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Rand Paul, Defender of the Faith


Phillip Giraldi

If Senator Rand Paul truly listened to his father for all those years why does he sometimes act like Mitt Romney? To be sure he has taken some positive positions regarding the surveillance state and the use of drones, though even there he frequently comes out with a zinger that suggests that he is not so much thoughtful and principled as grandstanding. His comments objecting to the domestic use of lethal drones notoriously granted an exemption to targeting anyone who has been “charged” with a crime. Or, putting it more anecdotally, when someone is coming “out of a liquor store with a weapon and $50 in cash, I don’t care if a drone kills him or a policeman kills him.”

In spite of his holding a seat on the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, Rand’s foreign policy blunders are legion, to include his recent baseless allegations that Defense Department nominee Chuck Hagel might have some unsavory foreign connections. A clueless Rand frequently appears to be in thrall to his advisers, who themselves are nurturing his presidential aspirations, to include a number of leading neoconservatives and ex-Romneyites like Dan Senor and Bill Kristol. It is no surprise that the esteemed senator from Kentucky has swallowed whole the “radical Islam is the enemy” shtick that he has been fed while asserting Iran “is engaged in the pursuit of nuclear weapons and supports terrorism across the globe.” Apparently lack of evidence for a nuclear weapons program does not inhibit believing otherwise while support of global terror sounds more like Washington than Tehran, but Rand has failed to dig deep enough to make those distinctions.

Rand has, of course, made his obligatory pilgrimage en famille to Israel to see “our Judeo Christian roots” while simultaneously kissing Benjamin Netanyahu’s ring. The trip was paid for by the anti-gay evangelical American Family Association, whose spokesman once asserted that Hitler surrounded himself with homosexual storm troopers because “straights” would have had moral objections to his policies. While in Israel, Rand discovered the meme that he has been beating to death ever since: that the U.S. should stop giving aid to countries that “are burning our flag and chanting ‘Death to America’…No one is accusing Israel of that.” Which leaves Israel as a beacon unto humanity while a bunch of Arab countries stand around looking guilty. Later on the trip Rand advised the Palestinians that they would be punished by sanctions if they tried to declare statehood through the United Nations even if they refrain from chanting or burning flags.

After returning from his root finding and his road to Damascus discovery about chanting flag arsonists, Rand Paul confronted Secretary of State nominee John Kerry, demanding an end to arms supplies for Egypt as those feckless Gippos have been saying so many nasty things about Israelis and “they only understand…strength.” On the next day he called on the Administration to publicly declare that an attack on Israel would be considered the same as an attack on the U.S. At the end of May he spoke before a Zionist Organization of America (ZOA) gathering and picked up the theme yet again, praising the ZOA for its courageous display of support for his demand to end the flow of money and arms to Egypt and Pakistan. But not to Israel. Per Paul, “the U.S. and Israel have a great shared religious and cultural history.”

Well, Rand is at it again, second verse same as the first except that he has now also discovered that there is also a plot against Christians being organized by those dastardly Muslims who run around shouting “Death to America,” presumably in English so Rand can understand it, while torching Old Glory. Speaking at the evangelical Faith and Freedom (sic) conference in Washington on June 13th, Paul asserted that those very same chanters are “haters of Christianity,” that “American taxpayer dollars are being used to enable a war on Christianity in the Middle East, and I believe that must end.”

Well, for once I agree with Rand but somehow I have heard a different version of what might be going on. If one goes back to 2001, it would have been possible to discover ancient and vibrant Christian communities in both Syria and Iraq. As Rand has noted, though without being aware of the implications of what he was actually saying, U.S. taxpayer money brought about an invasion of Iraq that has all but destroyed the Christian minority, which had previously been protected by Saddam Hussein’s largely secular regime. Now the same thing is about to happen in Syria, where, ironically, many of the Iraqi Christians had sought refuge. So yes Rand, you are correct in observing that U.S. taxpayer dollars have all but eliminated a Christian presence that goes back two millennia, but you have to think a bit more about who is doing what to whom.

