laundered dollars to the druglord.

When the druglord is asked where he got his ten million dollars, he explains that he made a lucky investment with Bain Capital. And he has the papers to prove it.

Getting caught paying out an average 173% interest over ten years is like getting caught with a hundred pounds of cocaine. If you’re busted with a hundred pounds of cocaine, the presumption is that you’re dealing. If you’re caught paying 173% interest, the presumption is that you’re laundering drug money.

Romney, you are SO BUSTED.

For more information on Mitt Romney’s criminal history, check out John Hankey’s video Mitt Romney Exposed, and listen to my interview with Hankey on Truth Jihad Radio, to be archived soon here.

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Press TV Ban Tantamount to Human Rights Violation


By Dr. Ismail Salami


The recent EU move to take Press TV off the air is to be seen as part of a continued process of media violation against this alternative channel.

On Monday, Eutelsat, which is run by Michel de Rosen, a Zionist Israeli-French, stopped carrying Press TV and some 18 other channels from Islamic Republic of Iran Broadcasting (IRIB), a move which Gary Follows, Arqiva Head of Public Relations, says is a “result of reinforced EU Council sanctions and repeated requests by France’s broadcasting authority for the permanent switch-off of the Iranian channels.” UK-based Arqiva is the service supplier which held the IRIB contract.

The first attempts to deprive ever-increasing European audience of accessing Press TV started in the UK when British office of communication (Ofcom) initiated a shrewd ruse to get of rid of the channel and technically put an end to an alternative critical voice once and for all. To this end, they needed a political tool. And who could be a better choice than Maziar Bahari who had already filed a lawsuit against the channel for airing a 10-second soundbite, which was part of an interview with him in 2009.

In October 2011, Ofcom said Press TV had violated its broadcasting codes by airing the interview. The ruling led to the imposition of a 100,000 pound fine on the channels and its subsequent removal from the Sky platform. This was while in a number of future interviews with other media outlets, Bahari had readily confirmed what he had said in the 10-second soundbite, i.e. he was the person who had sent the footage.

Besides, Ofcom had come under intense criticism on the part of the British Royal family who had taken umbrage at Press TV for reporting and criticizing them for their extravagant lifestyle and support for the regional autocratic regimes. The office of the Royal Family had even sent letters to Press TV office on several occasions and urged them to stop criticizing the Queen. Therefore, the wound was an old one and far from healing and they had to prick their deadly venom into those whom they considered thorns in their sides.

On the other hand, Ofcom later claimed that the move was largely motivated by ministers. However, a WikiLeaks cable reveals how the Foreign Office told an American diplomat in 2010 that the government was “exploring ways to limit the operations of … Press TV”.

At the time, the department warned the US that: “UK law sets a very high standard for denying licenses to broadcasters. Licenses can only be denied in cases where national security is threatened, or if granting a license would be contrary to Britain’s obligations under international law. Currently neither of these standards can be met with respect to Press TV, but if further sanctions are imposed on Iran in the coming months a case may be able to be made on the second criterion.”

At all events, Germany followed suit and a court in Germany ordered the removal of the channel off a satellite platform despite two previous rulings issued in favor of the alternative channel.

So, the Munich media regulatory body, BLM, took Press TV off the satellite platform in April.

And third came French media regulator, the Conseil Superieur de l’Audiovisuel (CSA) which kept repeating calls for removing the channel.

Press TV says, “This is not the first time that the West is trying to silence the alternative media and stop Iranian broadcasters from commenting on what is going on truly across the world. But this time what is most surprising is that the latest instance of media crackdown comes from the new Nobel Peace laureate.”

Sanctions against the Islamic Republic and exerting back-breaking pressures on people are per se illegal in the light of international laws. However, muzzling a media outlet and justifying this act in the name of sanctions is a source of shame for the EU. In fact, the EU’s incoherent perception and poor handling of truth is a move enormously to be deplored.

