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The REAL Reason Housing Prices Have Skyrocketed. How Another Housing Bubble Was Blown … And Why

Global Research

Preface: In Part 1, Housing Prices: Up Or Down? Recovery … Or Artificial Housing Bubble Which Is About to Pop?

we showed that mortgage applications are down, and it is really institutional investors driving the housing boom. Part 2 explains why.

Housing prices have boomed because:

(1) Lenders are artificially keeping vacant houses off of the market


(2) The Obama administration has thrown all sorts of artificial incentives at institutional investors to pump up prices

Artificially Suppressed Housing Inventory

Naked Capitalism reported last August:

Two trends are apparent. One is that banks are delaying foreclosures, or not foreclosing at all despite long-term delinquencies. The other is that private equity firms – flush with cash thanks to Tim Geithner’s religious devotion to trickle-down economics and the resulting cascade of corporate welfare – have been bidding up and holding foreclosed houses off the market. These two factors have artificially limited supply and, combined with cheap mortgages rates, driven up prices. While we can debate whether these strategies represent the best public policy, these policies are obviously not long-term sustainable.


Lenders argue the drop in foreclosures is caused by delays in the court system. However, Judge Jennifer D. Bailey, lead foreclosure judge in Miami-Dade County – epicenter of the foreclosure crisis – solidly rebuts that argument. “Here in Miami-Dade County’s Eleventh Circuit, there has been no delay in foreclosure case hearings for nearly two years,” Judge Bailey said in an Aug. 19, 2012 interview with the Miami Herald. “If you want to see a judge to hear your trial or summary judgment, you get a prompt court date.” This coincides with my own observations in foreclosure court, where judges rail at bank lawyers for repeatedly delaying their cases, even when borrowers are in no way contesting their foreclosures.

Holding back inventory means that the houses that are put on offer sell faster and at higher prices. That creates an incentive to delay foreclosures or not foreclose at all even when a home is delinquent.

Indeed – in the real world – 12.6 million houses are vacant … 1.5 million more home than are underwater. In other words, without artificial scarcity created by banks, there would be more available houses than there are underwater homeowners having problems paying their mortgage. There would – in a word – be a glut.

Government Is Secretly Helping Financial Companies to Snap Up Housing

There are realistic ways to help the economy. For example:

But instead, the government’s entire strategy is to try to paper over all of the real problems with the economy by artificially propping up asset prices in an attempt to hide the fact (which has been obvious for years) thatthe big banks are insolvent.

Stocks, for example, are largely being driven by insiders and government policy.

Indeed, we’ve pointed out for years that all of the Obama administration’s “homeowner relief” programs are really just back-door bailouts to the big financial companies … and are not even intended to help homeowners.

Mike Whitney explained last September:

Private Equity firms are piling in to the housing market to take advantage of bargain basement prices on distressed inventory. The Obama administration is stealthily selling homes to big investors who are required to sign non-disclosure agreements to ensure that the public remains in the dark as to the magnitude of the giveaway. Aside from the steep discounts on the homes themselves, the government is also providing “synthetic financing to reduce the up-front capital required if they agree to form a joint venture with Fannie Mae and share proceeds from the rental or sale of properties.”(Businessweek)

In other words, US-taxpayers are providing extravagant financing for deep-pocket speculators who want to reduce their risk while maximizing their profits via additional leverage. The plan resembles Treasury Secretary Timothy Geithner’s Public-Private Partnership Investment Program …. Speculators are getting lavish incentives (gov financing, low rates, and severe discounts) in secret deals to buy distressed inventory which should be available to the public at market prices. If that’s not a ripoff, then what is?


Obama’s preferred customers are getting discounts of up-to 60 percent of the home’s peak value and generous gov-backed financing to boot!


As the article above indicates, there’s no shortage of delinquent homes that will eventually be foreclosed. That means the process is being dragged out so the banks don’t have to fess-up to the losses on their fetid pile of nonperforming loans Here’s a little more background from an article in Businessweek:

“About 6 million U.S. borrowers will lose their homes in the next five years because of inability to pay their mortgages, creating demand for as many as 4 million new rental households, according to Scott Simon, head of mortgage bonds at Pacific Investment Management Co. in Newport Beach, California….

Single-family rentals are priced to deliver unlevered total returns in the range of 7.5 percent to 8 percent, or about 0.5 percentage point to 1 percentage point higher than institutional-quality apartments, according to a June 8 report by Ray Huang, senior associate at Green Street Advisors in Newport Beach, California. (“Colony Said to Win Foreclosed Homes Sold by Fannie Mae”, Businessweek)[Link.]

If “6 million homeowners” will lose their homes in the next five years, then why are clownshoes media dupes touting a “bottom” in prices and a “market rebound”?

It’s all hype. And look at how calculatingly fiendish Obama’s foreclosure-to-rental program really is. The big boys have figured out the nearest penny how much they can make by throwing people out of their homes. (7.5 percent to 8 percent) Talk about heartless. And, of course, this whole process is being orchestrated by President Fairydust and his Wall Street Pranksters to keep prices artificially high and preserve the illusion that the banks are solvent.

It’s infuriating!

