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Beirut bombing is a crime against all humanity


(Beirut) The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights, as diplomatic international non-governmental organization of Human Rights, told the news network TakbirTV, through its president and ambassador Faisal Sergio Tapia, the energetic condemnation of the terrorist attack that has taken place in the south of Beirut, the Lebanese capital, crime against humanity where at least 53 people have been injured. Once again a terrorist attack against the entire Lebanese people, the stability of Lebanon, are the same hands of criminals that plague the region with Syria, where Zionism destabilization conducts its operations in the region, with the aim to create in the Lebanon war climate of the population, with the aim of destroying the Lebanese people invincible.

These terrorist operations against the Lebanon are financed by terrorist groups operating in Syria and Zionism great enemy of the great Lebanese homeland, where the response of the people of Lebanon should be the way of national unity, to avoid falling into the provocations of this new criminal terrorist and does not make the game to Zionism and its imperialist interests in this new escalation of violence against Lebanon that seeks its division, put it on the verge of a civil war caused by the sinister interests of imperialism, Zionism and mercenary terrorist groups operating in Syria.

The International Diplomatic Mission of Islamic Human Rights, notes that since the conflict began in neighboring Syria has denounced the intentions of foreign mercenaries sponsored by imperialism and Zionism, to create a climate of civil war in Lebanon and that this attack are confirming their interest to destroy the peace and destroy Lebanese unity, destroy the Lebanese people’s democratic values, which are an example for countries in the region.

Finally the  ambassador of islamic human rights, the pro Lebanese Faisal Sergio Tapia question and ask all the Lebanese, who benefits from this terrorist attack and its consequences?, From Lebanon as enemies of Lebanon No. Yes. Most importantly, do not fall into their game, by the Peace and Unity of all Lebanese, those who die are Lebanese, all children of the same country and the same sacred ground, of resistance bastion of dignity of the peoples of Middle East against the Zionist criminal usurpation.

This is not a crime against the Lebanon, is a crime against all humanity. So call to international human rights and justice to give a strong response to criminal acts against the Lebanese nation.

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Boston Bombing Suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev Arrives In Court


Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the alleged Boston Bombers arrived in court today as hundreds were in attendance outside the proceedings in Boston Wednesday.

DARTMOUTH, MA - Students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth hang out outside of the Pine Dale Hall dormitory where Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly lived April 26, 2013 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Tsarnaev was a sophomore attending the university. (Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images)

DARTMOUTH, MA – Students at the University of Massachusetts Dartmouth hang out outside of the Pine Dale Hall dormitory where Boston Marathon bombing suspect Dzhokhar Tsarnaev reportedly lived April 26, 2013 in Dartmouth, Massachusetts. Tsarnaev was a sophomore attending the university. (Photo by Kayana Szymczak/Getty Images)

By Shepard Ambellas

BOSTON — Dzhokhar Tsarnaev, one of the Boston Bombing suspects arrived in court Wednesday, as he faces over 30 felony charges for allegedly setting off weapons of mass destruction at the Boston Marathon earlier this year which killed 3 people and wounded hundreds. Tsarnaev is also accused of killing a police officer from MIT.

Tasarnaev could be facing the death penalty under federal charges even in the State of Massachusetts which hasn’t practiced the death penalty in over 65 years.

According to ABC, “Tsarnaev’s mother, Zubeidat Tsarnaeva, told ABC News today that she and her husband will be monitoring the trial from their home in Makhachkala, the capital of Dagestan, a restive region of southern Russia. Zubeidat, who has an open arrest warrant in Massachusetts in connection with a shoplifting charge, said she hoped to travel to the U.S., but only once she has assurances she’ll be able to see her son.

Zubeidat said her daughters, Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s sisters, had planned to attend the hearing today to support their brother.

Tsarnaeva was able to speak at least once by phone with her son, who is recovering from his wounds in prison. According to a recording of the call in late May, which was reported by British Channel 4, Dzhokhar sought to reassure his mother.”

The aunt of Dzhokhar Tsarnaev’s, reported via phone to independent journalist Dan Dicks, Press For Truth, that the brother and alleged accomplice in the crimes is still alive and well. The brother was identified by the aunt after he was filmed by local news crews being stuffed into a police car naked.





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British MP attacked for questioning IsraHell treatment of Palestinians


Sir Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament

Sir Bob Russell, Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament
Another member of the British parliament has nearly been sacked for comments his party describes as ‘a denigration’ of the Holocaust, local media reported.

Liberal Democrat Member of Parliament Sir Bob Russell questioned Zionist regime’s treatment of Palestinians in an address to the House of Commons on Monday.

