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The Colombian “War on Drugs”, A Family Affair

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Last month’s capture of Colombian drug lord Daniel “El Loco” Barrera by Venezuelan police was hailed as a “victory” in the “War on Drugs.”

Barrera, accused of smuggling some 900 tons of cocaine into Europe and the U.S. throughout his infamous career, was described by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, who announced the arrest on national television, as “the last of the great capos.”

But what of the “capo” who enjoyed high office, is wined and dined by U.S. corporations and conservative think-tanks, owns vast tracks of land, is a “visiting scholar” at a prominent American university (Georgetown) and now sits on the Board of Directors of Rupert Murdoch’s News Corporation?

When will they be brought to ground?

A Family Affair

To clarify the questions above, one need look no further than the kid-gloves approach taken by the media when it comes to former Colombian President, the U.S. “Presidential Medal of Freedom” recipient Álvaro Uribe.

Accused by human rights organizations over his role in the forced disappearance of thousands of Colombians during two terms in office (2002-2010), Uribe may still land in the dock as a result of ongoing investigations by Colombia’s Supreme Court into official corruption, drug trafficking and mass murder.

Recent arrests by Colombian authorities and revelations by the president’s former allies however, are beginning to draw a circle around Uribe and the U.S. secret state in some of the hemisphere’s worst human rights abuses of previous decades.

As the net tightens, members of the president’s own family are sharply focused in the cross-hairs of investigators. Back in June, Antifascist Calling reported on the arrest of Ana Maria Uribe Cifuentes and her mother, Dolly Cifuentes Villa on drug trafficking and money laundering charges. The U.S Treasury Department froze their assets last year.

Accused by the Justice Department of having trafficked some 30 tons of cocaine into the U.S. as business partners of Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, the women, members of the Cifuentes Villa crime family led by Dolly’s brother, Jorge Milton Cifuentes Villa, are prominent members of Colombia’s jet-setting narco-bourgeoisie.

According to the Justice Department, the investigation revealed that “the Cifuentes Villa drug trafficking organization was using sophisticated drug trafficking routes to distribute multi-ton cocaine loads from Colombia through Central America, for ultimate distribution in Mexico and the United States.” In 2009, some 8.3 tons of cocaine which the family were attempting to export to Mexico were seized by law enforcement officials in Ecuador.

Federal prosecutors charged that the Cifuentes Villa family owns or controls 15 companies operating in Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador involved in a variety of ventures that supported their narcotrafficking enterprise.

Among the firms targeted were Linea Aerea Pueblos Amazonicos S.A.S., a newly-created airline operating in eastern Colombia, Red Mundial Inmobiliaria, S.A. de C.V., a real estate company located near Mexico City, along with Gestores del Ecuador Gestorum S.A., a consulting firm located in Quito, Ecuador.

It is also worth noting that the Cifuentes Villa organization, as the Center of Public Integrity reported, have also profited from illegal mining operations that traffic rare-earth minerals destined for the world market.

Accordingly, the Cifuentes Villa clan employed the same smuggling routes that trafficked cocaine to move precious metallic ores such as coltan and tungsten, used by the communications industry and weapons manufacturers, onto the international market. When the Treasury Department placed family members onto its drug kingpin list they identified their mining fronts as “a money-laundering operation in support of a cocaine-smuggling enterprise.”

While U.S. media were mesmerized by the extradition of Sandra Ávila Beltrán, whom the press had dubbed “La Reina del Pacífico” (The Queen of the Pacific), over her lavish lifestyle and family ties to legendary Mexican drug lord Miguel Ángel Félix Gallardo, onetime godfather of the Guadalajara Cartel, Uribe’s relatives inexplicably “disappeared” from “court records and authorities were unable to pinpoint the pair’s whereabouts,” Colombia Reports informed us.

Imagine that.

For his part, the former president denied allegations leveled against his brother Jaime, who died in 2001, and claimed that unnamed “criminals,” who conducted “business” from his brother’s car phone had cloned it. He also “denied any knowledge of his brother’s relationship with Cifuentes or the existence of his niece, despite a birth certificate that was uncovered proving Jaime Uribe was her father,” Colombia Reportsaverred.

What Uribe continues to gloss over however, is the inconvenient fact that brother Jaime had been arrested and interrogated by the Colombian Army after investigators recorded calls \made from his phone to none other than Pablo Escobar, the Nuevo Arco Iris political research center in Bogotá disclosed.

Among the unanswered questions surrounding these recent arrests, investigative journalist Daniel Hopsickerwondered: “Did Álvaro Uribe okay the loading of 3.6 tons of cocaine at an airport he controlled in Rio Negro Colombia onto a ‘former’ CIA Gulfstream (N987SA) jet from St. Petersburg Florida that crashed in the Yucatan in 2007?”

That fateful crash eventually led to the deferred prosecution agreement between the U.S. federal government and Wachovia Bank, fined $160 million for laundering some $378 billion for Mexico’s Sinaloa Cartel, “business associates” of the Cifuentes Villa clan.

More pointedly Hopsicker asked: “Why did two successive U.S. Administrations lavish billions of dollars to stop drug trafficking on a President of Colombia who was himself involved in the drug trade?”

As the investigative net is drawn around the family of the former president, another Uribe brother, Santiago, “is facing a criminal investigation for the alleged founding and leading of a paramilitary group,” Colombia Reports disclosed.

Investigations into that group, the notorious death squad the 12 Apostles, again surfaced when The Washington Post revealed that a former police chief, Juan Carlos Meneses, charged that Santiago “led a fearsome paramilitary group in the 1990s … that killed petty thieves, guerrilla sympathizers and suspected subversives.”

Meneses, who fled to Venezuela with his family, disclosed that the “group’s hit men trained at La Carolina, where the Uribe family ran an agro-business in the early 1990s.” For services rendered, Meneses told thePost “he received a monthly payment of about $2,000 delivered by Santiago Uribe.”

The former police official said he came forward “because associates in the security services warned him he would soon be killed for knowing too much.”

“The revelations,” according to the Post, “threaten to renew a criminal investigation against Santiago Uribe and raise new questions about the president’s past in a region where private militias funded with drug-trafficking proceeds and supported by cattlemen wreaked havoc in the 1990s. The disclosures could prove uncomfortable to the United States, which has long seen Uribe as a trusted caretaker of American money in the fight against armed groups and the cocaine trade.”

“Uncomfortable” perhaps, but not surprising given the U.S. track record in support of drug-trafficking death squads, especially those which advanced corporate America’s geopolitical interests throughout Latin America.

