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UNICEF: U.S. kids worse off than many of their Western counterparts


Posted by Caitlin Dewey and Max Fisher

Click to enlarge. Data source: UNICEF

Click to enlarge. Data source: UNICEF

American children are on average worse off than children in Western Europe and barely better off than their counterparts in the Baltic states and the former Yugoslavia, according to a recent report from United Nation’s Children’s Fund (UNICEF) on the welfare of children in developed countries.

The report, which compares kids in 29 Western countries, measures well-being across five metrics: material well-being, health and safety, behaviors and risks, housing and environment, as well as education. It ranks the United States in the bottom third on all five measures of well-being and particularly low on education and poverty. The United States is joined at the bottom by “emerging” European economies, while the Scandinavian countries and the Netherlands come out on top. The report notes that this latter group of countries tends to spend far more per capita on social welfare programs.

The countries with the best reported child well-being tend to invest in strong social safety nets. Norway, Iceland and Sweden sink nearly 7 percent of their GDP, according to an OECD report, into education. Countries such as Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania, which until the ‘90s had GDPs per capita of less than $5,000, have been able to put less money into such services. Though U.S. GDP per capita was more than $48,000 in 2012, that money is not spread evenly cross the unusually large U.S. population.

As we noted earlier, one of the report’s more alarming findings for the United States is the degree to which income inequality has increased the population of children who grow up in relative poverty, meaning that America’s famously abundant wealth does not equally benefit all children. Economists rate the U.S. economy as one of the most unequal in the Western world.

The low U.S. rating, then, does not mean that all American children are worse educated, less healthy and less well-off than all children in, for example, Greece and Slovakia. After all, many American kids are doing great. But the report, just as worryingly, means that significant numbers of American children are so much worse off than the average Greek or Slovakian child as to bring the overall U.S. average beneath those other, relatively less wealthy and developed countries.

Here’s a chart showing the rankings, overall and across the five key metrics, for all 29 countries:



Still, the United States did do well on some comparative metrics. American kids get more exercise than almost any others studied in the report, but they’re still, by far, the most overweight. (Chalk that up to American calorie consumption, which is also one of the world’s highest.) American kids also are the least likely to drink alcohol — a finding that matches long-standing alcohol consumption patterns of American adults. According to the World Health Organization, Americans ages 15 and up have consumed far less alcohol than their counterparts abroad for decades.

Meanwhile, Canadian children smoke the most marijuana, with more than one in four reporting they’d lit up in the past year — a period when Canada continued its national debate on the country’s cannabis laws.

Here’s something that might surprise you: kids in high-achieving Finland attend preschool less than anyone else, which seems to buck research linking preschool to later educational and economic success. But, as the report explains, that statistic is somewhat misleading: preschool begins later in Finland than it does elsewhere, which throws off the numbers.

Finally, there are some interesting, if unpleasant, hints on how Europe’s recent economic crises could impact youth there. In Spain, Italy and Ireland, more than 10 percent of children ages 15 to 19 are not enrolled in education, employment or training — a frightening figure that might reflect post-recession unemployment numbers and which could, per UNICEF, augur “mental health problems, drug abuse, involvement in crime, and long-term unemployment and welfare dependence” in the future.

Some of those effects could be playing out in Spain already. More than half of the surveyed Spanish children said they’d been in a physical fight within the past year, a huge 15 percent jump from UNICEF’s 2001 survey. Greece reported a similar jump in the past decade. Both countries have suffered in the European financial crisis.

As the report notes, these types of statistics are interesting less as a snapshot of the present than a predictor of the future.

“At the heart of the case to be made is the fact that childhood is … a time in which future patterns and pathways of health and well-being are being laid down and in which disruption can have lifelong consequences,” the report concludes. “Protecting the years of childhood is therefore essential both for the well-being of those who are children today and for the well-being of the societies of tomorrow.”

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Heba Abolaban, Muslim Woman, Says She Was Attacked Over Boston Bombings (PHOTO)


The Huffington


Muslim Attack Boston

Muslim woman wearing a hijab said she was attacked in the Boston area by a man who shouted that Muslims had perpetrated the twin bombings that killed three people and wounded about 170 Monday.

