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Benghazi Massacre: Fox/Huffington CIA Tale Nonsense


Imaginary Planes, Imaginary CIA Armies, All Invented as Election Ploy

By Gordon Duff, Senior Editor (with Top US Intel Specialists)

A trained team of up to 120 special forces personnel with radio jammers and heavy weapons killed the US ambassador.  There were only two America CIA employees in Libya.  The news stories are all fabrications.

The killing of Ambassador Stephens in Benghazi has become a ghoulish election ploy played by Fox News, Huffington Post and others.  All are printing and broadcasting conjecture, total falsehood and the usual biased and unreliable garbage they are famous for.

Neither publication/network has qualified intelligence and/or military advisors.  To be former military and work for Fox is considered prostitution.

The ambush at Benghazi required careful coordination.  There was no Al Qaeda involvement and there has never been any history of Al Qaeda on the ground in Libya.  Moreover, intelligence insiders use the term “Al Qaeda” when looking for money from “congressional critters” too stupid to know that the CIA has always run “Al Qaeda” as a way of avoiding explaining why dozens of small organizations and even friendly intelligence groups will, for obscure reasons, attack American targets.

Fox reported that a large convoy of Libyan milita relieved the compound at 3AM but that there had been no aid until 4 AM:

They were killed by a mortar shell at 4 a.m. Libyan time, nearly seven hours  after the attack on the consulate began — a window that represented more than  enough time for the U.S. military to send back-up from nearby bases in Europe,  according to sources familiar with Special Operations. Four mortars were fired  at the annex. The first one struck outside the annex. Three more hit the  annex.

A motorcade of dozens of Libyan vehicles, some mounted with 50 caliber  machine guns, belonging to the February 17th Brigades, a Libyan militia which is  friendly to the U.S., finally showed up at the CIA annex at approximately 3 a.m.

Generously one can call this kind of reporting inconsitencies.  Either they are there or they aren’t, either it is 3am or 4am but not both.

Nothing is simple enough for congress and the American people, this is the belief.  When in doubt…lie.

The attack in Benghazi was coordinated with the broadcast of the Terry Jones/CATO Institute/Tea Party telethon worldwide.  Rioting broke out in Tripoli but not Benghazi.

Ambassador Stephens had a 6 man detail, former SEALS, all private contractors from L3 Communications, a British company contracted to supply diplomatic security.

The team used was one of the best in the world, equal to any normal task, and by normal, we mean “high risk.”  This is standard State Department policy and those used were not only top quality operators but went through months of specialized training at Blackwater’s facilities here in the US.

The second problem was tied to the Ambassador being, not in the Capitol, Tripoli, but in Benghazi to open a museum.  I am deeply suspicious of this and as the CATO Institute and State Department are “co-mingled,” it would have been easy for information on the movements of the ambassador and his team to have been telegraphed to the enemy forces who had been positioned in Benghazi.

The forces themselves were spotted at the Tripoli airport several days in advance.  Some may have entered from Egypt and some from Tunisia but 50 had come in from the UAE and were identified as Special Forces, UAE Special Forces, who had completed an extensive training program by retired US Special Forces and through the specialized American school for “irregular warfare,” located 45 miles outside Budapest, Hungary.

The attack itself involved pre-positioning two levels of blockade, one tying up any possible relief in Benghazi a kilometer away and another setting up a perimeter about 200 yards around the compound.  Streets were blocked and heavy weapons, RPGs, truck mounted anti-aircraft guns and large mortars were used.

Mortar fire was so accurate that the compound had to have been pretargeted in advance.  The first round hit the roof of the main building in the compound of 7 homes, all with minimal security.

The primary reason for no additional forces to have been available was the controversy during the civil war.  Anti-war activists and “anti-imperialists in the pay of the Gaddafi family along with David Welch of Bechtel Corporation and Israeli mercenaries and advisors, along with troops from across Africa, specialists from Serbia and Belarus and other nations, created something more than a “fog of war” but rather a “fog of truth.”

Paid “shills” working for Gaddafi continually warned of Americans coming into the country armed as an occupation force.  Thus, when the war ended, no armed Americans were brought in, only one small team and two CIA agents.

There were 3 additional armed local militia members providing security for the CIA who could have reached Stephens except for the blocked communications, the blocked roads and being outnumbered 30 to one.

The US does maintain 2 C130 gunships in the region.  These are slow moving transport aircraft stationed at times in Northern Sardinia but more often further away at Aviano in Italy, North of Venice.

