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On The Warning Track

On The Warning Track June 30, 2013

by crescentandcross

This Weeks dose of…

you guessed it…

John Hagee


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Gentlemen, please take a few minutes and have a look at this video…

Along with some others, I recently received this message. It comes from someone who identifies himself as an ‘ex-Jew’ and was written partially in response to my posting the work of David Duke. It prompted quite a flurry among a small circle of us.

Do read it, watch the video and read the comment from Gilad Atzmon that follows. It’s something to think about.


Please take a few minutes and have a look at this video.  I am sending to Gilad, Henry, Paul, and Dan.  We have all connected because we have each had our own individual evolutions away from Zionism-  Dan’s as a non-Jew no less than the three of us ex-Jews, Henry, Gilad and myself, and no less than Paul who continues to call himself a Jew.  Non-Jewish Americans are just as inundated with the Zionist lie as Jews are.  And this journey has been how we’ve all come in contact with each other.
I now see a white supremacist bigot openly embraced and even promoted because of his work opposing Zionism and exposing Jewish power.  I am disgusted and bewildered.  Gilad admires him, indicating that his research and presentations are superior.  Henry intimates that my objections to David Duke indicate that I have not yet totally overcome my Jewishness and am acting as a gatekeeper.  Paul indicates that white supremacy is just another “ism” that prevents us from thinking.  I would counter that this platitude he presents about the “ism” is directed at preventing us from thinking.   Dan is, as always, the quiet observer,  taking in Jewish behavior-  not only Zionist Jewish behavior, but the behavior of his Anti-Zionist Jewish and ex-Jewish friends, with interest.  We are a strange group, we Jews, on whatever side of whatever issue we stand.  Do we ever recover from that strangeness?  And I’m only using “strangeness” because I can’t find a better word.  
I have already presented this video to Gilad, who indicates that, well, the things Duke talks about in this video, are not his- Gilad’s- concern, but that Duke has the right to his opinion.  Hmmmm…..  Then in the course of conversation Gilad wonders why I am so obsessed with this guy.  Well, I’m not obsessed with him.  I’m disturbed and disgusted by the fact that people I’ve come to know and respect, and have warm friendships with, friendships that began with an ideological affinity-  do not smell the stink of this guy.  I mean- he reeks, and you don’t smell it.  And I just don’t get it.  I suppose the reaction is like coming to love and trust my mother’s cooking and then one day my mother serves me shit on a plate.  I don’t get it.
It would take forever to dissect every issue and nuance in which Duke exposes his blatant racism, and I don’t want to take the time here.  But let’s just start with the fact that Duke laments whites becoming a minority in the US, and even calls it “genocide”.  He conveniently leaves out the fact that the largest non-white minority group in the US, African Americans, did not arrive as willing immigrants with passports, but arrived in chains.  He conveniently leaves out the fact that white slave traders and white slave owners, and yes, among them many Jews, produced a black majority in all of the southern states by importing and buying and owning many more black people than they had white people in their own families.  Blacks only ceased to be majority populations in most of these states in the middle of the 20th century when masses of them left the south for employment in northern industrial cities, and, also- importantly, to escape the violent racism of Duke’s KKK.  
But while you all dissect every nuance of Zionist insanity, of holocaust exaggeration, of false flag operations, of Jewish power, you want to give this guy a pass.  You want to dismiss the violence against blacks committed by his organization.  You want to say he “reformed” the KKK.  (Can you reform a toilet?)  And you want to say that he left his racism in his past. And you want to allow him to spew his nonsense about a genocide against whites.  And you don’t even see the similarity between his presenting the white persecutors of blacks as victims on the one hand, and the Zionist presentation of Jewish persecutors of Palestinians as victims, on the other.  And you don’t see that white racism is very similar to Jewish tribal narcissism, actually rooted in the same stuff.  American Manifest Destiny is rooted in the same Old Testament chosenness as Zionism.  Your naivity is astounding to me, as is your willingness to embrace and even promote this disgusting piece of shit, and criticize me for objecting to it.  
Anyway- enough of my rant.  The video.  I think at the very least it will prove that he has not left his racism in the past!:
Your responses welcome.

 I am bewildered ,, why do you regard yourself as an ‘ex Jew’… You dropped the torah or  left your local synagogue but  you certainly continue to form synagogues and concerned yourself with  ideological and intellectual uniformity…..  

Let me tell you h…

I am not an anti Zionist, I have never been one. I am anti Jewish ideology (Jewishness. J power etc’ ) .. Zionism is just one symptom of Jewish ideology. The kind of  intolerance you present here is , sadly enough,  Zionist by nature. 

I believe that Paul , Henry , Dan and myself are happy to encounter any form of thought and idea… 

we are also happy to talk to Zionists and Israeli war criminals in our attempt to dig into the Jewish spirit and ideology…

No one asked you to affiliate with Duke. In fact, I am not affiliated with Duke (actually because I don’t agree with him or with his politics on too many issues ) ,, Paul is not affiliated with Duke…but we believe in elementary freedom and you don’t .

