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Ayman al-Zawahiri. 
Provocateurs are at work in Egypt.
A Cairo doctor, a Morsi supporter, relates:

“I saw four to six motorcycles coming from the direction of theRabaa intersection to the Republican Guard barracks…

“The men on the motorcycles were all masked.
“And it was hard to see them through the dark and the tear-gas smoke, but they seemed to be shooting.
“They were coming from behind the protesters, so they were shooting toward the protesters and the Army. 
“Then the Army started firing. And the protestors were firing. I saw firing from both sides.”
An Army officer, a policeman, and a soldier were reported killed.

After the Shooting In Cairo – New Yorker

The provocateurs are the same people who have tried to wreck so many other countries, from Vietnam to Yugoslavia to Indonesia to Tunisia.

The CIA, Mossad and NATO presumably own a number of the key people in Egypt.


The USA is most likely using Ayman al-Zawahiri, and his Gladio B forces, to destabilise Egypt – so that it can be broken up.

Cairo will lose control of the Suez Canal and Upper Egypt.
Ayman al-Zawahiri, who works for the US government, and who was granted US residence.

Ayman al-Zawahiri is an Egyptian, ‘a crypto-Jew’, and the leader of al Qaeda.

Al-Zawahiri has called for “victims and sacrifices” among the poor people in Egypt

Al-Zawahiri was born into an upper middle class family in a wealthy suburb of Cairo, called Maadi.

A house in Maadi

Jewish families, such as Suares and Naggar, owned many of the banks, bus companies, and department stores in Egypt.

In 1960, Al-Zawahiri’s father, Rabi al-Zawahiri, moved from Heliopolis to Maadi.

There was a thriving synagogue in Maadi neighbourhood.

Nasser, former CIA asset.

Al-Zawahiri was still at school when Nasser was president of Egypt.

Nasser became a strong nationalist and therefore not popular with Israel, the US or UK.

Al-Zawahiri joined  the Muslim Brotherhood, a tool of the British and later of the CIA.

Israel and its friends always supports the Islamists against the nationalists.
Sadat, left, with Carter who has been linked to US naval intelligence.

Al-Zawahiri was accused of being part of the Jihad group which assassinated Sadat.

Al-Zawahiri got a short jail sentence, beginning in 1982.

Reagan and his CIA-run Islamist friends.

In 1986 al-Zawahiri moved to Pakistan.

There, he was helped by the CIA to get arms, training and money for the Mujahideen.

The CIA gave him and his accomplices new identities and new passports.

Al Zawahiri was once Osama bin Laden’s doctor.

Al Zawahiri, ‘the crypto-Jew’, is now the head of al Qaeda.

Al-Zawahiri’s brother Muhammad helped the CIA in Bosnia and Croatia.

The man from MI6, Ayatollah Khomeini.

Al-Zawahiri allegedly worked, temporarily, with the Islamic Republic of Iran on behalf of al-Qaeda.

Reportedly, Iran collaborated with America in its invasions of Afghanistan and Iraq.

In a 2008 interview, al-Zawahiri attacked Shite Iran for blaming the 9/11 attacks on Israel.

Ayman al-Zawahiri.

‘Crypto-Jews’ like Al Zawahiri and the bin Ladens are great friends of the USA.

In 1993, al-Zawahiri traveled to the United States and met many people in California.

He has also had trips to Europe, Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore and Hong Kong.

In 1996, he was helping the CIA in Chechnya.

According to January 2000 U.S. Congressional testimony, al-Zawahiri was granted U.S. residence by the Immigration and Naturalization Service.

Ayman al Zawahiri – Star of David background.

The 1997 attack at Luxor in Egypt was blamed on al Zawahiri.

Six men dressed in police uniforms killed 58 foreign tourists.

The Luxor attacks helped the tourist trade – in Israel.

Mossad assets playing a trick on some small child.

In 1998 there were false-flag truck bomb explosions at the United States embassies in Tanzania and Kenya.

These attacks brought Osama bin Laden and al-Zawahiri to international attention.

