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Bahrain Zionist puppet bans pro-Gaza march


 ZIONIST PUPPET ISA SHLOMO BINBIN KHALIF OF BAHRAIN  Zionist Bahraini government bans pro-Gaza rallies
Bahrain rejected requests by several groups to organise a pro-Gaza march on Sunday, after a protest ban announced last month, but instead allowed sit-ins in office buildings, the interior ministry said.”Several political associations asked that they be allowed to organise a march to the UN offices in Manama this afternoon (Sunday) under the slogan ‘Save Gaza’,” a ministry statement received by AFP said.Israel launched a ferocious air operation against the Gaza Strip on Wednesday in retaliation for rocket attacks by the militant groups.
So far more than 50 Palestinians and three Israelis have died, with hundreds of people wounded.Bahrain’s interior ministry “told the organisers that their requests for a march have been rejected in order to preserve security in implementation of the decision to ban demonstrations and gatherings,” it said.Instead, it “suggested holding solidarity sit-ins in the headquarters” of these groups, it said.Late last month, Bahrain banned all protests and gatherings to ensure “security is maintained,” after clashes between Shiite-led demonstrators and security forces in the Sunni-ruled country.The Gulf state has experienced unrest since March last year when the authorities crushed protests led by the Shiite Muslim majority demanding greater rights.

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proof of jordanian forces in bahrain)

Fuad Hussein
(Jordanian Writer)
Jordanian Political Forces’ Position on Bahrain Uprising:  Analysis of the Muslim Brotherhood Group,Youth and Partisan ForcesJordan’s official and popular stands on the Bahraini events were conflicting; the Jordanian Government›s official stand was absolutely biased in favor of the Bahraini Government owing to the nature of the unique relations between the two Royal Regimes. As a result, the Bahraini security and military structure depended in many respects on Jordan; particularly in terms of training and recruitment. Meanwhile, the position of the Jordanian Street, especially moves launched by youths spearheading the Jordanian Spring, was supportive of the Bahraini moves without any reservation.
The Jordan Parliament stand in this regard has been compatible with the Government stand. It is no surprise especially if we take into consideration the statements made by several Jordanian official figures that the Jordanian Parliamentary Elections of 2007 and 2010 were forged (1).On the whole, all political parties were initially supportive and backed the Bahraini people›s moves in line with their stance towards all Arab Spring movements. But stances thereafter started showing some difference and distinction, especially after accession to power by the Muslim Brotherhood in both of Egypt and Tunisia along with the outbreak of riots in Syria.
In fact, the Muslim Brotherhood Group in Jordan has changed its stance, thereby showing full-scale turnaround and taking sides with the Brotherhood Coalition that is aligned with the Gulf Petrodollars advocated by both Turkey and the West. However, the Pan-Arab and Leftist parties along with the Street movement reflecting the Jordanian Spring remained supportive of the Bahraini street movement.
[ed notes:click link for whole expose,due to format i can’t post it here(the best parts)….author gives the indications why these forces are most likely there..

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The Red Line Israel Brazenly Crossed



“Every death that takes place in Gaza is not just the loss of a human life but a gradual demise of collective conscience which is so agonizingly silent towards the sufferings of a downtrodden nation and to the unspeakable tyrannies of a colonizing murderous regime….
There is some considerable degree of truth in the adage that silence in the face of tyranny is complicity in tyranny itself.” 

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Why Gaza must suffer again :: The four guilty parties behind Israel’s attack ::

“It is near-impossible to believe that Netanyahu decided to revive Israel’s policy of extra-judicial executions of Hamas leaders – and bystanders – without at least consulting the White House. Israel clearly also held off from beginning its escalation until after the US elections, restricting itself, as it did in Cast Lead, to the “downtime” in US politics between the elections and the presidential inauguration.”