These are Air Force planes, not Navy.

The gunships are extremely effective weapons and would have been of help had they been available, had they been called though all radio and telephone traffic was jammed as with the 1967 attack on the USS Liberty and had the personnel in need of support been stationary and secure with strobe markers to secure them from the 20mm, 40mm and 105mm weapons on the AC130.

Instead, we have been informed, a two pronged and highly coordinated attack drove the US group to a safe house, into vehicles and corralled them in a pre-positioned ambush where their vehicle was attacked by a “quad 50″ anti-aircraft gun mounted on the back of a truck.

Such a weapon could destroy a Bradley Armoured Personnel Carrier or shoot down an Apache attack helicopter.

What is clear is that help was not available, that America moved into Libya with a minimal presence so as to seem unaggressive, to please critics of President Obama’s foreign policy among Republicans in Congress.

Blame them.

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‘The name of the game: erasing Palestine’ (Miko Peled)


Put Agent Cameron’s speech alongside Miko Peled’s and the extent of Cameron’s ignorance and stupidity are frankly beyond embarrassing.

by Stuart Littlewood


Around the time my article  “Who does ‘Agent Cameron’ work for?” appeared last week a Jewish lady, Elizabeth Morley, wrote to Mr Cameron scolding the prime minister for his shocking dinner speech to the United Jewish Israel Appeal .

Agent Cameron told his Jewish audience: “With me, you have a Prime Minister whose belief in Israel is unbreakable and whose commitment to Israel’s security is non-negotiable… I will always stand by the Jewish people…  Britain will always stand by Israel, protect Israel, and work with Israel on the path to peace.”

He was definitely not speaking for the British public although he probably thinks he was.  On the contrary, he spoke only for himself and the rest of the vile little army of Zionist hirelings that infect his party and the fabric of our political life.

In his speech Agent Cameron demanded “zero tolerance for any form of anti-Semitism”… this from someone who boasts about his “non-negotiable” support for a regime that practises land-thieving, ethnic cleansing, imprisonment without trial, torture, denial of educational opportunities, and has blockaded and incarcerated a whole nation (the siege of Gaza is over 5 years old and the West Bank has been sealed for decades), imposed a starvation diet on children and launched a blitzkrieg against civilians even when there is nowhere to run, etcetera, etcetera… the crime-sheet is far too long to list here.

There are worse things than being anti-semitic. And supporting a regime that repeatedly commits crimes against humanity such as these is one of them.

What seemed to particularly incense Elizabeth Morley was this remark: “To those in Britain’s universities and trades unions who want to boycott Israel and consign it to an international ghetto, I say not only will this Government never allow you to shut down 60 years worth of vibrant exchange and partnership that does so much to make both our countries stronger but I also say this: we know what you are doing – trying to delegitimise the State of Israel – and we will not have it.”

Elizabeth’s response puts Cameron firmly in his place. “I do not agree that those who want to boycott Israel want to ‘consign it to an international ghetto’. Quite the contrary! I believe they want to bring Israel in from the cold, as it were, so it may join the community of real democracies – ones that treat all their citizens equally. Personally, I want to boycott Israel for the same reason I wanted to boycott South Africa: for its blatant and brutal racism.

As for Cameron’s remark that it would require great strength and courage to take the hard choices needed to resolve the conflict with the Palestinians, Elizabeth retorted: “The conflict can not be resolved while the Western countries employ double standards in their treatment of Israelis and Palestinians, or, for that matter, of Jews and Moslems. Have you, for instance, ever made such a speech as this to the Palestinian community in the UK?” she asked him.

On the subject of Iran she reminded him that Iran is not the only country in the Middle East flouting United Nations resolutions. “Iran has flouted six of them, you say. Well, Israel has flouted several dozen! You say that Iran’s claim that its nuclear programme is intended purely for civilian purposes is not remotely credible and yet you appear quite sanguine about Israel‘s nuclear weapons.

“If Iran is a threat to the world, Israel is a far greater threat: its very creation brought endless turmoil into the Middle East… It has incited terrorism all over the world, and especially hatred of our country for having given Palestine away over the heads of its indigenous population almost a hundred years ago…

Cameron had said he believed support for Israel is in the DNA of the party he leads and of the British people. “That is why Britain will always stand by Israel, protect Israel, and work with Israel on the path to peace.”

