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Militants behead Muslim cleric in Syria


Foreign-backed militants in Syria (file photo)

Foreign-backed militants in Syria (file photo)
A Muslim cleric has been brutally beheaded in Syria’s northern city of Aleppo by foreign-backed militants, who are already notorious for their atrocities.

The militants reportedly decapitated Sheikh Hasan Saif al-Deen before dragging his lifeless body on the streets.

They also hung the sheikh’s head atop the minaret of the mosque where he used to preach.

Local media blamed the gruesome assassination on al-Qaeda-linked group, al-Nusra Front.

Sheikh Saif al-Deen purportedly had anti-militant views and spoke out against the ongoing war against the Syrian government.

He is the latest cleric to have been killed by armed groups in Syria in recent months.

Earlier this month, prominent Muslim scholar Sheikh Mohammed Saeed Ramadan al-Bouti was murdered along with 49 others at a mosque in the capital, Damascus.

Syria has been experiencing unrest since March 2011, and many people, including large numbers of Syrian army and security personnel, have been killed in the violence.

Several international human rights organizations have accused foreign-sponsored militants of committing war crimes.

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And from outside Beth IsraHell…

Max Blumenthal Shows His Stripes
Five members of Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends attended a panel presentation which showcased Ben White and Max Blumenthal, both signatories to an on-line document which attempts to marginalize and silence Gilad Atzmon. This document is entitled “Not Quite ‘Ordinary Human Beings’—Anti-imperialism and the anti-humanist rhetoric of Gilad Atzmon”, and prompted this writer to contact Gilad to ask him for a few questions of these gentlemen.
The student organization who hosted this event, SAFE (no acronym really necessary, because that’s how they want to play this game), threw the usual curveball: no live questions from the audience, just write your questions on a card and we will screen them. So that meant my question — Why will neither Mr. Blumenthal or Mr. White debate Gilad Atzmon? — was given the deep six and never saw light of day.
Now, running concurrent with this event was the Michigan v. Kansas NCAA basketball game, shown one flight down from the SAFE event. After the final seconds of the game ticked away, Max came down and was interested in its outcome. I invited him to our weekly vigil at Beth Israel, a mere twelve hours away and was told he had an early morning flight. Asking what time the flight departed got no response. Then
            Me: I was wondering why you signed that document against Gilad Atzmon
Max: Are you a supporter of Gilad Atzmon?
Me: Yes, I’m his friend
Max: Then I have nothing to say to you

And with that, Max did a perfect imitation of Alice Rothschild, pirouetting on his heels and heading back upstairs for comfort. And all this to help keep the issue of Jewish identity politics from ever being openly discussed. Makes one think that Gilad and his book The Wandering Who: A Study of Jewish Identity Politics certainly has struck a nerve in the Jewish community. The same community it appears that Max and the 200 other gatekeepers on the list want to protect.

And, speaking of gatekeepers, our friends in Boulder call attention to Anna Baltzer’s recent attempts. Acting from her position as National Organizer for the Jewish-led “US Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation”, she writes
I’ve heard only by chance about a number of Israeli Apartheid Week and Land Day activities by groups not in touch with IAW and the BNC so I wanted to send a little reminder: If you’re doing or have already done something for Israeli Apartheid Week (IAW) or Land Day (March 30th) this month, please make sure to notify the coordinators (emphasis hers)
Now please imagine yourself in 1933 as the world-wide boycott against the National Socialist government of Germany was heating up (before Jewish Zionists signed a deal with the Reich and sabotaged it). Now further imagine that Germans captured leadership roles in the movement and wrote:
           If you’re doing or have already done something for the Boycott of German     
         goods this month, please make sure to notify the (German) coordinators:
Well, it just boggles this writer’s mind to imagine that world Jewry would allow any other group (let alone “the Germans”) to lead their struggle with the National Socialists. Something is drastically wrong with the Liberate Palestine movement that the reins of control seem to be firmly in the hands of members of the very ethnic/religious group that is oppressing the people we’re supposed to be liberating (as well as manipulating the US government.)
Reminder – Protest the Celebration of “Israel