And if that isn’t hard-hitting enough for you, Jim Quinn writes:

The contrived elevation of home sales and home prices has been engineered by the very same culprits who crashed our financial system in the first place. This has been planned, coordinated and implemented by a conspiracy of the ruling oligarchy – the Federal Reserve, Wall Street, U.S. Treasury, NAR, and the corporate media conglomerates. Ben’s job was to screw senior citizens and drive interest rates low enough that everyone in the country could refinance, attract investors & flippers into the market, and propel home prices higher. Wall Street has been the linchpin to the whole sordid plan.

They were tasked with drastically limiting the foreclosure pipeline, therefore creating a fake shortage of inventory. Next, JP Morgan, Blackrock, Citi, Bank of America, and dozens of other private equity firms have partnered with Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac, using free money provided by Ben Bernanke, to create investment funds to buy up millions of distressed properties and convert them into rental properties, further reducing the inventory of homes for sale and driving prices higher. Only the connected crony capitalists on Wall Street are getting a piece of this action. The Wall Street big hanging d[!@#*] have screwed the American middle class coming and going. The NAR and media are tasked with what they do best – spew propaganda, misinform, lie, cheerlead and attempt to create a buying frenzy among the willfully ignorant masses.

The chart below reveals the truth about the strong sustainable housing recovery. It doesn’t exist. Mortgage applications by real people who want to live in a home are no higher than they were in 2010 when home sales were 33% lower than today. Mortgage applications are lower than they were in 1997 when 4 million existing homes were sold versus the 5 million pace today. The housing recovery is just another Wall Street scam designed to bilk the American middle class of what remains of their net worth.

Of course, economist Michael Hudson would put it a little differently: banks are trying to roll back all modern laws and make us all into serfs.

In other words, the giant financial service companies are attempting to privatize public resourcessocialize losses, scam people out of their homes and other private property … and then rent back to us what we used to own for a hefty price.

Do you understand the game now?

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Survivors of USS Liberty tell more about Zio-Nazi attack


It was almost half a century ago when an attack by Israeli forces on a Navy technical research ship killed more than 30 U-S crew members in international waters north of the Sinai Peninsula. Press TV’s correspondent, Colin Campbell has the story of the men on board the U-S-S Liberty as they explain why not a lot of people know about the incident.


Earnest Gallo remembers the day like it was yesterday. Not too different from any other service day. But he says that all changed when from a lower deck he heard an attack coming from Israeli forces firing upon the USS Liberty.

On June 8th, 1967, Gallo says 34 US servicemen died in the attack. Another 174 were wounded. They were honored over the weekend during a wreath-laying ceremony at the tomb of the unknown soldier at Arlington National Cemetery.

The Israeli regime paid nearly twenty million dollars in compensation to the victims and the US government since then. However, survivors say there has never been an extensive investigation as to what happened despite numerous letters sent to lawmakers.

It’s been 46 years since the attack on the USS Liberty. Veterans and survivors of the attack came from around the country to be here. They say it’s an important event that more Americans need to know about.

Several US politicians were invited to come to the ceremony. None responded to the requests. Some say that the true details of what happened were covered up by the president at the time, Lyndon Johnson, but are still ignored to this day.

Other veterans say that that the United States is not acting in its own best interests where money to foreign wars has overshadowed much needed domestic services.

Like the brave men who kept the Liberty afloat after the attack, veterans like Gallo say they will continue to push for the truth to be known on that fateful day.

One observer noticed that the wreath commemorating the USS Liberty only remained in place for a few minutes before it was replaced by another wreath from a different entity.

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Hebron man arrested for filing complaint about Nazi settler attack


Human rights activist Jawad Abu Eysheh, 39, was arrested Friday 7th June following a complaint he made four months ago about a settler attack.

At 4:20 pm on 7th June, Israeli Police arrived at the house of the Hebron organisation Youth Against Settlements and demanded to see the ID’s of Jawad and three other men present. The police then told Jawad that they wanted to take him away ‘for investigation’, and called the Israeli military to escort Jawad away in handcuffs.

Jawad was then paraded through the adjacent Nazi illegal Tel Rumeida settlement and taken to the  nearby  checkpoint 56,  before  being  transferred to the  police  station in  the settlement of Givat Ha’avot outside the city centre.

Jawad Abu Eysheh being handcuffed and arrested (Photo by Youth Against Settlements)

Jawad Abu Eysheh being handcuffed and arrested (Photo by Youth Against Settlements)

The line of questioning from the police made clear that Jawad was being detained as a result of events that happened back in February, when Jawad and other activists were attacked by American-born extremist Baruch Marzel and other settlers.

Despite being a victim of that violent assault in February, it was Jawad who was subjected to arrest today, not the perpetrators. During his detention, Jawad was also forced to submit a DNA sample against his will, and to sign conditions that he will not speak with Baruch Marzel for the next 30 days. Jawad stated he is happy to comply with this stipulation at least. Jawad was released at around 9pm.As well as today’s arrest, Jawad has faced other harassment recently, including not being allowed to walk on the street where his factory space and uncle’s house are located.

