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The Palestinian Resistance has given many heroes of unequaled caliber but Israel has plotted against them all and got rid of them
one after the other till only the unchosen leaders remained to lead the Palestinian boat .

Fathi al Shuqaqi -founder of al Jihad al Islami – is one of those heroes . An uncompromising Palestinian Resistance Movement which he started in Egypt where he was studying Medicine -at the end of the seventies- with a number of companions who had the same commitment -after many differences that drew him away from the Palestinian Islamic brotherhood .
He was arrested and incarcerated many times by the Zio-Nazi because of his great activity in Gaza and elsewhere in launching and organizing the armed Resistance . The Zionist  then decided to exile him in 1988 to put term to his activity which he conducted even from his prison . He came to Lebanon and traveled to many Arab capitals and as the military commander of the Jihad , he continued organizing the Resistance in occupied Palestine from his exile.
He was known for his great admiration of the Islamic Revolution in Iran which he considered as a model and an example to be followed and the book he wrote about Khomeini caused him to be arrested and imprisoned by the Egyptian authorities . A very learned person known for his vast knowledge and his mastering of several languages , he is known to have connected the Palestinian Islamic movement to the National Palestinian cause through the armed resistance .
He fell martyr in October 1995 in Malta at the hands of the Nazi Gestapo  Mossad. He used to say that in Palestine there is no room for more than one people and no room for more than one rule and no room for more than one civilization , we have to chose who is to rule and who are the people to be ruled and which is the civilization to prevail.

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Nazi War Crimes: Palestinian’s Completely Burnt Children


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Nazi urges Gazans to evacuate their homes



Palestinians take shelter in schools as leaflets warn of more strikes to come.
Israel has been dropping leaflets on the Gaza Strip, urging residents to leave their homes immediately if they want to stay safe.The flyers, dropped on Tuesday, urged residents in northern Gaza to use specific routes when leaving their homes.

“For your own safety, you are requested to evacuate your houses right away and to move towards Gaza City through Cairo Road, Arab League Road, al-Aqsa Road, al-Qadisiya Road, Em el-Leymoun, Salaheddine, al-Mansoura, Khalas, Baghdad,” read the flyer in part.

Al Jazeera’s Nicole Johnston, reporting from Gaza City, said Gaza residents are living with uncertainty.

“The leaflet doesn’t mention any ground invasion. It talks about a limited deployment in parts of Gaza,” she said.

“But tens of thousands of people live in these, they’re highly populated. They’re around the border area of Gaza,” said Johnston of the seven areas listed in the flyer.

Al Jazeera’s Jacky Rowland, also reporting from Gaza City, said there appeared to be an “escalation” of attacks on northern Gaza on Tuesday night.

“There has been sustained heavy artillery fire coming into the northern Gaza Strip from tanks lined up along the Israeli border,” she said.

She said, however, that there had been “no major onslaught” on Gaza City, where schools have been designated as shelters for those evacuating their homes as per the instructions given in the flyers. But some of the locations are overcrowded and already turning people away.

“People are terrified by scenes that they’ve seen on television of other homes destroyed by Israeli bombs, other families which have been wiped out,” Rowland said. “People really are terrified of that fate befalling their families which is why these leaflets have really set panic through the city.”

The latest developments on the ground came as a push for an Egypt-brokered ceasefire intensified in Cairo.

Journalists killed

Israeli raids on the Gaza Strip have continued for the seventh day, with missile striking several locations, reportedly killing 20 people.

Two cameramen from Hamas-run Al Aqsa TV were among the latest victims, a Hamas spokesman said, adding that they were killed as a strike hit a car in Gaza City clearly marked as a press vehicle.

In the last two days, Israeli raids have hit two buildings housing international and local media, including Al Aqsa TV. Defending the attacks, Regev told Al Jazeera on Monday that Israel does not consider Hamas-affiliated reporters “legitimate journalists”.

In an Israeli air strike early on Tuesday, at least four people were injured when F-16 fighter jets hit the Islamic National Bank in Gaza City, which is located in a residential area.

Follow the latest developments in the ongoing conflict 

At least 132 people have been killed in the coastal enclave since Wednesday and 920 have been injured.

Two Israelis were killed in attacks by fighters in Gaza on Tuesday, bringing the death toll in Israel to five since Wednesday.

A soldier was killed by a mortar in the Eshkol border region, according to the Israeli military. Later, a civilian was killed when a rocket landed in the same region.

“Fourteen rockets exploded in residential areas in south of Israel, a record number for this operation,” al ?Jazeera’s Tom Ackerman, reporting from Jerusalem, said.

At least 11 Israeli soldiers and 6 civilians have been injured on Tuesday.

A rocket also landed near Jerusalem, without causing any injuries. It crashed into an olive grove near Jabba village, in an attack claimed by the armed wing of Hamas, the Ezzedine al-Qassam Brigades, the second such attempt to hit Jerusalem in five days.

The Israeli military has struck at least 1,450 targets in Gaza since attacks began on Wednesday, Israel says it launched the operation to deter Palestinian fighters from launching rockets into its territory.

