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75 Zio-Nazi Websites have been Hacked


Since the killing of Hamas leader, the hackers from all over the world have started attacking Zio-Nazi websites and until now thousands of sites have been hacked or taken down via DDos attacks for #OpIsraHell.

Now a well known hacker from Tunisia, who goes by the handle of CapoO_TunisiAnoO has hacked 75 Israeli websites for #OpIsrael, leaving his deface page along with a message on all of the hacked websites.

According to the deface message:

We Must stand in full solidarity

Expect Netanyaho to increase the violence ahead of both the UN and Palestine’s status and the Israeli elections in January.

The complete list of hacked websites and their links is available on Zone-h.



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Here is another terrorist Netenyahu and his moral army just killed. His young brother is kissing his sweet little face for the last time, before he is lowered deep into the ground. THIS CHILD SHOULD BE BEING TUCKED IN A WARM BED, NOT BURRIED IN A HOLE!  But the cowardly western media dare not report his death. So I am here to tell you the Truth about it, and other Israeli crimes.

It is such a huge pyschological abbys for westerners to dare to ever critise Israels barbaric killings of innocent civillians and children, such is the terror of being called anti semetic. They have been hypnotised and programmed by the guilt trip of the holohoax, relentlessly perpetuated by jewish owned hollywood.

And yet most white westerners think it is justified and propper to annihilate whole nations of brown or muslim people with righteous anger in retribution for the deaths of their own, killing millions of poor innocents who dont even get the basics of being refered to as victims; they are called collateral damage! Thus they are degraded to mere damaged objects!

But God forbid one of those sand niggas dares to defend himself or seek justice, then theyre "hateful, angry, seeking vengence and retribution'! Is this not the white imperialist attitude still alive and kicking, I mean, killing? 
Here is another terrorist Netenyahu and his moral army just killed. His young brother is kissing his sweet little face for the last time, before he is lowered deep into the ground.
THIS CHILD SHOULD BE BEING TUCKED IN A WARM BED, NOT BURRIED IN A HOLE! But the cowardly western media dare not report his death. So I am here to tell you the Truth about it, and other IsraHell crimes.
It is such a huge pyschological abbys for westerners to dare to ever critics IsraHells barbaric killings of innocent civilians and children, such is the terror of being called anti- semetic. They have been hypnotised and programmed by the guilt trip of the holohoax, relentlessly perpetuated by jewish owned hollywood.

And yet most white Westerners think it is justified and propper to annihilate whole nations of brown or Muslim people with righteous anger in retribution for the deaths of their own, killing millions of poor innocents who do not even get the basics of being refereed to as victims; they are called collateral damage! Thus they are degraded to mere damaged objects!

But God forbid one of those sand niggas dares to defend himself or seek justice, then theyre “hateful, angry, seeking vengence and retribution’! Is this not the white imperialist attitude still alive and kicking, I mean, killing? PurePeacePower

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Islamophobic bigot Harry’s Place are once again in a state of panic.

“The Spanish newspapers El Pais and El Mundorecently praised Atzmon uncritically, for his political positions on Jews and Israel.” And “now the publicly-funded Spanish national broadcaster RTVE has published an interviewwith Gilad Atzmon, in which he speaks entirely about Jews, and barely says anything jazz.

Here are some quotes from the interview:


7:34 “all the Holocaust indoctrination, it was pretty heavy on me”

11:44 “my findings actually reveal the embarrassing fact that every form of Jewish politics is morbid, is dangerous, is tribal, is racially supremacist, is racist to the bone”

15:15 “Jewishness is different forms of ideology and politics that celebrate Jewish tribal supremacy”

17:48 “Jews didn’t invent tribalism. Tribalism is a human feature. They are just very good at it, some of them. Especially those who identify as Jews. Why? I would love to say why we are so good at it – although I don’t regard myself as a Jew any more – because we practise it for 3000 years!”

20:17 “Gay political philosophy is very similar. It’s very interesting because quite a few of those who oppose me, are actually Jewish and Palestinian gay activists”. RTVE: “Interesting.”  *laughs* GA:” It is very interesting but they wouldn’t admit this is what they oppose because they don’t have an argument. I argue that the difference between a Jew and a Zionist, is not very different from the difference between Homosexual and Gay. Homosexual is a sexual preference. Gay is a political identity. Very interesting. […] When I realised that there is some similarity between Jewish tribal discourse, Jewish identity politics and gay politics, I started to look into it. […] I was shocked to find out that all, or most of the scholars in the gay political discourse were Jews.”