I mentioned to you that David Duke wrote the best book on Jewish supremacy,..  … maybe because he is himself a supremacist…I don’t really  care,  I am an intellectual not an  activist like yourself..I am interested in the quality of the argument rather than with its origin… 

I wrote at book on Jewish identity politics because I read Duke and Ekhart and Luther amongst many others…… I am not afraid of racist and supremacist texts…but I am allergic to intolerance and ‘tikkun olam’ messengers 

By the way, I also read Mein Kampf and learned a lot. I also read the anti semite Wagner and the Zionists Jabotinski and Koestler and was very impressed..

What books can you offer to our reading club? Did you read any text that throws light on Jewish cultural morbidity? Anything you can recommend? Probably not because you still follow the kosher book  list … 

Let me be clear about it. Even if David Duke was still the head of the KKK and I had something to learn from him, I would… this is my role in society … I transform knowledge into meaning

It took me many years to grasp that to become a proper goy is to love your neighbour for real, even if you hate what your neighbour stands for..

It ain’t easy at all,,, but it makes life into an interesting journey..

I hope that you grasp it all sooner or later…

all the best 


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TUT Broadcast

TUT Broadcast July 1, 2013

by crescentandcross

On the eve of America’s Independence Day, we recall that it was the alliance with the French that led to the defeat of the British, underscoring the similar need on the part of all people of good will, irrespective of race or color, to align themselves against their common enemy today.

Also–the reaction on the part of organized Jewish interests to Putin’s recent statement concerning the Jewish character of Bolshevism in the early days.


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Georgia Newspaper Column Calls On U.S. To Send Muslims ‘Back To Their Native Land’



ed note–given the over representation of Jewish interests in politics, finance, media, law, and the fact that all these interests are the ones responsible for pushing America into war for Israel’s benefit and America’s subsequent bankruptcy, will we be seeing a similar call to ‘send all Jews’ somewhere else as the author is suggesting be done to Muslims?

No, we can be rest assured that bigots such as this understand the rules of the game–there is an open season on Islam whereas Judaism is considered an endangered species that NO ONE may harm under any circumstances.

A local newspaper in Georgia recently published a column ostensibly about U.S. Middle East policy but which took a hard right turn into birtherism and racism, highlighting the Islamophobia problem at the local-level. 

In its June 19 edition, the Advance — local newspaper for Vidalia, GA — published a “Plain Talk” column from author Gerry Allen on the current atmosphere of turbulence in the Middle East. The full article, titled “An Arab Spring or an Arab Fall,” can be read in full here.

Allen opens the piece claiming that Rudyard Kipling — author of the poem The White Man’s Burden essentially justifying Western imperialism — is one of his favorite authors, quoting the British writer as once saying, “East is East and West is West and never the twain will meet.” Allen then immediately calls up some of the most repugnant stereotypes of Islam, saying that while denying women and girls educations, Muslims “really don’t favor educating anybody in anything but mayhem.”

From there, the column becomes a tour de force of racism and Islamophobia masquerading as a critique of U.S. foreign policy. On Iraq, Allen notes the folly of attempting to impose democracy on a “truly backward people who had been ruled by tyrants and the Koran for thousands of years.” He criticizes President Obama — whom he frequently refers to as “Obumer” — for wavering on Syria, claiming that the President lacks the “backbone” to impose a no-fly zone. The reason for this lack of decisiveness? “He is a Muslim himself or at least a Muslim sympathizer,” Allen claims of Obama, repeating claims that birthers have made for years.

Allen also advances the notion that Christianity and Islam are locked in a mortal conflict, and have been for thousands of years. “[Muslims] have been mostly unsuccessful because they can’t build anything much more complicated than a donkey cart,” Allen claims, once against disparaging the intellect of practitioners of Islam. Ironically enough, Allen uses Arabic numerals within his post, one of the many contributions of the Muslim world to math and science over the centuries.

However, Allen has a solution to the U.S.’ conundrum in the Middle East. “I think we should send all Muslims back to their native land and be extremely careful about which of them we allow to come back,” he writes. “We should sell or give them small arms and explosive material. They would probably be content to blow each other up for at least a thousand or so more years and achieve martyrdom.”

When reached for comment, the Advance told ThinkProgress that Allen is not an employee of the newspaper, but instead for more than fifteen years has submitted articles for publication. Kathy Bradford, an editor at the Advance, noted that the pieces Allen submits are not edited because they’re printed on the editorial page. Senior Editor Bill Ledford, who clears Allen articles for publication, was unavailable for comment due to a recent hospitalization. When asked whether the Advance stands behind Allen’s comments, Bradford insisted that they do not. “It doesn’t reflect on what we believe,” Bradford said.

The localized nature of Islamophobia in the United States lends itself to problems both on the policy front and in terms of hindering efforts to end discrimination. CAP expert Matt Duss recently co-authored a report in which the effect of laws seeking to ban “Sharia law” within states often have unintended legal consequences. “Although packaged as an effort to protect American values and democracy, the bans spring from a movement whose goal is the demonization of the Islamic faith,” Duss wrote, along with the Brennan Center’s Fazia Patel and Amos Toh. “Beyond that, however, many foreign law bans are so broadly phrased as to cast doubt on the validity of a whole host of personal and business arrangements.”

