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BBC gives Zionist ambassador free rein


Israel’s justification for latest assault on Gaza goes unchallenged on flagship “Today” programme

By Stuart Littlewood

Recent scandals calling into question the news-handling skills of Britain’s national broadcaster don’t seem to have improved matters.

After being treated last night to footage of the slaying of Ahmed Jabari, the military leader of Hamas, by an Israeli assassin flying a drone from his armchair and violating Palestinian airspace, I woke this morning to the kind of crass reporting that has sadly become all too common at the BBC.

It’s flagship news programme “Today”, broadcast on Radio 4, ran a particularly idiotic item about Israel’s unleashing of its latest offensive on Gaza and featured an “interview” by John Humphrys with the Israeli ambassador to Britain, Daniel Taub. At the time of writing, the latest escalation of violence, called Operation Pillar of Defence, had resulted in the killing of 12 Palestinians, including five civilians – three children, a pregnant woman and a 16 year old boy – and the wounding of dozens more, while three Israelis were killed.

The BBC gave [Israeli ambassador] Taub a free ride. After providing the Israeli ambassador with a comfy platform from which to broadcast his distorted views, why wasn’t the other side given a chance?

Taub, the representative of a brutal occupying power, spoke of 800 missiles fired from Gaza since the beginning of the year but was not questioned about the number of rockets, bombs and tank shells delivered by Israel’s high-tech military into the packed humanity of Gaza in the same period.

Taub wanted Israeli citizens to live in peace and quiet but wasn’t asked why Palestinian citizens are not allowed to do the same.

Taub said over one million Israelis have to run for bomb shelters and their kids can’t go to school for fear of Gaza’s rockets, and any country in that situation would feel the need to respond. He wasn’t reminded that Gaza’s citizens also live in fear of daily Israeli air-strikes, have nowhere to run because the siege makes their tiny enclave a prison, and their schools are still so damaged from Israel’s infamous Operation Cast Lead nearly four years ago that they have to teach double shifts.

Taub declared that sitting and doing nothing was not an option for the Israelis. Its citizens, he said, were “exercising astonishing restraint”. He wasn’t asked how restrained Palestinians were expected to be after 64 years of cruel occupation and abuse and now under daily attack from air and sea and strangulated by a six-year siege?

Taub claimed that seven years ago Israel withdrew from every inch of Gaza to try to create a peaceful situation.

Humphrys failed to point out that Israel still occupies Gaza’s airspace, territorial waters and airwaves and has maintained a vicious and illegal blockade since 2006 when democratically-elected Hamas enforced their right to rule. Nor did he remind Taub that the West Bank remains illegally occupied and tightly sealed even though no rockets are fired from there. He could have suggested – but didn’t – that if rockets were such an issue and Israel was so concerned about the safety of its citizens, all Israel had to do was respect international and humanitarian law, end its illegal occupation of the West Bank and East Jerusalem and halt its illegal blockade of Gaza.

[The “Today”] programme succeeded in relaying and amplifying the Israeli propaganda narrative. For this I blame the researchers and editors and the head of News who, it seems to me, need to go back to journalism school and brush up on the basics.

The BBC gave Taub a free ride. After providing the Israeli ambassador with a comfy platform from which to broadcast his distorted views, why wasn’t the other side given a chance? Where was the Palestinian ambassador, Manuel Hassassian, to refute Israel’s propaganda lies? Was he indisposed, on holiday, in hiding or just “not available for comment”? Or does the BBC’s news agenda not permit even-handedness?

I imagine John Humphrys reads from a script and has little choice over what he says.

True, Humphrys landed a couple of good punches. But despite his reputation as a tough interviewer the programme succeeded in relaying and amplifying the Israeli propaganda narrative. For this I blame the researchers and editors and the head of News who, it seems to me, need to go back to journalism school and brush up on the basics.

A press release from the Palestinian Mission, just arrived as I write, says that the execution of Jabari was followed by over 100 aerial, ground and sea attacks by Israel throughout the Gaza strip. In the last few days the Israeli occupation forces have targeted more than 100 sites in the Gaza Strip.

Hassassian urges the UK government to intervene immediately to stop Israel’s policy of collective punishment, including the killing and injury of innocent civilians, and the continued oppression of Palestinians living under Israeli military occupation and siege. “The UK government must back its support for the two state solution with actions”.

The conclusion I take away from this fiasco is that Palestinians must die in large numbers so that the psychopath Netanyuahu can win more votes in the coming Israeli election. And elements of the British establishment, including our national broadcaster, seem happy to smooth the way for him.

Hanan Ashrawi, a much-respected Palestine Liberation Organization executive member, issued a statement that Israel’s military campaign was a “blatant provocation in violation of international and humanitarian law” and called on the European Union, the Quartet and the international community to adopt “serious measures”.

