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Zio-Nazi Deputy FM blasts US Jewish leaders’ peace ‘pressure’


Deputy foreign Minister Ze'ev Elkin and Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu attend a Likud faction meeting (photo credit: Miriam Alster/Flash90)

Times of Israel

Deputy Foreign Minister Ze’ev Elkin (Likud) dismissed on Sunday calls by US Jewish leaders urging Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to take confidence-building steps to demonstrate Israel’s commitment to a two-state solution.

“The Israeli government’s first and foremost responsibility is the security of its citizens and ensuring the country’s future safety,” Elkin said. “Pressure from overseas should not guide the prime minster in his careful management of the diplomatic process.”

A letter sent to Netanyahu two weeks ago, signed by 100 American Jewish activists and leaders (many, though not all, identified with left-leaning organizations), urged the prime minister to take steps to encourage a renewal of peace talks with the Palestinians. The letter coincided with US Secretary of State John Kerry’s arrival to the region in an effort to restart peace talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority.

The US leaders’ letter also upset Jewish leaders in Russia, who sent their own letter to Netanyahu saying: “Decisions on matters of national security should not be made under external pressure, not by world opinion, not by the American leadership and not even by the influential American Jewish community.” The letter, signed by Russian Jewish community leaders, rabbis and businessmen, went on to say that the original letter was particularly worrisome because it reminded them of their own Soviet past “when the Communist leadership used prominent Soviet Jews to pressure Israel.”

“I am pleased that the Russian Jewish leadership understand what some of America’s Jews sometimes forget,” Elkin said.

Elkin, himself an immigrant from the Former Soviet Union, is working under Netanyahu, who is acting as foreign minister pending the conclusion of presumptive FM Avigdor Liberman’s corruption trial. Elkin is a political hawk and a staunch proponent of a one-state solution.

Last week, a conservative American Jewish group that campaigned against the reelection of Barack Obama in 2012 sent an open letter to Netanyahu likewise urging him to ignore the other Jewish leaders’ advice.

Striking out at what it said was a call for Netanyahu to make “painful territorial sacrifices,” the Emergency Committee for Israel accused the signatories of the original letter of playing armchair politics at Israel’s expense.

“We not only question the wisdom of their advice, we question their standing to issue such an admonition to a democratically-elected prime minister whose job is not to assuage the political longings of 100 American Jews, but to represent — and ensure the security of — the Israeli people,” the letter read.

Though the original letter was sponsored by the left-leaning Israel Policy Forum, the list of signatories included names from a relatively wide spectrum of American Jewish opinion, including former senior Defense Department official Dov Zakheim; former AIPAC executive director Tom Dine; philanthropists S. Daniel Abraham, Charles Bronfman, Lester Crown and Stanley Gold; Union for Reform Judaism president Rabbi Rick Jacobs; leaders from the Jewish organizational world; and others.

It urged Netanyahu “to work closely with Secretary of State John Kerry to devise pragmatic initiatives, consistent with Israel’s security needs, which would represent Israel’s readiness to make painful territorial sacrifices for the sake of peace.”

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The five weirdest Boston bombing conspiracy theories yet

By Stephen C. Webster
Conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones explains how he believes the mafia wants to kill him. Photo: Screenshot via YouTube.

Any time a mass casualty event has happened in the U.S. at least since the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, an instant conspiracy thunderstorm forms on the horizon and slowly floats across the Internet, flinging wildly inaccurate droplets of information across humanity’s social networks much to the frustration of journalists everywhere.

The tragic events in Boston on Monday are no different, and a whole crop of new conspiracy seedlings have sprung up in the storm’s passing. Here are a few of the oddest new specimens…

5) North Korea definitely had something to do with it, maybe

What with North Korea spouting off lately, it’s natural that the U.S. military would be making preparations for a potential worst-case scenario. But if you get your news from conspiracy writer Steve Quayle, you might believe that the U.S. intelligence community knowssomething is coming, and it’s going to be connected to North Korea somehow.

Thanks to Twitter, that bit of unverifiable, unsubstantiated scaredropping is now connected to the Boston bombing, because Quayle said a “close associate” whoknows stuff spoke to someone at Barksdale Air Force Base who said they’re beefing up security. “He then said that he heard ‘intelligence says there will be an attack on American soil.’” So, obviously… (Insert shocking event here.)

4) “Family Guy” creator Seth McFarlane is totally in on it

Plenty of folks are taking to Twitter now claiming that a recent episode of “Family Guy” is somehow “proof” the Boston bombings were a false flag attack. In the episode “Turban Cowboy,” which aired March 17, 2013, the bumbling dad character Peter befriends a Muslim man who involves Peter in a plot to blow up a bridge in the fictional town of Quahog, which he does by mistake at the end of the episode shortly after winning the Boston marathon.

Do we really have to explain why this is silly? The scene has since been clipped from re-airings of the episode due to the Boston marathon/bomb reference.

3) Boston police knew about the bombing in advance

Much like some of the earliest conspiracy theories about 9/11, this one is based on early media reports that were unclear or inaccurate. In the case of allegations that Boston police carried out “controlled explosions” near the marathon’s finish line, conspiracy talk show host Alex Jones misleadingly cited tweets by and The Boston Globestaff reporting on police efforts to clear suspicious packages after the blasts, not before them.

For the record, police said that only two explosive devices were found, although a number of suspicious packages were safely rendered inert by explosives, which is standard procedure in the event of a suspected bomb. So too is the deployment of bomb-sniffing dogs and snipers ahead of a major event — which definitely isn’t stopping conspiracy promoters from wigging out over that too.