Attempts to correct the many misperceptions of Muslims at the state and local-level often finds itself in conflict with those who would prefer to continue to spread hatred. Just last month, protesters shouted down calls for tolerance at a Tennessee meeting, instead cheering references to an area mosque being set on fire during its construction.

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Two more babies stricken with herpes after ritual ultra-orthodox Jewish oral blood sucking circumcision in New York City


Contraction: The ultra-Orthodox practice of metzitzah b'peh requires a practitioner to orally suck the baby's penis to 'cleanse' the open wound following its circumcision, making them susceptible to the virus (file photo)


  • Since 2000 13 known cases of herpes have been contracted from the religious practice
  • Two deaths and two babies suffering brain damage have resulted
  • Department of health warns there being no safe way to perform the ritual that dates back more than 5,000 years

Two more infants have been infected with a deadly herpes virus in the last three months after undergoing a controversial religious oral circumcision in New York City.

The latest cases bring the count to 13 infants since 2000, two of which suffered brain damage and two died from the virus which can rapidly spread throughout its body.

The ultra-Orthodox Jewish practice of metzitzah b’peh requires a practitioner to orally suck the baby’s penis to ‘cleanse’ the open wound following its circumcision, making them susceptible to the virus.

Contraction: The ultra-Orthodox practice of metzitzah b’peh requires a practitioner to orally suck the baby’s penis to ‘cleanse’ the open wound following its circumcision, making them susceptible to the virus (file photo)

The department of health says one of the latest infants to contract the virus developed a fever and a lesion on its scrotum, seven days after the procedure. The boy later tested positive for HSV-1. That virus differs from HSV-2, the genital herpes, which is contracted during sexual intercourse.

‘A herpes infection in a newborn baby has the risk of leading to severe illness and death,’ Jay Varma, deputy commissioner for disease control at the New York City Department of Health and Mental Hygiene told ABC News.

‘The reason is that the baby doesn’t have the same fully developed immune system as an adult. Instead of staying in the genital area, it extends throughout different organs in the body,’ he explained.

He said it’s too soon to tell whether the boys will suffer permanent effects.

The identify of the rabbi who performed the circumcision is being withheld by the boys’ parents, preventing the health department to step in, they said.

Dangers: Since 2000 13 known cases of herpes have resulted from the practice, two of which suffered brain damage and two others died
Dangers: Since 2000 13 known cases of herpes have resulted from the practice, two of which suffered brain damage and two others died

The religious practice that dates back to more than 5,000 years defies warning by the city’s department of health which says there is no safe way to perform the oral suction on an open wound.

More modern Jewish practices use a sterile aspiration device to clean the wound or a pipette opposed to the oral sucking.

But some rabbis stand grounded behind the practice, calling it a religious freedom while noting its long history.

In September the department voted to require parents to sign forms consenting to the risks of the practice after the death of two children who contracted the virus through the practice.

The parents of those newly infected boys are said to have not signed those forms.

According to Rabbi David Zwiebel, executive vice president of the Orthodox Jewish organization Agudath Israel of America, two-thirds of boys born in New York City’s Hasidic communities are circumcised in the oral suction matter.

The health department claims they’ve had complaints in past by parents who say they weren’t made aware that the oral practice would be performed on their child.

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US threatened by Russia’s Christianity


Oddly enough the West is the only place where some Christian leaders are gay. Their Christian churches omit certain biblical teachings against homosexuality. Yes, Russia’s Christianity and anyone who defends it rain on the gay parade and their upside down world. In the past they demonized Sarah Palin, Michele Bachmann and ridiculed Christians in America as crazed right-wingers. They danced when President Reagan, Jerry Falwell and Charlton Heston died. There is no longer a real powerful conservative in the West the liberals fear. 

In the East there is someone that causes the western liberal’s maniacal laughter to stop.  Vladimir Putin.  He has real world power, which causes the liberal media to fearfully ignore or warp his image. Like a good Christian King he leads a nation to Christ. Deep down in their evil souls they shriek like devils because they know Christ is true God and true power that they cannot defeat. They thought the Bolshevik revolution destroyed Holy Mother Russia.  Christ cannot be defeated and his servant Putin has welcomed Christ and His church.

Conservative Americans have written thanking me for my articles since their media and government ignores them.  They tell me most of America is Christian and they support Putin.  Tony Smyles wrote, “I wish you would come to the US and become head of our major news outlets CBS, NBC, ABC and CNN. Our journalists are, to a man, in lock-step with Obama, having drunk deeply from his pig’s trough of Kool-Aid.”

