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Egypt kills 32 Hamas fighters in Sinai campaign, daily reports


Hamas identifies with deposed president Morsi but is pursuing policy of non-intervention, group says

A member of Hamas's Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza (photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)
A member of Hamas’s Izz A-Din Al-Qassam Brigades in Gaza (photo credit: Abed Rahim Khatib/Flash90)

The Egyptian army has killed some 200 gunmen in Sinai, including 32 Hamas members, and arrested 45 others over the past several days, an Egyptian security source told London-based Arab daily Al-Hayat on Thursday. The report was later denied by Israeli, Egyptian and Palestinian sources.

The unnamed official accused Hamas of intentionally escalating the security situation in Sinai following the ouster of president Mohammed Morsi. The official claimed that Egyptian military forces have observed Hamas activists operating in Sinai in cooperation with local jihadists.

“The army is barely in control of the situation,” the official told the daily. “They enter Sinai through the tunnels to carry out attacks together with others and return to Gaza through the tunnels. Moreover, they exploit the terrain and hide in the mountains.”

Hamas, for its part, tried to distance itself from the developments in Egypt, claiming it has adopted a policy of non-intervention following the overthrow of Morsi.

“The intervention of Gazans in the Egyptian issue is nothing more than popular solidarity with the deposed president Mohammed Morsi, in whose time the situation improved on all levels,” read an article in Hamas news site Al-Resalah.

Egypt is seeking Israel’s permission to carry out a widespread operation in the coming days against jihadists in Sinai, the Times of London reported on Thursday. According to the daily, Israel is inclined to authorize the operation.

The Egyptian army has been intensively engaged in the Sinai peninsula for almost two years as part of Operation Eagle, which followed a terrorist attack on an Egyptian army outpost during the month of Ramadan in August 2011.

Arab media reported on Thursday that the commander of Egypt’s second field army operating in Sinai, major general Ahmad Wasfi, survived an assassination attempt when gunmen opened fire on his car Wednesday night in the town of Sheikh Zweid, near the border with the Gaza Strip. Wasfi was not hurt, and the perpetrator was reportedly apprehended.

The Egyptian army’s uncompromising crackdown on terrorists in Sinai has also brought smuggling activity in tunnels between Egypt and the Gaza Strip to a near-standstill, Egyptian and Palestinian sources told The Times of Israel Wednesday.

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5-year-old Palestinian detained by Naz’s


Child suspected of throwing stones near Hebron  detained by  Nazi army,  transferred to Palestinian Police. Father claims to have been beaten by Nazi soldiers.


IDF soldiers have detained a 5-year-old Palestinian boy Tuesday for allegedly throwing a stone at a settler’s car in a checkpoint near Hebron’s Tomb of the Patriarchs.

After the incident, the boy was taken into an IDF jeep and taken to his parents’ house, where his father joined them. The soldiers took the father and son to an IDF base, from which they were eventually transferred to a Palestinian police station. B’Tselem released a video capturing the moments of his apprehension.

“I received a call at work and was told that the boy was at home under arrest,” the boy’s father said. “I arrived home and found him hiding in a closet shaking from fear.”

According to the father, he told the soldiers that “even if the boy had thrown a stone, he is only a child and I will take care of it himself.”

But the boy and his father were taken to an army base where the father was handcuffed and blindfolded. According to him, he was beaten while they were at the base, and then the two were transferred into the custody of Palestinian police.

While waiting at the checkpoint for the Palestinian Police, a high ranking army official, apparently from the District Coordination and Liaison (DCL) Command, arrived and began talking with the soldiers.

In the video he can be overheard saying (in Hebrew) that “all of the activities in terms of hasbara cause damage,” apparently referencing the detention of a 5-year-old in general and the embarrassment such an incident could cause Israel in terms of public relations.

Then the soldiers can be seen untying the father and removing his blindfold. Afterwards he and his 5-year-old son are transferred into the custody of a Palestinian Police officer.

At the Palestinian police station: “They just asked us questions and eventually fined us for 5,000 dinar (roughly $7,000) for the kid’s rock throwing,” the father repeated.

Like in Israel, the minimum age of criminal liability in the military legal system in the West Bank is 12. This means that the arrest or detention of youths under that age is forbidden, even if they are suspected of perpetrating a criminal offense.