2) Gotta be the Muslims

Pat Robertson enunciated this one loud and clear Tuesday morning, going live with his prejudices against Muslims by describing the attacks, then muttering: “Don’t talk to me about religion of peace. No way.”

Robertson wasn’t the only one eager to find a Muslim to blame for the attack. Former Fox News conspiracy host Glenn Beck was similarly certain Tuesday that Muslims carried out the tax day bombing, explaining on his show that “no American citizen blows up random people; that’s a Middle Eastern scene, that’s not an American scene.” Of course, people like Timothy McVeigh and Ted Kaczynski, along with a long list of extremist, violent political groups, have operated in the U.S. throughout its entire history.

Taking it to an even more alarming extreme, frequent “Hannity” guest Erik Rush jumped on Twitter Monday night and sarcastically urged the government to “bring more Saudis in without screening them.” Confronted by a fellow Twitter user who expressed shock that Rush was already blaming Muslims, he replied: “Yes, they’re evil. Let’s kill them all.” Rush subsequently deleted that tweet.

No suspects have been named, and the motive for the attack is still unknown.

1) The tea party is being set up by the Federal Reserve to usher in a global currency

Rule #1 of American conspiracy culture is that (almost) all roads lead to the Federal Reserve, the grand poo-bah of conspiracy hatcheries. The Boston bombing is no different. With the price of gold plunging on Tuesday, former Fox News conspiracy host Glenn Beck was warning that now’s the time to get into shiny metals, lest the economy tank under the strain of so much fear in the market.

Of course, Beck specified that his comments about gold weren’t anything to do with the events in Boston, but fellow gold advertisement go-to-guy Alex Jones wasn’t afraid to fully occupy that space and flesh out the broader narrative. “You saw them stage Fast and Furious,” he said on his Internet show Monday. “Folks, they staged Aurora, they staged Sandy Hook. The evidence is just overwhelming. And that’s why I’m so desperate and freaked out. This is not fun, you know, getting up here and telling you this. Somebody’s got to tell you the truth.”

Jones is convinced that the shootings in Tucson, Newtown and Aurora are somehow linked to banking elites that may be involved in the LIBOR scandal. He explained on his show Monday that he’s almost certain the Boston bombing has something to do with their plans as well, although Jones produced no evidence. The whole thing somehow plugs into this master conspiracy that the Federal Reserve, operating on behalf of a shadowy group of global banking elite, is preparing to use the tea party and patriot movement as a scapegoat to initiate mass gun confiscations, collapse the U.S. economy, and ultimately usher in a global currency and one-world government. And North Korea is also involved in this, somehow.

That rant culminated with InfoWars fan correspondent Dan Bidondi — who’s also an amateur wrestler, as it turns out — asking Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick (D) whether the bombing was a “false flag” designed to erode civil liberties within the U.S.

“No,” Patrick replied. “Next question.”

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U.S. Practiced Torture After 9/11, Nonpartisan Review Concludes


WASHINGTON — A nonpartisan, independent review of interrogation and detention programs in the years after the Sept. 11, 2001, terrorist attacks concludes that “it is indisputable that the United States engaged in the practice of torture” and that the nation’s highest officials bore ultimate responsibility for it.

The sweeping, 577-page report says that while brutality has occurred in every American war, there never before had been “the kind of considered and detailed discussions that occurred after 9/11 directly involving a president and his top advisers on the wisdom, propriety and legality of inflicting pain and torment on some detainees in our custody.” The study, by an 11-member panel convened by the Constitution Project, a legal research and advocacy group, is to be released on Tuesday morning.

Debate over the coercive interrogation methods used by the administration of President George W. Bush has often broken down on largely partisan lines. The Constitution Project’s task force on detainee treatment, led by two former members of Congress with experience in the executive branch — a Republican, Asa Hutchinson, and a Democrat, James R. Jones — seeks to produce a stronger national consensus on the torture question.

While the task force did not have access to classified records, it is the most ambitious independent attempt to date to assess the detention and interrogation programs. A separate 6,000-page report on the Central Intelligence Agency’s record by the Senate Intelligence Committee, based exclusively on agency records, rather than interviews, remains classified.

“As long as the debate continues, so too does the possibility that the United States could again engage in torture,” the report says.

The use of torture, the report concludes, has “no justification” and “damaged the standing of our nation, reduced our capacity to convey moral censure when necessary and potentially increased the danger to U.S. military personnel taken captive.” The task force found “no firm or persuasive evidence” that these interrogation methods produced valuable information that could not have been obtained by other means. While “a person subjected to torture might well divulge useful information,” much of the information obtained by force was not reliable, the report says.

Interrogation and abuse at the C.I.A.’s so-called black sites, the Guantánamo Bay prison in Cuba and war-zone detention centers, have been described in considerable detail by the news media and in declassified documents, though the Constitution Project report adds many new details.

It confirms a report by Human Rights Watch that one or more Libyan militants were waterboarded by the C.I.A., challenging the agency’s longtime assertion that only three Al Qaeda prisoners were subjected to the near-drowning technique. It includes a detailed account by Albert J. Shimkus Jr., then a Navy captain who ran a hospital for detainees at the Guantánamo Bay prison, of his own disillusionment when he discovered what he considered to be the unethical mistreatment of prisoners.

But the report’s main significance may be its attempt to assess what the United States government did in the years after 2001 and how it should be judged. The C.I.A. not only waterboarded prisoners, but slammed them into walls, chained them in uncomfortable positions for hours, stripped them of clothing and kept them awake for days on end.

