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Zionists smear UK diplomat for telling the truth


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ed note–again, the Jewish theatrics are wearing thin.


LEST WE FORGET, Israel’s religious leaders have made it clear TIME AND AGAIN that the way to fight a war means fighting it the Jewish way. Rabbi Manis Friedman wrote in defense of Cast LEad the following–

“The only way to fight a moral war is the Jewish way: Destroy their holy sites. Kill men, women and children and cattle’, adding ’I don’t believe in Western morality…Living by Torah values will make us a light unto the nations who suffer defeat because of a disastrous morality of human invention.”

So Jenkins assertion is 1000% correct. The Jewish way of fighting a war–AS EVIDENCED NOT ONLY BY EVENTS IN THE MIDDLE EAST BUT AS WELL WHEN LOOKING AT THE BOMBINGS OF DRESDEN, HIROSHIMA AND NAGASAKI– is one of total disproportionality.

But we can’t have discussions like this taking place, now can we? After all, for Jewish interests to remain in power they must keep the rest of the world confused and unable to focus on the heart of the problem, which is, as Gilad Atzmon has accurately said many times–Jewish thinking, Jewish Identity.


By Gilad Atzmon


Peter Jenkins, Britain’s former representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, has told the Warwick University Debating Union that a “just war” is not a Jewish notion.

Jenkins was obviously telling the truth but the Zionist Jewish Chronicle is not happy.

The retired Foreign Office diplomat, speaking in a debate on nuclear proliferation in Iran, said: “Israelis don’t practice an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; they practice 10 eyes for an eye and 10 teeth for a tooth.” He added that “the idea that a just war requires the use of force to be proportionate seems to be a Christian notion and not a Jewish notion”.

The Jewish Chronicle reported this week that the remark prompted the opposing speaker, the Zionist Federation’s Jonathan Sacerdoti, to shout “shame”.

Mr Sacerdoti spoke to the audience in his self-proclaimed capacity as “a son of a Holocaust survivor”. He said: “I suggest that the speech that we heard first, laced with its subtle attempts at anti-Semitism masked behind polite diplomatic chatter, is exactly the problem in this debate … this is not a Jewish issue, this is not an Israel issue, this is a worldwide issue.”

I actually agree with Mr Sacerdoti: Zionist madness is the biggest threat to world peace. It is not just a Jewish issue, it is not an Israel issue, it is a worldwide issue. It is a universal concern.


…it is our intellectual duty to call a spade a spade and to criticize Jewish politics and Jewish culture for what they are. If Jews insist on operating politically, they must accept that their politics and practice will be subjected to scrutiny and criticism.


Yet, I am slightly perplexed. Why is telling the truth about Jewish culture anti-Semitic? Is not the Old Testament far more violent than any Quentin Tarantino film? That is not to  mention the fact that the Jewish state has also managed to buy itself quite a reputation for unrestrained violence.

Mr Sacerdoti added: “It is incredible to think that a man, unashamed to express such a view in public, once had such a senior position on behalf of the UK.”

I would argue that it is our intellectual duty to call a spade a spade and to criticize Jewish politics and Jewish culture for what they are. If Jews insist on operating politically, they must accept that their politics and practice will be subjected to scrutiny and criticism.

Mr Sacerdoti is obviously a hasbara (Israeli propaganda) spin master. He mentions that “this particular view, that Jews do not adhere to the concept of “just war”, implies that Jews are by nature bloodthirsty and unjust. I believe any such generalization about the nature of Jews is racist.”

But there is a slight problem here. Mr Jenkins didn’t speak about Jews, the people, the ethnicity or the race. He was clearly referring to “Israel”, i.e. the Jewish state and to Jewish culture.

The Community Security Trust, another Zionist militia operating in our midst, moved to condemn Mr Jenkins’s remarks. “It is disgusting that students should be exposed to such divisive rubbish. Peter Jenkins appears to be as ignorant of the history of Christian war-making as he is of Jewish values.”

It would be helpful if the Community Security Trust’s spokesman is kind enough to offer some information that could present the nakba (ethnic cleansing and forced dispossession of Palestinians in 1948), the Sabra and Shatila massacre and Operation Cast Lead in the context of a “just war”. It would be helpful also if the Community Security Trust’s rabbis can enlighten us as to how Biblical Samson’s genocidal action fits into the notion of a “just war”.

The truth must be said. Mr Jenkins told the truth and actually used moderate and measured language. I wish the BBC and the Guardian newspaper were as courageous as Mr Jenkins.

I also do no think Zionist organizations should be left to moderate the critical discourse about the Jewish state and Jewish culture.

Watch the debate and witness the revolting Zionist spin and the the relentless Zionist push for World War III

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Retruning Officers and Conscripts: We Decided to Correct Our Mistake and Return to Military Institution