“On the assumption that the 20th century will include the Holocaust, will he give me an assurance that the life of Palestinians since 1948 will be given equal attention?”, asked Russell.
The MP’s own party members lashed out at him for the comment.

“Bob Russell is a fringe, marginal voice in the community. All parties have them sadly”, said Gavin Stollar, of Liberal Democrat Friends of Israel.

Jeremy Newmark, on Britain’s Jewish Leadership Council said, “These remarks are a shocking piece of Holocaust denigration. There is simply no comparison between the two situations. It is worrying that so soon after the David Ward affair another MP thinks it is acceptable to play fast and loose with the language of the Holocaust in this context.”

The comments come soon after the Liberal Democrat MP David Ward was sanctioned by his party following his conflation between the Middle East conflict and the Holocaust.

Ward, who was rebuked by his party leader Nick Clegg, said on the eve of Holocaust Memorial Day, “[I am] saddened that the Jews, who suffered unbelievable levels of persecution during the Holocaust, could within a few years of liberation from the death camps be inflicting atrocities on Palestinians…”

The Liberal Democrat party also recently expelled Baroness Jenny Tonge following her anti-Israel remarks in which she asserted that “Israel won’t be there forever”.

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BBC Geoengineering Propaganda


Is the BBC Attempting to covertly acclimate its audience to Geoengineering?

Convention on Biological Diversity


By Avalon

In a soon to be viral video by the YouTube channel jamnoise72 the covert attempt to acclimate BBC readers to Geoengineering is clear as a blue sky. The video details one particular image that shows the sky near Manchester Airport, England, that’s a victim of massive Geoengineering. The suggestion here is that if you live near an airport, then these Contrails are to be expected – this is a technique called acclimation or normalization.

The sight of what seems to be blatant Geoengineering propaganda enragedjamnoise72 to the point that she posted a video expressing her anger at the BBC. This kind of activism is what potentially can awaken people because her reasoning is just common sense. How can these Contrails be normal at an airport location when these same images are from locations all over the world?

The video makes such a strong point that one need only take a look around to see that jamnoise72 is absolutely right. This is not normal cloud or Contrail formation – these are Chemtrails.

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Published on Jul 10, 2013



Your pictures: Flight

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Israeli press reported today that 12% of Israelis paid a bribe in the past year, and political parties and religious organizations are perceived as Israel’s most corrupt public institutions, according to the Global Corruption Barometer 2013 published today by Transparency International.

12% of the respondents said that they paid a bribe in the past year. Almost one in ten Israelis (9%) who came in contact with government real estate services said that they paid a bribe.

In ‘the only democracy in the Middle East’, 89% of the population believe that personal connections or the use of power are essential for promoting their interests vis-à-vis the authorities. This is the highest percentage of all the countries covered by the Global Corruption Barometer; the global average is 63%.

Considering Israel being The Jewish State, we are entitled to assume that the above statistics tells us something about Jewish culture and politics. It certainly helps us to grasp the Jewish Lobby’s operational mode. Money makes the world go round and AIPAC, CFI and CRIF know it too well.


Syrian Rebels behind Aleppo Sarin Attack


I have just passed the analysis of samples taken at the site of the chemical attack to the UN Secretary General

British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin award the Russian Ushakov medal to Artic Convoy Veterans in No 10 Downing street on June 16, 2013 in London, England.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM – JUNE 16: British Prime Minister David Cameron (L) and Russian President Vladimir Putin award the Russian Ushakov medal to Artic Convoy Veterans in No 10 Downing street on June 16, 2013 in London, England. Cameron meets with Russian President Putin for talks on the Syrian crisis amid fears that differences between Moscow and the West are pushing the two sides towards a new Cold War. (Photo by Anthony Devlin – Pool / Getty Images)

by Avalon 


I have just passed the analysis of samples taken at the site of the chemical attack to the UN Secretary General – Russia’s UN Envoy Vitaly Churkin

Russia Today just posted a report from a Russian team that conducted an on-site investigation and believes the chemical trail leads straight to the rebels.

This breaking news validates what most Independent Media reporting has suspected all along. The establishment of a so called ‘Red–Line’ with the use of chemical weapons was established for the very contingency of requiring additional backup forces to overpower the Syrian regime of Assad.

The strategy of supporting the Syrian rebels, who are primarily Al Qaeda forces, could be the Obama Administrations undoing. The complexity of this strategy is detailed in the article Is Obama Arming Al Qaeda to Topple Assad? by writer F. William Engdahl. There’s also a great article by James H. Fetzer who writes for titled,Washington Overtly Supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria

In the article Russian inquiry to UN: Rebels, not Army, behind Syria Aleppo sarin attack, the significant point about chemical weapons reads:

The Syrian government invited chief UN chemical weapons investigator Ake Sellstrom and UN disarmament chief Angela Kane for talks in Damascus on Monday, announcing that a rebels-linked storage site containing piles of dangerous chemicals had been discovered.