The question of whether those methods amounted to torture is a historically and legally momentous issue that has been debated for more than a decade inside and outside the government. The Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel wrote a series of legal opinions from 2002 to 2005 concluding that the methods were not torture if used under strict rules; all the memos were later withdrawn. News organizations have wrestled with whether to label the brutal methods unequivocally as torture in the face of some government officials’ claims that they were not.

In addition, the United States is a signatory to the international Convention Against Torture, which requires the prompt investigation of allegations of torture and the compensation of its victims.

Like the still-secret Senate interrogation report, the Constitution Project study was initiated after President Obama decided in 2009 not to support a national commission to investigate the post-9/11 counterterrorism programs, as proposed by Senator Patrick J. Leahy, Democrat of Vermont, and others. Mr. Obama said then that he wanted to “look forward, not backward.” Aides have said he feared that his own policy agenda might get sidetracked in a battle over his predecessor’s programs.


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Syria: Jordan to spearhead Saudi Arabian arms drive


Jordan has agreed to spearhead a Saudi-led push to arm rebel groups through its borders into southern Syria, in a move that coincides with the transfer from Riyadh to Amman of more than $1bn (£650m).

It marks a significant change for Jordan, from a policy of trying to contain the spillover threat posed by the civil war across its border to one of actively aiming to end it before it engulfs the cash-strapped kingdom.

Jordan’s role as a conduit for arms has emerged in the past two months as Saudi Arabia, some Gulf states, Britain and the US have sharply increased their backing of some rebels to try to stop the advances of al-Qaida-linked groups among them.

A push to defeat al-Qaida, rather than an outright bid to oust Syria’s leader, Bashar al-Assad, is Jordan’s driving force. Officials in Amman concede it heightens a risk of retaliation from its increasingly cornered neighbour.

Western and Arab diplomats say Jordan is treating al-Qaida’s rise in prominence as an increasing existential threat. Security figures in the kingdom also fear a boost to the powerful Muslim Brotherhood, which has long been at odds with the monarchy and boycotted this year’s parliamentary elections.

Until this year, King Abdullah had been reluctant to take a direct stake in the Syrian crisis, opting to open Jordan’s borders to refugees and defectors, but not to allow them to be used for gun-running, or a concerted attempt to topple the four-decade Assad dynasty.

Jordanian, Syrian opposition and western sources say Abdullah’s calculation is that the sooner the Syrian crisis is over and the more moderate elements are able to defeat Assad, the better the chances are of a moderate regime taking over in Damascus. “It’s a race between them [al-Qaida] and the regular rebels to Damascus,” said one western official. “And it’s in no one’s interests if al-Qaida win.”

Last week, Jabhat al-Nusra, the al-Qaida-linked group at the vanguard of much of the fighting in north and east Syria, renewed a pledge of allegiance to al-Qaida’s overall leader, Ayman al-Zawahiri. A day earlier, the Islamic State of Iraq, the main al-Qaida current in the heartland of Arabia since the US-led invasion, claimed it was formally allied with al-Nusra.

The Syrian opposition’s civilian body said that it was “deeply concerned” about the Jabhat al-Nusra statement. “The Syrian coalition urges Jabhat al-Nusra to stay within the ranks of nationalistic Syrians, to continue its efforts in fighting the Assad regime, and in supporting and protecting the freedom of all Syrian sects,” it said.

Light and medium-sized weapons and funds have recently been sent across the Jordanian border to Syrian rebel groups vetted by the CIA, which has run a training programme inside Jordan since early 2012. Some of the weapons were sourced from Croatia over the past year by the Jordanian air force.

While not explicitly conditional, the Saudi money is the first for Jordan in more than a year. Jordan has historically received backing from wealthy patrons in the Gulf, as well as the US.

The Jordanian industry minister, Hatem al-Halawani, said at a recent conference in Qatar established to support the Syrian opposition that the amount transferred from Riyadh totalled $1.25bn.

In 2011 Jordan is believed to have received $1.4bn from Saudi Arabia but in 2012 failed to gain any of the $1bn payment expected. It has had just $200m so far this year, most of which went on the aid effort.

Jordan is increasingly unable to provide for the 460,000 Syrians in its refugee camps and the failure of the international community to deliver on aid pledges of $1.5bn has sharpened fears of a humanitarian catastrophe. Some MPs have even called for the borders to be closed with the government declaring the north of the country, where refugee camps have been erected, a crisis zone.

Jordanian officials are aware of possible retaliation from an increasingly cornered Damascus, which this week accused Amman of “playing with fire” by opening its border to a military push.

Last week, a government spokesman said Jordan was “not part of the crisis” in Syria and supported a political solution. “The Jordanians are happy to channel support but they say ‘don’t put us in the frontline’,” said one Syrian opposition figure. “They used to be afraid that Assad’s intelligence system could hit back and hurt Jordan but now he is weak they feel emboldened to be more active.”

Syrian rebels have made significant gains in the past six weeks near Deraa, the southern town where protests in March 2011 sparked the uprising, and in the Hauran area. Jordan has closed the Quneitra crossing with Syria, near the strategically vital Golan Heights.

The Guardian reported last week that Austria, the lead component of the UN peacekeeping force on the Golan Heights, was considering withdrawing its troops, which would likely make the UN force’s position untenable.

Austria’s foreign minister, Michael Spindelegger, spoke to commanders on the Golan Heights on Thursday and later confirmed Vienna may pull out its troops, especially if European states lift an embargo on supplying arms to rebels.