In her letter to the IDF’s Legal Adviser to Judea and Samaria, B’Tselem Director Jessica Montell claimed: “The footage clearly shows that this was not a mistake made by an individual soldier, but rather conduct that was considered reasonable by all the military personnel involved. It is particularly troubling that none of them apparently thought any part of the incident wad problematic: Not the fact that they scared a five-year-old boy out of his wits, nor threatening him and his parents to ‘hand him over’, nor threatening to arrest the father on no legal grounds, nor handcuffing and blindfolding the father in front of his son.”

In response, the IDF stated: “We are saddened that the B’Tselem organization chooses to film only these kinds of videos and upload them to the internet before fully clarifying the details of the incident with the IDF. This was a child throwing stones on a road in Hebron. An IDF force detained him, handed him over to his parents and then transferred him in an organized manner to the Palestinian Police.”

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Report: CIA foreknowledge of terrorist bombing in Lebanon

The U.S. Central Intelligence Agency has warned Lebanese security agencies two days ahead of the blast that targeted Bir al-Abed neighborhood in Beirut’s southern suburbs that al-Qaida has plotted to carry out an attack in the area, a report claimed on Thursday.According to al-Akhbar newspaper, al-Qaida-linked group transported a huge amount of explosives into Lebanon to be used in the country.Security and political sources told the newspaper that a CIA official in Lebanon provided the army intelligence and the ISF Intelligence Branch with “delicate information” regarding the matter.
The CIA report pointed out that an al-Qaida-linked-group prepared two bombs, each weigh 7 tons, to target buildings in Beirut’s southern suburbs using suicide bombers.The report said that the group is also active in Syria.At least 53 people were wounded in an explosion that was caused by a booby-trapped vehicle in the Hizbullah stronghold neighborhood of Bir al-Abed on Tuesday.Another report said that another al-Qaida-affiliated group transported around 2,000 kilograms of explosives into Lebanon to target the Lebanese army, Hizbullah,Saudi Ambassador to Lebanon Ali Awadh al-Asiri and Kuwaiti Ambassador Abdul al-Qinaai in addition to Russian and Chinese diplomats.A third CIA report included detailed information on the head of an armed group that is responsible for firing rockets on the Bekaa city of Baalbek.According to the last report, the head of the group is a Syrian national, who is leading the operations from the region of Reef Damascus.
CIA gave 16 Tons of Bombs to Al-Qaeda for Lebanon
[ed notes:amazingly the cia knew two days before attacks the size of the explosives to be used in attacks in Lebanon,and who had them,lol but didnt stop it …because bombing Hezbollah strongholds is always in their interest of course…

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The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights, as diplomatic international non-governmental organization of Human Rights, told the news network TakbirTV, through its president and ambassador Faisal Sergio Tapia, the energetic condemnation of the terrorist attack that has taken place in the south of Beirut, the Lebanese capital, crime against humanity where at least 53 people have been injured. Once again a terrorist attack against the entire Lebanese people, the stability of Lebanon, are the same hands of criminals that plague the region with Syria, where Zionism destabilization conducts its operations in the region, with the aim to create in the Lebanon war climate of the population, with the aim of destroying the Lebanese people invincible. 
These terrorist operations against the Lebanon are financed by terrorist groups operating in Syria and Zionism great enemy of the great Lebanese homeland, where the response of the people of Lebanon should be the way of national unity, to avoid falling into the provocations of this new criminal terrorist and does not make the game to Zionism and its imperialist interests in this new escalation of violence against Lebanon that seeks its division, put it on the verge of a civil war caused by the sinister interests of imperialism, Zionism and mercenary terrorist groups operating in Syria. 
The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights, notes that since the conflict began in neighboring Syria has denounced the intentions of foreign mercenaries sponsored by imperialism and Zionism, to create a climate of civil war in Lebanon and that this attack are confirming their interest to destroy the peace and destroy Lebanese unity, destroy the Lebanese people’s democratic values, which are an example for countries in the region. Finally the ambassador of islamic human rights, the pro Lebanese Faisal Sergio Tapia question and ask all the Lebanese, who benefits from this terrorist attack and its consequences?,
From Lebanon as enemies of Lebanon No. Yes. Most importantly, do not fall into their game, by the Peace and Unity of all Lebanese, those who die are Lebanese, all children of the same country and the same sacred ground, of resistance bastion of dignity of the peoples of Middle East against the Zionist criminal usurpation. This is not a crime against the Lebanon, is a crime against all humanity. So call to international human rights and justice to give a strong response to criminal acts against the Lebanese nation.