A number of officers who had run away and later went back on the right path highlighted the scale of falsification of facts facing Syria and the extent of criminality and destruction the Syrian Arab Army has been subjected to by the armed terrorist groups.In an interview with the Syrian TV on Wednesday evening, the returning officers said they decided to correct their mistake and go back to the lap of the homeland and the military institution.“Following and getting influenced with what has been promoted about the events in Syria by the foreign news channels, which I later realized was untrue, was what made me take the decision to flee the service,” Lt. Col. Khalid Abdul-Rahman al-Zamil told the Syrian TV.
He said after he ran away he called an officer in Turkey who coordinated the process of having al-Zamel take charge of a military wing formed by armed groups.“In the beginning I refused the whole issue because I worked in the technical and not the combat field,” he added, noting that he later agreed because “they said they wanted me to be a cover for their activities and an official in the name only to grant them a certain legitimacy.”Al-Zamel spoke of how the gunmen would refuse his orders to drop their weapons when asked to and how they used “an amount of money [he] received” for buying weapons instead of offering it as aid for some people affected by the events.“This and such other things made me take the decision to withdraw and not deal with those groups which has but one project, that is of killing,” the returning Lieutenant Colonel said.He stressed that he and many others like him had been mislead, being far from combat work, by “non-existing facts promoted by screens”, but now by looking at the reality “I realize what is actually going on.
”For his part, 1st Lt. Mahmoyd Ali Moussa narrated how he had received many threats by fellow officers to take the decision to flee the country along with them.“I refused and then they threatened to harm my family whom I had to move to another place,” he added.After repeated threats of the kind with people intercepting him on the road, Moussa said he “felt weak and afraid for my family and agreed.”“What is currently happening in Syria is killing, destruction and sabotage committed by some armed terrorist groups in service of the West’s interests and not those of Syria,” he told the Syrian TV.Moussa added that when he later considered about what happened with him and how he did not inform the authorities and thought only of his family “I knew my mistake and decided to inform the authorities and put myself at the disposal of the General Command of the Army and the Armed Forces.”The threats which Moussa was subjected to were also received by 1st Lt. Mulhim Mahmoud al-Shantout who talked in the interview how “they will reach my family if I dared to leave the village, where I was on leave, and go back to work.”“I know I had to inform the authorities, but fear and overthinking made me get to this point,” he noted, stressing that, being already on the ground as a law enforcement forces member,
“I was completely convinced with what he was seeing, away from what was being broadcast by the tendentious channels.“The meeting with them took two hours during which all they talked about was looting and stealing and all that which strips you of morals and dignity,” he told the Syrian TV, “therefore, I decided to go back quickly so that I don’t get my hands stained with blood.”“It feels pride not fear when returning home, because when you go back to your mother or father you know you won’t be harmed in any way,” said al-Shantout.In turn, the conscript Sgt. Alaa-Eddin Qarmouz said he was influenced in making the decision to leave the service by the incidents of abduction and martyrdom faced by his colleagues due to terrorists attacks.He narrated how he went, along with the person who encouraged him to leave the service, to the place of a group of gunmen where he stayed and with whom he participated in some operations.Qarmouz added that he also joined another group in his village under the pretext of protecting the civilian locals, but “I later found out that this was not their goal because they started to attack the civilians and the army checkpoints , break into houses and steal cars.”“They took me in to give their group a military character and to say that it includes defected soldiers and officers,” he said, noting that it was his father who convinced him to hand himself over.
Besides the threats which targeted the families of some of the runaways, those were also forced to consent to join the armed groups after being abducted.Conscript Mohammad Masalkhi narrated how, while he was his way to his home on leave, “the armed gangs intercepted the vehicle and when they knew I was a conscript they forced me out of the vehicle, beat me and put me inside the box of a car of them for 4 hours.”He added that he was tortured and interrogated, along with other kidnapped people, and was asked by the gunmen’s leader to join them, to which he agreed.“ After getting out of the detention room, I was offered cigarettes, clothes and money to send to my family,” Masalkhi continued as saying.He cited the type of operations he participated in as a driver which included kidnapping and torturing military members, setting up barriers and stealing and looting.“I’m not used to stealing…I was extremely moved by what was happening to my colleagues among the kidnapped who would have their fingernails and teeth plucked out,” he added.“Therefore, I started to watch the nearby battalion to run away to it when they are asleep, which I finally did,” said the returning conscript.

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Sam Westrop and the Bloodthirsty Jews


Zionist Sam Westrop, head of London-based Jewish think tank the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracies’ in his blog, entitled ‘Peter Jenkins and the Bloodthirsty Jews’ at the IsraHell daily Jerusalem Post (October 24, 2012) called former British diplomat Peter Jenkins, “anti-Semite”, “anti-Israel” and an “apologist” for the Iran’s Islamist regime. He was commenting on Jenkins’ speech at the Warwick University in which he had claimed that both Iran and Hizballah would not dare to attack the Zionist entity knowing Israel’s Talmudic barbaric vengeance.Sam Westrop by invoking the old Christian ‘Blood Libel’ against Jews – has tried to demonize Peter Jenkins.

However, son of Chief Rabbi of Rome, Jewish professor Ariel Toaff (Bar-llan University, IsraHell) in his controversial book, ‘Blood Passover‘, confirmed that some Jewish communities in Europe did have the tradition of kidnapping Christian children to be used as religious sacrifice.Zionist Sam Westrop 24, was born to a Jewish mother and a non-Jewish father. His grandmother lived in IsraHell and worked for the Zio-Nazi government. Sam as a teenager, lived on Kibbutz Yiftah, near Kiryat Shmona, which is built on land stolen from the native Palestinian. At the University of York, Sam edited the Freedom House newsletter.In his speech, Peter Jenkins had tried to make the audience understand that even if Iran get hold of some crude type nuclear bombs in the future – Iranian leaders known for their moral and piety will never dare to use them against the Zionist entity which has hundreds of nuclear bombs and is supported by world nuclear powers like the US, France and Britain.There is also of course the risk of Hizballah in Southern Lebanon, who are said to have 40,000 rockets (Jenkins forgot to mention Hizballah’s drones), attacking population centres in IsraHell. But personally, I don’t rate that very high because the Iranian and Hizballah know that these days the IsraHellis don’t practice one eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth – they practice ten eyes for an eye and ten teeth for a tooth.

The idea that a just war require a use of force to be proportionate seems to be Christian notion (it’s more Islamic than Christian, if one study European history from an objective source) and not a Jewish notion“. Watch the video below.Last month, the Warwick University Debating Society held its first debate of the new academic year. The topic of the debate was: “This House Would Rather a Nuclear-Armed Iran than War”. The speakers favoring the motion were; Peter Jenkins (Former British Diplomat to the IAEA and the UK’s ex-chief nuclear negotiator) and Dr. Christian Emery (LSE academic specialising in Iranian politics and US-Iranian relations) – while opposing the motion were Zionist JewsJonathan Sacerdoti (Director of public affairs at the Zionist Federation and Director of the Institute for Middle Eastern Democracy) and Davis Lewin (Political Director at the Henry Jackson Society which is a zio-con think tank. He specialises on Iranian issues). In order for the readers to judge whether Peter Jenkins did cross Netanyahu’s “red line” or he was telling the truth – I present below a history lesson (video) on Judaism and Zionism, delivered by Rev. Ted Pike. Enjoy it.