Not that these pleas will be heard. Israel’s devoted friend in the Foreign Office, William Hague, says it’s Hamas’s fault: “Hamas bears principal responsibility for the current crisis. I utterly condemn rocket attacks from Gaza into southern Israel by Hamas and other armed groups. This creates an intolerable situation for Israeli civilians in southern Israel, who have the right to live without fear of attack from Gaza.” As usual, he says nothing about Palestinians’ right to live in peace and freedom, or their right to self-defence, or the non-stop assaults by air and sea by Israel.

The conclusion I take away from this fiasco is that Palestinians must die in large numbers so that the psychopath Netanyuahu can win more votes in the coming Israeli election. And elements of the British establishment, including our national broadcaster, seem happy to smooth the way for him.

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Natural Born Killers


Rest In Peace– Ahmed Samouni from Zeitoun, Gaza / Operation Cast Lead, January, 2009

As soon as the slaughter began, I avoided it–meaning the internet–like the plague. I had already been through it before–a thousand times at least–and knew if I was to keep what little sanity I had left I simply could not do it, meaning looking at the photos, and particularly those of innocent kids being shot and blown to pieces.

It’s not that I’m the typical callous, stupid American who would rather see Britney Spears wiggling and jiggling herself to pieces in some new music video than the real-life suffering of real-life others. Rather, it is the other direction–I’m over-sensitive to it and for the easy-to-understand reason that those pictures look just like any one my 9 kids. Just about every boy or girl–Palestinian, Lebanese, Iraqi or whatnot–is a spitting image to one of mine, and not by accident, but due to the fact that the blood running through the veins of my kids and those kids in the Middle East is the same.

And then, by accident, I stumbled across one without warning. I couldn’t take my eyes away from it because the little boy looks (looked) just like my little boy, with his brown hair and dark, almond-shaped eyes endemic to the Arabs of Palestine and Lebanon where part of my family comes from. His eyes were open and his face was serene, as if the last thing he was looking at before someone snapped the picture was the smiling face of God welcoming him to paradise.

The only thing differentiating the little boy in the photo and my little boy is that this little boy whose name I do not know had a bullet hole right in the middle of his small chest, a gift given to him personally by one of the Goddamned Jews.

Yes, THE Goddamned Jews. Sadly, I DO lump all of them in together now, thank you very much, despite the fact it is not considered ‘polite’ these days. I am well-aware of the fact it’s not ‘nice’ and it’s not ‘fair’ and all the rest of that, but it is what it is nevertheless. I know we’re supposed to go through these cathartic, orgasmic, ecstatic fits of jubilation whenever we come across one out of a million of them who appears to have a shred of decency and speaks out against what their cousins are doing.

However, as far as I’m concerned doing such is no different than finding one, solitary pit bull out of the pack who doesn’t have that killer instinct and who won’t tear you and your loved ones to pieces in an instant for no reason and then adopting the attitude that this single, solitary little doggie constitutes the rule and all the other 99% constitute a mere aberration.

The reason I don’t partake of the delusion anymore is because after many years the light bulb finally went off in my head and I discovered what ‘being a Jew’ means. Despite a very deliberate, carefully-executed propaganda campaign to keep the rest of us in the dark and confused, the fact is that it’s really not that tough to nail down. The Jews–both of today and yesterday–are people of the Old Testament, who claim to adhere to the teachings of a god named Yahweh and who revel in the history of their forefathers.

And what is this Old Testament, who is this Yahweh and who are these forefathers they aspire to emulate? Well, the Old Testament is like their family album they open on a regular basis for guidance. In it, Yahweh speaks to them and tells them what to do, the constant theme of which is that he loves them and ONLY THEM and hates everyone else and that it’s their duty as his loyal subjects to act as the instruments of his hatred for everyone else, meaning they are to invade, murder, tear down, burn down, enslave, rape, dispossess and steal from those on his shitlist.

Bitch and moan about it all you want fellow earthlings, but facts are facts, and if you can’t see that this Old Testament is the playbook these people are using in causing murder and carnage in the Middle East and beyond, than I don’t know what to say. It’s as incontrovertible as the connection between cigarette smoking and lung cancer and anyone who argues otherwise has obviously checked out of the Hotel Reality.

And when looked at in this light therefore, suddenly those huge walls erected by (who else?) Jews, claiming that there is this BIIIIIIG difference between the “holy” religion of Judaism and the modern terrorist ideology known as Zionism come tumbling down and we find out that once again, SURPRISE, SURPRISE, just as Israel’s intelligence service Mossad likes to say ‘By way of deception, thou shalt do war’, we have all been snookered into believing in something which does not exist.

