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Apartheid Ambiguity


  • When an Israeli newspaper recently ran a front page article entitled “Most Israelis support an apartheid regime in Israel,” it was not surprising that it drew considerable criticism from Zionists. But one does not need a poll to directly ask about it to determine that most Israeli Jews support Apartheid. Apartheid is a system of policies already practiced by successive Israeli governments.

Right-wing Israelis demonstrate at the scene of a Palestinian suicide bombing in Jerusalem. (David Silverman / Getty Images)
Right-wing Israelis demonstrate at the scene of a Palestinian suicide bombing in Jerusalem. (David Silverman / Getty Images)

This is not the first poll that suggests strong racist trends in Israeli society.

Polls in the past have shown that “a majority of the Jewish public today do not favor the formal definition of Israel as Jewish and democratic but instead opt for other definitions, with the preference for the democratic component noticeably weaker than that for the Jewish aspect.” This is how the 2012 poll of the “Israeli Democracy Institute” put it. They asked Israeli Jews whether the Jewish definition or democratic definition is more important to them. Only 22 percent said democracy was more important, 34 percent said the Jewish definition was more important, and 42 percent could not choose between the two, responding instead that both were “equally important.”

What was so interesting about the poll Gideon Levy wrote about in Haaretz is that it did not allow respondents an opportunity to say both were equally important. In effect, the poll forced the 42 percent of undecided Israeli Jews to choose, which was more important. Well, the jury is back and it is quite clear, if forced to choose, most Israeli Jews would chose Apartheid.

What some Zionists objected to was not the responses but rather the way the question was posed, they reject the premise that such a choice has to be made. They presuppose that the option of demographic engineering through some sort of political agreement can put off ever having to make that choice. The idea that Israeli Jews would have to choose between democracy and Zionism is “hypothetical.”

But there is nothing hypothetical about the Israeli state’s control over Palestinians, their lives and their territory. There is nothing hypothetical about Israeli colonies dissecting and bisecting the West Bank and constantly growing. There is nothing hypothetical about the encirclement of Jerusalem by colonies intended to permanently sever it from the Palestinian population of the West Bank. There is nothing hypothetical about a stratified system of laws for people based on their ethnicity. There is nothing hypothetical about the increasing entrenchment of the Israeli presence in the West Bank.

Zionists argue that polls have shown Israeli Jews favor a “two-state solution” but if you dig deeper you find that they also do not support the key elements necessary for achieving one. A majority of Israeli Jews“oppose” or “definitely oppose” withdrawing from “most of the settlements in the territories as part of a peace agreement with the Palestinians.”

What a majority of Israelis support is the principle of separation that the “two-state solution” affords. That separation, however, is also achievable via Apartheid policies already in place, which is why there is very little underlying political will to change the situation. They want the geography without the demography.

These policies make clear that Israeli Jews have heretofore made two important choices:

Choice #1: To perpetually entrench and continue colonization of Palestine without affording equal rights to the native inhabitants.

Choice #2: To pretend never to have made choice #1.

It is when respondents are told they can’t pretend any more that the Apartheid colors come shining through.

When it comes to nuclear weapons, Israel has long practiced a policy of “nuclear ambiguity” wherein officials neither confirm nor deny the existence of these weapons to evade international obligations and scorn. No one is fooled, however. With Israeli Apartheid a similar policy of Apartheid Ambiguity is in place. While practicing de facto apartheid, the state avoids formal annexation to reap the benefits of Apartheid policies while hoping to evade the opprobrium that comes with it.

Every video of settlers beating Palestinian farmers while Israeli soldiers stand by, every image of expanding colonies, every story of justice denied in Israel’s courts, every picture of lines at checkpoints where humans of a different ethnicity wait for hours like cattle to pass through metallic turnstiles is another Vanunu. No one is fooled.

The bottom line is this: mainstream Zionism values Jewish majoritarianism over democracy and pretty much everything else. This probably would not be as problematic in practice if Israel was established in “a land without a people” as Zionist mythology long peddled. In reality, of course, this was not the case. Palestine was a land with a people, native non-Zionist Palestinian Muslims, Christians and Jews.

The sooner we stop pretending Zionism and Democracy can coexist in a land wrought by settler-colonialism, the sooner we can move toward solving the real, not just hypothetical problems. A majority of Israeli Jews have already identified the problem when told they can’t be ambiguous: Apartheid. Now it is time to end it.


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GAZA: Zio-Nazi Assault on a Fishing Boat


PCHR Condemns IOF Assault on a Fishing Boat While Palestinian Fishermen and International Solidarity Activists Were on Board

The Palestinian Center for Human Rights (PCHR) condemns IOF’s assault on a fishing boat boarded by Palestinian fishermen and international solidarity activists who were aiming to lift the siege by crossing the IOF imposed 3 nautical-mile limit on Palestinian fishermen since the past six years.

PCHR calls upon the international community to pressurize Israel to stop its continuous violations against Palestinian fishermen and the international activists in Gaza Sea and put an end to the illegal siege which has disastrous impacts on the fishermen such as their income decreasing by 85% because of the restricted fishing area. PCHR highly appreciates the brave decision of the solidarity activists to lift the illegal siege imposed on Gaza Sea which deprives Palestinian fishermen of their sole source of income.

At approximately 08:00 hrs on Sunday, 04 November 2012, a Palestinian fishing boat boarding five local fishermen and three international activists, identified as: Mano Pinida (Spanish), Rosa Schiano (Italian) and Sarah Kats (French), sailed off from the Gaza seaport. At approximately 09:30 hrs an IOF gunboat attacked the fishing boat with water cannons for approximately 45 minutes. As a result, the fishermen and activists were forced to move southward towards the al-Nussairat shore, in the center of Gaza Strip. At approximately 12:30 hrs, the Israeli gunboat attacked the Palestinian fishing boat again with water cannons for approximately 15 minutes. As a result the activists’ cameras got damaged.

It should be noted that Israeli forces illegally reduced the area of fishing gradually from 20 nautical miles, which was established under the Oslo Accords, to 10 nautical miles in 2005. In June 2006, IOF imposed a total siege for months, and opened it later permitting fishermen to fish within a 6-nautical-mile limit, which was then reduced to 3 nautical miles in 2007.  However, Israeli forces continue to attack Palestinian fishermen even within the 3 nautical miles since 2009.  Fishermen are subjected to shootings, resulting in deaths and injuries, they are often chased, arrested, unnecessarily inspected, humiliated, and even their boats and fishing equipment are confiscated, which are sometimes drowned or destroyed by IOF.

PCHR condemns the continuous violations committed by the Israeli Naval Forces against Palestinian fishermen, and:

1-     Calls upon the international community to pressurize Israel to stop its policy of closure, including the siege, imposed on the Gaza Strip for the past 6 years, and calls upon Israel to immediately stop its policy of chasing and arresting Palestinian fishermen, and to allow them to sail and fish freely;

2-     Calls for compensating the victims for the physical and material damage caused to their person and property;

3-     Expresses the Palestinian people’s high appreciation for the international solidarity activists and their determination to break the Israeli collective punishment measures imposed on Palestinian civilians, including the Palestinian fishermen in the Gaza Strip, which violate the international humanitarian law and international human rights law.

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Zionist Jew Media Campaign to Smear Radical Press


by Arthur Topham


“Someday, someone, somewhere, is going to break that silence and only then will we begin to hear the sounds of balanced media coverage finally rising above what Solzhenitsyn described as “the incessant dinning of slogans and dogmas that abolish the human essence and deny all individuality to man.” Then, and only then, will the silence of the wolves begin to disperse as the clear light of a new day of freedom of speech dawns for all Canadians.”

                                                     ~Arthur Topham, Silence of the Wolves, July 16, 2009 

Early beginnings

It’s been ongoing since the day I first openly criticized the Zionist Jews and their political dogma or ideology known as Zionism. That was back during the heady last days of the 20th Century when I was publishing my monthly hard copy edition of The Radical, an alternative tabloid which ran for forty-two consecutive editions ending in June of 2002.