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Documenting the undocumented in the Syrian war

The Syrian conflict has extended for over a year and there is no indication that it will soon end. Both sides are being superfluously equipped to kill each other. How is this a struggle for freedom by the Syrian people? There is a line that divides the little Turkish town of Kelis from the Syrian city of Aziz. Leaving Kelis is not an issue but entering Syria requires a somewhat well thought out narrative. There are approximately 300 meters that separate these borders, but my colleague and I decided to march this road. As we crossed, I panned to the right and saw a field scattered with bolted signs that warned of ‘landmines’. When I looked to the left I saw a field displaying several signs also cautioning about ‘landmines.’ Yet on the horizon, overlooking the seeds of hysterical demolition, I could feel the effluvia of the shinning sun.The Syrian conflict has extended for over a year and there is no indication that it will soon end. Both sides are being superfluously equipped to kill each other. Yet basic resources such as adequate medical assistance, food and fresh water are in unjustifiably short supply.
I had the opportunity to speak with several members from a specific faction in the FSA, a faction that refers to themselves as ‘The Eagles of the Ghost.’ They told me that both Islamic Libyan rebels, and other militants affiliated with Libya’s National Transitional Council (NTC) comprise a significant portion of their resistance group. There are also an abundant amount of private donors and non-state actors who are funding either the FSA or the Assad Regime. In Saudi Arabia, for instance, numerous corrupt officials are allegedly donating their Zakat to further equip the FSA. For those who might not know, Zakat is one of the five pillars of Islam which urges each Muslim to give a fixed amount of their wealth to anyone in need. Despite the corruption, there are numerous Saudis sincerely expecting their donations to facilitate the movement of humanitarian resources. The unfortunate truth, however, is that the majority of this ‘aid’ is actually supporting the luxurious lifestyles of a few and the unrestricted shipment of arms into the hands of nearly everyone else. Moreover, Saudi Arabia is sending some of their own militants into Syria.
Meanwhile, Turkey is adapting a similar role as Pakistan by compliantly fulfilling America’s every wish. The United States has pressured Turkey into establishing a FSA base in the Turkish city of Adana. This city is located roughly a hundred kilometers away from the Syrian border. The United States are using Turkey as a vehicle to foster and weaponize dubious armed rebels who claim to be the FSA. All of this foreign ‘support’ is given under the plot of helping Syrians in their fight for freedom. But whose freedom are all these various rebel groups fighting for? These political tribulations add gasoline to the already burning grounds that are endlessly waiting for any substantial humanitarian assistance. Paradoxically, I can’t even be sure if such a thing even exists.Today there is still ubiquitous dialogue surrounding the potential for international intervention, which in my opinion is entirely insincere. At this point, there is an uncountable amount of foreign actors meddling and manipulating the Syrian war. The debate on intervention has more to do with ‘legitimacy’ and transparency than anything else.
If the international community truly wants the ‘right to protect’ (R2P) the Syrian people, a resolution manipulated to extend the ‘white man’s burden,’ then why is there an uncontested effort to continue nurturing the grounds that harvest death? The ‘right to protect’ is often employed as a license to kill. I recall Jean Jacques Rousseau proudly declaring that he would rather be a ‘man of prejudice than a man of paradox.’ Today I listen to Syria’s roars and with a face of naked sadness I watch international polities foolishly absorb both vices. [ed notes:im only citing few paragraphs,click link for whole paragraph..i should state that the author isn’t pro assad,and he does romanticize aspects of opposition …i would say hes just attempting to giving impression of being ”somewhat” balanced,i also seen his personal writtings where he interviews a syrian kurd,who says he wa stortured,but this cat be independently verified,so i say Allah knows best.. …i am wondering why he didnt mention the armed rebels crimes,against syrians,lebanese and even turks themselves..

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‘America Wants Bloodshed,’ Syrian Opposition Source Claims The United States wants the bloody civil war in Syria to continue, a leading opposition figure has accused. Waeel Hafez of the National Coalition for Supporting the Syrian Revolution laid out his accusations in an interview with the Al-Shurak newspaper.Hafez was responding to United States Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, who downplayed the importance of the Syrian National Council (SNC) this week, saying the group “can no longer be viewed as the visible leader of the opposition.”Clinton also warned of “extremists… attempting to take over what has been a legitimate revolution against a repressive regime for their own purposes.”Clinton’s comments reveal America’s true interests, Hafez stated. First of all, he said, the U.S. does not want the Syrian conflict to be decided at this time, for fear that Islamist forces would succeed in taking over in the aftermath as they did in Tunisiaand Egypt.

(ED NOTE:B.S.THOSE EGYPT AND TUNISIA REGIMES ARE IN WESTERN ZIONIST CAMP)Secondly, he continued, the U.S. would like to see more of Syria’s infrastructure destroyed. The more that President Bashar Assad (FSA,GCC AND WESTERN RAN TERRORISTS)ruins(SYRIA) with his bombing campaigns,(TERRORISM,SUICIDE BOMBINGS,CAR BOMB CAMPAIGNS AND CONTINUAL CRIMES AGAINST NATION AND ITS CITIZENS)he said, the more post-war Syria will rely on foreign aid, a situation expected give U.S. ally Israel the gift of relative quiet on its northern border.



IsraHell Knesset Speaker Urges to Annex the West Bank

By Tov Roy
He is the Speaker of the Knesset, enjoying its best seat. Nobody blocks his view up there. He is the first one to get the tea in the morning and always, always gets freshly baked cookies; the stale ones go to the opposition. He even gets daily personal updates from the chefs, those indefatigable conspirators. He is such an eminent figure, that if the President of the State doesn’t feel good, he replaces him.A former lawyer of the Warring Family, he is nowadays a proud member of the Likud. Reuven Rivlin is his name. On October 30, 2012, he met with the leaders of the settlers, among themGershon Mesika, Head of the Shomron Regional Council.During the encounter, which included a tour through prominent settlements, Rivlin opened his campaign to the upcoming elections by throwing a bombshell. He proposed that the government silently adopt the Report on the Legal Status of Building in Judea and Samaria published on July 9, 2012, by retired Justice Edmond Levy.
In other words, he wants Israeli law to be imposed in the West Bank. Even this phrasing is too soft. He proposed the annexation of the West Bank without announcing it by a formal law, in contrast to the done with the Golan Heights. During the meeting with the settlers, he said that the report should not be officially adopted “because then we will bring the others [the international community] to stand up against us and demand not only the annulment of the report but also the dismantlement of the settlements.”This is an intriguing approach for a lawyer, especially considering the troubling way he continued his argumentation. “It will be correct for the government to look at the report and act according to it, without officially adopting it or announcing this to the people and the world.”
Astonished settlers applauded this argument in favor of the government acting according to secret and illegitimate directives. Supporting Israel’s expansionist policy, Rivlin explained why Netanyahu didn’t sign the report: “The Israeli government is in a tough position between holding the Entire Land of Israel ideology and pressures from abroad.”With the radicalization of their extremist policies, Rivlin and Netanyahu may find themselves winning the upcoming elections only to lose their government in the subsequent war.