When: Wednesday, April 17, 6:00PM to 7:30PM

Where: Michigan Theater, 603 E. Liberty St. Ann Arbor
What: Singer Achinoam Nini (aka Noa) will perform in celebration of “Israel” and hopes that her beauty and talent will be sufficient to mask the cruelty and violence of the Jewish state she calls home. We will be there to remind attendees to boycott entertainers from Apartheid “Israel”, in accordance with PACBI (Palestinian Campaign for the Academic and Cultural Boycott of Israel) requests. Please join us.
Seven Vigilers
Remember Deir Yassin April 9
Henry Herskovitz
Jewish Witnesses for Peace and Friends
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Supreme Court rejects Regavim petition to close 3 Arab Bedouin elementary schools in Wadi el-Na’am


Students’ parents represented by Adalah

Adalah Attorney Sawsan Zaher: “The petition to close the schools is an attempt to pressure the villagers to desert their village and their lands”

Regavim petition rejected on grounds of “no standing”

On 21 March 2013, the Israeli Supreme Court rejected a petition submitted by right-wing organization Regavim to close down three elementary schools in the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Wadi el-Na’am in the Naqab (Negev) ruling that Regavim did not have proper standing to bring the petition.

Adalah Attorney: Petition is an attempt to pressure families

After the Supreme Court hearing on 20 March 2013, Adalah Attorney Sawsan Zaher stated, “It is obvious that Regavim submitted its petition not out of concern for the health and safety of the village’s students, but rather as an attempt to pressure the villagers to leave their village and their land, and to force them to move to a government township.”

Regavim: Nearby factories pose health risk

Regavim claimed that the schools were too close to chemical factories in Ramat Hovav and that in an emergency, toxic chemicals and radiation from the factory could harm the students’ health and safety. Regavim argued that over 2,000 students leave Wadi el-Na’am for schools located in Segev Shalom (Shaqib el-Salam), a nearby Arab Bedouin town. The petition was filed against Mr. Afash Abu Labad, the head the Wadi el-Na’am Local Committee, Mr. Ibrahim Abu Labad, a member of the Committee and Mr. Musa Abu Bnayyah, the head of the schools’ Parents’ Committee.

The Ministry of Education is currently working to relocate the schools because of the danger from the factories. However, the villagers deny that the schools should be moved, and instead maintain that if the students’ health and safety were of real concern to the government, then it should increase the factories’ safety. They add that the government is planning to build military installations near the village and bring thousands of soldiers to work, train, and live in the allegedly- dangerous area.

Right-wing organization preventing Arab-Palestinian development everywhere

Regavim is a right-wing, settler organization. Its work in the Naqab aims at preventing the “Bedouins take-over of over state lands” and “illegal Bedouin construction.” Regavim has also taken legal action in the West Bank, the Galilee, the northern Triangle and in mixed-city municipalities. The organization seeks to strengthen Jewish control of the land and aims to minimize Arab land ownership.

Case Citation: HJC 4627/09, Abu Labad vs. Ministry of Environment

In another case, Supreme Court rebukes ministries for failing to build safe road

Regarding a case in the unrecognized Arab Bedouin village of Al-Fura’a, also located in the Naqab, the Supreme Court harshly criticized the Ministry of Education and the Israel Land Administration (ILA) fordisregarding a previous Supreme Court ruling that required them to build a road and a safe intersectionto the local school. The Supreme Court’s rebuke followed at 2005 and 2011 decisions that the state must construct a save intersection.

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Adalah demands criminal investigations into racist attacks on Arab Palestinian citizens


Zio-Nazi Flag

Adalah demands criminal investigations into racist attacks on ArabPalestinian citizens

In light of the recent sharp rise in racist attacks against Arab-Palestinian citizens of Israel, Adalah sent urgent letters this month demanding the opening of criminal investigations into two separate incidents. The first event, as reported in the media, concerned an attack by a group of young Jewish women on a youngArab woman at a light rail station in West Jerusalem on 25 February 2013. The second event reported relates to an attack by a group of young Jewish men against an Arab worker at a fast-food restaurant in Tel Aviv.

The letters, prepared by Adalah Attorney Nadeem Shehadeh, were sent to Minister of Internal Security Yitzhak Aharonovich and the Commander General of the Police Johanan Danino.

Arab woman attacked at Jerusalem train stop

According to media reports, an Arab woman was waiting at the train station when a Jewish woman attacked her without provocation by punching her in the face. The attacker was joined by a group of Jewish women who pushed the Arab woman against the station wall and removed her headscarf. According towitnesses, the letter added, a group of young ultra-Orthodox Jewish boysassaulted an elderly man who accompanied the young Arab woman, and cursed him. The security official working at the station allegedly saw the whole incident, but did nothing; he only stood by and watched.