Throughout most of my tenure as Publisher and Editor of The Radical I was basically ignorant of the Zionist agenda and didn’t begin to clue into what it was all about until after reading the writings of the Jewish intellectual Noam Chomsky, in particular his account of the Middle East situation contained in his book, The Fateful Triangle – Israel, the United States, and the Palestinians. After digesting Chomsky’s account of Israel and who is controlling it and its ideological base I began to pay more and more attention to this issue as time went on.

Of course being a radical alternative publisher with an eclectic sense of what is news and what is b.s. I soon attracted a lot of unwanted attention from what one might call the “Left” in Canada’s political circles. At first it was rather odd as I had always thought of myself as a lefty. My father had been a strong supporter of both the CCF and the NDP throughout most of his life and my paternal grandfather had actually been a good friend of Tommy Douglas’s back when Tommy was still working as a minister of the church in Saskatchewan back in the 1930s.

Anyhow, Canadian Dimension magazine at one point did a major smear edition on myself, The Radical and another alternative newspaper back in January of 2001 that finally established the fact that the so-called “Left” in Canada was in fact riddled with people who were died in the wool Marxists and Communists and stalwart supporters of Zionism and the Jewish state of Israel. Anyone else in the movement who wasn’t was labelled “right wing” or an “anti-Semite” or some other unsavoury epithet.

It was at this period of my life that I first met Paul Fromm, the feisty spokesperson for the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE) and began publishing occasional articles that he had penned. I was also covering the whole issue with Wiebo Ludwig and his Trickle Creek Christian Community and their ongoing battles with the Oil and Gas Industry in Alberta and publishing the early writings of controversial speaker and author David Icke.

Those familiar with David Icke will likely be aware that he too was attacked and smeared by this same chronic complainer Richard Warman who has been attacking me and my website since at least 2007. David still has articles on Warman posted on his website .

NDP government takes Radical Press to court

Eventually I ended up in B.C.Supreme Court in 2002 after exposing the dubious character of a former NDP MLA appointed by the Dosanjh government who had been given the portfolio for the Ministry of Children and Families all the while staving off continuous allegation by his many detractors that he had been involved in drug running, child pornography and worse. This same individual is now the Chief Red Apple for the First Nations Summit here in British Columbia and his name is Edward John.

The Dosanjh government  hired a good Jewish lawyer, Marvin Storrow to defend him and I ended up acting on my own behalf in pro ce fashion defending my newspaper and my right to publish. Poor Marvin of course was former PM Trudeau’s appointed council during the APEC fiasco in Vancouver and ended up being outed by the Raging Grannies who spotted him attending a Liberal fundraiser while attempting to act impartially in dealing with all the protesters who had been beaten and pepper sprayed while protesting the visit to Vancouver by Indonesia’s infamous war criminal Suharto who Trudeau lauded as some sort of admirable dignitary.

Eventually it became too onerous and expensive to publish my tabloid and I switched to the Internet in 2002 and carried on until my website was sabotaged by the Zionist sayannim who are everywhere on the net and throughout the media and the assorted political organizations throughout the country.

That is why today when you visit my website you will find that the articles begin in June of 2006.

B’nai Brith Canada: The root of the issue

That short synopsis said let me now proceed to the root of this issue that I am facing today, the significant and overt attack against my publishing business and my person by the world’s foremost Zionist Jew lobby organization known as B’nai Brith International.

As I’ve said before most Canadians see this organization as a benevolent society whose main purpose is to look after little old Jewish widows and raise money for the needy, etc. Nothing could be further from the truth! For all the suave rhetoric from its many spokespersons such as Anita Bromberg of B’nai Brith Canada one would certainly get this impression of B’nai Brith as nothing more than the image projected by the Zionist media which works in direct tandem with BBC (B’nai Brith Canada).

But what they don’t tell you is that every nation in the western world has a branch or tentacle formed out of the Mother plant known as B’nai Brith International which is a Jews-only masonic order first established back in the mid 1840s in the USA and that Mother was the creation of the Rothschild dynasty that now controls global finance, the global media, global “International” organizations like the UN, the World Bank, the International Monetary Fund, and dozens upon dozens of other affiliated organizations whose main purpose is to maintain the House of Rothschild and the control of the world’s money supply; for without that ill-gained ability to manifest money out of thin air and then lend it to the governments of the world at exorbitant interest rates (Usury), the whole fabric of the Zionist curtain would quickly disintegrate before the eyes of the world and like the Wizard of Oz the public would suddenly realize just who was behind all of the financial troubles, endless wars and incessant woes and miseries facing the world today.

B’nai Brith Canada first attacked me and my publishing business back in November of 2007 when its B.C. representative Harry Abrams filed a complaint with the Canadian Human Rights Commission alleging the following:

   “This concerns  a complaint filed with the Canadian Human Rights Commission seeking relief for discriminatory publication under prohibited grounds caught by  Section 13 of the Canadian Human Rights Act.

The premise of this complaint is a contention that Arthur Topham of Quesnel, British Columbia, Canada and his internet publication known as  contrive to promote ongoing hatred affecting persons identifiable as Jews and/or as citizens of Israel.”

That is the story which the Zionist media is now making reference to in their one-sided portrayal of what the issue truly was about. For those readers who wish to review the whole of that tale of Zionist malfeasance I would ask that you go look at the following Reference Guide to the B’nai Brith v Radical Press Complaint case to see the extent of this chronology of subterfuge on the part of this little old benevolent society. That first attack only ended (possibly temporarily) on June 7th of this year when the Harper government voted to toss out the notorious Sec. 13(1) of the Canadian Human Rights Act that the Zionists were using to the max to shut down any and all critics of Israel or the Zionist ideology.

Knowing that Sec. 13 was fated to fade away from their power hungry hands B’nai Brith Canada then decided that they would pick up a new club with which to beat their opponents into oblivion and chose instead Sec. 319(2) of the Canadian Criminal Code. Again, using the same serial sidewinders, Richard Warman and Harry Abrams, they filed this latest charge against me alleging once again that I and my website are promoting hatred toward (not Jews per se) but “people of the Jewish religion or ethnic origin”.

Attempting to use the Canadian law courts instead of the shady likes of the Canadian Human Rights Commission and its Tribunal system which work fundamentally in the same manner as the Soviet Stalinist Show Trials of the 30’s, 40’s and 50’s did, was a risk that B’nai Brith Canada was now forced to take if they wanted to carry on with their harassment and vilification of those Canadians who wish to exercise their Charter of Rights and Freedomsand write about the truth as they see it.

The outcome of their desire to control the Internet here in Canada may well depend on how they are able to prosecute this case against me. If they are successful in gaining a guilty verdict then that will be the final nail in the coffin for freedom of speech here in Canada and anyone else who attempts to criticize the Zionist elephant that is now sitting in the living room of every Canadian household across the country will receive the same treatment that these power crazed psychopaths are now attempting to mete out to me and my publishing business

The Smear Campaign Today

And now to the gist of their present smear campaign against The Radical Press. It has always been the modus operandi of the Zionists, when attacking their critics, to first malign and vilify them using the vast resources contained in their media monopoly which includes the majority of Canada’s mainstream newspapers and television news stations, etc. It’s their first overt strike and is akin to their same warfare techniques where they pull off what they call “preemptive” strikes against their perceived enemy and attack without any direct provocation and destroy the infrastructure and communications systems of their victim before sending in the ground troops.

We’ve saw this happen in Egypt during the 1967 war, then in Iraq in 2003 and lately in Libya where they pulled the same stunt using all of their Zionist-controlled UN sycophants and their media including their Zionist-run orgs like Avaaz, to divert and confuse the attention of the general public.

That is what they are now attempting to do to me: create this massive deception that I am some sort of bonker, crazed, hate mongering, lunatic fringe (they haven’t started with the ‘dope-smoking hippie’ yet), placer miner living out in the backwoods of the Cariboo who doesn’t know diddley squat about how the world really is run but is just out there in cyberspace spewing forth all his neo-Nazi, Jew-hating, anti-Semitic venom in order to incite the public to rise up and perform another great pogrom against the poor downtrodden and victimized Jews of Canada and the world!