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The Fall Guy


What we really need to be vigilant about is the endless stream of phony “plots” and Israeli-fed “intelligence designed to drag the United States into another war in the Middle East on Israel’s behalf.

by Justin Raimondo


The setup and railroading of Mansoor Arbabsiar, a mentally ill Iranian emigrant, in the alleged “terror plot” to kill the Saudi ambassador was completed last week when he entered a guilty plea.

The 57-year-old Iranian-American, a naturalized citizen, was charged with plotting to bomb the Café Milano, in Washington DC, a favorite haunt of diplomats and other bigwigs. Faced with a possible life sentence, Arbabsiar, a former used car salesman, made his last deal: a 25-year sentence in return for a propaganda victory for the Israel lobby.

The facts of this case will never be known: no trial means no evidence will be presented purportedly “proving” his guilt. What we do know is that in the spring of 2011 — just as the war propaganda targeting Iran was reaching a fever pitch — Arbabsiar met with a DEA drug informant posing as a member of a Mexican drug cartel.

Of course, it was just a “coincidence” that he chose this particular person as his contact — or was it? According to ABC News, the delusional Arbabsiar told a court appointed psychiatrist:

“’I have had so many girls. So many that you couldn’t count them. I never had one girl more than once…. Girls love money and cars. That was my weakness.’

It was, in fact, one of these women who put Arbabsiar in touch with a man in May 2011 who said he was a member of the Mexican drug gang Los Zetas. Arbabsiar went on to ask this cartel associate — actually a Drug Enforcement Agency informant — to kill the ambassador of Saudi Arabia in Washington D.C. using explosives.”

Oh please — if that doesn’t smell like a set-up, then your nose is on backwards. Here is an informant, who has had drug charges dropped in return for his cooperation, and who is being paid to provide “intelligence” to law enforcement, clearly entrapping Arbabsiar.

The complaint, by the way, never quotes Arbabsiar as explicitly saying he wanted to carry out an assassination: this was no doubt suggested by the informant, who says the deluded car dealer was “interested” in such a plot “among other things.” Gareth Porter has suggested these “other things” might well have been a drug deal involving opium, a product the Iranian Revolutionary Guards — the supposed co-plotters — are said to have a large supply of: Arbabsiar reportedly told associates, prior to his bust, that he was about to make some “big money.” How he expected to do that by bombing the Café Milano is a bit of a mystery, one that will never be cleared up — because this case will never come to trial.

At the plea appearance, Arbabsiar told the judge:

In Mexico, we hired a person named ‘Junior,’ who turned out to be an FBI agent, to kidnap the ambassador. Junior said it would be easier to kill the ambassador. I and others agreed to go along with this new plan. We agreed to pay Junior, and to do that we transferred money to the United States from Iran.”

It was the FBI’s idea to blow up the Café Milano, not Arbabsiar’s. There never was any murder plot: the FBI was manipulating Arbabsiar from the start — not a hard task to accomplish, given his mental state.

After his arrest, a thorough examination of Arbabsiar, including extensive psychological testing, indicated he suffers from mania, bi-polar disorder, and paranoia: an MRI indicated “abnormalities of the brain.” This was confirmed by Dr. Michael B. Frist, editor of the definitive Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders, who extensively interviewed not only the accused but also his family and friends. Arbabsiar would lock himself in his bedroom, smoking cigarettes and pacing up and down, for weeks at a time: other times he would engage in grandiose gestures, and imagine himself a “playboy” with “important” connections. He habitually lost his keys, the titles to cars, and could barely function: he eventually went broke, and couldn’t even afford to go to a dentist when his teeth were practically falling out of his head.

In short, Arbabsiar is the perfect fall guy.

The supposed “cousin” working with Arbabsiar, Abdul Reza Shahlai, is reportedly a top official in the Revolutionary Guards alleged to have been involved in several terrorist attacks against American targets in Iraq, a sophisticated operative with plenty of experience in this sort of thing. Yet in a Washington Post piece on Arbabsiar’s alleged connection to the Revolutionary Guards, we are told:

It is unclear how much Shahlai understood about his cousin’s life in the United States and if he understood how unlikely it was that a struggling used-car salesman in Corpus Christi, Tex., could successfully orchestrate a high-profile international plot.”

It’s not just “unclear” — the whole proposition portraying Arbabsiar as some kind of international assassin is utterly outlandish. Which is why, when the government announced their “case” against Arbabsiar, it was met with widespread skepticism and outright mockery from analysts familiar with Iranian intelligence operations.

The lack of evidence against Arbabsiar hasn’t stopped the Israel lobby from cashing in on this propaganda bonanza:

Foreign Policy has published a screed by AIPAC-affiliated “scholar” Matthew Levitt, affiliated with the “Washington Institute for Near East Policy,” WINEP an AIPAC front.

Entitled “Why Iran Wants to Attack the United States,” the piece never tells us why Tehran would take such a suicidal course.

Instead, Levitt avers that the plot was “discovered” early on by US law enforcement, who then “built an airtight case.” What did this “airtight” case consist of? Writes Levitt:

At the direction of law enforcement, he then called his cousin and Quds Force handler, Gholam Shakuri. With agents listening, Shakuri insisted Arbabsiar go ahead with the plot. ‘Just do it quickly. It’s late.’”

For all we know, that was Bibi Netanyahu on the line.

Levitt is at pains to explain what baffled analysts in the wake of US government allegations: “What was the Quds force thinking?” Such an attack on a well-trafficked watering hole in Washington DC would have killed hundreds, and surely provoked instant and deadly retaliation from the US. So what’s in it for the Iranians?

Well, you see, says Levitt, the Iranians have come up with “a new calculus,” which involves overseas attacks on US and Israeli targets. Giving it a scientific-sounding appellation — “calculus — is supposed to give Levitt’s argument some sort of ersatz credibility, but he cites no evidence of Iranian intentions to go after targets on American soil.

Instead, he catalogs a series of “foiled” plots, allegedly launched by the Iranians in collaboration with Lebanon’s Hezbollah — none of which involved American targets, and all of which have been denied by Tehran. His source for this?: “Israeli intelligence.”

However, even Levitt, hardly an unbiased analyst, has to admit that “in some cases, Iranian agents employed laughable operational security; in others, the agents, like Arbabsiar, were kooky.”