Needless to say, this is an egregious instance of the violation of human rights which the West moralizes about so vehemently. Article 19 of the Universal Declaration of Human Rights clearly states that “Everyone has the right to freedom of opinion and expression; this right includes freedom to hold opinions without interference and to seek, receive and impart information and ideas through any media and regardless of frontiers.” It is long since the intelligent international community has come to discern the paradoxical attitude of the West in defining the concept of freedom of speech and they have figured out for themselves how tolerant the West may be when the sanctities of the Muslims are shamelessly violated and how intolerant they can be when the truth is daringly thrown into their faces. Only recently the West kept silent on the anti-Islam movie and caricatures and even justified the blasphemy in the light of freedom of speech but when it came to Press TV, they were not only intolerant towards the alternative channel but they also put all their efforts into a seemingly long-entertained plot to silence the voice.

This is how freedom of speech is defined for the benefits of a privileged few and how the tentacles of Zionist imperialism are by slow gradation spread over an entirety beyond which hope is desperately turned into but a flickering ray for those who wish to hear the truth.

BUT truth will prevail.

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On the other hand, the situation will often be little better if the United States does not intervene.Such equalizers could greatly reduce the need to directly project U.S. power in some contingencies and give our Special Forces and covert operators a whole new range of tools. They could alter the structure of proxy warfare and our ability to work with allies who directly transfer such weapons, without giving up final U.S. protections and controls. They could give friendly and moderate local forces a major advantage over extremists. 
Many of these choices will center on politics, regional stability, and the need for civil and humanitarian forms of aid. It seems almost certain, however, that the United States will repeatedly face the same security dilemmas it faced in Libya and now faces in Syria: either finding some way to intervene with military force, or standing by-both with unpredictable and highly negative potential consequences.Whether myth or reality, the Colt Arms Company is reported to have advertised that “God made man, but Samuel Colt made them equal.”
Light “smart weapons” can have much the same effect, as can limited transfers of short-range artillery devices and bomb-making materials. The U.S. problem with mortars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the Israeli problem with rockets, and the growing challenge of bombs and improved explosive devices (IEDs) are all cases in point.This helps explain why countries like Saudi Arabia and Qatar have talked to the United States about giving the Syrian Liberation Army (SLA) and other “moderate” Syrian forces such weapons.
A dictator-controlled military force like Bashar al-Assad’s will still have the advantage in more advanced weapons, but it would face massive problems in using such force against a better-armed mass popular uprising.A popular insurgency could then inflict far more serious casualties with far less risk of collateral damage and losses on its own side, as well as have far more motivation to persist. It will be able to create its own safe zones, take advantage of “no fly” or “no move” zones enforced with limited uses of U.S. or allied force, and be able to quickly become far more effective with limited training by U.S. or other Special Forces.In some cases, even the threat of such transfers-coming from a U.S.-supplied allied or friendly state-could force an authoritarian regime to compromise or leave, knowing it could not win the resulting war of attrition.
The transfer of “equalizers” could be as much a negotiating tool and deterrent as a method of combat. It also could bring a quicker end to long popular struggles and do so before they were polarized on ethnic or sectarian lines and gave growing power to the most extreme elements. At the same time, the very fact the United States obviously has such weapons could tilt the balance toward political settlement in some cases, and actually deploying them would make a critical difference in others. Counterterrorism and counterinsurgency do not have to be “classic” and involve the large-scale U.S. deployments as is the past. Such equalizers could reverse the present pattern of asymmetric warfare where cheap, relatively low-cost systems increasingly offset the U.S. advantage in advanced weapons and technology.
Anthony H. Cordesman holds the Arleigh A. Burke Chair in Strategy at the Center for Strategic and International Studies in Washington, D.C.
[ed notes:im just citing few excerpts click link for whole piece.this think tank is of course funded by worlds biggest criminal corporations in west.It also played a role in supporting rationale for supporting Contras in Nicaragua.The aim of this paper is to cover all bases,continue aiding opposition with weapons,and create a system of new pipelines sending newer more effective weapons to facilitate regime change in Syria…these would include mechanisms wich could be shut off whenever the proxy insurgents decide to go astray,not follow west script,or no longer serve their purpose(excatly in same way as mujahid in afghanistan were turned into new enemy after defeating russia there)..from a  neocolonial strategists perspective,its like shooting two,three birds with one stone.this is also a way to protect themselves,since they are channeling weapons into all these terrorist groups,thru saudi arabia and qatar,many of wich are openly seen and known to be alqaeda groups,us can then use the excuse it wasn’t or tried to give them weapons that could not be turned against us interests in future…..some backround on csis 
 Counselors Zbigniew Brzezinski Henry A. Kissinger James R. Schlesinger Brent Scowcroft Trustees David M. Rubenstein — Cofounder and Managing Director, The Carlyle Group Frederick B. Whittemore — Advisory Director, Morgan Stanley Richard Armitage — President, Armitage International William S. Cohen — Chairman & CEO, The Cohen Group Muhtar Kent — President, Chairman and CEO, The Coca-Cola Company  …
In November 2003, a CSIS released a report on Iraq authored by Dr. Anthony Cordesman. It was “based on briefings by Paul Bremer, the US de facto governor of Iraq; military commanders, unnamed intelligence officers and David Kay, the American who leads the hunt for Saddam’s alleged weapons of mass destruction,” reported The Independent. History.Originally CSIS sprung out from Georgetown University’s School of Foreign Service, and many of principals were also faculty members at the university. For some time CSIS had an office on the Georgetown campus. 
Several of the principals were “Cold Warriors” and made a little industry out of finding “communist influence” around the world. During the war against Nicaragua, For many years, CSIS was also seen as a think tank where right-wing “officials-in-waiting” could wait until their next appointment in government.