“The Syrian authorities have discovered yesterday in the city of Banias 281 barrels filled with dangerous, hazardous chemical materials,” Syrian UN Ambassador Bashar Ja’afari said, adding that the chemicals were “capable of destroying a whole city, if not the whole country.”

The chemicals, which included monoethylene glycol and polyethylene glycol, were found in a storage site used by “armed terrorist groups,” Ja’afari explained. He said that Syria has started an investigation into the discovery. 

The Syrian envoy expressed Damascus’ confidence that there will be “constructive negotiations with the Syrian officials in order to reach an agreement,” particularly in terms of “reference, mechanism, and time frame” of the UN mission.

In the article White House: Syria crosses ‘red line’ with use of chemical weapons on its people by CNN, one can see that CNN is totally compromised and has no objectivity or desire to report news honestly. The Russian investigation is news and merits reporting. CNN quite literally must be under complete control of the Obama administration – let’s see if they include any report on the Russian Chemical Weapons Investigation in any upcoming reports. Quoting from the article:

Washington (CNN) — Syria has crossed a “red line” with its use of chemical weapons, including the nerve agent sarin gas, against rebels, a move that is prompting the United States to increase the “scale and scope” of its support for the opposition, the White House said Thursday.

The acknowledgment is the first time President Barack Obama’s administration has definitively said what it has long suspected — that President Bashar al-Assad’s forces have used chemical weapons in the ongoing civil war.

“The intelligence community estimates that 100 to 150 people have died from detected chemical weapons attacks in Syria to date; however, casualty data is likely incomplete,” Ben Rhodes, the deputy national security adviser for strategic communications, said in a statement released by the White House.

“While the lethality of these attacks make up only a small portion of the catastrophic loss of life in Syria, which now stands at more than 90,000 deaths, the use of chemical weapons violates international norms and crosses clear red lines that have existed within the international community for decades,” Rhodes added.


Syrian rebels behind Aleppo Sarin Attack, not Assad forces – Russian inquiry to UN

Published on Jul 10, 2013

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It may have been the Syrian rebels, not President Assad’s forces, behind a chemical attack in Aleppo that left two dozen dead earlier this year. That’s according to a Russian team that conducted an on-site investigation and believes the chemical trail leads straight to the rebels. Washington, though, maintains it’s more likely to be the regime in Damascus. RT’s Gayane Chichyakyan reports.


Lastly, it is important to note that Vladimir Putin is opposed to military intervention in Syria, and recent statements reflect that position.

Putin opposed any foreign intervention. On 1 June 1, 2012, in Paris, he rejected the statement of French President Francois Hollande who called on Bashar Al-Assad to step down. Putin echoed the argument of the Assad regime that anti-regime ’’militants’’ were responsible for much of the bloodshed, rather than the shelling by Syrian forces and the civilian killings attributed by survivors and Western governments toregime supporters. He asked “But how many of peaceful people (sic) were killed by so-called militants? Did you count? There are also hundreds of victims.” He also talked about previous NATO interventions and their results, and asked “What is happening in Libya, in Iraq? Did they become safer? Where are they heading? Nobody has an answer.”[233]


Syrian rebels behind Aleppo Sarin Attack, not Assad forces – Russian inquiry to UN

The CIA’s “Founding” of Al Qaeda

Washington Overtly Supporting Al-Qaeda in Syria

Vladimir Putin

Russian inquiry to UN: Rebels, not Army, behind Syria Aleppo sarin attack


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Pentagon Orders Purge of Osama Bin Laden’s Death Files from Data Bank

Global Research

A new wave of camouflage is underway at the Pentagon and the CIA. The bin Laden “death files” contained in the Pentagon’s data bank have become the object of controversy.

Navy Vice Admiral William McRaven has been entrusted in removing these secret military files concerning the May 2011 Navy SEAL raid on Osama bin Laden’s alleged hideout in Abbotabad, Pakistan from the Pentagon’s data banks.

The files of the bin Laden SEAL operation had to be removed to sustain the Big Lie. Osama was allegedly killed on the orders of the US government, despite ample evidence that he was already dead at the time of the attack:

… the US government pulled off one of the most audacious stunts of the 21st century, when on May 2nd 2011 they claimed to have killed Osama bin Laden during a Navy SEAL operation in Abbottabad, Pakistan. The contemptuously sloppy story spun by the US government, parroted without question by the controlled corporate media, and obligingly swallowed by a largely gullible Western public, was dubious in the extreme. (Brit Dee, Global Research, May 03, 2012)

Who was killed? Was it Osama bin Laden or someone else?