“Kooky” describes not only every jot and title of Levitt’s piece, but also this entire phony “plot” to kill the Saudi ambassador, which was manufactured, from the very beginning, by the US Justice Department. Whether this was done in collusion with the Israelis, or Holder & Co. thought up this brilliant idea all on their own, I’ll leave to my readers to speculate.

Levitt leaves the best for last, concluding his piece with this cliffhanger:

The Quds Force is sure to recover from its operational sloppiness, and Iranian leaders appear committed to a policy of targeting Western interests. Arbabsiar’s guilty plea ends one chapter in Iran’s shadow war against the West, but authorities must remain vigilant for the plots yet to come.”

What we really need to be vigilant about is the endless stream of phony “plots and Israeli-fed “intelligence designed to drag the United States into another war in the Middle East on Israel’s behalf. As for the “operational sloppiness” of the Quds Force: if I were the Israelis, and their American amen corner, I’d concentrate on the “operational sloppiness” of their own war propaganda. The Arbabsiar “plot” to kill the Saudi ambassador is such a transparently phony conspiracy theory that not even Lyndon LaRouche would touch it with a ten foot pole.


And why, in the name of all that’s holy, did Foreign Policy magazine publish this bilge? Ask this horse’s ass.

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IsraHell: The End of the Dream



From “Exodus” to the apartheid state



When I was very young, I thrilled to the strains of “Exodus” – the music that accompanied the popular movie depicting the Israeli fight for independence. I played it over and over, every night, falling asleep to its crashing chords of defiance and deliverance. But it wasn’t just the music. As I grew older I was enamored of the Israeli narrative: a nation of exiles who forged for themselves a place that could be called home. For a somewhat alienated teen-ager, such as myself, who didn’t feel at home anywhere, the Israelis represented the outsider triumphant, a long-persecuted people who, in spite of everything, had carved out a place for themselves in the world.

This is the image that burned itself into my brain, and, like many Americans, Jews and non-Jews alike, I felt a bond with the Israeli people that could almost be called spiritual. Today, however – almost fifty years later – I have quite a different view of the Jewish state. Not even the musical score written by Ferrante and Teicher can erase the reality of a nation that systematically oppresses its Palestinian helots, a ruthless Sparta armed to the teeth (courtesy of my tax dollars) that is now engaged in a propaganda campaign designed to drag the United States into yet another unnecessary and horrifically destructive war in the Middle East.

I have been pointing to the growing danger of religious and political extremism in Israel for years. Now the evidence is pouring in, confirming my diagnosis in every particular. First, the recent announcement that Israel’s largest party, Likud – the party of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – is merging with Yisrael Beiteinu, a right-wing ultra-nationalist party founded by Avigdor Lieberman, a former bar bouncer who immigrated from Russia in 1978 and is now Israel’s foreign minister.

Lieberman was a member of the Likud youth group while studying international relations and political science at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, where he was known for brawling with rival Arab student groups. According to Ha’aretz, at one point he was a member of the extremist Kach party of Rabbi Meir Kahane, now banned as a terrorist organization in Israel and listed as such by the US State Department. He denies this, but the only manner in which his views differ from the virulently racist and nationalist Kahanists is his relative secularism: for example, he wants the state-subsidized Haredim (Orthodox religious scholars) to be conscripted into the army, like everyone else.

Lieberman rose quickly through the ranks of Likud, eventually becoming Netanyahu’s chief of staff, but split to form his own party when the Wye River memorandum granting Palestinians some basic rights was signed by his boss.

From the beginning his party has been the voice of Russian Jews who emigrated in the wake of the Soviet Union’s collapse and felt alienated from Israeli society. The party fielded its first list of candidates to the Knesset in 1999 on a platform that included depriving Israeli Arabs of their citizenship. When the Labor party leadership nominated an Israeli Arab to the post of minister of science and technology, Yisrael Beiteinu deputies in the Knesset declared the Zionist state was in danger of losing its Jewish character.

Condemned as racists, the party nevertheless prospered, steadily increasing its share of the vote and its fraction in the Knesset. Their plan is to annex most of the West Bank, demand a loyalty oath from Israeli Arabs – and strip citizenship from those who refuse. They want to narrow the terms of the Law of Return – which guarantees citizenship to any and all Jews who emigrate to Israel – by restricting aliyah to born Jews and Orthodox converts: converts to Progressive and Reform Judaism need not apply.

Yisrael Beiteinu has been the loudest voice calling for war with Iran, and Lieberman – who once called for bombing the Aswan dam – revels in the role of warmonger. When he entered the government in 2006, it was on the condition of his appointment to a new cabinet position: Minister of strategic affairs, a post created to counter the alleged threat from Iran.

After the 2009 elections, the party emerged as the third largest in the nation, and entered a coalition government with Likud: Netanyahu made him Foreign Minister. Lieberman links the peace process with the Palestinians to the Iranian nuclear issue and says the former cannot continue as long as the latter is unresolved. He supports the settlement movement – although the settler types, intensely religious, disapprove of his party’s secularism – and had a memorable clash with Hillary Clinton over the issue. According to Lieberman, the Bush administration had agreed to allow the settlements, but Hillary wasn’t buying it.

He wants to execute members of the Knesset who meet with Hamas: faced with criticism from Israeli Arabs and the liberal wing of the Labor party, the thuggish Lieberman vowed that once he and his party take power “we’ll take care of you.” With the rising tide of ultra-nationalist extremism in Israel, that day may not be far.

Which brings us to the second exhibit of evidence: a recent poll that shows the frightening dominance of racist and ultra-nationalist trends in Israeli society. The headline in Ha’aretz says it all: “Most Israeli Jews would support an apartheid regime in Israel.” The paper reports:

“The majority of the Jewish public, 59 percent, wants preference for Jews over Arabs in admission to jobs in government ministries. Almost half the Jews, 49 percent, want the state to treat Jewish citizens better than Arab ones; 42 percent don’t want to live in the same building with Arabs and 42 percent don’t want their children in the same class with Arab children.”

The bullied have become the bullies.

According to the survey, “a sweeping 74 percent majority is in favor of separate roads for Israelis and Palestinians in the West Bank.” Even more ominously, “Almost half – 47 percent – want part of Israel’s Arab population to be transferred to the Palestinian Authority.” In short, they favor ethnic cleansing. Among the disgusting details of this comprehensive scientific poll is this interesting tidbit:

“Most of the Jewish public (58 percent) already believes Israel practices apartheid against Arabs. Only 31 percent think such a system is not in force here.”