And therefore the bottom line is this–There are no such things as anti-Zionist Jews. If they are Jews–meaning they adhere to the Old Testament and all that business of genocide and destruction of Gentiles–then they are by default Zionists.

So therefore we should not be in the least bit surprised to see the present carnage in Gaza taking place with its thousands of civilian deaths and injuries…nor the polls indicating overwhelming Jewish support for it…nor the photos of Jews holding hands and dancing the Hora in celebratory fashion…Nor the complete lack of compassion, mercy, sense of justice, or whatever on the part of Jews, nor the completely one-sided, lying coverage it is getting in the media, both in America and beyond, saying that the past, present and future bombing of homes, hospitals and schools is all part of some “defensive action”.

The fact is, by virtue of their Old Testament, they are, were and always will be natural born killers and are behaving as their spiritual nature dictates. For them to do otherwise would be an aberration as much as it would be for the Lion to one day befriend the lamb.

What else are we to conclude from the past and present of a people who revel in the suffering they cause others? Is there any other religious group that celebrates regularly the wholesale slaughter of others as Judaism does in Passover and Purim? Imagine for a moment if Islam celebrated some event where a bunch of Jews were killed by the Muslims, it would be added on top of the already-existing list of items justifying them being wiped off the map as is taking place today. If the Germans celebrated the extermination of the Jews said to have taken place during WWII, we would never hear the end of how horrible such a ‘festival’ was.

And yet, that is exactly what the Jews celebrate–GENTILE DEATH AND SUFFERING and in the event we Gentiles don’t appreciate such festivities WE, NOT THEY–become the most dirty rotten scoundrels possible, meaning anti-Semites and Jew haters.

And again, there is nothing that should be shocking about any of this. It is the “nature of the beast”, as they say. Remember the lessons of the last half century, about Adolph Hitler, “the most evil man in the world“ and his book Mein Kampf? Like, like, like, OMG, it’s like he TOLD us what he was going to do, and then, like, like, like OMG, he DID it. REMEMBER??? Same with the 2nd MOST evil man in history, Osama Bin Laden and his book the Koran–Like, like, like, OMG, it’s like he TOLD us what he was going to do, and then, like, like, like, like, like, like…OMG, he DID it…’

…or so the “conventional” wisdom tells us.

The lesson shoved down our throats in both cases was that all you need to do in figuring out what “evil men” will do is crawl into their heads by reading some of their literature.

And yet, where is this dawning realization today on the part of the Christian world as pertains our Jewish friends? Where is this “Like, like, like, OMG, it’s like they TOLD us what they were going to do, and then, like, like, like, like, like, like…OMG, they DID it”.

Sadly, the aforementioned Christian world can be divided into two classes–the first being those who think the carnage taking place is a good thing because the Jews are God’s chosen people and they are merely doing what God told them to, and the other half who couldn’t give the proverbial rat’s ass.

I used to be shocked by the stories of Israel and what she did to the Arabs. I used to ask questions like “how” and “why”. Now, the only question I ask is why it doesn’t happen more often and with more intensity and viciousness, but I‘m sure that will come, eventually. The Jews are addicted to violence against gentiles like some meth addict who loses his mind when he goes into withdrawal and tears the place up. And don’t give me that business about your “nice Jewish neighbor” who never hurt anyone in her life. If she is sending money to Israel, donating to Jewish causes or remains silent about what has happened-PAST OR PRESENT– or taking the “we must defeat Hamas” line, then she is ‘one of them’ as the saying goes.

Remember that the heroes and role models to today’s Jewish community are individuals such as Moses, Joshua, David, Saul, Samson, Judah, Joseph and the rest who were no better than street thugs who believed they had the right to “do unto others” whatever the hell they felt like doing. The only difference between them and some professional wise guy is that they managed to make it all into a religion and convince a lot of people to accept it as such, an act that will one day be classified by historians, philosophers, social scientists and all-around-decent folk as the pivotal cause of civilization’s downfall, the day that the body befriended the virus and told the immune system to stand down.

But the ugly truth certainly does not end there. Not content to suffer their addition to death by themselves, they have to infect as many others as possible as well. Just like the vampire, whose legend was based upon the Jewish mindset, once he bites you, you become just like him, which is exactly what has happened to the Christian world today. Having allowed these natural born killers into their respective societies and having allowed them to bite into the necks of their institutions–political, financial, religious, etc, now they too have become vampires as well, and with that, natural born killers. The fact of the matter is that Israel, the angel of death, both in the Middle East and beyond, would never have come into existence were it not for the assistance of the Christian countries who gave the Jewish state money, arms, nuclear technology, and every other weapon she needed to wreak havoc upon the world.