Since then, at least 760 rockets have hit Israel while almost 400 others have been intercepted by Israel’s anti-missile system, the Iron Dome, according to the Israeli army.

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Caught On Tape: What The IsraHell Really Think Of Us


Justin Raimundo

In 2001, Bibi Netanyahu paid a condolence call on a group of Israeli settlers in the village of Ofra, widows whose husbands had been killed in the Intifada: the videotaped conversation has just been leaked, and broadcast by Israel’s Channel 10, and it is a blockbuster.

At one point, Bibi is telling the widows that the Palestinians “think they will break us,” but don’t worry, ladies, Bibi has a plan:

“To hit them. Not just one blow, but blows that are so painful that the price will be too heavy to be borne. The price is not too heavy to be borne, now. A broad attack on the Palestinian Authority. To bring them to the point of being afraid that everything is collapsing…

“Woman: Wait a moment, but then the world will say ‘how come you’re conquering again?’

“Netanyahu: The world won’t say a thing. The world will say we’re defending.

“Woman: Aren’t you afraid of the world, Bibi?

“Netanyahu: Especially today, with America. I know what America is. America is something that can easily be moved. Moved to the right direction.”

A child speaks up, and, surprisingly articulate, avers: “They say they’re for us, but, it’s like…”

Yes, even the children are little ideologues. Today that boy is a teenager on the verge of adulthood, and likely a fervent supporter of Israel’s ultra-rightist government, led by Bibi, who, back then, quickly assured him: “They won’t get in our way.” The child, hardliner that he was and no doubt still is, seemed doubtful: “On the other hand,” the kid ventured, “if we do some something, then they…”

That’s when Bibi really let his hair down:

“So let’s say they say something. So they said it! They said it! 80% of the Americans support us. It’s absurd. We have that kind of support…. Look. That administration [Clinton] was extremely pro-Palestinian. I wasn’t afraid to maneuver there. I was not afraid to clash with Clinton.”

Of course he wasn’t, because he knew he’d win, what with the Republicans in Congress passing resolutions unconditionally supporting the Israelis and AIPAC and the rest of the Lobby going all out to mobilize their fifth column against Oslo and the very idea of a rapprochement. Oslo was a dagger placed against the throat of the hard-line Likud movement, which explicitly embraces the rather nutty idea of a “Greater Israel,” and there was no way Netanyahu or his party could accept it without betraying who and what they were and are. So when one of the women denounced the Accords as “a disaster,” Bibi agrees with her – and takes “credit” for neutering them:

“What were the Oslo Accords? The Oslo Accords, which the Knesset signed, I was asked, before the elections: ‘Will you act according to them?’ and I answered: ‘yes, subject to mutuality and limiting the retreats.’ ‘But how do you intend to limit the retreats?’ ‘I’ll give such interpretation to the Accords that will make it possible for me to stop this galloping to the ’67 [armistice] lines.’ How did we do it?”

Easy: the Accords had a loophole big enough to drive an IDF tank through, premising the handover of “land for peace” on the condition that the land in question encompassed neither settlements nor military sites, as Netanyahu explained to his adoring fans:

“No one said what defined military sites. Defined military sites, I said, were security zones. As far as I’m concerned, the Jordan Valley is a defined military site.

“Woman: Right [laughs]..

“Netanyahu: … How can you tell. How can you tell?”

Bibi goes on to boast of how he stood up to Clinton, insisting that it would be the Israelis, and not anyone else, who defined where and what was a “military site.” When the US balked, Bibi refused to sign on to the Hebron Agreement, stopping the peace process in its tracks: “Why does this matter? Because at that moment I actually stopped the Oslo Accord.”

The settler comes back at him, however, interrupting Bibi’s self-congratulatory rapture by reminding him of Hebron, and other concessions embodied in the Accord. Netanyahu’s answer sums up the current position of his government. He cites his father (“Not exactly a dove, as they say”) who advised him:

“It would be better to give two percent than to give a hundred percent. And that’s the choice here. You gave two percent and in that way you stopped the withdrawal. Instead of a hundred percent. The trick is not to be there and be broken. The trick is to be there and pay a minimal price.”

This limns the current state of the current political dialogue in the Jewish state: the debate is between those who want 98 percent and those who demand 100 percent. (The only difference today, as opposed to 2001, is that the latter seem to have the upper hand: witness the rise of Avigdor Lieberman and his party of nutcases, who are the Israeli equivalent of Al-Qaeda.)

What’s interesting – and embarrassing – about this leak isn’t the “revelation” that Israel’s amen corner in America exerts a decisive influence on US policymakers: who didn’t know that? The Israel lobby constantly boasts of it, while critics of US subservience to Tel Aviv consistently decry it. What we didn’t know, however, is how much the Israelis disdain us for it: “It’s absurd,” avers Bibi, and the settler lady, laughing, agrees with him. She, being an ardent nationalist, cannot conceive of a government that puts the interests of another nation over and above its own. Perhaps Bibi has a better idea of how the Israelis pulled that particular rabbit out of Uncle Sam’s hat, but emotionally it’s clear that he, too, finds the weakness of the Americans incomprehensible.