Then (when they figure they’ve established this massive lie in the minds of as many gullible Canadians as possible) they will begin their court trial and ship in all their carefully selected “expert witnesses” to testify that all of my information is somehow incorrect and that Eustice Mullins was a notorious “anti-Semite” and the Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion is really just a forgery as everyone who was brought up in a Zionist controlled culture obviously knows.

Contrary to this programmed reaction to their lies though are the wise words of that famous poet and activist Ezra Pound once said about this road map for the 20th Century:

“If or when one mentions the Protocols, alleged to be of the Elders of Zion, one is frequently met with the reply: Oh, but they are a forgery! Certainly they are a forgery, and that is the one proof we have of their authenticity. The Jews have worked with forged documents for the past 24 hundred years, namely ever since they have had any documents whatsoever. And no one can qualify as a historian of this half century without having examined the Protocols.

… What we know for certain is that they were published [in English] two decades ago. [In the early 1920’s. Ed.] That Lord Sydenham wrote a preface to them. That their content has been traced to another sketch said to have appeared in the eighteen forties. The interest in them does not lie in [the] question of their having been, or not been concocted by a legislative assembly of Rabbis, democratically elected, or secretly chosen by the Mysterious Order of the Seven Branched Antlers or the Bowling Society of Milwaukee. Their interest lies in the type of mind, or the state of mind of their authors.

… What is interesting, perhaps most, to the historian is their definite campaign against history altogether, their declared intention to blot out the classics, to blot out the record, and to dazzle men with talk of tomorrow.”

As I said this is just the gist of what they are now planning to do. Time will reveal all of this in the days ahead. 

My primary concern

Of course my primary concern is not that the Zionist controlled media will be smearing me from the start to the finish. I can and have handled that quite easily over the past decade or longer. What really concerns me is that the Crown will do its damnedest to set or place bail conditions upon me tomorrow when I go to court in Quesnel demanding that I cannot post to my website or write emails to anyone I so choose or post information regarding my court case to other websites of a kindred nature so that the thousands of supporters who now are keenly interested in this case will be able to get an unbiased, non-Zionist media presentation of what is happening to myself and my legal situation.

I have discussed this at length with my lawyer Doug Christie and he has assured me that under the Charter of Rights and Freedoms and GIVEN THE FACT that I have not been convicted of these phoney charges, that the court cannot legally prevent me from writing and posting on my website or sending articles to other sites. While I believe this to be true nonetheless that is precisely what Det -Cst Terry Wilson pulled off when I was arrested back on May 16, 2012. Prior to releasing me from jail he gave me an Order stating that I was not to browse the Internet or write any emails to anyone who was not directly associated with my placer mining business. That pile of legal(?) horse feathers held sway over my freedom of speech and expression right up until October 9th, 2012 when my first “Appearance” in court was due to happen but the Crown still hadn’t got their act together to formally charge me. That is when the Order ceased.

B’nai Brith Canada, the RCMP, the Zionist Media and the Crown all know that the only stone I have left in my sling is the freedom to defend myself against this Zionist Goliath that is now openly wielding its censorship spear in my face by using my right to publish my side of the story on my website. Without that right the ensuing struggle will remain a Stalinist side-show of the Zionist controlled media and the general public, as usual, will receive a slanted, biased tale; one told by an idiot, signifying nothing but the reality that Canada is under full domination by a foreign and deadly enemy.

May God guide and protect those of us who will be battling this dark and evil entity called Zionism!

Arthur Topham

“Digging to the root of the issues since 1998″

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Violation of Children’s Rights in the Gaza Strip



This factsheet describes violations of children’s rights in the Gaza Strip in accordance
with the Monitoring & Reporting Mechanism on grave violations of children’s rights
in situations of armed conflict, which was adopted by the Security Council in its
Resolution No. 1612 (2005). This Mechanism requires monitoring and documentation
of killing and maiming of children, recruitment and use of children by armed forces or
armed groups, attacks on schools or hospitals, rape or other sexual violence, forced
deportation of children, abduction of children, and denial of humanitarian access.
This factsheet covers the period from 01 to 30 October 2012.


1. Injuries

During the reporting period, 10 Palestinian, aged 1 month–16 years, were wounded in
the Gaza Strip. According to PCHR’s documentation, 7 children were wounded by
Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF). On 07 October 2012, 4 children aged 1 month–10
years, including two siblings who were visiting their grandparents in Rafah, were
wounded as a result of an Israeli aerial attack that targted two Palestinians in civilian
clothing riding a motorcycle in the al-Brazil neighborhood in Rafah. The injured
children were identified as: Bisan (1 month) and Nasim Mohammad al-Maqousi
(2); Malak Hisham Abu-Jazar (3); Bashier Mustafa Qeshta (10). On 08 October
2012, Mohammad (12) and Seireen Mahmoud Ali al-Daghma (14), from ‘Absan
village east of Khan Yunis, sustained moderate wounds when IOF stationed on the
borderline east of Khan Yunis shelled farmlands in ‘Absan village with artillery shells
and machine-guns. On 13 October 2012, Saleh Mohammad Saleh al-Najjar (6),
from Jablya in the northern side of the Gaza Strip, sustained a cut in the right foot,
due to window fragments scattered after IOF targeted a motorcycle ridden by two
Palestinian resistance activists.


Three children were wounded in different incidents related to the violation of the right
to life, including security chaos and misuse of weapons incidents in the Gaza Strip.
On 02 October 2012, Eyad Abdul-Kariem Abu-Ghazal (16), and Mussa Said AbuHashish (17), from Um Al Nasser village in the north of the Gaza Strip, were injured
with live bullets by the Palestinian police while the latter were evacuated
governmental lands on which civilian houses had been built.


According to the investigations conducted by PCHR, at approximately 10:00 on
Tuesday, 2 October 2012, officials from the Land Authority in Gaza, accompanied by
the Palestinian Police, arrived at the governmental lands located to the north of the “Bedouin” village in order to evict the civilians who live in the area, many of whom
living in houses made of iron sheets. A number of civilians started throwing stones at
police officers and the bulldozer which was leveling the land. The police officers beat
these civilians in response, using clubs and sticks, combined with shooting. As a
result of the shooting, Eyad Abdel Karim Abu Ghazalah, 16, was injured by a bullet
in the right leg; and Mousa Said Abu Hashish, 17, injured by a bullet that penetrated
both his thighs. The two injured children were transported to Kamal ‘Edwan Hospital
in Beit Lahia to receive the necessary medical treatment. The medical staff described
their injuries as moderate.


On 24 October 2012, an explosive device was detonated by unknown persons in an
deserted house near Nama’a Association in Jablya in the north of the Gaza Strip,
causing severe damages to the walls. Reim Hassan Khader (6) suffered from a
breakdown while she was at her house, which is located in the explosion area. She
was transported to Kamal ‘Edwan hospital in Beit Lahia for treatment, where the
doctors described her condition as stable.


3. Access to Education Services

According to PCHR’s documentation, during the reporting period, the Ministry of
Education in the Gaza Strip suspended education in all schools established in the
border area throughout the Gaza Strip, after IOF moved several hundred meters into
the Gaza Strip’s border area. On 15, 22 and 24 October 2012, the Ministry of
Education declared suspension of education in all schools located near the border area
in the northern, central and southern areas of the Gaza Strip, after IOF had moved
several hundred meters into the Gaza Strip, amidst heavy shooting and covered by

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Do Not Distort the Image of Security Forces


By Sajjad Shaukat

Pakistani civil society activists shout carry placards and shout anti-Taleban slogans during a protest rally held in Islamabad on Oct 10, 2012, against the assassination attempt on Malala Yousafzai. The attack took place in Mingora, the main town of the Swat Valley in Pakistan's northwest, where Malala had campaigned for the right to an education during a two-year Taleban insurgency which the army said it had crushed in 2009. -- PHOTO: AFP


New debate has started in our media, after the statement of Chief of Army Staff General Ashfaq Parvez Kayani who said on November 5 that no individual or institution has the monopoly to decide what is right or wrong in defining the ultimate national interest, adding that armed forces draw their strength from the public support. Therefore, any effort which draws a wedge between the people and armed forces ofPakistanundermines the larger national interest.