To which Elizabeth replied:  “You said that support for Israel was in the DNA of the Conservative Party. I wish that support for the downtrodden, ethnically cleansed Palestinians were likewise in its DNA! I wish you had the wisdom to realise that as long as Britain displays double standards it cannot hope to be ‘on the path to peace’; it will remain on the path to further enmity and conflict.”

Cameron had also repeated the old mantra that there is no path to statehood for the Palestinians except through talks with Israel. “Just how many more decades of ‘negotiation’ do you think will be needed?” Elizabeth wanted to know, urging him to take a short history lesson from Miko Peled in this video:

I’m grateful to Elizabeth for bringing Miko Peled to my attention – the video is a ‘must see’ for anyone interested in the truth.

Put Agent Cameron’s speech alongside Miko Peled’s and the extent of Cameron’s ignorance and stupidity are frankly beyond embarrassingly. Peled is an Israeli Jew, the son of an Israeli general and himself a former soldier in the Israeli army. You couldn’t find a more authentic insider source. He confirms what many of us have known and been saying for years. Here are some extracts.

“The name of the game: erasing Palestine, getting rid of the people and de-Arabizing the country…

“When people talk about the possibility of Israel somehow giving up the West Bank for a Palestinian state, if it wasn’t so sad it would be funny. It shows a complete misunderstanding of the objective of Zionism and the Zionist state.

“By 1993  the Israelis had achieved their mission to make the conquest of the West Bank irreversible. By 1993 the Israeli government knew for certain that a Palestinian state could not be established in the West Bank – the settlements were there, $billions were invested, the entire Jordan River valley was settled… there was no place any more for a  Palestinian state to be established. That is when Israel said, OK, we’ll begin negotiations…”

But such negotiations, he says, were merely to persuade Arafat to sign and complete the surrender, which he would not do. “The myth we are told is that the Palestinians are not willing to make concessions… It is not the Palestinians who are not willing to make concessions, it’s the Israelis who are incapable of making concessions! Concessions on the land are impossible from a Zionist perspective…”

Peled explains how Israel governs with three sets of laws – one for Israeli Jews such as himself who can do and say what they please and for whom the system operates more or less like a democracy; and one for those Palestinians who are citizens of Israel comprising 30 laws that amount to “a whole culture of discrimination” against them specifically. Then there are laws that govern Palestinians in the West Bank and Gaza which are “at the pleasure of the Israeli army – if they want to destroy they destroy, if they want to arrest and beat they arrest and beat, if they want to torture they torture, if they want to kill they kill, and Palestinians have no recourse. This is the reality.

“There’s a Zionist education system that teaches racism in a very subtle way. There’s an entire bureaucracy that is dedicated to making life impossible for Palestinians through all kinds of restrictions and permits and requirements that are absolutely uncalled-for and unnecessary but are all given and provided under the guise of security.

“And there is the Israeli army, which I like to refer to as one of the best trained and best equipped and best fed terrorist organizations in the world.”


Agent Cameron is a self-proclaimed Zionist. As if no words were too ridiculous to utter, he tells his Jewish audience: “There is no contradiction between being a proud Jew, a committed Zionist and a loyal British citizen.”  Well, we’ve just had it confirmed on good authority what Zionists are up to – erasing and de-Arabizing Palestine – and we are well aware of the racist policies they use to achieve their evil ends. One-third of British Jews are said to be critical of Zionist Israel. So Cameron sucks up to the hard-core who support and applaud Israel’s criminal behavior.

His loyal pledge to this foreign power with its “terrorist” army is totally incompatible with the values we hold dear and is a stain on Britain and the British people. Did he learn nothing on the playing fields of Eton?

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Zionists smear UK diplomat for telling the truth

Israel – no criticism allowedBy Gilad Atzmon


Peter Jenkins, Britain’s former representative to the International Atomic Energy Agency, has told the Warwick University Debating Union that a “just war” is not a Jewish notion.

Jenkins was obviously telling the truth but the Zionist Jewish Chronicle is not happy.

The retired Foreign Office diplomat, speaking in a debate on nuclear proliferation in Iran, said: “Israelis don’t practice an eye for an eye and a tooth for a tooth; they practice 10 eyes for an eye and 10 teeth for a tooth.” He added that “the idea that a just war requires the use of force to be proportionate seems to be a Christian notion and not a Jewish notion”.

The Jewish Chronicle reported this week that the remark prompted the opposing speaker, the Zionist Federation’s Jonathan Sacerdoti, to shout “shame”.

