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Western-Backed “Freedom Fighters” Executed Syrian Children



Christof Lehmann (nsnbc) ,-  Western and Gulf-Arab backed “Freedom Fighters” of the al-Qaeda linked “The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham” publicly executed two children who were not older than 13 years-old, in Aleppo. Syria´s Prime Minister al-Halqi describes the attempted subversion of Syria as “Global War against Syria, aimed at dividing the Arab Nation”.Meanwhile, Russia rebuts Western claims that Syria was unwilling to participate in the international conference on Syria, saying ” The US is turning things upside down”, and reiterates Syria´s eagerness to have the use of chemical weapons thoroughly investigated. 

As the Western and Gulf-Arab sponsored terrorists in Syria are suffering military defeat, the chain of outrageous crimes against unarmed civilians and attempts to substitute military capability with sheer terror does not seem to end.

Systematic war crimes, apparently the more grotesque the better are being committed. Videos are being distributed in the apparent attempts to scare the population into submission. Meanwhile, Western and Gulf-Arab mainstream media continue justifying their governments support of “the opposition”, while positioning the government and the armed forces of Syria as war criminals and oppressors.

Children Executed by Freedom Fighters

Two Boys Executed near Aleppo. Yesterday a new terror crime that further stresses the criminal nature of the armed terrorists which are marauding in the country was exposed.

A video was published showing two boys, no older than 13 years of age, being publicly executed in cold blood in the countryside of Aleppo.

A member of the so-called “The Islamic State of Iraq and al-Sham”, which is a franchise of the international network of al-Qaeda mercenary forces and terrorist cells, was shown reading a statement before bullets started raining on the two children under the cries of “Allahu Akbar” or God is most Great.

Syria Rape endemic among Freedom Fighters

Crimes against women, elderly and children have become the order of the day in Syria.Radical Islamic clerics encourage rape-murder, unarmed elderly are summarily executed and children are being used as human shields or forced into mercenary service by takfiri brigades in Syria. The execution of the two boys is not the first incidence in which the murder of children and other terror crimes has been published.

Two months ago, for example, members of a takfiri terrorist brigade shot dead a 15 year-old boy in the al-Shaar neighborhood of the city of Aleppo. Prior to the public execution of the boy, the Western and Gulf-Arab backed “Freedom Fighters” had beaten him with whips and clubs. The reason for the sentencing to lashes and the subsequent execution was the alleged verbal abuse against prophet Mohammed.

al-Halqi 2013 August

Syria´s P.M. al-Halqi: “Global War on Syria targets Division of the Arab Nation.  During a meeting with the Chairman of the Arab Tawhid party in Lebanon, We´am Wahab, and the head of the Arab Movement in Lebanon, Shaker al-Barjawi, Syria´s Prime Minister, Wael al-Halqi addressed the attempted subversion of Syria, saying, that:

“The global war against Syria targets the division of the Arab Nation to loot its resources in the interest of US-Zionist schemes in the region”. 

Although al-Halqi did not specifically mentioned the European Union within this context, experts widely agree, that the recent massacres on Syrians in the predominantly Kurdish region near Deir Ez-Zor was a direct consequence of the EU, lifting its ban on imports of Syrian oil from “Rebel-Held Territory to Finance the Opposition”.

Russia, “US is turning facts upside down”. Rebuts claims of “Syria´s unwillingness to hold international conference and stresses Syrian demands for full investigation into chemical weapons use. On its official website, the Russian Ministry of Foreign Affairs published a statement, saying that the United States is turning the facts upside down when it accuses the leadership in Syria of not having the willingness to participate in the international conference on Syria in Geneva.

During a meeting with his Russian counterpart, Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov in Moscow, in May 2013, the US Secretary of State, John Kerry declared that the USA would work toward holding the Geneva 2 conference as soon as possible. Since then, neither the USA, nor the UK, France and their Arab allies Saudi Arabia, Qatar, Jordan and Turkey have apparently done what is required to bring the “opposition”to the negotiating table.

On the contrary, all of the members of the anti-Syrian alliance, Including also Israel, have continued their covert and/or overt military support of the armed opposition which stated, that it sees no advantage in negotiating before it has gained the upper hand militarily.