And then there is Israel. The most recent State Department report on religious persecution notes that Israelis are frequently hostile to non-Jews. Desecration of churches in 1948 and 1967 was widespread and has also recurred periodically since that time, Christian groups have been attacked by zealots, and missionaries who try to convert Jews to Christianity can be imprisoned for five years. In 2012, the Vatican protested after a Trappist monastery’s doors were burned and “Jesus was a Monkey” was written in orange spray paint on the building’s walls.

When Israel was founded in 1948, the number of Christians in the mostly Palestinian Arab population between the Jordan River and the Mediterranean was between 300,000 and 400,000. Now it is considerably less than half of that. The Israeli government protects Jewish historical sites but permits the destruction of remains, including cemeteries, that are linked to Christianity or Islam.

Churches and congregations have been subject to arbitrary treatment by the Israeli authorities, Christian clergy have been harassed and spat upon, and Christian villages have been surrounded by security walls and checkpoints making them economically dysfunctional. Most of the Christians who could leave Israel to join relatives in the west did so as a consequence. Indeed, one might reasonably claim that Israeli government policy is to encourage the Christian minority to leave. So that would make it another case where U.S. taxpayer money is underwriting a situation in which Christians are being persecuted, but it is hardly what Rand Paul had in mind.

Senator Rand Paul of Kentucky might indeed be the only Great White Hope for the recovery of the Republican Party at a national level, but that speaks more of the irrelevance of the GOP than it does of the possible remedies that are being promoted, particularly in the foreign policy realm. Paul would appear to be less inclined to intervene overseas than George W. Bush and Barack Obama, but one might recall that both Bush and Obama sang more-or-less the same tune before they ascended to the Oval Office and discovered what fun it is to run a powerful national security state. Paul’s limited foreign policy vision ends with professed generic non-interventionism and every time he opens his mouth on specifics he finds himself foundering as he seeks to explain himself.

That someone can, with a straight face, decry the death of Christian communities in the Middle East without considering what has happened in Iraq and about to happen in Syria demonstrates an ignorance of the consequences of U.S. policies that might well be described as profound. How convenient to have Arabs to blame. How convenient to let the Israelis off the hook. Whatever it takes, whatever must be said to become president, Paul appears to be prepared to go along. How sad, and what a terrible footnote to his father’s legacy.

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IsraHell and organ Trafficking–AGAIN!!!



A chief doctor at a Costa Rican government-ran hospital was arrested yesterday on suspicion of being part of an international organ trafficking network which specializes in selling kidneys to patients in Israel, according to the Attorney General’s Office.

Attorney General Jorge Chavarria told the press that the arrested is Francisco Mora Palma, head of Nephrology at Calderon Guardia Hospital, one of the largest state medical centers in the country.

“The patients who required the transplants were in Israeli territory, and some of the (trafficking) victims [had their kidney removed] here and others were transported to Israel. We have information that at least one person died after being operated on in Israel,” Chavarria said.

The prosecutor explained that the organization has branches in Israel and Eastern Europe, though did not elaborate, citing the ongoing investigation.

Authorities have identified at least three Costa Ricans who were paid in exchange for one of their kidneys.

In addition to Mora Palma, authorities have arrested a police officer identified by the last names Cordero Solano, who collaborated with the doctor to identify possible donors.

Besides the Calderon Guardia Hospital, authorities raided other locations, including two private clinics where transplants were conducted.

“This is extremely serious,” the prosecutor said, urging those who were trafficking victims to come forward to authorities without fear of losing the money they were paid. “What we need is information to dismantle this organization,” he said.

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Jewish Family Values–US Jews blast restrictive abortion bill


ed note–all you ‘pro-life’ Christians out there who worship at the feet of IsraHell and the Jewish people, remember, IT AIN’T MUSLIMS SHOVING THIS DOWN YOUR THROATS.


Such strong language is unusual in any case for groups that must engage with Congress, but especially when a bill is dead in the water.