“Meneses,” the Post averred, “is the first close collaborator of the 12 Apostles to speak publicly about the group’s inner workings. His declarations are also the most extensive recounting by a security services official of how Colombia’s militarized police and its army worked in tandem with death squads in one community–a model that investigators of the paramilitary movement say was duplicated nationwide.”

For his part, the former president accused human rights’ activists who have leveled charges against his family “of being guerrilla stooges who disseminate false accusations against his government.”

However, Nobel Peace Prize laureate, Adolfo Pérez Esquivel, who was present when Meneses recounted his story during a taped interview in Buenos Aires, told the Post that the former police chief “‘incriminates himself and also the brother of the president who managed the paramilitary group, but also President Uribe’.”

Interestingly enough, Uribe’s appointment to News Corp’s board came while the former president is under investigation for illegally wiretapping human rights activists, journalists, Supreme Court justices and opposition politicians.

His former chief of staff is currently in jail awaiting trial on criminal wiretapping charges and his former secret police chief, Maria Pilar Hurtado, fled Colombia and sought asylum in Panama before similar charges could be filed against her.

And with two more senators now under investigation for suspected ties to paramilitary death squadsColombia Reports averred, Uribe’s teflon armor is slowly being chipped away.

Parapolitical Scandal

If, as Voltaire once said, “the history of the great events of this world are scarcely more than the history of crime,” what of the powerful actors who have looted entire nations and did so while serving the interests of their imperialist overlords?

Dubbed the “parapolitical scandal” by Colombian media, the investigation was set in motion when leftist opposition politician, Clara López Obregón, formally denounced and provided evidence in 2005 to the Supreme Court of links between drug trafficking organizations, the military/intelligence apparatus, right-wing death squads and members of Congress, including prominent officials of Álvaro Uribe’s then-governing coalition.

That investigation gathered steam when a laptop was seized by authorities in 2006 from Rodrigo Tovar Pupo, alias Jorge 40, a leader of the Northern Bloc of the Autodefensas Unidas de Colombia (United Self-Defense Forces of Colombia, or AUC).

The origins of the AUC can be traced to the take-down of the Medellín Cartel and murder of “cocaine king” Pablo Escobar by rival drug organizations, principally the Cali Cartel run by the Rodríguez Orejuela brothers, who were provided logistical support and firepower by the CIA and U.S. Delta Force commandos to eliminate the competition.

An umbrella group comprised of far-right militants and drug capos aligned with Colombia’s ruling class, the AUC and splinter groups such as the Águilas Negras, or Black Eagles, and the Ejército Revolucionario Popular Antiterrorista Colombiano (Popular Revolutionary Anti-Terrorist Army of Colombia, ERPAC), derive the bulk of their income from drug trafficking as they wage war against the leftist Fuerzas Armadas Revolucionarias de Colombia (Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC), trade unionists and land reform activists.

Readers will recall that during the 1980s both the Medellín and Cali cartels were given a leg up by the Reagan administration’s CIA as funds derived from the drug trade were diverted to the Nicaraguan Contras as part of the administration’s anti-Communist crusade in Central America.

In fact, as the Agency was forced to admit in the wake of “suicided” journalist Gary Webb’s “Dark Alliance” investigation, the CIA and Reagan’s Justice Department agreed to a Memorandum of Understanding that handed their dope-dealing Contra assets get-out-of-jail-free cards.

As political fallout from the latest “War on Drugs” scandal–the “gun walking” Fast and Furious affair that put thousands of high-powered weapons into the hands of cartel killers in Mexico–hovers like a radioactive cloud over the Justice Department, the old watchword of the 1980s, “drugs in, guns out,” is all the more timely.

And like the Contras, the AUC were more than simply an enforcement arm of Colombia’s narco-elites; they served as an unofficial though deadly instrument, to preserve the status quo. For Washington policy makers, this meant continued access by U.S. petroleum corporations, mining and agro-business interests to Colombia’s vast wealth. If thousands of tons of cocaine entered the United States as the price for stamping out “leftist subversion,” then so be it.

Along with incriminating evidence that linked Tovar’s gang to 550 murders, it later emerged that Tovar was a close political associate of Jorge Noguera, the former head of DAS, the Departamento Administrativo de Seguridad (Administrative Department of Security), the Colombian equivalent of the CIA.

Noguera’s links to Tovar came to light when his deputy, Rafael García Torres, DAS’s former chief of Information Technologies, was arrested and charged by Supreme Court investigators of accepting bribes from right-wing sicarios (assassins) and drug traffickers in exchange for erasing their criminal histories, along with those of the Cifuentes Villa clan, from the state intelligence database.

In his testimony, García charged that Noguera, a Uribe crony, collaborated with Tovar’s Northern Bloc in a coordinated move by the AUC to support local, regional and national candidates for office who supported their hardline against the left.

More recently, the not-so-hidden hand of the United States emerged.

The Washington Post reported that “American cash, equipment and training, supplied to elite units of the Colombian intelligence service over the past decade to help smash cocaine-trafficking rings, were used to carry out spying operations and smear campaigns against Supreme Court justices, Uribe’s political opponents and civil society groups.”

Post reporters Karen DeYoung and Claudia J. Duque disclosed that despite billions of dollars of aid supplied by U.S. taxpayers under Plan Colombia, “the DAS under Uribe emphasized political targets over insurgents and drug lords.”

In fact, Colombia prosecutors told the Post that the “Uribe government wanted to ‘neutralize’ the Supreme Court because its investigative magistrates were unraveling ties between presidential allies in the Colombian congress and drug-trafficking paramilitary groups.”

Based on “thousands of pages of DAS documents and the testimony of nine top former DAS officials, the prosecutors say the agency was directed by the president’s office to collect the banking records of magistrates, follow their families, bug their offices and analyze their court rulings.”

These black operations however, were not the work of a few proverbial “bad apples” but were a direct result of projects designed by the CIA.

“Some of those charged or under investigation have described the importance of U.S. intelligence resources and guidance,” the Post disclosed, “and say they regularly briefed embassy ‘liaison’ officials on their intelligence-gathering activities.”

“‘We were organized through the American Embassy,’ said William Romero, who ran the DAS’s network of informants and oversaw infiltration of the Supreme Court. Like many of the top DAS officials in jail or facing charges, he received CIA training. Some were given scholarships to complete coursework on intelligence-gathering at American universities.”

As with the previous Clinton and Bush regimes, the Obama administration vociferously denies any knowledge of corrupt practices by Colombian officials and in fact, “anti-drug” programs such as Plan Colombia “are viewed as so successful that it has become a model for strategy in Afghanistan,” the Postreported.

