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Discovery and seizure of advanced telecom devices in MEK food convoy entering Camp Ashraf (aka Mojahedin Khalq, MKO, Rajavi cult)


Iran Interlink, Khalis, Iraq, June 09 2013: … In a press statement Al Khadran said that the security services had found 80 phones hidden in a suspicious manner inside a shipment carrying food. The shipment came from one of the Arab companies which had bid to secure the needs of the MEK members in the camp.Al Khadran said that the way the devices had been hidden demonstrates …

Discovery and seizure of advanced telecom devices in MEK food convoy entering Camp Ashraf – Khalis Mayor calls for investigation

Mayor of Khalis in Diyala province, Uday Al Khadran, called on the Iraqi government to open an urgent investigation after advanced telecom devices were seized in Camp Ashraf which is home to a number of the Mojahedin Khalq terrorist group.

In a press statement Al Khadran said that the security services had found 80 phones hidden in a suspicious manner inside a shipment carrying food. The shipment came from one of the Arab companies which had bid to secure the needs of the MEK members in the camp.

Al Khadran said that the way the devices had been hidden demonstrates an intention to use them in a non-legal framework, that is unlawful activities. He said, “these devices and the sophisticated way they were hidden show the MEK’s intention to use them illegally”.



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IsraHell Involvement in NSA Spying

Contributed by Stephen Lendman

Israeli Involvement in NSA Spying – by Stephen Lendman

It doesn’t surprise. On June 8, Haaretz headlined “What was the Israeli involvement in collecting US communications intel for NSA?” More on that below.

On April 3, 2012, James Bamford headlined “Shady Companies with Ties to Israel Wiretap for US for the NSA.”

He said NSA chief General Keith Alexander’s “having a busy year.” He’s “cutting ribbons at secret bases and bringing to life the agency’s greatly expanded eavesdropping network.”

“In January he dedicated the new $358 million CAPT Joseph J. Rochefort Building at NSA Hawaii, and in March he unveiled the 604,000-square-foot John Whitelaw Building at NSA Georgia.”

It’s for around “4,000 earphone-clad intercept operators, analysts and other specialists, many of them employed by private contractors.”

Spies “R” Us defines US policy. NSA’s “mammoth 1-million-square-foot, $2 billion Utah Data Center is far more sweeping.”

It’s located at Camp Williams. It’s a Utah National Guard training facility. Once fully operational, says Bamford, it’ll “become, in effect, the NSA Cloud.”

It’ll receive data from NSA satellites, overseas listening posts, and nationwide multipleNo telecom facility monitoring rooms. What’s planned is an unprecedented global spy network.

NSA operatives and hackers will harvest around 2.1 million gigabytes of data per hour. It’ll do so on the world’s most powerful computer.

It’s call Titan Supercomputer. It can handle over 20,000 trillion calculations per second or 20 petaflops. One petaflop = one quadrillion instructions per second.

Supercomputer power will be used to collect and analyze foreign and domestic communications from all possible sources.

Two Israeli companies are involved. High-tech firms Verint and Narus have longstanding US/Israeli intelligence connections. For many years, Verint was a majority-owned Comverse Technology subsidiary.

Both companies have about half their employees in Israel. In August 2012, Verint acquired Comverse. It now operates independently.

It makes security software. It calls itself “a global leader in Actionable Intelligence solutions.”

Narus calls itself a cybersecurity company. It’s an independent Boeing subsidiary. It provides real-time network traffic and analytics software. It does so with enterprise class spyware capabilities.

In 1997, it was founded in Israel. It created NarusInsight. It’s a supercomputer system. A previous article said AT&T uses it at their secret San Francisco facility. It lets NSA spy on its customers.

Verint’s software also is used to do it. Bamford called it “especially troubling that both companies have had extensive ties to Israel, as well as links to (its) intelligence service.”

A previous article discussed Israeli spying on America. The CIA calls Israel America’s main regional spy threat. An Israeli-based CIA operative once found food in his refrigerator rearranged.