 [ed notes:More on the author from CSIS.. Cordesman served as national security assistant to Senator John McCain of the Senate Armed Services Committee and as civilian assistant to the Deputy Secretary of Defense. He is also a former director of intelligence assessment in the Office of the Secretary of Defense
Cordesman points out improvements in the capability of the Israeli Defense Forces since the fighting against Hezbollah in 2006. 
He believes the military used “decisive force” against legitimate military objectives, in spite of their very real humanitarian cost 
[ed note:unfortunatly for the zionist fraud cordesman,israhell ended up admitting the illegal invasion of lebanon was based on lies.. see..  Israel Admits War Causes Were Fabricated   Cordesman’s analysis also claimed that Israel did not violate the laws of war Lebanon: UN Rights Council report condemns flagrant Israeli  ...more on cordesman… Cordesman also served in other government positions, including at the United States Department of State, Department of Energy, and director of International Staff at NATO. TURNS OUT HE WAS ALSO A PARTICIPANT IN THE ISRAELI PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE CONFERENCE,AND ONTO THE INTERVIEW … 

An Interview with Anthony CordesmanIsraeli Presidential – YouTube 19, 2012 – 5 min – Uploaded by PresidentialConf


A Channel to Link the Oceans, or Ortega Syndrome: US’ “Regime Change” Strategy Continues in Nicaragua

A Channel to Link the Oceans, or Ortega Syndrome: US’ “Regime Change” Strategy Continues in Nicaragua
The problem is that Nicaraguan leader D. Ortega is solidly in the populist camp, shares socialist ideals, enjoys the friendship of the Castro brothers, and subscribes to the anti-US policies championed by Venezuela’s H. Chavez. Ortega is independent in foreign politics and is known to ignore Washington’s messages if they run contrary to his own plans.
The implementation of the Canal project would help the Sandinistas reinforce their positions in the country and the ALBA bloc – its influence on the continental level. Ortega is a vocal proponent of the concept that the construction of the waterway is the cause to benefit entire Central America.With the US ambitions to maintain undivided control over the Asia Pacific region, the US Administration deems it necessary to oppose the initiative aimed at creating a transit route outside of its control, even if a different approach could prove to be more practical.
The Canal managed by Ortega’s regime is seen in Washington as a threat to the US interests.Washington is particularly allergic to the part of the plan which implies that Iran should invest in the construction. A US tradition since the G. Bush epoch is to condemn Ortega’s policy of engaging with Ahmadinejad and to allege that Nicaragua somehow cooperates with Hezbollah.The Western media revive frequently the myth of the Iranian threat in Central America.For example, an Israeli radio station aired a fake report about a Hezbollah training base functioning in the north-eastern part of Nicaragua.
The Washington Post blew out of proportions the news that some huge building was being constructed in Managua for the Iranian embassy. The account took little time to be identified as another lie, but US Secretary of State H. Clinton cited it in an attempt to expose Tehran’s “terrorist” plans.Talking to ambassador Powers at her inauguration ceremony, Ortega suggested switching to a friendlier than before mode of relations. The US embassy has a reputation for propping up the resistance to Ortega’s allegedly authoritarian rule. The book by Nicaraguan Army colonel Victor Boitano published recently in the country gives a good idea of the intensity of the CIA subversive activity against it.For a period of time, the author, was connected to the CIA station in Managua.
He identified the CIA agents whom he met at secret locations, some of the people being politicians or journalists, and also published a letter with the CIA instructions along with an array of similar documents.Boitano details the steps taken by the CIA to compromise the November, 2011 elections in Nicaragua and the roles played in the process by agents of influence from other Latin American countries such as Costa Rica, Columbia, Mexico, Argentina, and Salvador.According to Boitano, Washington poured $30m into Nicaragua in a hope to plunge the country into chaos. Still, the operation produced no result and Ortega emerged as the winner
[ed notes:im just citing few excerpts,click link for whole piece and also