Mr Sacerdoti spoke to the audience in his self-proclaimed capacity as “a son of a Holocaust survivor”. He said: “I suggest that the speech that we heard first, laced with its subtle attempts at anti-Semitism masked behind polite diplomatic chatter, is exactly the problem in this debate … this is not a Jewish issue, this is not an Israel issue, this is a worldwide issue.”

I actually agree with Mr Sacerdoti: Zionist madness is the biggest threat to world peace. It is not just a Jewish issue, it is not an Israel issue, it is a worldwide issue. It is a universal concern.


…it is our intellectual duty to call a spade a spade and to criticize Jewish politics and Jewish culture for what they are. If Jews insist on operating politically, they must accept that their politics and practice will be subjected to scrutiny and criticism.


Yet, I am slightly perplexed. Why is telling the truth about Jewish culture anti-Semitic? Is not the Old Testament far more violent than any Quentin Tarantino film? That is not to  mention the fact that the Jewish state has also managed to buy itself quite a reputation for unrestrained violence.

Mr Sacerdoti added: “It is incredible to think that a man, unashamed to express such a view in public, once had such a senior position on behalf of the UK.”

I would argue that it is our intellectual duty to call a spade a spade and to criticize Jewish politics and Jewish culture for what they are. If Jews insist on operating politically, they must accept that their politics and practice will be subjected to scrutiny and criticism.

Mr Sacerdoti is obviously a hasbara (Israeli propaganda) spin master. He mentions that “this particular view, that Jews do not adhere to the concept of “just war”, implies that Jews are by nature bloodthirsty and unjust. I believe any such generalization about the nature of Jews is racist.”

But there is a slight problem here. Mr Jenkins didn’t speak about Jews, the people, the ethnicity or the race. He was clearly referring to “Israel”, i.e. the Jewish state and to Jewish culture.

The Community Security Trust, another Zionist militia operating in our midst, moved to condemn Mr Jenkins’s remarks. “It is disgusting that students should be exposed to such divisive rubbish. Peter Jenkins appears to be as ignorant of the history of Christian war-making as he is of Jewish values.”

It would be helpful if the Community Security Trust’s spokesman is kind enough to offer some information that could present the nakba (ethnic cleansing and forced dispossession of Palestinians in 1948), the Sabra and Shatila massacre and Operation Cast Lead in the context of a “just war”. It would be helpful also if the Community Security Trust’s rabbis can enlighten us as to how Biblical Samson’s genocidal action fits into the notion of a “just war”.

The truth must be said. Mr Jenkins told the truth and actually used moderate and measured language. I wish the BBC and the Guardian newspaper were as courageous as Mr Jenkins.

I also do no think Zionist organizations should be left to moderate the critical discourse about the Jewish state and Jewish culture.

Watch the debate and witness the revolting Zionist spin and the the relentless Zionist push for World War III.


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By Lasha Darkmoon

By the pricking of my thumbs, Something wicked this way comes. — Macbeth, iv.i.4

This article was published yesterday here ; and subsequently, here and here.

In a few weeks’ time, Americans will face the grim prospect of choosing a new government, either headed by the same president or by a new one. Why a grim prospect? Because the choice is between an aggressive war criminal and a draft dodging, chickenhawk warmonger, both of them puppets of organized Jewry. No matter who you vote for, you end up with dystopia. You end up with wickedness in high places.

It’s only a matter of time before the masses are shaken from their slumber and realize that the world that awaits them is a world under the dominion of evil.

Our government is now controlled by a criminal cabal. Our country is a loony bin where the crazies are in charge. Our cities are crime factories. Our banks are run by bandits who steal from the poor. Our schools are production lines for the manufacture of morons. Our places of work are venues of legalized exploitation and servitude. Our news is horror fiction. Our courts are coin-operated machines that crank out injustice. Our laws are dirty jokes. Our heroes are villains. Our celebrities are abominations. Our politicians are psychopaths at large. We live in an America where torture has now been normalized and murder is legal—an Orwellian world too terrifying even for Orwell’s imagination.

Here are some facts that will help to persuade you that the American Dream has morphed into a nightmare—that the country we now live in is a police state masquerading as a democracy.

*            *            *

“I don’t care if Americans think we’re running the news media, Hollywood, Wall Street or the government,” Jewish columnist Joel Stein wrote in the Los Angeles Times in December 2008.  “I just care that we get to keep running them.”

Mr Stein’s reckless candor in admitting that the Jews ran America was to cost him his job at the LA Times.

