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November 29, UN Decides on Palestine


by Roy Tov

“The General Assembly, Having met in special session at the request of the mandatory Power to constitute and instruct a Special Committee to prepare for the consideration of the question of the future Government of Palestine at the second regular session…”
Opening text from UN General Assembly Resolution 181 November 29, 1947

Mahmoud Abbas and Benjamin NetanyahuMahmoud Abbas and Benjamin Netanyahu

We Are back in 1947! I claimed in September on the occasion of the Jewish New Year. Israel’s candidate for the USA Presidency—Mitt Romney—said during a private fundraiser a few days before that “… the Middle East Peace Process was likely to remain an unsolved problem.” This private message was soon afterwards leaked to mainstream media. He was right, instead of facing a year of renewal and prosperity, Israel has been kicked back to 1947, the year the UN issued Resolution 181, known as the UN Partition Plan of Palestine. In 2012, the Palestinian Authority is bidding to be recognized as an observer state at the UN General Assembly. The vote may take place on November 29, the same day the historic 1947 vote took place.

Palestine in the UN

UN 181UN Partition Plan For Palestine
Resolution 181, November 29, 1947

On September 23, 2011, at the 66th meeting of the UN General Assembly, Mahmoud Abbas—speaking for the Palestinian people—asked the UN member states to accept Palestine as an equal member of this exclusive club. Israel blocked the move at the Security Council level; yet, a few days later, on October 31, UNESCO granted Palestine full membership. On September 25, 2012, the General Debate of the 67thUN General Assembly begun, and Abbas asked to upgrade the status of Palestine to the one of observer at the UN, the same status held by the Holy See, Vatican City.


This will upgrade Palestine’s status from Occupied Territory to Occupied Country, opening new options for a legal battle against the Israeli occupation. As analyzed in UN General Assembly: Egypt hits Israel, if refused even this partial recognition, Abbas may dismantle the Palestinian Authority. He performed the first step-the formal speech-and now is about to request a vote on the issue from the General Assembly, which is to gather on the Palestinian issue on November 29 and 30. Formally, the UN agenda has been set as:

  1. Question of Palestine: report of the Committee on the Exercise of the Inalienable Rights of the Palestinian People (A/67/35) and report of the Secretary-General.
  2. The situation in the Middle East: reports of the Secretary-General (A/67/342). If Abbas request is accepted, the vote will be added and Palestine may become a formal Observer Country.

Netanyahu Entrapped

For Netanyahu and Israel, the timing of the Palestinian move couldn’t be worse. At first sight, the situation looks more favorable to Israel than last year. After all, Palestine asked then for full UN membership, while now it pursues a lesser status. Yet, Israel is about to conduct elections on January 22, 2013. Netanyahu faces no serious opposition, but he got entrapped between Palestine and Iran.

In the last year, early elections were one of the main political topics in Israel. Following dramatic events, which included a failed coalition with Kadima and bogus early elections in September, the elections were set for January. This was the latest possible date for Netanyahu, who seeks to strengthen his government. The actual coalition is not strong enough for his goals; he seeks to strengthen the Likud position in the next Knesset bygaining the most senior ministries, namely Defense and Foreign Affairs, which are held now by other parties. If he achieves that, it will be much easier for him to conduct a war against Iran.

The best testimony of his intent was the brutally belligerent speech he delivered in September at the UN General Assembly. Despite his verbal violence, he didn’t give the order to attack Iran because, right now, he cannot give such an order to the IDF. To win a war against Iran, Netanyahu needs American military and diplomatic help; the IDF can initiate a war with Iran, but it is unable to finish it properly. However, President Obama won’t allow such an attack before the upcoming presidential elections in the USA; the current administration is unfriendly towards Netanyahu. Thus, Netanyahu delayed war with Iran. Yet, Israel and the USA agree that by mid-2013 Iran’s nuclear industry will be well established and safe from conventional attacks. This is Netanyahu’s deadline. The elections in January provide a good opportunity for him to follow his plans.

The Palestinian bid changed the main talk topic in Israel. Instead of comfy elections’ propaganda on a possible war with Iran, Israel must confront the Palestinian issue. Netanyahu faces a loud opposition on this, including from his new partner Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman. This is especially delicate since the two announced a few days ago that the Likud and Yisrael Beiteinu, their respective parties, will run together in a unified list.