The Israeli army and police in Hebron have a long history of harassing human rights defenders such as Jawad and his colleague Issa Amro, and of following the wishes of extremist settlers when deciding who to harass.

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Naziyahu alludes to IsraHell military action on Syria border



Times of Israel

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday hinted at the possibility of military action along the border with Syria, saying that the vacuum left by departing UN peacekeepers on the Golan Heights was an indication that, when it came to security, Israel could only count on itself.

Speaking before the weekly cabinet meeting in Jerusalem, Netanyahu said that he had spoken with Russian President Vladimir Putin over the weekend on Syria, “where the situation is becoming daily more complex” for Israel given the potential for spillover on the Golan Heights.


“Israel is not intervening in the Syrian civil war, as long as fire is not being directed at us,” Netanyahu said. “The crumbling of the UN force on the Golan Heights underscores the fact that Israel cannot depend on international forces for its security. They can be part of the arrangements. They cannot be the basic foundation of Israel’s security.”

A fierce battle on Thursday between the Syrian army and rebels over the city of Quneitra, near the Israeli border on the Syrian Golan Heights, nearly brought Israel and Syria into open confrontation, according to a UN document leaked on Saturday by US-based blogger Nabil Abi Saab.

Alluding to controversial statements by Deputy Defense Minister Danny Danon to the effect that the government wouldn’t allow a two-state solution, Netanyahu also said the government should operate as “one unit” and asserted that the two-state solution would be the basis for any peace deal with the Palestinians.

The prime minister said he had spoken recently with US Secretary of State John Kerry, who is due to arrive in the region this week, saying, “Together we will try to advance a way to find an opening for negotiations with the Palestinians with the goal of reaching an agreement. This agreement will be based on a demilitarized Palestinian state that recognizes the Jewish state, and on solid security arrangements based on the IDF.”

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Greek neo-Nazi lawmaker indicates he is a Holocaust denier


Spokesman of the extreme-right Golden Dawn party Ilias Kasidiaris.

Ilias Kasidiaris says ‘there are Holocaust deniers’ on a parliamentary committee in which he is the only Golden Dawn lawmaker.


A prominent lawmaker from the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn party implied that he is a Holocaust denier during a stormy debate in the Greek Parliament.

Speaking to parliament on Thursday, Golden Dawn MP Ilias Kasidiaris said that a Greek-Israeli businessman caught up in a massive tax evasion scandal refuses to testify before an investigative committee because of the presence of Holocaust deniers.

“The Jew Sabby Mionis is key to this case,” Kasidiaris said. “He won’t come to this committee because there are Holocaust deniers on it. And indeed there are Holocaust deniers on it.”

Kasidiaris was apparently referring to himself, the only Golden Dawn lawmaker on the committee.

The committee is investigating possible tax avoidance by the so-called “Lagarde list” of about 2,000 prominent Greeks who had money stashed in Swiss bank accounts.

Greek authorities want to question Mionis about an account containing some 550 million euros ($725 million). Greek media have alleged that the account was linked to the mother of former Prime Minister George Papandreou.

Mionis has denied this, saying the account belonged to a mutual find that he managed.

Kasidiaris said they could not question Mionis because he was in Israel, to which he emigrated in 2006.

“We don’t want to go to the murderous Zionist state. If he sets foot in this country, he’ll face justice,” said Kasidiaris, who rose to international prominence during last year’s election campaign when he slapped a woman from the Communist Party in the face during a live TV broadcast.

Kasidiaris has also read from the anti-Semitic forgery The Protocols of the Elders of Zion in the Greek Parliament.

The remarks reportedly drew strong protest from Deputy Interior Minister Haralambos Athanassiou. According to the Eleftherotypia newspaper, Athanassiou told told Kasidiaris that he could be punished for Holocaust denial under a proposed new law

Greece is currently debating a new law, aimed at combating Golden Dawn, which would impose stiff penalties for racist attacks and criminalize Holocaust denial.

Golden Dawn emerged on the political scene last year, winning 7 percent of the vote, or 18 seats, in the 300-member parliament. Recent polls have indicated the party, which runs on a fierce anti-immigrant platform, now has about 10 percent of the population’s support.

Golden Dawn has been frequently condemned by Jewish and international groups as racist and anti-Semitic.

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Samantha Power gets early boost from pro-IsraHell voices


Facing Senate confirmation with a trail of controversial quotes, Power’s pro-Israel bonafides win endorsement from ADL, Alan Dershowitz, Joe Lieberman


The nomination of Samantha Power for America’s UN envoy garnered significant support Thursday, and not just from Obama backers.

Power’s nomination, announced Wednesday in a White House Rose Garden ceremony, may face a rocky confirmation process. As Foreign Policy’s The Cable blog noted, any case against Power would enjoy an “extended paper trail” owing to her “decades-long career as a journalist and Harvard scholar dedicated to human rights abuses and genocide.”

A sign of the partisan divide that may slow the nomination came from the main Democratic and Republican Jewish outreach groups. While the National Jewish Democratic Council expressed “full confidence” that Power would continue the US support for Israel at the UN, the Republican Jewish Coalition was more critical.

