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America’s Monopolized Media – Part 2


The 6 Parent Companies That Discreetly Control 90 Percent of US Media and Manufacture Consent


By Cassius Methyl
July 13, 2013

CBS’s president, David Rhodes, has a brother who is a top White House official, close to Obama himself. Ben Rhodes, the White House official, has advocated things such as using military force in Libya and now Syria. Neither the White House or CBS had commentary, when asked what the relationship was, between CBS and the White House. It is not hard to figure out that CBS represents the unconstitutional and criminal government, and will keep the public from knowing that the government is technically criminal, at all costs. Ben Rhodes changed what they called the “talking points” about the Benghazi scandal at the White House, when talking to press, and clearly had something to do with CBS blacking out the Benghazi scandal, acting as if nothing happened.

Of course, there are far worse crimes of the federal government, aside from Benghazi, such as the hundreds of innocent children blown to pieces by the Obama Administration in Pakistan. Time and time again, it has been proven that CBS represents the views of these tyrants, and they help build popular consent for the agenda of the politicians and perhaps corporate elite, by producing subtle or blatant propaganda. CBS also owns the Smithsonian,, the propaganda movie channel Showtime, and a host of other media assets that do nothing but serve the interests of the ruling class.

CBS news normalizes police brutality in the minds of viewers, makes it seem as if endless war is acceptable, leads the people to cognitive dissonance and a disconnection from reality, and allow the drug war, and endless authoritarianism. Like all of these news entities, CBS uses fear tactics by reporting on only the worst things that are happening sometimes, such as murders, robberies, ect.

One who routinely watches CBS is likely to develop illogical fears, and if the elitists are lucky, come running to government or police for protection from the fears that have been subtly pounded into them. CBS makes a person much more likely to buy into the protection racket of government, and never ever question it, or seek an alternative, or demand that police NOT LOCK PEOPLE IN CAGES FOR VICTIMLESS CRIMES.

Most CBS viewers will buy into the concept that we need gun control, though the truth is, they are irrefutably, provably disconnected from reality, because statistics show that every single place where “gun control” is in effect, has a high murder rate. Gun control is nothing more than the police and government taking the most extreme, dictatorial power possible nearly, and creating a complete monopoly on force and arms. Gun control means gun monopoly, and the police are absolutely not able to defend the people against criminals.

Criminals will always get guns by some means, yet ordinary people do not want to break the law, and will instead end up defenseless against criminals in a situation where gun control is in effect. CBS pretends none of this evidence at all exists, and blatantly advocates for the government to be allowed supreme dictatorial power.

I understand how a person who is simply watching a show like CBS or FOX news for their information, can be deceived. It is not an attack on the individual, pointing out the fact that all of these news agencies are propaganda- this was written to respectfully inform those of you, that you cannot continue to ingest this media.

You must find your information from independent sources online, like independent media. You must truly look up everything, you must look up how many innocent people Obama and bush have killed, look up Operation Northwoods, where the US government planned to fake deaths, and even kill US soldiers, and blow up US war ships to justify war with Cuba. There is a lot of critically important information, to having a full perspective of the behavior of your government and the world, that you will never hear from the mainstream media. The mainstream media will tell you that thousands of dead children, are “acceptable collateral damage”, and that is okay.

That is morally insane, genocidal, and anyone who doesn’t feel hurt from simply hearing this, has a lot of work to do. You have a lot of work to do, building a sense of logical empathy and compassion for fellow human beings, if you can’t see the severity in those facts. Both the left and right now, citizens who consider themselves republican or democrat or liberal or conservative, for the most part don’t understand how many innocent people die in senseless wars in the Middle East, which are supported by politicians of all of those parties.

The bottom line is, if a citizen who considered themselves a believer in one of these parties philosophies, and they were to firsthand witness a drone strike in Pakistan, they would change forever. If a liberal, republican, conservative, or democrat, were to witness with their own eyes, children getting blown into pieces, women and children screaming as their family is torn apart by shrapnel dropped out of the sky by a senseless US drone operator, that individual would denounce the US government forever. Is that what is will take?