Fast-food worker attacked late at night

Concerning the second attack, surveillance cameras installed in the fast-foodrestaurant captured the incident in full and the video was aired by different media stations. According to the tape, at about three o’clock in the morning, a group ofyoung Jewish men attacked the Arab worker, began to curse him using racistterms, and then they started to hit him with objects in the restaurant, includingchairs and tables.

Incidents motivated by racism

Attorney Shehadeh points out in the letters that both incidents were clearly motivated by racism. He wrote that in such cases, the motive behind the abuse can cause more than physical harm, because it affects the victim’s dignity and identity. He stressed that these two incidents must be seen within the larger picture of growing racist attacks on Arab citizens in recent years. If they are notseriously investigated and the perpetrators punished, these incidents willcontinue.

No arrests made into second case

In response to the two letters, a police representative stated that criminal investigations were opened in both cases. In the case of the young woman in Jerusalem, three women were arrested and later released under conditions.Regarding the Arab worker attacked in Tel Aviv, at the time of the police reply, no suspects had yet been arrested.

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Nazi NATO airstrike kills two Afghan children


NATO Nazi helicopter strike killed two children in southern Afghanistan on Saturday, officials said, in the latest civilian casualties to beset the coalition’s war against Taliban militants.

The operation close to Ghazni city was conducted after local people complained of a Taliban post targeting traffic convoys in the area, Mohammad Ali Ahmadi, the deputy governor of Ghazni province, said.

“It was a joint (Afghan and coalition) operation conducted this morning that killed nine Taliban. Unfortunately, two school children were also killed and seven other civilians were wounded,” he said.

A spokesman for the NATO’s International Security Assistance Force said it was aware of the reported civilian casualties and was seeking further information.

However he added that the ISAF helicopter engagement was not in direct support of Afghan forces, without giving further details.

It was unclear who called in the airstrike, but President Hamid Karzai recently banned Afghan forces from requesting foreign air support.

Civilian casualties mostly caused by air strikes have been one of the most sensitive issues in relations between Karzai and the NATO-led military.

The civilians were riding in two vehicles near the Taliban post when the attack took place, Mohammad Hassan Hadil, the deputy police chief of the province, said.

The deaths, if confirmed, would be another blow to the prestige of US-led NATO forces as they prepare to withdraw combat troops from the war against the Islamist insurgents by the end of next year.

Airstrikes by the US-led coalition killed 126 Afghan civilians last year, a nearly 50 percent drop from the year before, according to a recent UN report.

The overall civilian death toll in 2012 also declined some 12 percent to 2,754, compared with 3,131 the previous year, according to the annual report by the United Nations Mission to Afghanistan.

Four civilians, including a child, were killed in a two-day raid against Taliban insurgents by Afghan and international forces in Logar

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Iran says Qatar ‘intensifying bloodshed’ in Syria with new rebel embassy



Syrian opposition leader Moaz Alkhatib, whose group is recognized by the Arab League as the sole representative for Syria, opened the embassy in Qatar on Wednesday.


Iran, a close ally of Syrian President Bashar al-Assad, accused Qatar on Friday of “intensifying the bloodshed” in Syria and criticized it for enabling an opposition bloc to open its first embassy in Doha.

Syrian opposition leader Moaz Alkhatib, whose group is recognized by the Arab League as the sole representative for Syria, opened the embassy in Qatar on Wednesday.

“It is in Qatar’s interest to stop making hasty actions and intensifying the bloodshed in Syria,” Iran’s state news agency IRNA quoted Deputy Foreign Minister Hossein Amir-Abdollahian as saying.

“The wise … people of Syria will never allow others to make decisions for them,” he said.

Shi’ite Iran has strongly supported Assad in a two-year-old conflict that began with peaceful protests and turned into an armed revolt in which some 70,000 people have been killed.

In a blow to Assad, the Arab League on Tuesday gave Syria’s seat to Alkhatib at a summit in Doha. It also endorsed the provision of military aid to Syrian rebels.