In 2000, Zawahiri moved to Afghanistan.

In 2007, Al-Zawahiri directed the Lal Masjid siege in Pakistan.

Civil war in egypt 

Israel wants civil war in Egypt?

According to Israel’s Yinon Plan, Egypt is to be broken up.

Civil wars require weapons.

Egyptian military officials fear that 10,000 of its weapons have gone missing since 2011.

Egypt Military Fears 10,000 Unaccounted for Weapons Since 2011 / Egypt’s Al-Ahram newspaper

Major General L. Hamid believes:
1. Arms can enter via porous borders with Libya, Sudan and Gaza.

2. Profiteers can descend on Egypt to capitalize on arms trading. 
Caches of large arms held by Egypt’s neighbors could end up within the country, the official was reported as saying.
According to Xymphora:
“It has been a busy few weeks for the Saudis, and Bandar Bush could probably use a vacation. They:

“supported the coup in Egypt by agreeing to financially backstop the moves of the Egyptian army;
“using their Salafis in Egypt, vetoed the appointment of Mohamed ElBaradei as interim Prime Minister…”

Chief of Staff of the US Army General George W. Casey Jr. with Egyptian Army officers in Egypt on Jan. 21, 2010. Casey met with senior military Egyptian leaders, visited different military facilities and visited American soldiers during his trip to Egypt.

There seem to have been a number of attempts, by unknown forces, to provoke trouble.

1. Two boys are thrown off the ledge and beaten as they lie motionless

2. “The armed forces cameramen caught one man firing a pistol at the army, another loading a shotgun and a third firing a weapon from behind shrubbery.

“The army videos show wounded soldiers being carried to safety.

“They do not prove the armed forces point that they fought to protect the entrance of the officers club – but rather that demonstrators used firearms.”

Egypt: Conflicting Versions Of Army Killings

The plan by Israel and the USA may be to split Egypt up. Cairo would lose control of the Suez Canal and of Upper Egypt

 “As the protests began last weekend, shadowy figures firebombed Brotherhood offices across the country.

Egypt: The second revolution


4. “A Coptic Christian priest was shot dead in Egypt’s North Sinai province on Saturday, raising concerns about the potential for further sectarian violence…

“Local media reported clashes between Christians and Muslims in Luxor.”

Egypt counts its dead after day of violence

  1. aangirfan: Dahab, King David, Lavon…


    Apr 25, 2006 – In the Lavon affair, 1954, Israeli agents planted bombs in several buildings in Egypt, and left evidence behind implicating Arabs as the culprits.

  2. aangirfan: Mumbai, the Hoax Phone Call, La Belle Disco…/mumbai-hoax-phone-call-la-belle-disco.html


    Dec 10, 2008 – In 1954, in the Lavon Affair, Israel attempted to bomb American facilities in … (aangirfan: The US government tried to sink the USS Liberty).

  3. aangirfan: EGYPTIANS WORKING FOR THE CIA-MOSSAD-NATO?…/egyptians-working-for-cia-mossad-nato.html


    Feb 9, 2011 – For the Lavon Affair, Operation Suzannah in 1954, the Israelis recruited a number of Egyptians. (aangirfan: Egypt – Operation Suzannah, John …

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Cyber-snooping Only One Side of the Information War

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Revelations of the U.S. National Security Agency’s large-scale interception of Internet and telephone connections (PRISM) should not have come as any surprise. Estimates of NSA’s secret budget of at least $10 billion should have told us long ago it was involved in some sophisticated spying activities.

We knew some time ago about ECHELON — the global network linking the Anglo-Saxon nations in a decoding operation aimed at the secret diplomatic and other communications of other nations, including friends. That has been going on for more than 40 years now and many of those targeted — Japan included — have yet to realize how their codes can be penetrated.

But that is only one side of the information war. Efforts to find out what we are thinking are matched by efforts to tell us what we should be thinking. Programs to disseminate black or gray information have been around for a long time. Bogus news agencies (for much of the Vietnam War the British were running one called Forum Features), planted stories, biased or bought correspondents, academics and other pundits have combined to spread distorted information about imagined enemies.

