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Police and Activists Hug and Have Good Times at Bilderberg Protest



Policemen loosened up with Bilderberg protesters, as not all are fully obedient to their masters.


WATFORD – BILDERBERG MEETING June 10, 2013: A policeman exchanges a hug with a Bilderberg protestor.

By Shepard Ambellas

WATFORD — The recent Bilderberg protest was a success, as thousands of activists gathered peacefully in front of what used to be an ultra secret yearly meeting at posh hotels throughout the world.

The king of the alternative media, Alex Jones himself, and David Icke were the main attractions at the event, which garnered worldwide press attention.

Aside from past Bilderberg protests, the policemen at this event were rather friendly, one was even seen hugging activists.

Dan Dick from Press For Truth (Canada) documented the occasion on video.

Dicks explains to another officer just how bad the police were at the former G20 in Toronto, Canada. “We appreciate officers like you setting a good example”, said Dicks to the officer.

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