The fact that Putin allows Christianity is an AMAZING thing, while Christians, true ones, are persecuted in anti christ America. – Robert

Putin has encouraged the nation of Russia to return to spiritual values, whereas the US. is going in the opposite direction. – Glen

It is a shame that it takes someone from Russia to speak the truth that our media refuses to do. The reason they don’t is because they are communists themselves.  – Steve

The incredible irony is that religious freedom is under assault by the US Democratic government and party. The battle in the US is truly a spiritual battle of good versus evil. – Sam

The anti-Christ system has taken full control of the USA. – J

I used to live in a country where strong conservative morale character meant something.  No longer and the days of darkness here in the USA have begun. – Loy

I am sure they wished their government would do the same as Russia by putting anti-gay laws and laws to protect Christianity.  Fines and jail time to defend children and Christ’s church. Putin said,

“Certain countries … think that there is no need to protect [children] from this. … But we are going to provide such protection the way that State Duma [parliamentary] lawmakers have decided. We ask you not to interfere in our governance.”

The Western media prefers to insult Putin and herald perverted girls that defile churches in Russia. The same church destroyed by Communists and rebuilt by the Russian faithful. The West proclaims how terrible Putin is and how he jailed poor little girls in a band who were just singing in church. Even the conservative media, supposedly Christian, ignores the Russian church and men like Putin who helped it. Propaganda they say. Propaganda we say when the West warps or ignores the truth of a church Christ Himself saved.

It was not long ago when Communism soaked the land of Russia with blood and destroyed churches in its quest to bring happiness to mankind. Now the Russian Orthodox Church is strong and getting stronger thanks to men in government like President Vladimir Putin. Does America know how this happened and why their media still portrays it as the same evil Soviet Union?

How can conservative media sources in America who claim to be Christian ignore their Christian brothers in Russia who are now successful? Martyrs they ignore and the blood that was shed to restore the Christian Church in Russia. They must be con artists playing the conservative side as fools while the liberals enslave the rest.

Devout Russian Christians are on the march to conquer the world. Not like the Communist Soviet Union who spread wars like Obama and the US are doing now. These Russians are like Disciples of Christ who lovingly reach out to their brothers and sisters. Helping men and women in darkness enslaved by a materialistic society who are truly in need of Christ. Look to the East.

Reagan called the Soviet Union the evil empire and rightly so. “The Soviet Union was the Russian people held hostage by the Communists”- Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Solzhenitsyn wrote about those evils in many of his books, which Reagan was well aware of. On May 30, 1988 in Moscow, President Ronald Reagan was at the Danilov Monastery. He said,

 ”There is a beautiful passage that I’d just like to read, if I may. It’s from one of this country’s great writers and believers, Alexander Solzhenitsyn, about the faith that is as elemental to this land as the dark and fertile soil. He wrote:

“When you travel the byroads of central Russia, you begin to understand the secret of the pacifying Russian countryside. It is in the churches. They lift their bell-towers-graceful, shapely, all different-high over mundane timber and thatch. From villages that are cut off and invisible to each other, they soar to the same heaven…. The evening chimes used to ring out, floating over the villages, fields, and woods, reminding men that they must abandon trivial concerns of this world and give time and thought to eternity.”

Putin and Reagan listened to Alexander Solzhenitsyn. Those who listen to their elders tend to be wiser. Vladimir Putin allows Christianity to flourish unlike the liberals in America who have their own warped idea of freedom from God and a denial of evil’s existence in the world.

There is a reason that most public schools in America do not teach the Bolshevik revolution and its true consequences. There are people in the West that want to remove everything related to Christ from “public view” just as the communists did during the Soviet enslavement of Russia.  20th century Russia is proof that Christianity can prevail against their darkness and confusion.

Today, the liberals who control the West fear Putin as though doomsday was tomorrow. It’s not a nuclear threat but rather a spiritual renewal that threatens them. It is not Putin but Russia’s Christianity they fear. Rather, it is Christ they truly fear and hate. They try to persuade Americans by scaring everyone with ideas of Putin as the evil KGB out to destroy the world. They “reason” KGB is bad. Putin is KGB. Therefore, Putin is bad. They demonize Putin because it’s not our world but their liberal world that is in danger of being destroyed.

Xavier Lerma

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Germany prepares to charge UK and US intelligence over fresh bugging allegations


Outrage grows in Europe over allegations of extensive hacking and bugging operations

Germany’s Federal Prosecutor’s office said it was preparing to bring charges against British and US intelligence today amid fresh allegations that the services spied far more extensively than thought on German phone and internet traffic and bugged European Union offices in  America.

A report alleging a major and continuous US National Security Agency spying operation in Germany was published by Der Spiegel magazine today, prompting outrage from Berlin MPs still reeling from reports about extensive British surveillance in their country. The German Justice Minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenburger, demanded an immediate explanation and said the behaviour of the intelligence services was “reminiscent of the actions against enemies during the Cold War”. “It defies belief that our friends in the US see the Europeans as their enemies,” she said.

The leak, which Der Spiegel said came from fugitive ex-CIA analyst Edward Snowden, claimed that the NSA tapped into half a billion German phone calls, emails and SMS messages each month. Reports last week revealed extensive tapping of German phone and internet traffic by British intelligence under its so-called Tempora programme. The information was said to be shared with the NSA.