Netanyahu, Lieberman, and eventually all possible partners of the next government compete now one against the other in a game called “Who is the fiercest against Palestine.” The the several parties holding primaries in late November have no choice but center on the bid, since this is also the planned date for the UN vote. In other words, Israel has been forced to play in favor of the Palestinians; the extreme words used by Israeli politicians in following weeks will play in the UN in favor of Palestine.

Iran decided the timing of the elections; Palestine imposed their mean topic.

Israel Reacts

Following the Palestinian announcement of its intentions, Israel is warning that this may lead to a new Intifada or the collapse of the Palestinian Authority. In its publications, Israel doesn’t mention the fact that the Palestinians themselves announced that they may dismantle the PA out of their own will if the move fails. Of all possible scenarios, those in which Israel plays with the existence of the PA, are the easiest to turn around against Israel itself.

An option favored by Lieberman is the declaration of Abbas as irrelevant, as it was done with Arafat, before his murder. If that happens, Hamas will remind everybody that Mahmoud Abbas is holding his position as President of the Palestinian Authority illegally. Elected to serve until January 9, 2009, Mr. Abbasunilaterally extended his term as president for another year and continues in office years after that deadline expired. The day after Israel bans Abbas, Palestinian elected Prime Minister, Ismail Haniyeh, will probably declare Israel as irrelevant, and the political center of the now semi-independent Palestinian Authority will move to Gaza.

Moreover, Israel is planning punishments towards the PA, including a significant expansion of West Bank settlements and halting tax transfers to the PA. Both methods were used extesively in the past. Personal punishments towards Palestinian officers are also planned; these include the revocation of their VIP passes that allow them to pass through IDF security checks in the West Bank.

Israel is also expanding its diplomatic activity. On October 24, Lieberman and Netanyahu met with EU Foreign Policy Chief Catherine Ashton and warned her that the PA’s UN bid would be a “game-changing move” that would spark unilateral Israeli measures in response. Moreover, Israel plans to lobby most of the UN’s 193 members, especially those it has a good chance to influence. Yet, Palestine has a reasonable chance to beat Israel at the UN General Assembly.


Countries in Green Recognize Palestine | They total over 80% of human population

History in the Made

Palestine is also conducting a diplomatic offensive. It wants to win recognition by a landslide similar to the one it got last year in the UNESCO vote. Its task is simpler than the Israeli, the map above shows the 130 countries that already had recognized the State of Palestine. Their combined populations account for over 80% of humans on the planet. Palestinians aim at getting at least 160 votes out of the 193 UN voting members.

History folds in odd ways; this year, on the exact anniversary of the UN Resolution 181, the same body may vote on its actual implementation, sixty-five years after the original decision. The date will become a symbol of Justice in the made. Yet, can Israel compensate Palestine for the robbed time?

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Response to ABC’s “Tick, Tick, Boom” and What’s with Jonathan Cook?


by Eileen Fleming

In  Iran – Tick, Tick, Boom!, ABC correspondent Trevor Bormann admits, “As well as killing some scientists and urging others to defect, the CIA and Mossad are making the working lives of Iranian nuclear scientists utterly miserable.

“Israel has long recognized the power of nuclear know-how in this most volatile of regions and ruthlessly defends its own programs. More than a quarter of a century on, it still treats its biggest security breach like it was yesterday.

“In 1986 Israeli nuclear technician, Mordechai Vanunu gave a London newspaper details of his country’s weapons program. He was stalked by Mossad, kidnapped and brought back home for a secret trial. And even since his release from prison after eighteen years he’s not really a free man, facing stringent restrictions in his everyday life.

“I’m keen to meet former nuclear insider Mordechai Vanunu for this take on the Iran debate. The closest I get is a catch up with his chief supporter over the years, Gideon Spiro. For me to communicate with Vanunu would most likely see him go back to gaol and I could go to prison too.

“I can’t see him because I’m a journalist. I couldn’t see him because I’m a foreigner. What other restrictions are there?”