After all, it’s odd when you think about it: why would the mightiest empire the world has ever seen – a nation that spends more on its military establishment than all other nations of the world combined – kowtow before a country barely the size of Delaware? How is it that every attempt to heal this breach in our national security armor and our interests in the region – the running sore of the Palestinian question – has ended in utter failure, due entirely – as Bibi boasts – to the efforts of the Israelis to undermine it? How does the prime minister of a dinky little country almost entirely dependent on American largess stand up to the Emperor of the World – and win?

The answer is that American imperialism has spawned a global hegemon quite unlike the empires of the past: the British, the French, the Romans, the Macedonians, and as far back as it’s possible to know, all planted their flag on foreign soil to the glory and in the name of the nation. That is, they were nationalists, albeit of the dangerous outward-looking sort (as opposed to the inward-looking, contemplative variety that held sway in the US until the turn of the last century, commonly derided by our elites as “isolationists.”)

We, on the other hand, have a different self-conception. By no means do we ever acknowledge that we are indeed an empire, except when someone is trying to be provocative (or unless he’s a foreigner). We are supposed to be different from all the rest, because, you see, America – according to both neoconservatives and liberals – is a nation founded not on a sense of place, but around an abstract idea. To the neocons, it’s the idea of meritocracy (which, they figure, puts them on top), to the liberals it’s “equality” (which, they figure, puts them on top).

What they have in common, in spite of their superficial differences, is their insistence on deviating from the traditional concept of nationhood and, instead, conjuring up an ideological construct to put in its place, just as the Jacobins tore down the religious artifacts of Paris and erected in their place a statue to the Goddess of Reason. Thousands of lives were sacrificed on that bloody altar before it was over, just as many hundreds of thousands have been offered up to the American god of “Democracy” over the years.

Yet this democracy we claim to practice is the fatal chink in our armor, the means by which a much weaker enemy can easily manipulate and even fatally undermine us from afar, without any show of force except political strength. And this strength need not be derived from the support of the American majority. Since most could care less about foreign policy matters, this indifference allows a weird coalition of pro-Israel neocons, Democratic party “liberals” in debt to pro-Israel donors, and fanatical Christian “Zionists” to dominate the debate, capture elite opinion, and set US policy on a course Bibi admits is “absurd.”

What this conundrum underscores is the truth of the Paulian-paleoconservative principle, repeated many times in many different ways in this space, that you can’t have a republic and an empire: it’s one or the other. This is true not only because empires are constantly defending and extending their frontiers, and are in a state of constant warfare, which requires a centralized authority and the consolidation of State power, but also due to the peculiar vulnerability of democratic institutions to foreign subversion.

An America that refused on principle to interfere in the affairs of other nations would have little or nothing to fear from foreign lobbyists and fifth columnists: on the other hand, a “democratic” empire in which the emperor is subjected to all sorts of political pressures, including the necessity of raising obscene amounts of money just in order to keep his throne, is indeed “something that can be easily moved,” as Bibi put it.

Take, for example, this new “Emergency Committee for Israel,” chaired by Bill Kristol, Christian nutball Gary Bauer, and Rachel Abrams, wife of neocon heavy-hitter Elliott Abrams, which is running ads in Pennsylvania against Democrat Joe Sestak. Sestak’s crime: insufficient subservience to the Lobby. As an article in Politico put it:

“The new committee declined to disclose its funding – as a 501(c)4 advocacy organization, it isn’t required to – but said it had raised enough to air its first ad, starting this week, on Fox and CNN and during a Philadelphia Phillies game. The ad attacks Sestak for signing a letter criticizing Israel’s blockade of Gaza while not signing a defense of Israel circulated by the group AIPAC, and for appearing at a fundraiser for the Council on American Islamic Relations, which it describes as an “anti-Israel organization the FBI called a ‘front-group for Hamas’.”

Of course the new committee refused to disclose its funding – for the simple reason that a good deal of the money that fuels the pro-Israel lobby in this country comes from overseas. This was true in the early days of AIPAC and its predecessor, as Grant Smith’s invaluable research has underscored, and there is little doubt this tradition is continued unto the present day, with such groups as the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies, JINSA, and the American “Friends of the IDF” having open links to the Israeli foreign ministry and the IDF leadership. Ostensibly “American” groups that subsidize Israeli settlements in the West Bank enjoy tax exempt status, while pro-Palestinian groups that try to operate similarly are shuttered and their supporters jailed as supporters of “terrorism.” Of the billions we send every year in “aid” to the Jewish state, a significant portion returns to us in the form of pro-Israel propaganda.

Legally, the “Emergency Committee” is not required to disclose its funding – but they ought to anyway. Unless, that is, they’re content to leave the impression Israel is directly intervening in American elections. Or maybe that’s precisely what they intend.