“Samantha Power has a record of statements that are very troubling to Americans who support Israel,” RJC executive director Matt Brooks said after the nomination was announced.

An early taste of how the nomination’s opponents may wield that record came later Wednesday in a statement by the right-wing Zionist Organization of America.

“The overwhelming evidence of her entire record causes us great fear and concern as to her appropriateness for this post,” the ZOA said in a comment that included a list of her past controversial statements. “The ZOA, in opposing her nomination, cited Power’s documented record of outspoken anti-Israel statements and lack of diplomatic tact and has urged the Senate to vote her down when her nomination comes before it,” the group said.

But the complaints from RJC and ZOA were dwarfed by a series of high-profile endorsements from conservatives and well-known pro-Israel figures, endorsements that will likely serve as ammunition for Power’s backers in Senate confirmation hearings.

Former Connecticut senator Joe Lieberman offered what is — for him — high praise for Power in a conversation with Foreign Policy. “Generally speaking from her writings, Samantha is probably more personally interventionist as a matter of American foreign policy based on human rights than this [Obama] administration has been. I’m very encouraged by the president’s appointment.”

Influential Republican John McCain, the party’s 2008 presidential candidate, concurred. “I support President Obama’s nomination of Samantha Power to become the next US ambassador to the United Nations. I believe she is well qualified for this important position and hope the Senate will move forward on her nomination as soon as possible,” McCain said in a statement.

Harvard law professor Alan Dershowitz, a noted advocate for Israel who authored the book The Case for Israel, praised Power as a human rights expert “perfectly suited to stand up to the United Nations’ notorious double standard and inversion of human rights.

“To be sure, Samantha has said some things she now regrets,” Dershowitz added, “about Hillary Clinton, about Israel and about other controversial matters.”

But her work during the first Obama term as senior director for multilateral affairs and human rights at the National Security Council offered her many opportunities to support Israel — opportunities she took, according to Dershowitz. “While serving in the Obama administration, she has supported Israel’s security and defensive actions against terrorism,” he argued. “She stands squarely behind President Obama’s pledge never to allow Iran to acquire nuclear weapons, even if preventive military action is required. She played a pivotal role in persuading the United States and some of our European allies to boycott the notorious Durban II conference, sponsored by the United Nations Human Rights Council in Geneva, which invited Ahmadinejad to be its keynote speaker.”

The Anti-Defamation League, a major pro-Israel group, was among the first to endorse Power’s appointment, offering similar praise for Power’s efforts in opposing the demonization of Israel in international bodies.

“As head of President Obama’s multilateral affairs efforts, Samantha engaged in an all-hands-on-deck US campaign against Palestinian unilateral efforts in the UN to circumvent peace negotiations,” the ADL’s director Abe Foxman and chair Barry Curtiss-Lusher said just hours after she was nominated. “She experienced first-hand the hostility faced by Israel and the abuse of the UN bodies to promote anti-Israel bias. As someone who appreciates, to the core of her being, the meaning of international human rights mechanisms, Samantha is clear eyed and understands the injustice of their abuse to target Israel’s legitimacy.”

Shmuley Boteach, an unsuccessful Republican candidate for Congress in 2012, called Obama’s nomination of Power “one of the most impressive actions of his presidency,” and said that those who claimed she possessed anti-Israel animus “are wrong.”

“As the author of the 2002 Pulitzer-prize winning best seller, A Problem from Hell, Samantha has emerged as the world’s foremost agitator against genocide and, as a member of a nation who experienced the worst mass slaughter of any in history, I have always been in awe of a woman who has given voice to God’s ancient plea to humanity, ‘the blood of your brother cries out from the earth,’ ” Boteach wrote in The Times of Israel.

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Free Dirar Abu Sisi: End Nazi Human Rights Violation

By Mahmoud El-Yousseph 

When 44 years old Dirar Abu Sisi, the operation manger of Gaza’s only power plant made a family trip on February, 2011 to visit the Ukraine with his wife and six children, he traveled via Egypt then to Jordan, where he was to check on his ill father. While there, he was detained and interrogated for five days by the Jordanian intelligence service. He was then allowed to fly to Ukraine where he was planning to file for his citizenship papers and meet his brother Yousef who was coming in from in the Netherlands, and whom he has not seen for 15 years. 
Ever since Abu Sisi’s kidnapping by Israeli agents, every world leaders turn a blind eye and mainstream media denies him coverage, Dirar Abu Sisi is on day 948 in captivity as of this June 6th. His Ukrainian wife and their six children await a miracle (and our support) to secure his freedom from an Israeli jail and for his return home to his family in Gaza. That is a sharp contrast of what happened to one Israeli soldiers who was captured by Hamas while in uniform inside his tank near Gaza seven years ago. His name became a house hold name over night and every Western leader who visited the Middle East during his captivity has called for his immediate and unconditional release.

During Dirar Abu Sisi train ride to Kiev, he was snatched, blindfolded and handcuffed by several intelligence services including those of Ukrainian and Jordanian inelegance officers and was taken to undisclosed location. This story was confirmed by Ukrainian government officials. Later on, five of his captors identified themselves as Israeli Intelligence Service agents, better know as Mossad. Abu Sisi was then smuggled out of the Ukraine on the airplane and was taken to Israel.

