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Some commentary concerning the murder in the UK


Ed note–Have been saving these for a ‘special’ occasion.

I don’t know much about ‘Russ’, other than he is a proud WN who advocates mass murder of Jews and Muslims.

‘Joe’ considers himself a proud WN and a Traditional Catholic.

This is the kind of garbage I get from WNs everyday but do not post in the interest of keeping TUT from being a freak show for the entire world.

And these are the kinds of people we are supposed to ‘reason’ with?

russ hook
Good! One less religiously MIND-FUCKED SAND NIGGER, right Mark Glenn???? Mark, R U a sand nigger, or a KIKe? Like there’s a DIF???

Why are the nigger muslims you love so much rioting in Sweden? Sweden is not attacking the Middle East? Why didn’t the nigger muslim in London kill a Wahhabi. The Wahhabis are the ones killing muslims in Syria? Why didn’t the nigger kill his fellow muslims? It’s muslim mercenaries in Syria killing muslims [ and Christians, but “we” don’t give a flyin shit for them, they don’t fit into this particular Hegelian dialectic, plus my bitch annebeck prefers “no Christians please”, we’re donmeh jews ]. Why didn’t the nigger in London — the one you love so much — go kill a fuckin Qatar mohammdean immigrant in London, or a Saudia Arabian wahhabii in London? Qatar & SA played a big role in starting the war in Syria. 

I think we should holocaust mohammedeans. That way we get rid of the nigger muslim/arabs, and would rid us of piece-of-snake–habiru-sagiz-shit-like-you-and-your-annebeck, and all your fellow donmeh jews and alzafar shriners.

We could get rid of them all in one shot. No more fuckin Kaminski — little fuckin sheenie gutter rat — and no more bullshit from the darkmoon crew. Holocaust ‘em is what I say.

Why don’t you show some pics of Swedes getting attacked in Sweden by your fellow mohammedeans, and the British soldier who was just hacked to death by one of your fellow jihadists? And the Swedes are not part of the Zionist wars in the ME — the Swedes are very anti-Zionist and pro-palestinian and pro-arab/muslim.. Doesn’t mean shit to your fellow mohammedeans. I hope Usrael fuckin nukes all you fuckin mohammedeans off the face of the earth.

I’m not the least bit opposed to a muslim/sufi/alzafar-shriner-freemason/arab “holocaust” — not at this point. Not what I’m seeing coming out of Europe.

You can go back sucking the shit out of achmed’s camel’s assholes now.

Hubris is your nigger muslims you love so much rioting in Sweden, and you totally overlooking that. I notice you NEVER put articles up there for your readers about nigger muslims rioting in Europe. Not the first time they rioted, but you know that already. You suck the shit outta nigger asshole.

Truth is ugly many times, and this time the truth is extremely ugly : you’re a pile of fuckin snake shit diarrhea festering in a fuckin fetid snake pit of habiru-sagiz nigger shit. alzafar niggershit you are.


Speaking of fangs : Be careful when you fuck your girlfriend annebeck58 in your habiru-sagiz snake pit :

If you bite her too hard, you’re going wind up dead snake meat. Sundry habiru-sagiz desert herps will be feasting on your dead snake corpse.

I’d prefer to see such graffiti on the side of alzafar shriner temples [ or do you all call ’em mosques?] in texas — the ‘turkey” of all American states.

texas is a state of mind : a bizzare bazaar of shriners, mormons, freemasons of all stripes, donmeh jews, snake-oil salesmen, etc..

what should we call our very own sand niggers in the alzafar shriner halls of texas? white ragheads?

cowboy towelheads? blanc habiru sagiz niggers? sand shiniggers? alzafarwhiggers? antonio whiggers? jourdanton ragheads?


…. And your Christian Zionists are half-ass Jews, and your Alzafar Shriners are half-ass mohammedeans, and your Mormons are half-ass Jews/ half-ass mohammedeans/half-ass Christians/and half-ass Nazis, too boot ; And your donmeh jews in Texas can go suck the shit out achmed’s camel-assholes in mecca for all I give a flyin-fuck on a persian carpet, and your annebeck58 — member of your donmeh jew office staff for sure — is a brain-dead broad.

It’s not enough to just spy on them. all the fuckin muslims should be deported immediately — and all the shriners in America taken out into the woods and fuckin shot down like the fuckin mangy flea-ridden feral mutts shriners and alzafars and other white — and non-white & donmeh jews — american mohammed-lovers truly are.

Maybe the mormons, shriners, donmeh jew texas alzafars, and ron hubbard’s hollywood scientologists will defeat jew zionism/izzysmell– all 4 are based on the ontology/metaphysics/ and eschatology of the great mohammed-who-loved-to-fuck-5-year-old-girls — just like joseph smith — islam-sufist “religion”. I think the mormons, shriners, donmeh jew texas alzafars, and ron hubbard’s hollywood scientologists should go to the middle east and help their raghead camel-fucking sufist “brethren” in “the faith”.

It’s the perfect time for all of them to go over to the deserts of arabia, fuck camels, zip around on flying carpets, wear cutesy red fez hats, and help their sufi muslim brotherhood brethren.

I would hate to see them all shun the good fight : “why should they think to earn a great reward, if they now shun the fight”. all is well, all is well…. especially as we got a donmeh mulattoe owned and controlled by the chicago kike commie-zionists in the white house [ complete with a jew-nigger-jew wife]I bet the donmeh texas alzafars — like glenn — are as happy as habiru-sagiz snakes slithering around in camel shit in mecca.