David Frum gleefully called the committee “The New In Your Face Israel Lobby.” As in-your-face as the anti-Americanism and outright contempt for Washington expressed in that candid video of Netanyahu. It’s as if they’re saying to this administration: “Go ahead and go after us. We dare you!”

Justin Raimondo is the editorial director of He is the author of An Enemy of the State: The Life of Murray N. Rothbard (Prometheus Books, 2000), Reclaiming the American Right: The Lost Legacy of the Conservative Movement (ISI, 2008), and Into the Bosnian Quagmire: The Case Against U.S. Intervention in the Balkans (1996).
He is a contributing editor for The American Conservative, a senior fellow at the Randolph Bourne Institute, and an adjunct scholar with the Ludwig von Mises Institute. He writes frequently for Chronicles: A Magazine of American Culture.

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The tragedy of a targeted Gazan family

House of Hijazi family was hit and wiped out by Israeli missile, killing three members and seriously wounding the rest.

Streets in Gaza city are now relatively empty, with most storefronts closed [Majed Abusalama]
JABALIYA REFUGEE CAMP:  “For a split second I thought it had struck our neighbour’s home. The next thing I know, I’m waking up in hospital,” said 19-year-old Nour Hijazi, lying in a hospital bed in Jabaliya’s Kamal Edwan Hospital with a shattered spine.

The Hijazi family, consisting of six boys and two girls, were sitting with their parents watching television on Monday evening when the Israeli missile hit their home, killing three of them, and seriously wounding the rest.

“I’m really angry and upset that my whole family were injured in this,” she said.

Nour, in her final year at school, has yet to be told that her two brothers, four-year-old Mohammad and two-year-old Suhaib, and her father Fouad, were killed in the air strike.

Suhaib’s identical twin Mosaab, sustained injuries but survived the attack. The other children; Sondoss, Osama, and Mustapha, all sustained serious injuries, and are currently undergoing treatment in various hospitals across Gaza City.

Nour’s younger brother, 17-year-old Ashraf, remembers when the missile struck the house.

“There was no warning, we just felt the entire house collapse around us,” he said from his hospital bed.

“I was stuck under the rubble. I heard the voices of our neighbours trying to pull us out,” he said. “There is no reason for them to have targeted us. We’re just normal residents.”

A statement released on Tuesday morning by the Israeli army summarising the attacks they perpetrated throughout the evening said: “The sites that were targeted have been positively identified by precise intelligence over the course of months.”

Nothing but sand and rubble

On Tuesday, there was nothing but sand and rubble left in the area where their home once stood.

Neighbours and other camp residents spent the day clearing up the debris and salvaging what few belongings were still lying around to give back to the remaining Hijazis once they come out of hospital.

As crowds of people continued to gather around the explosion site, Israeli drones could still be heard buzzing in the skies.

Every so often, the sounds of explosions in different parts of the city resonated through the streets, as children discussed among themselves whether they came from the Israeli navy ships or from the Israeli airplanes.

“Why is there a war on Gaza? It’s because the Israelis want our lands, right?” asked 14-year-old Hamza Abu Gamsar, a friend of the Hijazi boys. “Every year there is a war on Gaza.”

“These people are just civilians. Fouad worked as a security guard for a school, he had nothing to do with politics,” decried Hisham Salem, a neighbour whose front-door was blasted off its hinges because of the explosion.

Hisham and his family were in their own living room when the missile hit their neighbours. Two of his children, 11 years old and 12 years old, ran screaming to the corner of the room, almost trampling their two-month-old brother in panic.

“We never heard any bomb coming. We only heard the front door explode, and then saw a rush of flames come through the opening,” he said, pointing to the gaping entrance.

‘We will continue to resist’

They tried to get out, but were forced to retreat back to the room because the smoke was too strong. After a few minutes they forced their way through the smoke to reach outside. “We didn’t see any of the family. We just saw a pile of rubbish.”

He spent Tuesday with other neighbours piling up the Hijazis belongings in his home. “These are all we could find,” he said, about the pile of dusty clothing and ornaments.

When asked why his neighbour’s house was targeted, Hisham said, “Everyone in Gaza is a target. This is not about Hamas,” he said, adding this was not the first time the Hijazi family had been affected by Israeli attacks. In 2008, their eldest son was also killed by Israeli air strikes.

Follow the latest developments in the ongoing conflict 

Pointing to where the Hijazi house once stood, Hisham went on to say, “You can see with your own eyes, there are no words. Just look.”

The death-toll continued to mount on Tuesday, bringing the total since it began a week ago to at least 131 killed, and several hundred more wounded. While the streets in Gaza City are now relatively empty, with most storefronts closed, residents remain resilient.

Moaqassim Al Digis, 10 years old, was a friend of the Hijazi boys. He described how they would play football together on the street next to the house, how the Hijazi children were friendly and sociable.

“Yet, we are not afraid of this war. Why not? Because we exist,” he said, standing atop the rubble of his friend’s house.

“We will be patient, but we will continue to resist. We will not give up, and we will not raise the white flag.”

From his hospital bed, Ashraf remained defiant. “God will take revenge for this, and we are asking for the resistance to keep going.”