GIDEON SPIRO: [Vanunu supporter] “He’s not allowed to be near embassies. He’s not allowed to enter the airport”.

BORMANN: “But he now can have a telephone and email, that’s new isn’t it?”

GIDEON SPIRO: “Yes. The telephone is serving the security services very well because they can track him 24 hours a day”.

BORMANN: His friend Gideon Spiro calls him but Mordechai Vanunu tells him to tell me to keep my distance lest I get him into trouble. The security services in Israel are very unforgiving.

Journalist YOSSI MELMAN adds, “Basically I think they are motivated by pure revenge of what he did and especially because he made a laughing stock of the security services”.

This candidate for US HOUSE is on the record with the facts affirming that SECURITY/Mossad does indeed have a vendetta against Vanunu, which are enshrined in my third book  BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu’s FREEDOM of SPEECH Trial and My Life as a Muckraker: 2005-2010


In response to BORMANN’s curiosity about Vanunu’s take on Iran, on 18 March 2012, Vanunu wrote:

“I am doing very well, in East Jerusalem, Still waiting to my freedom. Now after 26 years. And the way to prevent any war with Iran is By demanding, making many programs about Vanunu’s Freedom now struggle, and publishing again all the interviews, Videos,and Dimona Photos. Telling Israel the first step in the Path for M E disarmament is let Vanunu go NOW!!” – March 18, 2012: Message from Vanunu RE: Iran and Israel WMD

BORMANN could also check out the Facebook Cause Free Mordechai Vanunu currently with 6,393 members and learn that Vanunu communicates with the public at Mordechai Vanunu’s YouTube Channel

Speaking of Facebook, on 18 October I had a public and private conversation with Jonathan Cook, journalist

The only visible public proof is his reply to my now censored request asking him to report on Vanunu’s ongoing saga:

Jonathan Cook, journalist

Jonathan Cook, journalist Hi Eileen. Yes, Mordechai’s ongoing persecution is appalling. I’m in Jerusalem at the weekend and will try to meet up with him to find out the latest. October 18 at 7:57am


Also deleted are three Vanunu video links I posted on Cook’s FB Wall and Cook also BLOCKED me from posting anymore!

And I am still waiting for a reply to my last private message to Cook:

Eileen Fleming

Eileen Fleming

Since 2005 i have TRIED to get MSM to report on Vanunu’s Freedom of Speech Trial.

NO BODY bothered to document that historic event except me, who stupidly got my hopes up that YOU would pick up the torch.

But now i see you have deleted/censored my comments and i wonder WHY would a journalist do such a thing?

I am eileen fleming for US HOUSE and i approve of ALL of my messages.

Eileen Fleming for House – International Supporters 

BEYOND NUCLEAR: Mordechai Vanunu's Freedom of Speech Trial

Reporter Bormann concluded his Foreign Correspondent  report by noting, “While world leaders ponder major conflict, another war is being fought in silence and secrecy. In this clandestine world, it’s a case of ‘whatever it takes’.”

This reporter concludes with citing Vanunu:

I am Eileen Fleming and I approve of all of my messages.

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Why Did Masons Appoint a Christian Police Chief?


Last week, the new Winnipeg Police Chief, Devon Clunis, 48, caused  controversy when he said prayer has a “significant” role in fighting crime. Clunis, a  25-year police veteran, is a devout Christian. Winnipeg is Illuminati controlled. What is their game?  
By Henry Makow Ph.D
Like many other cities, Winnipeg is dominated by the Illuminati through their two pincers, Freemasonry and Organized Jewry.  

The provincial legislature located here is a disguised Masonic temple.   


The $340 million Canadian Museum of “Human Rights” is another pagan temple, a monument to the Jewish holocaust.The pet project of the once powerful Asper family, it is nearing completion.
The richest and most prominent businessman, Hartley Richardson, is a member of the Trilateral Commission.   

The major newspaper, The Winnipeg Free Press is owned by two members of the (Masonic Jewish) B’nai Brith, Bob Silver and Ron Stern. 

The Mayor, Sam Katz and his buddy, the city manager Phil Sheegl are probably also B’nai B’rith. Recently they have been criticized for cozy land deals with Jewish developers. 