Washington knows what’s going on. Publicly it’s ignored. Pre-9/11, the FBI uncovered a massive US-based Israeli spy ring. It remains active.

It betrays America. Numerous Israeli citizens are involved. They have close ties to foreign military, criminal and intelligence sources. They reportedly breach US laws with impunity.

Israel’s featured prominently in annual FBI reports. It actively seeks proprietary/secret US information. It’s mainly on military systems and advanced computer applications.

Proprietary commercial and industrial data are stolen. Israel recruits spies. Sophisticated methods are used. Computers are hacked for information.

Washington’s Government Accountability Office (GAO) said Israel “conducts the most aggressive espionage operation against the United States of any US ally.”

The Pentagon accused Israel of “actively engag(ing) in military and industrial espionage in the United States. An Israeli citizen working in the US who has access to proprietary information is likely to be a target of such espionage.”

FBI whistleblower John Cole said Justice Department officials ordered dozens of Israeli espionage cases dropped. At issue was political pressure.

Washington gives Israel billions of dollars in annual aid, state-of-the-art weapons and technology, and numerous other special privileges. In return, it steals US state and commercial secrets.

Despite longstanding close ties, Washington considers Israel both ally and counterintelligence threat. In terms of technical capability and human resources, it matches America’s best.

It has access to the highest US political, military and intelligence sources. Bamford said NSA-developed advanced analytical/data-mining software was lawlessly given Israel.

An Operations Directorate technical director did so secretly. Apparently Israeli companies got access. Technology they got advanced their own.

Narus once boasted about being “known for its ability to capture and collect data from the largest networks around the world.” Unexplained was that stolen software facilitates is capabilities.

Retired Israeli General Hanan Gefen ran its secret Unit 8200. It’s Israel’s NSA equivalent. He admitted Israeli ties to Comverse.

At the time, it owned Verint. It owns other Israeli high-tech companies. They specialize in eavesdropping and surveillance. They operate globally.

According to Gefen, the “correlation between serving in the intelligence Unit 8200 and starting successful high-tech companies is not coincidental.”

“Many of the technologies in use around the world and developed in Israel were originally military technologies and were developed and improved by Unit veterans.”

Kobi Alexander founded Verint. He formerly served as chairman. He’s a fugitive. FBI accusations include fraud, theft, lying, bribery, money laundering and related crimes.

Two of his top Comverse associates were indicted on similar charges. Both were imprisoned. They paid millions of dollars in fines and penalties.

NSA claims it takes malfeasance and other legitimate complaints seriously. Spying technology and expertise take precedence.

Bamford says take NSA assurances cautiously. “Who’s listening to the listeners,” he asks?

Haaretz asked if Verint and Narus “collected information from the US communications network” for NSA?

Neither company responded when asked. Former senior NSA official-turned whistleblower Thomas Drake exposed fraud, waste, abuse and other lawless agency practices.

They relate to warrantless data-mining practices. In April 2010, he was indicted under the Espionage Act. Charges included “willful retention of classified information, obstruction of justice, and making false statements.”

After a May 22, 2011 60 Minutes broadcast, all charges were dropped. In return, Drake pled guilty to a minor misdemeanor. He was sentenced to one year probation and community service. He lost his high-paying NSA job and pension.

On March 15, 2013, he spoke at the National Press Club. He focused on First Amendment rights. In part he said:

“The threats to the First Amendment by the government is bull’s eye-centered on a free unfettered press designed to suppress and repress speech and political expression in America, create fear through privilege and unilateral authority over what is fit or unfit for the First Amendment.”

“If speech becomes the instrument of crime when revealing government crime and wrongdoing, we are under arbitrary authoritarian rule and not the rule of law.”

“I can make an argument that government increasingly prefers to operate in the shadows and finds the First Amendment a constraint on its activities.”

“And yet, taking off the veil of government secrecy has more often than not turned truth-tellers and whistleblowers into turncoats and traitors, who are then often criminally burned and blacklisted and broken by the government on the stake of national security.”

“I knew too much truth and exposed government illegalities, fraud and abuse and was turned into a criminal for doing so.”