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IsraHell FM Scolds UN Chief for Arguing Against Invasion of Gaza


Lieberman argued such talk only serves to bolster Hamas

Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman scolded the United Nations Secretary General for advocating against an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza, arguing such talk bolsters Hamas.

UN chief Ban Ki-Moon arrived in Israel as part of an international diplomatic push aimed at bringing Israel and Hamas to a cease-fire.

Hamas, through Egypt, has offered a proposal for a ceasefire and a long term truce, but it has been ignored by Israel. “The truce is now held up because we are waiting for the Israeli side to respond,” Hamas official Ezzat al-Rishq.

Lieberman’s suggestion that the Secretary General of the United Nations – whose position exists to help prevent war between nations – shouldn’t argue against an Israeli ground invasion of Gaza because it ‘helps the terrorists’ has to be the most vacuous attempt at speech-control yet in this conflict.

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Good News: Bus explodes in Tel Aviv



At least 21 Zionist were injured in Wednesday’s blast, according to a spokesman at Sourasky Medical Center – Ichilov Hospital.

The bus exploded at noon in the heart of Tel Aviv, near the central Nazi army base called the Kirya. The the injured were taken to Ichilov hospital.

Zionist Police said they believe a bomb stuffed with ball bearings and screws was tossed on the bus when its doors opened at a stop. Nobody has yet claimed responsibility for the attack, but Hamas had warned that it would strike back at IsraHell after its assassination last week of Hamas military chief Ahmed Jabari.

That killing marked the start of Nazi Operation Pillar of Defense, meant to bring a halt to the rocket fire from Gaza.

Palestinians in Gaza City began celebrating in the streets when news of the bus attack became known, according to IsraHell’s Channel 1.

“The United States condemns today’s terrorist attack on a bus in Tel Aviv.  Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those injured, and with the people of Israel.” White House spokesman James Carney said in a statement. ”These attacks against innocent Israeli civilians are outrageous. The United States will stand with our Israeli allies, and provide whatever assistance is necessary to identify and bring to justice the perpetrators of this attack. The United States reaffirms our unshakeable commitment to Israel’s security and our deep friendship and solidarity with the Israeli people.”

“As I arrive in Cairo, I am closely monitoring reports from Tel Aviv, and we will stay in close contact with Prime Minister Netanyahu’s team. The United States stands ready to provide any assistance that Israel requires,” U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said in a statement after leaving Israel, where she had met with Prime Minister Benjamin Naziyahu. She also went to Ramallah to meet with Palestinian Authority President Mahmoud Abbas.

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مجازر اليوم السابع..”20″ شهيداً وعشرات الجرحى في سلسلة غارات على القطاع يرفع عدد شهداء العدوان الي 136 شهيداً وأكثر من 1000 جريح

Posted By: Siba Bizri

Arabic Shoah Editor in Chief

النقاط”4″ لاتفاق وقف اطلاق النار “تحت الاختبار” وليبرمان يتحدث عن “اتفاق” لمدة 5 – 6 سنوات وحماس تؤكد عدم

تلقيها اي رد حتى اللحظة

القاهرة – وكالات – الصباح – أكدت حركة المقاومة الاسلامية (حماس) مساء الثلاثاء انها حتى الآن لم تتلقى الرد الاسرائيلي (..) داعيه وسائل الاعلام الي عدم التعجل حول ما يتعلق بالتهدئة.

وقالت حماس على لسان الناطق باسمها سامي ابو زهري ان الرئاسة المصرية هي من سيعلن اتفاق التهدئة عند التوصل اليه.

ودعت حماس المقاومة الفلسطينية الي مواصلة الرد على الجرائم الاسرائيلية المتواصلة بحق الشعب الفلسطيني.

ذكرت مصادر فلسطينية مطلعة على سير المفاوضات الجارية في القاهرة أن الاتفاق المزمع اعلانه يتضم 4 نقاط اساسية وهي :

*وقف فوري لاطلاق النار مع فترة اختبار لمدة 24 ساعة

* السماح باستخدام المزارعين للأرضي الماذية للجدار الأمني على امتداد حدود قطاع غزة

*فتح معبر رفح

*منع تهريب السلاح برقابة واشراف أمريكي

ومن جهة أخرى، قال وزير الخارجية الاسرائيلي ليبرمان ان اسرائيل حققتت |نجاحا تاريخيا” بالتوصل لاتفاق أمني لمدة 5 – 6 سنوات.

مجازر اليوم السابع..”20″ شهيداً وعشرات الجرحى في سلسلة غارات على القطاع يرفع عدد شهداء العدوان الي 136 شهيداً وأكثر من 1000 جريح

استشهد “20” فلسطينيا واصيب العشرات الثلاثاء في سلسلة غارات إسرائيلية استهدفت قطاع غزة، ليرتفع عدد شهداء العدوان الاسرائيلي المتواصل على قطاع غزة لليوم السابع على التوالي الي 136 شهيداً وأكثر من 1000 جريح.

