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IsraHell Officials Warned Not to Comments on US-Iran Talks


Netanyahu Wants All Comments Cleared Through Him

ed note–normally something like this would not necessarily raise alarms, but given who the players involved in this are, I’d say there is reason for concern here.
Given that the world is becoming exponentially aware day by day as to Israel’s MO and more importantly–to her use of state-sponsored terrorism and false flags in bringing about certain pre-ordained political outcomes, paired with Netanyahu’s recent threat to the world that if Israel does not get her war with Iran as she demands that she is going to blow the entire planet to kingdom come, a story such as this one is overly-pregnant with implications, the most obvious of which is that Netanyahu & Co want NO CHATTER coming out of Israel prior to something going ‘BOOM’, lest people make the connection between the event itself and possible Israeli involvement.

The Israeli Foreign Ministry has sent a message to all embassies and consulates across the world, warning all Israeli officials not to publicly comment on the possibility of direct US-Iran negotiations.

“We remind that the PM asked that all requests for interviews in the matter require his approval,” the message added at the end, underline the words “require his approval” for emphasis.

In comments earlier this week Netanyahu denied any knowledge of potential US-Iran talks, but was also very critical of the idea on general principle, saying that the real diplomatic way to halt Iran’s nuclear program was a military attack.

The Obama Administration has repeatedly publicly denied that such talks had been approved, but behind the scenes officials have suggested that the talks are likely after the US elections, and Western officials have already met to discuss even more unreasonable demands to levy against Iran if such talks take place.

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