A vacuum in the Golan Heights would pose a dilemma for Israel, which is already dealing with the withdrawal of thousands of Syrian troops from the area. Officials in Israel and Europe have suggested that if the Austrians withdrew, Tel Aviv would be tempted to cross the ceasefire line and establish a buffer zone inside Syria, adding another regional dimension to the crisis.

Syrian forces are believed to have retreated to defend the capital, which despite being under siege by rebel groups, al-Nusra among them, is at no imminent risk of falling.

One western diplomat cautioned that recent gains in the south, though dramatic on paper, would slow as rebels edge towards the capital. “It was the same in the north,” the diplomat said. “The heady rush into Aleppo last August has led to a stalemate ever since. I’m not sure the southern border is going to soon change the equation.”

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Boston Marathon Honored Sandy Hook Victims

Boston Marathon Honored Sandy Hook Victims

The Newtown Strong Fund had dedicated each of the race’s 26.2 miles to one of the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting’s 26 victims

The tragedy at the Boston Marathon hit home in Connecticut — not just because the state sent more than 400 runners to the big race, but also because the marathon honored victims of last year’s shooting at Sandy Hook Elementary School.

The race is 26.2 miles long, and the Newtown Strong Fund dedicated each mile to one of the 26 victims of the shooting.

There was a 26-second long moment of silence at the beginning of the race, and a special marker was placed at the 26-mile mark.

The marker includes the Newtown, Conn. city seal surrounded by 26 stars, one for each victim.

Laura Nowacki, a spokeswoman for the Newtown Strong Fund and the mother of a shooting survivor, is okay.

Lisa Abrams, whose husband Thomas is one of nine runners with Team Newtown Strong, spoke with the Connecticut Post and said her husband sent her a text about the explosion.

“Newtown cannot handle any more of this,” Lisa Abrams told the Post. “We don’t need any more stress, no more heartache.”

Karen Alexander of Sandy Hook was supposed to run but stayed home. She said all the runners from the group are safe.

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Are Jews Being Set Up for Another Holocaust?



Compare the article below with this review of a new book “FDR & the Jews”  which portrays FDR, an Illuminati Jew, as a Christian, and whitewashes his role in the holocaust. As The Holocaust Conspiracy demonstrates, historians hide the Illuminati role in the holocaust, which was designed to justify the creation of Israel and replace the crucifixion of Christ as the central metaphor of divine sacrifice. 

by Henry Makow Ph.D.

In 1938-39, just before Europe erupted in an inferno for Jews, all the exits were sealed shut. The Nazis had no problem allowing Jews to leave.  The problem was that no country allowed them to enter.

In May 1939, the passenger liner “St. Louis” carrying 900 German Jewish refugees was turned away from Havana. The passengers’  costly tourist visas had been revoked by Cuban authorities. The liner lingered near the coast of Florida but FDR refused to let it dock. Reluctantly, the ship returned to Europe where the refugees were divided among four Allied countries, of which three soon were overrun.

The image of unwanted Jews was seared into the collective Jewish psyche. It argued the necessity of a homeland in Israel as insurance against anti-Semitism. Millions of Jews devoted their money and lives to wresting Israel from its rightful owners and building a Jewish sanctuary there. Millions of non-Jews were recruited to this cause. World peace has hung in the balance ever since.

FDR famously said nothing in history happens by accident. The possibility that this gruesome spectacle was staged to manipulate Jews, and give them a kind of moral impunity, is repugnant to consider.

However, a book, “The Holocaust Conspiracy”  (1989)  shows how Allied and neutral governments ensured that most Jews would remain in Europe and would burn. The author William R. Perl argues that  a parallel Nuremberg Trial is necessary for “those leading figures in the Allied and neutral camps” who “knowingly and willingly co-operated in the German annihilation scheme.” (34)

William Perl (1906-1998) was not some armchair conspiracy theorist like me.  He was a lawyer in Vienna in the 1930’s who helped organize illegal transits to Palestine  for the Revisionist Zionists.  He negotiated with Adolf Eichmann face-to-face; and after the war, he prosecuted Nazi war criminals.

In this book, Perl argues that the Jewish holocaust was part of an international conspiracy. But of course, he didn’t understand that the perpetrators were “the Illuminati,”  the highest rung of Freemasonry empowered by the world central banking cartel.  Their goal is to create a world government tyranny dedicated to Lucifer with its capital in Jerusalem.

Holocaust means “burned offering.” By what logic can we call this genocide a “sacrifice”?  By Illuminati logic of course! They sacrificed Jews to hoodwink the world into establishing a Masonic state in Israel. The design of the Israeli Supreme Court is proof that this is exactly what has transpired. Modern Israel was Masonic from its conception.

This begs the question: If the Jewish holocaust was contrived by the people who run the world, would they do it again?  I’ll address this question at the end.


William Perl states that there were “deliberate, concerted steps to thwart rescue actions…not only by individuals in power but by governments.” He says this failure to rescue was more than a simple lack of action but a “deliberate  set of actions bound to ensure the success of the German annihilation plans.” While this seems “unbelievable,” he says the documents available make this conclusion “not only logical but inescapable.” (16)

For example, Morgenthau’s Treasury Dept. investigated the State Department and identified a half dozen top officials it described as “an American underground to let the Jews be killed.” The report was especially critical of John J. McCloy, assistant Secretary of War, who later became the Rockefeller’s lawyer, the President of the World Bank and a member of the Warren Commission. Yes children, he was Illuminati.

Perl says that next to the Nazis, the British “carry the heaviest guilt” for the Jewish holocaust because they fought tooth and nail to block the escape route to Palestine. In fact, the first person killed by the British in WW2 was a Jewish refugee on the vessel “Tiger Hill.”