A spokesman for the Federal Prosecutor said the office was preparing to bring charges against “persons unknown” in relation to the reports.

There was also widespread and mounting anger at official European Union level yesterday following disclosures that the NSA had spied on EU computer networks at its offices in New York and Washington and that it had also bugged the premises. Martin Schulz, head of the European Parliament, demanded “full clarification” from the US and said that if the disclosures proved true they would have a severe impact on US-EU ties.

Today it also emerged that the UK Government had invited German MPs and justice officials to attend a video conference at British Embassy in Berlin tomorrow during which the issue of spying would be addressed.

Der Spiegel said the NSA’s German phone and internet surveillance operation was the biggest in the EU. On  7 January 2013 it tapped into some 60 million German phone calls in a single day. The magazine said that Canada, Australia, Britain and New Zealand were exempt from NSA surveillance but Germany was regarded as a country open for “spy attacks”.

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Mursi joins the US-Zionist-Saudi crusade in Syria



President Mursi has succumbed to US-Saudi-zionist pressure and joined the crusade in Syria. Since becoming president, he has badly mishandled Egypt’s affairs and with a bankrupt economy, he has embarked on a policy that will have serious repercussions for the country’s future.

In recent days, many observers have found Egyptian President Mohamed Mursi’s behavior quite erratic. Whether this is forced upon him by circumstances and/or powers that be or reflect his own thinking is difficult to tell but instead of showing leadership he has succumbed to the forces of darkness that are leading him down a blind alley. His latest antics come amid shrill calls from the US and its Western allies to devise plans to send heavy weapons to the mercenaries in Syria that have already caused havoc in the country.

On June 13, President Barack Obama alleged that the Syrian government was guilty of using “chemical weapons” — Obama’s red line — and that he was authorizing the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) to arrange for arms shipments to the rebels. The same day, a conference of some 70 religious scholars was held in Cairo, Egypt. Was it a coincidence or choreographed to provide an Islamic crutch to what is a Western crusade against another Muslim country? Convened by the International Union of Muslim Scholars, a body headed by Shaykh Yusuf al-Qaradawi and generously funded by Qatar and Saudi Arabia, it was attended by some 70 court ‘ulama from Saudi Arabia and the Persian Gulf monarchies. These so-called ‘ulama have never had the tawfiq to utter one word of condemnation against Zionist crimes inflicted on the long-suffering Palestinians but they waxed eloquent in support of the Syrian people and the mercenaries fighting there.

The conference attendees were shown a crude video, most probably doctored, to highlight “crimes” perpetrated by the Syrian army against the people. Even if true, there is no shortage of crimes being perpetrated by both sides in Syria. Recently a horrible video appeared on YouTube, uploaded by the rebels, in which one of the Saudi-Zionist-American-backed mercenaries ripped open the body of a dead Syrian soldier and chewed upon his liver. Even Russian President Vladimir Putin was so appalled by this that he publicly chastised British Prime Minister David Cameron at a June 16 press conference in London telling him, “Do you want to arm people that eat their enemies’ organs?” Cameron offered the lame excuse, “Not all of them do it.” How many cannibals would it take for the West and their Arabian puppets to stop arming such beasts?

The website for Shaykh al-Qaradawi’s organization ran a statement claiming the Cairo meeting was designed to “show the real face of Iran, the Asad regime and Hizbullah,” in reference to the allegation that Islamic Iran and Hizbullah’s backing is keeping Bashar al-Asad’s government in power. There is no proof of Iran’s direct military involvement in Syria although Tehran has made no secret of its political backing for al-Asad as part of the resistance front against Zionist aggression. Hizbullah did support the Syrian army to liberate al-Qusayr in May but that came two years after the mercenaries had occupied the border town and perpetrated terrible crimes against civilians, many of them Lebanese. On the other hand, it is well documented that at least 40,000 mercenaries from 27 countries are operating in Syria. Regimes supporting such mercenaries or allowing them to use their territory to cross into Syria are in clear violation of international law — yes, the one crafted by the West itself that is so often invoked against those that challenge Western hegemony — and thus are perpetrating war crimes. Such violations, however, have not bothered the West’s human rights crusaders because they are determined to overthrow al-Asad even if the mercenaries they are supporting indulge in acts of cannibalism. In fact, such acts advance the West’s long-standing agenda to depict Islam in the most negative light. Barring a few exceptions, the overwhelming majority of Muslims worldwide have recoiled in horror at such behavior. It reminds them of the barbaric practice of Abu Sufyan’s wife Hind in the Battle of Uhud when she ripped open the body of Hamzah (ra), the Prophet’s uncle, and chewed upon his liver. Are the mercenaries in Syria any better? More crucially, those backing them are following in the footsteps of Abu Jahal, Abu Lahab, Abu Sufyan and his wife Hind. Back to the days of jahiliyah!