With regards to the use of chemical weapons in Syria, the Russian Deputy Foreign Minister Gennady Gatilov wrote on his Twitter page:

“Syria´s acceptance (of UN chemical weapons experts) was an indication of its readiness to clarify the use of chemical weapons, this creates a positive foundation to move towards the launching of the political process to settle the crisis in Syria.”

Syria had called for an international investigation into the use of chemical weapons by the armed terrorists in Khan al-Assal, Aleppo, on 5 March 2013. An investigation into the chemical weapons incident had been stalled for months, due to US demands on “Iraq Style Nationwide Inspections”, which both Syria and Russia rejected for the obvious reason of the experience with such “investigations” in Iraq.

Last month, the UN and Syria reached an agreement, after a report issued by a Russian expert team clearly indicated that the chemical weapons had been manufactured in improvised fashion, identified the time of the production of the chemical and clearly pointed toward the insurgents, as well as Turkey as being behind the attack.

Inspections by the UN team however, could not be initiated before a brigade of the al-Qaeda linked Jabhat al-Nusrah committed another massacre in Khan al-Assal, massacring scores of potential eyewitnesses to their use of the chemical weapon on 5 March.

With the foreign-backed mercenaries suffering decisive military defeats, the number of terror crimes, including rape-murder, summary executions, massacres, forces military service for children and public execution of children is likely to increase.

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Hezbollah chief says he’s ready to fight in Syria himself



Times of Israel

The leader of the Lebanese-based terrorist organization Hezbollah on Friday blamed Sunni extremists for a string of attacks targeting the group’s strongholds over the past few months, including a car bombing that killed 22 people and wounded more than 300 on Thursday

Sheik Hassan Nasrallah said all preliminary investigations showed Takfiri groups — a term for Sunni radicals — were likely behind the bombing in a predominantly Shiite southern suburb of Beirut, as well as other recent attacks. He said those groups “serve the interests of Israel.”

The Hezbollah chief acknowledged that Israel’s complicity in the attack had not yet been proven, but said the likelihood of Israeli and American intelligence services’ involvement could be ruled out.

Israeli and American intelligence had doubtless played a role in the bombing in the Hezbollah stronghold, he said, and “no one should say” that he was exculpating Israel. But “the operational” element of the attack was carried out by Sunni extremists, he made plain.

Lebanon’s Prime Minister Michel Suleiman and other Lebanese figures on Thursday blamed Israel for the blast, a notion that was dismissed Friday by Israel’s President Shimon Peres.

He also pledged to double the number of Hezbollah forces in neighboring Syria, fighting to support the regime of President Bashar Assad.

“If you think that by killing our women and children … and destroying our neighborhoods, villages and cities we will retreat or back away from our position, you are wrong,” he said in a speech to supporters marking the end of the 2006 monthlong war with Israel, known in Israel as the Second Lebanon War.

“If the battle with these terrorist Takfiris requires for me personally and all of Hezbollah to go to Syria, we will go to Syria,” he said, drawing thunderous applause from thousands of supporters gathered in a village in south Lebanon bordering Israel. The crowd watched him speak on a large screen via satellite link.

Nasrallah added, “these godless organizations have no religion. They are murderers and they are neither Syrian nor Palestinian or Muslim.”

He also spoke indirectly of an incident last week where four Israeli soldiers were injured, possibly inside Lebanon’s territory: “Not a single Israeli soldier will be able to take one step on Lebanese soil to contaminate it — the same territory purified with the blood of our martyrs.”

“The Israeli’s tourism era in Lebanon is over,” Nasrallah added. “We will cut off the legs and neck of every Israeli entering Lebanon.”

Thursday’s car bomb struck a crowded street in the Rweiss district in Beirut’s southern suburbs, an overwhelmingly Shiite area and stronghold of Hezbollah. The explosion sent a massive plume of black smoke billowing into the sky, set several cars and buildings ablaze and trapped dozens of residents in their homes for hours.

The bombing was the second in just more than a month to hit one of the Shiite group’s bastions of support, and the deadliest since 1985 when a blast in the area killed 80 people. Many in Lebanon see the attacks as retaliation for Hezbollah’s armed support for Assad in Syria’s civil war.

The group’s fighters played a key role in a recent regime victory in the town of Qusair near the Lebanese border, and Syrian activists say Hezbollah guerrillas are now aiding a regime offensive in the besieged city of Homs.