For nearly 33 days, no one know where Mr. Abu Sisi was or how he was vanished on train in the Ukraine. When he brother Yousef pressed Ukrainian officials about his brother where about, he was given beat around the bushed and later he was threatened, that he would vanish if he will continue with his inquiry. Finally, Smadar Ben Nathan, one of his Israeli lawyers revealed for the first time that Abu Sisi was kidnapped by Israeli agents and that Israeli court has issued a gag order on information about his case. What that means is: Israel has admitted of committing a criminal act on a European soil without any justification.

So, why did Israel kidnapped rather than asked to extradite Abu Sisi? According to Journalist Jonathan Cook, who argued eloquently in his March 25, 2011 article in defense of Abu Sisi by stating, ” Israel had broken several human rights laws in seizing him rather than invoking treaty agreements between Ukraine and and Israel and requesting his extradition.”

Abu Sisi family as well as his Ukrainian wife Veronica Abu Sisi argued that he was not a high value target because he was a Hamas activist or politically active, but rather because he developed a method to reduce the dependence on high grade diesel that comes from Israel to operate the only power plant in Gaza. He also managed to modify the station turbine to operate on a cheap regular diesel smuggled through tunnel from Egypt. In the past, Israel totally destroyed the plant in 2006 and 2008 where it left 700,000 in dark for several months.

When it comes to kidnapping of Palestinians by “IOF” Israeli Occupation Forces , this criminal behavior is not limited to adults only . According to news source: htt://, 8 thousands Palestinian children have been imprisoned by Israeli since 2000. They are tortured, imprisoned without access to an attorney, or their parents and tried under military court.

The International community always acts as deaf, dumb and blind When it comes to the issue of Palestinian prisoners, where as it would stand over its head and goes to the end of the world to help free one Israeli prisoner.

Kidnapping symbolizes criminal activity and punishment for it in the United States is 20 years jail sentence or more. That is one reason why other nations impose a sufficient penalty to discourage the offender from this criminal behavior. Israel should be held accountable for her crimes. Israel thinks that rules and laws are for everyone else , but not for her.

Readers living in the US can have their voices heard, and challenge Abu Sisi illegal detention and inhumane treatment by expressing their concerns to the embassy of Israel in Washington, D.C. Embassy of Israel press office E-mail: , those living in different countries, can do the same by looking up the embassy of Israel contact information in their respective countries, and demand freedom for Dirar Abu Sisi and to end the Israeli violation of Human Rights.

Mahmoud El-Yousseph
Retired USAF Veteran

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Western-Backed Insurgents suffer “Stalingrad-like Defeat” in Qasair. Syrian Army wins Decisive Victories throughout Syria


Christof Lehmann (nsnbc),- On Saturday 8. June 2013 the Syrian Arab Army has won a decisive battles over western-backed insurgents in Qasair and throughout the country. In Qasair, the last pockets of resistance in al-Budweia al Sharquia were fought down and the armed forces are restoring security and are bringing relieve to the cities occupants.

Syrian armed forces won decisive battles against the insurgents throughout the country and security is being reestablished in the country with the exception of small, residual pockets. The risk of terrorist attacks, sniper attacks, car bombs and the terrorism in general remains high, while major combat operations are most likely completed. 

In a statement on Friday, Russia´s Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov explained, that the number of remaining insurgents is in the hundreds, rather than in the thousands, and that most of them are from European and regional countries, saying:

“Hundreds rather than thousands of gunmen are fighting the Syrian army and that those are of European nationalities and from the regions countries, which is why there is increased importance to end the crisis and create favorable conditions to hold the international conference on Syria”. 

On Saturday, the Syrian armed forces initiated decisive operations and restored security in most of Syria. A Syrian military source stated about Qasair, that the army is:

“going ahead with removing the debris of destruction and the barricades set up by the terrorists, while engineering units are dismantling explosives which were planted or left behind by the insurgents”.

Units of the Syrian armed forces also inflicted heavy losses to insurgents in other areas and report of large numbers of killed insurgents.

A recent US Report. Most rebels killed in Syria members of al-Qaeda. According to a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, most of the insurgents in Syria come from European and Regional Countries.

A recent US Report. Most rebels killed in Syria members of al-Qaeda. According to a statement by Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov, most of the insurgents in Syria come from European and Regional Countries.

Counter insurgency operations were carried out against insurgents positions and hideouts in Aleppo where the armed forces inflicted heavy losses on terrorist groups in the surrounding of Minnegh Airport, near Aleppo Central Prison and other areas in the city as well as in the surrounding countryside.

Clashes took also place in the al-Ziyareh village near the Minnegh Airport and near the school at the village of Mayer. Seven other terrorists were killed in al-Sheikh Maqsoud area in the city of Aleppo.

In April Syrian government and military forces reported that Turkish ground troops and Pilots were fighting alongside the insurgents in an attempt to capture Minnegh Airport and the chemical tipped rocket that killed civilians in Aleppo was fired from an area held by Turkish troops and insurgents. So far, there are no reports whether Turkish regular troops, special forces or military advisers are among the killed or captured.