By 2012 however, some 139 members of Congress were under investigation; five governors and 32 lawmakers, including President Uribe’s cousin, Mario Uribe Escobar, a former President of Congress, were convicted of paramilitary ties and subsequently jailed.

In late August, former Colombian senator Jorge Visbal, a Uribe ally, “was charged with the promoting and financing of paramilitary groups, held responsible for tens of thousands of human rights violations,” Colombia Reports disclosed.

“Former AUC leader Salvatore Mancuso testified before Colombian prosecutors that Visbal had an ‘identical ideology’ to the extreme-right paramilitaries and, on behalf of the cattle ranchers, brought ‘information and suggestions’ to meetings with paramilitary leaders to secure the expansion of paramilitary power in the north of Colombia.”

Mancuso, who took over the AUC when Israeli-trained narcotrafficker and death-squad führer Carlos Castaño “disappeared” in 2004, said during recent court proceedings that Uribe was aware that the organization supported his campaign for president in 2002 “economically and logistically,” according toColombia Reports.

Prior to his arrest, the human rights organization Equipo Nizkor reported that Mancuso, the son of Italian immigrants, along with being an AUC “godfather,” was also a member of the ‘Ndrangheta, “the powerful Calabrian mafia which according to Italian police, exceeds the Sicilian Cosa Nostra in both strength and size.”

In fact, when Italian anti-Mafia prosecutor Nicola Gratteri flew to Bogotá to investigate the ‘Ndrangheta’sColombian drugs network, Gratteri was told by Mancuso he had spied on him the entire time.

“I was in the center of Bogotá, with lots of security protecting me. I didn’t know that all the armored cars that I could see around my hotel belonged to Mancuso,” Gratteri told The Daily Beast. “He told me his protection consisted of 600 men! Not even the U.S. President has such an escort. Can you imagine how much money he had?”

Mancuso claimed Uribe was aware of the AUC’s backing. “There were previous meetings with members of Álvaro Uribe’s campaign, including those delegates that asked us to decrease military operations because it was affecting the campaign and image of the candidate,” Mancuso said.

During those same proceedings, another former AUC leader, Jorge Ivan Laverde, alias “El Iguano,” said that “no evidence exists of these financial transactions because the groups burned all of their paramilitary records before they demobilized.”

Rather conveniently, one might say.

“According to El Iguano,” Colombia Reports disclosed, “the support of the ex-president all began when the righthand man of AUC creator Carlos Castaño called all groups to give them the order that they must support the Uribe campaign and spend money where necessary.”

The former president denounced these claims and said he would launch “a criminal complaint against the former paramilitary for libel.”

However, former Congressman Miguel Alfonso de la Espriella, who was part of Uribe’s coalition government and later sentenced for ties to the AUC, told prosecutors in September that Uribe “knew he was receiving support from paramilitary groups during his 2002 election campaign,” Colombia Reports disclosed last month.

The now-disgraced politician said that Uribe “never objected” to meeting with the AUC-backed politicians, but “simply maintained a prudent silence.”

In a recent interview, de la Espriella told El Espectador that the AUC had donated some $134 thousand to Uribe’s 2002 presidential campaign.

The former senator told the paper that Mancuso said “our participation in the self defense forces was to seek a deal with his [Uribe’s] government. He [Uribe] did not explicitly reject this possibility or the support. What he did say was that we wait and if he got elected we would talk again.”

More recently, Uribe’s jailed ex-security chief, Mauricio Santoyo Velasco, accused of illegally ordering driftnet surveillance over electronic communications and the forced disappearance of human rights workers in Medellín, “is willing to officially testify against his old boss and other senior officials,” according to Colombia Reports.

Santoyo is presently jailed in the U.S. for collaborating with the AUC and “previously acknowledged accepting bribes from paramilitary members in exchange for giving them information about police operations being carried out against them.”

According to “highly credible sources” cited by Colombia Reports, Santoyo “is willing to implicate the ex-president and other top officials,” in exchange for a “reduced sentence.”

Although U.S. prosecutors previously said that the Santoyo case was the “tip of the iceberg” and an opposition senator accused the former president of bringing “a criminal apparatus” to the presidential palace in 2002, the current director of Colombia’s National Police, General José Roberto León Riaño, denied that the U.S. is investigating anyone other than Santoyo.

“Yesterday I personally interviewed the toughest prosecutor of the United States on the matter of drug trafficking, Neil MacBride, who is running the case against [retired general Mauricio] Santoyo,” Colombia Reports averred. “He indicated: ‘there are bad apples in every institution, Santoyo is an apple that acted on his own, but that can’t affect the whole organization’.”

While evidence has yet to emerge that Uribe met with Mancuso as the former AUC chief testified, ubiquitous “facts on the ground” in the form of thousands of tons of exported dope, forced “disappearances” and the mass murder of peasants and left-wing activists tell a different tale and point to official complicity amongst Colombian elites and their U.S. “drug war” sponsors.

Back to the Future: U.S. Complicity and Cover-Up

The sordid history of collaboration between Colombian elites, drug gangs, the military and right-wing death squads was known for years by U.S. secret state agencies and federal prosecutors but was covered-up in the interest of “national security.”

In declassified documents published by the National Security Archive in 2004, we learned that then Senator “Álvaro Uribe Vélez of Colombia was a ‘close personal friend of Pablo Escobar’ who was ‘dedicated to collaboration with the Medellín [drug] cartel at high government levels,’ according to a 1991 intelligence report from U.S. Defense Intelligence Agency (DIA) officials in Colombia.”

Researcher Michael Evans revealed that the “newly-declassified report, dated 23 September 1991, is a numbered list of ‘the more important Colombian narco-traffickers contracted by the Colombian narcotic cartels for security, transportation, distribution, collection and enforcement of narcotics operations’.”

The former president, a “key U.S. partner in the drug war” and a major recipient of billions of dollars of taxpayer-supplied funds for Plan Colombia, “was linked to a business involved in narcotics activities in the United States” and “has worked for the Medellín cartel.”

Evans disclosed that “The document is marked ‘CONFIDENTIAL NOFORN WNINTEL,’ indicating that its disclosure could reasonably be expected to damage national security, that its content was based on intelligence sources and methods, and that it should not be shared with foreign nationals.”

One cannot help but ask: whose “national security” was threatened by the disclosure? Certainly not that of thousands of Colombian citizens murdered by drug-linked paramilitary gangsters or the hundreds of thousands of “drug war” victims incarcerated in American gulags for drug use or low-level sales.