22:00 “I learned about the book of Esther from a militant lesbian feminist spoke about Queen Esther, how she manipulated the goyim, how she manipulated her husband and how she won, and I thought oh my g-d, this is exactly the story what AIPAC, or the Jewish lobby, is doing in America!”

Harry Place says that “it is unsettling that such an interview should be published by a national broadcaster in 21st century Europe.”

I am actually delighted and I am also pretty sure that the rest of humanity agrees with me.





A peace activist says if Western cover was removed from giving impunity to crimes committed by Israel against defenseless people they would not have gone unpunished.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu met with selected foreign ambassadors to garner support for war on Hamas and thus war on the people of Palestine.

US Ambassador to Israel Daniel B Shapiro has already given the green light to Israel for a full-scale war into Gaza similar to the murderous rampage by the Israeli military at the end of 2008 in Operation Cast Lead that killed some 1,400 Gazans, mostly women and children.

Press TV has interviewed Ken O’Keefe, peace activist and former US marine from London, about this developing situation of war talk. Joining O’Keefe in this news analysis is Adie Mormech, human rights activist in Gaza, and Daniel Pipes, historian and political commentator from Florida. The following is an approximate transcription of the interview.

Press TV: Our guest in Florida was saying that the situation now lies with Hamas making a decision; that there was relative calm before this, but Hamas was the side that wanted this war and now it is the side that is going to decide whether there is going to be war. What do you think?

O’Keefe: I can’t even remember all the lies that were just said by Mr. Pipes in Florida.

First off there is no massacre in Israel, what massacre are you talking about? If we talk about the fourth largest military in the world, which has the latest high tech weapons going against a relatively defenseless population, which has nothing more than glorified fireworks in the form of these unguided rockets, which have killed less than ten people of the last many years.

How is it possible that this man can get away with saying there is a massacre on the Israeli side?

There is no massacre on the Israeli side there is nothing but continuing crimes against humanity and war crimes committed by the Israelis against a defenseless population, which includes over 800,000 children in Gaza.

It is absolutely absurd that these arguments can continue and that a man like this can even speak these words. Absolutely disgraceful.

The fact is that this all originates because of the original crime of the Palestinian’s land being stolen by the Israelis, by the UN declaration, which provided land to less than 15 percent of the population and then ultimately gifted Israel with the land that did not exist.

In their right, they have no right to this land whatsoever. That is the original crime and it is because of that crime that we see retaliation to this very day.

Press TV: You have the right to give a response to our other guest’s comments, but after you do that, do you think that the issue that Egypt now does have a new government and Hamas has said that that provides for it a “safety net” because (Egyptian President) Mohammad Morsi is not going to tolerate a Gaza war similar to the Gaza war we saw back in 2008, 2009. Is that going to change things this time round?

O’Keefe: Well, I would hope that Egypt does not dishonor itself as it did under Mubarak for thirty-plus years, that’s for sure.

Their Muslim, their Arab brothers and sisters in Palestine, and their Christian brothers and sisters in Palestine deserve the respect and the love and the loyalty that every single sane human being should be giving to the Palestinian people who have now been enduring for over six decades: a criminal psychopathic racist entity, which has devoured and consumed every bit of land that it could and killed with impunity because of its protection from the United States and the EU.

And I’d like to bring it back to the Western nations that provide cover to Israel because without the cover that our nations – Britain in particular and the US – without the cover that the EU and Western nations in general provide to Israel they could not continue these crimes and they would be punished in any sane world. But again, our Western nations give them this cover.

Ultimately what this man is saying in Florida is more nonsense, which conveniently forgets the fact that it is the original crime that is being responded to here.

And plus we have over five years now of an illegal criminal collective punishment policy, which again affects over 800,000 children in Gaza. If it was your child that was being subjected to this type of collective punishment I wonder if you would have the same type of views that you express towards the Palestinians.

I believe that you (Guest, Mr. Pipes) suffer from the same disease that apparently pervades Western society, which imparts great value to Israel life and imparts virtually no value to Palestinian, Arab or Muslim life. It is a disgusting reality, it is a perverse reality of Western so-called civilization and it shames all of us.

And, if you want me to say how I feel about those lives that are lost in Israel, I regret every single life lost. In this world especially when it comes down to the lies that allow propaganda for us to be involved in wars – incessant boogie-man instigated wars that are all nothing more than manipulations to keep the system of tyranny going. I regret all loss of life, but I especially regret the loss of life of innocent people who are only resisting the unacceptable.

Press TV: Our guest there in Florida saying that Hamas is a terrorist entity in Gaza and we are seeing Israel confronting a terrorist state. What is your response?

