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The Surveillance State of England-Talking Cameras Discourage “Anti Social Behavior



In Britain, there have been talking CCTV cameras everywhere in city centers, monitoring behavior and telling people to do things like “stop littering”, for about 5 years now. The surveillance state is coming like the calm before a storm of a military dictatorship, and the only way to oppose it is to wake people up to the truth that we must stand up for our liberties or they will be systematically taken away.


by Cassius Methyl

In England, CCTV cameras completely cover the urban areas of all major cities. Of course, the transparently deceptive excuse for why these are necessary, is to “stop crime”.

Typically, they are used during the day to stop littering and petty crimes, by barking commands at people, clearly an Orwellian intrusion into people’s peace and privacy.

In fact, copies of “1984” by George Orwell have been selling at an abnormally rapid pace since the NSA scandals came to light recently, so it apparently is in fact on people’s minds that the police state is cracking down.

This surveillance state infrastructure is only allowed to be built because the people (in most of the western world) are brainwashed into acceptance. Why the term “brainwashed”? Not meant to be condescending or offensive at all, the people of this western world, and most all of this state controlled, now police state planet earth, people have become universally dysfunctional at understanding many things, especially whether or not a politician’s so called efforts to solve a ‘problem’ are effective.

Of course, any objective, non propagandized person who has looked into the issue will tell you that these cameras do little to nothing in preventing real crime, because the person has actually looked at the facts. The facts are, cities with these cameras, often have even higher rates of unsolved crime exactly where the cameras are, while cities without the cameras proportionally have lower rates.

Essentially, the cameras aren’t necessary, or even In any way beneficial and do not stop crime, the statistics are there, and anyone who thinks the cameras do prevent crime, is factually incorrect. Of course, the cameras in the wrong hands ( and they ARE in the wrong hands), are nothing more than the tools for a future total police state, surveillance state, and military dictatorship if people don’t wake up.

No, this wasn’t written to offend, this was written to wake people up; so if you care about peace, and liberty from this incredibly wealthy and powerful, tax-fed, monetary system controlling fascist merger between the wealthy and the political powers, I would advise that you take time to wake up as many people as possible, and give people around you the necessary knowledge- the knowledge that we citizens need to globally, all speak out and rise up against this tyranny, any government anywhere that will lock peaceful people in cages or manipulate their currency and control them like slaves, or the citizens will be more deeply enslaved.

The point at which the countries, under the world power’s agenda, systematically become military dictatorships, is the point of no return from our enslavement.

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