But this killing and destruction to which they are addicted is not limited to simply bombs and bullets as it all exists in the Middle East. Is it an accident that America’s economy–firmly in the hands of Jewish financial interests–is barely alive and the moment someone pulls the life-support plug it will succumb to its inevitable demise? Is it an accident that the “Christian” west, having long ago surrendered her social institutions to Jewish power is now in the final stage of Judaism’s “final solution” for its arch-enemy, Christendom?

Remember what we were told concerning Hitler and the Nazis and their reasons for doing what they did? An unqualified “Because that’s what Nazis DO…’ Same with the Muslims. “That’s what Muslims DO’ as if all their actions directed against Jewish interests were an irrational, unchangeable, organic characteristic of their beings that warranted them being “nipped in the bud” as soon as any evidence of their existence made itself known.

And with this as the model then, firmly established by the Jews themselves, when we as rational, moral people look out upon the landscape, littered as it is with blood and bodies and incalculable suffering as a result of Jewish interests, what we are left to conclude in all of this is this–‘That’s what Jews DO…What they‘ve ALWAYS done and what they‘ll ALWAYS DO…”

When the Jews declare themselves to no longer be such, when they disassociate themselves from and repudiate the genocidal commandments and equally-genocidal tendencies these commandments produce, at that point I will believe them to be cured, or at the very least on the way to being cured as “recovering Judaics”.

Until that time however, I must conclude that they are what their actions have determined them to be throughout history, which is simply, natural born killers.

2008 Mark Glenn

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#14N: Millions join Europe-wide day of action


14N madrid


Street battles broke out and large parts of Europe were paralysed yesterday as millions of workers walked off their jobs in the biggest coordinated EU strike ever. By Jerome Roos.

Europe’s Mediterranean rim trembled on Wednesday as violent clashes broke out following the largest coordinated multinational strike in Europe ever. In the hope of staving off decades of austerity, precarity and unemployment, European labor unions united for the first time since the start of the European debt crisis to organise strikes and protests in a total of 23 EU member states, with millions of workers walking off their jobs and marching on parliament buildings across the continent. Bloody street battles ensued in Spain, Portugal and Italy.



In Italy, over 300,000 protested in over 100 cities as workers observed a four-hour stoppage in solidarity with Greek, Spanish and Portuguese workers. In Milan and Rome, scenes of street “guerriglia” were witnessed as thousands of students clashed with riot police, bringing traffic to a standstill and leading to dozens of injuries. In Sardinia, industry minister Corrado Passera and Fabrizio Barca, minister of territorial cohesion, had to be evacuated by helicopter after angry protesters besieged a meeting and started burning cars all around them.


In Naples and Brescia, thousands of students occupied railway tracks; in Genoa, the entrance to the ferry port was blocked; in Florence, Venice, Trieste and Palermo, banks were smeared with eggs and banners unfurled from monuments; in Padua clashes broke out between students and police; in Bologna 10,000 students took to the streets and attempted to march straight through a line of riot police; and in Pisa protesters occupied the leaning tower, unfurling a banner that read “Rise Up! We are not paying for your Euro crisis!”


Meanwhile, France witnessed protests and strikes in over 100 cities, and Belgian workers marched on the European Commission as railways and air travel ground to a near-complete halt in a nationwide solidarity strike. Modest action was also seen in Greece — which was completely paralysed during last week’s 48-hour strike — where tens of thousands converged upon parliament carrying Spanish, Portuguese and Italian flags to express their solidarity with fellow Southern European workers.


But the most spectacular action was concentrated in the Iberian Peninsula, where violent street battles broke out after both countries were effectively paralyzed by massive general strikes. In Portugal, actions took place in over 30 cities and tens of thousands besieged the parliament building in the evening. Riot police, after being pelted with rocks for hours, violently cracked down on the demonstration, leaving numerous protesters injured. Some locals claimed they had not seen such violence since the days of the dictatorship.


In Spain, over 80% of the workforce participated in the country’s second general strike of the year, bringing the country to an effective standstill and putting further pressure on the embattled conservative government of Mariano Rajoy. Hundreds of thousands marched through the streets of Madrid, where barricades of burning trash bins blocked the streets, while in Barcelona protesters set police cars on fire and smeared banks with paint and graffiti. Police responded with brutal force, injuring over 70 and arresting at least 140. A 13-year-old boy in Tarragona was wounded after a police officer struck him in the head with a baton.


And so Southern Europe continues to tremble on its very foundations. As smoke rises from the streets of Madrid, Lisbon, Rome and Athens, one thing is becoming ever more clear: the question is no longer if but when the social explosion will hit. The outrage is building up, and with unemployment rising, austerity deepening, and a generation of Europeans increasingly disillusioned by state intransigence and outraged by police violence, such an outburst of popular rebellion seems ever more inevitable. All it will take is a spark.