The bill, passed Tuesday in a 228-196 vote, would ban abortions after 20 weeks, a time when the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Trent Franks (R-Ariz.), says the fetus feels pain. Leaders in the Democrat-led Senate already have said the measure has no chance of advance. And President Obama likely would veto it if it did.

So why unleash on the bill?

Liberal Jewish groups that have made reproductive rights a priority believe that such bills, even when they fail, represent a growing threat to Roe v. Wade, the 1973 Supreme Court decision that made abortion a matter of choice.

“We know that yesterday’s vote was symbolic, since the Senate will not take up the bill and the president has said he would veto it,” Barbara Weinstein, the director of the Reform movement’s Commission on Social Action, said in a statement. “Yet the symbolism of the bill’s House passage is indeed important, demonstrating the unfortunate reality that women’s reproductive rights remain at risk.”

Anti-abortion groups feature prominently in the Tea Party movement, which helped sweep Republicans to their 2010 House victory and helped them keep control last year. Moreover, a conservative majority Supreme Court in 2007 indicated a willingness to place strictures on the Roe v. Wade decision by banning some late-term abortion procedures.

Groups noted that the bill has no health exception. It also restricts abortions in the case of rape and incest by requiring alleged victims to report the crimes to the police as a condition for having the abortion. Such reporting often does not occur because of the fear of public shame and reprisal from family members.

“It imposes one particular set of religious beliefs on the entire nation, and denies women the ability to make their own decisions about their health and their future without political interference,” the National Council of Jewish Women said in its statement.

Jewish Women International called the vote “outrageous.”

“Women seeking abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy do so for a variety of reasons, often life-threatening, including when the mother’s life is at risk, she is a victim of sexual assault, or there is severe fetal anomaly,” it said.

Hadassah also condemned the vote and said it would “continue to fight attempts to restrict, through federal legislation, state administrative regulations, or court action, the right to reproductive choice and family planning programs delivering any and all services.”

Orthodox groups did not issue statements on the vote.

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NY rep. says new reality show promotes anti-Semitism



Princesses: Long Island ‘is one of the most objectionable things I’ve ever seen on television,’ says congressman Steve IsraHell

Times of Israel

A suburban New York congressman who represents the area where Bravo films its series “Princesses: Long Island” says the show is “the most objectionable thing I’ve ever seen on television” and promotes stereotyping of Jews.

The network should show a disclaimer before every episode to say there’s nothing real about the nonfiction show, said Rep. Steve Israel, a New York Democrat.

Bravo said Friday the new series has averaged just over 1 million viewers over three airings on Sunday nights, which is considered a very successful start. “Princesses: Long Island” is reminiscent of MTV’s “Jersey Shore” in focusing on a small subculture, in this case six young, unmarried women who are generally of comfortable means with plenty of idle time.

One of the women, Ashlee White, is nearly 30 and lives at home where her parents cook her food and do her laundry. She’s looking for Mr. Right, but has high standards. “I’m Jewish, I’m American and I’m a princess,” White said.

“I initially thought it was all in good fun,” Israel said. “But 20 minutes into the show, I realized that promoting anti-Semitic stereotypes isn’t that fun. It’s one of the most objectionable things I’ve ever seen on television, and there are a lot of objectionable things on television.”

Jodi Davis, a Bravo spokeswoman, said the show is “about six women who are young, educated, single and Jewish living in Long Island, and is not meant to represent all Jewish women or other residents of Long Island.”

Israel said he’s not encouraging Bravo to take the show off the air, but would like a statement like Davis’ shown on the air. She had no immediate comment on whether Bravo would be able to or want to do that.

“Princesses: Long Island” has already had one incident that compelled an apology. White was quoted in one episode as calling the Long Island community of Freeport a “ghetto” in a cellphone conversation with her father, who advised her to roll up her car windows.

White, in a Bravo blog post, later apologized, saying she had been “stressed, overwhelmed and not thinking” when she said that.

Israel, a former president of the Institute on the Holocaust and the Law who once worked for the American Jewish Congress, said the show “leads viewers to believe that this is what being Jewish is all about, that if you’re Jewish and live on Long Island, you’re narcissistic, you are all about money and that a Shabbat dinner is all about drinking and fighting,” he said.