A military spokesperson informed a journalist from the Syrian Arab news Agency SANA in Aleppo, that a 23 mm caliber anti-aircraft gun and a number of heavy machine guns were destroyed near the Battary Factory on al-Sfeireh – Aleppo road, along with large amounts of weapons and ammunition.

The military spokesperson also informed the SANA journalist, that an army unit repelled an armed terrorist group that tried to enter al-Azizieyeh village from the al-Dweir area in the southern countryside of Aleppo. 23 terrorists were killed and others were injured in the operation. The military spokesman also reported, that another unit of the armed forces has eliminated members of an armed terrorist group in the surrounding of the village of Deir al-Asafir.

10 terrorists, who were committing acts of looting while blocking the roads near the Daido gas station on the Aleppo – Idlib highway were killed by a unit of the armed forces. The heavy machine gun of the insurgents was destroyed.

Most members of another group of insurgents were killed or injured when clashing with Syrian armed forces in the surroundings of the Khan al-Assal area in the countryside.

A number of insurgents were killed on the road linking Deir Hafer and a Thermal Station in the countryside, and a number of insurgents were killed on the Hayan – Andad road while several hideouts of mostly non-Syrian nationalities were destroyed along with weapons in the village of Maaret Artiq.

Other army units reportedly clashed with insurgents in the areas of al-Lairamoun and Amirieh, killing a number of the insurgents group.

Syria Republics - Map

An official source informed the Syrian Arab news Agency, that units of the armed forces engaged armed insurgents in Jobar in the Damascus countryside, killing and injuring scores of them. The official spokesperson reported, that the Syrian army engaged and eliminated an armed terrorist group called the “Believe Battalion” in the Barzeh forests, including a Saudi terrorist.

Clashes took also place in the town of Hatitat al-Turkman where the armed forces engaged and eliminated an armed terrorist group. Among the killed terrorists were Ismael al-Ghorani and Marwan Batyeh.

The official source added, that a mortar and a heavy machine gun were destroyed after the army clashed with a terrorist group that was committing acts murder and looting in the town of Husseinyeh, killing scores of the groups members. Among the killed were Abdullah al-Rifa´e and Bilal Ghayth.

Another army unit destroyed a terrorists’ hideout in the town of Babila, killing the terrorists hiding in it and destroying their weapons and ammunition.The terrorists Mohammad Hamam and Salem Ja’ara were identified among the dead.

The army also destroyed a Mortar in Harasta and found a field hospital with stolen medicine and equipment near al-Thanwyeh Roundabout in the city. Meanwhile, the army clashed with a terrorist group in Al’ab farms in Douma and eliminated scores of its members, among them were Mohammad al-Tarzi.

Weapons and ammunition that were hidden in a vehicle in al-Rayhan farms were destroyed and the terrorists in the car were killed. In Khan al-Sheih area, an army unit pursued terrorist groups and inflicted heavy losses upon them.

Another army unit killed and injured scores of terrorists in Daraya city, among the killed terrorists were Eyad Faddo and Yahya Bilal.

Army units clashed with armed terrorist groups that were committing acts of looting and murder in the town of al-Mure’yeh, al-Sina’a neighborhood and Fuad Street and killed scores of them.

An official source told a SANA reporter that an army unit eliminated the majority of an armed group’s members in Fuad Street, adding that terrorists Jad’an Hussein al-Ahmad and Jasem al-Jamala were identified among the dead. A number of terrorists were killed and their weapons destroyed in al-Sina’a neighborhood.

In Deir Ezzor countryside, an army unit inflicted heavy losses upon terrorist group that was committing murder and looting acts against the locals.

The army eliminated scores of Jabhet al-Nusra terrorists in al-Salamyeh countryside in Hama Province and destroyed a rocket launcher and large amounts of weapons and ammunition. An official source said that an army unit destroyed a rocket launcher and killed and injured a number of terrorists affiliated to Jabhet al-Nusra terrorist organization in the town of Kulaib al-Soud.

The source said that terrorists’ hideouts and gatherings were destroyed in the towns of Salba, mas’oud and Abu Hanaya, adding that weapons, ammunition and vehicles were seized.


(Left) West Point's Combating Terrorism Center's 2007 report, "Al-Qa'ida's Foreign Fighters in Iraq" indicated which areas in Syria Al Qaeda fighters filtering into Iraq came from. The overwhelming majority of them came from Dayr Al-Zawr in Syria's southeast, Idlib in the north near the Turkish-Syrian border, and Dar'a in the south near the Jordanian-Syrian border. (Right) A map indicating the epicenters of violence in Syria indicate that the exact same hotbeds for Al Qaeda in 2007, now serve as the epicenters of so-called "pro-democracy fighters" and also happen to be areas the US CIA is admittedly distributing weapons and other aid in. (Source, LandDestroyer)

(Left) West Point’s Combating Terrorism Center’s 2007 report, “Al-Qa’ida’s Foreign Fighters in Iraq” indicated which areas in Syria Al Qaeda fighters filtering into Iraq came from. The overwhelming majority of them came from Dayr Al-Zawr in Syria’s southeast, Idlib in the north near the Turkish-Syrian border, and Dar’a in the south near the Jordanian-Syrian border. (Right) A map indicating the epicenters of violence in Syria indicate that the exact same hotbeds for Al Qaeda in 2007, now serve as the epicenters of so-called “pro-democracy fighters” and also happen to be areas the US CIA is admittedly distributing weapons and other aid in. (Source, LandDestroyer)

Meanwhile, an army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group that tried to attack a military checkpoint near al-Ummyeh town in al-Salamyeh countryside and killed and injured most of its members.