The Cairo conference and those attending it had a nefarious agenda: to stoke sectarian conflict in the Ummah. They declared the anti-government struggle in Syria as “jihad” and urged “Sunni Muslims” from all over the world to join it. But making such declarations at a conference attended by a mere 70 court ‘ulama including the Shaykh of al-Azhar Ahmed al-Tayeb, who is known to be a decent person, would not get much traction; nor would Shaykh al-Qaradawi’s website help advance the cause of the “jihadi mercenaries.” A more direct approach was deemed necessary to reach a wider audience. The next day, on Jumu‘ah, a direct appeal was made to the masses at salat al-jumu‘ah. Saudi preacher Mohammed al-‘Arify used his guest sermon at a central masjid in Cairo to harangue thousands of worshippers to not only support the mercenaries in Syria but to join them by enlisting in “jihad.” It was al-‘Arify who had earlier issued a call for Muslim girls to join what he referred to as jihad al-munakahah in Syria. What this means is that Muslim girls should go to Syria to service the sexual needs of mercenaries fighting there. Unfortunately some gullible girls from Tunisia and other places have joined what is essentially a prostitution racket to advance the Zionist-imperialist agenda in the region. Worse still, those that call themselves ‘ulama are advocating such conduct.

Even Masjid al-Haram, the sacred House of Allah (swt) in Makkah has not been spared. Sheikh Sa‘ud al-Shuraym, using the minbar of Masjid al-Haram on Jumu‘ah urged Muslims to help the Syrian rebels “by all means” possible. He even broke down while making the appeal, whichwas broadcast live on several Arabian TV channels. How many times has any Saudi preacher made an appeal to help the Palestinians, much less shedding tears for them? Muslims struggling for their legitimate rights elsewhere, in Kashmir or Afghanistan, for instance, should not entertain any illusions that a Saudi preacher would ever pray for them much less ask for material help.

In the desert kingdom, use of the two sacred masjids — Masjid al-Haram and al-Masjid al-Nabawi — or indeed any other masjid, for political sermons is strictly forbidden. Talking rituals is the order of the day. The House of Saud is terrified lest some independent-minded shaykh might emerge and take its members to task for corruption or lewd behavior. Pre-approved khutbahs are handed to them to deliver from all the masjids in the kingdom. The abuse of the minbar to vilify fellow Muslims revives memories of the dark days of the Umayyad rulers when they instituted the policy of cursing Imam ‘Ali (a) and the Prophet’s (pbuh) family, the Ahl al-Bayt (nastaghfir-allah).

After participating in the khutbah crusade, the preachers assembled in Cairo, feasted on rice and lamb, and then rested for a while, as is their wont, before invading the presidential palace to harangue Mursi to join their campaign. Seeing Saudi- and Qatari-backed preachers and smelling riyals, Mursi could not resist the temptation. Egypt is suffering from a severe financial crisis making him vulnerable to petro-dollars and riyals. He succumbs to whoever comes with offers of cash for his cash-strapped country.

After his meeting with the preachers on Friday night, Mursi addressed thousands of supporters in a Cairo stadium the following day for a “Free Syria” rally. Some of the religious preachers from the conference were also present. Mursi announced cutting all relations with Damascus. He said Egypt was closing its embassy and withdrawing its Charge d’Affaires from Damascus while he demanded the Syrian ambassador leave Cairo. Mohamed Seif al-Dawla, a former advisor to Mursi recalled that after Israel attacked Syria in May, he had demanded the closure of the Zionist embassy in Cairo. Instead, Mursi has shut down the Syrian embassy!

Just over a year earlier, Mursi had announced the formation of a four-member Contact Group to resolve the Syrian crisis peacefully. He had made the appeal at the Organization of Islamic Cooperation meeting in Makkah. He reiterated the same call at the Non-Aligned Movement summit in Tehran a couple of weeks later. The quartet, according to Mursi would comprise Egypt, Iran, Turkey and Saudi Arabia. With his support base at home shrinking and under US-Saudi-Qatari pressure, Mursi has abandoned his own plan to resolve the Syrian crisis through dialogue. Instead, he has joined the Anglo-Wahhabi-Zionist-imperialist crusade. He even demanded that a no-fly zone be imposed over Syria in the manner of Libya. Russia has made clear it will not support any such move and would veto any resolution presented in the UN Security Council.

It is depressing to note that those calling themselves ‘ulama resort to tactics that are bound to deepen existing fissures in the Ummah. Exactly a century ago, the British had injected the poison of nationalism to create divisions between the Ottoman Turks and Arabian chiefs. While these tribal chiefs did not get independence, their betrayal led directly to the implantation of the Zionist entity in Palestine. Today, sectarianism is being promoted in order to safeguard the Zionist entity from the growing awareness in the Ummah, especially the Muslim East. The Arabian chiefs will pay a heavy price for such treachery. In any case, their days are numbered and sooner rather than later, they will be consigned to the dustbin of history where they rightly belong.

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Schumer: Russia ‘should pay a price’ for harboring NSA leaker Snowden



ed note–please remember that on the afternoon of June 8, 1967, as the USS LIBERTY was being attacked by Israel that F4 Phantom bombers were on their way to Cairo loaded with nukes to hit Egypt, the USSR’s biggest ally in the region in an attempt to start a war between the US and Russia. The only thing that prevented that war was the LIBERTY not going down.