He explained, “As a nation, we are passing through a defining phase. We are critically looking at the mistakes made by all of us in the past and trying to set the course for a better future…striving for the rule of law…no one is guilty until proven.”

He further stated, “We all agree that strengthening the institutions, ensuring the rule of law and working within the bounds of the constitution is the right way…conspiracy theories based on rumours which create doubts about the very intent, are unacceptable.”

Earlier to the statement of Gen. Kayani, Chief Justice of Pakistan, Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry stated on the same day that the Supreme Court has ultimate jurisdiction and as a protector of the constitution, a heavy responsibility lies upon its judges to uphold the constitutional predominance and its supremacy over all other institutions and authorities.

Chief Justice elaborated, “Gone are the days when stability and security of the country was defined in terms of number of missiles and tanks. Today, the concept of national security has been redefined as a polity wherein a state is bound to provide its citizens with overwhelming, social security and welfare.”

He further said, “The present day Supreme Court has been restored to its original position by unprecedented struggle of lawyers, students, media persons and civil society.”

Like Gen. Kayani, he also pointed out, “This judiciary has been trying to rewrite the history of the country by not only atoning sins of the past but also setting up new precedents ensuring rule of law and fundamental rights as enshrined in the constitution. But, during a hearing on the media’s role, Chief Justice again remarked on November 6 that no one should be mistaken as the final decision lay with the Supreme Court.

In this respect, political experts and defence analysts have opined that Gen. Kayani did not name the Supreme Court, but his statement was about the latter and media which have perennially been distorting the image of Pakistan’s Security forces and its intelligence agencies. However, these statements need realistic analysis in accordance with the ground realities.

Since the apex court has been taking notice of various cases, without grasping realities, our politicians and media have manipulated every issue and case like the Memogate case, Mehrangate verdict, NRO case, missing persons of Balochistan, law and order situation in Karachi, military operation in North Waziristan, incident of Malala Yousafzai etc., to tarnish country’s key security intuitions, and by creating a rift between Pak Army and general masses. The leaders of the PML (N), Jamat-i-Islami and PTI have perennially been criticising the Pak Army and ISI to increase their vote bank by misguiding the common men. While our media anchors and so-called human rights groups also disrepute country’s security agencies by manipulating one or the other issue. In these terms, political leaders become unintentional victim—benefiting the external plotters, while some of our media commentators are on the payroll of anti-Pakistan powers.

Particularly, corruption of our politicians has exposed on October 19, this year when in its judgment in the Air Marshal (r) Asghar Khan case, the Supreme Court of Pakistan directed the government to take action against former Army Chief Gen. Mirza Aslam Baig and former Chief of Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI) Gen. Asad Durrani for distributing millions of rupees among anti-PPP politicians in the 1990 elections. But the Court left it to the Federal Investigation Agency (FIA) to initiate investigation against all the politicians who received money. In this context, Imran Khan remarked on October 19 that all these politicians will become innocent through a bribery-deal with the FIA. In these terms, the Court has indirectly taken a lenient view of the political leaders, especially Nawaz Sharif of PML-N who had played a leading role in restoring the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry to his present seat.

Meanwhile, the National Accountability Bureau (NAB) on October 31 issued summons to three retired generals, namely, Lt. Gen. Javed Ashraf Qazi, Lt. Gen. Saeeduz Zafar and Maj-Gen. Hassan Butt for accusing them of illegally sanctioning railway property to the ‘Royal palm golf club’, which resulted in losses of billions of rupees to the Pakistan Railways.

On the other hand, Gen. Kayani did not interfere in these cases, relating to army, but recently, made a new precedent in the history of Pakistan by taking action against the three high-ranked officers of the National Logistic Cell (NLC), namely, Lt-Gen. Khalid Munir Khan, Lt-Gen. (r) M. Afzal Muzzafar and Maj-Gen. (r) Khalid Zaheer Akhtar who have been accused of being involved in a multi-billion scam and have been taken back in active service so that they may face court martial.

Instead of appreciating Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani, our internal entities are creating stereotypes among the general masses regarding the Pak Army. They have also been raising false allegations of corruption against the Army as an institution. But, fact is that if any army soldier involves himself in any such malpractice, it is his individual act.

As regards the Supreme Court, while hearing petition regarding deteriorating law and order situation in Balochistan, the Court on October 31 declared that Balochistan government lost its authority in the province. In this regard, during a number of subsequent hearings, the Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry held ISI, Military Intelligence (MI) and Frontier Corps (FC) responsible for extra-judicial killings and missing persons of Balochistan. And he also agreed with Sardar Akhtar Jan Mengal, the head of the Balochistan National Party who raised similar false allegations. Chief Justice ordered that all the disappeared people should be produced before the court, military operation in the province should be stopped and proxy death squads formed by the ISI and MI should be disbanded.

But, the federal government and the armed forces in a joint statement to the Supreme Court rejected all these misperceptions.

In this respect, the honourable Chief Justice and other internal entities of Pakistan must know that the reality behind the worsening circumstances and the missing people of Balochistan is that secret agencies like CIA, RAW and Mossad which have well-established their collective network in Afghanistan are in collusion, and have perennially been supporting bomb blasts, suicide attacks, abductions, target killings, ethnic and sectarian violence in Balochistan through their affiliated militant groups such as Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA), Jundollah (God’s soldiers), and other Baloch feudal lords (Sardars) to dismember Pakistan for their strategic designs. Their subversive activities have resulted in missing persons in Balochistan, for which BLA and other separatist groups have claimed responsibility.

Unilateral approach of the present apex court could also be judged from the fact that on November 1, while resuming the hearing ofKarachilaw and order case, the Court said that it would be better, if the rangers are sent to borders and money should be spent on police performance in the city.

Besides, Supreme Court conducted the case of contempt of court against the ex-Prime Minister Syed Yusuf Raza Gilani regarding NRO in relation to writing a letter to the Swiss authorities. But Gilani refused it as he could not do it in accordance with the constitution. Nevertheless, the Court passed a verdict against him, while parliament is supreme, which could supersede the order of the Supreme Court. In this context, on November 6, Minister for Information and Broadcasting, Qamar Zaman Kaira stated “No doubt, the Supreme Court is the apex court, but when we talk about supreme institution, the parliament is the supreme institution as per the constitution.” Besides, PPP leader advocate Babar Awan also became the target of contempt of court.

Here, question arises as to why no contempt of court was launched against the counsel for former ambassador to the US Husain Haqqanim, Asma Jahangir who said onDecember 30, 2011 about apex court’s order that it was a dark day for the judiciary, and she was forced to think that whether it was the judiciary of the people.

Nevertheless, it is due to the phenomena created by the Supreme Court, some irresponsible politicians and media anchors that they themselves including general masses have forgotten the services of the Pak Army during floods—particularly during the Earthquake of 2005, entailing restoration of law and order, resettlement of the Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs) on a number of occasions and so on. Notably, during his regime, when WAPDA was going to bankrupt, the then Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif had invited the army to manage its affairs. By collecting revenue on electricity bills, army’s personal saved WAPDA from bankruptcy.

Besides, Pak Army ejected the Taliban from Swat, Dir, Buner and other adjoining areas through military operations. Even, now these forces are coping with the Taliban in some tribal areas by sacrificing their own lives for the security of the country. In Balochistan, Army established a number of schools and colleges including technical institutes, while providing military training to the Baloch people to bring them in the mainstream of the country. Notably, ISI have captured many militant commanders, foreign agents, and thwarted the subversive acts through pre-arrests of terrorists.

Gen. Kayani who is still acting upon the principle of non-interference in political affairs stated onDecember 23, 2011, “The Pakistan Army has and will continue to support democratic process in the country.” While stressing upon national unity, Gen. Kayani explained onJune 9, 2011, “Any effort to create division between important institutions of the country is not in national interest…the people ofPakistanwhose support the army has always considered vital for its operations against terrorists.” Recently, he repeated similar views about speculations of military operation inNorth Waziristan.