The congressman, who also wrote about the show on The Huffington Post, said he wasn’t concerned that speaking out publicly would encourage more people to watch it.

“Silence never works,” he said.

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Overpopulation – Pakistan’s gravest issue


By Gloria Caleb

With a birth rate of seven children per minute, the talk of healthy timing and spacing of children is irrelevant say experts, who for years have been ranting about the repercussions of an over-populous Pakistan.

From rampant poverty to traffic on the streets to food insecurity to the electricity crisis and militancy, all major issues that the country is currently faced with, are inter-linked.  However, even in such a state it odd to see that the topic of family planning and family health is taboo in this country.

“They fear an un-seen hand,” says Imtiaz Kamal, Secretary General of the National Committee for Maternal Health, Vice President of the Maternity and Child Welfare Association, who has played a great role in pioneering Family Planning in Pakistan. Lamenting the non-seriousness of policy-makers towards this all important issue, she feels that a baseless fear of religion has been instilled to hinder this work. She states the example of Bangladesh – a country whose population until some years ago exceeded that of Pakistan; now – after implementing strong family planning policies – is on the path of progress.  “Is Bangladesh any less Islamic than us?” she asks.  Population control is key to the development of any nation,” says Kamal who believes that no government on earth has the capacity to provide for, “seven children being born every minute.”

According to Dr Babar Tasneem Sheikh, Pakistan was supposed to be a welfare state, but the irony is that ‘neither is social responsibility evident nor is there welfare.’  Dr Sheikh believes that unchecked population growth in Pakistan is giving rise to a capitalist entity that will give rise to more frustration and crime.  “How many private schools, colleges, rental power systems can you build and how many will be able to afford those services?” he asks. He believes ignorance towards rights and non-implementation of laws are major issues that have been decisive in this battle. He too, cites the example of Bangladesh that has looked at the issue in a very different light and despite being far behind us has made considerable progress.

Sheena Hadi, Executive Director Aahung, a Karachi-based NGO which aims to improve the Sexual and Reproductive Health (SRH) of men, women, and adolescents across Pakistan, is of the view that lack of access to authentic information due to lack of education is the main reason for this.  Healthcare providers too she believes come in with a lot of biases and inaccurate information, she says.  This, she opines has a lot to do with culture, which gives much importance to a male child. “You find healthcare providers who tell women, to go home bear a son and come back when they have proved their worth to their family,” she says. These messages from the healthcare community are severely detrimental as they are the ones who are inter-facing with the client, she adds.

Today out of a population of 180 million, 35.5 million Pakistanis live below the poverty line, only 56.9 million have access to clean drinking water and 21.8 million have sanitation.  These are gory figures that speak volumes of the gross violation of human rights that come as a result of unchecked population growth.  Experts believe that the current contraception prevalent rate in the country is 30 per cent which can go upto 55 per cent if the unmet need for family planning – 25 per cent – is met.

Dr Sheikh believes to deal with these issues it is imperative that strict measures be enforced.  According to him women’s education is the first step towards progress. In addition, he stresses the importance of taking away benefits – government subsidies and promotions – from those who don’t follow rules.  He reveals that in most countries sending a child to school is compulsory and those who don’t meet the police at their doorstep. “Why are we afraid to take such measures? He asks.

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Jewish teacher suspected of molesting pupils in Amsterdam flees to IsraHell


Police ask Israeli authorities for help investigating suspect who made aliyah after being fired from school


Dutch police asked Israel for help investigating the actions of a Tel Aviv teacher suspected of molesting pupils at a Jewish school near Amsterdam.

The man, identified only as Ephraim S., immigrated last year to Israel after being fired from his job as a teacher at the Cheider school in Buitenveldert near Amsterdam, De Telegraaf reported on Friday. The Orthodox school has 200 pupils aged two to 18.

According to De Telegraaf reporter Iris Cohen, the suspect, who is in his 20s, was fired from the school for “inappropriate conduct” but currently gives private lessons in Israel.