If Americans have lost their country to organized Jewry, they lost it slowly and imperceptibly. Indeed, most Americans remain unaware that their country no longer belongs to them. They fervently believe they still live in a democracy. This was a takeover not without precedent, however. It had happened to Germany. It had happened to Russia. It has now happened to America.

Germany, a mere shadow of what it might have been, is now a defeated and demoralized nation, thoroughly browbeaten by Jewry and terrified of their masters in Israel. Without stretching it too far, one could say that Germany has become Israel’s cash cow.

It was the Morgenthau Plan, specifically designed by the vengeful Henry Morgenthau as a collective punishment against the German people for the crimes of Hitler, that was to turn post-war Germany into “the largest concentration camp on earth.”

As late as 1991, German chancellors were still being forced, like enslaved vassals under the Roman Empire, to sign an “act of submission” to their Allied conquerors.

Russia too, like Germany, was to fall under Jewish domination.

According to Solzhenitsyn in The Gulag Archipelago, 66 million Russian Christians were put to death on the orders of the Cheka or Russian secret police. Though my good friend Israel Shamir, a respected authority on this point, is almost certainly correct in his view that these figures have been grossly inflated, Yuri Slezkine’s candid quote from historian Leonard Shapiro is nevertheless too well known to be casually dismissed: “Anyone who had the misfortune to fall into the hands of the Cheka stood a very good chance of finding himself confronted with and possibly shot by a Jewish investigator.

Germany…Russia…America. They all fell under Jewish hegemony. They had their hour in the sun, and then they had their eclipse.

It’s now America’s turn.

†     “We, the Jewish people, control America, and the Americans know it.” — Israeli Prime Minister Ariel Sharon, October 3, 2001.

†     “There is only one power that really counts: the power of political pressure. We Jews are the most powerful people on earth, because we have this power. And we know how to apply it.”  —  Ze’ev Jabotinski, Zionist leader and founder of the Irgun terrorist group, Jewish Daily Bulletin, July 27, 1935.

In Part 1 of my article, Goodbye, America, I discussed the problems facing America today and suggested that they are far more serious than those facing National Socialist Germany in the 1930s. Of the seven problems I listed, the four most intractable ones are these:

(1)     The nuclear-armed state of Israel and its Samson Option, neither of which existed as threats to peace before the establishment of the Zionist state in the wake of  World War Two.

(2)     The presence of 60 million Christian Zionists in America who are hand in glove with our new Masters, aiding and abetting them in their violation of international law and the ongoing genocide of the Palestinian people.

(3)     The existence of a tentacular network of Jewish organizations in America, such as the ADL and AIPAC, holding the entire country to ransom; specifically, its mercenary and morally bankrupt politicians.

(4)       The lethal weapon of multiculturalism, a weapon unavailable for use against either Germany or Russia but now deployed to devastating effect against America’s Euro-American majority. “Global elites view the White Western world as the main obstacle standing in the way of a future world government,” Pat Buchanan is widely reported to have said in a 2004 speech. “Multiculturalism is a tool used by such elites to dismantle White Western civilization.”

Given that the Jews managed to achieve almost complete control of Germany and Russia even before the foundation of the Jewish state in 1948, it must surely be obvious that their executive power has increased exponentially with the acquisition of a military base in the Middle East, armed to the teeth with the deadliest nuclear warheads, many of these aimed at European capitals and some of them probably at the United States.

Though it is a commonly known fact that Israel has 200-300 nuclear warheads, it is not so well known that this Mideast Goliath possesses even more devastating weapons in its armory, including at least 35 thermo-nuclear bombs fueled by lithium-6 deuteride; and even—as some American military experts believe—intercontinental ballistic missiles (ICBM’s) capable of one day reaching New York and Los Angeles, though these latter weapons have yet to be tested. (See this authoritative article on Israel’s military capacities).

It would be foolish to think that a country that killed Americans in cold blood in the USS Liberty incident of 1967, and may well have been implicated in the 9/11 attack on the homeland, would have any scruples about attacking Americans again on a much vaster scale if ever America became the object of their hatred.

*            *            *

It is important at his point to consider the hidden facts surrounding the foundation of the state of Israel, if only because this will help us to get a better perspective of the Jewish problem.

It is almost universally believed, thanks to Jewish ownership of the mass media, that the UN created Israel and that everyone was delighted when this happened. This is demonstrably false. Even the US government—or 99 percent of it—was adamantly opposed to the foundation of Israel. Indeed, former Undersecretary of State Dean Acheson was one of many who raised strenuous objections to America recognizing the Jewish state, predicting that “the West would pay a high price for Israel.”