Now you ask, if the Rothschilds control England, and wanted to set up a national home for Jews, why wouldn’t England let all these Jews go to Israel? The answer is that this action would demonstrate to Jews that they didn’t need a state and didn’t need to become the lethal weapon they have become in the hands of the Rothschilds.

The Soviets were supposed to be a Jewish front. But Perl also blames the USSR. Information was tightly controlled in Russia and the  Soviets  did nothing  to warn the  Jews of what they could expect from the Nazis.  (In his biography  of Hitler, John Toland describes Jews in the Ukraine greeting the Nazis as  saviors.)

Just to illustrate the transnational nature of the Illuminati, in Feb 1942, a Soviet submarine torpedoed the “Struma” a disabled cattle boat crammed with 760 Romanian Jewish refugees. There was one survivor. Why this gratuitous murder of Jews? More souls sacrificed for the Luciferian New World Order capital.

The Allies also blocked Nazi attempts to ransom Jews and calls to bomb the concentration camps, although factories five miles from Auschwitz were demolished in 1944. In all this, the Allies were supported by the  Zionist establishment, which is directed by the Illuminati.


History teaches that the Illuminati consists of Satan-loving Jews and non-Jews; and exploits and kills anyone who doesn’t fit into its plan for a Luciferian NWO.  At first glance, Israel would be a prime candidate for a repeat of the Jewish holocaust as most Israelis probably don’t see themselves in Masonic NWO terms.

Fellow Winnipegger Barry Chamish is the leading exponent of the view that the Illuminati, through its CFR arm, controls Israel and intends to spare Jerusalem, but sacrifice the  rest to  its ultimate goal.  A selection of his work can be found here

His scenario is plausible given Master Mason Albert Pike’s prescription for three world wars, the last resulting in the destruction of political Zionism and Islam.

In America,  the Jewish role bears a remarkable resemblance to  their position in the Weimar Republic. Their role in government, culture and the economy is well out of proportion to their numbers. As witting and unwitting tools of the Illuminati, they are seen by many as undermining Christian and American interests.

Pastor Chuck Baldwin this week made the comparison with Jesus and the “moneychangers.”

“It is too bad that today’s pastors and Christians do not share Jesus’ disdain for the current generation of moneychangers, because it is the moneychangers who are in the process of destroying these United States of America–and our pastors and Christians either do not see it, or, if they do see it, do not seem to care.”

Some Jews are beginning to sense the danger. Zionists are nervous about Barrack Obama’s anti-war stance and growing anti-Zionism in America.

Americans, like the Germans before them, are not anti Semitic by nature. The economic situation in Germany had to deteriorate before Hitler could come to power. The real question is, does the Illuminati have anything to gain from an attack on Jews?

In the short term, as long as they need Zionists to control America, no. But as the New World Order becomes more onerous, and the position of Americans more perilous, the Illuminati may be happy to use Jews as their scapegoats once again. After all, pawns are made to be sacrificed.


Note: If you are a holocaust minimizer, we both agree it was a political psy-op. We just disagree on the numbers. Do not write to me. Here is my position. 

Moreover I believe Hitler was created by the Illuminati.

– See more at:

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France’s Media Admits that the Syrian “Opposition” is Al Qaida. Then Justifies French Government Support to the Terrorists

Global Research

In a report published on the 11th of April French daily Le Monde admits that rebels fighting the government of the Syrian Arab Republic are dominated by Japhat Al Nosra, a terrorist group linked to Al Qaida. The admission comes after two years of non-stop disinformation trumpeted from all French mainstream media outlets from the official right to the official left, disinformation that has attempted to convince the French public that democratic revolutionaries are fighting a war for human rights and freedom against a brutal, tyrannical dictator, who is ‘’ killing his own people’’.

This puerile and deeply dishonest narrative has now been utterly discredited, as the facts about the terrorist nature of the Syrian rebels have become too obvious to ignore. In an article entitled ‘The New Visage of French Jihadism’ it is reported that French jihadists are leaving France in their hundreds to join the ‘holy war’ against the Syrian Arab Republic, with many more joining jihadist groups in Mali.

On the same page in an article entitled ‘Al Qaida extends its territory and unites its forces in Iraq and Syria’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad reports:

‘The head of Iraq’s Islamic state, the Iraqi branch of Al Qaida, announced in a recorded message on April 9th, that his group would be fused with the Japhat AL Nosra( Support Front), the principal armed jihadist organization in Syria. The new group will be called Al-Qaida in Iraq and the Levant. This announcement comes two days after the call of Ayman Al-Zawarhiri, the successor of Osama Bin Laden in the leadership of Al-Qaida ‘headquarters,’ for the establishment of an Islamic state after the fall of the regime of Bachar-Al-Assad, afflicted since two years by an insurrection by the Sunni majority.’[1]

So, here we now have the French establishment press, who has been working overtime since two years to convince us that those fighting Assad are democrats, admitting that they are in fact Al Qaida. According to an October 2010Fox News report, the above-mentioned Al Qaida leader Al-Zawarhiri dined at the Pentagon just months after 911. Fox News reporter Catherine Herridge claimed she had documents to prove this. Of course, Fox News being a corporate propaganda agency did not pursue this story any further, nor did any other international mainstream media outlets. In the war on terror ignorance is strength and questioning is stupid.[2] The Fox News reporter earns 900,000 dollars per annum.[3]

In order to soften the blow and reassure French readers that the Quai d’Orsay’s support for the ‘rebels’ does not contradict France’s commitment to ‘human rights’, Le Monde’s Christophe Ayad tells us that:

‘Contrary to the Islamic State in Iraq the Al Nosra Front have made an effort not to systematically target civilians. It has not insisted, for the moment, on imposing an Islamic order that is too strict in the zones under its control, and has even concluded honorable agreements with the Kurdish rebellion, as in at Ras Al-Ain and more recently at Aleppo’[4]

These rebels Le Monde attempts to whitewash have been systematically targeting civilians from the start of this conflict. They have put bombs in cars in busy market squares, they have bombed universities murdering and maiming hundreds of innocent civilians. They have been torturing and beheading civilians and soldiers alike [5], even forcing children to participate in the decapitation some of their victims. Children have also been used as soldiers.[6 ]

They have forced women to wear the chador in the ‘liberated’ parts of once beautiful Aleppo.[7] They have desecrated and ruined the country’s religious and cultural heritage. They have blown up pipelines and wrecked infrastructure. They have destroyed thousands of schools, libraries and public service buildings. They have used chemical weapons. They have slit the throats of little children in order to blame the Syrian government. They terrorists are now even taking photos of themselves with the decapitated heads of their victims.[8] None of this is a secret. They have continously posted videos boasting about their crimes.

Yet Le Monde wants us to believe that Japhat Al Nosra [image above] is a good, more civilized version of Al Qaida, one perhaps worthy of Western military support! Of course, Le Monde will reply that they do not support Japhat Al Nosra, that they support the secular rebels. But where are the secular rebels?Article 20 of the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights states very clearly that ‘any propaganda for war shall be prohibited by law’. [9 ] The attempt by Western journalists to portray terrorist groups as freedom fighters and the use of information sources emanating exclusively from these groups to justify foreign aggression against a sovereign state recognized by the United Nations constitutes a war crime.

The French ‘special envoy’ seems to lament the fact that the announcement of this new fusion of terrorist groups will discredit the French government’s attempts to convince its European Union partners to officially arm the ‘rebellion’. While the French press admits that the Syrian armed opposition is predominantly Al-Qaida, it continues to insinuate and suggest that the bulk of the armed opposition is in fact secular and liberal. However, no evidence to support such insinuations has ever been forthcoming, while evidence to the contrary is overwhelming and impossible to dismiss.

In another article published on March 5th entitled ‘The Syrian Rebels take control of the Village of Raqqa in the North of the Country’, reporter Khalid Sid Mohand tells us just who these ‘rebels’ are. They are, he admits a few lines into his report:

‘A coalition of armed groups, some of whom are affiliated to the jihadists of Japhat-al-Nosra, who are behind the fall of Rakka.’[10]

How lovely! Al Qaida have captured a Syrian town and the French liberal media seems to be very excited about the prospect of armed barbarians taking over the Levantine state. From the title of the article, one is led to believe that the Syrian rebels have taken the town, the Syrian rebels being the French media’s designated ‘Arab Spring’ good guys. So, even though the news is bad, the headline suggests that it is good. Reality is turned upside down.

This technique of editorializing terrorists as rebels, while at the same time admitting that they are terrorists has the effect of confusing the public and preventing the uncritical reader from understanding the real forces at play in the Syrian conflict. The technique was repeatedly used during the Russian-Chechnian war when Islamist terrorists were repeatedly described as ‘rebels’. The double-standard, double-speak and double-think are techniques which are now part and parcel of ‘professional journalism’.

While such villainous and schizophrenic behavior may appear to some as a diabolical conspiracy, the reality is far more complex. This schizoid way of thinking and speaking is simply the psychological reflection of a global economic system that is collapsing upon its own internal contradictions. The extraction of surplus value from labour and the globalization of this capitalist mode of production have made a tiny section of the global population extremely rich and powerful.

The rich and powerful not only own the means of production, they also own the means of communication and as rule by a financial oligarchy is objectively contrary to democratic principles, a double-language and double-think is necessary in order to make people believe that 2 plus 2 equals 5. As a result, armed groups that serve the interests of the financial oligarchy will be mediatized as ‘freedom fighters’ and ‘human rights’ activists. However, as reporters cannot always control or ignore the complex realities they report on, the truth also emerges between the lines, in the margins and interstices of their own discourse. However, the job of rational analysis and interpretation of information is only being carried nowadays out by alternative media outlets whose goal is to serve the public good and tell the truth.

Thus, articles reporting the ‘good news’ that the Syrian rebels have taking another town will also have to admit that these same rebels are actually Al Qaida. But because double-think is so deeply embedded in Western culture, the contradictions of these reports are rarely noticed or analyzed The task of molding the public mind to support the ‘cruel but necessary’ geopolitical strategies of the global financial elite falls to the mass media , who orient and distort information to suit imperial designs and the corporate interests of the media’s owners.

In a Guardian article of 2002, the Western establishment’s policy of total hypocrisy was eloquently expressed by former British Prime Minister Tony Blair’s chief strategist Robert Cooper who wrote:

‘The challenge to the postmodern world is to get used to the idea of double standards. Among ourselves, we operate on the basis of laws and open cooperative security. But when dealing with more old-fashioned kinds of states outside the postmodern continent of Europe, we need to revert to the rougher methods of an earlier era – force, pre-emptive attack, deception, whatever is necessary to deal with those who still live in the nineteenth century world of every state for itself. Among ourselves, we keep the law but when we are operating in the jungle, we must also use the laws of the jungle’[11]

Since unknown snipers opened fire on protestors and police in the town of Daraa on March 15th2011, the Syrian nation has been assaulted by death squads armed and trained by the Gulf emirates and Nato intelligence. The result has been the death of thousands and the destruction of a nation. This is a repeat of the Arc of Crisis created in Afghanistan in 1979 when US National Security Advisor Zbigniew Bzrezinski organized the arming and training of Mujahedeen terrorists in order to overthrow the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. The result was the creation of Al Qaida, a data-base of military-intelligence assets, who have since the very beginning, always served Nato geopolitical interests. The same technique is now being used against Syria.