O’Keefe: More ridiculous statements from this man in Florida. Nelson Mandela was a terrorist in his day so declared by Margaret Thatcher and Ronald Reagan; the IRA, which resisted against British tyranny were the terrorists of their day, many of which are now in government; and the founding fathers of the United States I’m sure this man would have prostituted himself for the British Empire at the time if he was on their side and said that those that resisted the British tyranny were terrorists as well.

This abuse of the word terrorism is thankfully in its dying days because the ultimate terrorist on this planet is the United States of America for its one to two million deaths in Iraq; millions of orphans; millions of refugees; an ongoing war in Afghanistan and Pakistan where we destroy the lives of civilians and children daily.

How dare we in the West even think to point the finger at anyone else and call them a terrorist. Absolutely ridiculous and thank God that more and more people especially young people are seeing through these bogus arguments and seeing the truth for what it is.

It is this man in Florida and the dupes who follow his logic that cannot see the world for what it is and thankfully that day is dying. We will have justice in this world. Palestine will be free, make no mistake about it.






By Gilad Atzmon

Once again we’ve learned today that in the Jewish State, Goyim’s blood translates into political power. In order to win the Israeli election, Benjamin Netanyahu feels the need to present the Israeli voter with a substantial pile of Palestinian corpses.

Like in the case of previous IDF’s genocidal operations, the current  Israeli Pillar of Cloudalso has a Biblical connotation. In Exodus 13:21-22, you will find the following: “By day the Lord went ahead of them in apillar of cloud to guide them on their way and by night in a pillar of fire to give them light,”

Seemingly, the current Israel murderous assault against civilians is consistent with the Zionist secular interpretation of the Old Testament. ” …then you must destroy them totally. Make no treaty with them and show them no mercy.”  (Deuteronomy 7:1-2). However,  this time it isn’t God who guides his chosen people. It is actually a democratically elected war criminal that was chosen by God’s favourite people.

Some ‘progressive’ minds amongst us insist that we should never refer to the Jewishness of the ‘Jewish State’.  But I am afraid that considering the emerging level of Israeli barbarism and some clear Biblical connotations, such a critical tendency is inevitable.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish political interest and  Israeli barbarism in the context of Biblical Jewish secular interpretations.  or


Caricature Chief Rabbi Sacks Caught off Guard



By Gilad Atzmon

Chief Rabbi Lord Sacks was caught off guard during a Radio 4 interview this morning when he accused Iran of being part of the Gaza conflict.

Appearing on the Today programme broadcast he was asked by presenter Evans Davis for his reaction to the situation in Gaza immediately after delivering the daily peaceful ‘Thought for the Day’.

He initially responded: ‘I think it’s got to do with Iran, actually.’ Rabbi Sacks clearly spoke his mind.

But when the Rabbi was told he was live on air, he quickly changed his spots and  responded by making a plea for peace saying: “A continued prayer for peace is needed, not only in Gaza but the whole region.’

The Rabbi then continued: ‘No one gains from violence – not the Palestinians, not the Israelis. This is an issue where we must all pray for peace and work for it.’

Rabbi Sacks provides us with a glimpse into the disingenuous nature entangled with Jewish identity politics. There is one official progressive ‘peace seeking line’ for the Goyim to consume, yet,  there is also a conspiratorial warmongering view that is constantly dripped via the necessary media cannels.

Rabbi Sacks is Chief Rabbi of Britain and the United Hebrew Congregations of the Commonwealth. Unfortunately, once again we witness an ideological continuum between Israeli militancy and Diaspora Jewish leadership.

Oy Vey indeed.

The Wandering Who? A Study Of Jewish Identity Politics, Jewish political interest and Israeli Barbarism  in the context of Rabbinical off guard preaching.  or 

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CrossTalk on IsraHell-Gaza conflict: Gates of Hell (ft. Norman Finkelstein)


Will the crisis in Gaza escalate? Should we expect a ground incursion? What does Israel hope to achieve with its military assault this time? How well is Gaza prepared for another conflict? And do the Palestinians have the right to use military force to resist Israel’s siege of Gaza? CrossTalking with Hero Norman Finkelstein, Racist Zionist Dan Pollak and Hero Harry Fear.

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Murderous Israel Does It Again: Support Gaza

by mantiqaltayr

Letter from Peace activist in Gaza, as Israel launches its War

Dear All. I am calling on all your support for the besieged people of the Gaza Strip. Here in Gaza, more than 10 people have been killed so far in the Israeli operation named “Pillar of Defence” within the last 7 hours, including countless children such as 7-year-old child Ranan Arafat and an 11 month old baby. We’ve seen charred bodies of dead and injured children  pouring in to Al Shifa hospital of Gaza City and the other depleted hospitals around the Gaza Strip. 50 airstrikes all over the Gaza Strip so far.