At this critical hour,Pakistanhas been facing multiple crises of grave nature, and subversive activities supported by the foreign-backed insurgents. So, instead of distorting the image of security forces in the tone of anti-Pakistan external elements, our political parties, media, NGOs and Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry who is, indirectly, encouraging these entities through his partiality are suggested to show realistic approach by creating selfless unity among the security forces, politicians and people.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: USvs Islamic Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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In Middle East, relief not euphoria at Obama win


A tweet from one of Saudi Arabia’s most influential clerics summed up the Middle East’s response to Barack Obama’s re-election:

“Obama isn’t good,” tweeted Salman al-Oudah, “But he is the lesser evil.”

After four years during which he largely kept Washington on the sidelines while the Arab Spring transformed the Middle East, Obama’s re-election was met more with relief than joy in a region that welcomed him in 2008 and still has bitter memories of his Republican predecessor George W. Bush.

There was cautious hope that he could reach a deal with Iran to defuse tension over its nuclear program, and prod Israel and the Palestinians closer to reviving their frozen peace talks. Above all, people said Obama was less likely than his Republican opponent Mitt Romney to start another war.

“Obama was the better choice,” said Cairo schoolboy Mohammed Gamal. “At least no war had happened in his four-year term.”

Amin, a Tehran filmmaker, told Reuters by telephone: “We hate the policies of the U.S. and Israel, but Obama’s policies are wiser. The only chance we have for the situation not to get worse was anObama victory.”

Mira, a 32-year-old dissident Iranian journalist reached by telephone, said: “Romney seemed willing to take U.S. foreign policy back to its Bush-era belligerent xenophobic milieu.”

The Middle East is hardly a region where any U.S. president can expect effusive praise, but surveys have shown that most there wanted Obama to win, if only because of bitter memories of Bush and the widely resented war in Iraq.

“An Obama win was expected and he is the best at this stage,” said Cairo doctor Mohamed el-Sanusy. “Let us not forget that Romney is a little Bush.”


After coming to power in 2008 promising to bring U.S. troops home from Iraq, Obama quickly visited the Middle East, saying he wanted to re-engage with the region and soothe anger directed at the United States during the Bush years.

In 2009, four months into his first term, Obama told an enthusiastic audience in Cairo that he wanted for launch a “new beginning” in relations between the United States and the region.

His Republican challenger this time around, Mitt Romney, has derided that visit as part of an “apology tour”, a tag rejected by the White House.

But if Obama’s first election was greeted warmly in the Middle East, his re-election four years later was met more soberly in a tumultuous region, where the Arab Spring revolts have revealed the limits of U.S. power to shape events.

“I have the feeling that people in the region are not as enthusiastic as they were in 2008 about the whole American presidential campaign,” said Saudi political analyst Khaled al-Dakheel.

“There is a feeling that there is a marginal difference between the two regarding U.S. policy on the Middle East, especially after the third debate when they focused on foreign policy.”

One man in the region who may not be pleased by Obama’s re-election is Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu – he did little to dispel the impression he favored Romney after clashing with Obama over West Bank settlements and Iran policy and now faces a new spell of awkwardness with the White House:

“I don’t think we can just assume that what happened between them over the past four years will have just evaporated,” said Sallai Meridor, a former Israeli ambassador to Washington.

On Iran, Obama initially offered unconditional talks with Washington’s old foe, but over the past year imposed harsh sanctions in conjunction with the European Union to try to force Iran to agree to abandon its nuclear program.

“Obama was a tough president for Iran’s hardliners, because he exposed them as the problem. His … efforts to engage Iran accentuated Tehran’s internal divisions, and created greater international unity,” said Karim Sadjadpour, associate at the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace in Washington


Last year’s Arab Spring uprisings toppled more Middle Eastern autocrats than Bush, with the United States largely staying on the sidelines or playing a supportive role.

Obama let France and Britain take the lead in the NATO coalition that helped bomb Libya’s Muammar Gaddafi out of power, sat back as long-term U.S. allies were brought down by popular revolts in Tunisia and Egypt, and has ruled out U.S. military intervention in Syria.

Many in the region say Obama has largely fulfilled his pledge to dictate to the region less than his predecessor.

“What I know about Obama is that four years ago, he wanted to make balance. He has had pressures on him but in general he has made balance,” said retired Kuwaiti schoolteacher Mustafa al-Khabbaz, 65.

But the U.S. president, who was awarded a Nobel Peace Prize after less than a year in the job, is hardly viewed across the Middle East as a peacenik. In Yemen, where his administration helped push veteran autocrat Ali Abdullah Saleh from power, Obama is largely known for an aggressive and hugely unpopular campaign of drone strikes against al Qaeda militants.

“On behalf of Yemenis,” tweeted Yemeni blogger and journalist Afrah Nasser, “I urge Obama to leave our skies alone in the next four years.”

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Other presidential candidates CNN won’t tell you about!




November, 2012

There are no taboo subjects with Crescent International. So here we go with the names of the other US presidential candidates.

November 05, 2012, 09:00 DST

How tightly big corporations control the US political system can be gleaned from the fact that the corporate-owned media won’t even mention the names of other candidates running for president. Far be it for them to talk about their party platform or position on major issues.

Barack Obama and Mitt Romney are the only two names most Americans hear and know about as contenders for the White House. This is what America’s corporate masters want.

There are no taboo subjects with Crescent International. So here we go with the names of the other US presidential candidates.

1: Gary Johnson – Libertarian Party

He is a two-time governor of New Mexico who left the state with a surplus of $1 billion. His party platform includes cuts in taxes and government expenditures. “The biggest threat to our national security is the fact that we’re bankrupt,” says Johnson. He opposes US involvement in international conflicts including any attack on Iran. He wants to terminate aid to all foreign countries including Israel. If elected, Johnson has promised to cut military spending by 43 percent.

The Republican Party fears he will take votes away from their candidate thereby benefiting Obama. Johnson is registered in all but two states: Oklahoma and Michigan but even there people can vote for him by writing in his name on the ballot.

The candidate with the highest percentage of popular vote in any state gets all the electoral college votes for that state. Thus Johnson could potentially take the popular vote from Romney thereby handing some crucial states to Obama.

2: Dr Jill Stein – Green Party

A medical doctor, Jill Stein is Jewish but calls for an end to Israeli apartheid. She wants to create a green White House and cut defense spending in half. Money thus saved should be used to support free higher education. Those knowledgeable about American politics would remember that Cynthia McKinney, the four-term member of the US House of Representatives, was the Green Party candidate in 2008.

Dr Stein’s supporters include the linguist, Professor Noam Chomsky of MIT, and Pulitzer Prize-winning journalist Chris Hedges. Stein will have her name on the ballot in 38 states, and it will be possible to vote for her in nine more. She ran against Romney in the race for governor of Massachusetts in 2002.

“We are all realizing that we, the people, have to take charge because the political parties that are serving the top 1 percent are not going to solve the problems that the rest of us face, we need people in Washington who will refuse to be bought by lobbyists and for whom change is not just a slogan,” said Stein. To prove her point, she and her vice presidential candidate tried to enter the Hofstra University in New York on October 6 to debate Obama and Romney. She was arrested.

Stein wants the US government to play a more active role in resolving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, making future financial aid to Israel or the Palestinian authority conditional on maintaining human rights, and supports the imposition of sanctions if these are violated. She calls for “an end to the discriminatory apartheid policies within the state of Israel, the removal of the Separation Wall, a ban on assassination, movement toward denuclearization, the release of all political prisoners and journalists from Israeli and Palestinian prisons, disarmament of non-state militias, and recognition of the right of self-determination for both Israelis and Palestinians.”

3: Merlin Miller – American “third” Position Party (A3P)

A graduate from the US Military Academy at West Point, NY, Merlin Miller was born and raised in Des Moines, Iowa. He served in the US Army, where he commanded two units.

Given his military background, he says the attacks of 911 were an inside job and has called for a full inquiry to expose those involved in this criminal enterprise attacking the US mainland.

Miller is the only US presidential candidate who recently met Iran’s President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad. As a former military commander, Miller is strongly opposed to the militarisation of US foreign policy and seeks a coalition of all Americans who oppose corporate and finance control of the state in favor of individual freedom and protection against globalization forces.

He is very critical of the deep Zionist influence on American politics, the corruption of mass media and the degeneration of Hollywood entertainment.

