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VIDEO- Zio-Nazi kill Palestinian woman after telling she is safe

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A video circulated on Facebook shows Israeli forces gun down a defenseless Palestinian woman in Gaza Strip after making her believe she is safe and can come out of her house. In the amateur video which seems to be recorded with a cell phone, a Palestinian woman is seen who is waving a white flag toward a group of Israeli forces. She is then shown walking away from her house, after she demands permission to leave with safety, but she falls on the ground following a gunshot by Israeli soldiers who laugh in enjoyment after they see her fall dead. The shooting happens despite Israeli soldiers tell her to come out, but it seems in the video that they just deceived her to get out and then shoot her. Human rights activists wrote in response to the video that the incident shows how priceless is Palestinians’ lives to the Israeli forces who easily take a life and then laugh in amusement. Palestinians are suffering from widespread and internationally-ignored human rights violations by Israelis on a daily basis.

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