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Jewish Supremacists Becoming Even More Fanatic


Jewish Supremacy, which is grounded in Jewish psychology and might very well have a genetic basis, is steadily becoming more extreme as a result of continued inbreeding among Jews—and this is going to result in an even large number of ultra-religious Jews entering the IsraHell parliament in elections next week.


Confirmation of the projected massive increase of ultra-orthodox lawmakers set to enter the Israeli Knesset next week has come in an article in the Jewish Journal.

“With Israel’s election days away, Orthodox Jews swayed in prayer at a meeting of Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s Likud party, delaying his entrance while politicians waited politely. The image captured a sea change in Israeli politics,” the Jewish publication wrote.

“Orthodox Jews have left niche parties to join Likud and other mainstream factions, challenging the dominance of non-observant politicians and infusing Israeli politics with religious fervor and a harder line on the Palestinian conflict.

“Opinion polls predict that religious politicians will end up with a record 40 of parliament’s 120 seats after Tuesday’s vote, compared with 25 in the outgoing assembly elected in 2009. Two decades ago only a score of lawmakers were religiously Orthodox.”

Likud lawmaker Tzipi Hotovely, a pro-settler candidate, said her fellow-Orthodox MPs should focus on security issues and on rejecting pressure to relinquish to the Palestinians “Biblical” land captured by Israel in the 1967 Middle East war.

“Our job is to lead a world view of Jewish identity and to preserve the Land of Israel,” she said. “We need to aim for meaningful influence, and not be content with supervising Jewish dietary laws.”

Jewish behaviour has been explained by Dr. Kevin MacDonald as an evolutionary survival strategy, honed by natural selection into a self-selecting closed gene pool.

Other observers have pointed out that Jewish Supremacist group behaviour shows all the symptoms of paranoia. The two main components of paranoia are delusions of grandeur, and delusions of persecution.

Jewish Supremacists have made a religion out of these two symptoms: the belief that they have been chosen by God to be above all other people, is surely the biggest delusion of grandeur yet seen, and of course the “everyone hates us” cry which they so often make, is a perfect example of the persecution complex under which they live.

As a result, it is likely that is likely that a “paranoia gene” has become dominant among Jewish Supremacists which creates their behavioural patterns. Those Jews who do not suffer from this group paranoia, or who were lucky enough to have missed it in the fall of the genetic dice cup, usually just stop being Jews and “assimilate.”

Those who remain behind however, because of the intense inbreeding among Jews, find that the paranoid behavioural gene becomes ever stronger with each passing generation—and hence the steady increase in ultra-orthodox lawmakers as Jewish society becomes more extreme with each passing year.

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