The paper reported that a number of families and pupils filed complaints with the police against the teacher, including a 16-year-old who said he had “sexual contact” with the suspect. The man left the Netherlands for Israel after the complaints were filed but before authorities had issued an arrest warrant.

Rabbi Binyomin Jacobs, Holland’s chief interprovincial rabbi and a member of the school’s board, said the school, which also sought charges against the teacher, went by the book as soon as the allegations surfaced.

“From the second the first complaint came in, we consulted the lawbook and did everything in accordance to it so nothing gets swept under the carpet here,” he told JTA.

The suspect worked for about a year as a teacher for the primary school, he added. Jacobs told De Telegraaf that the case “aroused panic in some teachers, who are now afraid their children have also been molested.”

De Telegraaf contacted the suspect through his attorney, who declined to comment on the allegations. Jacobs said the man had denied the allegations when they first surfaced.

There is no indication yet whether the Netherlands will seek the man’s extradition.

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A late night visit from the Department of Homeland Security


We often hear about folks in ‘the movement’ getting paid a visit from someone representing some federal law enforcement agency because they happened to be at a protest or posted something on some website that aroused the suspicion of someone in some ‘official’ capacity.

Up till now, the only interaction I have had with persons such as this has been when I contacted them over a threat that was passed my way by someone working for a designated terrorist group or claiming to represent some foreign intelligence agency such as Mossad.

NOW however, I can officially join the ranks of those who can say they were ‘visited’ in the middle of the night by someone claiming to be from one of America’s federal law enforcement agencies.

What makes this different however was not that they kicked my door in with guns drawn, but rather left some comments on the website that are quite instructive for all of us as to just what kind of people we have ‘protecting’ us from ‘terrorists’.

The spam filter on The Ugly Truth is set to weed out any comments using any kind of racial or ethnic slurs, such as ‘nigger’,  ’kike’, ‘spic’, etc, as well as the typical vulgarities we can expect from troublemakers out to turn an otherwise productive discussion dealing with the problems surrounding Zionism and Jewish power into a 3-ring circus that would drive away otherwise intelligent readers.

We get plenty of comments such as these on a daily basis from various types of trolls, be they pro-Israel, neo-nazi, Jewish supremacist, white supremacist, as well as your basic run-of-the-mill malcontents of whatever stripe. When we get comments like these, I log the IP address for further reference (in the event some threat is made or some type of illegal activity is discussed) and then check the IP address to see where it came from.

This morning, I received the following 3 comments–


The screen shot is not that clear, so below we have reproduced them word for word, left by someone calling him or herself Koose E Mack–

‘Is there anyone here with an IQ over 40? So funny to read the commentaries of mongoloids, neo-nazis and Sand Niggers’

‘Wow. So happy I found this site. The world needs a site run by Neo-Nazi inbred mongrels and lovers of Sand Niggers. I hope all of the founders and admirers of this site share the same cell in hell and get ass raped by Yasser Arafat and Adolf Hitler.’

And, finally–

‘You are a bunch of rabid Sand Niggers’

Now, as I said, we get a hefty dose of this on a daily basis, so nothing too unusual about this. What I was not prepared to see however was the location of the IP address when I ran it through an IP address search site–


That’s right, ladies and gents, none other than the Department of Homeland Security run by Uncle Sam.

It notes that it was sent through a proxy server, which means it could be a fake. However, I checked with our good friend Mike Rivero over at who then ran it through a search of his own and he said it came back as likely having originiated at DHS.

Now all of us involved in this little endeavor in fighting the beast know we are being watched. The recent NSA scandal was no surprise to anyone with 3 functioning brain cells.

However, if indeed this is the case, that this was sent from someone within DHS, then this puts things in an entirely different light. If in fact DHS is staffed by individuals with obviously racist, anti-Arab, anti-Muslim and obviously pro-Israel sentiments is another thing altogether. Based upon the language being used here it is obvious that our individual here is a prime candidate for colluding with outside forces such as Mossad, ADL, JDL, AIPAC or any number of pro-Israel agencies trying to do harm to the people of America and to their rights–both collective and individual–to life, liberty and pursuit of happiness.