Belgian Zio-NATO Terrorists Film Themselves Beheading A Shiite Man In Syria


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Zio-NATO Rat’s Steal the Food Smuggled by Citizens to Feed Their Families


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US Gov names IsraHellis in money laundering network


According to the US Treasury, the network laundered hundreds of millions of dollars for Colombian drug traffickers.


ed note–other than the part concerning Hezbollah being involved (given it is an Israeli website running the story, including Hez in it lessens the ‘sting’ against Israel) the point is obvious–The Jewish state is a criminal enterprise and a hangout for gangsters, thieves and thugs–always was, always will be.

The US Department of the Treasury has imposed sanctions on a money laundering ring that dealt in proceeds of the drugs trade and operated in Colombia. Among those allegedly involved in the affair are Israelis Isaac Perez Guberek Ravinovicz and his son Henry Guberek Grimberg, who has both Colombian and Israeli citizenship, along with 29 other individuals and companies, including companies registered in Colombia, Panama, and Israel.

It is alleged that the members of the ring laundered hundreds of millions of dollars for drug traffickers Jose Evaristo Linares Castillo and Ayman Saied Joumaa. Hizbullah is allegedly among those people and organizations that have benefitted from the latter’s global narcotics enterprises.

According to the Department of the Treasury, the two Israelis used textiles companies in Colombia as the basis for their money laundering operations. They used these companies’ bank accounts, as well as straw companies registered in Panama to enable the drug traffickers to launder cash.

Some of the pair’s relatives are suspected of supporting and aiding their activities.

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For Egypt’s Islamists, War Is Now a Legitimate Option


By Michael Scheuer

Egyptian president Mohammad Morsi and his Muslim Brotherhood were elected a year ago in what the so-called “International Community” judged a free and fair election. They and Egypt’s Salafist movement garnered nearly 65-percent of the vote. On Friday, Egypt’s military intervened in the political arena and overthrew and detained Morsi.

Why? Because those who deservedly and miserably lost to the Islamists in 2012 did not care to wait for the next election to try to defeat Morsi. Those in the West who have contended that some Muslims are not capable of democracy have been proven right, although the proof lies in the behavior of those pro-democracy Egyptians the West praises and supports. Egypt’s Islamists, on the other hand, played by the political game’s rules and—if the military’s diktat holds—they have lost and war is now their main option.

What next in Egypt? After a period of post-coup semi-quiet, I think, the likeliest answer will be escalating violence for the foreseeable future. If the Brotherhood and their Salafist allies cannot hold the power to govern they legitimately won by an overwhelming margin, they will decide quite correctly that it is time to reach for the Kalashnikovs. They will be encouraged to make this decision by the Western-dominated International Community‘s tepid criticism of Morsi’s anti-democratic overthrow, which was made while it loudly applauded the Egyptian army‘s promise of new elections relatively soon.

Egypt’s increasingly popular and bin Laden-like Salafist movement was never happy with the idea of Western-style popular elections nor did they believe the West would tolerate a Sharia government. Still, they put their religious scruples on the backburner and participated in the 2012 vote. To the West’s shock and horror, they finished on the Brotherhood’s heals.

Today the Salafists know that all future Egyptian elections will be rigged against them and the Brotherhood. (NB: Egypt’s coup-against-democracy will be read the same way by Islamists worldwide.) The Salafists will tell Morsi and his colleagues “we told you so” and head for their arsenals, as well as to Egypt’s borders to welcome fellow Salafist fighters coming to their aid from Eastern Libya, elsewhere in Arab-Spring-ed Africa, Iraq, Afghanistan, and Somalia. And all of them will be supported with guns, money, and more volunteer mujahedin from the Sunni states of the Arab Peninsula.

The Brotherhood, on the other hand, is in an impossible situation; it can only opt for war. If Morsi and his lieutenants accept the military’s action and reward the losers of the election the Islamists won in 2012, they may form some kind of illegitimate temporary regime but only at the cost of their political and religious credibility.