Tehran, calling the Arab League’s decision “a pattern of dangerous behavior,” has been at loggerheads with Western and Arab governments calling for Assad’s exit from power. It accuses them of fomenting terrorism in Syria by arming rebels.

Iran has emphasized the importance of elections and reforms in Syria, but does not accept Assad’s removal, saying a solution to the crisis cannot be imposed from outside the country.

Analysts say losing its Syrian ally would weaken Iran’s ability to threaten its arch-foe Israel through the Syrian-backed Lebanese Shi’ite Hezbollah movement.

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Syria’s cultural heritage under attack during bloody civil war


* ed note–remember that one of the reasons for the  destruction  of  Syria is  Israel’s thousands of years old assertion  that all the land  between the Nile and Euphrates was given  to the Jewish  people by their god  Yahweh. Therefore  there is no such thing as Palestine, no such things as as Syria, Lebanon, Iraq, Jordan, etc. These are considered ‘gentile’ notions and therefore do not exist.
That being the case then, destroying another people’s history–as was done to Iraq after the 2003  invasion when  Zionist thieves looted the various museums in that country and stole the various artifacts dating back thousands of  years–becomes a form of psycholog-ical warfare aimed at erasing the identity of a people.

Fox News

Amid a two-year bloody civil war that has killed an estimated 70,000 civilians and left 2.5 million people homeless, a profound loss of another kind has unfolded inside Syria – an attack on the country’s cultural heritage, as missiles demolish ancient sites and looters steal artifacts as old as civilization.  

More than 12 of the country’s 36 museums have been raided and at least six historical sites have been damaged – including the Crusader castle Krak des Chevaliers – since the uprising began in March 2010, according to several international groups tracking the destruction.   

Aleppo – one of the most beautiful cities in the Middle East and a crossroads of Christian, Jewish and Arab cultures – is among the hardest hit by the fighting between regime forces and rebels.

In the nation’s capital of Damascus, once described by Mark Twain as the city that “has seen all that has ever occurred on earth,” historic buildings and landmarks are at increasing risk of damage. 

“It’s painful to see the bombardment of the oldest city in the world and the theft and destruction that has followed,” said Abdal-Razzaq Moaz, Syria’s former deputy minister of cultural heritage, who escaped the country in January and is now in the U.S. teaching at Indiana University. 

Moaz said some of the earliest objects stolen include a golden statue from the Aramaic period – snatched from the museum in Hama in July 2011. Ancient figurines were taken from the museum in Apamea, and tablets and pottery dating back to the third millennium BC were seized last May from Qala’at Jabar Museum in Raqqa.   

Other missing artifacts of immeasurable value include at least 30 carpet mosaics from the Roman period. Moaz told that eight of the mosaics have since been seized by Lebanese authorities at the border.

Much of the theft also includes illegal digging at major archeological sites, where cash-strapped Syrian rebels have reportedly made off with gold, statues and other treasures that can be sold on the black market. 

The rebels, meanwhile, blame the Syrian government for much of the looting and damage to historical sites that have become battlegrounds for fighting. Local activists, for instance, claim President Bashar Assad’s regime destroyed the 12th century al-Madeeq Citadel, knocking out entire walls with bulldozers during fighting in March 2012. 

Several international organizations are involved in recovering the stolen artifacts, including UNESCO, INTERPOL and the International Council of Museums, which has created an emergency “Red List” of cultural objects at risk.

Daniel Thorne, chairman of the California-based Global Heritage Fund, said the illegal antiquities trade is rampant and sophisticated – especially in a war-torn country with deteriorating security.

“These things aren’t sitting in someone’s house in Damascus or Aleppo,” Thorne told “They are clearly being taken out of the country and into underground art-dealing networks.”

“The artifacts end up in places where there are collectors and money,” he said. “People interested in classical Greek and Roman art are mostly Europeans and Russians – not so much the Chinese.”

While Thorne said it would be a “devastating loss” if such ancient artifacts were never recovered, he said experience shows that over time such valuables are often reclaimed, especially with the aid of advanced databases and groups whose mission is to track stolen art. 

“It may take 100 years or more to find all of these stolen artifacts and restore them, but as we’ve seen in recent times, sooner or later these things end up in a museum or at auction,” he said. “The key thing in my mind is that they exist somewhere and they can be found.” 


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“Iran is not the threat, we are.”


by Ken O’Keefe

It is time to stop being Israel’s Bitch!