“Rest in Peace”, “‘Truth” will prevail. The files are no longer at the Pentagon, they have been sent to the CIA, in violation of the Freedom of Information Act. The White House tacitly acknowledges that the procedure of moving government records was in violation of federal norms:

A draft report by the Pentagon’s inspector-general briefly described the secret move, which was directed by the top US special operations commander, Admiral William McRaven.

The transfer did not set off alarms within the Obama administration even though it appears to have sidestepped rules governing federal records and circumvented the Freedom of Information Act.

President Barack Obama has pledged to make his administration the most transparent in US history.

The CIA said the documents were handled in a manner consistent with the fact that the operation was conducted under the CIA’s direction. (Belfast Telegraph, July 8, 2013)

The Pentagon spokesperson denied the fact that the removal of these files was to avoid the legal requirements of the Freedom of Information Act.

But secretly moving the records allowed the Pentagon to tell The Associated Press that it couldn’t find any documents inside the Defense Department that AP had requested more than two years ago, and could represent a new strategy for the U.S. government to shield even its most sensitive activities from public scrutiny. New York Daily News

According to the official statement, the record transfer from the Pentagon to the CIA has nothing to do with Freedom of Information. Its objective was “to protect the names of the personnel involved in the raid, according to the inspector general’s draft report.”

Protect whom? Several members of the SEAL raid are now dead, allegedly “due to combat and training accidents”. The list of names in the Osama death files is known to US intelligence but not to the broader public, nor to family members:

According to the New York Times, “79 commandos and a dog” were involved in the raid that killed Osama bin Laden — though other reports peg the number at approximately 24. Since the raid, SEAL Team Six — the team that conducted the Bin Laden raid — has lost several members due to combat and training accidents, though none of them have been confirmed as being specifically part of the Bin Laden raid.

The largest loss to the team took place in April of 2011 when Taliban fighters shot down a U.S. helicopter and killed 22 members of SEAL Team Six, along with 16 other U.S. troops.None of those SEALs, however, were reported to have worked on the Bin Laden raid. Separately, the BeforeItsNews piece references Cmdr. Job W. Price, who committed suicide in December of 2012, as being another person connected to the Bin Laden raid who has died. This accusation doesn’t hold up because Price was reportedly part of SEAL Team Four, not Six, and was not part of the Bin Laden raid.

The most recent death tied to SEAL Team Six took place on March 28, when Special Warfare Operator Chief Brett D. Shadle was killed in a parachute training accident when he collided in midair with another SEAL over the Arizona desert. He was later identified as being a part of Team Six, though it’s unclear if he was actually assigned to the Bin Laden mission.

The problem with completely confirming or disproving the accusation that so many SEAL Team Six members have died is that the U.S. military typically does not disclose which units special forces members work on, even after their deaths. In interviews with MSN News, spokespeople at the U.S. Navy, Pentagon and Special Operations Command (SOCOM) each refused to comment on the BeforeItsNews article or the claim that 25 members of the Bin Laden raid team have died. (MSN News, April 9, 2013)

The members of SEAL Team Six know the untold truth. And they are forbidden to reveal it.

“Many credible commentators, including respected intelligence analysts and heads of state, had claimed years before 2011 that bin Laden was dead.” (Brit Dee, op cit)

Several members of SEAL Team Six which carried out the attack are now dead.

The Osama Legend is now classified, buried in the Osama Death files stored in the archives of the CIA.

Only the CIA knows the names of the surviving members of the SEAL team involved in the May 2011 Osama Abbotabad raid.

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Radioactive Cesium Level Soars 90-fold at Fukushima in Just 3 Days


Levels of radioactive cesium-134 in a well at Fukushima nuclear power plant are up to 90 times higher than just three days ago, and may spread into the Pacific Ocean. Meanwhile, 10 applications to restart reactors under stricter rules have been received.



TEPCO, the company that operated the plant and is now in charge of the cleanup and decommissioning, said that cesium-134 levels in the well water were at 9,000 becquerels per liter, 150 times the legal level. While cesium-137 measured 18,000 becquerels, 200 times the permitted level.

Cesium-137 has a half-life of 30 years and the readings were some 85 times higher than they had been three days earlier.

These are the highest cesium levels found since the March 2011 disaster.

“It is unclear whether the radioactive water is leaking into the sea. After gathering needed data, we will conduct analyses,” a TEPCO official told the Japanese media.

Although the total levels of cesium collected on July 8 were far higher than those collected just three days earlier on July 5, levels of other radioactive materials, such as strontium, remained the same as three days ago.

“We do not know why only cesium levels have risen,” a TEPCO spokesman said.

The latest findings, just 25 meters from the Pacific Ocean, were made just a month after TEPCO detected cesium in the groundwater flowing from high ground fairly far from the sea into its destroyed plant.