واستشهد المواطنان أحمد عابد أبو مور وشقيقة خالد في غارة إسرائيلية استهدفت دراجة نارية كانا يستقلانها في حي الجنينة بمدينة رفح جنوب قطاع غزة،فيما استشهد المواطنان حسن يوسف الأستاذ وسالم عايش أبو ستة في غارة مماثلة على بلدة دير البلح وسط قطاع غزة.

وفي وقت سابق استشهد أربعة فلسطينيين بينهم عدد من الاطفال واصيب عدد آخر بجراح خطيرة في غارات اسرائيلية متواصلة وعنيفة على قطاع غزة.

واستشهد فلسطينيان واصيب اثنين آخرين في غارة اسرائيلية استهدفت سيارة بالقرب من شارع الوحدة بشارع النصر بمدينة غزة.

وأوضحت إذاعات محلية ان الشهيدان محمود الكومي وحسام سلامة يعملان في قسم التصوير بفضائية الاقصى.

وقال سكان محليون لوكالة (سما) ان طائرات الاحتلال اطلقت صاروخين على سيارة مدنية كانت تسير بشارع النصر ما ادى لاستشهاد اثنين واصابة عدد اخر بجراح.

وارتقى ثلاثة شهداء في غارة جوية على حي الشجاعية واصيب 20 اخرون بجراح،وقالت اللجنة العليا للاسعاف والطوارئ ان طفلين استشهدا فيما أصيب ثالث بجراح متوسطة في غارة اسرائيلية على حي الزيتون جنوب مدينة غزة، فيما استشهد شاب في غارة مماثلة على بلدة بيت لاهيا شمال قطاع غزة.

وقال سكان محليون لوكالة (سما) ان طائرات الاحتلال استهدفت بصاروخين سيارتين كانتا تسير نهاية شارع الصناعة بحي الصبرة جنوب مدينة غزة ما ادى لاستشهاد ستة فلسطينيين واصابة خمسة آخرين بجراح خطيرة للغاية.

وأوضحوا ان عدد من الشهداء تمزقت اجسادهم وتقطعت جراء الاستهداف المباشر للسيارتين.
ووفقا للجنة الاسعاف والطوارئ بمدينة غزة يرتفع عدد شهداء اليوم السابع للعدوان الي اربعة عشر شهيداً فلسطينيا فيما ارتفع عدد شهداء العدوان منذ اليوم الأول وحتى اللحظة الي 126 شهيداً وأكثر من 960 جريحا.

وفي وقت سابق قالت اللجنة العليا للاسعاف والطوارئ بغزة ان المواطن أمين الدد (25) عاما استشهد فيما اصيب ثلاثة اخرين بجراح خطيرة جدا في غارة اسرائيلية شرق مدينة غزة.

وأستشهد ظهر اليوم الثلاثاء، المواطن أحمد خالد دغمش في إحدى المشافي المصرية، متأثرا بجروح أصيب بها يوم الأحد الماضي.

وأوضح مصادر طبية فلسطينية أن الشهيد دغمش أصيب في غارة إسرائيلية على حي الصبرة بمدينة غزة يوم الأحد الماضي ونقل لخطورة وضعه الصحي إلى المشافي المصرية حيث أعلن عن استشهاده اليوم.

وأعلنت اللجنة العليا للاسعاف والطوارئ بغزة ان الشهيد عبد الرحمن حمد استشهد في غارة اسرائيلية على منطقة السوادنية شمال مدينة غزة، فيما استشهد المواطن محمد بدر في غارة اسرائيلية على منزل يعود لعائلة أبو طماعة ببلدة دير البلح وسط القطاع.

وقال سكان محليون ان طائرات الاحتلال استهدفت منزل عائلة أبز طماعة في شارع السلاموسط بلدة دير البلح بصاروخ ما ادى الي استشهاد مواطن واصابة عدد آخر.

وفي وقت سابق استشهد المواطنان أكرم معروف، في غارة على بيت لاهيا، شمال القطاع، والمواطن محمود الزهار في غارة أخرى على منطقة المغراقة وسط القطاع.

كما استشهد المواطن بلال البراوي (20 عامًا) ويحيى محمد عوض (15 عامًا) بينما كان يصطاد العصافير بقصفٍ شمال القطاع.

كما أصيب خمسة أطفال بجراحٍ طفيفة في قصفٍ استهدف أرضًا خالية شرق البريج وسط القطاع قصف أرضٍ فارغة وموقع للأمن الوطني بالبريج.

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مشعل ليس نصر الله- صحف عبرية

Posted by: Siba Bizri

Arabic Shoah Editor in Chief 

المفاوضات في القاهرة بين ممثلي حماس، اسرائيل ومصر دخلت أمس في مرحلة حاسمة، بل ربما الى يوم حرج. فاسرائيل تلوح بعصا طويلة في شكل عملية برية من فوق رأس حماس، والجزرة الوحيدة التي لديها هي الهدوء. 
وهذه بالطبع جزرة هامة بالنسبة لحماس. محافل رفيعة المستوى في مصر تشارك في المحادثات قالت لـ ‘هآرتس’ امس ان ‘الاطراف قريبة جدا من الاتفاق، ولكن مطلوب مرونة اخرى من جانبكم’. وعلى حد قولهم، فان مصلحة الجميع هيالوصول الى وقف للنار وفي أقرب وقت ممكن، وبدا الامر بوضوح في المواقف التي يعرضونها. 