“I was charged under the Espionage Act, faced many years in prison and became an enemy of the state.”

“It was five years of living under the boot of the Surveillance State, and yet I was saved by the First Amendment and the court of public opinion and the free press, including the strength and growing resiliency of the alternative media.”

“Do we really want the government listening in on and tracking the lives of so many others? Have our constitutional freedoms become the latest victims of 9/11?”

“Will national security replace our individual rights? Will fear take priority over freedom? Will government censorship and propaganda triumph over personal choice and disclosure, use suppression repression?”

“If we starve liberty for the increasingly myopic sake of security, what will we have left to defend?”

If truth-telling is criminalized, freedom no longer exists.

Drake corroborated information AT&T whistleblower Mark Klein and others reported. Spies “R” Us reflects US policy.

Drake verified NSA’s use of Narus techology. Britain’s Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) collects intelligence from major US Internet companies. They do it via Prism electronic surveillance.

Officially it’s called US-984XN. It’s used for sweeping domestic and foreign spying. It’s the main source for raw NSA intelligence. It’s top secret for good reason. Now it’s existence is publicly known.

Mossad’s longstanding ties to Verint, Narus, and other Israeli surveillance technology companies assures it access to information they collect.

It’s true wherever these companies operate. America has 16 active intelligence agencies. They operate the same way. Warrantless dragnet spying is lawless.

Freedom pays the greatest price. It’s disappearing in plain sight. It’s heading for the dustbin of history without legitimate resistance enough to stop it. Nothing less has a chance.



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108,000 private contractors in Afghanistan and “we have no idea what they’re doing”


by Aubrey Bloomfield

Two recently released reports, one by the Congressional Research Service (CRS) and one by the Government Accountability Office (GAO), show that not only is the number of private contractors in Afghanistan increasing, but the Pentagon is also unable to tell what they are even doing there. Citing the reports, David Francis of the Fiscal Times points out that there are now 108,000 private contractors in Afghanistan (over 30,000 of whom are Americans), far more than the 65,700 U.S. troops still there,and the number was counted at 110,404 last month. That amounts to 1.6 contractors, roughly 18,000 of which are private security contractors, for every American soldier.

Although the U.S. presence in Afghanistan is ostensibly winding down towards an eventual handover to Afghan security forces, as Francis argues, “the increase in the contractors to troop ratio is yet another indication that although the vast majority of troops are leaving Afghanistan, a private army will remain in the country for years.”

According to the CRS, the U.S. wars in Iraq and Afghanistan show the increasing reliance of the military on private contractors. But replacing the military with private contractors is not necessarily a good thing. Highlighting the abuses committed by private military contractors, Angela Snell of the University of Illinois College of Law has called this trend a “convenient way for the U.S. government to evade its legal obligations, including the responsibility to protect the human rights of civilians in war and peace, by allowing private individuals, rather than official state actors, to perform services on behalf of the U.S. military.”

Not only does the growing use of private contractors give lie to the idea of a withdrawal from the country, but they are also very costly. Although still dwarfed by the ever-mounting total costs of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, CRS reports that “over the last six fiscal years, DOD [Department of Defense] obligations for contracts performed in the Iraq and Afghanistan areas of operation were approximately $160 billion and exceeded total contract obligations of any other U.S. federal agency.”

Moreover, Francis points out that the CRS and GAO did not just measure the number of contractors and the cost, but the reports also assessed the Pentagon’s ability to monitor the work of contractors. And the results are damning. According to Francis, taken together the reports:

“Amount to yet another indictment of how the Pentagon deals with private workers. CRS found that the Pentagon lacked the ability to document the work each contractor is performing. It also found even when the government has information on contractors, it’s often inaccurate and doesn’t reflect the actual work being done. This leaves the Pentagon unable to determine if the hundreds of billions it’s spending are leading to effective results.”

So despite the increasing number of private contractors being used and the hundreds of billions of dollars being spent on them, the Pentagon is not even able to determine what they are doing or whether it is effective. As CRS reports, the information the Pentagon has on private contractors is probably not reliable enough to be used to make decisions “at the strategic level,” thus hindering its ability to tell whether the work of contractors is contributing to “achieving the mission.”