In addition, such a blatantly corrupt and anti-democratic compromise will drive large numbers of the Brotherhood’s members—especially its young males, some of whom are in Egypt’s armed forces—into the arms of the Salafists. If this occurs, Egypt will have a civil war with part of the army siding with the Islamists and the other part with the effete, militarily useless pro-democracy forces. In such a scenario, the Egyptian Islamists will win, though, as in Syria, it may take a while.

What should concern Americans most about the near certainty of war in Egypt, and thus the broadening of the mujahedin’s overall war against the West, is whether Obama’s administration—in league with pro-Israel Republican and Democratic senators, Britain, and Israel—used its intelligence services to help the leaders of Egypt’s anti-democratic opposition to organize, fund, and train the democracy-killing forces that filled Cairo’s streets with demonstrations and prompted the Egyptian army to use that most democratic of all tools—a military coup.

Readers will recall that former-Secretary of State Clinton and her diplomatic minions—when they were not getting Americans killed in Benghazi—bank-rolled the intervention of a number of Western NGO-like groups to operate inside Egypt to build a secular, pro-democratic movement meant to overthrow the Islamists. When Morsi and his cabinet identified this violation of Egyptian sovereignty they—like Putin when he found the same U.S.-backed threat in Russia—arrested and jailed Clinton’s agents and then threw them out of the country.

Was that the end of it? Well if Obama, the Senate’s bipartisan Israeli shills, the British, and the Israelis were smart, they would have stopped right there. But events of recent decades suggest they probably just shifted gears and went from overt, NGO-type interventionist activity to covert action interventionist programs conducted by their intelligence services.

As the Western media—and no outlet more flagrantly than the BBC—have been busy cheerleading for Morsi’s removal, I have heard no journalist who has bothered to ask how Egypt’s spectacularly fractured pro-democracy movement—it fielded 17 disunited, feckless presidential candidates in the 2012 election Morsi won—has in a twelve-month become a better organized, better-funded, and more united and logistically effective force. While it is only a guess, my money would be placed on a bet that Obama, Cameron, Netanyahu, McCain, Lieberman, Schumer, and Graham cooperated in devising a covert program that used their long-time friends in the Egyptian army and those Egyptians who this week proved themselves utterly incapable of democracy to invalidate Egypt’s free-and-fair 2012 election.

If this proves to be the case, the composite force of young Egyptians intolerant of the democratic process and Western and Israeli leaders who pretend Muslims do not hate their constant, cavalier interventionism will have ensured that al-Qaeda leader Zawahiri’s 2005 forecast that only jihad can defend Islam and install Sharia rule is accepted as truth by more tens of millions of Muslims. And then we will have to face an ever intensifying, Salafist-led religious war against the West, a war which America will end up fighting overseas and at home.

Michael F. Scheuer is a former CIA intelligence officer, American blogger, historian, foreign policy critic, and political analyst.

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The Overthrow of Morsi–So Much For Middle East Democracy


By Eric Margolis

The real story behind the military coup in Cairo led by General al-Sissi is much more complex than the western media is reporting. Far from a spontaneous uprising by Egyptians, – aka “a people’s revolution” – what really happened was a putsch orchestrated by Egypt’s “deep government” and outside powers – the latest phase of the counter-revolution against the so-called Arab Spring.

A year ago, Egyptians elected Mohammed Morsi president in their first fair democratic election. Morsi came from the ranks of the Muslim Brotherhood, an eight-decade old conservative movement of professionals dedicated to bringing Islamic principals of public welfare, politics, education, justice, piety and fighting corruption.

But the deck was stacked against Morsi and the Brotherhood from day one. The brutal US-backed Mubarak had fallen, but the organs of his 30-year dictatorship, Egypt’s pampered 440,000-man military, judiciary, academia, media, police, intelligence services and bureaucrats, remained in place. Even Morsi’s presidential guard remained under control of the Mubarak forces.

The dictatorship’s old guard – better known as the “deep government” – sought to thwart every move of the Brotherhood. In fact, the stolid, plodding Morsi only became president after more capable colleagues were vetoed by the hard-line Mubarakist courts.

Morsi should have purged the “deep government,” notably the police, secret police, judges, and media who were sabotaging the democratic government. But Morsi was too soft, and the entrenched powers arrayed against him too strong. He never managed to grasp the levers of state. Ironically, after all the media hysteria in North America over the alleged dangers of the Muslim Brotherhood, it turned out to be a dud.