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(UNDER THE RADAR) European Committee for Human Rights Faisal Sergio Tapia complaint more of 600 children Killed by mercenaries in Syria since March 2011

The systematic use of executions, beheadings, dismemberment, torture, burn victims, against children, women, old men, is the common form of killing of mercenaries sponsored from abroad, where most of victims are women and children killed before the eyes of the world.
The International Tribunal over the Children affected by War and Poverty of the Human Rights Committee Faisal Sergio Tapia in London presents its international appeal to the community of nations and international human rights and international humanitarian law to stop and finish crimes against humanity against children in Syria and reporting through its European human rights committee, the murder of more than 600 children in Syria since March 2011, in a criminal carnage of executions in cold blood and asks the cessation of all forms of violence by all and punish those responsible, respecting the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of Syria and the Syrian people’s human rights, supporting the paths of peace of the nation against Syria any interference of fomenting violence and war.
Says the International Prosecutor of Human Rights and President Founder of the International Tribunal over the Children affected by War and Poverty, the argentine Faisal Sergio Tapia , who proposed an International Conference on Human Rights in Damascus, to support the civilian population of the Syrian nation and its sovereignty against those who want to unleash war, destruction with rivers of blood of innocent voices, and states that the systematic use of beheadings, dismemberment, torture, burn victims, children, women, elderly men, is the common way to kill the mercenaries, where most victims are women and children killed before the eyes of the world.
The International Tribunal over the Children affected by War and Poverty, calls to disarm the mercenary groups operating in Syria, where human rights reports point to these as responsible for crimes against humanity, where for example kidnapped civilians in the city of Homs, killed and mutilated their bodies and then film them and show them to the international press, to plant false evidence, and conduct crimes and massacres as war propaganda. Mercenary groups rebel attack, kill, torture, burn houses intimidating the civilian population.
The flow of all kinds of terrorists in some neighboring countries continues to rise on the borders with Syria.The Human Rights Committee Faisal Sergio Tapia, asks those who benefit from the slaughter of children and women before the international community?, Who is behind these massacres and systematic massacres against the Syrian people?, Only an independent and impartial objective the killings occurred in Syria as recently occurred in the Syrian town Houla that ended the lives of 108 Syrians, including 49 children and 34 women, take the path of truth, justice and peace for the Syrian people.Finally, as the International Tribunal of Conscience in defense for Children, call upon the international community to denounce these crimes against humanity against civilians Children and Syria, and bring those responsible to justice, on the charge of guilty of crimes against humanity and genocide against children, says the International Prosecutor of the International Tribunal on Children affected by War and Poverty, the argentine Faisal Sergio Tapia , “
Applying the principles of jus cogens as an expression of the universal juridical conscience the right of peoples under the basic legal instruments of the United Nations, in particular the Universal Declaration and the International Covenants on Human Rights, International Law and the Geneva Conventions of 1948 and 1949, and its Protocols of 1977, Universal Declarations of the Rights of the Child and the Rome Statute of the International Criminal Court in 1998, and noting the enormous crimes committed by illegal armed groups in Syria against Children, the International Tribunal over the Children affected by War and Poverty, accuses the armed groups of foreign mercenaries operating in Syrian territory are responsible for crimes against humanity against Children and are guilty of: a. war crimes, crimes against humanity b, c. crime of genocide “

The International Tribunal over the Children affected by War and Poverty of the Human Rights Committee Faisal Sergio Tapia – Madrid European Union passed the Sentence International over the Situation of Children in the Gaza Strip-Location psychological syndrome and Gaza, where 80% of children in Gaza affected by the constant bombardment of Palestine.

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International Tribunal for Children reports that Zio-Nazi regime bombing is killing Palestinian children

The Israeli offensive on Gaza is taking the lives of children and women, turning this military operation in a true crime against humanity (Madrid / GAZA)  The International Tribunal for Children Affected by War and Poverty through its president in the European Union, the human rights attorney and advocate for children Cidoncha Ruth Gonzalez calls on the international community to to urgently intervene to stop crimes against Palestinian Children by Israeli occupation forces denouncing the air strikes on Gaza Israeli army against a school in Rafah on the civilian population and has claimed the lives of at least 5 Palestinian children and wounded scores of women, children, youth and men The humanitarian official, the Spanish Cidoncha Ruth Gonzalez highlights the humanitarian emergency in Gaza hospitals, lack of blood donors, and lack of medicines to the flood of wounded arriving every attack after Israeli aircraft.
Likewise, the International Committee for Human Rights Sergio Tapia Faisal, said the search for the truth about the bombing of the Israeli planes on the Gaza Strip, Gaza responsible Syndrome on Palestinian children with permanent psychological trauma, for massacres on Palestinian children in schools, hospitals and the silent genocide of children, besides the genocide of hunger where the first world countries are indifferent to the hunger of children, where hunger of a child is a crime against humanity. 
Finally the human rights prosecutor Ruth Gonzalez Cidoncha International Court dobre Children Affected by War and Poverty states that we have to stop these crimes against humanity of the Israeli regime, and international calls for strong condemnation against the beginning of a new stage of genocide carried out by Israel against Palestine, where in the last decade, have killed thousands of Palestinian children before age 5 years, due to Israeli Apartheid policies on Palestinians in the occupied territories, where the lack medicines and basic food needs of Palestinian mothers, make the odds of death of Palestinian children per year are thousands, not only is the death throws bombs and machine guns of the Israeli army, but by the apartheid policies of the Zionist state against Palestine, recalling that the hunger of a child is a crime against humanity, being a silent genocide that is often forgotten, or used as a statistical number of infant mortality.