A military source told SANA reporter that the army eliminated and injured scores of terrorists affiliated to Jabhet al-Nusra terrorist organization in Hama’s eastern countryside. The source added that the army destroyed a rocket launcher and a number of machineguns-equipped vehicles in the area.

The army continued operations against the armed terrorist groups in Daraa and its countryside and destroyed a number of their gatherings and hideouts. A military source said that a number of terrorists who were committing acts of murder and looting  in Ma’raba town were eliminated, among them were Firas Khaldoun Battanyeh and Khalil Ahmad Sarayha, of Jordanian nationality, Mahmoud al-Abdullah, Abdullah al-Ouda and Ghaleb al-Mahmoud.

An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group that tried to attack a military checkpoint in the city of Inkhel and killed and injured scores of its members.

A number of terrorists who were terrorizing the locals in Busra al-Sham city were killed, an army unit pursued terrorists in al-Mahatta neighborhood and al-Nazehen camp in Daraa city, killing and injuring scores of them.

Armed Forces units continued to pursue terrorist groups in the neighborhoods of Daraa city and the areas of al-Shabraq, Tades, Jassem and Sahm al-Golan in Daraa countryside, leaving a number of terrorists dead or injured and destroying their hideouts and equipment.

The Syrian army carried out a series of operations against Jabhat al-Nusra terrorists in Idleb countryside. An official source told SANA reporter that the Syrian army eliminated several terrorists, including foreign terrorists from Jordan, Kuwait, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia. The source noted that tens of terrorists were killed in al-Nairab town including a Saudi, Jordanian and Egyptian terrorists.

Units of the army eliminated scores of terrorists in a series of operations against their dens in Bishlamo, Kniseh, Nahleh, al-Shager, al-Alieh, Ihsim, Qumainas, Maartamasin, Sermin, Tal Dinit and Madajen towns west of Binnish.

Units of the Syrian army confronted an armed terrorist group which tried to attack citizens in al-Qahtanieh town in al-Quneitera countryside and inflicted major losses on the terrorists. A military source told SANA reporter that a heavy machinegun belonging to the terrorists was destroyed and the leader of the group was killed.

The source added that a unit of the army eliminated an armed terrorist group in Jabata al-Khashab town, while another group inflicted heavy losses on the terrorists in al-Othmanieh and destroyed their weapons.

The source pointed out that another army unit foiled a terrorist attempt to detonate 10 explosive devices planted in various areas on Damascus-Quneitera Highway set to be remotely detonated.

On Sunday 9 June a unit of the Syrian Armed Forces foiled an attempt by an armed terrorist group to infiltrate from Turkey into Syria through the village of Nabe´al-Mur in the countryside near Lattakia. Most of the insurgents were killed and their weapons and ammunition was destroyed.

A military source pointed out, that a heavy machine gun was mounted on a vehicle that contained a large amount of various types of machine guns. Another army unit repelled a terrorist group who attempted to attack a military checkpoint near a cork factory in the countryside of Jisr al-Shughour in the Idleb province, killing a number of them and injuring others. Seven insurgents were killed in the town of al-Rami and others were eliminated in the villages of al-Janoudiyeh, Bashlamoun, Darkoush and Jiftallek.

The source added that units of the armed forces destroyed terrorists’ gatherings in Sarmin, Binnesh, Jabal al-Arbaeen, al-Nairab and Wadi al-Taleh site in Maaret al-Numan area.

An army unit clashed with an armed terrorist group that had been committing acts of looting and blocking roads on Saraqib-Aleppo highway, killing most of its members.

The Syrian armed forces continue operations against remaining pockets of insurgents while reestablishing security in liberated areas.

Old Saudi smuggling routes reactivated. Map plottings by Major (r) Agha Humayun Amin

Old Saudi smuggling routes reactivated. Map plottings by Major (r) Agha Humayun Amin

The change to counter insurgency strategies, which partially are based on Russian experience with combating foreign-backed Chechen insurgents is paying a peace dividend by reestablishing peace and calm to the residents in areas that have been held by foreign backed bearded cutthroats and terrorists from literally all countries where al-Qaeda recruits.

Significant factors that have contributed to the decisive victories are among other, that Hezbollah has begun securing large parts of the Lebanese – Syrian Border, the fact that Iraq´s Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki has made good on his promise to secure the Iraqi side of the Iraqi – Syrian border, with the exception of the Kurdish ( read NATO) enclave in Northern Iraq. Also the fact that Iraq began securing its border to Saudi-Arabia after the Saudi government reactivated old smuggling routes in the Anbar province has contributed to reducing the insurgencies logistic back-land.