The former Soviet Union used to be a favorite target. Recently China has come back into the limelight.

With India now being courted as a potential member of an anti-China club we are hearing much about China’s alleged 1962 border attack on India. Yes, there was a brief military action. The only problem with the black-information version is that it was India, not China, that did the attacking.

I was working in Canberra’s China section at the time and had access to all the relevant maps and documents. It was clear that the very limited Chinese attack had followed some very foolish Indian military incursions across a very generous (to India) line of control that China was scrupulously observing prior to a final border agreement (all this has been confirmed in former London Times New Delhi correspondent Neville Maxwell’s excellent book “India’s China War”). But that did not stop Canberra and others setting out to condemn China’s “aggression.” The black-information people have been hammering that line ever since.

That particular black-information success, which was to lead to the myth of China’s inherent aggressiveness, in turn led to the U.S./Australian decision to intervene in Vietnam to stop Chinese “aggressive expansionism.” A lot of people were to die as a result.

But the granddaddy of all the anti-China black-information operations has to be the false version of the June 4, 1989, Tiananmen Square incident. For some years this version had us believe that hundreds, if not thousands, of democracy-seeking Chinese students were mowed down with machine guns in the square by a brutal regime.

When some foreign witnesses emerged to say they were in the square all that night and saw nothing, the story was changed to a massacre of students near the square.

Meanwhile, the true story, found in the messages from the U.S. Embassy in Beijing at the time and available on the Internet, is very different. This says that Beijing, having tolerated the student takeover of its iconic square for six weeks, had finally tried to send in unarmed or lightly armed troops to remove the remaining students peacefully, only to be rebuffed by angry anti-regime crowds that had built up on the roads leading to the square.

When armed troops were then sent in, the crowds attacked with firebombs incinerating many in their vehicles. Some rogue units then went on a rampage and the alleged “massacre” was in fact the revenge wreaked by those units on the citizen and student crowds still trying to block their entrance.

So whence the machine gun massacre story? Fortunately the former Washington Post correspondent in Beijing at the time, Jay Williams, has done the research, published in the Columbia Journalism Review, pinpointing its origins to a full-page article in a pro-British Hong Kong newspaper written by an alleged student participant.

Front-paged by an unsuspecting New York Times, the “machine gun massacre” story rapidly criss-crossed the globe to become accepted as fact. An attempt by the New York Times reporter on the scene, Nicholas Kristof, to tone down the distortions was relegated to Page 13. Meanwhile the alleged “student participant” promptly disappeared.

As the Williams report points out, the irony in all this is that the world media managed to miss the much larger story — namely a mass revolt by citizens angered by decades of the Cultural Revolution and other ideological insanities still not fully corrected by the reformist Deng Xiaoping regime. This in turn explains why Beijing today is so anxious to have the world forget about the incident.

No self-respecting communist regime can admit it was attacked by its citizens. But this then allows the black-information people to use Beijing’s silence as proof it lacks repentance for the massacre.

These people have since gone on to an even greater heights with the myth of Iraq weapons of mass destruction. They show little repentance for the death and misery caused by that success.

They are now involved in giving us the one-sided, gray-information version of the Japan-China confrontation over the Senkaku Islands. Here the key issue surely is Beijing’s anger over Tokyo’s denial of a verbal 1972 agreement to shelve the island ownership issue. Instead, we are told it is more proof of the Chinese expansionism that began with India in 1962.

We are told much about Beijing’s expansionist ambitions in the South China Sea. But it was the Republic of China regime, later exiled to Taiwan, that first made these claims, and they were reinforced by none other than Tokyo itself in its 1952 peace treaty with the ROC when it granted ownership of the two main island groups there, the Spratleys and the Paracels, to that regime.

Until very recently Taiwan showed much more zeal than Beijing in seeking to pressure Japan over the Senkakus; it was Taiwan in 1971 that successfully lobbied the U.S. to exclude the Senkakus from the Okinawan territories whose sovereignty was to be returned to Japan (the U.S. agreed only to the return of administrative control).