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Day of Fun’ for Israeli children

Shimon Peres, the president of the Israeli regime, sits with children during a visit to an elementary school in the city of Sderot, near the besieged Gaza Strip, on November 14, 2012. The Jewish Agency for Israel is taking 3,200 Israeli children who live within a 15-kilometer radius of the Gaza Strip in the south for a “day of fun” in northern Israel. The agency, which is supported by donations from the Jewish Federations of North America and other Jewish foundations and donors across the .

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Nazi Wants Gaza Colonized [Video]

By Tariq Ali – Znet

IsraHell maintains it’s conducting a successful operation, despite the rising number of civilian casualties in Gaza and amid international efforts to mediate peace.

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Over the last several decades 6000 Shia children killed in Pakistan + Pic

Since mid-1980s, more than 20,000 Shia Muslims, thousands of Sunni Sufi (Barelvi) Muslims, hundreds of Ahmadis, Christians and Hindus have been killed in Pakistan by Takfiri Deobandi terrorists sponsored by Jihadist-minded generals of Pakistan Army.

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Nazi army starts drafting 16,000 reservists


The Israeli army started calling up 16,000 reservists on Friday, as officials said the Jewish state was preparing for a possible ground offensive into the Gaza Strip.

“They’re distributing emergency call-up notices now, the process has started,” an army spokeswoman told AFP.

“As part of Operation Pillar of Defence, the IDF (army) will begin recruiting 16,000 reservists,” the military said on its official Twitter feed.

Israeli Defence Minister Ehud Barak on Thursday approved the call-up of 30,000 reserve soldiers, who can be drafted into action by the military at any point, the army’s official spokesman said.

The move came as Israel pressed a relentless air campaign against Gaza militants which looked increasingly likely to expand into a ground operation after a rocket struck the sea just off the coast of Tel Aviv and a second landed to the south of the sprawling coastal city.

“We are in the process of expanding the campaign,” the military’s chief spokesman, Brigadier General Yoav Mordechai, told Channel 2 television on Thursday.

“The defence minister approved … based on the army’s request, the recruitment of another 30,000 soldiers. We will determine how many of them will be called in,” he said.

“This means that all options are on the table.”

Senior cabinet minister Moshe Yaalon also warned that Israel was considering a ground operation in order to stamp out rocket fire.

“We are preparing all the military options, including the possibility that forces will be ready to enter Gaza in the event that the firing doesn’t stop,” he wrote in a series of postings on his official Twitter account.

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Nowhere to hide: Nazi bombs ‘rain down’ on defenseless Gaza civilians


An injured Palestinian man

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An injured Palestinian man

In heavily populated Gaza scores of civilians have been killed or injured in the latest attacks by Israeli forces. Human rights activists report from its largest hospital that some of the injuries are “consistent with the use of white phosphorous”.

RT spoke with two human rights activists, Adie Mormech and Joe Catron, who have witnessed the mounting civilian casualties at Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza following the first day of Israel’s military operation “Pillar of Defense”.

‘People completely exposed to the fourth most powerful military in the world’

RT: We’re now joined live from embattled Gaza by human rights activist Adie Mormech. Thank you for coming on. Israeli officials are hailing the operation as a “successful series of pinpoint strikes with minimal collateral damage.” Does that sound right to you?

Adie Mormech: I’ve just come back from Shifa hospital, and every single ambulance that comes in every 10 minutes was elderly or children coming into the hospital. I saw a girl arrive early on and she didn’t have a hand, just pulled out of the ambulance. It is the civilians who are the majority of the injured that are coming in to Shifa. We’ve just spent time in the intensive care unit, there was a little girl that arrived, she was just one year old, Hanin Tafish, and she was not showing any signs of life. Her little body was being moved around and then about an hour afterwards we heard that she too had passed away. This was after another airstrike. There are so many children and men and women that are being killed, being injured, and this is a massive, massive crime against a defenseless population. We’ve seen it before during operation Cast Lead, they killed 330 children and 1,400 adults, what’s going to happen now? How on earth have we allowed this to take place again, this kind of carnage is developing, now there’ll be more blood and we know that Israel does not hesitate for one second about killing lots and lots of civilians. These are crimes against humanity and war crimes as the United Nations report exposed in the previous attacks on Gaza.