The U.S.-led wars in Iraq and Afghanistan have been massive, and destructive, wastes of lives and money. Although the U.S. and its allies say that they plan to remove combat troops from Afghanistan by 2014, this will in no way be the end of the West’s presence in the country. Francis reports that much of the work currently done by the military will be done by the private contractors after the military leaves. So while the attention paid to Afghanistan is likely to continue to dwindle even further, as has been the case in Iraq, as the military withdrawal picks up, the foreign occupation, by what one analyst has called “a de facto army,” looks set to continue on.

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Pakistan: ‘The Jewish lobby endorses Nawaz Sharif’



On June 5, 2013, one of America’s most powerful Jewish lobby groups, Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) website published an interview with Jewish lobby’s expert on Pakistan and Middle East, Bruce O. Riedel. Riedel is a former senior CIA official and currently a senior fellow in foreign policy at theSaban Center for Middle East Policy of the Brookings Institute, another Zionist front filled with cheerleaders (mostly Jewish) telling lies to Americans so that they will keep sending their sons and daughters off to fight those Israel and the Jewish-dominated Wall Street wars.

Biedel is a skillful Zionist liar, telling fibs about Pakistan, to give Obama and the Pentagon the decades long wars these Zionist warmongerers dream of.

In the interview, titled ‘A Turning Point for Pakistan?’, Riedel says that Pakistan’s new prime minister Nawaz Sharif, is cabable of resolving country’s long-standing problems with the US, India and Afghanistan. He believes Obama administration will find a “friend” in Nawaz Sharif. “You can be pessimistic about Pakistan and you will be often right, but Pakistan too important to give up on,” said Riedel.

Being a professional Zionist propagandist, Riedel, always pin-down Israeli terrorism on Muslims around the world. He claims Pakistan is a breeding ground for Islamic extremism. Pakistan, in fact, is a victim of Ziofacism.

The convicted terrorist, Indian Army officer, Lt. Col. Purohit, who had visited Israel, admitted receiving arms and money from Israel  to kill Muslims and carry false-flag operations, blaming on Muslims. Several RSS leaders, during BJP rule had visited Israel. Various Hindutva groups had welcomed and celebrated Israeli Foreign Minister Shimon Peres’ visit to India on May 17, 1993, and the closer ties with Israel which ensued. Among leading Indian media reporting attempts by BJP-RSS-VHP leaders to get closer both to Israel and to the Zionist lobby in Washington is The Times of India.

Indian journalist, Amaresh Misra, reported in December 2008 that Mumbai terrorist attacks were work of Mossad-RSS nexus. British journalist and author,Andrew Marshall, wrote: “The terrorists looked like an Anglo-American covert operatives. The entire Mumbai operation was an attempt by Anglo-American forces to destablize India and push it further into Israel-US orbit. Americans are keen to dismember Pakistan and need India as an ally in this project.”

Listen to anti-Pakistan propaganda lies below by two Zionist Jews, Craig Cohen, Vice President for Research and Programs at Zioconservative CSIS and Bruce Riedel.

Now, Pakistanis have to think, the leader who is praised by anti-Muslim and anti-Pakistan Zionists – would act like a Pakistani Ahmadinejad, or USraeli puppets like Saudi ‘royals’?

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Kuwaiti Silk City ‘to connect with IsraHell’

The Media Line Staff special to the jerusalem post


Zionist Kuwait plans to invest $132 billion in project that will include a 1km. high tower and house 700,000 people.
Zionist Kuwait plans to invest $132 billion in a project that will include a one-kilometer high tower and house 700,000people. To be called Madinat al-Hareer (Silk City), the project takes its name from the Silk Road trade

route that once connected Europe and China via the Middle East. However, the project’s planners do

not intend to dispatch caravans but instead aim to build an international rail network connecting Kuwait

not only with its neighbors in the Gulf but as far away as IsraHell. The project’s chief planner is Dr. Sami

al-Faraj, president of Kuwait Center for Strategic Studies and an adviser to the Gulf Cooperation Council.