Syrian rebels have threatened to retaliate against Hezbollah for intervening on behalf of Assad. Thursday’s car bombing raises the worrying specter of Lebanon being pulled further into the Syrian civil war, which is being fought on increasingly sectarian lines pitting Sunnis against Shiites.

Nasrallah said his response to such bombings will be to double the number of fighters in Syria, if the need arises.

“Just like we won all our wars with Israel, we will win the war on the terror of the godless organizations,” he said, adding that the war will be costly, “but less costly than for us to be slaughtered like sheep.”

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Profits Trump Blood as US Aid Undeterred by Egypt Massacre



Critics: US bond with military-industrial-complex is stronger than its bond with democracy

– Jacob Chamberlain

The bodies of protesters who died Wednesday in Cairo. (Khaled Elfiqi/EPA)Following the unprecedented crackdown that left more than 500 protesters dead at the hands of the U.S.-funded Egyptian military on Wednesday, President Obama made an official statement condemning the interim government’s actions but made no mention of cutting U.S. military aid to the increasingly violent security forces in the country.

Obama’s single concession was to cancel an upcoming joint military exercise with Egypt—a move critics are calling superficial and inconsequential in light of the significant financial backing the U.S. government continues to give the Egyptian military.

Obama stated:

While we want to sustain our traditional relationship with Egypt, our traditional cooperation cannot continue as usual when civilians are being killed in the streets and rights are being rolled back. As a result we’ve notified the Egyptian government that we are cancelling our joint biannula military exercise which was scheduled for next month. Going forward I have asked my national security team to assess the implications of the actions taken by the interim government and further steps that we make take as necessary with respect to the US-Egyptian relationship.

The U.S. provides roughly 1.6 billion dollars, including 1.3 billion dollars in sophisticated weaponry, in annual aid to Egypt, an agreement backed with powerful lobbying by the Israeli government and U.S. weapons manufacturers.

“Presidents in Cairo and Washington may come and go, but both the Egyptian military and the contractors that supply them, know that their bond is stronger than democracy.”

The flow of money, weapons, and political capital will go unaffected, according to Obama’s omission, despite the climbing death toll—525 at last count, with thousands more injured.

Preempting Obama’s statement, Pratap Chatterjee wrote Wednesday at CorpWatch Blog that the Obama administration’s continued support for the Egyptian military should come as no surprise, considering the decades of military support and the billions of dollars in military contracts involved.

Chatterjee writes:

U.S. president Barack Obama has diplomatically chosen to do nothing despite the fact that today’s crackdown on protestors from the Muslim Brotherhood marks the third time that the military government has used deadly force to disperse opposition to the junta. […]

A large chunk [of aid to Egypt] is conditional on buying U.S. made fighter jets and tanks – Lockheed Martin signed an agreement in 2010 to sell 20 F-16 fighter jets to Egypt by December 2014, under a $2.5 billion deal. Boeing and Sikorsky Aircraft sell Egypt CH-47 Chinook and Black Hawk helicopters respectively, while General Dynamics got $395 million in 2011 to assemble Abrams tanks in suburban Cairo. […]

Presidents in Cairo and Washington may come and go, but both the Egyptian military and the contractors that supply them, know that their bond is stronger than democracy.

On that same note, NPR reported last week:

Every year, the U.S. Congress appropriates more than $1 billion in military aid to Egypt. But that money never gets to Egypt. It goes to the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, then to a trust fund at the Treasury and, finally, out to U.S. military contractors that make the tanks and fighter jets that ultimately get sent to Egypt.

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Footage of Crisis Actors Surface from Egypt and Syria Riots


Some interesting video footage has surfaced from the Middle East, showing riot scenarios that are literally being staged like a movie set.