When American critics of Israeli government policies describe it as an “apartheid state” they are simply agreeing with the views of the majority of Israelis, who know apartheid when they see it – and live it. Yet this designation is regularly cited by Israel’s American amen corner as prima facie evidence of “anti-Semitism.” By this standard, 58 percent of the Israeli public can now be classified as anti-Semites.

The surge of openly racist passions has fueled increasing violence against the Arab minority: recently a crowd of hundreds of football hooligans – of the type that, in Europe, are often the shock troops of neo-Nazi parties – shouting “Death to Arabs!” swept through the streets of Jerusalem, beating any Arab they could find. The police did nothing to stop them, and, as far as I can tell, none have been arrested.

The Israel of today is not the Israel of “Exodus.” It is not the Israel of the democratic egalitarian Labor tradition, symbolized by the kibbutz: it is, in fact, no longer the only democracy in the region – it is, instead, an increasingly tribalist and anti-democratic state, a militaristic society dominated by ethnic and religious exclusivism, and a dangerously expansionist one to boot.

In championing Israel’s cause, Mitt Romney and his Republican cohorts continually refer to our alliance with the Jewish state as reflective of American values, contrasting this with the “realist” view which subordinates values to interests. This may have been true in the early days of the Zionist enterprise, but it is far from true today: indeed, Israel is taking a path which can only end in the dark abyss of tribalism, religious fundamentalism – and war.

It is, for me, a sickening process to observe from afar – because I still remember my youthful vision of a benevolent Promised Land, and a people whose oppression made them sensitive to the oppression of others. I remember the strains of “Exodus” ringing in my ears, as I fell asleep to the sound of yearning and triumph over evil.


A lot of what I write in this space is prefigured on Twitter, and I urge you to join me there, where we can have a real dialogue. Go here to sign on my Twitter feed.

Original source:

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Imran Khan Interviewed by “Nutcase” on CBC (Kanada video)


Next President of Pakistan (We Hope) Subjected to World’s Worst TV Journalist


by Gordon Duff, Senior Editor


It’s no secret that Veterans Today and its sister publication in Pakistan, Opinon-Maker are strong backers of Imran Khan.

Let’s keep this simple, I know Khan well, know he could eater either American presidential candidate “for breakfast” in a debate and am amazed at his patience in this CBC interview:


As for myself, I would have likely throttled the little son of a bitch, but that’s just my PTSD talking, or is it?

What do you think?

Another vital question, which is worse as to Mr. Solomon’s attire, the tie or shirt?  I wonder if he is wearing pants.


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Press TV: Death Knells for US Colonial Adventurism in Mideast


Death knells for US colonial adventurism in Mideast

US President Barack Obama (L) and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

US President Barack Obama (L) and Republican presidential candidate Mitt Romney

By Gordon Duff and Press TV

(French Translation Below)

With Sudan partitioned and Kenya currently operating in Somalia and stories of terror cells springing up across Africa filling American and Israeli “pop culture” news, the world is hearing the death knell of America’s colonial adventure in the Middle East.”


This week’s presidential debate on the issue of foreign policy was, at best, a humiliation for America. I am not talking about the minor issues, such as Romney not knowing where Iran and Syria are on a map or that Iran has nearly 2,000 miles of coastline.

It is easy to confuse Iran with Kazakhstan or even Iceland. Americans are not typically good at geography or math or engineering or languages.

I cringed to see who would be the first candidate to misquote President Ahmadinejad’s quotation:

“History will erase Zionism from the sands of time.”

According to Romney, making this statement is considered “genocide” and he indicated he was going to go to the International Criminal Court at The Hague and have charges filed.

Nobody told Romney that America withdrew from the court years ago in fear that American leaders themselves were likely to face indictment.

Those who remember Romney’s statements about the geography of the region know he believes that Iran and Syria have a common border.

Someone should tell Iraq about this.

Then, just today, I got a call from friends in Army intelligence. The Israelis submitted intelligence reports to the US stating that massive shipments of “heavy arms” have been moving from Iran into Syria via highway.

Two roads were mentioned, one heads through the American “Green Zone” in Baghdad, which has to be keeping the people there awake, tanks and missile launchers driving through checkpoints day and night.

The other route goes through Mosul, where the Israelis have established a base. It has to be interfering with their sleep too.

Thus far, though the route is many hundreds of miles over heavily traveled roads through major cities, nobody has seen or photographed a single piece of equipment. However, America’s intelligence organizations have chosen to pass this “intelligence” on to congress and the president.

This information, insanely falsified like the fairly stories Wolfowitz, Chalabi and company took to Bush in 2002 is meant to justify an America “re-occupation,” by force if necessary, of Iraq should Romney be elected.

As Romney owns the company that owns most of America’s electronic voting machines, the chances of his election, even if no one votes for him, are looking better each day.

Pakistan was a major issue for Romney during the debate. Israel, for some reason, seems to be terrified of Pakistan.

The missed point when discussing Pakistan and their “100 nuclear weapons” is that they actually have more like “400 nuclear weapons” and are building JA-17 stealth fighters, an advanced Chinese design based on American plans stolen by Israeli spies…

One thing about war, it doesn’t matter if you live or die, win or lose, as long as you make a profit.

Pakistan is looking at a real civilian government for the first time. Leading candidate for prime minister is Imran Khan, curiously one of my good friends.

Khan has a 70% approval rating and has politely informed the United States that if/when he is elected there will be no more aid accepted from the US and no America presence in Pakistan other than normal friendly diplomatic relations.

Lack of cohesive leadership in Pakistan has left a vacuum, Islam’s only nuclear power, Islam’s most powerful military and a nation that has lost 35,000 lives fighting America’s war on terror while under continual attack in the American press for “aiding the enemy.”

The game changer here is that Khan is respected in the west, outspoken, totally fearless and carries no baggage. Last time we met, I told him I could get him elected president of the United States.

Khan would even get the Jewish vote.

I was not kidding. Americans will love him, he is pure “rock star” and a face for Islam that will gut stereotypes. This will be fun.

We had mentioned Syria earlier and the imaginary convoys through Kurdistan or Iraq or perhaps under water, the ones the Israeli drones see but cannot photograph because of the dense jungle in the arid regions of northern Iraq.

My suggestion is that the US gets drones themselves or, perhaps, sends up satellites.

If the convoys are going through the Green Zone, perhaps someone could just go outside and look.

The foreign policy presidential debate missed a couple of issues, one major one is political instability in Turkey.