Heba Abolaban, a Palestinian doctor who immigrated to the United States from Syria, says she was punched in the shoulder in Malden, Mass., on Wednesday by a man who shouted “F*** you Muslims!” and “You are involved in the Boston explosions,” according to the Malden Patch.

The man, described as a white male in his 30s, allegedly shouted at Abolaban for about two minutes before continuing on his way, Patch reports.

Police Chief Kevin Molis told the Boston Globe the department was looking for the suspect.

“No investigative strategy will be overlooked in order to determine who’s responsible for this,” Molis said. “This is something that as a city and as a police department we take seriously.”

Immediately after the bombs went off on Monday, police questioned a Saudi Arabian man who had burns on his hands, CBS News reported. The man’s apartment, located in Revere, Mass., was searched by investigators, but he was later cleared.

While some conservative commentators, such as radio host Glenn Beck, have speculated that Middle Easterners were behind Monday’s attacks, the nationalities of the Boston Marathon bombing suspects were still unknown as of Thursday afternoon. The FBI released photos of two suspects on Thursday and enlisted the public’s help in tracking them down. No arrests had been made as this article was published.


John Tlumacki / The Boston Globe

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Mother Of Boston Bombing Suspects Says FBI Was In Contact With Her Son For Years



Zubeidat K. Tsarnaeva, the Boston bombing suspect’s mother, thinks this whole thing is a set up.

Business Insider says: Tsarnaeva said that Tamerlan Tsarnaev got involved in “religious politics” five years ago, and that the FBI had previously contacted her about her son’s activities.

She says:

“He was controlled by the FBI, like for three, five years,” she said. “They knew what my son was doing, they knew what actions and what sites on the Internet he was going [to], they used to come…and talk to me…they were telling me that he was really a serious leader and they were afraid of him.”

“How could this happen?…They were controlling every step of him, and they are telling today that this is a terrorist attack,” she added.

Further she says:

“FBI, they were scared of my oldest son, they always told me that he’s a leader…they are afraid of him because, you know, he is a leader, he talks about Islam a lot.”

“They were talking to my son, and they called me officially and they told me that my son is an excellent boy and they have no problem with him,” she added. “At the same time, they were telling me that…he is getting information on really extremists…sites, so they were very, very afraid of him. So that’s why I think that this is a setup.”

Busines Insider further says: “Tamerlan, 26, died Thursday night in a shootout with Boston Police. A manhunt is still underway for Tsarnaeva’s younger son, Dzhoker, 19.”

Busines Insider further says: “Tamerlan, 26, died Thursday night in a shootout with Boston Police. A manhunt is still underway for Tsarnaeva’s younger son, Dzhoker, 19.”




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US Senate declares the entire USA to be a “Battleground”.

US Senate declares the entire USA to be a "Battleground".

A bill passed late last night (93-7 votes) that declares the entire United States of America a battleground. What this means is that the U.S. Military can now operate with impunity, and grant the U.S. Military the unchecked power to arrest, detain, interrogate, and even assassinate United States citizens with impunity.

What this means is the United States is basically declaring war with itself. We need to shed light on this and make sure it does not become a law, otherwise we should just say good bye to the Bill of Rights and everything America used to stand for.


Here is the link to the bill in question.

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Kind regards, Your son Adam Ibrahem
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Handsom men are ejected from Saudi Arabia

If you were an ugly male, you will be received in Saudi Arabia with open arms and kisses on  the nose, by Saudi males of course.  You constitute no danger.  But if you were handsome and nice looking, you will be ejected and sent home by Saudi religious police.  Handsome men attract Saudi women and pose a threat to Saudi masculinity and social structure. 
Our United States government is fond of Saudi Arabia, the mentality of its rulers, and its version of Islam that takes Muslims over fourteen hundred years backward.  The US has more than a half million soldiers in the Gulf to protect  the kingdom of darkness against its internal and external enemies.  