With an MFA degree in Cinema/Television from the University of Southern California, Miller has also been a successful filmmaker. His award winning films include “A Place to Grow” and “Jericho”. It is, however, his positions on non-militarism, stand against war and the promotion of truth, honesty and peace that have attracted a small but significant segment of the American public.

On April 2, 2009, Miller wrote: “At one time, we lived in hope that the American dream was possible, that we could achieve greatness, and find peace, love, and happiness. The dream required hard work, honesty and humility, but it was within reach. Our founding fathers and ancestors proved it could become real.”

As the Presidential candidate for A3P, he wants to promote those issues crucial to stopping the orchestrated destruction of America. “We must pursue truth, justice and liberty if we are to safeguard a future for our progeny, and restore the inspirational greatness of our constitutional republic.” He is registered in Colorado, another swing state as well as several others. He has also earned the endorsement of newspapers like the American Free Press and Nationalist Times.

4: Virgil Goode – Constitution Party

Virgil Goode insists there should be no campaign contributions above $200. The 66-year-old Goode defines himself as a representative of “ordinary people.” He represented the 6th District of Virginia in the US House of Representatives from 1997 to 2009 – first as a Democrat and later as a Republican. He says that Washington is ruled by the elite and big money – and has refused to accept contributions from political action committees or from individuals of more than $200.

The Virginian is seen as a greater threat to Republicans than Democrats. In the swing state of Virginia, if he were to win 1 to 2 percent of the popular vote, Obama would come out on top and all the state’s electoral college votes would go to him. That is why the Republicans made an unsuccessful bid to disqualify Goode’s candidacy in Virginia. His name will be on the ballot in 26 states and it will be possible to vote for him in 10 others.

Goode’s platform includes the immediate balancing of budget and a total stop to immigration to the United States until such time as unemployment falls below 5 percent.

5: Roseanne Barr – Peace and Freedom Party

Roseanne Barr is a well-known actress/comedian but says she is serious about her presidential bid. The 60-year-old actress (she turned 60 on November 3) is on the ballot in three states: California, Colorado and Florida.

She first sought the Green Party ticket but lost to Jill Stein. Then she sought and won the California-based Peace and Freedom Party ticket with running mate, Cindy Sheehan, a well-known anti-war activist.

Born to immigrant Jewish parents from Eastern Europe, Barr wants the Bankers and the Federal Reserve brought down. Her website says: “They have stolen our money, our future and the American Dream and continue to enslave us with a broken monetary system. There is no scarcity; there is manipulation of the resources. We need to end the wars, bring our troops home and our jobs back, create new Green jobs and put people back to work. We need a resource-based economy.”

On September 19, 2011 she appeared at the Occupy Wall Street protests and spoke in support of the protesters. She further stated that any “guilty” Wall Street bankers should be forced to give up any income over $100 million, be sent to re-education camps, or be executed by beheading if they resisted.

Most Americans would heartily agree with her last point.

She also calls for legalizing marijuana for medical purposes.

6: Rocky Anderson – Justice Party

Rocky Anderson had served as mayor of Salt Lake City from 2000 to 2008. He was formerly a Democrat but established the Justice Party a year ago is running for president on its ticket.

He has been an active human rights lawyer and supporter of the Occupy Wall Street movement. His party platform calls for universal health insurance and believes that global warming is the greatest danger to humanity.

His harshest criticism is reserved for the American electoral system that he says is hostage to money interests. The system (and now even more so in light of the Supreme Court 2010 verdict of Citizens’ United allowing corporations to make unlimited donations to political campaigns) is open to manipulation by financial tycoons because of the manner in which secret Political Action Committees (PACs) can raise and spend money so long as they maintain an arms-length relationship with candidates.

The fact that in this election, $6 billion will be spent on campaigns is reflective of money’s corrupting influence on the political system.

There are half a dozen other candidates on the ballot for president.

On October 23, the day after the Obama-Romney foreign policy debate that kept slipping into becoming an economy debate, there was another debate between the alternate candidates for the presidency held in Chicago. Four candidates participated: Gary Johnson, Merlin Miller, Virgil Goode and Jill Stein.

Moderated by Larry King, the now-retired CNN icon, who said: “These people deserve a lot of credit.” The veteran broadcaster went on: “They’re the ones coming forward. It’s easy to sit back and watch. These people stand up. They may not be counted on November 6, but they’re counting today, and they deserve to be heard.”

Libertarian candidate, Gary Johnson won loud applause at the Chicago debate but Goode delivered the punchline: “Our government is run by and for the benefit of monstrous corporations rather than in the interests of the people of this country.”

None of these candidates will come anywhere near the White House but the fact that they are raising serious issues reflect the growing dissatisfaction with the electoral system and giving it voice.

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Sir Winston Churchill: Zionist hero


Jews hold strong views about the man honoured by a new statue in Jerusalem, says Catrina Stewart

Jewish supporters of Winston Churchill are to unveil a bust of the British wartime leader in Jerusalem this weekend in what they say is a long-overdue recognition of his staunch and unwavering support of the Jewish cause and their desire for a homeland.

“As a passionate Zionist all his life and a philo-semite, Churchill has been under-recognised,” says Anthony Rosenfelder, a trustee of the Jerusalem Foundation, which is behind the project to commemorate the British leader. He “combined a historical understanding of the Jewish people and what the promised land meant for Jews … with realpolitik”.

It is perhaps ironic that a statue of Churchill should stand just yards away from the King David Hotel, scene of a deadly Jewish terror attack on British military headquarters in 1946 that was to hasten the demise of mandate rule in Palestine.

Sixty-four years after the British exit, Jewish antipathy towards its mandate-era rule of Palestine still remains strong.

Some regard Churchill as a controversial figure whose government turned back Jewish immigrants trying to reach Palestine during the Second World War. Others claim that Churchill was one of the greatest supporters of the Zionist movement. They say he should be acknowledged for his role in helping make real the 1917 Balfour Declaration of British support for a Jewish homeland in Palestine.

Nearly half a century after his death, though, Churchill still remains a complex historical figure among Jews. “It’s always important to give history a bit of time to bed down,” says Randolph Churchill, great-grandson of the British leader, a reference to the anger many Israelis still harbour towards the British. “People have had time to reflect and consider [on his role]. I don’t think it’s late after the event.”

Most Israelis will remember Churchill for his role in defeating Hitler, and as the man who set the world against the Nazis, he is much admired. Unlike other British officials who backed the movement, such as Henry Balfour, Sir Wyndham Deedes and David Lloyd George, there is, however, almost no official recognition of his contribution.

“Churchill is not really commemorated here, and for lots of reasons he should be,” says Isaac Herzog, an Israeli politician behind the bust initiative.

Many Israelis will admit scant knowledge of his long alliance with the Jews during the early part of the 20th century, one which spurred a friend to tell his official biographer, Martin Gilbert, that Churchill was not without fault, that he was “too fond of the Jews.”

Indeed, it is Mr Gilbert, himself a Jew, who has proven one of the single biggest champions of Churchill, and whose weighty tome on the subject fired imaginations, including that of Mr Rosenfelder who said the book “switched on a light for me”.

Tom Segev, author of One Palestine Complete, claims that Churchill once told his close friend and an elder of the Zionist movement, Chaim Weizmann, that he would support the Zionists “even if they did horribly stupid things”.

Not everybody is so convinced. Some see his support for Zionism as a matter of expediency. He spoke often of a Jewish conspiracy behind the Bolshevik Revolution, and there are those who believe that his support for a Jewish state arose from a desire to keep the Jews from meddling in the affairs of others.

“His attitude towards the Jews was very complicated,” says Eli Shaltiel, a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute. “The Jewish state was a way of solving the Jewish problem… Once they had a state of their own, it would serve their very uniqueness. They would be normal like any other nation.”

The question of Auschwitz concentration camp, where thousands were killed daily, also remains a bone of contention. Critics say he put Allied lives before Jewish ones by failing to bomb it in 1944. Although historians concede Churchill did give the order for an attack, he did not make it a priority.