“Uribe,” the Archive informed us, was “the 82nd name on the list,” and appeared “on the same page as Escobar and Fidel Castaño, who went on to form the country’s major paramilitary army, a State Department-designated terrorist group now engaged in peace negotiations with the Uribe government. Written in March 1991 while Escobar was still a fugitive, the report was forwarded to Washington several months after his surrender to Colombian authorities in June 1991.”

“Most of those on the list are well-known drug traffickers or assassins associated with the Medellín cartel,” Evans averred. “Others listed include ex-president of Panama Manuel Noriega [and] Iran-contra arms dealer Adnan Khashoggi.”

Four years later in another release of previously classified documents, the Archive revealed that “U.S. espionage operations targeting top Colombian government officials in 1993 provided key evidence linking the U.S.-Colombia task force charged with tracking down fugitive drug lord Pablo Escobar to one of Colombia’s most notorious paramilitary chiefs.”

“The documents,” Evans wrote, “reveal that the U.S.-Colombia Medellín Task Force, known in Spanish as the Bloque de Búsqueda or ‘Search Block,’ was sharing intelligence information with Fidel Castaño, paramilitary leader of Los Pepes (Perseguidos por Pablo Escobar or ‘People Persecuted by Pablo Escobar’), a clandestine terrorist organization that waged a bloody campaign against people and property associated with the reputed narcotics kingpin.”

After Escobar’s take-down, Los Pepes morphed into the AUC and led to a strategic realignment “between Colombian intelligence agencies, rival drug traffickers and disaffected former Escobar associates like Castaño, the godfather of a new generation of narcotics-fueled paramilitary forces that still plagues Colombia today.”

“The collaboration between paramilitaries and government security forces evident in the Pepes episode is a direct precursor of today’s ‘para-political’ scandal,” said Evans. “The Pepes affair is the archetype for the pattern of collaboration between drug cartels, paramilitary warlords and Colombian security forces that developed over the next decade into one of the most dangerous threats to Colombian security and U.S. anti-narcotics programs. Evidence still concealed within secret U.S. intelligence files forms a critical part of that hidden history.”

In this context, as Peter Dale Scott observed in Drugs, Oil, and War, “The true purpose of most of these campaigns has not been the hopeless ideal of eradication. It has been to alter market share: to target specific enemies and thus ensure that the drug traffic remains under the control of those traffickers who are allies of the Colombian state security apparatus and/or the CIA.”

“Allies” like Álvaro Uribe.

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IsraHell Occupation Forces (IOF) Continue Systematic Attacks against Palestinian Civilians and Property in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)


Palestinian Centre for Human Rights 

  • 4 members of Palestinian resistance groups were killed and 9 others were wounded in the northern Gaza Strip.
  • IOF continued to target fishermen in the Gaza Strip.

–        PCHR documented 4 attacks on Palestinian fishing boats.

–        4 fishermen were arrested and their fishing boats were confiscated off al-Sudaniya shore, north of Gaza City.

  • IOF used force to disperse peaceful protests organized by Palestinian civilians in the West Bank.

–        Dozens of protestors sustained bruising and suffered from tear gas inhalation.

  • IOF conducted 40 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 3 limited incursions in the northern Gaza Strip. 

–       IOF arrested 5 Palestinians in the West Bank.

  • Israel has continued to impose a total closure on the oPt and has isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.

–       IOF established dozens of checkpoints in the West Bank.

–       At least 1 Palestinian was arrested at military checkpoints in the West Bank.

  • IOF have continued settlement activities in the West Bank, and Israeli settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property.

–        A water well was demolished in Wadi al-Hsein area, east of Hebron.

–        Israeli settlers set fire to a civilian vehicle south of Dora and continued their attacks against the Palestinian farmers.

–        IOF arrested 2 Palestinians and an international activist while they were documenting attacks settlers in the center of Hebron. 


Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (18 – 23 October 2012):


During the reporting period, IOF killed 4 members of Palestinian resistance groups and wounded 9 others in the Gaza Strip.  Dozens of protestors suffered from tear gas inhalation and sustained bruises during demonstrations organized against the annexation wall and settlement activities in the West Bank.

In the Gaza Strip, on 22 October 2012, IOF killed 1 Palestinian man and wounded 2 others, when an Israeli warplane launched a missile on a group of members of the al-Qassam Brigades, military wing of the Hamas movement.  The group was on Qleibo Hill, east of Sheikh Zayed city, south of Beit Lahia in the north of the Gaza Strip.

On the same day, IOF killed 1 member of a Palestinian resistance group and wounded a second, when an Israeli warplane launched a missile on a group of members of the Salah Eddin Brigades, the military wing of the Popular Resistance Committee.  The group was on al-Ashqar land on Sultan Abdul Hamid Street, northwest of Beit Hanoun in the northern Gaza Strip.

On 23 October 2012, IOF killed 1 member of a Palestinian resistance group and wounded 4 others, whose injuries ranged from moderate to serious.  Israeli soldiers positioned at the northeastern border of the Gaza Strip launched a ground-to-ground missile on a group of members of the al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of the Hamas movement.  The group was launching rockets towards Israeli towns from farming land to the east of al-Salateen Square in Beit Lahia in the northern Gaza Strip.

On the same day, another member of al-Qassam Brigades was killed and 2 others were seriously wounded by an Israeli airstrike.  The al-Qassam Brigades were launching home-made rockets towards Israeli towns from Beit Lahia in the north of the Gaza Strip.


The full report is available online at:



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Closure of Beit Hanoun Crossing Threatens the Lives of Hundreds of Patients in the Gaza Strip


The Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns the targeting of the Palestinian customs checkpoint, near Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing, by Israeli warplanes.  As a result of the attack, a Palestinian policeman sustained serious wounds, and damage was caused to surrounding facilities in the area.  PCHR also denounces the Israeli Occupation Forces’ (IOF) closing of the crossing for a few hours, due to which, specific categories of Palestinians were denied travel via the crossing, including the Gaza Strip’s patients who have obtained medical referrals to West Bank and/or Israeli hospitals.

According to investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 07:15 on Wednesday, 24 October 2012, an Israeli warplane attacked the customs checkpoint “44” of the Ministry of Interior in Gaza, which is approximately 1,700 meters away from Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing in the northern Gaza Strip.  As a result, Hassan Harb Saleh Abu Jabal, 25, a Palestinian policeman from Beit Lahia, sustained critical wounds, while he was on duty.  Moreover, major damage was caused to the electricity network supplying the Gaza Strip with power, and to offices of security services in the area.