RT: Russia says Israel is using disproportionate level of force against in its relations with the  Palestinians. But it must also be mentioned there’re two sides to this and both sides are using weapons. What is being done by Hamas to protect civilians? Are people able to reach bomb shelters in time and get the medicine they need?

AM: How on earth can there be any bomb shelters in Gaza, Gaza is one of the most tightly packed places in the world, one of the most crowded places on the planet. How on earth can there be enough bomb shelters? People are completely exposed to the fourth most powerful military in the world. The bombs are raining down on them, it is an attack on a defenseless population, over the half the population are children. There’s 130 injured now and the toll is rising…13 killed, the toll is rising. And we’re expecting more and more, Israel has said it will increase the attacks. There’s a bomb now, just heard it in the background, we’ve just heard the sound of it. Every 10 minutes there’s ambulance arriving… I just think it’s time for everybody to look at this situation!

RT: Hamas has vowed to unleash “hell” on Israel in response – will the movement be able to deliver on its threat?

AM: I think that for now as long as Israel keeps pummelling Gaza and killing so many civilians, so many people, I’d imagine there will be a response from the Hamas government. There’s a continuity to the narrative, that is, forgetting the chronology of this, forgetting the incredibly advanced weaponry that is being unleashed on  Palestinian civilians and forgetting the entire context, the fact that Palestinians have been living under siege for five years, not giving them any chance of development. Many people have died from not having access to medical [help] abroad. And it’s really time everybody stood up and said what Desmond Tutu said, that this is worse than apartheid in South Africa. And take to the streets, mobilize, because if the governments are going to typically buy the party line in this disease of supporting Israel no matter what, despite the horrific carnage I’m seeing everywhere – if you would dare come and look at the hospital, and meet the families that are now weeping every morning for that loss of life, you would see yourself that this is despicable. And you can see the numbers, the value of Palestinian life versus an Israeli life as it is presented in the West, because the casualties are so much higher on the Palestinian side. Let alone the collective punishment, which is against the Geneva Convention’s article 33, of the entire population, most of whom are children. It’s an absolutely obscene, disgraceful attack on a civilian population, and there’re so many people who are losing their lives. And the whole take, and the true scenes of tragedy should send messages to the rest of the world to say if governments don’t do anything, the people have to take to the streets, the people have to isolate and boycott Israel, the people have to say “no more, no more” until finally the governments listen.

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‘Some of the injuries consistent with the use of white phosphorous’

RT: Fifteen people are said to have been killed in Gaza already – what about other casualties? We understand you’ve just returned from one of the hospitals there – how bad is it?

Joe Catron: I and a number of internationals here visited Al-Shifa, the largest hospital in the Gaza Strip this morning and the casualties there are mounting as you know and many are horrendous. I saw one example, a one-year old girl had been injured during Israel’s bombing of Seitun, I’ve been told, although I’ve not yet had time to confirm, that she died shortly after we left. It’s worth remembering, I think, that this current  exchange of hostilities began a week ago with Israel’s killing of a 13 year old boy who was playing football during an incursion into the Gaza Strip. It continued to escalate with another incursion on Saturday in which two more boys playing football as well as two young men who came to rescue them after the bombing were killed. So this is escalation continues to demonstrate Israel’s wanton disregard for civilian life as its most prominent feature.

RT: Israel warned civilians to keep away from Hamas sites – which are all targets for the IDF. Do people actually know where the militants are located? And will they be able to evacuate in time?