The spike, along with discoveries of other radioactive elements like Tritium and Strontium, suggest that contaminated water is spreading towards the sea from the reactors, which are on higher ground.

It was reported in June that very high levels of strontium 90 were found in groundwater near the stricken plant, but TEPCO officials insisted that it had not leaked into the nearby ocean.

Engineers have been flushing water over the reactors for more than two years to keep them cool, but contaminated water has been building up at the rate of an Olympic sized swimming pool every week and TEPCO is running out of space to store it.

It has applied to channel groundwater, which it says has low levels of radioactive contamination, around the plant and into the sea. Local fishermen have opposed the proposal.

The findings in one of four wells dug by TEPCO at Fukushima since May 24, 2013, come just days after new safety rules came into force designed to avoid a repeat of the disaster and allow Japan to restart it nuclear power stations.

At present only two of Japan’s 50 reactors are connected to the grid, but the government is forging ahead with plans to reopen them, in the face of a skeptical public and rising imported fossil fuel bills to run conventional power stations.

“Some of the units are projected to [restart] one year from now, though I don’t know how many,” Kenzo Oshima a commissioner at Japan’s Nuclear Radiation Authority, told Reuters.

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FBI books


Nominee for F.B.I. Director Appears Before Senate Panel
Christopher Gregory/The New York Times

Statement From F.B.I. Director Nominee: At his nomination hearing on Tuesday, James B. Comey said he would follow the example of the current
F.B.I. director and noted that the agency must act as an “independent entity.”


James B. Comey, President Obama’s nominee for F.B.I. director, said on Tuesday thatalthough he authorized the use of waterboarding when he was a deputy attorney general under President George W. Bush, he believes that the technique is torture and illegal.

QUESTIONS (Jim Craven):

Does Mr. Comey only now believe that waterboarding is torture? Does he not know the history of “the water cure”?

Did he not know then, when he authorized its use and gave it “legal cover” from the A.G.’s Office, that it was developed during the Spanish Inquisition as a method of interrogation when the Pope banned any methods that drew blood or maimed?

Did he not know that the U.S. Government employed its use in the Philippines in 1902 while later AFTER WWII putting Japanese on trial as War Criminals for using waterboarding on American and Allied POWs?


Life Magazine celebrating U.S. Forces Waterboarding in the Philippines 1902. After WWII, Japanese troops were convicted of war crimes for the same thing

Life Magazine celebrating U.S. Forces Waterboarding in the Philippines 1902. After WWII, Japanese troops were convicted of war crimes for the same thing

Waterboarding openly pracitced and celebrated in U.S. media 1902

Waterboarding openly pracitced and celebrated in U.S. media 1902

FROM: Christopher Gregory/The New York Times:

James B. Comey appeared before the Senate Judiciary Committee on Tuesday.

“When I first learned about waterboarding when I became deputy attorney general, my reaction as a citizen and a leader was, this is torture,” Mr. Comey said in testimony during a confirmation hearing before the Senate Judiciary Committee. “It’s still what I think.”

But Mr. Comey, who was the deputy attorney general from 2003 to 2005 under Mr. Bushand whose job was to review the government’s legal opinions, said the question of whether waterboarding was legal was hard to determine because the government’s statute was vague. He said that despite believing it was legal at the time, he urged the administration to stop using the tactic.

QUESTIONS (Jim Craven):

What kind of double-talk is this and why is this allowed? Whether a given act is torture or not is determined by the nature of the act, facts on the ground and definitions of torture.

If an act is torture by definition, then any attempt to selectively redefine an act [so that it is allowed only by word games and the act disingenuously not being viewed as torture as defined by the act–rather than the act clearly seen for what it clearly is] then that is Conspiracy to Obstruct Justice and Pervert/Corrupt the Spirit and Intent of the Laws Against Torture [as well as following what one knows to be at the time an illegal order.] That is being a sycophant and toady of the worst kind: giving a green-light to lawlessness under the guise and cover of law itself.

For the recipients of waterboarding, as well as for those who administer it under the guise of national security and expedience but do so covertly destroying any evidence of it, both recognize it as torture. There is no need to cover-up what is clean or what one believes to be clean; only what is dirty and what one knows to be dirty.

JAMES COMEY: “And so I made that argument as forcefully as I could to the attorney general,” Mr. Comey said. “He took my — actually literally took my notes with him to a meeting at the White House and told me he made my argument in full [paper trail?] and that the principals were fully on board with the policy, and so my argument was rejected.”