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The European Commission announced the allocation of six million euro for the European Endowment for Democracy (EED), an organization that was proposed in December of 2011. Poland, who spearheaded the launch, committed an additional five million euro to the EED, while other countries are expected to contribute in the coming weeks. The goal of the EED is to “help actors of change and emerging players … in a coherent, concerted effort to promote deep and sustainable democracy as well as respect for human rights and the rule of law.” All funds allocatedto target beneficiaries will come from voluntary contributions from European Union member states or private foundations, and the EED will be governed by its own statute and governing body

[ed notes;some backround.. On 25 June 2012 an EU working group agreed on the Statutes for a European Endowment for Democracy, designed to foster and encourage deep and sustainable democracy in countries in transition and in societies struggling for democratization. The initiators’ expectations are high: although the EED is to be autonomous from the EU institutions, it is to ensure that the EU plays a more active role in democracy promotion and so compensate for serious shortcomings – particularly the bureaucratic slowness – of such existing programs as the European Instrument for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR).[ed notes;so its an extension of eidhr,but will be less bureaucratic..Simon Cosgrove is a MacArthur Foundation “Program Officer for Global Security & Sustainability working in the Moscow Office.

He has much of the responsibility for human rights grantmaking in the Initiative in the Russian Federation and Post-Soviet States. Prior to joining MacArthur, Cosgrove worked at the European Commission Delegation in Moscow as Chief Political Analyst. Later he became Team Leader for the European Initiative for Democracy and Human Rights (EIDHR)   i should note that Simon Cosgrove is also editor for ”Rights in Russia”,tied to ”open society” (george soros)front!!!  lets continue..  Polish initiative and political realignment of the EU

The creation of the EED can be understood only in the context of the Polish Council Presidency and the radical political changes occurring in the Arab world in the first half of 2011. In February 2011 Polish Foreign Minister Radoslaw Sikorski put forward his proposalfor a democracy fund, an idea that had already been hotly debated in Brussels for some years. Poland quite consciously wanted to serve as an example of a new form of EU democracy promotion, since the success of its own democratization would have been inconceivable without any external support. Its democratization had been actively promoted, for example, by the USA’s National Endowment for Democracy (NED), an organization repeatedly held up as a model during the debate on the EED.

..thats right,the democracy promotion program is not only promoted and endorsed by regime change inc. (CIA FRONT) N.E.D.,.but during E.E.D debates,N.E.D. was the upheld model to wich (E.E.D) should aspire to copy!!!In other words,the E.U. commission and its member states,have now just given 6 million dollars(member states can donate even more)to a foundation wich promotes coups and overthrows of governments all over the world,especially in mena region and eastern european states!!!The E..U. already spends over 460 million yearly on the (EIDHR)to promote same outcomes,but because these have already been over exposed by russia and other nations targetted,this new less bureaucratic body will attempt to infiltrate countries on its hitlist..(see demdigestlink above)


Mark Dankof’s America: Paul Fromm is a Canadian immigration and free speech activist


Mark Dankof’s America Nov 14, 2012

by crescentandcross

Paul Fromm is a Canadian immigration and free speech activist. He has a B.A., BEd., and M.A. in English Literature and Linguistics from the University of Toronto and has taken post-graduate studies in Education and literature at Waterloo University, Webster College in Missouri, and the University of San Francisco. He is a director of the Council of Conservative Citizens.

He is in demand as a speaker in Canada, Australia, and the United States on immigration reform and the battle for free speech on the Internet. He is the founder of the Citizens for Foreign Aid Reform (C-FAR), the Canadian Association for Free Expression (CAFE), and the Canada First Immigration Reform Committee (CFIRC).

Mark Dankof’s news analysis mentioned the Israeli angle to the Petraeus scandal, with reference to the Alison Weir expose of Israeli asset Jane Harman and the latter’s possible elevation to the CIA job.