Will you people have to witness the horrible crimes against humanity our government is causing, to ever comprehend it? Barack Obama is doing even worse than Bush, and he has killed over 300 children in Pakistan alone with these bombs, tearing children into pieces. When will you comprehend this? I can tell you, the reason you may not comprehend it, is because of the media you ingest. The world’s top war crimes prosecutor, Francis Boyle he “WILL get Bush in the US”, for advising torture, and overseeing and committing brutal war crimes.

So why does the paradigm allow this? Why ever, would the people be so disconnected from reality, unable to fathom that the charismatic Obama is in fact a ruthless child murderer, unable to ever imagine the politicians being prosecuted? The reason is almost almost primarily because of the media the citizens of this country are addicted to, it is pure, desensitizing propaganda. These 6 media giants are clearly corrupted with serving the interests of the political and corporate elite who profit from the crimes of the government, be it through pay offs to the media, or a president of a company being related to a top White House official.

Why is it that today, people find moral justification, or no moral objection, to being as unknowing as they are? When did it become okay to do so little research, to learn so little, and to trust the media so much? It is because every single character in every movie or tv show basically, every news personality, and all the people in all the media these people consume, are just as unknowing as them, and it justifies this ignorance for the consumers of this media. It is a very sensitive thing I’m sure, for people who have been influenced by media, to admit how heavily influenced they have been. If a person takes influence from another person, and the other person was influenced by media, then they were influenced by the media too. It goes so very deep.

The media has taught many people, that anything that sounds too unlikely, in contrast to what the media says , is crazy. The media has taught that activists are “conspiracy theorists”, and like a dirty racial slur, this has allowed for more children to be killed in the Middle East, more innocent Americans killed by police, and more senseless destruction, all because the American people have been drawn into consenting to this system, because the media is so far reaching. The media has taught that anything that sounds impossible , must be crazy, and has taught people that it is perfectly okay to completely ignore these ideas. This indoctrinating media has produced tv shows and movies where people who know things to be proven, such as chemtrails, or depopulation, are crazy, and that deeply effects the attitude of the masses.

The way every single character or news personality acts, is a conscious or subconscious template for the media consumer. Celebrities are templates as well, and they use their millions of followers and incredible reach that has been created for them by the true propagandists, to make people dumber and more confused and disconnected from reality, all while justifying it with false morality. The people undeniably draw a sense of reality from all of this media.

But when a person realizes that reality is so very different from how the media paints it, and realizes the enormous gap of information that is left out of the media, then they realize that the media is designed to be propaganda. It can’t NOT be, because it is irrefutably, so incredibly disconnected from reality. When a person realizes this, then they understand that their sense of reality actually originated from the media, and the media was not created based off of the culture that supposedly already existed.

The propaganda creates the culture. This is the point, at which a person may say they “wake up”, or “become a aware of the matrix.” They become aware of just how badly they have been mislead, and it is a very difficult journey. This is when a person typically starts looking up everything, researching everything on the Internet, looking so hard for things that they can be absolutely without a doubt, proven or disproven. Why do you think more and more people are saying things you might think are crazy? You’ll never know unless you look it up, and avoid corporate, propagandizing media. That media, warps the paradigm and culture to their benefit, spreading ignorance and dysfunctionality.

It is a very large amount of information to write, describing every single asset, every single tv station, movie producing company, news corporation, newspaper, or piece of media owned by each one of these corporations, but now I will sum up what companies own other things you may have thought to be independent before. There is Disney, who owns such properties as ABC news, ESPN, Pixar, Miramax, and Marvel Studios.

The president of the news corporation ABC, also has strong ties to the White House- his sister is one of Obama’s advisers as well, her name is Elizabeth Sherwood. ABC is very, very similar to CBS, promoting nearly all the same things, serving the interest of brainwashing the public, and pretending as if the Obama administration didn’t kill hundreds of children in the Middle East. It is excellent proof that these media corporations are pure propaganda, the fact that they don’t mention the worst crimes of the administration.