Israel has been pushing its surrogate allies, a group of smaller nations it currently controls that formed a coalition after World War II.

Israel’s private mercenary force is sometimes called NATO though the French manage to play along though they quit NATO in 1959.

The key to Syria seems to be pushing Turkey into moving forces into Syria under the guise of a buffer or humanitarian operation of some kind.

However, reports from inside Turkey indicate that, were this to occur, civil war will break out immediately and the Erdogan/military government will be overthrown.

The result would be Turkey’s withdrawal from NATO and the formation of an Islamic trade bloc from Istanbul to Islamabad, which would more than offset the coalition between Israel, Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf states.

Russia and China see this as the end of America as the world’s dominant power.

The second way into Syria is through destabilizing Lebanon through terror attacks and wild conspiracies, an operation that began a bit over a week ago, coinciding with US troops moving into Jordan for “humanitarian purposes.”

The US move coincides with the Syrian rebels being armed with advanced American Stinger missiles, a coincidence, of course.

A major issue left out of the debates is the American takeover of Africa. America has kept a very low profile in African operations, decades of military support and training along with close cooperation with the French.

The war for Africa is slated to begin with an African Union force being sent into northern Mali supported by French air power and US drones.

The justification is the branding of the Tauregs in northern Mali, longtime allies of Gaddafi in Libya as “al-Qaeda.”

With the Boko Harum of northern Nigeria and Niger also being “rebranded” as convenient al-Qaeda “franchises” and the rash of car bombings, Nigeria and Kenya the primary targets, selling another decade of “war on terror” in Africa is well underway.

What is needed, however, is a nation properly placed as a base of operations, one that can sustain a “rope-a-dope” civil war while convenient enough to occupy.

Uganda seems to — out of geographic necessity — wear the “black dot.” Groups are showing up, planning where to build Kentucky Fried Chicken franchise and Taco Bells.

With Sudan partitioned and Kenya currently operating in Somalia and stories of terror cells springing up across Africa filling American and Israeli “pop culture” news, the world is hearing the death knell of America’s colonial adventure in the Middle East.

America will leave empty handed with the last remaining chance: the overthrow of Syria and the destabilization of Lebanon. These may be the most dangerous adventures of all, ones that have “World War III” stamped all over them.

Dreams of the conquest of all that could be surveyed, the Caspian Basin to the Sea, colonial garrisons or puppet dictators from the Mediterranean to India, from the sea to the Russian frontier, are all slipping between the grasping fingers of the “Masters of the Universe.”

All that will remain is $5,000 trillion in debt, countless dead and maimed and the ongoing heroin production of Afghanistan as America’s only legacy.

The future will be Africa, mercenary armies, imaginary terrorism, drone wars on a scale never seen before, a war potentially unending, new enemies created when and where the drive of neocolonialism dictates.

We are watching round three, the crushing of the Tauregs of northern Mali.

Has anyone yet told them they are supposed to lose?


French Translation:

Le fait que la partition du Soudan, les opérations actuelles du Kenya en Somalie et les histoires de cellules terroristes qui poussent comme des champignons en Afrique, font la une des informations “pop culture” étasuniennes et israéliennes, indique au monde que le glas a sonné pour l’aventure coloniale étasunienne au Moyen Orient.

Le débat présidentiel de cette semaine sur la politique étrangère a été, au mieux, une humiliation pour les Etats-Unis. Je ne parle pas de détails comme le fait que Romney ne sait pas où se trouvent la Syrie et l’Iran ni que l’Iran a presque 2 000 km de côtes.

Il est facile de confondre l’Iran avec le Kazakhstan ou même l’Islande. Les Etasuniens n’ont pas la réputation d’être bons en géographie, ni en maths, ni en ingénierie, ni en langues.

J’étais anxieux de découvrir qui des deux candidats serait le premier à utiliser en la déformant la déclaration du président Ahmadinejad :

“L’histoire effacera toute trace de Sionisme des sables du temps”.

Selon Romney, dire cela équivaut à un “génocide” et il a déclaré qu’il allait porter plainte devant la Cour Criminelle Internationale de La Hayes.

On a dû oublier de dire à Romney que les Etats-Unis se sont retirés de la Cour Criminelle Internationale il y a des années de peur que leurs propres leaders n’y soient poursuivis.

Si l’on se souvient de ce que Romney a dit de la géographie de la région on sait qu’il croit que l’Iran et la Syrie ont une frontière commune.

Ce serait bien que l’Irak soit au courant.

Et, aujourd’hui même, un ami des services secrets de l’armée m’a appelé. Les Israéliens ont remis aux Etasuniens des rapports de leurs services secrets affirmant que d’importantes cargaisons “d’armes lourdes” sont acheminées de l’Iran vers la Syrie par autoroute.

Deux itinéraires étaient mentionnés, un qui passe à travers “la Zone Verte” étasunienne de Baghdad, et, vu la quantité de tanks et de missiles supposés traverser les checkpoints jour et nuit, les gens ne doivent pas pouvoir fermer l’oeil.

L’autre itinéraire traverse Mosul où les Israéliens ont installé une base. Ils ne doivent pas pouvoir dormir non plus.

Jusqu’ici, et bien qu’en empruntant ces itinéraires on parcoure des centaines de kilomètres de routes où le trafic est intense à travers des villes importantes, personne n’a vu, ni photographié le moindre matériel militaire. Cela n’a pas empêché les services secrets étasuniens de transmettre ces “renseignements” au Congrès étasunien.

Cette information, qui n’est qu’un mensonge grossier comme les contes de fée que Wolfowitz, Chalabi et compagnie ont fourni à Bush en 2002, a pour but de justifier une “réoccupation” étasunienne, par la force si nécessaire, de l’Irak au cas où Romney serait élu.

Comme Romney détient la firme qui possède la plupart des machines à voter électroniques des Etats-Unis, la possibilité qu’il soit élu, même si personne ne vote pour lui, augmente chaque jour.

Le Pakistan était une question de première importance pour Romney pendant le débat. Israël, pour une raison inconnue, semble être terrifié par le Pakistan.

Ce qui lui a échappé pendant la discussion sur le Pakistan et ses “100 armes nucléaires”, c’est que ce pays détient en fait plutôt “400 armes nucléaires” et qu’il est en train de construire des jets fantômes JA-17, un appareil chinois très performant mis au point grâce à un plan volé aux Etats-Unis par des espions israéliens…

Il faut savoir une chose à propos de la guerre: vivre ou mourir, gagner ou perdre, cela n’a aucune d’importance, l’important c’est de faire des profits.

