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‘Zionists have infiltrated both Republican, Democratic presidential campaigns’

Interview with Mark Dankof, a political commentator from San Antonio

…When you look at all these neo-conservatives and Zionist types that have infiltrated both the Republican and Democratic parties and that are particularly prominent in Mitt Romney’s entourage, it creates a very, very disturbing scenario.”

The Zionist entity has infiltrated the US Republican and Democratic Parties amid the country’s upcoming presidential elections, hoping to raise the war rhetoric against Iran, an analyst tells Press TV.

The comment comes as the US presidential election opens with both Democrat and Republican candidates running neck-and-neck in opinion polls.

Press TV has conducted an interview with Mark Dankof, a political commentator from San Antonio, to further discuss the issue. The following is a rough transcription of the interview.

Press TV: This is not the first time Israel has used such warmongering rhetoric against Iran, but the international community just sits by and lets it pass.

Dankof: I think that that’s exactly right. What you have here is a situation in which the so-called international community ranging from the United Nations to some of these other organizations are really extensions of the Zionist model, as near as I can tell.

What is particularly disturbing me is that the American public continues to allow Benjamin Netanyahu to lead both Obama and Mitt Romney around by the nose in deciding when the United States is going to enter a war on Israel’s behalf that is not in the national interest of the United States, not to mention the fact that it’s a highly dangerous situation and will ignite a regional conflict that could well escalate into a Third World War.

Press TV: Elections for the Knesset have been proponent of how much of these comments? Do you think is Benjamin Netanyahu trying to gain the votes that he needs?

Dankof: Well, as I understand, in a 120-seat Knesset, he needs 61 seats in a coalition in order to control the Knesset.

When you look at this alliance that he has entered into with this Avigdor Lieberman and this so-called Yisrael Beiteinu group, I believe, it’s clear that the most extreme right-wing elements in Israel are on the verge of gaining complete control of that country.

When you consider the alliance that these extremist elements have with the crackpot John Hagee-oriented Christian right in the United States – people who believe that starting a war with Iran will hasten the second coming of Jesus Christ – and then when you look at all these neo-conservatives and Zionist types that have infiltrated both the Republican and Democratic parties and that are particularly prominent in Mitt Romney’s entourage, it creates a very, very disturbing scenario.

I’m frankly quite anxious to the point of even saying I’m frightened about what’s going to come out of these American elections tomorrow that might make Netanyahu’s dream come true.

Press TV: By using such rhetoric against Iran, and these threats of war based on its nuclear energy program, do you think that Israel attracts more attention towards its own nuclear arsenals and the question as to why it hasn’t signed the Non-Proliferation Treaty?

Dankof: Certainly. For anyone who is looking at responsible news media, which basically boil down in the United States, to alternative media as well as some of the reasonable international outlets that are not totally under the control of the Zionist entity, it becomes clear that there’s a major issue as it relates to Israel, to their non-signing status with the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty.

When one looks at the nuclear arsenal that they have, as well as the biological and chemical capability that they have, the discrepancy between their situation and Iran’s is quite obvious.

The totally outlandish character of the position of the United States government in regard to what it is that Iran is doing in comparison to what it is that Israel has been doing and what Israel already possesses, is just beyond the pale.

It’s unreal to me that the 16 intelligence agencies of the United States government have already said that the Iranians do not have a nuclearized program that is in fact militaristic or that desires to create a nuclear weapon.

You have a situation where the Supreme Leader of Iran has issued a so-called fatwa disavowing any desire on the part of the Iranian government to possess nuclear weaponry.

Then we turn around again and we have a situation where Israel is obviously the nuclear, biological and chemical weapons power in the Middle East, and is throwing its weight around in terms of threatening Iran, threatening other regional players, potentially, and being involved not simply in these overt threats to use preemptive military force, but Israel is routinely involved, as they presently are in Syria, with destabilizing other regimes, and they’re also involved in all kinds of black operational situations directed at Iran including the use of assassination in your country that makes them, basically, a criminal regime…

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