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Dublin North Rep. Clare Daly: Obama is a ‘War Criminal’


The intentions of US president Barrack Obama and the First Lady were recently questioned by a concerned representative of Ireland.

MONEYGALL, IRELAND - Barrack & Michelle Obama. (Photo by Irish Government - Pool/Getty Images)

MONEYGALL, IRELAND – Barrack & Michelle Obama. (Photo by Irish Government – Pool/Getty Images).

Clare Daly TD Ind., Dublin North, thought it was important to take her speaking opportunity to point out how Ireland’s government officials have been slobbering over Michelle and Barrack Obama’s recent visit to Ireland.

“Is this person going for the hypocrite of the century award? We have to call things by their right names…. this man is a war criminal”, Daly states aloud, referring to US president Obama. Daly goes on to talk about how many people have been killed by Obama’s drone programs.

Daly was countered by Enda Kenny, TD FG, An Taoiseach, saying, “I think your comments are disgraceful” calling the recent visit a fragile peace process.

“Let me remind you that the communities in Ireland…. have put together a very fragile peace”, Kenny said.


2 Responses to “Dublin North Rep. Clare Daly: Obama is a ‘War Criminal’”

  1. Martin O'Connor says:

    Clare Daly is a hero as she speaks truth to power.

    The Irish people have be betrayed by their political class. First by the fraudulent manipulation and vote theft on the second referendum on membership in the fanciest E.U.

    The second is the outrageous burdening of the people with paying bank debts the people never signed on to.

    This political class has had no better description given of it than that given by Clare Daly. A true daughter of Ireland who shines the true Irish spirit for the world to see. Bless you Clare Daly.


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