Le Pakistan semble être en passe de se doter d’un vrai gouvernement civil pour la première fois. Le candidat de tête pour le poste de premier ministre est Imran Khan qui se trouve être un de mes bons amis.

Khan est soutenu par 70% de la population et il a informé poliment les Etats-Unis que s’il était élu, il n’accepterait plus aucune aide étasunienne ni aucune présence étasunienne au Pakistan en dehors des relations diplomatiques normales.

Le manque d’unité dans la direction du Pakistan a rendu inopérante la seule puissance nucléaire de l’Islam qui a l’armée la plus puissante de l’Islam et qui a perdu 35 000 personnes dans la guerre étasunienne contre le terrorisme tout en subissant les attaques incessantes des médias étasuniens qui l’accusaient “d’aider l’ennemi”.

Ce qui change tout c’est que Khan est respecté en occident, qu’il parle sans détours, qu’il n’a peur de rien et qu’il n’a pas d’antécédents. La dernière fois que nous nous somme rencontrés, je lui ai dit que je pourrais le faire élire président des Etats-Unis.

Même les Juifs voteraient pour lui.

Je ne plaisantais pas. Les étasuniens vont l’adorer. C’est une pure “rock star” et une personnalité islamique qui fera éclater les stéréotypes. Ca va être amusant.

J’ai mentionné plus haut la Syrie et les convois imaginaires qui traversent le Kurdistan ou l’Irak à moins qu’ils ne soient sous-marins, tous ces convois que les Israéliens voient mais ne peuvent pas photographier à cause de la densité de la jungle dans ces régions arides du nord de l’Irak.

Selon moi, ce sont les Etats-Unis qui font venir des drones ou, peut-être, qui envoient des satellites.

Si les convois traversent la Zone verte, quelqu’un pourrait aller les voir passer!

Le débat présidentiel de politique étrangère a fait l’impasse sur une paire de questions importantes, une d’entre elles est l’instabilité politique en Turquie.

Israël a poussé ses alliés, un groupe de petits pays sous son contrôle qui se sont formés en coalition après la seconde guerre mondiale, à s’impliquer en Syrie par procuration.

La force mercenaire au service d’Israël est parfois appelée OTAN et les Français ont réussi à entrer dans le jeu bien qu’ils soient sortis de l’OTAN en 1959.

La clé de la Syrie semble être de pousser la Turquie à envahir la Syrie sous couvert d’une opération humanitaire quelconque.

Mais des rapports en provenance de Turquie semblent indiquer que si cela se produisait une guerre civile éclaterait aussitôt en Turquie et Erdogan et le gouvernement militaire seraient renversés.

Cela aurait pour conséquence le retrait de la Turquie de l’OTAN et la formation d’une zone islamique d’échanges commerciaux qui irait d’Istanbul à Islamabad et provoquerait sûrement la dislocation de la coalition entre Israël, l’Arabie Saoudite et les états du Golfe Persique.

Pour la Russie et la Chine ce serait la fin de l’hégémonie étasunienne sur le monde.

L’autre manière d’en finir avec la Syrie, est de déstabiliser le Liban par des attaques terroristes et de sinistres complots : cela a déjà commencé il y a une grosse semaine, quand des troupes étasuniennes sont arrivées en Jordanie “à des fins humanitaires”.

L’opération étasunienne coïncide, par hasard bien sûr, avec la livraison de missiles Stinger de pointe étasuniens aux rebelles syriens.

Une autre question cruciale qui n’a pas été mentionnée pendant les débats c’est l’invasion étasunienne de l’Afrique. Les Etats-Unis ont fait profil bas dans les opérations africaines tout au long des décennies de soutien militaire et d’entraînement en coopération étroite avec les Français.

Il est prévu que la guerre pour l’Afrique commence par l’envoi d’une force de l’Union Africaine dans le nord du Mali soutenue par l’aviation française et les drones étasuniens.

Pour la justifier on a rebaptisé “al-Qaeda” les Touaregs du nord du Mali, des anciens alliés du Libyen Kadhafi.

Avec la commode “requalification” des membres de Boko Harum du nord du Nigeria et du Niger en “sous-traitants” d’al-Qaeda et l’éruption d’attentats à la bombe dont le Nigeria et le Kenya sont les principales cibles, vendre une nouvelle décennie de “guerre contre le terrorisme” en Afrique ne semble pas poser de problème.

Il est toutefois nécessaire de disposer d’un pays dont la situation stratégique est favorable à l’établissement d’une base opérationnelle et qui soit susceptible d’endurer une guerre civile à qui perd gagne sans rendre une occupation impraticable.

L’Ouganda semble être ce “point noir” du fait de sa position géographique. Des groupes y arrivent et sont en passe de construire des franchises de Kentucky Fried Chicken et de Taco Bells.

Le fait que la partition du Soudan, les opérations actuelles du Kenya en Somalie et les histoires de cellules terroristes qui poussent comme des champignons en Afrique, font la une des informations “pop culture” étasuniennes et israéliennes, indique au monde que le glas a sonné pour l’aventure coloniale étasunienne au Moyen Orient.

Les Etats-Unis en partiront les mains vides car leur dernière chance, le renversement de la Syrie et la déstabilisation du Liban, pourrait se révéler la plus dangereuse de toutes leurs entreprises et entraîner une “troisième guerre mondiale”.

Les rêves de conquête de tout le territoire du bassin Caspien jusqu’à la mer, les projets d’établir des garnisons coloniales ou des dictateurs fantoches de la Méditerranée à l’Inde, de la mer jusqu’à la frontière russe, tout cela est en train de glisser des mains des “Maîtres de l’Univers”.

Il leur restera, pour solde de tout compte, 16 000 milliards de dollars de dette, des morts et des estropiés en nombre infini et la récolte de l’année d’héroïne afghane.

Ils se tourneront alors vers l’Afrique où ils déclencheront, une guerre sans fin, à coup d’armées de mercenaires, de guerres de drones à une échelle jamais vue auparavant, sous couvert d’un terrorisme imaginaire, en fabriquant de nouveaux ennemis chaque fois que leur appétit néocolonial les y poussera.

On assiste en ce moment au troisième round, la liquidation des Touaregs du nord du Mali.

Quelqu’un leur a-t-il dit qu’ils étaient supposés perdre?

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