“Anti-Semitic” posters have appeared demanding their resignation. 

If there is one thing Freemasons hate, it’s Christianity. Despite inevitable denials, Freemasonry and organized Jewry have been responsible for transforming society from a Christian to a secular basis. “Secular,” as I have often said, is merely a veil and a step to satanismThis is becoming more obvious every day. 


So we must ask, why would these people appoint a devout Christian, who also served as a Police Chaplain, as police chief? We ask this knowing that police departments are notorious  hotbeds of Freemasonry.


No sooner was he appointed than Clunis got into hot water. 

In an Oct. 11 story in Christian Week News, the Jamaican-born Clunis said the collective power of all Winnipeggers in prayer will be needed to help police combat violent crime.

“I’m a little tired of us… being (the) murder capital of Canada,” Clunis told the publication. “People consistently say, ‘How are you going to solve that? It’s not simply going to be because we’re going to go out there and police it away. I truly believe that prayer will be a significant piece of that.”

“What would happen if we all just truly – I’m talking about all religious stripes here – started praying for the peace of this city and then actually starting putting some action behind that.

“I believe something phenomenal is going to happen in our city. I truly believe it’s coming. I don’t think I’ve arrived at this position just by chance.”


(l. Luciferian city logo. Swoosh signifies Luciferian sunrise,sun made up of 666’s) 
In the Christian Week News story, Clunis also said that he believes the hand of God was at work in moving him up through the ranks of the Winnipeg Police Service.

Clunis told the Christian magazine that his faith is a cornerstone of his daily life, adding that while he didn’t ask God to make him chief, he did pray to become a successful leader who treats people with dignity and respect.

“God still cares, He’s still involved in our lives,” Clunis is quoted as saying. “and I believe without a shadow of a doubt the only reason that I am in this position is because God is involved in it. Without a shadow of a doubt.”–175418181.html

City Coun. Ross Eadie, who represents crime-affected neighbourhoods, said he believes Clunis faces a steep learning curve when it comes to public relations.
“He hasn’t been in the political eye. He’s made a mistake. Prayer is not going to solve our problems,” said Eadie said. “He’s got to get used to the sound bites.”


University of Manitoba’s Jewish “ethicist” Arthur Schafer, left, said,
“I think it’s entirely inappropriate for a chief of police, in his role as chief of police, to be advocating prayer either to his colleagues on the police force or to the general public,” Schafer said. “No one chose him to be police of our souls.”
“People who hold public office and who also have deeply-held private religious convictions have got to learn to separate the two,” he said.
But Clunis said faith informs every part of his being, and he doesn’t think he should leave that part of himself behind when he goes to work.

You know there’s a problem when the suggestion of prayer touches off a scandal but a real scandal is swept under the carpet.


Obscene pictures Lori Douglas appeared on the Internet before she became Chief Family Court Judge. She lied in her application.
Her behaviour was known in the Masonic-dominated legal community and she was appointed anyway. You might say she was appointed because of the pictures – easier to blackmail.
In any case no local politician or “ethicist” has demanded her resignation. She is still hauling in $250K doing “administrative duties” while the Canadian Judicial Council decides her fate.
This conduct would never have become public were it not for the complaint of a civic-minded man, Alex Chapman, an immigrant from Trinidad, where people do not yet supinely embrace evil.
Indeed, the local Masonic elite has rallied to her defence, saying what people do in their private life is their own business!
A degenerate is deciding the fate of Winnipeg families and the local elite still doesn’t get it! That’s how far gone they are.
Interestingly Free Press columnist Lindor Reynolds is one of Douglas’s defenders. She is also Devon Clunis’ defender.


“What’s so bad about having faith in our city,” she asked.
“Whether you think God is an illusion or you believe in a higher power, he should not have to hide his faith. We all have the right to religious freedom and expression.

“Clunis didn’t say prayer alone is the answer to violent crime. He called for reflection, for a way for neighbours to look at each other and search out their commonalities, not their differences.

“This city needs leaders who take a stand and stick to their beliefs. Devon Clunis is doing that. Pray or don’t pray, but don’t dismiss a man who believes “something phenomenal is going to happen in our city” and has the fortitude and faith to lead the charge.” 