JC: Well, the militants have civilian lives, just like everybody else. They ride in cars, live in neighborhoods and Israel is using that as an excuse to target civilian areas under the pretext that there may be a militant living there. Late last night I witnessed what I’m pretty sure was the use of white phosphorous in a civilian neighborhood, Talahawa, and I’m sure if you ask an Israeli army spokesperson about it, he will tell you there was a militant there. Well, maybe there was, what do I know, but these are civilian areas populated almost exclusively by civilians that Israel is targeting. And the mounting casualties here reflect that, I think.

RT: During the previous Gaza operation four years ago, Israel was accused of using white phosphorous against civilians – which is considered a war crime – is there evidence to suggest that’s happening now?

JC: I spoke to the director of Al-Shifa hospital who indicated to me that he thought some of the injuries he had seen passing through the emergency room were consistent with the use of white phosphorous, he also talked of the high number of casualties being reported at hospitals across Gaza. He said the situation was being aggravated by the lack of essential medicines and medical supplies caused by Israel’s ongoing siege of the territory. It’s not simply a matter of the massive death toll and injuries horrific as that would be bad enough in itself, it’s also a lack of basic necessities needed to treat them, so its disaster here, a manmade disaster in more ways than one.

RT: Tel Aviv and its Western allies argue that Hamas is responsible for the crisis, by launching all those rockets into Israel in the past days – what’s your response to that?

JC: I don’t think so. When the Israeli side speaks of peace talks what they generally mean is Palestinians sacrificing their rights, which they are universally acknowledged to have under international law. The right to self-determination in their occupied territories, the right of return for refugees ethnically cleansed in 1948 who incidentally are two thirds of the Gaza Strip population and the right to equality for Palestinian citizens of Israel. These are all things that are completely beyond the bounds of consideration for the Israeli mainstream today and Israel is of course moving further in that direction with the merger of the parties of Liebermann and Netanyahu. We don’t see them moving any closer to a position where they would consider fulfilling their basic obligations and that’s what’s at stake here, the basic obligations that Israel has and the basic rights the Palestinians are guaranteed by international law, UN resolutions, international court of justice decisions etc.

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Family mourns Gaza boy shot by Nazi forces while playing football



Thirteen-year-old Muhammad Abu Daqqa vividly recalls the moment his friend and cousin Ahmad Abu Daqqa was killed outside his southeast Gaza home while they were playing football last Thursday afternoon.

“Suddenly, Ahmad fell on the ground and I was surprised to see him sort of bleeding right beneath his heart. An Israeli helicopter was buzzing overhead and other Israeli military jeeps and tanks were seen near the border line,” Muhammad explained.

According to the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR), the life of the football-obsessed 13-year-old was cut short when a bullet fired by Israeli soldiers stationed nearby hit him in the stomach (New Israeli escalation against the Gaza Strip,” 11 November).

Ahmad Abu Daqqa was born and raised in Abbasan al-Kabira town, a rural area east of Khan Younis. The boy is one of several Gaza children who have been killed by Israeli fire in recent days; two teen cousins, 16-year-old Muhammad Harara and 17-year-old Ahmad Harara, were also killed by Israeli fire while playing football near Gaza City on Saturday, according to PCHR.

Heartbreaking moment

Ahmad Abu Daqqa’s mother, who goes by Um Bilal, was at the home a relative to greet pilgrims who had recently returned from Mecca when her son was killed. She learned that a member of her family was shot through the news broadcast on a TV in the home she was visiting.

In a lowered voice, Um Bilal said through her tears, “The broadcaster announced the news, and at that moment my nephew screamed. … At this moment I felt my heart was taken out of me and I rushed to verify the news, as I had a feeling it was my son Ahmad.

“I went to the hospital directly to find my husband Abu Bilal holding Ahmad in his arms. It was such a horrible, heartbreaking moment, and I burst into sobs,” she said.

The grieving mother sighed, and recalled how her active son was known for helping not only his immediate family but his extended family as well.