I renounced my US citizenship and the United States of Hypocrisy refused to acknowledge my right, our right, to self-determination. Alright then, I am thinking now that maybe I just needed to leave for 10 years or so and reflect on things, now that I have, I have made some important conclusions.

First among them is that it remains an embarrassment, that idiot flag waving Americans have sat by while their Constitution was used like toilet paper and their government became a bought and paid for circus of clowns.


Ken O’Keefe & William Rodriguez, the “Last Man Out” of the Twin Towers on 9-11

Second is that due to this despicable state of affairs of failing to pay attention on our watch we Americans have continued to be complicit in mass murder that is truly unparalleled in the modern age. God help us for what we are collectively responsible for.

Third, our American sons and daughters continue to be used as the meaningless pawns they are and ultimately, aside from those our sons and daughters murder in foreign lands, aside from those we rape and torture, our sons and daughters themselves are the biggest victims of all. We so pathetically spouted “support our troops”, like idiots, incredible idiots, while effectively sentencing them to a fate that makes post-traumatic stress disorder almost inevitable. Look at the drug abuse, domestic violence, homelessness and suicide rates of returning soldiers and compare it to the returning soldiers of Vietnam, what the fuck are we doing to our supposedly cherished sons and daughters?

I have come to another conclusion, America is almost assuredly going down and going down hard, so hard that it might just bring the whole world down with it, for this reason more than any other I feel a need to exercise the best virtues I obtained as an American born son and do my best to sound the alarm. To reach out to every genuine, not fake ass idiot patriot, but to reach out to the genuine patriots.

And lastly, we need to acknowledge 100% that the American government is bought and paid for by the Zionist, Jewish supremacists, Israeli “dual citizens”, which in truth is a pyramid with the Rothschild’s and their bankster kin at the top. These are the puppet masters and they have used America as their strong arm, if we are so blindingly stupid as to continue this role as their enforcers, we will exterminate not only ourselves but possibly this beautiful world we live in.

Hiroshima and Nagasaki are proof of just how horrendous we have been and thus are capable of being today.

It is time to stop being chumps, it is time to actually give some meaning to the word patriot. It is especially time for those in the police, military and government who took an oath to uphold the Constitution to honor that commitment. Are you a person of honor? Or are you a fraudster? A coward?

I couldn’t care less about fake patriots, but real patriots, I am serious about working with you. Get the fuck up and take the fake ideals of America and make them real. If that were to happen I will happily ask for my citizenship back… until such time I do not give my allegiance to this criminal entity and thus I am not a citizen regardless of the judgments of this corrupt government and its minions.

When America truly becomes a nation of honor I will be proud to stand among its citizens as a genuine member of the family. Let us make this so.


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The Social Cost of IsraHell Aid


by Dr. Paul J Balles

Josh Reubner, Grassroots Advocacy Coordinator for the U.S. Campaign to End the Israeli Occupation says

“Israel stands to lose approximately $250 million of its $3.1 billion military aid package from the United States under the terms of the sequestration.”

As a result of sequestration budget cuts in America, many important programmes, especially for the poor, will be unfunded.

No cuts for Israel?

  • Among other things, 600,000 low-income women and children could be thrown off the Special Nutrition Program for Women, Infants and Children.
  • The USDA will treat 200,000 fewer acres for hazardous fuel contamination, leading to an increased risk of wildfires.
  • Around 70,000 children will lose access to Head Start preschool services, with layoffs of 14,000 people nationwide.
  • There will be reduced funding for the health and well being of more than 373,000 seriously mentally ill adults and children, which could result in increased hospitalizations and homelessness.
  • About 125,000 individuals and families have been put at risk of becoming homeless, the Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) estimated.
  • An additional 100,000 formerly homeless people might be removed from emergency shelters or other housing arrangements because of the cuts, according to HUD.
  • These represent only a few of many programmes to suffer from funding cuts. No cuts for Israel?

Israeli Aid in the form of American Patriot missile defense

Let’s look at the figures for some of the losers:

  1. A total of $86 million has been slashed from key women’s health programs that primarily serve lower-income women.
  2. $8 million from the Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening Program,
  3. $24 million from the Title X family planning and reproductive services;
  4. $50 million from the Title V Maternal and Child Health Services Block Grant.
  5. $20 million from the recently reinstated Violence Against Women Act
  6. $9 million from the Family Violence Prevention Act
  7. $424 million from Head Start and Early Head Start programs, which provide health and education services to low-income families.
  8. $600 million is set to be cut from the Special Supplemental Nutrition Program For Women, Infants and Children.