At approximately 08:00 on Wednesday, 24 October 2012, IOF closed Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing and declared the crossing area as a closed military area.  Due to that decision, all categories of people who are allowed to travel daily via the crossing, including patients holding medical referrals to be treated in the West Bank and/or Israeli hospitals, were prevented from passing through the crossing.  It should be noted that IOF allowed 12 patients and companions, and 5 traders to travel via the crossing in the early morning before the crossing was closed.  However, 28 patients, who obtained permits to travel and receive medical treatment abroad, were prevented from travelling.

Palestinian patients in the Gaza Strip, who suffer from serious illnesses, depend on medical referrals to hospitals abroad for their medical treatment.  This dependence is the result from the inability of the Gaza Strip hospitals to treat these illnesses.  Consequently, 30-50 cases are referred to hospitals in Israel or the West Bank, including Jerusalem, daily in order to receive medical treatment or complete their treatment there.

PCHR condemns the continuing Israeli violations against civilians in the Gaza Strip, and:

  • Calls for prompt action to exert pressure towards keeping Beit Hanoun (Erez) crossing open and allow the Gaza Strip’s patients, who suffer from serious illnesses and hold permits to travel via the crossing, to travel freely and safely in order to receive medical treatment and prevent deterioration of their health conditions;


  • Condemns the policy of collective punishment practiced by the Israeli authorities against Palestinian civilians, in addition to the illegal closure imposed on the Gaza Strip for over 5 years now;

  • Calls upon the IOF to respect its legal obligations in accordance with the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949, especially to guarantee the entry of medical consignments and food aids and to ensure the freedom of patients’ movement in order for them to receive the adequate medical treatment;

  • Calls upon the international community, including the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention, to fulfill their obligations and responsibilities through taking immediate actions towards putting an end to violations of international law committed by IOF against Palestinian civilians, particularly patients who need special protection; and

  • Calls for halting the targeting of civilians in the Gaza Strip, who enjoy protection in time of armed conflict and military occupation according to international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

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How the Illuminati is Reordering the Middle East


In March 2007, retired General Wesley Clark told Amy Goodman
that the Pentagon already had plans as early as
September 2001 to take down seven Islamic countries, Iraq, 
Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran.
by Richard Evans 
In 1997, a group of Republicans formed a non-profit organization called the Project For A New American Century (PNAC). In their first white paper, Rebuilding America’s Defenses, they proposed taking down Saddam Hussein, Iraq and then reordering the entire Middle East. Parenthetically, they admitted that selling such plans to the American people would take a long time, “absent some catastrophic catalyzing event like a new Pearl Harbor.” (p.51) 

September 11, 2001 was obviously just what they had in mind. 

In 2000, the US Supreme Court selected another Bush as the 43rd US President and he waited until 9/11 to begin reordering the world. 


In that connection, in March 2007, retired General Wesley Clark told Amy Goodman on her Democracy Now TV program that as early as September 2001, the Pentagon already had plans to take down seven Islamic countries, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran. If you have not seen the short You Tube of General Clark’s revelations on Democracy Now, it is worth watching 

At that time, I was skeptical about such a large US Military operation, because we all knew The Bush Administration lied us into Iraq with phony stories of Weapons of Mass Destruction, yellowcake uranium, mobile biological weapons labs, etc. 

In 2007, the US Military only occupied Afghanistan and Iraq, so I asked myself, “How will The White House justify the military cost to the American people of invading Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia, Sudan and Iran?” 

By 2011, the answer became clear. The unnecessary wars against Syria, Lebanon, Libya, Somalia and Sudan would be staged covertly as irregular military coups with the US Military and CIA supporting PHONY democracy movements.

Remember the baloney about ‘Arab Spring’ and the spontaneous ‘Twitter’ revolutions supporting “civil unrest” in Egypt, Tunisia and Libya? 

Was the USA behind these civil wars and bogus democracy movements? OF COURSE! 

Remember 2011 when Libyan Al-Qaeda could not budge Gaddafi’s Libyan Army, the US and NATO enforced a NO Fly Zone over Libya and launched hundreds of cruise missiles in support of Al-Qaeda and the rebels. 

By Oct 20, 2011 Muammar Gaddafi was a deadman and Libya was a war torn shattered nation. But no one in America feels the least bit guilty about America’s role in trashing Libya. Most people believe these events were spontaneous democratic revolutions. Doesn’t anyone remember the PNAC’s plans to reorder the Middle East?


In Libya last month, we lost Ambassador Steven in an attack on the US Consulate in Benghazi. The press wants us to think that we brought “freedom and democracy” to Libya, not chaos and death. They want us to believe that there is no Green Resistance to the NATO or its Al-Qaeda allies in Benghazi, but everyone in Libya knows about the Green Resistance, whose members are called “Tahloob” (Arabic for “Gaddafi loyalists”). 

In reality, the Green Resistance destroyed the US Consulate in BenghaziSeptember 11, 2012. They have been increasingly active since shortly after the murder of Muammar Gaddafi in October 2011. They strike any NATO target they can, and they execute key Libyans who betrayed Gaddafi and sided with NATO. The Benghazi incident was merely their latest blow against what they see as NATO’s illegal occupation of their country. Ignoring the Tahloob only happens outside of Libya, by the NATO powers and their subservient media. 

In Egypt, President Mohamed Morsi of the radical Muslim Brotherhood replaced moderate Hosni Mubarak, yet the civil unrest in Egypt continues.  While Obama and Romney trade accusations about whether The Obama Administration was guilty of leaving the grounds of the Benghazi Consulate vulnerable, THERE IS NO SERIOUS DISCUSSION REGARDING WHETHER THE US MILITARY SHOULD SUPPORT THESE PHONY REVOLUTIONS IN THE FIRST PLACE. 
What is even more disturbing is the US Congress is side-stepping its US Constitutional duty to declare war, but the press ignores their failure too. The CIA shouldn’t decide whether we go to war. The US Congress should debate and decide, so Congressmen can be responsible to the American people come election time.

There is a Constitutional debate in America regarding whether Obama is in violation of the War Power Act in regard to Libya, BUT THE MEDIA IGNORES THIS VIOLATION. 

“May 20, 2011, marked the 60th day of US combat in Libya (as part of the UN resolution) but the deadline arrived without President Obama seeking specific authorization from the US Congress. President Obama, however, notified Congress that no authorization was needed, since the US leadership was transferred to NATO, and since US involvement is somewhat limited. On Friday, June 3, 2011, the US House of Representatives voted to rebuke President Obama for maintaining an American presence in the NATO operations in Libya, which they considered a violation of the War Powers Resolution.”