Deafening explosions shook us all as bombs landed close to us in the streets near the Universities. Huge explosions are landing all around us in Gaza City now as I write, some entire families have been injured. We can also hear the shelling of Israeli Gunships. Announcement of possible Israeli land invasion very soon.

More than 330 children were killed in the last bloody operation like this in operation Cast Lead, killing over 1400 in total: the vast majority civilians. We are reporting from hospitals, streets and bombed areas.

How many, terrified in there homes will have their lives shortened by tomorrow, or after the days of airstrikes, tank shellings and Gunship missiles Israel has announced. YOU CAN MAKE A DIFFERENCE. MOVE. ACT NOW TO STOP ANOTHER GAZA BLOODBATH. INACTION AROUND THE WORLD HAS LEAD US TO THIS POINT. ACT NOW.


For more information on how to contact International activists in Gaza now please

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“Sandy”: Obama’s “Good Storm”

Global Research

“The abomination of desolation.” (St. Matthew, 24:15.)

Cathy Breen from Voices for Non Violence was late to hear of Hurricane Sandy and of its impact on the Manhatten community where she lives. She was in Najav, in southern Iraq, where, as the rest of the country, the electricity is intermittent to non-existent, nearly ten years after the invasion which wrought its final near extinction.

When she finally hooked up to the outside world her host laughed, remarking without malice: “Maybe we can send them some of our electricity.”(1)

In the fleeting window of cyber opportunity an email arrived from a friend in Basra, Iraq’s beautiful, battered second city. Electricity was on his mind too. In the summer the high humidity and temperatures which can exceed120f (50c) lack of electricity “neither cools temperatures or temperaments.” As winter approaches the desert chill envelopes.

Electricity and clean water had not, apparently, been part of US policy for the city where the first planning priority on crossing the border from Kuwait in March 2003, was to secure the oil installations.

Hurricanes and their destruction are, of course, an Act of God. Destroying the entire infrastructure of nations, in bombardments and invasions are acts of men and women, planned with malice to the last detail. In 1991 the attack on Iraq included the destruction of the power grid (electricity was entirely destroyed across the nation within an hour) with a detailed blueprint to destroy Iraq’s water system meticulously executed.

Both accomplished the embargo rendering reconstruction impossible. Iraqi ingenuity cannibalized bits here and there and electricity wobbled on and off for the twelve years until the invasion’s further decimation, then the lights largely went out all together.

Repair wherewithal for the water system was blocked, banned, embargoed, (as had been planned) and as electricity, re-bombed on an ongoing basis,Typhoid and cholera, virtually eradicated by 1989, again stalked Iraq’s children – now, post “liberation”, described by UNESCO as “endemic.”

So whilst every individual, unimaginable tragedy is just that, Hurricane Sandy, which of course, hitting America was billed a world event disaster (“Frankenstorm”, “Superstorm”) with, a week later 1.8 million still without power in New York Mayor Bloomberg’s baileywick. With over forty thousand despairing homeless, “inadequate relief response” provoked “widespread anger … residents marooned in waterlogged homes, without electricity or heat …” (2) a certain cynicism was unavoidable. A temporary experience of Gaza, Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya, Syria – with Iran threatened with unimaginably worse.

There were warnings about the dangers of the water and that boiling it (if you could) did not eradicate serious, even potentially lethal health risks.

But cynicism abated as messages arrived from people affected reflecting understanding of the plight of other countries, and thinking about how it must be to be like this year after hopeless year.

It further abated with the stories of medical staff, electricity and elevators lost, carrying patients to safety down flight after flight of stairs, keeping life saving equipment going by hand, and with the speedy way neighbourhoods, churches, individuals found ways to create drop points and deliver blankets, food, aid, often by word of mouth, in the lack of any other way to communicate.

There was a certain human inter-connectedness about a nightmare situation, miles queues for petrol – as again, the countries that have been destroyed for their oil and assets – and many affected on the US East Coast making the connection. On 3rd November a government survey found there was no gasoline at two thirds of stations in New York.

Yet for government, media and indeed the now second term Nobel Peace Prize President, this is still an all American tragedy. Under an hour’s flight away, devastation for some is intractable.

In Haiti, still largely collectively staggering from the 2010 earthquake, seventy percent of crops in the south of the island were destroyed, including staples such as bananas and maize, with a huge loss of livestock. Haiti’s food insecurity is already of critical concern to agencies.

Further, floods and unsanitary conditions are likely to exacerbate a cholera epidemic which has killed 7,500 people since late 2010, with hundreds of new cases being registered weekly. Nearly 400,000 people are still living in makeshift shelters nearly three years after the quake.