For once Reynolds is making sense, which makes me wonder whether Devon Clunis is for real or part of the Illuminati controlled dialectic.


I want to believe Clunis is genuine. We need men of faith and vision in public positions. However I will reserve judgment.


(left, Kilcona Park Alliance Church where Clunis is a Chaplain)
One thing that gives me pause is that Clunis is a member of the same church as Prime Minister Stephen Harper, the Alliance Evangelical Church. 
According to one source, “The Alliance Church, to which Harper has belonged for decades, believes Jesus Christ will return to Earth in an apocalypse, won’t ordain women, [is]strongly opposes abortion and divorce, condemns homosexuality as the most base of sins and believes those who aren’t born-again are “lost.”

The Alliance Church is also tough on divorce and holds that Christians who have been adulterous do not have a right to remarry.”

harperj.jpegYet the “Conservative” government of Stephen Harper is generally pro homosexual and pro abortion. It has done very little to change the liberal and feminist direction of policy. It is fanatically pro Zionist to the extent of breaking off relations with Iran.

There is little doubt in my mind that this very prosperous church is an Illuminati shill.
The Illuminati control both sides of the dialectic but when it comes to action, the result is the same no matter who wins. There is an illusion of choice and change but, overall, things just keep getting worse.


The Illuminati use Left and Right to waltz us into a Satanic dispensation. Whether Clunis is genuine or a shill, time will tell. As I said, I want to believe in him.

The big picture is that mankind is the victim of a long-term satanic conspiracydating back to Babylon. We have been colonized by a satanic cult, the Illuminati, which believes in every kind of sexual perversion. It now controls most levers of power and influence. This is why the pedophile Jimmy Savile was knighted by both the Queen and the Pope. 

Success in public life now depends on willingness to serve, or at least not hinder, the Illuminati’s diabolical agenda. 

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“Romnography”: Where’s the Persian Gulf? Epic Fail



Global Research

“Syria is Iran’s only ally in the Arab world. It’s their route to the sea. It’s the route for them to arm Hezbollah in Lebanon, which threatens, of course, our ally, Israel. And so seeing Syria remove Assad is a very high priority for us” (Mitt Romney, presidential debate, October 23, 2012)

The Islamic Republic of Iran has an extensive maritime coastline bordering onto the Persian Gulf, the Gulf of Oman and Arabian Sea.

Iran is an ally of Syria but it does not have a border with Syria.

For Iran’s commodity trade to reach the Mediterranean by land through Syria would require transit through Iraq (under US military occupation) and/or Turkey, a US ally and NATO stronghold.

Epic Fail, D+ Romney has a degree from Harvard. So much for University standards.

But let us analyze a more serious issue:

What are the potential geopolitical consequences of Mitt Romney’s sheer ignorance were he to become President and Commander in Chief of the United States of America?

One recall’s that George W. Bush at the height of his election campaign in 2000 thought the Taliban were a “rock group”:

When a Glamor correspondent asked Governor Bush what he thought about the Taliban, he just shrugged his shoulders, bemused. It took a bit of prompting from the journalist (“discrimination against women in Afghanistan”) for Bush to rouse himself: Taliban in Afghanistan! Absolutely. Reprisals. I thought you were talking about some rock group.

That’s how well-informed about the outside world the prospective U.S. president is. Even about very important present-day developments that are on everyone’s lips – that is, everyone with the slightest pretensions to culture; developments that he, if elected, will have to deal with. (Moscow News, July 2000)

The next president of the US will have to make some fundamental decisions of a diplomatic, strategic and military nature with regard to Iran, which require an understanding of both geography and geopolitics.

Or will key decisions be taken by Big Oil and Wall Street, channeled to the White House through handpicked senior officials and presidential advisers, who respond foremost to the demands of dominant corporate interests?

American presidents have an army of Ivy League advisers who brief them as to where the enemies of America are located geographically. But what happens if the president and commander in chief does not understand the substance of these briefings?

Without presidential knowledge of geopolitics and more specifically of geographic waterways, “military mistakes” with far-reaching consequences are more likely to occur.