The US loves and gives utmost support to Saudi Wahhabi "Islam" that treats women as animals who must be watched and guarded;does not believe in a constitution or a parliament; that does not work for the liberation of occupied Arab lands;that regards Muslim Iran asan enemy and the Jewish settler state as an ally; that bribes Muslims and non-Muslims toadopt its "Islamic" teachings; and above allthat is responsible together with Qatari "Islam"for the murder of over seventy thousandsSyrian men, women and children, and the des-truction of Syria as a state  and a  nation that makes no distinct on among its citizensin religion or nationality.
Ali Baghdadi
(Arab Journal)

Men Kicked Out Of Festival in Saudia Arabia For Being Too Handsome

By Max Miller

I’m too sexy for my shirt…too sexy for my shirt…So sexy it hurts. And I’m too sexy to attend an annual culture festival in Saudi Arabia…too sexy to attend an annual culture festival in Saudi Arabia…


You read that right. In Saudia Arabia, at least three men were ejected from the annual Jenadrivah Heritage & Cultural Festival for being too handsome.

An official from the festival said the three men – who happened to be delegates from the United Arab Emerates – were “taken out on the grounds they are too handsome and that the Commission [for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vices] members feared female visitors could fall for them.”

As you most likely have heard once or twice before, Saudi Arabia is an incredibly conservative Sunni Muslim society that prohibits women from even so much as interacting with males they are not related to. So, in this situation, you can see why festival management would take extreme caution by deporting the three men to Abu Dhabi.

They’re like Tom Cruise in “Minority Report”, preventing a crime before it happens. And trust us, being ridiculously good looking is certainly a crime. We should know. The Mandatory team has been kicked out of a number of places for simply being way too attractive.

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I am so blessed

by Nahida the Exiled Palestinian

I Am So blessed

156658_475574579153909_326150038_n - Copy (3)

I am so blessed

Being a Palestinian

Being a refugee

For over fifty years

I am so blessed

I wasn’t in the tank

With an army uniform

Killing and destroying

To frighten people away

It was a barren land

Later on to say!

I am so blessed


Being under curfew

For most of my life

I am so blessed

I wasn’t with the army

Erecting high walls

Shooting at civilians

At every check-point

I am so blessed


Losing my father

In one of their raids

I am so blessed

That it was not I

Flying planes of terror

Firing that missile

Then Laughing and rejoicing

The mission was a success

I am so blessed


Watching my brother

Being taken away

I am so blessed

I wasn’t one of those

Kicking till he bled

From his nose and head

I am so blessed


Burying my baby

With a bullet in her heart

I am so blessed

I wasn’t that soldier

Who took a baby’s life

Nor was I his mother

Who welcomed him a hero

When coming back home

I am so blessed


246513_224477341005113_1091675783_n - Copy (2)

Sleeping in a UN tent

Shivering in the freezing cold

I am so blessed

I wasn’t that settler

Who occupied my home

Justifying massacres


Then, tossing and turning

 All night long

Wondering what’s wrong

Haunted by his deeds

Searching like mad

For a long lost peace

Which he can’t find

I am so blessed


 Holding David’s stone

In my little hand

I am so blessed

I wasn’t giant Goliath

With mass-destruction might

Seeing himself invincible

With no hope in sight


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Illuminati Strategy – “Inventing Danger”



After the Boston Marathon “terror” attack Monday, I repost this timely 2002 reminder that the Israeli government attacked and killed Israelis in “terror attacks” designed to create the appearance of an external enemy, and justify aggression. This strategy is being pursued in the US today to create a climate of fear leading to a police state. Illuminati Zionists control DHS,  Here is Bro Nate’s latest word on Boston marathon . They are using this strategy of “covert aggression” to portray Christians and patriots as a danger to society.

Bomber caught on camera?   who needs a rucksack that size?

By Henry Makow Ph.D.
(Originally, “The Zionist Roots of the War on Terror”
Nov 18,2002)

Until recently, I accepted Israel’s self-image as a beleaguered, peace-loving nation in a sea of bloodthirsty Arabs. The idea that this tiny state had imperialist designs seemed ludicrous.