Storm water flooded, damaged or destroyed over 18,000 homes, according to Jens Laerke, of the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs.

The UN itself in Haiti has been under fire since, according to a leading US cholera specialist, Dr Daniele Lantagne, the most likely source of the introduction of the outbreak of the devastating cholera epidemic was the Mirabalais camp for UN soldiers from Nepal, a country where cholera is widespread. (3) Dr Lantagne was also employed by the UN in 2011 being one of the world’s pre-eminent experts on the disease.

With a population of just ten million, the Haiti cholera outbreak is assessed the largest in the world, exceeding cases on the entire African continent.

“Prior to this outbreak, and despite Haiti’s many other problems – including a devastating earthquake in January 2010 – the country had not recorded a single case of cholera for over a century.”

“Cholera is spread through infected faeces and once entering the water supply it is difficult to stop – especially in a country like Haiti which has almost no effective sewage disposal systems.”

“After studying molecular data known as full genome sequencing on the strain of cholera found in Haiti – and that prevalent in Nepal in 2010”, Dr Lantagne said. “We now know that the strain of cholera in Haiti is an exact match for the strain of cholera in Nepal.“

Haiti Relief and Construction Watch (iv) reports that full hurricane damage is inestimable due to road and infrastructural destruction – and money for cholera treatment may be running out.

They also point out that being:”newly homeless means more people thrown into a state of vulnerability (not alone to) cholera and other illness and disease, vulnerable to rape and gender-based violence, vulnerable to hunger, and vulnerable to forced eviction when/if these people move into displaced persons settlements.”

Strangely, silent and forgotten is the “Clinton Bush Haiti Fund” (v) founded in the aftermath of the January 2010 earthquake, at the request of President Obama, who asked former Presidents Bill Clinton and George W. Bush to: “join forces and lead a major fundraising effort to assist the Haiti people.”

The blurb on charity’s website states:

“The Clinton Bush Haiti Fund is dedicated to empowering Haiti to chart its own successful future. We do this by making catalytic grants and investments for long-term reconstruction and economic expansion. We work to support the Haitian people’s efforts to rebuild their own country.”

Not apparently for the small island nation in a “Frankenstorm.” In spite of an appeal for emergency aid from Haiti’s Prime Minister, the Fund’s website, as personal statements are, at the time of writing, still mute on this further disaster.

In neighbouring Jamaica (population just 2.7 million) crops including vital exports, coffee and bananas were extensively damaged, numerous homes were destroyed and initial damage was estimated at $16.5 million.

In the Dominican Republic and the Bahamas (populations respectively little over nine million and just 347.146) also suffered extensive damage, with many communities relying nearly entirely on fishing, losing not alone homes, but boats and thus livlihood.

Cuba (population little over eleven million) suffered widespread “devastation”, agriculture, housing, electricity, telecommunications and transportation suffered, with forty thousand telephones off and 2,400 telephone poles broken, with rubble and garbage initially hampering access for repair teams. In the eastern region alone at least two hundred thousand homes were damaged.

The island’s imaginative, well honed disaster relief efforts moved to counter initial devastation with Venezuela sending in fourteen tons of aid within twenty four hours, but much is still needed.

All in all it was a pretty democratic hurricane for the less privileged whether America’s East Coast or its island neighbours. But the lights on the New York Stock exchange lit up within forty eight hours, with Mayor Bloomberg ringing the opening bell, as stock traders cheered from the trading floor.

Within sight lights were still off, residents shivering in waterlogged homes and ATMs still not functioning. Arranged food distribution was hampered because the Mayor had closed charity warehouses which received food donations, allegedly on the basis they might contain too much salt or sugar and affect the health of the hungry.

As Presidential election day, 6th November, approached, in Nassau County, Long Island, New York, not alone residents, but nine out of ten polling booths were also reported without power.

Ironically, as an aside, the UN Security Council was based temporarily in Nassau County from 1946-1951. On 27th June 1950 the Security Council backed President Harry Truman in sending forces to the Korean Peninsular, leading to the Korean war, switching out the lights in another far away country that posed no threat to the United States.

But on 6th November, hugging the suffering in what was billed a “good storm” for Obama, was long forgotten. He hugged his wife and privileged young daughters in victory – and the Empire State Building was lit blue, illuminating all still in the dark within its glowing orbit.

And will the lights also go out in Syria and Iran during his new four year reign?

“Change we can believe in”, at every level, seems more elusive than ever.