Welcome to the land of the free and home of the brave…

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UN: Impossible to determine Syria chemical attack perpetrator even with US evidence


The UN is still unable to determine which side used chemical weapons in Syria’s conflict, the organization’s investigative committee has said. The statement came as reports of Syrian rebels being armed intensify and fears of more bloodshed mount.

Paulo Pinheiro, chairman of the UN commission’s inquiry into rights violations in Syria, refused to comment on evidence received from the US, UK, and France which, they claim, shows Syrian President Bashar Assad’s forces using chemical weapons.

“We are not able to say who has used chemical agents or chemical weapons and we are very worried about the chain of custody of the substances,” Pinheiro told reporters after an informal meeting with UN Security Council ambassadors.

UN experts investigating the use of chemical weapons say they need to access Syria to determine where the alleged chemical weapons have been used. But Syria has thus far refused to grant them entry, citing concerns for their safety and doubts about their impartiality, as neither China nor Russia were allowed to participate.

Pinheiro’s commission said in a report published this month that there were “reasonable grounds to believe that chemical agents have been used as weapons”.

“Allegations have been received concerning the use of chemical weapons by both parties,” said the commission, adding that “the majority concern their use by government forces.”

Pinheiro believes that a “diplomatic surge” is needed to resolve the long-standing conflict, which has left more than 93,000 dead, according to UN figures. 

However, just before foreign ministers from the “Friends of Syria” group met in Doha on Saturday, the main armed opposition group, the Free Syrian Army (FSA), told the AFP that it had new weapons that could beat President Bashar Assad’s regime.

“We’ve received quantities of new types of weapons, including some that we asked for and that we believe will change the course of the battle on the ground,” FSA media spokesman Louay Muqdad said.

In this image made available by the Syrian News Agency (SANA) on March 19, 2013, people are brought into a hospital in the Khan al-Assal region in the northern Aleppo province, as Syria's government accused rebel forces of using chemical weapons for the first time. (AFP/SANA)
In this image made available by the Syrian News Agency (SANA) on March 19, 2013, people are brought into a hospital in the Khan al-Assal region in the northern Aleppo province, as Syria’s government accused rebel forces of using chemical weapons for the first time. (AFP/SANA)

“We have begun distributing them on the front lines, they will be in the hands of professional officers and FSA fighters,” he said.

These reports come after the US decided to arm the Syrian rebels, which reportedly sparked feuds among various rebel factions dominated by radical Islamist fighters.

President Barack Obama said on Friday that the US will leave about 700 combat-equipped troops in Jordan after a training exercise there, which would increase the number of US troops stationed there to almost 1,000. The US announced earlier that it will leave Patriot missiles and warplanes in the country.

The Qatari foreign minister supported and encouraged the idea of arming the Syrian opposition fighters during the foreign ministers’ meeting in Doha.

The EU lifted its arms embargo on Syria last month, and the UK and France spoke favorably about arming the rebels, though no decisions have been due to increasing concerns about the Islamist element within the Syrian rebel forces. 

Risks of arming Syria

There are fears that a power struggle may be brewing in the rebels’ ranks, with fighters from the Al-Qaeda-linked Al-Nusra Front reportedly assassinating a large number of officers of the Free Syrian Army.

Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned the West against arming Syrian rebel forces, which he said included “terrorist” groups. 

He reiterated that weapon supplies to the Syrian rebels would violate international law and threaten to further destabilize the war-torn state.

“Why supply weapons to militant forces in Syria when we are not sure of the composition of these groups?”he said Friday at the Economic Forum, adding that it remains unclear where these arms will end up.

“If the United States … recognizes one of the key Syrian opposition organizations, al-Nusra, as terrorist … how can one deliver arms to those opposition members? … Where will (those weapons) end up? What role will they play?” Putin said, arguing that a quick exit by President Bashar Assad would create a dangerous power vacuum.