“We hold the keys to a lot of things, but it is not just money. For small states like us the important thing

is not oil, it’s not money – it is influence. If we do not use oil or money to increase our influence in a peaceful

way, we have no existence,” the Kuwait Times quoted Faraj as saying. Regarding opposition to the proposed

link to IsraHell, Faraj said such thinking was outdated, particularly as IsraHell was forging ahead as a global technology

leader. “People in the Gulf are smart enough to understand the impact of technology on their development and

they know that the technology is in IsraHell,” he said.

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IsraHell and the Arab Gulf States: An Undeclared Alliance



In her Washington Post column on May 5, 2013, Jennifer Rubin blasted the Obama administration, opining that “As for the Middle East, when a U.S. president is this passive and unwilling to act in accord with its words, the West and the Sunni states can take comfort in knowing that Israel is there to rein in the mullahs and their surrogates.”  It is rather ironic that increasingly, the Sunni Arab Gulf states look to Israel instead of the Obama administration for action against Iran. This has led to a tightening of security and intelligence relations between Israel and several Arab Gulf states.

In the Middle East, more so than elsewhere perhaps, the aphorism “my enemy’s enemy is my friend” rings true. The Arab Gulf states do not love Israel, nor do they particularly hate it.  Common interests in opposing the Islamic Republic of Iran’s hegemonic ambitions and dominance in the region, and parenthetically Iran’s acquisition of a nuclear weapon, have brought the Arab Gulf States and Israel together.  The Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states may be united under the GCC banner, but their foreign policies are disparate.  Thus, Bahrain, Qatar, and the United Arab Emirates may have established more moderate and closer links to Israel than Saudi Arabia and Kuwait.

The Arab Gulf states are unified, however, under the Arab League’s consensus not to establish open diplomatic relations with the Jewish State until the issues of Palestine is resolved, and “justice” prevails.  Still, unlike the case of Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Lebanon, and to that extent Iraq, the Gulf States never had a territorial conflict with Israel, nor have they participated in wars against Israel.   They are not considered in the political parlance as confrontation states in the conflict with Israel.

While the Gulf States view the Israeli-Palestinian conflict as destabilizing, their primary security concern is Iran. The revolutionary nature of the Ayatollah’s regime in Tehran since 1979 has intensified the geopolitical as well as the religious dimension of the conflict between the Sunni Muslim Gulf Arabs and the non-Arab Shiite Muslim Iranians.

The Iran-Iraq war that pitted Sunni-led Saddam Hussein’s Iraq against the revolutionary Shiite Iran, found the Arab Gulf states deeply embedded in the Sunni Arab camp, supporting Saddam and openly antagonizing Iran.

In 1990, Saddam Hussein, Iraq’s dictator, betrayed his Gulf allies and brutally invaded Kuwait.  The U.S. victory in the First Gulf war, which ended in expelling the Iraqi forces from Kuwait (and coincided with the breakup of the Soviet Union), put the U.S. in the position of a sole super-power.  The U.S. then used its leverage to initiate an Arab-Israeli peace process that began at the Madrid Conference in 1991.  The Madrid Conference facilitated the Arab Gulf states’ slow rapprochement with Israel.

Other factors, too, contributed to increased contact between the Gulf states and Israel.  Yasir Arafat, the Palestinian Liberation Organization (P.L.O.) leader sided with Saddam Hussein against Kuwait, an act which resulted in Kuwait expelling 450,000 Palestinians from its territory, and what has followed was general antipathy that was felt toward Arafat and his revolutionary movement (P.L.O.) by the Gulf leaders.

The U.S.’s successful military action against Saddam resulted in America no longer being seen as a “paper tiger” in the Middle East.  Arab Gulf leaders flocked to America and sought to developed relationships with American Jewish organizations.  Since both Israel and Saudi Arabia were attacked by Saddam’s Scud missiles, a degree of solidarity evolved between the two in particular.