But what if, unknown to most people, including Israelis, the world’s power elite was using Israel to advance their plan for New World Order?

What if Israel’s role were to colonize the Middle East, and to become the seat of the World Government & Religion?

“Israel’s Sacred Terrorism” (1980) by Livia Rokach, a 63-page on line monograph suggests that this bizarre scenario may not be so preposterous.

Rokach’s monograph is based on revelations from the personal diary of Moshe Sharett, who was Israeli’s first Foreign Minister from 1948-1956, and Prime Minister from 1954-1956.

According to this diary, which the Israelis tried to suppress, Israel’s image of vulnerability was a ruse. Israel has always planned to become the dominant power in the region, and “invented dangers” in order to dupe its citizens and provoke wars.

Moshe Sharett

In his diary, Sharett quotes a conversation with Army Chief of Staff Moshe Dayan in May 1955:

“We face no danger at all of an Arab advantage of force for the next 8-10 years…Reprisal actions which we couldn’t carry out if we were tied to a security pact are our vital lymph…they make it possible for us to maintain a high level of tension in our population and in the army. Without these actions we would have ceased to be a combative people… “

Sharett concludes: “The state…. must see the sword as the main if not the only, instrument with which to keep its morale high and to retain its moral tension. Toward this end it may — no it MUST — invent dangers, and to do this it must adopt the method of provocation and revenge…. And above all, let us hope for a new war with the Arab countries so that we may finally get rid of our troubles and acquire our space.” (41, emphasis mine)


This policy of “reprisals” or “provocation and revenge” was also called “covert aggression.” The U.S. “war on terror” is a continuation of it. Essentially it involves disguising a policy of aggression as retaliation for sham provocations.

For example, Israeli patrols would cross the border to attack Jordanians or Egyptians, and then claim the actions took place in Israel. Once attacked, the army pursued the “aggressors” into enemy territory and wreaked havoc. Ariel Sharon was the leader of a squad (“Unit 101”) that specialized in these murderous forays. His 1953 raid on the Jordanian village of Kibiyah killed dozens of civilians. (30)

In March 1954, an Israeli bus travelling between Eilat and Beersheba was attacked and 10 passengers were killed. The UN armistice Commissioner, a Col. Henderson said, “from the testimonies of the survivors, it is not proved that all the murderers were Arabs.” He attributed the attack to “terrorists intent on increasing the tensions in the area.” (28) Thereupon the Israelis left the Armistice Commission in protest.

In June-July 1954 an Israeli terrorist squad blew up many British and American institutions in Cairo in an attempt to sour relations between the Arabs and the West. Dubbed the “Lavon Affair,” possibly this was a precursor to the attack on the World Trade Centre.

From the point of view of “covert aggression”, if terrorism didn’t exist, Israel would have to create it. In some instances, the terrorists are described as “white.” Remember the sniper who killed 10 Israeli reservists at a checkpoint? If he were Arab, wouldn’t he have struck again?


Israeli commentators lament that Israel is not a democracy. They say its security establishment has hijacked the country. One pundit remarked, “Israel is not a state with an army, but an army with an affiliated state.” They also lament that a culture of corruption, brutality and immorality pervades the army. See Ran Ha-Cohen, “Israeli Elections. So What”

I believe the Illuminati controls Israel’s security establishment.


The world’s wealthiest families have more in common with each other than they do with humanity. From their perspective, we are “useless eaters.” In the guise of “globalism,” they plan to increase and consolidate their wealth and power, and reduce everyone else’s.

The heart of the Illuminati’s power is the banking and oil cartels, (Rothschild, Rockefeller) but it includes many interlocking cartels like media, pharmaceuticals, defence, illegal drugs and prostitution. It operates through the world’s intelligence agencies, and groups like the Council on Foreign relations, which grooms all US leaders.

Esoterically, the Illuminati is a secret society within another secret society, the Freemasons who are dedicated to sacrificing mankind to Lucifer.