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Turks’ Anger at EU Torture Report Is New Reaction to Old Problem


Turkish prison rights

After our neighbors to the south [Syria], east [Iran and Iraq], north [Russia] and the United Nations, we are now angry with the European Union.Kuzu recently appeared on a television show and threw the EU report to the floor saying he actually wanted to throw it to the garbage bin but there wasn’t one around. He also added that since the report was a “filthy” and “despicable” one, it can only belong in a garbage bin.The Minister of EU Affairs, Egemen Bagis, is also among those who are furious with the report.As far as I know, he didn’t use words like “filthy” or “despicable” to describe the report, yet he did use the analogy of a “broken mirror.” He blamed Cyprus, which took up presidency of EU in 2012, for the report.While some reminded Bagis that the report was prepared by the permanent experts of the EU, who were also responsible of preparing previous reports, Bagis stuck to his view.While government officials do their best to discredit this report, Sedat Ergin of Hurriyet made a comparison of the annual reports since 2002 when the Justice and Development Party (AKP) came to power. He shared his findings in a series of articles published in the daily Hurriyet.His findings concluded that EU criticism of Turkey actually started to bite after 2008, beginning with [criticism of] police brutality and lack of sanctions against culprits.In Ergin’s words: “As it can be seen that the positive perspective of the EU towards Turkey starts with 2003 and continues until 2007. As of 2008, it is possible to observe that EU criticism of Turkey started to increase. While it is acknowledged in these reports that the number of torture cases is decreasing, it is also stated that the excessive use of police power is becoming a major problem. However, the most important problem for the EU is the lack of sanctions and investigation against culprits.”Therefore the main theme of this year’s report is no different from any of those that were written after 2008. Turkey failed to accomplish the objective of combating torture. In this sense, given that Kuzu and Bagis are furious about this year’s report, they might have been mad about previous reports for the same reasons. Kuzu could have thrown the previous reports to the garbage bin also. Bagis could have said the same things about the previous reports, as well.However, it seems that the reasons behind government officials’ attitudes towards this year’s report are not related to the opinions used by the EU experts with the report itself. The reactions of government spokesmen this year are not against the report itself, but are rather a continuation of their foreign policy practices this year.They think the more they scold other countries and organizations, the bigger they become. After our neighbors to the south, east and north, as well as the UN, now apparently it is the EU’s turn.
[ed notes:also see…

Turkish torture method revealed by former interrogation specialist

Torture during police investigations Turkey – Human Rights – YouTube

Torture claims from members of Turkey’s military service – YouTube

Anarky – Turkish Torture – YouTube

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When you point out simple, obvious, yet taboo political facts, you’re going to get smeared.


by Kevin Barrett

Here is my latest Press TV interview:

Because I’m willing to speak such simple, obvious truths, and because Press TV occasionally invites guests who say such things, both Press TV and I are under fire.

Press TV has been taken off the air by the European Fascist Union (protest here) and I have been smeared for the second time by the Defamation League. Why? For the crime of letting an occasional word of truth escape the containment bubble and float into the public sphere.