Edward Luttwak, a Washington-based scholar writing a book about Churchill, is even more uncomplimentary. Even as the full horrors of the extermination camp became more widely known, , he claims, Churchill wilfully ignored the plight of Hungarian Jews.

He points to events in early 1944, when Romania, Bulgaria and Hungary all ceased to cooperate with Nazi Germany in deporting their Jewry, but Britain continued to enforce rigorously stiff immigration quotas to Palestine to appease the Arabs during a time of war. He claims they denied many European Jews safe passage by either declining or issuing out-of-date visa documents.

“The Romanians survived, the Bulgarians survived, the Hungarians did not. That’s on Churchill’s conscience,” says Mr Luttwak. “In 1944, Churchill, lifelong friend of the Jews, became Hitler’s remaining Holocaust ally.”

By then, Britain’s Palestine policy was increasingly under attack from the Jews. The Struma incident two years earlier – where a ship carrying Romanian refugees trying to reach Palestine via Turkey was turned away, only to be sunk by a Soviet submarine, killing 768 people on board – had rallied opposition to the British: Churchill himself was to become a target.

Newly declassified MI5 papers reveal that in 1944, the British feared that the Stern Gang, a Jewish terrorist group determined to oust the British from Palestine, was plotting to kill Churchill, as well as the unpopular politician Ernest Bevin.

In the end, it was not Churchill who died, but his close friend Lord Moyne, who was assassinated by the Stern Gang in Cairo in November 1944. Mr Segev writes that the bloody act “lost the Zionists one of their most important supporters, Winston Churchill”.

In an address to the House of Commons, Churchill made clear the depth of his dismay: “If our dreams for Zionism are to end in the smoke of assassins’ pistols and our labours for its future to produce only a new set of gangsters worthy of Nazi Germany, many like myself will have to reconsider the position we have maintained so consistently and so long in the past.”

But by then the wheels had already been set in motion, and the Jewish state was only a few years from becoming a reality.

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In Excessive Use of Force, IOF Kill Palestinian Civilian in Central Gaza Strip


Picture of former prisoners of Buchenwald staring out from the wooden bunks.

On the evening of 4th November 2012, Israeli Occupation Forces (IOF) killed a Palestinian civilian, suffering from epilepsy, by using lethal force near the border between Gaza Strip and Israel. Investigations conducted by Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) reveal that IOF used excessive force against the victim and did not attempt to arrest him despite him being unarmed and dressed in civilian clothes.

According to PCHR’s investigation, at approximately 20:20 hrs on Sunday residents of Gaza Valley, a village in the central Gaza Strip near the border, saw flash bombs over the area and heard intense shooting after Israeli soldiers called on a person to move away from the area.  They informed the ICRC about the incident.  It was only after two hours and following coordination with IOF that the ambulances of Palestine Red Crescent Society were allowed into the area.

As per the medical team, they found the body of a young man wearing civilian clothes nearly 10 meters away from the border.  The body was transported to al-Aqsa Martyrs Hospital in Deir al-Balah, where the victim was identified as Ahmed Tawfiq ‘Awadh al-Nabahin, 23, from Gaza Valley village.  According to medical sources, the victim was hit by several bullets in his chest, back, left hand, and foot.  His family stated that he was suffering from epileptic seizures because of increased electrostatic charges in his body and he had gone to the border areas several times before.  IOF detained him two months ago for several days, but upon realizing that he was ill they released him.

PCHR expresses deep concern for such crimes which reflect the continued use of excessive force by IOF against Palestinian civilians in disregard of their lives even though IOF had redeployed outside the Gaza Strip.

PCHR calls upon the international community to take immediate and effective actions to put an end to such crimes and reiterates its call for the parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949 to fulfill their obligations under Common Article 1 i.e., to respect and to ensure respect for the Convention in all circumstances, and their obligation under Article 146 to prosecute persons alleged to commit grave breaches of the Fourth Geneva Convention.  These grave breaches constitute war crimes under Article 147 of the same Convention and Article 85 of Protocol I Additional to the Geneva Conventions.

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HSBC Caught in New Drug Money Laundering Scandal

Global Research
While HSBC’s Canary Wharf masters are back-peddling furiously over charges that they gave a leg up to terrorist financiers and drug traffickers as a recent U.S. Senate report charged, new evidence emerged that its business as usual for the multinational banking giant founded by Hong Kong-based British opium merchants.


Earlier this month, The Independent reported that French police had “intercepted one of the dozens of ‘go-fast’ cars which transport cannabis at high speed from Spain to Paris. The seizure–banal in itself–unravelled an extraordinary network of drug-trafficking, money-laundering, fraud and tax evasion which sprawled over the invisible barrier which separates Paris from the city’s poor, multiracial suburbs.”

The bank embroiled in this latest scandal? Why HSBC, of course!

According to reporter John Lichfield, “bank notes handed by clients to street drug dealers in the suburbs were ending up, French and Swiss investigators discovered, in the safes of seemingly law-abiding, well-heeled citizens in the French capital.”

But that’s not the only place where crisp bundles of cash were turning up.

“A trio of Moroccan brothers, including a prominent fund manager in Geneva, are alleged to have concocted an elaborate scheme to launder money by balancing two illegal flows of cash,” The Independent averred.

At the center of this multimillion euro money laundering spider’s web were: Meyer El-Maleh, the managing director of the fund management firm GPF SA, and brothers Mardoché El-Maleh, the alleged bagman of the cannabis-for-cash scheme and Nessim El-Maleh, a fund management specialist with the Swiss private banking arm of HSBC, HSBC Private Bank (Suisse) S.A.

The Independent reported that the trio “are suspected of handling up to 12m euros (£9.6m) in cash in the past seven months (and far more over the past four years). Assets seized by the police include 2m euros in cash, gold ingots, art treasures and guns.”

“The HSBC bank has confirmed that its employee was involved in the affair,” Swiss Info disclosed, “but says that it has been ‘cooperating actively with the authorities about this over the past few months’. The Swiss newspaper Le Temps reports that GPF SA is about to dismiss the other brother.”

Talk about closing the barn door after the horses have escaped!

Among the well-heeled perps arrested by authorities on charges of “conspiracy to launder money and association with criminals” was Florence Lamblin, a prominent Green Party politician and deputy mayor of the 13th arrondissement in Paris.

Her arrest was all the more ironic considering that fake “left” Greens are currently in coalition with François Hollande’s pro-austerity “Socialist” government. Lamblin and her coalition partners had run on a platform demanding tougher action against (wait for it) international money laundering!

When Lamblin’s home was raided “police discovered 400,000 euros (SFr484,000) in low-value notes” in safes belonging to the “progressive” politician, Swiss Info averred.

In the wake of her arrest, Lamblin was forced to resign although she denied “any involvement” in the drug smuggling scheme.

Her lawyer, Jérôme Boursican told AFP “she had held 350,000 euros from a family legacy in a Swiss account.”

“If anything, my client may be guilty of tax fraud, over the transfer back to France of a sum of 350,000 euros from a family inheritance which was placed in a Swiss bank account in 1920,” Boursican explained.

The attorney told France 24 that he would ask a judge “to dismiss the case against his client ‘as soon as possible’ and blamed her involvement on a ‘judicial error’.”

The “error” of getting caught perhaps?

Despite Lamblin’s professed innocence, Swiss Info reported that “the sums involved are huge.” French police have charged that “the sum involved in the money laundering is about 40 million euros, while French Interior Minister Manuel Valls says that the drug smuggling must have brought in about 100 million euros.”

As preliminary reports suggest it appears that Lamblin was keen on keeping more than the environment “green.”

A typical money laundering “placement” scheme, “cannabis profits leaving France were ‘swapped’ for assets hidden in Switzerland which tax cheats or business fraudsters wished to repatriate,” The Independentreported.

“The risky job of smuggling drug-trafficking proceeds over the Franco-Swiss border was avoided,” Lichfield wrote. “Instead, the drugs cash was handed over in plastic bags to Parisians who had hidden Swiss accounts.”

“The same sums were debited from their banks in Geneva and sent on a complex route through shell companies in London and offshore tax havens to purchase assets for the drug barons in Morocco, Dubai or Spain. A commission was allegedly paid on both transactions,” The Independent averred.