All of this sounds fantastic because it is kept out of the media and education systems, which are mental caretakers in an invisible asylum.

Recently, Americans have been recruited to do the grunt work of subjugating Islam. This is not the first time the Illuminati has used the U.S. in this fashion. America was embroiled in World War One to free a million British soldiers to conquer Palestine for the Zionists. In the Second World War, the U.S. saved Communist Russia’s bacon. Both Communism and Zionism are creations and instruments of the central bankers.


The Illuminati has always used anti Semitism to trick Jews into advancing its nefarious goals.

In the “Protocols of the Elders of Zion” the speaker confesses the illuminati has “wiped out every kind of rule except our own.” Nevertheless it allows attacks on its plan for world domination in order to create anti Semitism. “Anti Semitism is indispensable to us for the management of our lesser brethren.” (9-2)

From childhood Jews are taught that they are disliked for no rational reason and Israel is insurance against another holocaust. This attitude dehumanizes their opponents and obviates the need for genuine self-criticism. Often the question is not, is something true or false? Right or wrong? But, “Is it good for the Jews?”

Traumatizing people and convincing them that irrational fiends threaten their survival is an effective form of mind control. Such people will throw morality and reason to the wind and, if necessary, become savage, mindless killers themselves. They are easily exploited by forces that may not be Jewish at all, that may be anti Semitic, and plot their destruction.

Now the Illuminati is using the same tactic on Americans. The Mossad’s fingerprints are all over 9-11. Apparently, Israel’s Zim Container Lines moved their 200-man office out of the WTC the week before and no Israelis died in the attack. Seven of the supposed Arab “hijackers” seem to be alive.

If Osama bin Laden didn’t exist, the United States and Britain would have created him. Osama may be genuine but there is evidence that he has received money from the British MI-6 as recently as 1996. According to the French daily Le Figaro, Bin Laden met with the CIA station chief in Dubai in July 2001. He serves the purpose of those inciting a bogus “clash of civilizations.”

In the domestic sphere, the persecution of Jews has become a cultural paradigm. Lately, women and gays are the Jews, taught they’re oppressed by heterosexuality, and homosexuality is normal. . Millions of lives are being ruined. The Illuminati’s hidden agenda is to destroy society’s immune system (its ability to resist totalitarianism) by attacking its red blood cell, the nuclear family.

In conclusion, “covert aggression” is the primary means by which the Illuminati enacts its long-term plan. Americans have been incited to become oppressors by a phoney Muslim threat. Unaware of what’s done in their name, Americans are now like Jews asking, “Why do they hate us?” 


See also Makow – “The Zionist Protection Racket”

Alex Jones – Proof Boston Marathon was a False Flag 

– See more at:

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Venezuela: Bolivarian Revolution.



Since the announcement of the election results, the opposition inside of Venezuela has been trying to destabilise the country. Socialist activists and supporters of the Bolivarian revolution have been killed and attacked by armed opposition thugs. At the same time there have been attacks and arson against CDI health clinics, Simoncito nurseries, PSUV offices, Mercal and PDVAL supermarkets, and state and community media- a clear sign of the determination of the oligarchs and their supporters to try and wipe out the gains of the Bolivarian Revolution. 

In the midst of all of this, the US government, OAS, Spanish government, and the EU have refused to accept the results of the election process in Venezuela and are demanding a recount of the vote. These are the same forces that have been found time and time again funneling money to the opposition forces to try and overthrow the Bolivarian Revolution. 

As President Maduro has said, this is a developing coup. All progressive, democratic, and communist forces around the world must remain vigilant and mobilise in defence of the Bolivarian revolution and against the terrorist tactics of the opposition and their international imperialist backers and the lies of the mass media in its assault on the right of the Venezuelan people toself-determination.

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“Operation Ghetto Storm”: The New Face of U.S. Fascism

by Ajamu Baraka

The MXGM reports exposes the massive human rights violations that take place in the U.S. and contradicts U.S. efforts to project itself as a champion of human rights.”