As a result of the Oslo Accords (signed in the White House in September 1993) the GCC states cancelled their boycott of states and companies that did business with Israel.  The direct boycott by the Gulf States was to continue until a comprehensive peace was reached between Israel and its neighbors.  On September 23, 2005, following Israel’s withdrawal from Gaza (August 2005), Bahrain decided to repeal its economic boycott of Israel to comply with its free trade agreement with the U.S.  Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammad bin Mubarak Al Khalifa stated in an interview with the independent Arabic newspaper Al-Wasat in New York that “Bahrain took the decision to end theboycott on Israeli goods because this is one of the conditions of the free trade agreement.”

Qatar’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassin bin Jabor Al Thani and Israel’s Foreign Minister Silvan Shalom met in New York at the UN Summit on September 15, 2005, and posed for pictures.  Separately, Sheikh Hamad urged Arab nations to open up to the Jewish state.  He called on the Arab countries “to respond positively to the steps taken by Israel” and then noted that “full diplomatic relations between Qatar and Israel were possible even before a complete Israeli withdrawal from the territories.”

Earlier in 2002, King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia announced his peace plan between Israel and the Arab world.  It was later adopted by the Arab League as the “Arab Peace Initiative,” and promised a warm peace unlike the cold peace with Egypt. Some of the conditions, however, have been unacceptable to Israel, including the adoption of UN Resolution 194, which calls for the “return of Arab Palestinian refugees into Israel.”

In what has been interpreted in Jerusalem as a new and positive step, Qatar’s Prime Minister Sheikh Hamad bin Jassim al-Thani announced on April 30, 2013 that the “Arab states are open to mutually agreed Palestinian-Israeli land swaps.” Although this is a positive step, according to the Israeli government, it is not enough.

Middle East Newsline reported on July 27, 2010 that Sami Al-Faraj, president of the Kuwait Center for Strategic Studies declared that “the GCC states have been engaged in consultation and intelligence exchange with Israel, particularly regarding the Iranian threat.”  He asserted moreover that “Egypt and Israel were vital to Gulf security as the U.S. leaves Iraq, and prepares to accommodate a nuclear Iran.”

The undeclared alliance between Israel and the Gulf states has been reinforced by events in Syria.  That security alliance also includes Jordan and at some point possibly Turkey.  The Sunni-Muslim Arab states view the Obama administration as unwilling to back up its rhetoric with action on the ground.  As they see it, U.S. inaction in Syria is an omen for what is to become an even greater conflict between Iran and the West.  The Gulf states have come to realize after last week’s alleged Israeli bombing in Damascus that while the Obama administration’s “red lines” are mere rhetoric, Israel’s are followed by action.  It has prompted the Arab Gulf states to consider Israel instead of the Obama administration as a more reliable actor against Iran.

At this time, the Arab Gulf states’ alliance with Israel is covert and relegated to security alone, but, it holds potential for fuller relations in the future.  The capitalistic nature of the Arab Gulf states makes Israel’s advanced technology and know-how attractive enough to pursue the relationship further.  And a future agreement or partial agreement with the Ramallah-based Palestinians would serve as an excuse for the Gulf states to assume a fully blown relationship with Israel.

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3 Crimes By FSA Today to Compensate Their Defeat in Qussayr Countryside


Posted by: Arabi Souri 

June 08, 2013 was the day all speculations where the Syrian Arab Army is planning to go next after the decisive and swift victories in Qussayr city and the towns in its countryside, but some were trying to release the anger from Al-Qaeda defeat in Qussayr and other areas at the hands of the Syrian Arab Army in their own criminal way, the following are some crimes from the ones recorded today:

  • 4 Grad rockets fell on besieged Nubol town in Aleppo’s northern countryside, one of the rockets resulted in killing an entire family of 6 including a pregnant woman, the other 3 rockets injured 9 civilians including 4 children. The town and its neighboring Zahra town are besieged by Wahhabi terrorists from Nusra Front and its sister terrorist organizations for more than a year now.
  • explosions in Khan Arnabeh town in Qunaitra countryside in the south of Syria resulted in the injury of several civilians in the town, one of the explosions was a booby trapped car detonated in a car maintenance industrial compound while the other was an IED detonated in the town’s main transportation garage.
  • 9 civilian martyrs earlier today were killed and a number of civilians injured when a suicide terroristdetonated himself in a car near Mukhless Monastery in Karm Allouz district in Homs city, central Syria.