Beijing’s very limited revival of some other ROC territorial claims, toward India for example, are also portrayed as new Beijing expansionism. So the game goes on.

We still live in a world still highly vulnerable to black- and gray-information activities. It is this, far more than NSA snooping, that demands attention.



China Charges the United States Is Encouraging “TERRORISM” in Xinjiang

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China Charges the United States Is Encouraging “TERRORISM” in Xinjiang
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Agence France-Presse, Reuters and Associated Press / The 4th Media News | Wednesday, July 3, 2013, 10:45 Beijing
Media blame US for stoking Xinjiang violence

terrorism in Xinjiang 9707_60_news_hub_multi_630x0

The United States is encouraging “terrorism” in Xinjiang, Chinese state media said on Monday, also claiming separatists in the region – which has a large Uygur minority – had fought alongside Syrian rebels.

Beijing denies the unrest in the vast region bordering Central Asia – which last week left at least 35 people dead – is due to ethnic tensions between Uygurs and China’s majority Han.

It has vowed to crack down on “terrorist groups”, ordering military exercises ahead of Friday’s anniversary of major riots in 2009 that left around 200 dead.

But rights groups for the mostly Muslim Uygurs blame unrest on economic inequality and religious repression, and Washington has raised concerns about discrimination.

The People’s Daily, a mouthpiece for the ruling Communist Party, slammed the US government and media for what it said was its role in the violence.

terrorism in Xinjiang 000f1f8440b10bbd5b5529

“For fear of a lack of chaos in China,” it said in a commentary, the US was “conspiring to direct the calamity of terrorist activities toward China”.


“America’s double standards on the issue of countering terrorism is no different than incitement and indulgence … How is this different than those who act as accomplices to terrorism?” it said.

America’s double standards on the issue of countering terrorism is no different than incitement and indulgence … How is this different than those who act as accomplices to terrorism

It asked if the 9/11 attacks and Boston marathon bombings in April meant “America’s ethnic and religious policies also have problems”, while rejecting such linkages in China.

terrorism in Xinjiang 000f1f8440b10bbd5b3927

“The violent terrorist incidents in Xinjiang are not an ethnic issue or a religious issue,” it said, calling the “massacres” of officials and bystanders “inhumane”.

According to the official Xinhua news agency, “knife-wielding mobs” attacked police stations and other sites in the town of Lukqun last Wednesday before security personnel arrived and opened fire. At least 35 people were killed.

Two days later, Xinhua said, more than 100 “terrorists” provoked “riots” in the prefecture of Hotan, attacking people “after gathering at local religious venues”.

Last Friday a US State Department spokesman said it was “deeply concerned about ongoing reports of discrimination against and restrictions” on Uygurs in China.

He said the US urged a “transparent investigation” but did not want to “draw broader conclusions” about the incidents.

The Global Times accused members of the “East Turkestan” movement of being trained by Syrian opposition forces fighting the government of Bashar al-Assad before returning to Xinjiang to plot attacks.

terrorism in Xinjiang 000f1f8440b10bbd5bec2f

This appears to mark the first time Beijing has blamed a group in Syria and fits a common narrative of the government portraying Xinjiang’s violence as coming from abroad.

The Global Times, a tabloid owned by the People’s Daily, said that some members of the “East Turkestan” faction had crossed from Turkey into Syria.

They “participated in extremist, religious and terrorist organisations within the Syrian opposition forces and fought against the Syrian army”, it said. “At the same time, these elements from ‘East Turkestan’ have identified candidates to sneak in to Chinese territory to plan and execute terrorist attacks.” Authorities had arrested a 23-year-old “terrorist”, known in Chinese as Maimaiti Aili, belonging to the East Turkestan Islamic Movement (ETIM), the report said, adding that he had taken part in the Syrian war.

The Global Times quoted a statement from Maimaiti Aili as saying that the ETIM “specifically asked me to carry out sabotage activities in Xinjiang and enhance the ‘struggle level’”.