في هذه الاثناء تستمر استعدادات الجيش الاسرائيلي لاحتمال عملية برية. ولا حاجة الى خيال منفلت العقال للتخمين في أنه اذا فشلت المساعي السياسية التي يجريها الان رجال المخابرات المصرية برئاسة الجنرال رأفت شحاته، ففي غضون 48 ساعة سنرى الجيش الاسرائيلي يحرك قوات المشاة لديه الى داخل القطاع. هدف مثل هذه العملية، اذا ما وقعت، لن يكون بالضرورة اسقاط حكم حماس. معقول أكثر أنها ستكون مرحلة اخرى في الحوار غير المباشر، الذي تديره حكومة اسرائيل مع المنظمة، بالغالب من خلال عمليات عسكرية واحيانا في القنوات الدبلوماسية. او بتعبير آخر، حتى لو فشلت القناة المصرية وقررت اسرائيل استخدام العصا الطويلة، فلا يعني الامر ان القنوات الدبلوماسية ستهجر تماما. قد تخرج فقط فياجازة، الى أن تلوح امكانية اكثر حقيقية لوقف النار. 

قيادة حماس على وعي بامكانية عملية برية وتخشاها. تصريحات خالد مشعل أمس في القاهرة بان منظمته لا تخاف من قوات المشاة والمدرعات، ليست مقنعة. ففور لقاء طويل مع شحاته، اعترف مشعل بان حماس غير معنية بدخول اسرائيلي الى القطاع ولكنه ‘لا يخاف منه’. وكانت اقواله مفاجئة في صدقها مقارنة مع الخطابات التي القاها في الماضي، ولا سيماعندما نقارنها بنظيره من حزب الله، حسن نصرالله. 

لقد تبنى مشعل في المؤتمر الصحفي خطا غير متحمس في أساسه قول صريح: ‘حماس لا تريد التصعيد ولا عملية برية’. واعترف بان تصفية أحمد الجعبري كانت ضربة أليمة ولكن غير مفاجئة على حد تعبيره، وبدا لبضع لحظات كمن يحاول أنيشجع النشطاء الميدانيين في غزة. 

‘نحن فخورون بالمقاومة’، قال المرة تلو الاخرى، وكأنه يحاول القول لنشطاء الذراع العسكري: عليكم أن تصمدوا قليلا أيضا. 
ورغم كل هذا، ليس واضحا بعد كم يقترب رجال المخابرات المصريين من اتفاق وقف النار. وحسب التقارير في قناة ‘العربية’، فان معظم البنود بات متفقا عليها والخلاف هو على ترتيب الاعمال: بينما تريد اسرائيل وقفا للنار وفقط بعد ذلك الحديث عن التسهيلات في الاغلاق على غزة، تطالب حماس قبل كل شيء بالتسهيلات وبعد ذلك بوقف النار. والتسهيلات التي تطالب بها حماس موجهة ليس فقط لاسرائيل بل وايضا لمصر وليس معروفا اذا كانت القاهرة مستعدة على الاطلاقلان تسير ‘الميل الاضافي’ نحوها وتسمح مثلا بتسهيلات في دخول البضائع عبر معبر رفح. 

دون أي صلة بمدى نجاح مصر في الوساطة، من الصعب عدم التوقف مرة اخرى عند شخصية الرئيس محمد مرسي. للحظات يصعب التصديق بانه هو هذا ذات المسؤول في ‘الاخوان المسلمين’ الذي في اطار حملته الانتخابية جلس في ايار الماضي الى جانب أحد زملائه في قيادة الحركة ووصف كيف ‘سيحرر مرسي غزة ويجعل القدس عاصمة الامة العربيةالموحدة’. 

وها هو هذا الرجل بالذات، د. محمد مرسي، الذي رأى في اسرائيل كيانا معاديا على مدى سنوات طويلة جدا ووجد صعوبة في أن يلفظ كلمة اسرائيل، تلفظ قبل بضعة ايام بالتعبير الصريح. في هذه الايام المجنونة، فان هذا ايضا يعد مصدرا للمواساة والتفاؤل.

آفي يسسخروف 
هآرتس 20/11/2012

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هل عادت العمليات الاستشهادية تدك قلب “تل أبيب”؟!

Posted by: Siba Bizri

Arabic Shoah Editor in Chief

صورة من العملية الاستشهادية التي وقعت اليوم الأربعاء بتل أبيب

فلسطين اليوم – غزة

في ظل العدوان الإسرائيلي الغاشم على أبناء الشعب الفلسطيني بقطاع غزة، لم يتوقف الفلسطينيين عن مقارعة ومقاومة الاحتلال الصهيوني بكافة الأدوات وبكل السبل على كافة الأصعدة، حيث أكد العدو فلسطينيين قاموا بعملية استشهادية في قلب العاصمة المزعومة تل أبيب لتعيد الذاكرة الفلسطينية إلى العمليات الاستشهادية التي تزامنت مع بدء انتفاضة الأقصىالمباركة.