The people who were trying to get that war started never gave up on that mission and this latest business involving Snowden, the NSA leaks and Russia harboring him may be part of it.

Sens. Chuck Schumer (D-N.Y.) and John McCain (R-Ariz.) both urged a strong response to Russia’s refusal to extradite National Security Agency leaker Edward Snowden.

“They should pay a price, either diplomatic, economic, geopolitical, for doing what they did. They’re always putting their finger in our eye,” said Schumer on “Fox News Sunday,” arguing for repercussions against Russia.

Snowden has admitted to disclosing classified information detailing the NSA’s secret surveillance programs. He fled the U.S. to Hong Kong and then Moscow, to avoid prosecution.

Snowden, believed to be in the transit area of Moscow airport, is facing espionage charges in the U.S., but Russian President Vladimir Putin last week said that he was a “free man” and refused to honor an extradition request.

Schumer added that the U.S. should also consider imposing sanctions on Ecuador as well to dissuade the nation from providing asylum to Snowden.

Snowden has sought asylum from the South American country and Ecuador’s president said Saturday that Vice President Joe Biden had called him personally to ask him not to provide refuge to the admitted leaker.

McCain said the U.S. should “deal realistically, not a return of the Cold War, but realistically with Vladimir Putin.”

The Arizona senator called Putin’s refusal to expel Snowden “a direct slap in the face to America.”

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U.S Special forces training Zio-NATO Rat’s for war at a secret base in Jordan


Special operations forces from Iraq, Jordan and the U.S. conduct an exercise as part of operation Eager Lion at the King Abdullah Special Operations Training Center in Amman, Jordan

  • 8,000 military personnel are behind Operation Eager Lion training exercise
  • Arms from the West would have to travel through Jordan to get to Syria
  • It is believed this could enrage Assad, who may well seek revenge
  • Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour insists that US forces are not preparing for a war in Syria

Flying low over the Jordanian desert, F-16 fighter jets flatten targets in the sand while tanks unleash their deadly firepower and paratroopers dot the late afternoon sky.

These were the scenes a fortnight ago in Operation Eager Lion, the United States-led exercise involving 8,000 service personnel that the military insists was only routine.

In Jordan, though, the war games now feel like a precursor to the invasion of neighbouring Syria. And not just because live rounds were fired.

The coastal city of Aqaba was the site of military exercises designed to promote military relationships and face terrorism
The coastal city of Aqaba was the site of military exercises are said to be designed to promote military relationships and face terrorismConcerns were raised further last week with news that the CIA and US Special Forces are training Syrian rebels at a secret base in the remote south-west of the country.

The Free Syrian Army fighters are mainly from Daraa, where the uprising began in March 2011.

It is not known how many of the rebels have passed through the US base, but it is understood 20 to 45 at a time have been attending two-week courses since December – and are being trained with Russian-designed 14.5mm anti-tank rifles and 23mm anti-aircraft weapons.

Operation Eager Lion may have ended two weeks ago but 900 combat-ready American servicemen remain behind, with many now based close to the strategically important northern border.

Disquiet over what may happen next is felt all over this desert kingdom – a key ally of Britain and America and one that has played a pivotal role in the power struggle in the Middle East.

Few Jordanians doubt that the West is now more determined than ever to meet the rebels’ demand for heavy arms.

But while they share the same desire to rid Syria of President Bashar Assad, the majority – motivated by a strong sense of self-preservation – view the unfolding scenario as potentially disastrous.

And not just because of the fear that the weapons will find their way into the hands of extremist elements among the rebels, including Al Qaeda-linked Jabhat al-Nusra.

Or that Assad’s friends in Russia and Iran will respond in kind.

The military training exercises are based close to the strategically important northern border with Syria
The military training exercises are based close to the strategically important northern border with Syria

A rocket is fired during the operation. Jordan¿s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour insists that US forces are not preparing for a war in Syria
A rocket is fired during the operation. Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour insists that US forces are not preparing for a war in Syria.

t is because they believe the arms will inevitably have to pass through Jordan to reach Syria. This, they argue, will enrage Assad, who may well seek revenge.

In the wood-panelled bars of Jabal Al-Weibdeh, the Christian quarter of the capital Amman, opinion-formers and decision-makers meet daily over tea and shisha to discuss the threat to their country. 

Here, whenever David Cameron and Barack Obama speak of civil war in Syria, which has already cost the lives of more than 100,000 men, women and children, their words are seized upon, scrutinised and debated.

Coverage of the G8 summit in Northern Ireland was almost as keenly watched in Amman as the Arab Idol song contest.

Should Jordan be seen to be too readily helping its Western allies, it is argued, Assad might activate Syrian ‘sleeper cells’ in the capital and elsewhere.

‘It is estimated that around 4,000 Assad loyalists and Hezbollah members have infiltrated our towns and cities and are ready and waiting to rise up,’ said Ahmad Hassan Alzoubi, one of Jordan’s foremost political commentators.