So how is this reordering of the Middle East progressing? Friday, October 19, 2012, a huge car bomb in a Christian Beirut neighborhood killed Lebanon’s security chief, General Wissam al-Hassan along with seven others and wounding eighty or more people. 


Two days after that, a similar car bomb ripped through the Christian Old Town of Damascus. Two days later, Tuesday, October 23, three car bombs in Baghdad killed nine people and wounded 26.

If anyone seriously wonders WHO WOULD DO SUCH AWEFUL THINGS? — they should recall the PNAC’s plans and Wesley Clark’s revelations to Amy Goodman.

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By Gilad Atzmon

Just as we were learning about ‘anti’ Zionist  Mondoweiss’ decision to revise its comment policy to exclude discussion of  the true nature of the Jewish State, the openly pro Zionist Haaretz paper published a news item about the Israeli poet, singer songwriter Zeev Tene.

Tene’s new song is called ‘Jew-Ish’ and as you may guess, is actually very critical of the Jew, Jewishness, The Jewish State and Jewish Identity in general. On the pages of Haaretz, an Israeli paper, Tene tells the truth that Mondoweiss and other AZZ (Anti Zionists Zionists) are determined to suppress.

Is it a coincidence that our leading ‘pro’-Palestinian Jews are so determined to stifle any critical discourse to do with the Jewish State and Jewish identity? Not at all. Philip Weiss, the founder of the ‘progressive’ Jewish website admitted to me in an interview that Jewish-self interests are at the centre of his activism. “I believe all people act out of self-interest. And Jews who define themselves at some level as Jews — like myself for instance — are concerned with a Jewish self-interest. Which in my case is: an end to Zionism,” said Weiss.

Unlike Philip Weiss, Zeev Tene, is a proud self-hater. He calls a spade a spade, he says what he means and he means what he says.

Watch and read Zeev Tene new poem.

Jew ish! by Zeev Tene

How do you live with it

How do you remain indifferent

You lock an entire nation behind a fence

Just because it wants from you to be free

You stand and sing about being free

Yet, you forgets what humanity is

You forget that only yesterday you were the Other

You forget that just yesterday it was you there behind the fence

Jew ish!
How do you live with it

How do you remain indifferent

You who were pushed down

The scent of your burnt flesh is still in the air

You’ve seen how in split second

A man can become a beast

Jew ish! Wake up!

It’s only yourself whom you lock behind the fence

Jew ish! Wake up!

It’s only yourself whom you lock behind a fence

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A Strange Alliance: Are the Saudis Bankrolling IsraHell Mossad?



A friend, with good sources in the Israeli government, claims that the head of Israel’s Mossad has made several trips to deal with his counterparts in Saudi Arabia—one of the results: an agreement that the Saudis would bankroll the series of assassinations of several of Iran’s top nuclear experts that have occurred over the past couple of years.  The amount involved, my friend claims, was $1 billion dollars. A sum, he says, the Saudis considered cheap for the damage done to Iran’s nuclear program.

At first blush, the tale sounds preposterous. On the other hand. it makes eminent sense. The murky swamp of Middle East politics has nothing to do with the easy slogans and 30 second sound bites of presidential debates.

After all, nowhere more than in the Middle East does the maxim hold true: the enemy of my enemy is my friend. And both Israel and the Saudis have always detested Iran’s Shiite fundamentalist leaders. The feeling is mutual. Tehran has long been accused of stirring up trouble among Saudi’s restless Shiites.

Israeli and Saudi leaders particularly fear Iran’s attempts to develop nuclear weapons. Thus, it would only be natural that (along with the U.S.) they would back a coordinated program to at least slow up, if not permanently cripple, Iran’s nuclear ambitions.

It also makes perfect sense, that, in retaliation for the cyber attacks on their  centrifuges, the Iranians reportedly launched their own cyber attack on a Saudi state-owned target: Saudi Aramco, the world’s most valuable company.  Last August 15th, someone with privileged access to Aramco’s computers was able to unleash a virus that wreaked havoc with the company’s systems. U.S. intelligence experts point their finger at Tehran.

Indeed, a report earlier this year by Tel Aviv University cites Saudi Arabia as the  last hope and defense line for Israel. With most of Israel’s traditional allies in the region sent packing or undermined by the Arab Spring, the Saudis are the Jewish State’s last chance to protect its political interests in the Arab world.

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IsraHell stranglehold on US policymakers

Israel rules USABy Jamal Kanj

Jamal Kanj views the extent of Israel’s stranglehold on American policymakers as highlighted by US threats to the European Union not to support the Palestinian bid for UN observer status and by President Barack Obama’s cancellation of a meeting with world leaders at the UN because the Israeli prime minister was absent.

The US State Department is has sent a confidential letter urging European Union members and other “friendly” countries to help block Palestinian attempts to secure non-member Observer State status at the United Nations General Assembly.

The memorandum, seen by this writer, falsely asserts that the US and the Quartet on the Middle East are working towards a two-state solution that envisages “a secure, democratic Jewish state of Israel and a Palestinian state as a homeland for the Palestinian people”.

While the Quartet has endorsed the establishment of an independent Palestinian state, it never agreed on defining Israel as a “Jewish state”. In fact, this issue was a sticking point leading to the failure of the Quartet’s meeting in July last year.


…the US is conspicuously treating Palestinian diplomatic efforts at the UN as more serious than Israel’s interminable breaches of the 20-year-old Oslo Accords.


The State Department communiqué also claims the US continues “to urge both parties to avoid provocative one-sided actions that could undermine trust”.

Sadly, the US is conspicuously treating Palestinian diplomatic efforts at the UN as more serious than Israel’s interminable breaches of the 20-year-old Oslo Accords.

Phlegmatic on Israeli violations, the US State Department is mobilizing its own diplomatic corps on behalf of Israel to undermine the basic right of Palestinians to a state of their own.

In the private US document, the administration cautioned that “a General Assembly resolution on Palestinian statehood could also open the door to Palestinian participation as a state in other international fora, including at the International Criminal Court (ICC)”.

Why is the US concerned about this?

UN Observer State status will only grant the ICC jurisdiction over war crimes committed within the geographical area of the state.

In the absence of war crimes, the ICC’s jurisdiction becomes immaterial.

Perhaps US apprehension over Palestinian entry into the UN – with power to adjudicate on matters related to war crimes – is an implicit admission of Israeli culpability in such crimes.

The letter carried an oblique warning to European countries that Palestine joining the UN will have “significant negative consequences”, including “our ability to maintain our significant financial support for the Palestinian Authority” – implying that EU countries will be left with the burden of supporting a Palestinian economy strangled by the Israeli occupation.