The Persian Gulf is a strategic waterway which is of particular relevance to US Command and Control (CC).

The Arabian sea and the Persian Gulf are heavily militarized. The US Fifth Fleet operates out of Manama, Bahrain. US Central Command (USCENTCOM) operates out of Qatar.

America and its allies have several naval bases adjacent to Iranian territorial waters. (See Map below)

Surely, these are realities which should be known to an aspiring US head of state, who in addition to the presidency must also assume the role of Commander in Chief, including decisions pertaining to the US naval forces.

The Persian Gulf is the gateway to Middle East oil. Close to 17 million barrels of oil per day transit through the Strait of Hormuz in tankers, from the Persian Gulf en route to the Arabian sea and the Indian Ocean.

It is not strictly the issue of Mitt Romney’s ignorance of geography which is at stake, the president and commander in chief will be called upon to take decisions pertaining to the deployment of US naval power.

We must also ensure that the ignorance and ineptitude of the president in foreign policy matters is not used to trigger a US-NATO led regional war, which would extend from the Eastern Mediterranean to the Persian Gulf.

An understanding of geopolitics requires geography.

If Iran is believed to be landlocked, then Iran, according to Mitt Romney, does not have a Navy.

And if Iran does not have a Navy, it does not constitute a “threat” to US Naval power in Middle East and Asian waterways.

Russian Built Iranian submarine

Hello Romney.

Iran not only has an extensive coastline along the Persian Gulf and the Arabian sea, it also has a significant naval fleet of destroyers, frigates and submarines.

In recent years, it has developed its naval power with Russian assistance in response to US threats. Its entire coastline is militarized.(see map below).


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Jerusalem Mayor Dedicates Street to Umm Kulthum


by mantiqaltayr


Okay, a reader of this blog has sent me one of the most disgusting videos I’ve ever seen. I can’t quite put it into words, but my skin crawled as I watched this. Maybe it’s just me.   Maybe the reader is just an FBI plant trying to get my goat.

So the mayor of Jerusalem, Nir Barkat (also spelled Barket), has announced the naming of an East Jerusalem street after Umm Kulthum.  Maybe he should name some of the other streets after King Abdallah of Saudi Arabia, the other King Abdallah over in Jordan, the khanzeer of Qatar Hamad something or other, oh and maybe Mohamed Morsi Street would sound good too. And for good measure we must have Tawfiq Ukasha Boulevard.

Please let me know if you can watch this video and without puking.  It’s short, Shas Party members should have no trouble staying awake.


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“We Are Osama’s Soldiers”: Song Taught to Children by FSA Terrorists in anti-Assad Demonstration


In a recent Eid al-Adha demonstration in Banash, Syria (Idlib province) seemingly organized by the supporters of Jabhat an-Nusra (al-Qaeda in Syria) branch of the “Free Syrian Army” (FSA), kids are taught to sing a pro-Osama bin Laden song whose lyrics go something like this (not all verses included):

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Arab Fears of Abandonment Could Threaten U.S. Interests
Perhaps the most noteworthy example was Saudi Arabia’s decision to send troops into Bahrain last year without even warning Washington, thereby destroying  America’s hopes for a negotiated solution between Bahrain’s Sunni government and the Shi’ite-led opposition. Saudi Arabia is not only one of America’s closest Arab allies, it has traditionally been averseto employing military force outside its bordersYet without confidence that Washington would keep the Iranian wolf from its door, Riyadh felt it had no choice. “We don’t want Iran 14 miles off our coast, and that’s not going to happen,” a senior Saudi official bluntly told  The Washington Post.


Having lived with Iranian-backed militias on  two of their borders for years,

Israelis can sympathize. 


For all these states, as cables published by WikiLeaks in 2010 made clear, the make-or-break issue is Iran’s nuclear program. Saudi Arabia urged  the U.S. to attack Iran and ” cut off the head of the snake.”Abu Dhabi’s Zionist crown prince warned, ” Ahmadinejad is Hitler.” Zionist Hamad of Bahrain said Iran’s nuclear program “must be stopped,” because “the danger of letting it go on is greater than the danger of stopping it.”