In spite of all these misgivings, the Jews got their state.

Why the Zionist land grabbers should now be held in such high esteem in America and elsewhere, and their Palestinian victims spat upon and spurned at every opportunity, can be easily explained.

Apart from the Jewish-owned mass media which has managed to glamorize and cast a rose-tinted glow over its Frankenstein monster in the Middle East, the answer lies in one word: Holocaust. The Zionists have managed to convince the world that they are the moral legatees of the victims of the Holocaust. As such, they remain the Ultimate Victims.

Like Finkelstein, we are entitled to express concern over the cheap exploitation of Jewish suffering. It is an undeniable fact that the Holocaust is a major industry and that it is used as moral blackmail and carte blanche for monstrous crimes.

Israeli writer Ari Shavit summed it up neatly when he said: “We may murder with impunity, because the Holocaust museum is on our side”.

*            *            *

We are in a critical situation.

It was never Palestine on its own that organized Jewry wanted. Palestine was simply to be their base of operations for the conquest of the rest of the world.  According to Israel Shamir:

Palestine is not the ultimate goal of the Jews; the world is.  Palestine is just the place for world state headquarters…..The Jews intend to turn Jerusalem into the supreme capital of the world, and its rebuilt temple into the focal point of the Spirit on Earth. Christianity will die, the spirit will depart from the nations in our part of the world, and our present dubious democracy will be supplanted by a vast theocratic state. De-spiritualized and uprooted, homeless and lonely, yesterday’s Masters of the World [WASPs] will become slaves in all but name….The Jewish universe is good for Jews. It is a curse for others.  In the US, as Jewish influence has grown steadily since 1968, the lives of ordinary people have worsened. A good time for the Jews is not a good time for mankind. The blessing of the Jews is a curse for others. The regimes that are “good for Jews” are rarely good for anybody else.

The runes are easy enough to read. From the domination of Germany and Russia, the Jews contrived to leapfrog to the domination of America.

We see through a glass darkly, but what we see through the gathering gloom is the grim specter of an American dystopia: a Third World country hardly worth living in for most Americans.

It costs the American taxpayer $12 million an hour just to keep US troops in Afghanistan, a country America decided to invade on a rollercoaster of neoconservative lies.

Incredibly, America’s closest ally, Israel, has yet to contribute a single soldier to any of Washington’s wars on their behalf—though Israeli commandos were kind enough to “advise” the Americans on torture techniques at Abu Ghraib in 2004.

American Jews have never been particularly noted for their presence, let alone their heroism, in America’s fighting forces. They prefer to fight with their pens, which they do most valiantly, far from the din of battle. It is they who beat the war drums the loudest, who profit most from the wanton slaughter of innocents, and who “get others to fight and die for them.”

Ruled by a Jewish elite and their Shabbat goy underlings, beyond the reach of international law and hated throughout the world, America is now an Israeli colony in all but name.

The days of wine and roses, of mom and apple pie, are long since over. The American Dream is dead. Like Germany and Russia before it, America lies vanquished.

“When the world looks at America, what it sees is an Israeli colony.” — Paul Craig Roberts

America has been taken over.

Slowly and imperceptibly, duped by lies and lulled into complacency, Americans have let their country slip into the hands of a fifth column: of  a hostile ethnic elite whose primary allegiance is to Israel, a country built on stolen land and engaged in systematic genocide.

How is it that this rude and recalcitrant “ally” of America still continues to receive its $3 billion a year subsidy? Is America so besotted with love for the Jewish state that it cannot say ‘No’? Silly question. Since it rests on the Chomskyite assumption that America is still the lord and master and little Israel the dependent colony.

The riddle is easily solved if one turns Chomsky’s assumption on its head: organized Jewry, having taken over America, has transformed it into an Israeli colony. The $8.2 million per day that the American taxpayer pays his Jewish master is not a subsidy. It is tribute money: a tax or levy imposed on a vanquished people by their conquerors.

According to political pundit Philip Giraldi, this is “the first time in recorded history that a small nation with less than eight million citizens has subjugated a much larger country with a population of more than 310 million…. [America is now] a slave to Israel.”

The Zionization of America is complete, with AIPAC appointing the government and 60 million Christian Zionists ready to die for their new masters in Jerusalem.