Taking the bizarre witch-hunt against Greta Berlin of the Free Gaza Movement as my example, I just penned a meditation on how the whole smear-the-truth process works:

Mind-controllers chant “anti-Semite” to prevent thoughtcrime

Recent targets include Greta Berlin, Ann Wright, Press TV, & yours truly

By Kevin Barrett, for Press TV

I met a nice working-class Jewish guy while covering the Economic Democracy Conference in Madison, WI this weekend. When he figured out that I was Kevin Barrett, the “notorious 9/11 truth professor,” he turned visibly pale. “Are you really a…a holocaust denier?” he asked, his voice trembling.

I reassured him that I have never denied any of the many holocausts and genocides. I explained that as soon as I became a well-known critic of the official myth of 9/11, someone with a lot of money and power launched a defamation campaign against me, inventing a false story that I endorsed three “holocaust deniers,” two of whom I had never even heard of. Despite the fact that this absurd story was invented out of whole cloth, “sourced” to an obscure posting on some crank’s blog, Wikipedia refused to remove it.

“I – I lost my whole extended family in the holocaust,” the guy sputtered. I said I was sorry to hear that.

But he still didn’t seem to understand that I had been defamed, that someone was trying to smear 9/11 truth people as “holocaust deniers” in order to prevent people like him from looking into 9/11.

I patiently explained this to him. He still didn’t get it. Deep inside his brain, some emotional core had been permanently branded with an indelible connection between “9/11 truth professor” and “holocaust denier.” And he couldn’t get past it. Like a person given a powerful post-hypnotic suggestion, he was no longer able to think about the issue. He could only feel – wave after wave of anxiety. And those waves of anxiety washed away his capacity for independent, critical thought.

That is precisely what accusations of “anti-Semite” and “holocaust denier” are meant to do. Any time you hear these expressions (and their close relative, “conspiracy theorist”) you can be sure that whoever is using them is trying to cover up dangerous thoughts – to prevent people from entertaining ideas that threaten the powers-that-be.

Yes, I recognize that not everyone who uses these expressions is consciously part of a thought-suppression campaign. Most are just parroting the words of the master hypnotists to whom they are in thrall.

The latest example: A handful of shills pretending to be pro-Palestine activists, and their legions of dupes, have smeared Greta Berlin with the magic words of calumny. Why? Because Greta supposedly posted a Tweet linking a youtube of a speech by Eustace Mullins!

The weird thing is, none of the anti-Greta hit pieces even mention what the offensive youtube WAS. They just say she “Tweeted an anti-Semitic movie.”

How could anyone possibly understand whether or not Greta actually did anything wrong, without knowing precisely what movie she tweeted, and what was in it?

Philip Weiss and Adam Horowitz begin their hatchet-job on Greta:

“The important battle of explaining to people that opposing Zionism does not equal anti-Semitism was dealt a terrible blow this past week with the exposure of anti-Semitic tweets by a leader of the Free Gaza Movement, Greta Berlin. Wherever your line is for what’s acceptable speech about Jews, Berlin’s statements and attitude were over the line and have done great damage to the cause of ending the siege of Gaza and working towards justice in Israel/Palestine.”

But what WERE her statements and attitude? How can we tell what lines she has or has not crossed, unless we know what she did? Weiss and Horowitz won’t tell us!

I googled around and discovered that almost all of the anti-Greta hatchet jobs out there, pretty much cookie-cutter copies of Weiss and Horowitz, neglect to tell the reader what, precisely, Greta Berlin allegedly did.

Finally I found the Daily Beast, owned and run by the Israel lobby, at least had the decency to mention Greta’s purported offense:

“On 30 September a tweet was made from the official Twitter account of the Free Gaza Movement (@freegazaorg) which stated “Zionists Ran the Holocaust and the Concentration Camps.”

“The tweet linked to a video of an anti-Jewish diatribe by notorious anti-Semite and conspiracy theorist Eustace Mullins.”

And the upshot is, Greta may or may not have intended the Tweet to be posted on the Free Gaza Twitter account, and may or may not have posted it in order to endorse it, stimulate thought about it, or oppose it.