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Conflict of Interest and the Obliteration of Concept of Liberation


by nahida the Exiled Palestinian


By Nahida – Exiled Palestinian

We must use terror, assassination, intimidation, land confiscation and the

cutting of all social services to rid the Galilee of its Arab population“. ~~[41]


The Koenig Report

We have to kill all the Palestinians unless they are resigned to live here as slaves.”

[42]~~ Shlomo Lahat,  mayor of Tel Aviv

We shall reduce the Arab population to a community of woodcutters and waiters.”

[43]~~ Uri Lubrani, Israeli Prime Minister David Ben Gurion’s special adviser on

Arab Affairs

We declare openly that the Arabs have no right to settle on even one centimeter

of Eretz Israel … Force is all they do or ever will understand. We shall use the

ultimate force until the Palestinians come crawling to us on all fours.” [44]~~

Raphael Eitan, Chief of Staff of the Israeli Armed Forces

Between ourselves it must be clear that there is no room for both peoples together in this country. We shall not achieve our goal if the Arabs are in this small country. There is no other way than to transfer the Arabs from here to neighboring countries – all of them. Not one village, not one tribe should be left“.

[39]~~ Joseph Weitz, head of the Jewish Agency’s Colonization Department



Through many years of campaigning for Palestine, I came to realize that the movem-

ent is heavily infiltrated by Jewish Zionist and anti-Zionist activists, thus affecting

at core level the path, aims and strategy of the movement. These elements have also

 managed to influence many in the movement including some Palestinian


Of course, I do not object to the participation of Jewish supporters in the Solidarity

Movement with Palestine, however I strongly object to them having leadership and

senior influential positions in the Movement:

NOT because they are Jewish;

NOT because of some alleged primitive irrational “hatred” for Jews;

and certainly NOT because of some ridiculous claim of “hidden anti-Semitism”;

But simply because of CONFLICT OF INTEREST, whereby many of those supporter

s actually and  admittedly harbour love, warm feelings and affection towards the

“Jewish state” and its “population”. Many in fact have close relatives and family memb-

ers who live in occupied Palestine.


Through this configuration, and motivated by sentimental attachment and kinship

loyalty, they were keen to obliterate the concept of LIBERATIONand to remove

it completely from the vocabulary of activists, and inserting instead the concept of ”

two people, one future“, i.e. “working for justice” has been twisted to mean working

for peace and security for both “Israelis” and Palestinians.

Some other consequences of allowing such elements at the heart of the Solidarity

Movement is their STEERING the movement towards a position more favourable

to “Israeli” Jews through the continual deflection from understanding the role of 

international Jewish organizations infinancingpromotingsustaining and  

defending the “Jewish state”.

This inappropriate form of control aims to polish up the ugly image of racist Jewish


“Israelis”, by prohibiting discussions related to four main identifiable problems

and forbidding the scrutiny of  these vital topics:

1) The problem of the Ideology of Jewish Supremacism. (access to information denied by accusation of anti-Semitism)

2) The problem of Global Jewish-Zionist Networking.
 (access to information denied by accusation of anti-Semitism)

3) The problem of idolizing the Holocaust -which is used as a tool to further Zionists aim. (access to information denied by accusation of Holocaust denial)

4) The problem of manipulating world policies through False-Flag operations. (access to information denied by accusation of being a conspiracy theorist) 

 Disinformation leads to a misguided Solidarity

The suppression of the crucial information listed above has succeeded in blurring the vision, aims and strategy, thus steering the Solidarity Movement away and causing it to go completely off track.

Whereas, activists are prevented from scrutinizing or analysing these alarming problems through smear and intimidation;

Whereas, the concept of LIBERATION has been removed from the vocabulary of activists only to be replaced by “security for both“, and “equal rights for all” including land-thieves, mass-murderers and serial-killers;

Whereas, debates are framed and political discussions are limited to a mere criticism of some “Israeli” policies;

Whereas, activists are allowed only to analyse the Palestinian problem through the paradigm of two words,  Imperialism and Zionism;

Whereas, the greatest danger to Palestinian Struggle for Liberation is the trap of the so called “abandoning Zionism; (for what is abandoning a word or a concept when they keep the loot?)

Whereas, instead of supporting the FULL LIBERATION of Palestine, activists are tricked into promoting the ANNEXATION of what is left of Palestine, thereby creating defacto an even greater “ISRAEL”;

Whereas, activists are prevented from understanding the motivator and animator of the Jewish-Zionist occupiers’ sadistic behaviour (i.e theconcept of “choseness”, an ideology of racism and supremacy);

Whereas, attempts are made to actively “normalize” a militaristic supremacist society, thus creating a false image of that society;

Whereas, deception and lying to Palestinians and the world was used by pretending that “It is possible to achieve equality with such supremacists”;

Whereas, activists are prevented from understanding the methods used to influence world-governments policies and public opinion (by deflecting from examining the work of the global Jewish-Zionist Networksincluding those who present themselves as representatives of Jewish communities, and deflecting from scrutinizing Mossad’s international criminal work and their False Flag ops.