Arab Spring 3 Crimes By FSA Today to Compensate Their Defeat in Qussayr Countryside

Arab ‘Spring’ Found

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A Sunni Cleric Deep Reaction to Wahhabis Like The FSA Cannibal



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Distressed Fsa Getting Overrun by Hezbollah in Qusayr

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Muslim victim of JDL-Iranian monarchists’ hate crime assault ends in hospital



June, 2013

In picture on the left, Iranian monarchists surround Zahoor Hyder assaulting him repeatedly. Because of injuries, he had to rush to hospital for emergency treatment. Police have identified the culprits and charges are being laid

Toronto, Crescent-online

Zahoor Hyder, victim of a hate crime assault on June 2 ended in hospital because of his head injuries. The hate crime assault occurred when hundreds of Muslims were gathered at the Islamic Society of York Region to commemorate the passing away of Imam Khomeini. A bunch of JDL and Iranian monarchist thugs assembled outside the Society’s premises to protest the event, attacked Zahoor and Siraj Ali.

During speeches a number of speakers not only used foul language against Muslims but also incited the mob to hatred and violence. Meir Weinstein, who has gained notoriety for his Islamphobic rants, said Muslims assembled in the Society’s hall should be “eradicated from Canada.”

While there were some police officers on duty, a few volunteers from the Islamic Society also stood at the entrance gate to prevent the mob from entering the Society’s private property. Despite the verbal abuse and hate filled messages directed against them, the Muslim volunteers did not respond in any way and stood there silently to ensure these hooligans did not trespass on private property.

Zahoor Hyder who was filming the event came out to film the unruly mob as well that became even more abusive when they saw him. First, the mob intensified their verbal abuse and escalated their hate filled messages and then a group of them rushed Zahoor knocking his camera from his hand. As the mike fell to the ground and he was about to bend down to pick it up, one of the Iranian monarchists using the placard stick struck him really hard on the head. He doubled with pain and others rushed to hit him on his hand and back. He was struck repeatedly before the police came to rescue him and lead the mob away to its designated place.

The monarchists and their JDL allies were specifically told by the police to stay on the opposite side of the road from the Society property yet they repeatedly blocked the road preventing motorists from getting through.  A number of them hurled stones at Muslim volunteers while cursing and abusing.

Siraj Ali who went to Zahoor Hyder’s rescue also sustained injuries. Zahoor’s injuries, however, were more serious. He told Crescent International that he was unable to sleep the whole night because of the pain in his head and arm. The following day, he suffered dizzying spells at work and was extremely uncomfortable throughout the day. He barely managed to stay at work.

The next day when he went to work, he (Zahoor) was in such bad shape that he had to take time off and rush to the hospital. While at the hospital, his nose started to bleed. He was treated in the Emergency department and after stabilizing his condition was told to take complete rest and not go to work. He was also told that should his condition deteriorate further or that he suffers fainting spells or begins to vomit, he must immediately return to the emergency department.

As of this report, Zahoor Hyder is reported to be in stable condition although the pain in his head and arm is intense.

Following the assault, additional police were called to the scene to prevent the mob from attacking others. The following day, Iranian monarchist blogs as well as pro-zionist websites gleefully reported the “great success” of their protest. The police have been able to identify the assailants and charges are being laid against them.

Crescent International has learned that Reza Pahlavi, son of the US-backed dictator Raza Shah, was in Toronto the same day for an “invitations only” dinner to raise funds. He still harbors illusions that he will return to the peacock throne with the help of his western masters. Perhaps his supporters and admirers wanted to present him a gift by attacking peaceful Muslims at an event commemorating the anniversary of the late Imam Khomeini (ra). These hooligans and their Zionist JDL allies are the real threat to Canadian safety because of their violent nature.

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