QUESTIONS (Jim Craven):

Where was the “spine-to-resign” his position by Mr. Comey rather than carry-out or publicly endorse and/or fail to call-out and expose, an order or practice (torture) you believed to be a form of torture, that the U.S. Government was on record in War Crimes Trials against Japanese as calling torture, and without a record of responses for the record to your written reservations and objections?

So in other words when push came to shove, Mr.Comey moved forward and not only allowed and endorsed, but made no public mention of any private reservations about, methods of interrogation that even the CIA destroyed taped evidence of while proclaiming its legality?

Yet when it came to attempts by Alberto Gonzales and others to get Attorney General Ashcroft to sign-off on widespread wiretapping without warrants, and he thought Ashcroft, in critical condition with very painful pancreas distress was being pressured and intimidated, he wrote but did not send a resignation letter over that; while he later went on to endorse what Ashcroft was being pressured to sign and had refused to sign on to. Where is the outrage and willingness to draw the line against breach of the law alluded to in his letter?

comey resignation letter


Mr. Comey’s nomination has received strong bipartisan support, but some Democrats and civil liberty groups have raised questions about his role in the Bush administration.

In particular, two senior Democratic senators, Richard J. Durbin of Illinois and Sheldon Whitehouse of Rhode Island, raised concerns last week about how Mr. Comey approved the use of “enhanced interrogation techniques” that included waterboarding.

In testimony before the same Senate committee five years ago, Mr. Comey distinguished himself from many members of the Bush administration — and significantly raised his national profile — with testimony that was perceived as repudiating government surveillance programs.

QUESTIONS (Jim Craven):

At this stage, with these kinds of questions yet to be posed or answered, why support bipartisan or otherwise for Mr. Comey? Is this another “Manchurian Candidate” this time for FBI?

Why is the FBI Headquarters Building in Washington D.C. part of “The JUSTICE Department” still named after J. Edgar Hoover? This is an individual who serially shit all over the U.S. Constitution and the rights of many citizens an destroyed many innocent lives.

This is an individual who, according to many authoritative biographies, was a thug, a hypocritical homophobe, a blackmailer and extortionist, who used the resources of the FBI to create a kind of GESTAPO that it was supposed never to be. Why did no one ask Mr. Comey how he felt about the legacy of lawlessness and corruption J. Edgar Hoover and his soul mate Clyde Tolson?

What is Mr. Comey’s position on the legacy of J Edgar Hoover and Clyde Tolson in the FBI? What has been done to get rid of the “Old Guard” and those mentored by them?

The J Edgar Hoover Building. Imagine a shelter for battered women named after Ted Bundy. Imagine a building of the B'nai Brith named after Adolf Eichmann. That is what a building of the FBI and "Justice Department" named after a corrupt fascist thug, megalomaniac, extortionist of presidents, blackmailer and associate of mobsters is like. That this building is still named after Hoover after all the lives he destroyed also says where the FBI is till at today in terms of its culture.

The J Edgar Hoover Building. Imagine a shelter for battered women named after Ted Bundy. Imagine a building of the B’nai Brith named after Adolf Eichmann. That is what a building of the FBI and “Justice Department” named after a corrupt fascist thug, megalomaniac, extortionist of presidents, blackmailer and associate of mobsters is like. That this building is still named after Hoover after all the lives he destroyed also says where the FBI is till at today in terms of its culture.


Like with Petraeus, the more that comes out on Hoover and Tolson the sleazier and more over-rated they appear. The only award I could see for them as appropriate would be the Mr J  Edgar Hoover and  Mrs, Clyde Tolson Hoover Award for Pioneering Achievements in Same Gender Marriage

Like with Petraeus, the more that comes out on Hoover and Tolson the sleazier and more over-rated they appear.


At a hearing about the Justice Department’s firings of several United States attorneys, Mr. Comey riveted the senators by testifying about a 2004 episode in which he believed that senior Bush administration officials tried to persuade his ailing boss, Attorney General John Ashcroft, to sign off on an illegal data-collection program.

QUESTIONS (Jim Craven):

Did Mr. Comey or anyone immediately call FBI to report attempts by others to solicit him and others to commit and cover-up criminal acts?

Conspiracy means two or more people take at least one affirmative step ([they need not complete their objectives] in furtherance of a common and coordinated plan to pursue objectives or engage in activities they know or should know to be illegal. Even if one does not join-in on a conspiracy, but does not report it, that too is a major felony called “Misprision of a Felony”; Failure to report attempts to solicit someone to be part of “illegal activities” and/or to further illegal objectives.

Misprision of a Felony

Misprision of a felony is the offense of failure to inform government authorities of a felony that a person knows about. A person commits the crime of misprision of a felony if that person:

• Knows of a federal crime that the person has witnessed or that has come to the person’s attention, or failed to prevent.

• Fails to report it to a federal judge or other federal official (who is not thems4elves involved in the crime).

