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Hypocrisy and War Crimes: The Western Imperium

The U.S. has a long history of unleashing chemical and biological warfareagainst civilians both abroad and at home, primarily as an experiment but also to get rid of outdated stockpiles and make room for new generation weapons. Canadian author Robert Rodvik rips into Barack Obama for hypocritically warning Syria against its alleged use of chemical weapons and lambastes his own country which, from a potential U.S. target, turned into a U.S. accomplice in the chemical warfare waged against the Vietnamese people. In the world of realpolitik, nothing takes place in the USA or its NATO partners that isn’t infused with massive dollops of propaganda and then stretched out further by the chattering class who regard hypocrisy as a normal adjunct of their role as soothsayers for war and ever more war,
Since the arms merchants in truth dictate US foreign policy while the Pentagon Press, a.k.a the Mainstream Media brainwash the masses into support for their murderous policies. There is no point, after all, in the manufacturing of war material unless it is to be used.Bombs left on shelves will otherwise rot and disintegrate; useless to all warmongers and therefore given true purpose by the military thugsters who once served the Pentagon but by virtue of the revolving door now revel in their extravagant rewards paid by the arms merchants, the new paymasters for this warrior hierarchy running the criminally capitalist nations – the ultimate hypocrisy being the notion that these countries stand for democracy and concern for humanitarian principles.
The hypocrisy therein is so incredible only a good laugh can do justice to the absurdity of the chargeHere we have the US and its toadies delivering every armament of western manufacture to their death squad pals who are attempting to install a Sharia government in Syria and in the process kill each and every member of the Allawite and Christian communities still alive and fearing for the carnage to follow the US-led terror squads rampaging the once quiet countryside. But thanks to the Pentagon/Corporate press all the realities discussed above remain shrouded in obfuscation and distortion. The sheeple, after all, are needed for the US wars still to come.
[ed notes;click link for whole expose,just citing two paragraphs due to lack of space..

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