The Brotherhood stumbled from one crisis to the next as
Egypt’s economy, already in terrible shape before the 2011 revolution, sank like a rock. Tourism, that provided 17% of national income, evaporated. Unemployment soared over 13%, and over 50% among angry urban young. We have recently seen this same phenomena in Turkey, Tunisia, Algeria, Pakistan, and Western Europe. Severe shortages of fuel and electricity sparked outrage.

Egypt’s curse is that it cannot feed its surging population of over 90 million. So Cairo imports huge quantities of wheat and subsidizes retail prices for bread. The US sustained the Sadat and Mubarak regimes with boatloads of wheat discounted 50%. This vital aid tapered off when Morsi took power. Food prices in Egypt rose 10%.

Equally important, ever since Anwar Sadat invited in the US to rearm his outdated military, Egypt’s armed forces have become joined at the hip with the Pentagon. Just as Turkey’s 500,000-man armed forces were, until eleven years ago, and Pakistan’s so remain today.

Armies of many Muslim states are designed to control their populations, not defeat foreign enemies. The only Arab military force in recent memory to beat an invader has been the guerilla forces of Lebanon’s Hezbollah.

The US provides Egypt’s military $1.5 billion annually, not counting tens of millions of “black” payments from CIA to leading generals, police chiefs, commentators and bureaucrats.
Egypt’s military has been totally re-equipped with US F-16 fighter-bombers, M-1 heavy tanks, armored vehicles, radars, electronic systems, and artillery.

Washington has supplied Egypt with just enough arms to control its population and intimidate small neighbors, but not enough to wage war against Israel. Further, the Pentagon sharply limits Egypt supplies of munitions, missiles and vital spare parts. Many of Egypt’s generals have been trained in US military colleges, where they formed close links with US intelligence and the Pentagon. CIA, DIA, and NSA have large stations in Egypt that watch its military and population.

Under Mubarak, the US controlled Egypt’s military and key parts of its economy. When Morsi and the Brotherhood came to power, Washington backed off for a while but in recent months apparently decided to back the overthrow of Egypt’s first democratic government.

This fact became perfectly clear when the White House refused to call the military coup in Cairo a coup. Had it done so, US law would have mandated the cutoff of US aid to Egypt.
US politicians and media, with shameless hypocrisy, are hailing the overthrow of Morsi as a democratic achievement. In North America, anything labeled “Muslim” has become ipso facto menacing.

The counter-revolution of Egypt’s “deep government” was financed and aided by the US and Saudi Arabia, cheered on by Israel, the UAE, Britain and France. Tiny Qatar, that backed Morsi with $8 billion, lost its influence in Cairo. The Saudis will now call many shots in Egypt.

In recent weeks, mass street demonstrations in major Egyptian cities against Morsi were organized by the police, secret police and the Mubarakist structure. Fears of the Brotherhood were whipped up among Egypt’s nervous Coptic Christians, 10% of the population, who form much of the urban elite.

Then there were tens of thousands of unemployed, highly volatile young street people, as we recently saw in Istanbul, ready to explode at any excuse. Large numbers of Egyptians were fed up with stumbles of Morsi’s government – even some of his former Salafist allies. – and the threat of economic collapse. Liberals, Nasserites, Marxists joined them.

There may be some armed resistance against the coup, but it will likely be crushed by Egypt’s military and attack-dog security forces. Senior Brotherhood officials are already being arrested, and pro-Brotherhood media gagged, while Washington turns a blind eye.

As of now, the threat of a real civil war such as Algeria suffered in the 1990’s after a US and French-backed military coup seems unlikely, but not impossible. Meanwhile, the military has installed a puppet president for the time being. The old US “asset” Mohammed el-Baradei may take over as civilian frontman for the generals, who prefer civilian sock puppets get blamed for Egypt’s economic and social crises.

So much for democracy in the Mideast. The overthrow of a moderate Islamist government will send a message to the Muslim world that compromise with the Western powers is impossible and only violent resistance can shake the status quo.

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Bounty hunters search for Tony Blair after latest sightings of UK’s most wanted war criminal


There are people the world over who are not prepared to wait for history to pass judgement on Blair — they want to see him held to account now for his monumental crimes.

Tony Blair has long had to duck and dive from public view for fear that he would face a citizen’s arrest for his war crimes.

