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Zionists filing lawsuits against china for alledged aid to Palestinian group,that they(IsraHell) themselves created and funded ?


China’s astronomic rise in economic, military, and diplomatic strength poses numerous challenges to American interests on both the domestic and international fronts.China’s support of regimes and international actors hostile to American interests overseas (such as Sudanese leader Omar Hassan Al-Bashir and Syrian ruler Bashar Al-Assad) has been well-documented for several years; however, evidence has recently emerged pointing to growing ties between the People’s Republic of China and Hamas, the Palestinian Islamist party classified as a terror group by the U.S. State Department and European Union.In a statement on its website, the Bank of China denied the allegations, saying the “Bank of China has always complied with United Nations’ regulations against money laundering and financing for terrorism, as well as relevant regulations and oversight in China and other jurisdictions.
It strictly prohibits any form of financial services for any terrorist organization.”[ed notes:these devils are so filthy,trying to demonize china and palestine slandering lies about bogus communism- islamic ties,wasnt it israhell who sold stolen us technology to red china for many years??? Breaking: Patriot Missiles Seized, Sold To China by Israel (Updates …  Is Israel Really America’s Friend? Look how they threw Chinese support for al assad and omar bashir  in picture as if thats incriminating evidence,meanwhile israhell backs ethiopian dictatorship, US-Israel war against Ethiopian Muslims southern sudanese terrorists, The Israeli connection: who Israel arms and why – Benjamin Beit ... colombias fascist govt(not to mention klein the israhelli general who trained deathsquads there!!) 
Israelis training death squads in Colombia Israel–aiding the world’s butchers ,bulgarias terrorist regime,honduras narco-terrorist govt, Middle East Reality Check: Honduras: The Israeli Connection Israeli commandos in Honduras | Machetera terror cult mko/mek  MEK tied to Israel-backed Terrorism Regardless of US Designation … Israel Matzav: Prominent supporters of Israel back removing MEK … but why bring those up…that would only show israhell is full of sh#t!!!also throwing in the holy land case lawsuit verdict from last week ,shows just how devious israhell really is..that was a travesty of justice as you can see next…read what experts stated regarding the…   

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