The Uygur World Congress hit back at what it called China’s “distorting accusations”.

“Uygurs live in an outdoor prison,” it said in an emailed statement, adding that their “resistance” had “nothing to do with terrorism”.

terrorist no 1

On Saturday, large sections of the Xinjiang capital Urumqi were shut down as military vehicles took to the streets with at least 1,000 personnel from the People’s Armed Police, part of China’s armed forces responsible for law enforcement and internal security during peacetime.

Beijing’s assertive presence on the ground comes ahead of the sensitive anniversary of riots between Uygurs and China’s ethnic majority Han four years ago.

The Muslim fasting month of Ramadan is also expected to begin next week.

In recent decades many Han Chinese have relocated to Xinjiang, which is rich in coal and gas, provoking friction.

The two communities tend to live in separate neighbourhoods in Urumqi, and a greater security presence could be seen in the Uygur area on Monday.

Paramilitary forces stood in clusters every 100 metres or so around the grand bazaar, and police vehicles drove by occasionally.

Beijing denies repressing China’s ethnic minorities, who make up less than 10 per cent of the national population and enjoy some preferential policies.

This article appeared in the South China Morning Post print edition as Xinjiang ‘terror’ blamed on US plot

Agence France-Presse, Reuters and Associated Press in Urumqi and Beijing, 29 Jun 2013

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The Victory Hour Broadcast

The Victory Hour Broadcast July 9, 2013

by crescentandcross


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Proposal: Defend IsraHell from European Interference

MKs warn: EU is interfering with Israeli democracy via funding for extremist NGOs.
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By Maayana Miskin

MK Ayelet Shaked

MK Ayelet Shaked
Flash 90
A bill proposed by MKs Ayelet Shaked (Bayit Yehudi) and Robert Ilatov (Likud Beyteinu) aims to protect Israel from foreign interference. The bill would impose strict limits on funding for far-left Israeli NGOs from foreign governments. NGOs such asBreaking the Silence, Ir Amim, and many others currently receive millions each year from European governments. Breaking the Silence reports anonymous testimony from IDF soldiers accusing Israel of war crimes. The group has been strongly criticized in Israel for sharing testimony from soldiers who did not in fact witness the alleged crimes they reported. Ir Amim works against Israel’s vision of Jerusalem as the united capital of Israel, creating support instead for Arab claims to the city. “A non-governmental organization will not receive donations exceeding 20,000 shekels per year from a foreign state entity, if the goals or actions of the NGO, or of its salaried employees or managers, include any of the following: 1. Calls to bring IDF soldiers to trial in international courts 2. Calls to boycott, withdraw investments, or impose sanctions on the state of Israel or its citizens 3. Rejecting Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish, democratic state, 4. Incitement to racism 5. Supporting an enemy countryor terrorist groups in armed battle against the state of Israel,” the bill states. “Israel must not allow unfettered interference by foreign states in influencing its character and values,” Shaked declared. “Israeli democracy is under a double attack,” she continued. “Foreign money warps the power of Israeli voters, and gives a small extremist minority an ability to voice its views that is greater than that of the majority of the Israeli public.” Ilatov said, “There are NGOs that take exploit their public status to act against Israel as a Jewish, democratic state. These NGOs strive to undo the building blocks of the nation, and to create an inaccurate, negative, and subjective image of Israel in the international community.” Sources in Shaked’s office said the bill was inspired by reports from the Zionist movement Im Tirtzu, which showed how heavily involved EU governments are in funding groups that have called to bring IDF commanders to trial in international courts or to boycott Israel. “Even today, foreign governments are involved, via funding for extremist groups, in constant attempts to kill Israel’s Jewish and democratic character,” they said. They cited the infamous Goldstone Report as one an example of such interference. Judge Richard Goldstone, who chaired a United Nations fact-finding mission on the Cast Lead conflict of late 2008 and early 2009, accused Israel of war crimes based largely on information received from far-left NGOs – in particular from the far-left New Israel Fund. Goldstone later retracted his judgement, saying, “If I had known then what I know now, the Goldstone Report would have been a very different document.”