I think — it would be best, it would be best for all involved — if all the mormons and all the shriners and all the alzafars in the usa would go to the middle east and go fuck camels, O0ps, I mean go help the poor muslims as joseph smith was a fuckin polygamist just like mohammed was, and mormonism [ and hence shriners and alzafars] is a lot more like fuckin camel-fuckin -sufi-islam than Christian. joseph smith was taught the mormon “religion” by fuckin satanic-sabbatean jews — what putrid fucks mormons [ and hence shriners and alfazars] truly are .

poor mormons are probably suffering major cognitive dissonance these days as the sheenie-beanie habirus and the raghead habirus, O00Ps, I mean, the precious god-fearing muslims, duke it out — mormons being the half-ass jews and simultaneously the half-ass muslims they truly are –how do mormons figure out who to support being half-ass jew-muslim? mormons : most half-ass [ and hence smirky-faced] people on the face of the earth — is john de nugent your fuck-buddy? tampa is yet another mormon/shriner/alzafar swamp of snake-oil salesmen.

Oh, I forgot, the mormon de nugent is fuck buddies with the jew-NAZI-jew kaminski in tampa, never mind. maybe the nazi john “friend” will fuck you up your ass and keep you happy. maybe you’ll be happy if a real tough jew nazi like your “friend” fucks you hard,and you’ll finally shut the fuck up. nazis love islamic jihadist-camel-fuckers — hitler had islamic jihadists in his “aryan” army [ they loved killing Catholics , by the way , so did hitler’s kike soldiers loved killing Catholics– that should warm your alzafar heart– fuckin donmeh jew you are]

what does your mormon Big-Daddy sabbatean -sufist -jew in the sky promise for you alzafar fucks when you all do the world a favor and drop dead — do you get to fuck camels on your very own desert planets — “we’ll find the place that g*d for us prepared, all is well, all is well” –was ron hubbard a mormon too?

Go fuck your camel you mormon-shriner-alzafar fuckin jackass glenn.

does the texas alzafar Big Daddy promise you alzafars your own planet after you fuckin drop dead? like the mormons get their very own planets?

are you alzafar shriner fucks going to “baptize” the islamic jihadist cannibal “into the fold” ? like the mormons “baptized” the mass murdering sabbatean sheenie-nigger hitler into the fold? you know, “hitler’s muslim legions”, “hitler + the muslim brotherhood”, “hilter’s jew soldiers”

sheenie nigger who loves islam — but also is tied in with zionist jews big-time and comes from a mysterious background — sounds a lot like obama, kinda.

shriner-mormon- alzafars probably had a real difficult time deciding between obama and romney. go fuck your camel and shut the fuck up, do the world a favor.

“Digger for Truth” is another name for “Fr. John” [ White Christ blogspot] and “Chechar”. The jew is a three-headed snake. Only the habiru-sagiz jew snake “fr john”, God, and g*d, know how many other jew bullshit websites he runs out of Plano, Texas. Texas : Capital of crypto jews in the US. Texas : The Turkey of the USA.

At least the putrid jew “fr john” is not in Sao Tome/Principe, IP # home to the wanna-be Judah Benjamin, Hunter — Scarlett O’Hara — Wallace, who daydreams 24/7/365 for the Charleston, SC b’nai b’rith Golden Circle Slave/Opium Empire. Same home IP# as alex linder. Sounds like a US military Lily Pad to me.

I’m not at all surprised you’re pushing the 3-headed jew habiru-sagiz snake on your TUT readers. “Digger” digs into the ground like a snake slithers into its festering and putrid snake den.

I see the donmeh camel shit is still oozing out of your mouth in torrents of festering habiru-sagiz desert camel shit-diarrhea. No wonder texas stinks like herds of animals got overcome with fuckin diarrhea.

What does the texas alzafar Big Kike Daddy promise the rank-and-file- texas- alzafar-cowboy- jihadists? A texas oil well? A free game of golf at your local “exclusive” crypto- jew-ridden country club? A free all-paid Saturday night at the local best little whorehouse in texas?

Do you baptize the blessed fallen islamic jihadists in the donmeh-jew-owned-and-controlled muslim brotherhood “into the fold”? Like the mormons “baptized” the kike-nigger “aryan” hitler in service to zionist jewry into the mormon “fold” ?

Are shriners yet just another branch of mormonism?

are you hooked up with the internet snake shit-hole in mormon-jew-mormon-sufi-jew-mormon provo utah? what does the snake-jew “fr. john” of plano texas think of you siding with islam as you disdain Christianity? the plano jew “christian preacher” must be very upset, yes sirre bob.

are you hooked up with the “majority rights” jew-satanist- sufi-existentialists-sabbatean-satanist assholes in provo?

I can smell the camel shit-diarrhea pouring out of your habiru-sagiz donmeh jew alzafar mouth over here out in California.

I’m sure you have plenty of jew asshole lyin full of crypto-sheenie -shit buddy-buddies in mountain view as well, speaking of California.

you’re a Catholic, and judah benjamin was a Mennonite pacifist-Christian farmer, albert pike was a Quaker, and I’m a Tibetan hindooo maharishi guru writing this fact-filled post/comment from the top of fuckin Mt Everest.

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