“His aunts and others in the family used to always ask Ahmad for help — such as getting something from a grocer, or bringing water. Ahmad was my eye with which I see, Ahmad was my hand with which I create things, Ahmad was my leg with which I walk,” Um Bilal said, as her eight-year-old daughter Noor sat beside her.

“He was so helpful — to the extent that once he asked me to teach him how to cook for his eldest sister, Taghreed, who is a university student and spends much of her time studying,” Um Bilal added.

Sisters, father mourn

Noor proudly displayed a poster of her slain older brother and recalled watching Tom and Jerry with Ahmad, who was devoted to the Real Madrid football club.

Older sister Taghreed, who studies chemistry, said that Ahmad excelled at school and dreamed of becoming a computer engineer. Ahmad was a friend as well as a brother and would escort her on family visits or to the nearby market and help her with anything related to the computer, she explained.

Ahmad’s father, Younis Abu Daqqa or Abu Bilal, had just returned from the European Gaza Hospital where he works on the administrative staff. Abu Bilal, who is in his late fifties, couldn’t hold back as he recalled his son with a shaking voice.

“Ahmad was a part of me,” Abu Bilal said, surrounded by neighbors who had come to support the grieving family. “But I want to only say, I thank God for this and may he rest in peace with the angels. May God take revenge upon them [the Israeli soldiers]. What did my son do to deserve to be killed by them? Was his ball that he was playing with a rocket or a machine gun?”

Broken truce

Since the death of Ahmad Abu Daqqa, approximately twenty other Palestinians have been killed in increasing Israeli military aggression against the Gaza Strip, where the civilian population has nowhere to flee.

Israel ended an effective truce with armed groups in Gaza yesterday when it extrajudicially executed Hamas military commander Ahmed al-Jabari. Israel says its military activity in Gaza is aimed at stopping crude rocket fire in Gaza. Between the beginning of the year through 6 November, 71 Palestinians were killed by Israeli forces in Gaza while 19 Israelis were injured by Palestinian fire from Gaza and none killed, according to the UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs (Protection of civilians weekly report”).

Back at the Abu Daqqa family home, Taghreed had the following message for Israel: “Do whatever you want, kill whoever you want; you should know that you are strangers on this land and one day you will go away.”

Rami Almeghari is a journalist and university lecturer based in the Gaza Strip.

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Teen brothers among 3 killed in Nazi airstrike


GAZA CITY — An Israeli airstrike killed three Palestinians in the northern Gaza Strip on Thursday evening, the health ministry said, bringing the death toll to 19 on the second day of fighting.

Brothers Tareq Jamal Naser, 16, and Oday Jamal Nasser, 14, as well as Fares al-Bassiouni were killed when Israel bombed their home in Beit Hanoun, the ministry said.

The brothers’ father and three children were among six injured in the explosion. Witnesses said a fire broke out affecting a nearby mosque after the bombing.

Israel’s army said it had hit around 70 rocket-launching sites in the course of an hour on Thursday evening, as deadly violence continued since Israel assassinated a Hamas commander on Wednesday.

The aerial bombardment set off earth-shaking thuds and fireballs in the dark sky and were met with screeches of Palestinian rocket fire launched from the outskirts of Gaza City towards southern Israel.

One of the sites targeted by Israel was an electricity generator that supplied the house of Hamas’s prime minister in Gaza, Ismail Haniyeh. It was unclear whether he was at home at the time.

Witnesses told Ma’an violent explosions across Gaza City’s Sheikh Radwan neighborhood set a high-rise building ablaze, with flames lighting Gaza’s sky. Several injured, including women, were brought to Gaza’s Al-Shifa hospital, a Ma’an correspondent said.

Airstrikes also hit an open area east of Gaza City, and four areas near Rafah in south Gaza.

Witnesses said Israeli planes hit the marine police headquarters in Deir al-Balah, which has been destroyed repeatedly in Israeli airstrikes. Sites in Khan Younis were also hit.

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