The Malcolm X Grassroots Movement (MXGM) has just released a follow-up to its controversial report Every Thirty-six Hours, published last year, which was a gruesome compilation of killings of Black people in the U.S. MXGM characterized these killings, which took place in streets, houses, gated-communities and alley-ways across the country at a pace of one every thirty-six hours as “extra-judicial executions.” The new report, Operation Ghetto Storm, updates this figure, saying that Black people are now being killed by some representative of the state or a paramilitary vigilante at a rate of one every twenty-eight hours.

Even though Every Thirty-six Hours was widely disseminated through social media and received some coverage from a few alternative news outlets, both reports have failed to generate much interest, moral outrage or comment from mainstream news outlets, human rights organizations or even the self-elected “leaders of the black community.”

The silence of liberals, both black and white, is understandable. After all, allegations that the police are murdering Black people across the country with little, if any, concern by relevant federal bodies such as the Department of Justice’s Civil Rights Division – all during the administration of the country’s first Black President – must be difficult and embarrassing to explain. And for an administration that relies on “soft-power” rhetoric in support of human rights and democracy as an integral part of its strategy to maintain and advance U.S. global hegemony, I am sure that the administrations calculation is that the less attention to racial oppression in the U.S. the better. The administration prefers that attention is given to more “important” and human rights violations taking place in whatever nation/state it is currently targeting for destabilization, such as Syria, Iran and now North Korea.

Black people are now being killed by some representative of the state or a paramilitary vigilante at a rate of one every twenty-eight hours.”

But for those of us who have to live the nightmare of systematic domestic repression and build opposition to it, silence is a luxury we cannot afford. The MXGM reports exposes the massive human rights violations that take place in the U.S. and contradicts U.S. efforts to project itself as a champion of human rights, even as it subverts governments around the world, engages in high-tech State terrorism through its’ Drone warfare, and its intelligence and police agencies infiltrate, monitor and disrupt lawful domestic oppositional groups and kills its own citizens.

In the introduction to the report Kali Akuno, National Coordinator of MXGM, offers an explanation as to why there has been an escalation of state sponsored violence in black communities and the relative acceptance of that violence by the broader society.

What Operation Ghetto Storm reveals is that the practice of executing Black people without pretense of a trial, jury, or judge is an integral part of the government’s current overall strategy of containing the Black community in a state of perpetual colonial subjugation and exploitation.”

Akuno’s explanation is right on point. There is an edifice of control and domination that has been built in the U.S. which functions by criminalizing whole sectors of society it deems to be “dangerous” or “undesirable” – in particular our young people. But Kali raises an even more ominous point. He suggests that the targeting of Black people, as a vulnerable but potentially significant oppositional force to the prevailing U.S. political elite, is part of a broader strategy of repression that is slowly permeating all aspects of life in the U.S.

The United States settlercolonial government has built the most fullspectrum network of repressive enforcement structures in human history. They include the Police, Sheriff’s, Rangers, Customs, FBI, Homeland Security (including INS), CIA, Secret Service, prison guards, as well as the numerous private security and other protective services. It has also created the largest and most invasive surveillance system in human history. This system includes everything from satellites, police, FBI, and DHS operated surveillance drones, and electronic tracking and monitoring via our cell phones, computers, tablets, email, Facebook, Twitter, and chipfilled passports, driver’s licenses, and identification cards.”

The targeting of Black people is part of a broader strategy of repression that is slowly permeating all aspects of life in the U.S.”

What Kali is describing here are the developing tactics of a post-modern fascism in the U.S. The essential point that both reports emphasize is that the escalation of brutal police violence is not an aberration, the circumstantial result of particularly vicious policing or bad apples on the police forces, but a systemic response to a social crisis and a surplus population in which the control and containment of that population is the main concern for state forces.

The historical antecedent for this development is clear. African Americans have been the most consistent force for social justice throughout the history of this country and since fascism is a particular response to capitalist crisis there is a certain perverse logic in the fact that African Americans would be the initial targets of an incipient new fascist practice.