CAIRO, EGYPT - JULY 08: Following a day of massive rallies against the ousted Egyptian President and an early morning shooting of pro Mohamed Morsi supporters outside a Presidential Guard barracks, members of the Egyptian military and their supporters guard a bridge near Tahrir Square on July 8, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt continues to be in a state of political paralysis with scores of people having been killed and many injured in recent days as the Egyptian military attempts to restore order across the country following their ousting of Morsi. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

CAIRO, EGYPT – JULY 08: Following a day of massive rallies against the ousted Egyptian President and an early morning shooting of pro Mohamed Morsi supporters outside a Presidential Guard barracks, members of the Egyptian military and their supporters guard a bridge near Tahrir Square on July 8, 2013 in Cairo, Egypt. Egypt continues to be in a state of political paralysis with scores of people having been killed and many injured in recent days as the Egyptian military attempts to restore order across the country following their ousting of Morsi. (Photo by Spencer Platt/Getty Images)

There is no telling what is actually taking place in some areas of the Middle East like Egypt and Syria.  Even people living within these areas are finding it difficult to understand what is taking place because there is such an elaborate disinformation campaign going on.  Not only is the media stirring things up and creating a more hostile environment, but there has also been many indications that many aspects of these events are being staged.

Now that is not to say  that there is not legitimate persecution and uprising in these areas, because there is.  However, proof is emerging that staged propaganda events are being carried out to street the direction and the outcome of these uprisings as well as manage public opinion.

One step that is apparently being taken is the use of crisis actors, and in the footage below it seems quite obvious that this is taking place.

These video seems to be 100% authentic, but we are hoping to hear some other opinions on its authenticity, and what is actually happening in the Middle East right now.

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Lieberman: IsraHell Totally Uninvolved in Egypt Conflict


ed note–and this from a Jewish supremacist whose name begins with the word ‘lie’.

Israel National News

Israel is not and will not be involved in any way in the ongoing conflict in Egypt, MK Avigdor Lieberman said.

Lieberman was denying ongoing claims that Israel was siding with and encouraging the Egyptian Army in its efforts to suppress the Muslim Brotherhood, and had supplied assistance to the government as it attacked supporters of ousted former president Mohammed Morsi.

Among other accusations leveled by say those who claim Israel is in league with the army, claims have been made that Israel has prevailed on the U.S. not to declare the military takeover of Egypt a coup. Doing so would require the U.S. to automatically halt all assistance to Egypt, and Israel, according to the claims, has been lobbying the U.S. to continue supporting the Egyptian Army against the Islamist opposition.

Speaking on a local radio station Sunday, Lieberman said that Islamic radicals, especially, were “trying to pull Israel into the storm” for their own interests.

“We have nothing to do with any of what is going on in Egypt. We do not have to be involved in the issues that affect other countries in this region, and we are not,” he said.

Lieberman also said that Israel had no interest in supporting or opposing the current or previous government.

“The only communication between us and any parties in Egypt relate to ensuring the safety of Israelis,” he said.

The same groups that are trying to involve Israel in the events in Egypt are doing the same thing regarding the unrest in Syria, Lebanon, and Iraq, claimed Lieberman.

“There are groups that are trying to push us into getting involved in all these conflicts,” he said. “We are bystanders, and there is no need for us to get involved in internal conflicts going on in countries that surround us,” he added.

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Egyptian movement seeks to reverse peace deal with IsraHell



Grassroots movement Tamarod  (rebellion), which  facilitated  Mohammed  Morsi’s ouster, spearheads initiative to reject U.S. aid, sever ties with IsraHell • Muslim Brotherhood floats new accusation: Defense Minister Sissi is actually a Jew, servant of Zionists.

Israel Hayom

After the Muslim Brotherhood made sure not to overturn Egypt’s peace deal with Israel during their term in power, it is now a liberal group that has begun collecting signatures in efforts to rescind the agreement.

The phenomenon may have been dismissed as minor if it were not spearheaded by the Tamarod (rebellion) movement — a grassroots movement to register opposition to now-deposed president Mohammed Morsi and force him to call early elections. The movement helped launch the July 2013 protests in Egypt, preceding the consequent military coup that saw Morsi deposed and imprisoned.

The demand to sever ties with Israel is part of a wider campaign seeking to end dependence on U.S. aid, in light of recent sanctions imposed by Washington on the Egyptian army.

Tamarod is calling for a reversal of the 1979 peace agreement with the “Israeli entity, which is binding the hands of Egypt’s security forces in Sinai.” They wish to reformulate the security agreements with Israel in a way that will “ensure Egypt’s right to secure its borders.” According to the organizers of the Tamarod petition, the movement has so far collected more than 300,000 signatures.