Those would make for excellent stories, right? Yes, they would. They would benefit the corporation, and get more views, yet they refuse to cover these stories, and that indicates who they REALLY work for. Furthermore, Disney, and Pixar films (owned by Disney), is propaganda for the children. The children grow up never knowing why the police arrest people for smoking certain plants, or why wars happen, or anything. They are taught to be complicit, to not ask questions, and to participate in superficiality and dangerous consumerism.

The children are also taught that it is completely okay, completely justified to never know the reasons why things happen, that it is just fine to never question anything. These corporations breed wage slaves. Just like the adults, when a child is exposed to nothing but footage of children acting a certain way, they learn from it, to a deeper extent then you could ever imagine. The next media giant is, Time Warner.

Time Warner makes many propaganda films, that feature clueless characters, just like the other media giants. These media giants are so strikingly similar, knowing all of this, it is impossible to not think that it is fishy, or that this is part of a bigger agenda. Another giant news corporation is Viacom, who owns MTV (sometimes called Masonic television, because its headquarters is literally a Masonic temple), the kids propaganda channel “nickelodeon”, BET (black entertainment television, a racist television channel owned by white propagandists), CMT, and gigantic Paramount Pictures. Then, there is the news corporation, simply called “News Corporation”. News Corp owns countless, countless news papers, the Wall Street journal, the New York post, and used to own Fox and Fox News, but supposedly, about two weeks ago, Fox became its own independent company. However, it is very hard to believe that Fox will dramatically change and all of the sudden not be propaganda, and they will continue to support war, consider hundreds of dead children “acceptable collateral damage”, never dare report drone strikes, and promote unempathetic disconnection from reality. I’m sure they will still, never explain that the 1979 arming of the mujahideen in Pakistan by the US government is basically the root of all Muslim extremism. Yes, they created that problem too.

And finally, there is probably the biggest propaganda corporation of all, GE, or General Electric. They are a company that provides electricity, oil, gas, water, and all of these industrial products, that has invested vast amounts of money into tv, news, and media, to propagandize people into participating in the paradigm they profit off of.

They are MSNBC, and NBC. The company owned, or still owns or holds supreme influence over Universal Productions, Universal Pictures, local news channels in LA, New York, Miami, Houston, Chicago, Dallas, San Antonio, San Jose, San Francisco, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Fresno, Boston, Tucson, and even Puerto Rico. They own/owned Focus Features, NBC, MSNBC, The Weather Channel, The History Channel (complete propaganda, manufacturing consent for wars and installing a sense of blind nationalism in the people), The Military History channel, the Biography Channel, A&E, Crime and Investigation Network, and Universal HD. They own/owned such channels as Bravo, Chiller, SyFy, Sleuth, and USA Network. The primary function of GE, which they need the propaganda for, is GE aviation services, real estate, oil and gas, power and water, lighting, transportation, and even healthcare.

You see, this absolutely enormous corporate power, just decided to create a massive propaganda branch, and then claim that it is no longer owned by them as they did very recently, while the channels and media still fully supports the corporate interests and serves as propaganda. They keep the paradigm alive, of consumption and inefficient means of power and fuel, to keep profiting.

They keep cannabis illegal through demonizing it with propaganda, because hemp oil could replace fuel if anyone could just start growing it. General Electric uses, and has used propaganda for years, to serve many corporations, the dominant corporate elite, and true ruling class of the United States. This article was written for those who don’t yet understand that people pull the strings behind this 90 percent of American media, this is to as respectfully as possible, wake you up.

If you would share this with as many viewers of corporate propaganda as possible, it would do a significant justice, to reverse the lies placed in the minds of our brothers and sisters, and we can then change our paradigm back to reality, serving the will of the people, or better yet, not participate in one huge, collective sense of “normal”, with no collectivist herd mentality. Lets reclaim our paradigm, promote peace and liberty, restore our constitutional rights, stop innocent people from being killed by something the masses consent to. Lets opt out of the fear based, manufactured paradigm.

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