A total of 1 billion, 221 million for these programs alone.

But wait! AIPAC’s campaign in Congress calls for:

Efforts to provide Israel with its full $3.1 billion in military aid for 2013 and 2014, as well as $211m in additional funding for the Iron Dome missile-defence system.

The Washington Post acknowledges that there may be consequences within the American public “that attempts to exempt Israel from painful budget cuts while the rest of the U.S. was forced to absorb them would cause a political backlash.”

Concurrent with the AIPAC meeting in Washington D.C., Congress is proposing a resolution which states

“If Israel were compelled to take military action in self defence, the U.S. government should stand with Israel and supply military and diplomatic support.” This would create additional costs.

The Jewish Week calls AIPAC’s gambit to exempt these cuts a “very risky strategy at a time when millions of Americans will be feeling the bite of the sequestration debacle, which “could easily backfire and damage Israel far more than any cuts in its very generous grant aid program.”

James M Wall asks,

“Is the U.S. Congress so beholden to AIPAC and so insensitive to the impact on programs like Head Start for children, that it will give Israel’s self-designated “defensive needs” priority over US domestic needs?”

If the U.S. congress yields to the wishes of AIPAC to exempt Israel from budget cuts at the expense of needy Americans, those in Congress should not be proud to be Americans.

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Britain & Wahhabism


by Press TV News

Britain & Wahhabism

No one can reject the role of the British Colonel, fashioned in Hollywood as the Lawrence of Arabia, in Arabs’ fight against the Ottoman Empire and the subsequent formation of Wahhabi Saudi Arabia.

However, that is not the whole story as far as Britain is concerned because Brits were there when the Wahhabi reading of Islam was first founded and before even the Saudi Arabia existed.

There are accounts, including the Memoirs Of Mr Hempher, The British Spy To The Middle East, that show British Foreign and Commonwealth Office created Wahhabism that takes an intolerant view of other interpretations of Islam and other religions.

Even if such accounts are not precise – as several commentators have objected — Britain did create Saudi Arabia in collaboration with the Wahhabi Al-Saud tribe and did use Wahhabis’ intolerance and its old policy of “divide and conquer” to wage an internal war in the Ottoman empire, which was the most serious obstacle to London’s control over the Middle East until the First World War (1914-1918).

Abdulaziz Bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud, who founded the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in 1932, was a local ruler in the Arabian Peninsula when the Great War began.

Following the outbreak of war, the British who were fighting Ottomans established diplomatic ties with Abdulaziz and the two signed the Treaty of Darin as early as 1915, which made the lands of the Al-Saud family a British protectorate.

Published on Mar 25, 2013 by Press TVNews
Abdulaziz was a descendent of Muhammad Al Saud, who ruled the Najd area of the peninsula in the 18th century, who was a friend of founder of Wahhabism Muhammad Ibn Abdul Wahhab (1703-1792), and who chose Wahhabism for his tribe for the first time.

The British followed the treaty with a monthly tribute of £5,000 as well as huge supplies of arms and helped the would-be king conquer the central Arabian Peninsula, especially the cities of Hejaz, Mecca and Medina until 1927.

London replaced the Treaty of Darin with the Treaty of Jeddah on May 20, 1927 that recognized the Saudi-held territories’ independence, a move that helped Abdulaziz start kingdom of Saudi Arabia on September 23, 1932.

It was a win-win situation as Britain installed a regime ruled by one of its paid puppets to protect London’s interests and used the Al-Saud’s Wahhabi beliefs to shatter its arch-enemy, the Ottomans, while Abdulaziz realized Al-Saud’s long-sought rule over the peninsula.

Britain was indeed Abdul Aziz’s mentor from the very beginning and the later Saudi monarch did not hide these ties.

In his public speeches to the army of Wahhabi Brothers, he always thanked the British for their favors, reminding the Wahhabis that they would not have achieved victory without Britain.

The creation of Saudi Arabia was also a victory for Britain in line with its original designs envisaged in Wahhabi Islam, whose founder was excommunicated by scholars of all other Islamic sects in the 18th century.


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