There is a price on his head and there have been repeated attempts to feel his collar in the hope that Britain’s most wanted war criminal will be held to account for his part in the mass murder of over one million Iraqis. 

Appearing in public anywhere in the world is so risky for Blair that he is never seen in the company of the general public, but restricts his socialising to fellow war criminals, such as George W Bush and Benjamin Netanyahu.

Or despots such as Kazakhstan’s dictator Nazarbayev, who pays Blair  £8.5m a year. Or oil rich states like Kuwait which is reportedly paying him £27m for “advice”. Or bankers like J.P. Morgan which pays him £2.5m a year for “consultation”.

But Tony Blair is becoming increasing confident about posturing and warmongering in the corporate media. And the media, having played its own disreputable part in promoting the lies which Blair used to take Britain into an illegal and unjustified war, has no reservations about giving him free reign to spout equivalent lies and distortions, this time in urging war against Syria and Iran.

Here he is on the BBC Today programme advocating intervention in Syria, and once again allowed to get away without challenge when stating:

There’s now been more people that have died in Syria in a civil war that shows absolutely no sign of ending than in the entirety of Iraq since 2003.

Blair knows only too well that this is simply not true. And the BBC should not have allowed him to get away with such a blatant distortion. The United Nations estimates that 100,000 have been killed in Syria. This figure includes troops from Syrian forces and rebels killed fighting them and yet this total is presented in the media as if they were all civilian casualties.

Compare this to Iraq, where the most compelling evidence shows that over the past ten years many hundreds of thousands of Iraqi civilians have died as a result of the Bush-Blair war, with the latest calculations putting the figure above one million. 

And the slaughter in Iraq continues. Violence is escalating due to the decade of instability and division that the Bush-Blair intervention caused, with more than 2000 people killed in May 2013, making it the most deadly month in the country since the height of the sectarian war in 2007.

But Blair’s capacity for hypocrisy and sanctimonious self-delusion can still shock when it is as blatant as this comment recently in The Observer (a newspaper that seems particularly enthusiastic about helping Blair’s attempts at political rehabilitation):

I am a strong supporter of democracy. But democratic government doesn’t on its own mean effective government. Today, efficacy is the challenge. When governments don’t deliver, people protest… This is a sort of free democratic spirit that operates outside the convention of democracy that elections decide the government.

No occasion here for Blair to remember how he ignored the two million who filled London’s streets on 15 February 2003, opposing his drive to war against Iraq in the largest political protest in British history.

And Blair is quite open about the objectives of that war. In the BBC series on the tenth anniversary of the Iraq invasion, Blair stated baldly, “We decided we were going to remake the Middle East”. This was in effect an admission of participating in an international war crime — regime change interventions being illegal — but the BBC let it pass without comment. As Matt Carr wrote, “The BBC let Blair & Co say whatever they wanted without challenging them and never asked a single penetrating question, never offered any real alternatives to what they were saying.”

These days, it is the prospect for war against Syria and Iran that really has Blair’s mouth watering. “Personally,” he says, “I think we should at least consider and consider actively a no-fly zone in Syria.”

As for Iran, he adds, “We can’t afford a nuclear-armed Iran.”

The fact that there is no evidence that Iran has any intention of developing nuclear weapons is of no significance to Blair. Nor does his promotion of more war consider that western military intervention could be even more catastrophic in its regional implications than the Bush-Blair Iraq war.

And of course, no mention by Blair, under his quite ludicrous title of Middle East peace envoy, that there is one country in the Middle East that already has nuclear weapons and which — unlike Iran — refuses to sign the international nuclear non-proliferation treaty. Unsurprisingly, Israel is — like Blair – chomping at the bit to go to war with Iran.

However much the Observer, the BBC and the rest of the corporate media continues to indulge Blair, he will never escape the stain of his Iraq war crimes. In the words of comedian Mark Steele:

Everywhere Blair goes, the chaos of the war he created follows him. During his latest interview for the BBC, he answered a question about Iraq by saying angrily: “Look, we’ve been through this before.” And he’ll have to go through it again, every day forever.

There are people the world over who are not prepared to wait for history to pass judgement on Blair, and who want to see him held to account now for his monumental crimes, which left one million dead, created over four million refugees and devastated the whole of Iraq.

If you get close enough to Tony Blair to attempt a peaceful citizen’s arrest, you will qualify for the reward which has already been paid a number of times. For details, see

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