Last month, US President Barack Obama cancelled a 20-year-old tradition of meeting world leaders present for the opening of the UN General Assembly session because the Israeli prime minister was not there.


Israel’s grip on US foreign policy is bizarre.

Last month, US President Barack Obama cancelled a 20-year-old tradition of meeting world leaders present for the opening of the UN General Assembly session because the Israeli prime minister was not there.

To avoid the appearance of meeting world leaders but not Binyamin Netanyahu, Obama called off his meetings altogether.

This measure of Israel’s hold over American foreign policy was investigated at length in a book called The Israeli Lobby and US Foreign Lobbby John Mearsheimer and Stephen Walt, who argued: “It is time for the United States to treat Israel not as a special case but as a normal state, and to deal with it much as it deals with any other country.”

In his farewell speech in 1796, the founding father and first American president, George Washington, presaged these type of relations and forewarned about the danger of “the insidious wiles of foreign influence”.

“The jealousy of a free people ought to be constantly awake, since history and experience prove that foreign influence is one of the most baneful foes of republican government,” he said.

Indeed, the Israeli lobby’s diabolic “influence” over elected American officials is the most destructive threat to US democracy.

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The shame of Britain’s brainwashed MPs

UK's Israel stoogesBy Stuart Littllewood

Stuart Littlewood gives an insight into the mind of an Israeli stooge, Andrew Percy, a rude and brainwashed Israeli stooge who is also Conservative Member of Parliament for Brigg and Goole.

Agent Cameron’s now infamous dinner speech to Jewish fundraisers, in which he pledged the British people’s support for the state of Israel and its criminal regime, drew many complaints.

Among the objectors was Ted Clement-Evans, who wrote to some of Cameron’s lieutenants:

It was shocking to read the PM’s speech at an annual dinner. Shocking that he should assert that support of Israel is in the DNA not only of the Tory party but also of the British people. Please tell him that justice and fair play are in the DNA of Brits – if we only heard the truth from our media and the BBC of the illegalities and inhumanity of Israel towards the Palestinian people under the yoke of their 40 year occupation.

But the PM knows of those inhumanities – he listed them to his Israel supporting audience and still he embraced Israel and all it stood for.

“Please tell the PM how wrong he is and how wrong Israel is.

He also wrote to Cameron himself saying, among other things, that his speech was

so committed to the support of Israel, so shocking in its intensity as to make HMG [Her Majesty’s Government] complicit in all of Israel’s crimes against humanity – which the UN perforce logs every week. The seizure of the sailing ship Estelle last week, taking humanitarian goods to the besieged 1.4 million people of Gaza, is but another pinprick. It was you who called Gaza an open prison, you who protest against the continued blockade of this ghetto – but did you say one word to stop this illegal seizure?…

You have now made it very clear that, just as the US is in thrall to AIPAC [American Israel Public Affairs Committee], so are the Tories in the grip of the Zionist movements of the UK, the powerful BICOM [British Israel Communications and Research Centre] and the Henry Jackson Society. We see now, just as the US supports Israel to the detriment of that country’s best interests, so our own Government acts against the UK’s best interests.

Israel’s stooge aka Rude Boy

Andrew Percy, the Conservative MP for Brigg and Goole, made this impertinent response:

[Andrew Percy] apparently knows nothing about the Apartheid Wall and why it bites deep into Palestinian territory. He knows nothing about how Israel’s “true democracy” discriminates savagely against its non-Jewish citizens and how the millions of Palestinian Arabs living under Israeli rule in the West Bank and East Jerusalem enjoy nothing remotely like democracy, only brutal oppression, dispossession and ethnic cleansing, all enforced by Israel’s thuggish military and crooked laws.


What an ignorant email. I am sorry you don’t understand this matter. Please do not contact me again with such an ignorant comment.

It is great that the PM supports the only true democracy in this region, which guarantees equal rights to all its citizen, Jewish or Arab. As opposed to the Palestinian Authority which rewards prisoners and terrorists who seek the murder of innocent Israeli’s with government-funded salaries. A Palestinian Authority that promotes hatred towards Jews on its own TV stations, that allows the indoctrination of its children in schools with hatred and vile images towards the Jewish people and we Christians.

Then of course there is the hatred and loathing that accompanies the rockets that come over the border aimed at innocent Israeli citizens.

It is great to know that our PM supports democracy over hatred and racism.

Percy is a mere 35 years old and a former school teacher. What caused Rude Boy to forget his manners? In his very short time in Parliament (just two years) he has visited Israel twice, on the first occasion with the Conservative Friends of Israel. That indoctrination trip no doubt pumped his head full of Israeli propaganda. It worked like a charm because the following article appeared afterwards under his name:

I was indifferent about Israel and the Middle East. However, last year when I visited Israel and the Palestinian territories for the first time, I was left with a very different impression of the place: Israel is a country misunderstood and misrepresented. Looking across the border with Lebanon and peering at Hizbullah strongholds, no more than 100 yards away from where I was standing, underlined the significance of Israel’s strategic frailty in the face of constant threat.

Touring the security barrier I was surprised to hear that the architect of the barrier had appeared before the Israeli Supreme Court on countless occasions to defend his decisions regarding the route of the barrier. On occasion, when his planned route was ruled illegal, the barrier was removed and rebuilt according to the judgement. I also learnt that as a country with sparse natural resources Israel has had to develop alternative methods of productivity. The country leads the way in hi-tech, green and agri-techniques as well as in scientific development.

My travels around Israel surprised me completely. The people were full of get up and go, eager to live peacefully in the region; the towns and cities were energetic and cosmopolitan; and the deliverance of democracy never failed to impress upon me. So why is there such a discrepancy between what I experienced and public perception back in the UK? When was the last time you heard a good news story emanating from Israel on your TV screens or in the newspapers? And why has Israel become defined simply by its inability to solve the conflict when it is so much more than that?

I raised these questions when I returned to Israel again last week with colleagues from the UK and Australia for a dialogue with Israeli and Palestinian politicians, journalists, academics and commentators. This serious problem is not being effectively addressed and Israel’s future is being undermined by its inability to promote itself both accurately and attractively. As an MP, I witness this difference between perception and reality, on a regular basis in the House of Commons. From backbenchers through to government ministers and shadow ministers, colleagues suffer from a serial case of apathy where Israel is concerned. Seemingly no positive impression of the place has been determined in people’s minds.