Earlier on Friday, Pinheiro warned that sending more weapons into Syria would lead to more war crimes. “States that provide arms have responsibilities in terms of the eventual use of those arms to commit … war crimes or crimes against humanity,” Pinheiro said.

Putin also defended Russia’s contract to deliver advanced S-300 long-range air defense systems to Damascus, saying that Moscow maintains that all arms supplies to Syria are being carried out under a contract signed with the country several years ago.

Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti)
Russian President Vladimir Putin (RIA Novosti)

“Russia, in the framework of existing international law, in open and transparent contracts, supplies weaponry to the current and the legitimate government of Syria,” Putin said.

Putin has supported Pinheiro’s idea of a “diplomatic surge”, and insisted that an international peace conference is the right way to proceed to solve the Syrian conflict, referring to the earlier proposed peace conference in Geneva on June 25.

But the conference has been continually postponed. After the clash of G8 leaders with Russia over the nature of transitional government, the conference may be delayed until late August or early September.

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Mark Glenn Exposed


Posted on by 

As you may have heard, Mark Glenn, the host of The Ugly Truth, has been criticized in some circles lately for, well for basically having quite the sun tan. Seems that Mark just isn’t white enough.

Well, we sent the tuyuur here at Mantiq al-Tayr out to Bumfuck, Idaho to get the real story about Glenn.  The tuyuur travelled from there to places all over the country interviewing those who know Mark Glenn the most. The results are shocking to say the least.

Please have a seat and make sure you are close to one of your favorite beverages.

The first person the Tuyuur caught up with was one of Marks older children, an extremely well spoken young lady who asked to remain anonymous.  After dodging their questions for about 30 seconds she finally blurted out her true feelings.

“My Dad is really, really cool. He can do almost anything – build a house, live off the land, shoot just about any kind of weapon, cook, repair trains, planes and automobiles and write. He looks funny in a yarmulke, but I digress. He even has Ahmedinjad as a drinking buddy.  He’s also my second favorite blogger. I just wish my Dad had a blog as cool as Mantiq al-Tayr’s.”

We found that just about everyone in the Glenn family (population 666), said pretty much the same thing – especially about the blogging.

The tuyuur then flew to San Antonio, Texas. They did so via Austin making sure that they passed right over Alex Jones’ house.

Anyway, in San Antonio they found Mark Dankof getting ready to do his show on the TUT radio network – a network that is not owned by Robert Kraft, but I digress.

Anyway, Mark, in his booming voice, made his position clear.


Back in the Bronx, the tuyuur circled around Jonathan Azaziah (pronounced “Tillawi”)  Jonathan, as usual utterly unafraid to speak his mind, said to us: “al-salaamu ‘alaykum wa rahmatullah, inna lillahi winna ilayhi raji’un alhamdu lillah. TUT is good, but Mantiq al-Tayr is way better.” Praise God, rabb al-Alimeen.”

The tuyuur suddenly realized they had made a major geographical error – no they hadn’t said that Tarif Khalidi was born in Jerusalem, Israel since the tuyuur know that the phrase “Jerusalem, Israel” is nothing but a bunch of pure %100 unmitigated Zionist Bullshit, but they did realize that Hesham Tillawi (pronounced “inna lillah inna ilayhi raji’un”) lives in Louisiana, which I just figured out I don’t know how to spell, but I digress. So they got their feathered butts into high gear and flew to Cajun country in order to meet a Palestinian.

Hesham was his usual self. He was getting ready to do his famous TV show, Current Issues, and his guest that night was, I think, Mark Glenn’s favorite drinking buddy.  Anyway, Hesham was gracious enough to give the tuyuur a few minutes of his time before the show and after having just led the maghreb prayer in front of 75,000 worshippers in Lafayette – having personally brought Shakira law to the city.

“I’ve known Mark Glenn for years. Thanks to him, and I really do owe him a lot, I’m now on ADL’s hate list. The fact is, TUT is an excellent website and the hosts there are great. TUT is almost as much fun to read as Mantiq al-Tayr.”