وقالت المصادر العبرية أن 20 صهيونياً في انفجار وقع ظهر اليوم في حافلة بوسط تل أبيب، وبحسب ما نقلته القناة العاشرة من التلفزيون الإسرائيلي عن بلدية تل أبيب فقد وقع الانفجار في حافلة تابعة لشركة “دان” بشارع شاؤول هميلخ في قلب تل أبيب.

وأفادت القناة الثانية من التلفزيون الإسرائيلي إن الجرحى حتى الآن يقدرون بـ 20، منهم 3 أشخاص حالتهم من خطيرة إلى متوسطة.
فصائل المقاومة سرعان ما باركت العملية التي اعتبرتها باكورة لعمليات أخرى ستدك قلب تل أبيب رداً على العدوان الإسرائيلي الذي يستهدف الحجر والبشر بقطاع غزة واستمراراً لنهج المقاومة لتلقين العدو دروساً في المقارعة والحراب.
أبو مجاهد الناطق باسم لجان المقاومة الشعبية أكد أن العملية البطولية في تل أبيب تأتي رداً على المجازر التي تقترفها آلة الاحتلال الإسرائيلي مستهدفة بذلك أجساد الأطفال والمسنين.

كما وأوضح في تصريحات خاصة لـ”وكالة فلسطين اليوم الإخبارية” أبو مجاهد أن العملية جاءت في أصعب وأكثر المناطق حساسية في الكيان الإسرائيلي وهي رسالة واضحة من المقاومة والمنفذين أننا نستطيع الوصول لأي مناطقداخل ارضي 48 وان ليس بمنأى عن أيدي المجاهدين بالضفة والقطاع.

وقال :”الفصائل الفلسطينية مطالبة بالرد بقوة في كل المناطق التي تؤلم العدو الصهيوني وأكثر المناطق والأدوات إيلاماًللعدو الصهيوني هي العمليات الاستشهادية في قلب تل أبيب”.

وكانت حركة الجهاد الإسلامي باركت للشعب الفلسطيني في الداخل والشتات وللمقاومة الفلسطينية خاصة في قطاع غزة الذي يتعرض لعدوان غاشم لليوم الثامن على التوالي بتفجير حافلة صهيونية وسط تل أبيب وفي مكان أمني كبير.
واعتبرت الحركة على لسان القيادي فيها أحمد المدلل أن تنفيذ العملية وسط “تل أبيب” انتصارا لدماء ضحايا أبناء غزةخاصة الأطفال والنساء.

وفال المدلل في تصريحات خاصة لـ”وكالة فلسطين اليوم الإخبارية”:”إن الدم المسفوح في غزة حرك الدم الفلسطيني بالضفة وحرك العالم الحر أجمع وهو الدافع الرئيسي لعملية تل أبيب”.
ولفت المدلل أن العملية البطولية في تل الربيع هي هزيمة جديدة نتنياهو المهزوم وسيزيد من خسارته السياسية مشيراً أنالعملية هي بداية مرحلة جديدة لدك قلب العاصمة وستشهد الأيام المقبلة تفجير باصات وتجمعات جديدة.

وأوضح المدلل أن أكثر ما يوع العدو هو ضرب رأسه –إشارة منه إلى تل أبيب- وهي بمثابة الهاجس والإرباك في صفوفه علاوة على الرعب من انتشار هستيريا العمليات الاستشهادية في تل أبيب وعودته إلى مناطق أكثر حساسية.
وطالب الفصائل الفلسطينية في ظل هذه العملية المباركة بالوحدة الفلسطينية على أسس مقاومة تدك العدو بكل الجبهات والحصون سواء السياسية أو العسكرية “إن لم توحدنا الانتصارات ودماء الأطفال فمتى سنتوحد”.
أما حركة المقاومة الإسلامية حماس فقالت “إن عملية تفجير الحافلة في مدينة تل أبيب وسط إسرائيل جاءت كرد فعلطبيعي على جرائم الاحتلال بحق المدنيين في غزة”.

وأضاف الناطق باسم حماس فوزي برهوم :”نبارك هذه العملية ونعتبرها رد فعل طبيعيًّا على جرائم الاحتلال”، مؤكدًا أناستمرار قتل المدنيين الفلسطينيين سيزيد من ضربات المقاومة الفلسطينية وبكل قوة.

وتابع: “هذه عملية بطولية ومباركة وشجاعة ونتيجة لاستمرار العدوان على غزة والقتل المتعمد للمدنيين الفلسطينيين”، مشددًا على أن من أوصل النتائج إلى هذا الحد هي حكومة الاحتلال، محملاً إسرائيل المسؤولية كاملة عن نتائج قتلها للمدنيين في غزة.

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