Federal Crime Reporting Statute

The federal offense of failure to disclose a felony, if coupled with some act concealing the felony, such as suppression of evidence, harboring or protecting the person performing the felony, intimidation or harming a witness, or any other act designed to conceal from authorities the fact that a crime has been committed.

Title 18 U.S.C. § 4. Misprision of felony. Whoever, having knowledge of the actual commission of a felony cognizable by a court of the United States, conceals and does not as soon as possible make known the same to some judge or other person in civil or military authority under the United States, shall be fined under this title or imprisoned not more than three years, or both.

A federal judge, or any other government official, is required as part of the judge’s mandatory administrative duties, to receive any offer of information of a federal crime. If that judge blocks such report, that block is a felony under related obstruction of justice statutes, and constitutes a serious offense.

Upon receiving such information, the judge is then required to make it known to a government law enforcement body that is not themselves involved in the federal crime.

Another federal statute exists for reporting high-level corruption in government:

Title 28 U.S.C. § 1361. Action to compel an officer of the United States to perform his duty. The district courts shall have original jurisdiction of any action in the nature of mandamus to compel an officer or employee of the United States or any agency thereof to perform a duty owed to the plaintiff.

This federal statute permits any citizen to file a lawsuit in the federal courts to obtain a court order requiring a federal official to perform a mandatory duty and to halt unlawful acts. This statute is Title 28 U.S.C. § 1361.

These two statutes are among the most powerful tools in the hands of the people, even a single person, to report corrupt and criminal activities by federal officials−including federal judges−and to circumvent the blocks by those in key positions in the three branches of government. That statute was also repeatedly blocked by federal judges and Justices of the U.S. Supreme Court.


Mr. Comey said that Mr. Ashcroft, who was in the hospital, had signed his powers over to him. But Mr. Bush’s chief of staff and White House counsel, he said, went to Mr. Ashcroft’s hospital room and asked him to sign off on a National Security Agency program that was collecting Internet data on Americans.

Mr. Comey, who said he had been tipped off that the White House officials were headed to the hospital, testified that he confronted them. The program was halted soon after.

After his testimony, Mr. Comey was widely credited with putting the law over political concerns. But senior Bush administration officials said that although Mr. Comey’s objections halted the program, it was later resumed under a similar legal framework and with few procedural changes.

Mr. Comey did not provide new details about the incident on Tuesday, but he did defend the use of surveillance programs to identify terrorists. “I do know as a general matter that the collection of metadata and analysis of metadata is a valuable tool in counterterrorism,” he said.

QUESTIONS (Jim Craven): Why is it that programs to which Mr. Comey expressed objections in private get moved forwarded anyway and he winds up later publicly supporting them and their intentions while at the same time now highlighting past objections that were never serious enough to cause his resignation on a matter of principle and his Duty as an Officer of the Court, Law Enforcement/Justice Department Official?

Where is any record of his internal concerns?

Why did CIA destroy all tapes of waterboarding? What about the other practices in addition to waterboarding routine at places like GITMO?


When Mr. Obama nominated Mr. Comey as F.B.I. director, Bush administration officials and civil liberty groups raised questions about whether he was truly skeptical of government surveillance programs.

They have pointed to the other surveillance programs that Mr. Comey supported — like wiretapping without warrants — as examples of how he is comfortable with an array of controversial programs. A senior Bush administration official who worked closely with Mr. Comey said that “he was quite comfortable with a whole bunch” of government surveillance programs and that he had repeatedly signed off on their authorization.

“There’s one very big problem with describing Comey as some sort of civil libertarian — some facts suggest otherwise,” Laura W. Murphy, the director of the American Civil Liberties Union’s legislative office in Washington, said in an article published by The Guardian.

She added: “While Comey deserves credit for stopping an illegal spying program in dramatic fashion, he also approved or defended some of the worst abuses of the Bush administration during his time as deputy attorney general. Those included torture, warrantless wiretapping and indefinite detention.”

Before serving as the deputy attorney general under Mr. Bush, Mr. Comey was the United States attorney in the Southern District of New York, where he oversaw a variety of prosecutions, including the case against Martha Stewart. He teaches at Columbia Law School after having served as general counsel for the large Connecticut hedge fund Bridgewater Associates.

QUESTIONS (Jim Craven):

Just who exactly do the FBI and Mr. Comey regard as potential “terrorists”? For an idea, here is a flyer put out by FBI asking citizens to spy on their neighbors if they appear to belong to any of the groups listed on the pamphlet:

What does he have to say about the FBI special handling of Jill Kelly by investigating her complaint (which had the unintended but excellent effect of taking Petraeus out of CIA and exposing him for what he clearly is) relative to others who have tried to get FBI to investigate serious civil rights, hate and related crimes for years with no response?