It is quite possible the French government’s admission that Al Qaida have taken over large parts of Syria could serve as an excuse in the weeks, months or years ahead for direct military intervention to ‘free’ Syria from Al-Qaida, just as French intelligence’s fomentation of jihadism in Libya and their transfer to Mali served the cause of military intervention there. Meanwhile,the media demonization of Bachar-Al Assad will continue. However, the existence of Al Qaida in Syria could eventually become the final justification for intervention if the terrorists succeed in sufficiently weakening the Syrian state and Russia can be persuaded to acquiesce in the loss of its Eastern Mediterranean client state.

The dupes of Nato’s media empire can continue to comfort themselves that their governments are fighting terrorists in some countries, while helping ‘democratic rebels’ to fight ‘brutal regimes’ in others, but as savage austerity cuts and the militarization of urban space afflicts European cities, the reality that it is the degenerate Euro-Atlantic elites who are fomenting jihadist terrorism, the nightmarish reality that this is in fact both the ‘brutal regime’, and the opaque, loose ‘terrorist network’ which wants to take away our freedoms and destroy civilization, this reality will become impossible to ignore. For in truth the war on terrorism is ultimately a war on humanity.

‘Contrairement à l’Etat islamique en Irak, Le Front Al-Nosra prend garde à ne pascibler systématiquement les civils. Il a évité, pour l’instant, dimposer un ordre islamique trop strict dans les zones passées sous son contrôle et conclut même des accords ponctuels avec la rébellion kurde, comme à Ras Al-Aïn, et plus récemment à Alep.’
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The UK Government’s decision to spend an estimated £10m on the ‘state funeral’ for former PM Margaret Thatcher faced fresh controversy today.  We now know the government has been rejecting thousands of applications for Pauper Funerals made on behalf of ordinary UK pensioners who have died alone without money left to pay for their own burial. It seems Thatcher might be the only pensioner the UK government will support to die with dignity.

Rise in Pauper Funerals


Those of the Thatcherite persuasion will often be heard raising the issues of the Winter of Discontentas the ultimate failure of the socialist idea of government.  The common cry goes ‘we couldn’t even bury our dead’.  Whilst bodies were left unburied due to strike in 1978, they are being left unburied due to poverty in 2013.

There was a 6.9% rise in requests for the Government Funereal Fund to bury pensioners last year. The government rejected over half of all applications made.  Even those who were successful won an average £1,217, whilst average funereal costs have risen to £3,091.

To put this in some perspective, the UK government could have buried almost one thousandpensioners who died in poverty this year, for what it is paying to bury a millionaire former PM who died in her bed at the Ritz hotel.

This is not the first year that the government has done these pensioners out of a decent send off either.  The Department of Work and Pensions rejected 34,000 applications for funereal support in 2011, a rise of 7%.

The problem is only set to worsen, with the death rate likely to rise by 17% each year for the next 15 years and funereal costs skyrocketing 71% in the last 9 years.

It is bad enough that our elderly people are unable to die in dignity, but increasingly the final years of life are spent watching the pennies and waiting to die.

Pensioner Poverty


Today, one in every six (1.8m) UK pensioners lives in poverty, whilst a further 1.2m live on the edge of poverty.

Pensioner poverty did not suddenly become an issue as a result of ideological austerity.  Pensioners have been having a tough time for a long time.  The number of pensioners living in poverty fell in1997/8 and again in 2004/5 but not improved significantly since.  However, the Coalition government will spend £250m less on older people between 2010-15 than was spent between 2004-5 whilst the number of people over 85 has risen by two thirds, to 630,000.

At the same time, the cost of living for pensioners has risen 25% over the last five years.

The cost of living is going up, the number of elderly people is going up, and the support given to them is going down, rapidly. There is only one outcome to this policy: rising poverty in old age.

Crisis of Care


With the population of elderly people rising as more of us are lucky enough to make it to old age, managing down the costs of care home places and in home care, whilst ensuring the highest standards of care should be a central policy of any government.  However, the coalition policies seem to be achieving quite the opposite aim.

In the UK today over 90% of all care home provision (up from 61% in 1990) to elderly people is in the independent/private sector, after the public sector was encouraged to outsource provision in an effort to cut costs.  The same period has seen an astronomical rise is the cost of care home places. The average cost of a single room in a care home has risen to over £27,000 a year.  This is higher than the average UK annual wage (£26,000) and more than double the average annual pension income of£13,208.  In fact since 2011, care home costs have risen at twice the rate of inflation, whilststandards of care have slipped.

As a result, the homes this generation bought under Thatcher are not nest eggs for surviving relatives, but simply collateral.  It is estimated that 40,000 elderly people a year are selling their homes for just this purpose, in aims to cover the average £100,000 care home costs to cover the final years of their lives.

Whilst the Coalition plan to implement a £75,000 cap in the contributions a person makes to their care home costs, a) they have stalled the policy until after the next election and b) it won’t include accommodation costs, which are the bulk of the issue.  This is no help at all.