Their numbers have been swollen by fighters who have entered the country among the waves of Syrian refugees.

Mr Alzoubi added: ‘The fear is they will try to destabilise our country.’ Targets are thought to include strategic military facilities. 


Operation Eager Lion may have ended two weeks ago but 900 combat-ready American servicemen remain behind, with many now based close to the strategically important northern border with Syria
Operation Eager Lion may have ended two weeks ago but 900 combat-ready American servicemen remain
If Jordan be seen to be too readily helping its Western allies, it is argued, Assad might activate Syrian ¿sleeper cells¿ in the capital and elsewhere
If Jordan is seen to be too keen to help its Western allies, it is argued, Assad might activate Syrian ‘sleeper cells’ in the capital and elsewhere 

A senior government official said that the cells ‘may try to assassinate prominent Jordanians’.

In the past, sleeper cells in Jordan have been activated by Hezbollah for attacks on Israel through the West Bank.

Even so, Jordan remains, at least for now, one of the region’s safest countries, its significance arising partly from its strategic location at the crossroads of the Holy Land.

It is also one of only two Arab nations to have made peace with Israel.

‘So far the spotlight has been on northern Syria, around Aleppo, where the rebels are strong,’ said Mr Alzoubi.

‘But the significance of what is happening in the south, near our border – which is near Damascus – cannot be overlooked.

‘This is the route the West will use to move arms for the rebels. And, ultimately, it is only in the capital of Syria that victory for the rebels can be achieved.’

For the time being at least Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour insists that US forces are not preparing for a war in Syria.

He said they are in the Arab kingdom to bolster its defence and prevent the civil war from spreading across its border.

Of the 900, he added, 200 are training Jordanians to handle a chemical attack. The remaining 700 are manning a Patriot missile-defence system and F-16 fighter jets.

‘If the war continues, it’s a problem, and if it ends with the collapse of the regime, we also have a problem,’ said Mr Ensour.

He added that the fall of Assad’s regime would leave a ‘vacuum, whereby attacks and conflicts would persist’. That scenario appears to be a long way off.

For now, few believe Assad will go anywhere soon, particularly as he appears to be in the ascendancy.

After successfully recapturing the town of Qusair near the Lebanese border, regime forces have moved on rebel strongholds around Damascus and the Jordanian border.

Jordan¿s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour insists that US forces are not preparing for a war in Syria
Jordan’s Prime Minister Abdullah Ensour insists that US forces are not preparing for a war in Syria 

‘The regime is directing its forces to the border region,’ said Abu Mohammad al-Darawi, who heads a Free Syrian Army battalion outside the southern city of Daraa.

‘We can no longer guarantee the safety of refugees trying to enter Jordan.’

Yesterday, thousands of refugees were stranded across the border because pro-Assad forces, fighting alongside mercenaries from Hezbollah, the Lebanese Shia party, had cut off access routes to Jordan, which has already taken in more than 550,000 people.

More than 160,000 of them are in the Zaatari refugee camp, which has effectively become Jordan’s fifth largest city. While many are still desperate to reach it, others are already starting to leave. 

Already this month some 9,000 Syrians abandoned Zaatari to answer the rebels’ call to return to their homeland and ‘defend’ their towns.

Many more have simply had enough of the camp, which has become increasingly lawless, and long to start a new life in Amman which is off-limits to them.

Bearing the brunt of the Syrians’ frustrations have been humanitarian agency workers. ‘There have been around 70 cases where agency workers have been attacked with sticks and rocks,’ said Mohammed Ali, a clinic manager with Jordan Health Aid Society.

‘Last month a policeman was stabbed by a refugee. There have been demonstrations, with refugees burning down their tents. People are becoming frustrated because they have been here so long.’

On the surface, however, the camp appears well-equipped, with schools, sports facilities, shops and even a tailor. ‘I don’t want to go back to fight in Syria – I just want to go home and live peacefully,’ said Abu Jarah, a 30-year-old barber.

He arrived at Zaatari in December with his wife after his two-year-old daughter, Shouq, was shot dead by regime forces as he carried her across a street in Daraa.

‘The bullet hit her in the head and she was blown out of my arms,’ he said. ‘It was the most terrible day of my life.’

On Wednesday Jordan’s King Abdullah said: ‘We will not allow anything to compromise our national security or harm our citizens.’

On Friday, at Jordan’s main border crossing with Syria, a burly guard’s discourse on Manchester United’s chances of success without Sir Alex Ferguson was brought to an abrupt halt by a burst of mortar fire.

The loud boom broke the desert stillness and made the guard spring from his chair. Jabbing the air with a cigarette, he estimated that it came from at least two miles away, which seemed to calm his colleagues.

Eventually their tension subsided, but didn’t disappear entirely. The men fell silent, their discussion about football and ‘Mr Alex’ forgotten.

Despite the King’s assurance, his people remain edgy. They simply can’t escape the feeling that Jordan, a bit-part player, has been reluctantly shoved on to centre stage.


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