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Zio-Nazi Elie Wiesel: ‘Mossad should kidnap Ahmadinejad’

“Zio-Nazi Elie Wiesel, the Master propagandist – Any political movement would give its eye teeth to have him on its side,” Jewish magazine Tikun Olam.The ‘Father of Holocost Industry’, Zio-Nazi Elie Wiesel 84, in an interview with Zionist daily Ha’aretz Ofer Aderet, published on November 2, 2012 had proposed that Nazi Gestapo Mossad should kidnap Iran’s President Ahmadinejad as it kidnapped the famous Nazi Adolf Eichmann .
.“For the past three years, I have been waging a struggle against Ahmadinejad around the world, demanding that he be arrested and placed on trial as was done to Eichmann. He should be charged with a desire to commit genocide. I hope the Mossad, which caught a man like Eichmann, will be able to catch him and get him tried in an international court. Someone like him must not be allowed to sleep quietly,” whined Zio-Nazi Wiesel.Elie Wiesel, who had been called “Liar” and “Fraud” by two of his fellow Jew academics, Dr. Norman Finkelstein and Dr. Noam Chomsky – repeated his lying habit again.
For example, Eichmann was tried by an Zionist military kangroo court for ‘war crime’ and not by some international court. IsraHell executed Eichman in 1961.Wiesel blamed Ahmadinejad for “committing genocide (of Jews)” while there are 25,000 Jews in Iran who support Ahmadinejad. Netanyahu has frequently accused Ahmadinejad for planning the next Jewish Holocost. In April 2012, Wiesel in an interview with IsraHell Globe magazine had cautioned Naziyahu for misusing the Holy Holocost. “Iran is a danger, but to claim that it is creating a second Auschwitz? I compare nothing to the Holocost. Only Auschwitz was Auschwitz,” said Wiesel.
He also added that no other (non-Jewish) human tragedy or genocide can be compared with Auschwitz. Thanks to Zionist-controlled mainstream media – Wiesel have successfully surronded hiself as a Holocost survivor and humanitarian with myths and lies. He was even awarded a Nobel Peace Prize in 1986 – even though he never uttered a single word in support of nine million native Muslim and Christian Palestinians being treated worse than Jews under Nazis by Elie Wiesel’s fellow European Jews.Elie Wiesel who is a frequent visitor to the Zio-Nazi entity, has refused to settle in IsraHell.
He met both Barack Obama and Benjamin Naziyahu when they’re students. He has been a frequent guest of Obama at the White House. In 2009, Wiesel accompanied Obama on president’s official visit to the Buchenwald labour camp  in Germany.Hungarian-born Israeli professor Yehuda Elkana (died 2012) and American professor Norman Finkelstein have claimed that the Zio-Nazi regime uses Holocost to silence its critics and for extortion of tens of billion of dollars.
Elkana, who like Wiesel claimed to be a ‘Holocost survivor’, said in India last year: “When I came out of the camp and settled in Israel I had decided that what happened in Nazi Germany should never happen to Jews again. At the same time, I wished that the same brutality should not be unleashed on others. And hence, I believe that Palestinians should be protected from Israel’s occupations as the violence is no less brutal than Nazi occupation,” said Elkana.Would you believe someone is running a website, entitled ‘Elie Wiesel Cons The World‘. Watch a video exposing Wiesel’s lies, here .

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