Whereas, activists were prohibited from understanding the way the Holocaust is used as a justification to the theft of Palestine, the ongoing ethnic cleansing of its indigenous people and the permanent usurpation of Historic Palestine;

With all the above, it becomes clear that the Solidarity Movement has been hoodwinked and steered away from being a vibrant campaigner for the Liberation of Palestine into an agent of protection of the interest of the occupiers and their international network of support, with itspowerful lobbyfinancial support  andhuman resources.

By abandoning the concept of LIBERATION, the Solidarity Movement is led to a cul-de-sac where a just solution can NEVER be found. Thus the Movement is rendered paralyzed and totally ineffective.

When activists are prohibited from promoting the Liberation of Palestine, as to not hurt the “sensitivities” of those who worry about the future of Jewish “Israelis”, i.e. perpetrators of egregious crimes, of them losing privileges and being brought to justice, then some soul searching and profound ethical re-evaluation is much recommended.

When activists are diverted from exploring the underlying racist and supremacist ideology behind zionism, and when they are hindered from discovering that this ideology is neither accidental nor peripheral, butessential characteristic of “Israeli” society, then the Solidarity Movement loses a key argument to galvanize public opinion, in spite of the fact that this public opinion is overwhelmingly opposed to racism and supremacy.

When activists are slandered for discussing the global Jewish-Zionist Networks which has been vital for the survival of  the Zionist entity, through their financial, moral, political and even militaristic support, the Solidarity Movement (willingly or unwillingly) not only fails to neutralize such networks, but it actually participates in protecting these
networks and deflecting away from their criminal activities.

When on one hand activist’s attention is steered in one direction, namely the rejection of a soon to be irrelevant and defunct word, Zionism, and on another hand they are forbidden to reject the material manifestation of Zionism, namely the presence of mainly criminal occupiers under the banner “Israel”, then the outcome of this literally schizophrenic outlook, is an oxymoronic circular race, going nowhere.

When activists are obliged to look at Palestine only through the prism of alleged “uniqueness” and “eternity” of Jewish suffering, and through the absurd concept of a “national homeland for the Jews” at the cost of another people’s existence, then the Solidarity Movement acts as an enemy against the inalienable Human Rights of Palestinians to live on their ancestral Homeland, with unobstructed sovereignty, like any other peaceful Nation..

When a Solidarity Movement frames the quest to resolve the situation, with antisocial parameters such as alleged “rights” for Jewish foreigners to settle and to own, -and this with total impunity, land they conquered by terrorism and on which they still perpetrate atrocities tantamount to slow genocide, then this strictly controlled PSM is an irrefutable collaborator of a “final solution” which consists of expatriation, genocide, ethnic cleansing, robbing an entire population of its basic Human Rights, only to be enslaved under the thumb of a supremacist collective,, who enjoys ruthless power, equipped with an enormous arsenal, absent of even the remotest sign of guilt or remorse, let alone considering the normative procedure of Restitution and Compensations.
Such “final solution” would become a Carte Blanche for future conquests, future unrestricted genocides, endless wars; basically human regression.

By insisting on squeezing the Palestinian struggle to fit the apartheid model of South Africa, it is a double whammy:

Firstly, presenting the Zionist entity as a normal state with a few apartheid policies that can be changed is fundamentally false:

a) what is happening in Palestine is not mere segregation and apartheid, what is going on is ethnic cleansing, wiping a country off the map and slow genocide.

b) Racism in the “Jewish state” is ideological, grounded in “sacred” texts, unlike South Africa in which racism was a momentary convenience, reflecting opportunistic fulfillment of self-interest of a white minority.

Secondly, when activists are spoon-fed with the mantra of “Equal rights, One State, Two People”, offered as a model of solution  rather than other successful models of Liberation, such as Algeria for example, that means the Solidarity Movement  participates in whitewashing the century-old Zionist crimes, such paradigm gives a lee-way to the thriving of an illegal genocidal expansionist racist entity.

Like North America, South Africa was conquered and subsequently ruled by white Europeans several centuries ago, i.e. BEFORE International Law adopted through the Nuremberg Principles right after WW2, explicitly prohibited land acquisition through military conquest, and clearly definedCrimes Against Humanity, amidst them Wars of Aggression and Conquest Genocide and Instigation of Wars & Crimes against peace, and War crimes  to be the worst categories of crimes. All the latter Crimes having been, and still are in even worse manner, perpetrated by the Jewish Israelis.