Former Lebanese Prime Minister Zionist Puppet Saad Hariri declared  that the Iraq war “was unnecessary,” but “Iran is necessary.” A Zionist senior Jordanian official said  that military action against Iran would be “catastrophic,” but he “nonetheless thought preventing Iran from acquiring nuclear weapons would pay enough dividends to make it worth the risks.”All these countries would be delighted if sanctions and diplomacy did the trick instead.But they want Iran’s nuclear program stopped, whatever it takes – and they want to be convinced that America will see to it.


Many Americans are understandably weary of American involvement in the Middle East, but the region is still too important to be ignored. Reassuring Zionist America’s Arab allies should therefore be a priority for whoever wins next month’s presidential election.











Zbigniew Brzezinski: Attempts of U.S. to export democracy(IMPERIALISM) to both Syria and Iran are dangerous daydreaming


An US military intervention in Syria or Iran would be likely to set off a geopolitical explosion in the whole region of the Middle East, the consequences of which will be felt by the whole world.This opinion was expressed by the American political scientist and former US national security adviser Zbigniew Brzezinski, whose article is published today by the Financial Times.
“The forceful export ofdemocracy (neocolonialism)to both Syria or Iran – is dangerous daydreaming, said Brzezinski. – Most of the prevailing borders, which date back to the Anglo-French diktats following the First World War are shaky. Even the region’s major states, notably Iran and Turkey, are vulnerable to internal ethnic and religious strains”.”In this flammable setting, an American intervention in the region would be likely to set off a region-wide explosion, a political analyst thinks. – The inevitable rise in the price of oil – prompted by increased insurance costs even were the Strait of Hormuz forcefully kept open by the US navy – would wreak havoc on Europe’s financial recovery. Differences among European states would intensify”.
According to Brzezinski, thus Russia can strengthen its influence in Ukraine and Georgia, since the energy dependence of the EU on Russian “black gold” will increase.In this case, the geostrategic partnership between Moscow and Beijing will be strengthened to counter the promotion of the interests of Washington.The result of such developments, according to Brzezinski, will be “the emergence of chaos in international relations”.The author offers the next US president to be elected in early November a series of measures to stabilize the geopolitical situation.”First, on Syria, to engage Russia and China in support of an internationally mandated and monitored ceasefire, as a cooling-off phase before internationally supervised elections”, the political scientist emphasized.
“Second, in the absence of agreement on the Iranian nuclear issue, to continue tightening sanctions and pledge publicly that the US will retaliate against any threat by Tehran to any Middle Eastern state”.”Third, to provide strong and explicit support for a more politically united Europe through an updated joint Atlantic Charter”.”Fourth, to undertake a high-level strategic dialogue with the new Chinese leadership to codify the fundamental interest of both countries in avoiding a replay of Europe’s tragic wars of the 20th century”, concluded Brzezinski.
[ed notes; Zbig ” the cold war warrior is a friend to kavkaz center,who supports jihad in Syria,and Russia,but zbig also understands Russia and China have drawn a red line there for the western powers…and therefore hes cautious of confronting or pushing both on issue wich could unleash ww3…hes also nervous about disruption of energy flow should western empires decide to militarily intervene in Syria..That would spell doom for the west…Still zbig definatly has tricks up his sleeve no his aim and kavkaz center are one and same..the (not-so)behind the scenes destabilization will continue..

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Xinjiang militants in Syria to take part in civil war: report – Indian …