“I’ve never seen a President stand up to them. They always get what they want. If the American people understood what a grip those people have got on our government, they would rise up in arms.” (Admiral Thomas Moorer, former Chairman of the US Joint Chiefs of Staff, 1983)

It was the Jews who twisted President Truman’s arm and got him to give his full backing to their fledgling state. It was the Jews again, through their vengeful  representative Morgenthau, who were to make life a living hell for the conquered Germans in the aftermath of World War II. The Jews were always in the background, it seems, the shadowy lurkers in the cabbage patch of history.

The colony that the Brits had failed to acquire in the Middle East, Israel, was inherited by America. To start with, Israel was to be America’s aircraft carrier in the Middle East. The Americans would use it as a gigantic military base from which to plunder Arab oil. Nor would they have any problems with Ben Gurion’s dreams of a Greater Israel stretching from the Nile to the Euphrates. After all, why not give the Jews what they wanted?

Greater Israel was simply to be an extension of America: its fifty-first state.

Things didn’t work out as planned. The best-laid schemes of mice and men, we are told, often go awry. The tables were turned on the simple-minded Americans. The Jews were much smarter than their WASP masters could ever be. They knew how to cheat. They networked. They had acquired through three thousand years of bitter experience the arts of duplicity and cunning. Guile was their genetic patrimony, intrigue the milieu in which they flourished. They were the Ultimate Survivors.


Yes, one has to hand it to the Jews. The hitherto oppressed decided to become the oppressors. The former victims decided to take on the role of predators. The previous puppets decided to become the Puppet Masters.


In short, the Jews took over America and turned it into a Jewish colony. As simple as that. Their American hosts were hoist with their own petard.

But why worry? American Jews are Americans, are they not? If they’re smart enough to take over America, as they have demonstrably done, why shouldn’t they proceed to the next logical step and take over the world—yes, dominate the world  through America? No one denies this is America’s aim: full spectrum dominance. So if the Jews control America, and if America controls the world, doesn’t it follow logically that the Jews control the world? The logic is irrefutable.

Jewish world domination takes on a different perspective when viewed through this historical prism. No “conspiracy theories” here. No hook-nosed Jews grasping the globe in their cruel talons. No Illuminati trying to sodomize your children and drink their blood. Just logic. Just history. Just America striving for full-spectrum dominance—with Jews leading the pack.

You could say the wild-eyed dreams of the Protocols have at last been realized, but not in the way their original masterminds intended.

*            *            *

“We should never forget what happened when Jews were a hostile elite in the USSR,” Prof. Kevin MacDonald notes bleakly. “The loathing and contempt for the traditional people and culture of Russia was a major factor in the avid Jewish participation in the greatest crimes of the 20th century.”

MacDonald is referring to the systematic murder of several million Russian Christians under Lenin and Stalin: a period of mass murder spanning 36 years (1917-1953). During this entire period moreover, as recently released documents from Soviet archives reveal, thousands of Christian churches were destroyed—but not a single synagogue. (See here)

The new American elite, as we all know, is a Jewish elite. Exactly like the elite in Bolshevik Russia and Stalin’s USSR. And it is—this cannot be emphasized too strongly—a hostile elite that “loathes the nation it rules.”

So we need to watch out.

Because what happened to millions of Russians in the first half of the 2oth  century—systematic genocide—could well happen to millions of Americans in the foreseeable future.

“It is quite possible,” Kevin MacDonald muses, “that we are entering into a racial dystopia of unimaginable cruelty.”

*            *            *

The world that awaits us, if our New Masters prevail, will be a grim dystopia. It will be a spiritual wasteland in which an unprincipled elite rides roughshod over the teeming masses. It will be a cruel world of exploitation, moral darkness, and unspeakable brutality.

“Death solves all problems,” Stalin quipped cynically. “No man, no problem.” When mass extermination becomes the miracle cure, exciting times can be expected.

In Otto Friedrich’s widely acclaimed Holocaust study, The Kingdom of Auschwitz, a concentration camp survivor is quoted as saying:

Concentration camp existence taught us that the whole world is really like a concentration camp. The world is ruled by neither justice nor morality. Crime is not punished nor virtue rewarded. The world is ruled by power. We are laying the foundation for some new, monstrous civilization.

An innocent victim of this “new, monstrous civilization”, a Palestinian child, his arm cut off by an Israeli settler for throwing a stone.

(See here for original source of this shocking and controversial picture; for other sources, see here)

So this is where we are now: in the eye of the storm.