Neoliberal restructuring of the domestic economy had a devastating impact on the African American working class. The intense contradictions of global capitalism that exploded as the current crisis that began in 2008 for the broader population, only magnified an ongoing economic crisis of more than four decades for African American workers. With the completion of the transformation of African Americans from a rural, land based labor force to an urban based labor force that was completely dependent on capitalist wage labor by the 1970s, African American wages have stagnated or declined, depending on the sector, for more than 40 years. When broken down by gender, the plight of African American women, also burdened with the economic reality of being the sole provider for children, has been nothing less than tragic.

But it is not just stagnate and declining wages that confront African Americans. Today the current reality facing African Americans is that black, unskilled and semi-skilled, low wage labor is superfluous, redundant, not needed, making our very physical existence a social problem in which draconian control methods and mass incarceration has emerged as viable solutions with tacit support from the broader U.S. society. Criminalization of our people and the continued militarization of the spaces where we are confined is an essential component of the containment strategy.

Black, unskilled and semi-skilled, low wage labor is superfluous, redundant, not needed, making our very physical existence a social problem.”

The open season on black bodies and the lack of interest from the broader society, silence from liberals and even many leftists, is graphic testimony to the precarious situation in which we find ourselves. But more insidiously, what we are experiencing in our communities appears to be the harbinger of a new white, cross-class hegemonic racial bloc that is now unacknowledged but yet is the basis of support for U.S. war-making abroad and the relative silence on domestic racial repression. The essential ideological glue for this new racial bloc has a familiar historical basis in the unearned material privileges of white supremacy. Its essential recognition is that in order to secure and maintain white privilege, certain populations must be controlled and subordinated nationally and globally. Could this be why it appears that very few are moved by the MXGM report?

It is important to make clear for folks still looking for the “brown shirts” to emerge that fascism in the U.S. is not taking the same form as “classical fascism” that emerged in the particular circumstances of Europe gripped in the capitalist crisis of the 30s. That is why so many, and even many on the left, are sleeping while the foundations and actual practices of a particular “American” form of fascism is developing. A fascism that with its ability to selectively repress dangerous populations – African Americans, in particular African American males, inner city Latinos, undocumented migrants, Arab and Muslims and radical elements that have not surrendered – while also adhering to the requirements and practices of a liberal “democratic society” for the rest of the society, is a new form that will be particular to the political, ideological and institutional context of the U.S.

In order to secure and maintain white privilege, certain populations must be controlled and subordinated nationally and globally.”

The killings and beating of black people, black mass incarceration, the terrorism of targeted repression of migrant workers from Central and South America and Muslim and Arab communities by the national security apparatus are the canaries in the cage for U.S. fascism. While the particular class forces have not yet congealed and the social policies and legal framework are not in place or consolidated for a new American fascism, Every Thirty-Six Hours and Operation Ghetto Storm should be dramatic reminders of what we face if progressive forces fail to recognize the historical writing on the wall and come to terms with the war that is being waged against all of us.

As African American revolutionaries MXGM has taken up its responsibility to educate, organize and build resistance. And even in the social context of the U.S. where the marginalization of “Blackness” and Black people has become normalized and Black human rights defenders find ourselves in the cross-sights of the repressive apparatus, we will follow MXGM’s lead and continue to raise the contradictions and call for a new kind of revolutionary politics to meet the challenges and opportunities the contemporary situation offers.

And as we observe liberal and left forces in this country continually falling prey to the subtle but pervasive influences of Eurocentric white supremacy and U.S. exceptionalism that results in many of those elements finding themselves on the same side with U.S. imperialism from Libya to Venezuela, we understand our tasks as Black revolutionaries in defense of our communities as having a historical urgency and importance that is unique to this period of capitalist/colonialist decline.

So for us, we will continue resisting and struggling, because we still have a decolonized vision for this territory called the United States and also because we know that if we don’t build an effective movement collectively, the technology of control and terror that this State can deploy will make Dante’s inferno seem like a desirable alternative.


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