Finally the tuyuur ended up in Washington, Israel. There on Knesset Hill they found Mike Piper leading a demonstration in front of the Holocaust Museum.  First they asked Mike about his latest book (as of 8:00 that morning) “Confessions of Guy Who Thinks That Too Many People in the Patriot Movement are A Bunch of Assholes” and Mike not only discussed the book at length with them he even autographed their copies.

But then they got down to business. “What do you think of Mark Glenn?”  Mike paused for a moment, smiled, and then in his throaty voice came out with his answer. Oh wait, before he did that he told them a joke. “Why was Hitler afraid of going to hell?” The tuyuur moved their beaks back and forth as if to say “we’re clueless”.  “Because he knew there’d be six million jews there waiting for him.”  Ahem. “Just answer the question Mike.”

“Okay. I probably know Mark better than anyone. I speak with him on the phone at least 10 times a day. Did you know that he’s Ahmedinejad’s drinking buddy?”  “Uh, yes, we’ve heard that.”

“Anyway, Mark is  one of the most well-informed, active, well-meaning members of the Patriot movement I’ve ever met. I’ve learned more from him than anyone else. I just wish the TUT site was as good as Mantiq al-Tayr’s. There, I said it. Ye shall know the truth.”

“Hey, that’s a good plug for your latest book.”

“Yeah, I just thought I’d get that in.”

“Thanks Mike.”  And with that the Tuyuur went off to the ADL to get more dirt on Mark Glenn.  The ADL informed us that:

“Even Shas Party members know that Mark Glenn maintains an anti-Semitic conspiracy-oriented blog called “The Ugly Truth,” and runs an internet radio show on which he features numerous anti-Semitic hosts and guests. In a March 2012 Press TV appearance, Glenn compared the situation of the Palestinians to that of European Jews during the Holocaust saying that the Palestinians are “suffering the same thing and worse. . .”  “TUT is way better than Mantiq al-Tayr though.”

And I guess that pretty much says it all.

On the Searching for al-Khidr site I don’t really plan to do much in the way of posting videos.  But if you’ve read this far you deserve to be rewarded.

And below is Clare Daly speaking her mind.

Can you sing “Happy Birthday ADL”?

Mark Glenn probably thinks he’s related to her too. :-)

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AIPAC: Intensify sanctions until Iran stops enrichment




In the wake of the election of a new Iranian president, AIPAC called on the Obama administration to increase sanctions pressure on Iran until it ceases all uranium enrichment.

“The international community should provide sanctions relief only after Tehran takes concrete positive steps to halt its nuclear activities,” the American Israel Public Affairs Committee said in a statement Tuesday, a day after final election results made Hassan Rohani, a relative moderate figure from the theocracy’s establishment, a winner.

“Until that time, the United States should maintain a steady policy that couples a genuine willingness to negotiate with increased sanctions pressure,” the pro-Israel lobby said in a clear signal that it would not roll back its intensive Capitol Hill lobbying being for intensified sanctions on Iran.

Rohani has signaled his readiness to reverse the confrontational approach adopted by his predecessor, Mahmoud Ahmadinejad, and has said he is ready to reach out to the West and the United States. However, he has insisted that enrichment will not stop and has instead offered greater transparency to show that Iran’s nuclear program is not weaponized.

It’s not clear yet how the Obama administration would respond to such a posture, but Western negotiators reportedly are ready to settle for 5 percent enrichment and perhaps as much as 20 percent enrichment.

Neither figure is the 90-plus enrichment needed for weapons grade uranium, but Israel has rejected any enrichment, saying it builds the capacity to achieve a weapons program.

In a series of Tweets on Tuesday, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said Israel “cannot accept” anything short of “A. The total cessation of all enrichment activity at all levels; B. The removal of all the enriched material from Iran; C. The closure of all the illegal nuclear installations.”

Until Iran meets those obligations, Netanyahu said, “it is necessary to intensify the pressure. The Iranian nuclear program must be stopped. Period.”

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