America, once a democracy, is now a crypto-fascist country ruled in the interests of the richest one percent of its population, a substantial number of them Jews. And the richest Jew in the world, Sheldon Adelson, is the man behind Presidential candidate Mitt Romney—a Zionist puppet who would have no qualms in sacrificing America for Israel.

“There is no freedom, no democracy, and no government accountability in Amerika, a fascist state,” Paul Craig Roberts concludes ruefully in one of his recent essays.

The Jews, fulfilling the wildest dreams conjured up in the Protocols, stand surveying the killing fields of the world they have conquered. Iraq and Afghanistan lie in ruins, thanks to their machinations. Iran lies in the cross-hairs, awaiting its expected doom. And meanwhile in America, as the body bags are flown in from foreign parts and the lurid circus of bread and games grinds on relentlessly, there is nothing much to live for except sex and death.

Stalin’s willing executioners, the Jews, are now the ruling elite in America. As in Weimar Germany, the Jews make most of the money and help to create a culture of neo-paganism and nihilism, decadence and despair. Nothing has changed except the country.

Russia, Germany, America—they all went down like skittles in a row.


“If you want a picture of the future, imagine a boot stamping on a human face — forever.”  — George Orwell, 1984

This is a condensed and updated version of this 2-part article published in October-November last year on several different websites.

Dr Lasha Darkmoon (email her) is an academic with higher degrees in Classics. She is also a poet and translator. Her articles can be found here, her poems here.

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Zionist captain indicted for multiple indecent acts


Former IDF officer believed to have used hidden pen cameras to take photos of women undressing


IDF Captain Ephraim Ben-Arzi was indicted by the Tel Aviv Magistrates’ Court for multiple indecent acts and intentional invasion of privacy using hidden cameras – one of them inside a pen.

Ynet learned Wednesday that the officer was charged of committing the crimes during his army service at the Rabin Base in Tel Aviv.

According to the case, on one occasion, he offered a female soldier who was in need of a change of clothes, to use a conference room next to his office. Ben-Arzi planted a hidden camera in the room, and used it to take photos of the woman. She noticed the camera and left the room.

On another case, Ben Arzi is suspected of placing a hidden camera in his bedroom and using it to film a sexual encounter with a woman he met on a dating website.

The indictment lists many similar offenses, in addition to cases in which he planted hidden cameras in clothing stores’ fitting rooms, taking pictures of women changing clothes.

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IsraHell ex-leaders discussing campaign to defeat Netanyahu


Israel's Prime Minister Ehud Olmert and Foreign Minister Tzipi Livni (L) attend the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem March 29, 2009. REUTERS/Ronen Zvulun

Former leaders Ehud Olmert and Tzipi Livni announced on Wednesday they were discussing a partnership that could shake up Israeli politics and lead to a joint campaign to defeat Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu in a January election.

Olmert, a centrist, was forced to quit as prime minister in 2008 over corruption charges of which he was largely acquitted.

Were he to make a comeback, he is seen as possibly the most likely candidate to beat Netanyahu, the right-wing Likud party leader, who polls now predict will win re-election.

Livni, who quit the centrist Kadima party in March after a failed leadership contest and headed Middle East peace talks which deadlocked months after Netanyahu took office, is also seen as a strong potential contender for Israel’s January 22 race.

A statement from an aide to Olmert said he and Livni had agreed “action must be taken to change the leadership”, citing what it called “Israel’s deteriorated status” under Netanyahu. It alluded to tensions with the United States about how to rein in Iran’s nuclear program and diplomatic paralysis with the Palestinians.

Both agreed to continue meeting and a confidant who spoke on condition of anonymity confirmed Israeli media reports that they were weighing the prospect of a joint election run. A Livni aide also confirmed these talks took place.

It was not clear whether the pair would join one of Israel’s center or left-leaning parties, or form their own.

Olmert and Livni once headed the centrist Kadima party, whose popularity has nosedived under their successor, former general Shaul Mofaz.

Founded by former prime minister Ariel Sharon, the party is now predicted to win only a handful of seats in parliament in the coming election, latest surveys show.

But Olmert and Livni may seek to tap into dissatisfaction among moderates in Netanyahu’s right-wing Likud party over Netanyahu’s union this week with far-right Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman, now running jointly in the coming election.

Despite the critics, the latest polls show Netanyahu winning as many as 42 seats in Israel’s 120-member parliament which would assure him of heading the country’s next coalition government.

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