Some of the hardcore Islamic militants from China’s troubled Xinjiang province, bordering Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK), are heading to Syria and linking up with organisations like al-Qaeda to fight against the Syrian government, a media report said today.”Leaders from ‘East Turkestan’ terror groups have organised for members to head for Syria to participate in their quest for jihad,” state-run Global Times quoted Chinese anti-terrorism authorities as saying.
The organisations include the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM) and the East Turkestan Education and Solidarity Association (ETESA) that push for “independence” for China’s Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region, where Uyghur Muslims of Turkic-origin opposed settlements of Hans.Since May, ETIM and ETESA members have been going to Syria and linking up with organisations like al-Qaeda to fight against the Syrian government, the report said.”ETIM is being helped by al-Qaeda and they are collecting funds through drug and gun trafficking, kidnapping and robbery. ETIM selected and recruited separatists, criminals and terrorists who fled from Xinjiang to receive secret terrorism training,” an official from the anti-terrorism said.After receiving orders from al-Qaeda, terrorists from China came to Syria to meet with jihadists already on the ground before forming groups on the frontlines, the official said.
ETIM was listed as a terrorism organisation in September 2009 and recognised by the China Ministry of Public Security as one of four “East Turkestan” terrorism organisations.On April 6, the ministry identified its third batch of “East Turkestan” terrorists with most being affiliated with ETIM.The headquarters of ETESA, located in Istanbul, are quite extensive and include research, media, social affairs, education and women’s affairs departments.
It aims to “educate and train Muslims” in Xinjiang and “set them free” by forming a Muslim state, a Chinese official told the daily.While the Syrian Ambassador to China Imad Moustapha said the daily that that Syria is not clear about the terrorism activities made by jihadists from the “East Turkestan”, he acknowledged that extremists from several countries had been fighting along the Turkish-Syrian border and inside Syria.”These men came to Syria from Turkey,” said Imad, accusing the Turkish government of indulging these activities.
Murat Salim Esenli, the Turkish ambassador to China, denied the accusation, saying Turkey also faces terrorism threats.Ayman al-Zawahri, the head of al-Qaeda, incited his followers to join in the war against Syria on Saturday after anti-terrorism organs from the UN, the US and Europe expressed their concern that the ongoing Syrian war would help galvanise global terror networks.

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Anti-Semitic party gains strength in Ukraine


Ultra-nationalist Ukrainian Svoboda party sends shockwaves through political landscape as it passes political threshold with 12% of vote; party known for organizing marches against Hasidic Jews on pilgrimage, homosexuals and Russians

Ynet Ukrainian ultra-nationalist party Svoboda (Freedom) and its charismatic leader Oleg Tyagnybok were on course for their best result yet in national elections Sunday which could send shockwaves through the political landscape. The party was set to win over 12% of the vote in parliamentary elections, the Democratic Initiative Foundation said in its exit poll, a result that would place Svoboda in third and give the party a strong position in the new parliament. Svoboda until now has only made waves in regional elections and its breakthrough into the Verkhovna Rada marks a major success for its hugely controversial policies which have drawn accusations of anti-Semitism and racism. Tyagnybok, 43, known for his fiery speeches, appears to have broadened his appeal away from the fringe to a more mainstream electorate tired of voting for the same old personalities. “Half its electorate are also still radical nationalists but the other half is largely a protest vote,” said leading Ukrainian political analyst Volodymyr Fesenko. “Svoboda is seen as the most radical and bold protest force,” he said. Tyagnybok had won only 1.43 percent in the 2010 presidential elections. Several voters questioned by AFP on election day said they had voted for Svoboda as a strong force against the rule of President Viktor Yanukovych, whose policies some see as anti-Ukrainian. The party strongly emphasizes Ukraine’s distinct cultural identity, regards the Soviet rule as an occupation of Ukrainian territory, scorns the Kremlin and plays up the importance of Ukrainian over Russian. Its popular support is largely drawn from the Ukrainian-speaking west and the party is regarded with huge suspicion in the more pro-Russian east of the country. But its foes focus on less palatable aspects of the party which include vehemently xenophobic rhetoric and the periodic rants of its leaders against Russians, homosexuals and Jews. A pillar of the party’s ideology is the glorification of the Ukrainian Insurgent Army (UPA) which fought against Soviet forces in World War II and whose offshoots continued anti-Soviet resistance right up into the 1950s. Western historians accuse the UPA of collaborating with Nazi forces in World War II and also being complicit in the ethnic cleansing of Poles from what is now Ukrainian territory. Svoboda was formed in 2004, growing out of a movement that until then had called itself the Social-National party of Ukraine. In recent years it has attracted attention by being involved in clashes with pro-Russian demonstrators during commemorations for the Soviet World War II victory in May 2011. The party also organized a march against the Hasidic Jews who arrive in thousands for a pilgrimage in Ukraine every year and opposed a singer of African origin representing Ukraine in this year’s Eurovision Song Contest.

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