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Office of High-Profile Whistleblower Lawyer Burglarized


The Dallas law office representing a State Department whistleblower was broken into and robbed during the first weekend of July. Three computers were stolen and the firm’s file cabinets had been searched, but valuables were left untouched.

US State Department, Washington, DC. (AFP Photo / Karen Bleier)

US State Department, Washington, DC. (AFP Photo / Karen Bleier)


“It’s a crazy, strange and suspicious situation,” attorney Cary Schulman of the Schulman & Mathias law office told Foreign Policy Magazine’s The Cable.

The burglars left behind silver bars, video equipment and other valuables, causing Schulman to believe that they were looking to find information on the case of former State Department inspector general investigator Aurelia Fedenisn, who leaked government documents last month. Fedenisn providedCBS News with documents that accuse the State Department of covering up criminal investigations involving its diplomats and employees, including offenses such as illicit drug use, sexual solicitation of minors and prostitutes, and sexual harassment.

The documents state that US Ambassador to Belgium Howard Gutman “was suspected of patronizing prostitutes in a public park.”

Schulman believes that the perpetrators of the burglary may have been politically motivated supporters of the Obama administration, but the suspects have not yet been identified.

“It’s clear to me that it was somebody looking for information and not money. My most high-profile case right now is the Aurelia Fedenisn case, and I can’t think of any other case where someone would go to these great lengths to get our information,”Schulman told The Cable.

Last month, lawyers representing Fedenisn told The Cable that the State Department tried to silence her by threatening her and her family. Law enforcement officers allegedly camped in front of her house, harassed her children, and tried to make Fedenisn incriminate herself.

Schulman believes that officials are trying to force Fedenisn to sign papers admitting that she stole the documents – a crime that the former investigator denies.

The law office does not believe the State Department authorized a break-in, but suspects that supporters of the administration may be to blame.

“It wasn’t professional enough,” he said. “It is possible that an Obama or Hillary supporter feels that I am unfairly going after them. And the timing of this is right after several weeks of very public media attention so it seems to me most likely that the information sought is related to that case. I don’t know for sure and I want the police to do their work.”

Local Fox affiliate KDFW aired a surveillance video of the two suspected burglars, who can be seen walking out of the office carrying computers.

State Department spokesperson Jen Psaki claims the agency had no involvement in the break-in.

“Any allegation that the Department of State authorized someone to break into Mr. Schulman’s law firm is false and baseless,” she said.

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AMERICAN JEWISH COMMITTEE ”On my mind: Assad’s global threat