Download Here


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General Assembly
There had been deliberate increases in Israeli attacks on Palestinian farmers during the olive-harvesting season, with some 8,000 trees uprooted, burned or destroyed this year alone, the Observer for Palestine told the Second Committee (Economic and Financial) today as it took up the question of permanent sovereignty of Arab peoples under occupation over their natural resources.Pointing out that olive cultivation and the associated olive oil industry accounted for 14 per cent of the Occupied Palestinian Territory’s gross domestic product, he said they supported nearly 100,000 families.
Furthermore, agriculture, the cornerstone of Palestine’s economic sustainability, was deprived of its capacity to play a central role due to expropriation, the prevention of access to agricultural land and water resources, and the denial of access to local and foreign markets in which Palestinians could sell their produce could purchase necessary inputs. Additionally, Israel exploited more than 90 per cent of Palestinian water resources for its exclusive use, including in settlements, while allocating less than 10 per cent for use by Palestinians..Echoing that sentiment, 
Syria’s representative said Israel continued to dump industrial and chemical waste in the occupied Syrian Golan and to burn Syrian villages, adding that their inhabitants could not benefit from their main sources of income. Yet multiple resolutions and other international provisions, including the Rio+20 outcome document, affirmed clearly the right of the occupied Syrian Golan’s citizens to development, while calling for an end to the “barbaric” Israeli occupation, he noted, calling on Member States who regularly expressed support for human rights to stop ignoring Israel’s actions. By doing nothing, they supported the practices of Israeli terrorism, he said, emphasizing that the continuing occupation was the main obstacle to achieving any sort of development for the people of occupied Palestinian and Syrian lands.
The Deputy Executive Director of the Economic and Social Commission for Western Asia (ESCWA) presented a report which stated that Palestinians continued to suffer death, injury and incarceration under Israeli occupation. Among the Palestinians killed during the reporting period alone, 12 had been children. In 2011 alone, 620 Palestinian structures had been demolished, a 42 per cent increase compared to 2010, and 1,100 Palestinians had been displaced.
That policy was ongoing in East Jerusalem, as part of clear strategy to change facts on the ground, in violation of international resolutions, including Security Council resolution 478 (1980), he said.Mr. JIMÉNEZ ( Nicaragua) noted that the Palestinian people had been suffering for more than 62 years with the current blockade of Gaza strangling them and causing economic conditions that denied them basic economic needs. The economy was “based on occupation”, according to the report, and occupation infiltrated all levels of Palestinian lives, especially in the Gaza Strip, he said. There were not enough resources for people to devote even to their own survival, and there was no sense in talking about economic growth and sustainable development under military occupation. The people had no control over their land, water or other natural resources, he said, adding that the invading State had made even the most basic rights unattainable.
There was complete economic stagnation and thousands of victims, and Nicaragua supported the right of Palestinians to resist until their sovereignty was restored and there was an independent Palestinian State with East Jerusalem as its capital. Condemning Israel’s violations of international law and United Nations resolutions, he said “State terrorism” had been the daily lot of people in the occupied lands, and Israel should be denounced ceaselessly until the Palestinian aspirations to sustainable development was met and Israel recognized their sovereignty.The representative of Syria, speaking in exercise of the right of reply, said the remarks by Israel’s delegate were insolent. Accusing the Committee of bias, he said Israel continued to commit crimes while preventing the population of the occupied Syrian Golan from accessing their natural resources. Citing the population’s great suffering, he added that the Israeli representative had no right to talk about human rights or freedom because while her country continued to deny the human rights of peoples under its occupation.
The representative of Iran called for the return to Palestine of all Palestinian refugees, saying he looked forward to their enjoying the right to vote in the United Nations soon. The representative of South Africa said the report’s analysis was “deeply disturbing”, with the occupation continuing to have adverse social and economic ramifications on the Palestinian people.
The report demonstrated why the Palestinian economy continued to operate so much below its potential, with prospects having become even bleaker in 2011 than previously. Problems included reduced real wages, a paralysed private sector, devastated infrastructure and a chronic fiscal crisis. Persistent widespread high unemployment exacerbated poverty, he said, emphasizing the importance of providing the Palestinian Authority with greater financing to establish a viable State.
Describing support for Palestine as a major part of his country’s international policy, he said South Africa wished to see expanded mandates for the agencies supporting the Palestinians, commensurate to the people’s needs.He went on to say that the policy position was informed by South Africa’s history of apartheid and human rights suppression. Expressing opposition to any effort to prevent Palestinian self-determination, he said his country continued to support Palestinian representation in the United Nations, as had been achieved in UNESCO.
Among the proactive policies followed by the South African Government, traders were required to refrain from incorrectly labelling products as emanating from Israel when they came from illegal settlements in the Occupied Palestinian Territory. That enabled South African consumers to decide for themselves whether or not they wished to purchase a given product, he said, calling on other States to implement similar measures in support of the Palestinian cause.