Yet for some reason, a hysterical mob, the same folks who witch-hunted Gilad Atzmon, want to throw Greta off the pro-Palestine boat. And now they’ve thrown Col. Ann Wright off the next boat to Gaza. Why? Col. Wright is somehow “guilty by association” – because she has not joined the goose-steppers denouncing Greta Berlin.

Whatever this is about, it obviously is not about racism.

Every major media outlet in the US is viciously, genocidally stealth-racist against Arabs and Muslims, far more than Eustace Mullins was ever racist against Jews. (The official story of 9/11, for example, plays on the ludicrous phantasm of vicious Arab Muslims slicing passengers’ throats with box cutters and smashing planes into buildings – an image carefully designed by psy-ops experts to reinforce racist tropes about Arabs and Muslims, an image that has nothing to do with reality, least of all the reality of the 9/11 false-flag attack.)

Philip Weiss himself used to work for the New York Times – the most important propaganda cheerleader for both the genocidal myth of 9/11 AND the Palestinian genocide. The Times isn’t just a bunch of holocaust deniers – they’re holocaust perpetrators, and the holocaust they’re perpetrating is still happening. Weiss has never sharply denounced the genocide perpetrators he spent his life working for. He’s like a German who spent his life working for Goebbels, then retired and offered some fairly mild criticisms of his former boss. Yet nobody is going to throw Weiss out of the pro-Palestine movement for those “racist associations.”

Obviously there is a double-standard at work.

The real issue is not racism – it’s the dangerous ideas of Eustace Mullins. Though some of Mullins’ ideas may have been false and racist (all racist ideas are false) those ones aren’t the problem, aren’t the reason the mob of rabidly genocidal Zionists at the National Post and Jerusalem Post, and their brainwashed mob of zombie pseudo-pro-Palestinian witch hunters is going crazy, denouncing Greta Berlin while fearing to even mention the evil name “Eustace Mullins” just in case someone might actually listen to him, might actually watch his youtubes and read his books.

It’s the 90% of Eustace Mullins’ ideas that are true that are the real problem.

As Wikipedia tells us:

“Mullins completed the manuscript (of Secrets of the Federal Reserve) during the course of 1950 when he began to seek a publisher. Eighteen publishers turned the book down without comment before the President of the Devin-Adair Publishing Company, Devin Garrett, told him, ‘I like your book but we can’t print it…Neither can anybody else in New York. You may as well forget about getting the […] book published.’”

Mullins’ book was unprintable not because it was racist – it wasn’t – but because it threatened the real owners of the USA: The international criminal cabal that dominates global finance. As Woodrow Wilson said, speaking of this cabal: “Some of the biggest men in the United States, in the field of commerce and manufacture, are afraid of somebody, are afraid of something. They know that there is a power somewhere so organized,  so subtle,  so watchful,  so interlocked,  so complete,  so pervasive,  that they had better not speak above their breath when they speak in condemnation of it.”

Pro-Palestine activists need to know that the Zionist criminal cabal, the descendent of the moneylending crime cabals of medieval times, created Israel by murdering 100,000 Americans. Specifically, Baron Rothschild approached the British leadership in 1917 with an offer they couldn’t refuse: Give us Palestine, and we’ll make sure you defeat the Germans. Both sides made good on that promise.

The Rothschild Zionists used their domination of US media and finance to bring the US into World War I and defeat the Germans. In other words, the Zionists murdered more than 100,000 Americans, by dragging the US into a war it had no reason to fight, in order to launch the Palestinian genocide.

This information is true, widely admitted to be true by historians, but suppressed from the public consciousness. Eustace Mullins gives it a voice. The cabal responds by trying to silence him.

Did the same Zionist international banking cabal finance Hitler’s rise to power, and thus indirectly create the Nazi holocaust? According to Mullins, “Kuhn, Loeb & Co. and the House of Morgan were fronts for the Rothschilds…he also outlined how financial interests connected to the J. Henry Schroder Company and the Dulles brothers financed Adolf Hitler…”

The Zionists and the Nazis had the same goal: Get the Jews out of Europe. They had the same modus operandi: Whip up extreme nationalism by playing on feelings of victimization. They used the same tactics: Launch wars and hate campaigns using false flag attacks like 9/11 and the Reichstag Fire; find “racially inferior” enemies to demonize, and go out and kill them by the millions. (The Zionists are still doing that to Arabs and Muslims.)