One might expect that for these breathtaking sums we might have the finest care homes in the world.  Yet, last year the regulatory body for the UKs care homes (The Care Quality Commission)published a damning report that showed that more than half of all elderly and people with disabilities in care homes were being denied basic care.

The report showed that people suffering incontinence were waiting more than two weeks for a consultation on their condition in more than 40% of care homes surveyed.  One might think perhaps this was some failing, but this was classed as success!  Two in every five Homes surveyed set themselves a target of 90 days (that’s three months!), to make such a basic check up for a resident.

More worrying is that the data used for the study only covers 2010, so does not even take into account the sweeping cuts implemented since. This is the sorry state of care the elderly lived inprior to the ideological austerity we have seen sweeping the UKs public services.

Indications suggest things have become worse; over 40 care homes were closed down by the Care Quality Commission last year for providing sub standard care including: verbal & physical abuse of patients, medicines not being managed safely, poor sanitary conditions and a lack of medical and nursing care.  Deaths like that of 81 year old Gloria Foster also provide a damning verdict on a privatised system of care, which simply doesn’t.

Turning Our Backs on the Elderly 


During this period of imposed national mourning, there has been much ado about those who dare to criticise either Thatcher herself, the legacy of her ideology and policy, or the state funded pomp and military honour being applied to her send off.

The police yesterday ‘approved’ plans for those wishing to express their dissent to line the Funeral route with their backs turned to the coffin.  One would struggle to conjure a more fitting tribute, not only to Thatcher but to this current iteration of neoliberal politicians, who have so clearly turned their backs on generations of elderly people up and down the land.



US-Backed FSA Rebels Decapitate & Grill Victim


Another example of Obama supporting bloodthirsty terrorists in Syria

Paul Joseph Watson

A gruesome new photograph has emerged of US-backed FSA rebels grilling a decapitated head of one of their victims, another chilling example of how the Obama administration is supporting bloodthirsty terrorists in Syria.

The photo is too graphic to show uncensored in this article, but a non-blurred version can be seen here.

According to, “On Thursday, 11 April 2013, a Syrian Army helicopter transporting food supplies to villages and Army units besieged around Maarat Noman city in Idleb province when it was attacked by NATO’s best assets Al-Qaeda FSA terrorists not with chants of course calling for a better election law, but with latest weapons provided covertly and openly by their sponsors, and the plane was downed. On board 8 officers and soldiers, the terrorists rushed to the site of the downed helicopter, decapitated the pilots then GRILLED them.”

The story is not hard to believe given that it fits with the pattern of atrocities committed by US-backed rebels throughout the conflict. Although the Obama administration has tried to portray the extremist elements in Syria as a minority, the opposite is in fact true.

Jabhat al-Nusra, a militant organization which which killed US troops in Iraq, was declared a terrorist organization by the United States back in December and yet almost immediately the rest of the so-called “moderate” FSA groups pledged their allegiance to the Al-Qaeda group.

According to numerous reports, far from playing a bit part in the conflict, Jabhat al-Nusra is “essential to the frontline operations of the rebels fighting to topple Assad,” and the group conducts “the heaviest frontline fighting” in Syria.

Innumerable videos and photos depicting FSA rebels committing atrocities, including beheadings, forcing prisoners to become suicide bombers, and ransacking Christian churches, have all emerged with virtually zero coverage from the mainstream media, which instead has focused entirely on the narrative that the Assad regime is indiscriminately killing innocent civilians.

The Obama administration has remained steadfast in its support for the rebels, sending over half a billion dollars to extremists who have been caught on tape burning US flagschanting anti-American slogans and singing the praises of Osama Bin Laden while glorifying the 9/11 attacks.

Not only have Syrian civilians and members of the Syrian Army fell victim to the FSA’s war crimes, but now women and teenage girls are being trafficked to the country to service the sexual needs of FSA fighters. As we reported last week, Islamic clerics are issuing fatwas permitting Syrian rebels to rape women and girls as young as 14 years old as part of a “sexual jihad”.

The video below shows the aftermath of the helicopter crash on April 11, including the dead pilot before he was decapitated.

The most recent example of FSA rebels beheading a victim can be seen in the video below, but should not be watched by those of a nervous disposition.


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Politicians should stay out of schools, says ex-curriculum head


Politicians should be stopped from meddling in school policy and using visits among pupils as photo shoots, the former head of the national curriculum said last night.

Mick Waters told a seminar at the House of Commons that power had to be “wrestled away from meddlers and unelected advisers and placed back in the control of wider society – employers, teachers, parents and pupils”.

The former curriculum head at the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority was speaking after The Independent revealed more than 2,000 teachers had signed an online petition protesting at the Education Secretary Michael Gove’s “back to basics” plans to reform the national curriculum.

“The crux of our inertia is the influence of national politicians,” Mr Waters added. “Most national politicians confuse policy with posturing, polarising and positioning. A few are peddling half truths over international comparisons or abusing the rights of pupils with cynical hectoring.”

He argued that MPs should set up a national council of professionals to run the education system instead.

The comments follow a flurry of activity from opponents of Mr Gove’s plans for a new national curriculum. Maths experts warned that his plans for more rigour – including learning the times tables up to 12 by the age of nine – risked alienating pupils.

“It is not enough merely to prescribe all the elements that children should learn, to emphasise ‘rigour’ and to hope that as much as possible goes in,” said Mike Ellicock, chief executive of the charity National Numeracy, in a letter to Mr Gove.

The Department for Education has insisted its new curriculum “will give every child the broad and balanced education they need to fulfil their potential”. “We are giving every school more freedom and trusting teachers to use their creativity to shape the curriculum to the needs of their pupils,” it added.

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