Referred to as “layering,” the transfer of funds took place through a series of opaque financial transactions that camouflaged their illegal origins. In the case of our well-heeled Parisians, drug profits were swapped through bank-to-bank and bulk cash transfers via private banks in Geneva, one of which was owned by HSBC.

As Senate investigators disclosed, “Bulk cash shipments typically use common carriers … to ship U.S. dollars by air, land, or sea. Shipments have gone via airplanes, armored trucks, ships, and railroads.”

“Shippers,” Senate staff averred, “may be ‘currency originators,’ such as businesses that generate cash from sales of goods or services; or ‘intermediaries’ that gather currency from originators or other intermediaries to form large shipments. Intermediaries are typically central banks, commercial banks, money service businesses, or their agents.”

Eschewing armored cars, airplanes or ships, the “originators” of these illegal cash flows preferred ubiquitous black plastic trash bags and “go-fast” limousines as the method of choice for bulk cash transfers. It would certainly cut down on shipping costs as the loot moved “offshore” and entered the shadow world of private banking!

As financial researcher James S. Henry pointed out in The Price of Offshore Revisited: “The term ‘offshore’ refers not so much to the actual physical location of private assets or liabilities, but to nominal, hyper-portable, multi-jurisdictional, often quite temporary locations of networks of legal and quasi-legal entities and arrangements that manage and control private wealth–always in the interests of those who manage it, supposedly in the interests of its beneficial owners, and often in indifference or outright defiance of the interests and laws of multiple nation states.”

“A painting or a bank account may be located inside Switzerland’s borders,” Henry wrote, “but the all-important legal structure that owns it–typically that asset would be owned by an anonymous offshore company in one jurisdiction, which is in turn owned by a trust in another jurisdiction, whose trustees are in yet another jurisdiction (and that is one of the simplest offshore structures)–is likely to be fragmented in many pieces around the globe.”

Given Switzerland’s strict bank secrecy laws, we do not know, and Senate investigators did not disclose, how many billions of dollars were hidden for HSBC’s private banking clients in Geneva, where it originated or whether or not occult wealth shielded from scrutiny was derived from organized criminal activities.

In July however, when the Senate pointed a finger directly at HSBC over anti-money laundering “lapses,” The Bureau of Investigative Journalism revealed that “British clients of an HSBC-owned private Swiss bank that is the focus of a major HM Revenue & Customs investigation are alleged to have evaded tax by an amount likely to exceed £200m.”

Lord Stephen Green, Baron of Hurstpierpoint and current Minister of Trade and Investment in David Cameron’s Conservative government, was previously HSBC’s chief executive and the chairman and director of HSBC Private Banking Holdings (Suisse) N.A. for ten years.

During Green’s tenure, journalist Nick Mathiason disclosed that “the sums allegedly evaded by Britons using HSBC’s Swiss bank are massive. HMRC told the Bureau ‘the early indications are that the amounts are significant’.”

According to Mathiason, in 2010 the HMRC “received data smuggled out of HSBC by a former bank IT worker, now under arrest in Spain and facing possible extradition to Switzerland, that contained details of 6,000 UK-linked individuals, companies and trusts. Two senior tax investigators who both worked at HMRC told the Bureau the average amount evaded in the 6,000 accounts is likely to range between £33,000 and £50,000.”

While the sums involved in the Parisian money laundering and drugs scandal may be chump change in comparison to the trillions of dollars in illicit drug money that enters the system each year as a result of “normal business relations” between global drug cartels and the international financial system as the United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime (UNODC) revealed last year, it does demonstrate the utterly corrupt nature of the system as a whole.

Indeed, seeming ideological foes are joined at the hip when it comes to fleecing the working class and imposing austerity and privatization schemes that profit their real constituents–the global class of financial parasites who “win” regardless of which party of hucksters gain power.

As Henry observed, “private elites … had accumulated $7.3 to $9.3 trillion of unrecorded offshore wealth in 2010, conservatively estimated, even while many of their public sectors were borrowing themselves into bankruptcy, enduring agonizing ‘structural adjustment’ and low growth, and holding fire sales of public assets.”

Public sector thefts that enrich the shareholders and officers of corrupt institutions like HSBC.

Although settlement talks between U.S. regulatory agencies and HSBC has forced the bank to set aside at least $700m (£441m) to meet the cost of any fines, it is highly unlikely that officials at the bank will be criminally charged.

Currently negotiating with the Justice Department, the Federal Reserve and the Office of the Comptroller of the Currency over serious allegations that the bank conducted a multiyear, multibillion dollar business with terrorist financiers and global drug cartels, the price tag may balloon even higher.

“HSBC’s $700 million set-aside, if paid, would constitute the largest U.S. settlement reached over such allegations, topping the $619 million in penalties and forfeitures paid in June by ING Groep NV, the biggest Dutch financial-services company,” Bloomberg News reported.

According to The New York Times, “federal authorities think HSBC could end up paying at least $1 billion. The bank itself said ‘it is possible that the amounts when finally determined could be higher, possibly significantly higher’.”

A spokesperson for HSBC however, told the Times this “case is not about HSBC complicity in money laundering. Rather, it’s about lax compliance standards that fell short of regulators’ expectations and our expectations, and we are absolutely committed to remedying what went wrong and learning from it’.”

But as Rowan Bosworth-Davies, a former financial crimes specialist with London’s Metropolitan Police observed: “You don’t launder this volume of money by accident, because somewhere along the line, your systems and controls for preventing money laundering just ‘broke down’! You do it because you work in a bank which is willing to flout every rule in the book and engage in layer upon layer of criminal conduct if the money is right! You do it because your management structure is defined by a criminogenic determination to amplify the anomic environment within which you operate and in which you expect your staff to co-operate.”

For their part, Swiss bankers are scrambling to put as much daylight as possible between themselves, the Paris money laundering scandal and HSBC.

Bernard Droux, the chairman of the Geneva Financial Center foundation, an umbrella group of independent banks and wealth managers told Swiss Info: “We were surprised that it should still be possible to do this today. This is a practice that has been forbidden by law for more than 20 years.”

But as with other recent examples of financial skullduggery, Droux reverted to form and claimed “You can never rule out the possibility of black sheep in any profession. No international centre is totally protected from this kind of thing.”

He hastened to add that Switzerland was at the “forefront” of the international fight against drug money.

However, Droux’s “black sheep” brush-off was undercut by a recent Bloomberg Businessweek report. We were informed that “Swiss private banks are looking for footholds in Latin America as the lower fees and higher interest rates offered by local wealth managers deter the region’s super-rich from traveling to Geneva and Zurich.”

This “changing relationship,” Bloomberg reported, began “in the 19th century when Swiss banks guarded the fortunes of plantation owners and mining magnates. UBS AG (UBSN), Credit Suisse Group AG (CSGN) and other Swiss banks are being forced to seek acquisitions as Latin America’s $3.5 trillion wealth management market is set to grow by more than half by 2016, according to Boston Consulting Group.”

“‘People are becoming richer and richer,’ said Gustavo Raitzin, head of Latin America for Julius Baer Group Ltd. (BAER). ‘An emerging consumer class wants to make liquid investments and they need private banks and wealth managers’.”

It is worth recalling in this context that Julius Baer’s Cayman Islands division, as the whistleblowing web site WikiLeaks revealed, was instrumental in squirreling away “several million dollars” of funds controlled by late Mexican Army General Mario Acosta Chaparro and his wife, Silvia, through a shell company known as Symac Investments.

Acosta, who served time in prison for his ties to the late drug trafficking kingpin Amado Carrillo Fuentes, the self-styled “Lord of the Heavens” who ran the Juárez Cartel, was killed in May when an assassin fired three rounds from a a 9mm revolver into his head.

The secret-spilling web site averred: “With the assistance of Julius Baer, Mr Chaparro was able to invest several millions of USD in Symac with all the secrecy which the Caymans allowed and to draw out some $12,000 a month.”

Who else might be in need of “private banks and wealth managers” employed by the likes of HSBC and Julius Baer to make such “liquid investments” possible with no questions asked?

Paging Chapo Guzmán, white courtesy telephone!

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