In Qasair, NATO´s low-budget, discount army under the banner of al-Qaeda, Jabhat al-Nusrah, Believe Battallion, and other bearded cutthroats and useful idiots have met their Stalingrad.

Unless Qatar, Saudi-Arabia, Turkey, the UK and France or the USA find ways of transporting tens of thousands of fresh insurgents to Syria, as it was done before the battles for Aleppo in June and July 2012 one must presume, that the anti-Syrian alliance has experienced its Stalingrad in Qasair.

Short of a direct military intervention, which would be a mistake of historic proportions, one must presume that Syria has won a decisive military victory. The risk of sporadic battles and massacres, roadside and car bombs and other serious terrorist acts however, remains imminent. So does the threat of a western military intervention on the grounds of fabricated and falsified chemical weapons “evidence”. 

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Zio-Nazi arrested in Rome for organ trafficking



Man escaped from Brazil while on leave from prison in 2009, after being convicted of leading a kidney purchasing ring

Times of Israel

Italian border authorities arrested 77-year-old Israeli citizen Gedaliah Taub on Friday on suspicion of international human organ trafficking. Taub was detained at the Rome airport after officials determined his passport was forged.

Rome police told Maariv that Brazil had issued an international arrest warrant for Taub after he fled the South American country in 2009 during a leave from prison, where he was serving a nine-year sentence for organ trafficking.

Taub reportedly arrived in Rome on Thursday and presented the border officials his Israeli passport. The official noted that Taub was behaving anxiously and upon further inspection, discovered that the date of birth on the passport had been altered. The Israeli citizen was taken for questioning and his fingerprints were run in an international database, which revealed that he was wanted in Brazil. A search of his belongings further revealed that he was carrying multiple passports as well as a knife. Taub was promptly arrested and sent to a local jail where he awaits extradition to Brazil.

The Italian police officer in charge of the case, told Maariv that he spoke to colleagues in Brazil, who told him Taub was a former IDF officer who served as the leader of a human organ trafficking ring that offered poor Brazilians to sell him their kidneys for $12,000.

“We know of at least 19 cases in which Brazilian citizens sold their kidneys to Taub and his friends,” the Brazilian officials told their Italian counterpart. They added that the traffickers would send their victims to South Africa, where doctors would remove their kidneys and transplant them in the bodies of wealthy buyers.

Brazil issued the arrest warrant in 2010, after Taub went missing, failing to return from a prison leave.

The Israeli embassy in Rome received notice of Taub’s arrest. He is entitled to a visit by the ambassador.

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Arm Syrian rebels or risk genocide, British Jewish MP pleads



Brooks Newmark, who met with Assad, says president ‘willing to destroy Syria completely,also says Assad admitted using Hezbollah to hurt IsraHell

Times of Israel

A British Jewish MP from the governing Conservative Party, who has met frequently with Bashar Assad, warned that the Syrian president is “willing to destroy Syria completely” in his bid to protect his regime and his family, and said that Syrian rebels forces must be supplied with the weaponry needed to defeat him and avert genocide.

Brooks Newmark, MP for Braintree in Essex, wrote in a newspaper article on Saturday about a series of meetings he had with Assad between 2006 and 2011. In one of their conversations, he also noted, Assad readily acknowledged using Hezbollah as a proxy force to attack Israel. Newmark quoted Assad saying, “I am weak both economically and militarily. I cannot take on Israel directly. They are much stronger than me. It makes more sense to use Hezbollah to put pressure on Israel.”

“While I abhor the Assad regime and its hostility towards Israel (I am Jewish),” Newmark wrote in the Daily Mail article, “I have a long-standing interest in Syria and the Middle East and am a firm believer in the adage ‘Diplomacy becomes a little lazy if all you do is talk to your friends’.”

He said Assad’s answers to his questions in their meetings were “at times shocking in their directness. When I asked him what was his most important objective, he replied in two words: ‘Regime survival.’ This was quite different from his public utterances at the time about seeking political reform. I told him there is a complete contradiction between reform and regime survival, but he could not answer this question.”

As the past two years have shown, wrote Newmark, Assad “is willing to destroy Syria completely and kill its people in vast numbers to protect his family… A once-beautiful country is quickly disintegrating into a fragmented Somalia on the Mediterranean. I understand the concerns of those, including fellow Conservative MPs, who say we should not arm the Syrian rebels and help them bring down Assad and that we must not be dragged into another Iraq or Afghanistan. But I believe they are wrong.”

He stressed, “No one is suggesting sending a single British soldier to Syria.” But, “The Syrian rebels urgently need their own surface-to-air missiles and tank-busters to have any chance of winning. Britain can and should supply them with them. We could train them how to use them in Jordan or Turkey.”

Newmark warned that “While the West, scarred by Iraq and Afghanistan, prevaricates, 20 million Syrians face genocide. If we do nothing, instead of 100,000 dead we could see 300,000 dead a year from now.”

The MP, who was born in the US and moved to England as a child, said he also met separately with Assad’s wife Asma, drinking tea with her in her private Damascus home in 2011. She told him she hoped her husband would “serve one more term in office,” institute genuine reform, and then step down.

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