Furthermore, this “one-state, two people” approach fully ignores the unbalanced premise of the reality on the ground, and the implication such proposal would have – namely the finalization of the aims of the racist, expansionist and exclusionary Jewish Nationalist experiment called “Israel”. It would de facto annexe all residual Palestinian post-1967 Bantustans, and attach them to what would inevitably be “Israel” no matter what convoluted name would be attached to. Because indeed, there is no need to be a rocket scientist to know full well who would keep the arsenal, who would keep the apparatus of power, judicial, militaristic, executive, financial, etc, all the while the demand granting equal rights to all, includes supremacists and invaders who have no historic or legal rights to the land, who are still flocking to Palestine as we speak, armed to the teeth by their support networks in US-America.

Insisting on following the South African Anti Apartheid model as a strategy, rather than pursuing the path for Liberation would be FATAL to the Palestinians legitimate aspiration of freedom and liberation.
such solution would mean granting the Zionist occupier a comprehensive and “peaceful” take over, and unrestricted control over our land and our lives.

Furthermore, by allowing infiltrators to target and marginalize Palestinians and pro-Palestinian activists who call for Full Liberation, the Solidarity Movement exhibits serious symptoms of loss of focus and confusion, wasting time and effort, to the sole benefit of the occupier.

Zionist Jews did not come to Palestine with olive branches to begin with, they did not come with peaceful intentions of co-existence with the indigenous population. They gushed in like savages, terrorizing unarmed peaceful farmers and land tenders, they tortured and imprisoned, they came to destroy, “cleanse”, conquer and dominate.

A century on, their racist ideology, their use of terror, and theirabominable psychopathic behaviour has only intensified, and drastically. The vast majority of that artificial “society” -and for very specific supremacist ideological reasons– are unwilling/ incapable ofviewing the “other” as equal and over the passing of time they have shown to be unwilling to become modest or peacefu, let alone remain peaceful.

Would any decent human-being force a mother to marry the murderer of her child?

Would any decent human-being find it acceptable to force a child to live with his paedophile abuser?

Would any decent human-being accuse these people, child and mother of “immorality” or call them “unrealistic” for refusing to tie their future with their abusers?


Through the delusional “Equal Rights, One State, Two People” proposal, the FACTS ON THE GROUNDS would remain unchanged, and probably aggravated, since these FACTS, stock and barrel, would remain in the hands of SUPREMACISTS.

This is NOT a solution.

An INFORMED Solidarity would regain it clarity of vision and could be steered back to track

No fair-minded person would talk about a practical, realistic future solution without considering the following:

  • FULL LIBERATION of Historic Palestine. The Holy Land must be free from atrocities committing racists. A way must be found, to bring reason to the Holy Land, and there is no other way than to evict foreign criminals.
  • FULL SOVEREIGNTY of the Palestinian Nation over their ancestral country: Palestine, with a constitution and a political system of their own independent choice. For the sake of International Peace and Security.
  • A Palestinian JUDICIARY and IMMIGRATION System, will respectively prosecute former “Israeli” criminals and their associates, and/or grant or decline on an individual basis, a Right to Remain, based on criteria solely to be defined by said Immigration and Integration Services.Anyone who can prove non-participation in the ex-Israeli occupation apparatus, and who has demonstrated ability and willingness to a respectable and law-abiding conduct, will probably obtain a chance to gain unrestricted Palestinian citizenship, with equal rights.
  • RESTITUTION and COMPENSATIONS: Palestine and the Palestinian Nation at large, are entitled to full and unconditional Restitution of their land and property whenever possible, assorted with appropriate Compensation for more than seven decades of deprivation and slow genocide, Cultural destruction, and a whole array of atrocities and usurpation.

Make no mistake, the fate of Palestine will be the forbearing sign indicating the shape of our future. By failing to liberate Palestine, we forfeit International Law, and that unambiguously opens the gates to an abyss. Any predatory group equipped with some military, would be vindicated to conquer and destroy whatever they want, wherever they want, on the primitive basis of military force. Basically a staggering regression back into the Stone Age methodology, expanded globally by contemporaneous weaponry’s range and effect, which is biocidal, and instantaneous .

In conclusion, in this war-ridden era it has become a matter of acute urgency and prime
importance, that Nations reconvene as a Community, to fulfill its responsibility to Restore International Law, as well as to affirm universal  principles of ethics, in order to stop the bloodshed and destruction of our beautiful planet, by stopping predators and warmongers by all means necessary.

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