What does Mr. Comey have to say about the “cross-embedding” of favored journalists from the media and groupies like the Kelly sisters, into special access to FBI and other operations and tradecraft along with/versus the embedding of former FBI and intelligence officials like John Miller now of CBS into the media after retirement as “consultants”?

What is the price of “special access” given by or to FBI and other such agencies?

FBI MCSO Terrorist Flyer Front

FBI MCSO Terrorist Flyer Front

FBI MCSOTerrorist Flyber Back

FBI MCSOTerrorist Flyber Back


Please note this FBI Flyer that suggests that “Terrorists” include ‘Super-patriots’ who are ‘defenders’ [their use of quotes to suggest not real patriots nor defenders] of the U.S. Constitution against the Federal Government and the U.N. [gee whiz, when has the U.S. Government EVER violated the U.S. Constitution?] those who attempt to ‘police the police’ [again their use of quotes to suggest that anyone who believes in transparency and accountability for the police and all government employees is some kind of potential terrorist] and those who “make numerous references to the U.S. Constitution” are also potential terrorists.

Also included are left-wing groups particularly Marxists and Marxist-Leninists which the universities are full of some claim. But anyone who has read Marx or Lenin knows that they were both anti-terrorists and regarded any forms of terrorism as not only “Left-wing infantilism” and counter-productive, but also as objectively and even subjectively aiding the enemy and causing misery to those the Leftist is purporting to want to help to liberate. Marxists of various camps all regard the masses and the masses alone (not geniuses, “great men”, technology, ideas,) through class struggle as the motive or driving force of history; they also believe that ideas only take root and become a material force when grasped and applied by those masses.

They believe that terrorism is not only morally evil and harms defenseless innocents, but also works against, not ever for, the consciousness-raising that is necessary for mass movements to produce their own real liberation rather than new forms of the same old things and forms of oppression in essence. Marxists believe that terrorism is the infantile attempt to build movements and actions on the cheap, through theatrical and terrorist acts that involve “politics of the deed”; these are seen as the acts of petit-bourgeois types who want instant results and gratification in lieu of the protracted, patient and persuasion of mass work. Of course there are those who do terrorism who call themselves Marxists or whatever, but there is nothing in Marxism that sanctions terrorism in any way; real Marxists are anti-terrorism and anti-terrorists.

As for the right-wing “hate groups” yes some of these have been involved in terrorism as defined as any form of violence or coercion aimed at or indifferent to non-combatants, civilians and innocents with no means of defense. But terrorism is not holding thoughts or beliefs that are used later to justify violence. Terrorism is the actual turning thoughts and ideas into violence or conspiracy to do so while merely holding ideas, with no intention to turn them into real acts of violence is protected by that U.S. Constitution that is the supreme law of the land.


This Constitution, and the Laws of the United States which shall be made in pursuance thereof; and all treaties made, or which shall be made, under the authority of the United States, shall be the supreme law of the land; and the judges in every state shall be bound thereby, anything in the constitution or laws of any state to the contrary notwithstanding.

Supremacy Clause
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Article VI, Clause 2 of the United States Constitution, known as the Supremacy Clause, establishes the U.S. Constitution, federal statutes, and U.S. Treaties as “the supreme law of the land.” The text provides that these are the highest form of law in the U.S. legal system, and mandates that all state judges must follow federal law when a conflict arises between federal law and either the state constitution or state law of any state.

The “supremacy clause” is the most important guarantor of national union. Itassures that the Constitution and federal laws and treaties take precedence over state law and binds all judges to adhere to that principle in their courts. – United States Senate[1]

The Supremacy Clause only applies if Congress is acting in pursuit of its constitutionally authorized powers. Federal laws are valid and are supreme, so long as those laws were adopted in pursuance of—that is, consistent with—the Constitution. Nullification is the legal theory that states have the right to nullify, or invalidate, federal laws which they view as being unconstitutional; or federal laws that they view as having exceeded Congresses’ constitutionally authorized powers. The Supreme Court has rejected nullification, finding that under Article III of the Constitution, the power to declare federal laws unconstitutional has been delegated to the federal courts and that states do not have the authority to nullify federal law.[2]

So according to FBI, if one too often expresses support for the U.S. Constitution or makes “numerous references” to it when interacting with law enforcement, or if one is to assert that somehow the police might need policing themselves, and that law enforcement and indeed all government employees must be transparent, accountable act always in accordance with their oath to uphold, support and protect the Constitution of the United States against all enemies foreign and domestic, that kind of person must be some kind of potential terrorist to be snitched on to your local FBI in Arizona or elsewhere.





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Mark Dankof’s America July 12, 2013

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