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US journalist blames Georgia for supply of Syrian rebels with weapons



Georgia has long been recognised as a transit point for illegal trade and illegal arms trafficking between Central Asia and Europe, and more recently the rest of the world.
Is there any chance that in the period of the “Arab Spring”, some of the combatants, especially those in Syria and Libya, were armed from Georgia?  
Very likely, and this is a subject I am working on. I know for sure that representatives of the so-called Syrian opposition were in Georgia before the parliamentary elections and had meetings with Georgian government representatives, most likely with the support and facilitation of foreign intelligence services. My sources tell me that weapons and other materials are being supplied to Georgia via Jordan and other sources and retransported to Turkey via the regional airport in Kutaisi and other means. Basically, foreign governments, including those countries close to NATO, are still using Georgia as a transportation corridor to third countries, and this has been the case for many years.
This conclusion is not only based on this end user document I have access to, or my investigative work, but international reports of plane crashes in Africa and the ownership and registration of various shell companies used in this mechanism. I am convinced that Georgia is a main transport route for weapons to the third countries.
How do you assess the involvement of Western instructors in the period of the war of 2008?
Basically they were party to war crimes, training Georgian soldiers to kill unarmed civilians in South Ossetia, and their behaviour on a moral level was totally unacceptable, and not only in their capacity as soldiers. I have pictures  I can show you. The quality of the training they gave was perhaps good enough for National Guard members but did not come close to what is required to train soldiers for the kind of war they could face with a superior and better motivated force such as Russia; they were only trained for support roles for the NATO/US mission in Afghanistan, and the other illegal war the US was fighting in Iraq.
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Holy Land: Christian leaders support Palestine’s membership of UN

A hundred Christian community leaders in the Holy Land haved signed the following letter to European countries, calling for support for Palestine’s membership in the United Nations. Palestine, the Holy Land is our homeland. Our roots here stretch for centuries. We, Palestinian Christians are the descendents of the first Christians. We are also an organic and integral component of the Palestinian people. And just like our Palestinian Muslim brothers and sisters, we have been denied our national and human rights for almost a century.
We have endured dispossession and forced exile since 1948, when two thirds of Palestine’s Christians were forcibly expelled from their homes in the Holy Land. Our presence in our Holy Land has been under threat since then, choked by a snaking wall that has devoured our land and deprived our congregations of hope and peace in the land that was blessed with the birth of the Prince of Peace. We have persevered through 64 years of exile and 45 years of occupation, holding on to His message of peace. We, Palestinian Christians say enough! Our message is simple: to achieve peace, the world must also say enough to occupation and the degradation of humandignity.
As Christian community leaders in Palestine, we are entitled to seek a just peace that will lead to reconciliation and the realization of our people’s natural rights. The current status quo is untenable. On one side, there is a people under occupation and on the other, a belligerent occupying power that works tirelessly to distance us from the peace we seek and pray for. We Christians have a duty to confront oppression. 
In our Kairos document, we Palestinian Christians declare that the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land is a sin against God and humanity because it deprives Palestinians of their basic human rights, bestowed by God.Ending Israeli occupation is the only way for Palestinians, Christians and Muslims, to enjoy a life of prosperity and progress. It is also the surest way to secure continued Christian presence in this, our Holy Land. It is the way to preserve our history and help tear down the occupation’s wall that disconnected Jerusalem and Bethlehem for the first time since the birth of Christianity.
We, Palestinian Christian leaders, part of the indigenous people of the Holy Land and descendents of the first Christians, have witnessed the changes of this land over the centuries. We have suffered the loss and have carried the cross for all these years. The occupation, oppression, exile and Apartheid, have made of every day a good Friday. We hope that your actions and prayers, along with ours, will help us get closer to the day of our own resurrection as a free nation. We believe the Palestine Liberation Organization’s initiative to enhance Palestine’s status in the United Nations to an Observer State is a positive, collective, and moral step that will get us closer to freedom.
This is a step in the right direction for the cause of a just peace in the region. We fully endorse this bid, just as we supported Palestine’s application for full membership of the United Nations a year ago. That is why we call upon European governments to fully endorse the just Palestinian plight for freedom and independence.The international community, and particularly Europe, have a historic responsibility towards Palestine’s rights. Europe has long championed the values of peace and human rights.
Now, Europe can reflect this principled position by helping Palestine. We call on you to support our effort in bringing about a real peace by aligning their positions and actions with international law and UN resolutions and supporting Palestine’s UN Bid. From the Holy Land, we call on you to take this peaceful, righteous, and collective step towards deliverance so that our halleluiah soon becomes a celebration of a peace we live and not a yearning for a reality we are unjustly denied.

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