Zionism and Nazism both inculcated racial superiority, by claiming to be the “master race” or the “chosen people.” They both scorned existing national borders and launched endless wars for lebensraum – wars that could only end in their own inevitable total destruction.

The Nazis tried to create a “Greater Germany” embracing much of the European heartland; the Zionists are trying to create a “Greater Israel” stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. In both cases, the only way to do that is perpetual war…war against an enemy with vastly greater population and resources…war that can only end in a gotterdamnerung or armageddon.

No sane person can deny that Nazism and Zionism are mirror images of each other.

Mullins’ claim that the Rothschild banking cartel that created Israel also created Hitler and his holocaust may or may not be true. But it is certainly worth investigating. And it is certainly not racist.

It isn’t racist to say there’s an Italian mob in your city, and to name the capos.

It would be racist, or at least bigoted, to say “all Italians are mobsters.”

Slamming the Rothschild crime syndicate, Zionism, and/or Rothschild Zionism is NOT racism, any more than slamming Don Corleone is italophobia, or exposing the Ibn Saud crime family is islamophobia. Blaming ordinary Jews, like the guy I met at the conference, for the actions of the Rothschilds, would be stupid, bigoted, maybe racist. But I don’t do that. Hardly anyone does…except for the paid Mossad shills, doing their part to cover up the truth and protect the banksters by keeping alive the myth of widespread pernicious anti-Semitism.

When the Israel lobby front group the ADL smeared me recently, for the second time, as an “anti-Semite,”they did not even try to argue that I harbor any prejudice toward ordinary Jews, or towards Jews as Jews. Instead, they say (correctly) that I argue that the destabilization of Syria serves the interests of Zionism, that I am a critic of pro-Israel forces, that I argue that 9/11 was a coup d’état by a pro-Israel faction of the US government, and so on. In other words, they are trying to suppress my dangerous ideas, which happen to be true, by “skunking” them with the emotionally-repugnant odor of racism.

And they are trying to suppress Press TV, not because it focuses exclusively on these dangerous ideas, but because it allows them to be heard alongside other, competing viewpoints. The witch-hunters know they can’t win a debate against Eustace Mullins’ views of the Zionist international banking cabal, or my arguments about 9/11. Their only hope is to completely suppress such viewpoints, stigmatize them, paralyze people’s brains so they can’t even entertain such ideas.

That is their dirty little secret: By stigmatizing the work of Press TV, Eustace Mullins, and 9/11 truth supporters like me, the witch-hunters are not protecting ordinary Jews from racism. Instead, they are protecting the interests of the Zionist bankster cabal, by using deep-seated emotional conditioning – Pavlovian aversion therapy – to suppress free thought and critical inquiry, to suppress the truth about what Israel really is.

And they need to keep suppressing the truth about the banksters for the same reason they need to keep suppressing the truth about 9/11.  Such truths threaten to undermine the US and Western support that props up both Israel and the bankster mob that owns and runs it…the same Israel-obsessed mob that has dominated the US since the Federal Reserve coup d’état of 1913, and completely controlled it since the coup d’état of September 11th, 2001.

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Taliban Attack on Malala Proves “Belief in a Cruel God Makes a Cruel Man

by Bob Johnson


Malala Yousafzai is a victim of religious violence.

The cowardly and brutal attack last week on the 14-year-old girl Malala Yousafzai by the Islamic terrorist group the Taliban shows the truth to this statement by the American founder and DeistThomas Paine, “Belief in a cruel god makes a cruel man.”

The Islamic Taliban believes the Quran is the final word of God. They believe in Islamic Shariah law. Since Islam and Christianity are the afterbirths of Judaism, they believe the Hebrew Bible/Old Testament and the New Testament, though distorted and not pure as they believe the Quran to be, are from God as well.