 Bashar Assad is certainly audacious.The Syrian president, engaged in slaughtering his own people, now threatens Europe.“If the Europeans ship weapons [to Syrian rebels], Europe’s backyard becomes a terrorists’ place, and Europe will pay a price for it,” Assad told the German newspaper Frankfurter Allgemeine Rundschau. Chaos in Syria would result in “the direct export of terrorism to Europe,” he warned. “Terrorists will return to Europe with fighting experience and extremist ideologies.”Thanks to Assad, however, Syria is already in turmoil, and one of his partners in crime, the Iranian-supported Hezbollah, has been quite active on the European continent. Yet, EU countries are still debating whether to designate Hezbollah – as the US did years ago – a terrorist organization. Several European governments are inexplicably blocking the unanimity needed for EU action.Assad’s bellicose stance is not surprising.
He vowed two years ago that international pressure on his regime would produce a regional conflict. Yet he refuses to accept responsibility for the violence that so far has taken the lives of 100,000 Syrians, spilled over into Lebanon and other neighboring countries, and is tearing Syria apart.While the US and EU have called for Assad’s ouster, they remain divided and hesitant over what course to take.In contrast, his strongest state supporters, Iran and Russia, are determined to ensure Assad’s survival. No wonder Assad is projecting confidence.Assad’s warning came as world leaders gathered recently for the annual G8 Summit. The final G8 communiqué was a weak plea for the various Syrian parties to attend a peace conference, proposed by the US and Russia, in Geneva.
Though some argue that the fragmented Syrian opposition is an obstacle to such negotiations, Assad himself has consistently rebuffed proposals to participate in such a gathering. This is because acknowledging any opposition as legitimate would undermine his twisted narrative that all opponents, armed and unarmed, are terrorists.Thanks to Russian President Vladimir Putin, the G8 deliberations ended as inconclusively as all the UN Security Council discussions, where Russia has thrice used its veto to stymie any meaningful action to end the conflict. The G8 did not even mention Assad by name. Not too long ago, ironically, Assad’s departure was a US and EU expectation.
Joining Russia and Iran in supporting Assad is Hezbollah, whose leader, Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah, has openly admitted that his organization is fully engaged in the war. Hundreds of Hezbollah fighters have crossed into Syria from Lebanon, helping Assad’s forces turn the tide against the rebels and take back control of Qusair. They are coming to the rescue of Assad’s beleaguered forces in Aleppo, Homs and other key areas of the country.Nasrallah says that his organization’s involvement aims to protect Syria’s Assad from Israel, since, as he puts it, the end of the Assad regime will harm Palestinian aspirations.The full, open engagement of Hezbollah, whose goal since its founding 30 years ago has been Israel’s destruction,shows how far the Syria conflict has morphed since the regime’s March 2011 arrest and torture of schoolchildren who dared to scrawl anti-regime graffiti 
[ed notes;there was no torture of that boy,his own father admits this..and blames rebels!!
As the conflict entered its third year several months ago, the temptation for Assad to try to involve Israel proved too attractive to ignore. Assad and his minions have accused Israel of supporting the regime’s opponents.The proof?
[ed notes;the proof?how about Israeli hospitals and doctors, in acts of genuine humanitarianism, have treated Syrians in need of urgent medical care.Hezbollah has upped the ante, proclaiming that it will defend Syria and, when given the chance, use its heavily armed force to open a new front by reclaiming the Golan Heights, the strategic territory Israel has occupied since Syria attacked it in 1967, and again in 1973.The prospect that not only Hezbollah but Iranian Revolutionary Guards and possibly other radical Islamist elements could create a new front, akin to southern Lebanon and Gaza, on Israel’s borders is another potential destabilizing effect of the Syria conflict.The EU would do well to finally take action aimed at weakening Hezbollah operations on European soil.

This could be effectively accomplished by designating the group, in its entirety, a terrorist organization. Hezbollah carried out a fatal bombing in Burgas, Bulgaria, last July, and a Cypriot court convicted a Hezbollah operative for planning similar operation in Nicosia.Such a step by the EU would deny Hezbollah the capability to fundraise, recruit and organize in Europe. That’s the least the EU could do to strike at a terrorist group that has hit targets, often at the behest of Iran, all over the world, and is no doubt gaining strength at the expense of those who have sought to bring down Assad.The writer is the American Jewish Committee’s director of media relations.
[ed notes:again not even a worry about the alqaeda terrorists wich work with israhell…they have stopped pretending this last week they actually also fear the rebels and jihadists(mercenaries),its literally been dropped almost among zionist talking points,now focus,is 100% on Iran,Assad,and Hezbollah!!!The real resistance!btw on the american jewish committee….besides being one of 3 major zionist israhelli war lobbies in america,they send journalists, student leaders, opinion formers, etc., to Israel for a coordinated program educating them on the Israeli perspective. For this purpose, the AJC established Project Interchange, a dedicated organization to influence key opinion makers.Also see more here… 
also see…  AJC Thanks U.S. Troops as Iraq War Formally Ends
 AJC Shocked by Democratic Forum Linking Israel to Iraq War
facts are quite a few zionazis from PNAC are actually tied and members of ajc!!dov zakheim for one!! Zakheim, Dov S. – Member of the advisory board for the American Jewish Committee, member of the Council on Foreign Relations, and Adjunct Scholar for the Heritage Foundation. Under Secretary and Chief Financial Officer for the Department of Defense (resigned April 15, 2004).

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