Israel has consistently perceived military might as the number one way to protect and defend the state. Although an important factor, this cannot be the only focus. The country’s rebranding is now an issue of serious strategic importance. Israel must accept that engaging their critics, isolating and correcting their propaganda and successfully rebalancing the debate must be a priority in order to protect their future. All of us who see Israel as more than a conflict zone ought to play our part in this important task.

My challenge to anybody who feels strongly on Israel is to get on a plane and go and see the place for yourself. Visit Tel Aviv where you will see a modern liberal Western society where most people are just getting on with their lives in peace. Chat to Israelis or to their politicians and you will be reminded that this is the only true democracy in the Middle East where political debate is passionate, diverse and vibrant. More vibrant than our own democracy perhaps. That is the true Israel, the real Israel.

I hope you get the full toxic flavour. CFI UK claims the copyright, so maybe Rude Boy didn’t actually write it, just carelessly put his name to it. Either way, he does himself no favours.

The piece reveals that he apparently knows nothing about the Apartheid Wall and why it bites deep into Palestinian territory. He knows nothing about how Israel’s “true democracy” discriminates savagely against its non-Jewish citizens and how the millions of Palestinian Arabs living under Israeli rule in the West Bank and East Jerusalem enjoy nothing remotely like democracy, only brutal oppression, dispossession and ethnic cleansing, all enforced by Israel’s thuggish military and crooked laws.

Has he forgotten that Hamas won the Palestinian national elections six and a half years ago and had their democratic rule immediately snuffed out by British-US sanctions and the Israeli blockade? Now holed up in Gaza Hamas continues to govern as best it can under impossible conditions. What stopped Rude Boy going to see for himself, like he preaches?


The Israelis have tried rebranding, they’ve boosted the hasbara, they feverishly “educate” politicians, journalists and student on propaganda tours. But they can’t hide the awful truth forever. They can’t create a bright new image from the old rotten product. Even their own people are now speaking out…


It seems he doesn’t know that Israel isn’t interested in solving “the problem” because that simply wouldn’t suit the Zionist purpose. “The problem” is perpetual because politicians across the Western world don’t understand the situation but are happy to carry on supporting.the Israeli regime and subsidising the cost with our tax-money.

He thinks Israel’s propaganda needs “correcting” when actually it works only too well. The lies play much better than the truth. Fortunately, more and more people are able to see through to the evil beyond, and this is Israel’s undoing. It’s all beginning to unravel. The Israelis have tried rebranding, they’veboosted the hasbara [pro-Israel propaganda], they feverishly “educate” politicians, journalists and student on propaganda tours. But they can’t hide the awful truth forever. They can’t create a bright new image from the old rotten product. Even their own people are now speaking out, such as Miko Peled.

Next time Rude Boy flies into Ben Gurion airport (formerly Lydda airport) he might remember that he’s landing on stolen Palestinian soil. He should also spare a thought for the massacre and other atrocities committed in Lydda by Zionist forces in 1948.

And before he next visits Sderot to hear more tales about rockets, he should google ‘Najd’, the ethnically cleansed Palestinian village on which Sderot stands.

CFI UK is not, as some might think, the Conservative Friends of Israel. It’s the Christian Friends of Israel, an organization set up to “serve the Lord and bless Israel as true friends”. They believe that “God’s time to ‘favour Zion’ has begun”. Can we take it that Rude Boy is a member of CFI as well as Conservative Friends of Israel? At any rate he says he’s a Christian. So why hasn’t he spoken out against the torment and abuse the Israelis heap upon his brothers and sisters in the Palestinian Christian communities, and upon their Muslim brothers and sisters?

When peace activist Elizabeth Morley wrote to foreign secretary William Hague and other ministers and MPs saying: “Please ask your friends in Israel to stop this collective punishment of the people of Gaza,” Rude Boy replied: “Please ask your chums to stop supporting terrorism, suicide bombings and the targeting of innocent civilians. Might want to have a word about the hatred taught in some Palestinian education institutions…”

Elizabeth Morley: “How would you like to be accused of supporting Israel bombing innocent civilians? Or shooting at fishermen whose only crime is to try and catch enough fish to support their families? Or demolishing Palestinian families’ homes? Or beating and torturing children? All these things are documented by the UN…”

Rude Boy: “Sorry, there is no debate. Your one-sided bias is clearly blurring your ability to see this issue fairly.”

He is perfect for the Foreign Office (Middle East desk) in the next government reshuffle!

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To: Mr. Paul S. Otellini, Intel President and Chief Executive Officer

We the undersigned demand that Intel abandon its investments and shut down and dismantle its plants in Israel without delay. The company’s manufacturing plants in Kiryat Gat are built on private land without permission of its owners and in violation of international law. Intel is trespassing on…SEE MORE
  • Yvb
Intel is violating international law and trespassing on privately-owned US citizens’ property.

The original inhabitants of Iraq Al-Manshiya and the nearby village of Fallujah were expelled from their villages in 1949 by Israel contrary to international law and an armistice agreement which Israel itself signed earlier that year on 24 February 1949.

This agreement, which was co-signed by the UN mediator, the American Ralph Bunche, guaranteed the land, property and safety of the people of Iraq Al-Manshiya and Faluja, and their right to remain in their villages. According to Zionist historian Benny Morris, the villagers of Iraq Al-Manshiya (and Fallujah) were expelled by “intimidation using all means”. There are now 24,000 Iraq Al-Manshiya refugees, living in refugee camps in Jordan (15,000) and in the West Bank (9,000). Some are now US citizens, living in the US and paying taxes.

Intel built and operates two manufacturing plants, known as Fab 18 and Fab 28, which it opened in 1999 and 2009, respectively on Iraq Al-Manshiya land which belongs partly to US citizens (see attached map from Palestine Land Society). Intel did this without the knowledge of the owners of the land or their permission. Thus, the company is in violation of international law and trespassing on privately-owned US citizens’ property.


Join us in demanding Intel shut down and dismantle its manufacturing plants in Israel and stop profiting from its operations on land stolen from Palestinian refugees without permission of its owners. Please sign the petition and help us spread the word.



This video explains a lot about the middle east and what is really going on in Syria. The short anotated presentation was given by CPGB-ML chairman Harpal Brar at a meeting to defend Syria, held in London on September 20th, explains the conflict in Syria, its origins and the forces at play in the wider middle east. It is essential viewing for all those who would like to stand for the rights of workers and the opressed all over the world. We must learn to recognise our enemies, combat them resolutely and have the courage to defeat them. Knowledge is power: each one teach one!

Defend Syria! Defend Asad! Death to NATO! Death to the FSA! Long Live Palestine! Long live Gaza!

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