The god of Judaism, Christianity and Islam is a cruel god. He slaughtered everyone on planet Earth in the flood. This included people who could not have possibly been evil: babies and the unborn children. He went around at midnight Egypt time and slaughtered the first born of all of the Egyptians including their animals in the horrific ungodly Passover horror story found at Exodus 12:29. The reason he did this is because, as the story goes, Pharaoh would not let the Jew/Hebrew slaves leave Egypt. The reason Pharaoh would not free them? Because the cruel blood-lusting Bible god “hardened Pharaoh’s heart” so he wouldn’t let them go! (The ambiguous and therefore meaningless Bible says in 11 different places that the Bible god hardened Pharaoh’s heart while it also says in four different places that Pharaoh hardened his own heart.)

The god of the New Testament is just as brutal. For example, he will have people burn in hell for eternal excruciating suffering if they do not do as he demands to win their salvation. The demands for salvation in Christianity are also ambiguous, which is also a form of cruelty since, allegedly, your eternal salvation depends on it. Some Bible teachings say simple belief that Jesus is the son of God who died for your sins is enough. However, other teachings say you need to believe that PLUS you need to be baptized while other New Testament teachings say you must do good works. There are dozens of New Testament contradictory teachings on salvation, the biggest selling point of Christianity.

Contrary to the established system media, the main reason the Taliban cowards shot Malala in the head was not because she was promoting education for girls and women, but because ”of her pioneer role in preaching secularism and so called enlightened moderation.” The Taliban made this very clear in a statement they released taking credit for the disgusting attack on the girl.

“Revealed”/hearsay religions cannot mix with enlightenment. Enlightenment is based on our God-given reason and the various “revealed”/hearsay religions like Judaism, Christianity and Islam are all based on man-made stories, superstitions and myths masquerading as the word of God. This is one reason the early Christian church leaders “forbade bishops to read the books of the gentiles” in the Fourth Council of Carthage in 398 CE. And as I wrote in Deism: A Revolution in Religion, A Revolution in You (for Kindle version click here), “That virtually limited the bishops, who made up a very large bulk of the people who could actually read, to ancient Hebrew texts full of superstition, fear and Jewish supremacy and outlawed the books of real value and meaning written in Greek and Latin. This infection and eventual dominance of Semitic superstition of the Roman Empire is what brought on the Dark Ages. And if something isn’t done in today’s nuclear age to curtail the influence and violence of the ‘revealed’ religions we will face another Dark Ages or irreversible total annihilation and extinction through nuclear warfare.”

The Taliban statement on their attack on Malala tried to give justification for the attack. Many people thought it was wrong to attack a child. The Taliban set them straight with a lesson from the word of the cruel god of the Quran. They used Surah 18:74-81. This repulsive and foolish story is of the Islamic hero and “righteous servant of God,” Khidr. As this nonsensical story goes, Khidr and Moses were traveling and encountered a young boy. Khidr murdered the innocent boy. He explained the reason for murdering him was because the boy had parents who were “believers” and the boy may have caused trouble for them when he got older. (This is actually in the “holy” scriptures of Islam! People actually believe and accept this tripe as being the word of God – very sad and dangerous.) The Taliban statement stated, “If anyone argues about her (Malala’s) young age, then the story of Hazrat Khizar in the Quran (states that) while traveling with Prophet Musa (AS), (he) killed a child. Arguing about the reason of his killing, he said that the parents of this child were pious and in the future he (the child) would cause a bad name for them.” (This is the same “revealed” religious line of thinking that was a key motivator for the Christian mom from Texas, Andrea Yates, who murdered her five children to save them from getting possessed by the imaginary entity, Satan.)

Being as self-contradictory as their “holy” book, the Quran, the Taliban statement also said they don’t believe in killing women HOWEVER, Shariah law demands that they murder Malala. This part of their statement made clear that, “whom so ever leads a campaign against Islam and Shariah is ordered to be killed by Shariah.” By promoting enlightenment, which is made possible by our God-given reason and lots of hard work, Malala is guilty of leading a campaign against Islam. Why the main-stream media ignores this deep hatred for enlightenment held by the Taliban is impossible to understand at this time.

The only lasting way to end crazy religious violence is to educate the sincere believers in “revealed”/hearsay religions to the fact that they must chose and embrace either self-contradictory and man-made “revealed” religions or their God-given reason. The choice is up to them although the consequences impact all of us.

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