Israel is closely monitoring the initiative. According to one official, “the fact that there are groups in Egypt trying to promote the issue, specifically now, and that they are calling themselves ‘liberals’, suggests, more than anything, that their priorities are out of order and bizarre. Even if there is a public demand, the Egyptian leaders, regardless of their affiliation, are well aware of the interests that would best serve the Egyptian people.”

On Friday, the Israeli cabinet convened for a briefing on the topic.

Meanwhile, as Egypt’s interim government considered reinstating a law outlawing the Muslim Brotherhood, reports surfaced that at least 250 Brotherhood members had been arrested. In response, the Brotherhood floated a new theory: “Everyone should know that [Defense Minister Col. Gen. Abdel Fattah] el-Sissi is actually a Jew,” activists said in Cairo. “His mother was a Jew who came from Morocco.”

“Sissi and [Interim] President Adly Mansour serve the Zionists and want to turn Egypt into Syria,” said activist Tariq Aziz.

Iranian Supreme Leader Ali Khamenei also came out in support of the initiative, saying on Saturday that “Israel and the U.S. are responsible for sowing chaos in Egypt.”


Report: Israel is coordinating with General Sissi

Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has instructed Israeli ministers and top government officials not to comment on the ongoing turmoil in Egypt, Army Radio reported Sunday; but foreign media outlets reported over the weekend that Israel was maintaining close ties Sissi. Western diplomats quoted by the New York Times said that Israel had promised Sissi that the U.S. would not cut off aid to his country.

“General Sissi and his circle appeared to be in heavy communication with Israeli colleagues, and the diplomats believed the Israelis were also undercutting the Western message by reassuring the Egyptians not to worry about American threats to cut off aid,” the New York Times reported on Saturday.

Jerusalem did not issue an official response to the report.


Egypt remains on edge as death toll climbs

Egypt remained on edge Sunday after security forces stormed a Cairo mosque a day earlier and the ousted president’s Muslim Brotherhood remained poised to hold further street protests despite a possible outlawing of the group.

At one point, troops exchanged gunfire with men shooting from a minaret of the al-Fath mosque on Ramses Square, where hundreds of Morsi supporters had fled overnight after violent clashes killed 173 people.

The evacuation was prompted by fears that the Brotherhood again planned to set up a sit-in, security officials said, similar to those that were broken up Wednesday in assaults that killed hundreds of people.

Simultaneously, police arrested the brother of al-Qaida chief Ayman al-Zawahri, who officials said planned to bring in armed groups to provide support to those holed up inside the mosque.

Al-Zawahri, a Morsi ally, is the leader of the ultraconservative Jihadi Salafi group which espouses al-Qaida’s hard-line ideology. He was detained at a checkpoint in Giza, the city across the Nile from Cairo, the official said.

The official spoke on condition of anonymity as he wasn’t authorized to brief journalists about the arrest.

The Egyptian government meanwhile announced it had begun deliberations on whether to ban the Brotherhood, a long-outlawed organization that swept to power in the country’s first democratic elections a year ago.

Such a ban — which authorities say is rooted in the group’s use of violence — would be a repeat to the decades-long power struggle between the state and the Brotherhood.

For more than a month since the July 3 military overthrow of Morsi, Muslim Brotherhood members and supporters have attacked and torched scores of police stations and churches in retaliation. Shops and houses of Christians have also been targeted.

Such attacks spurred widespread public anger against the Brotherhood, giving the military-backed government popular backing to step up its campaign against the Islamist group. It reminded people of a decade-long Islamist insurgency against Mubarak’s rule in the 1990s, which only strengthened security agencies and ended with thousands of Islamic fundamentalists in prisons.

The unrest in Egypt has raised international concerns over the country’s stability and prompted U.N. Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to condemn in a statement on Saturday both “violent protests” in reference to Brotherhood’s rallies and the authorities’ “excessive use of force.”

Former U.S. President Jimmy Carter expressed deep concern over the violence, saying it is “rapidly eroding the chances for dialogue and a road to reconciliation.” Carter added that he is “especially concerned that Egyptians are arming themselves and engaging in inter-communal violence.”

On Wednesday, riot police, military helicopters, snipers and bulldozers broke up two sit-in protests in Cairo by Morsi’s supporters, leaving more than 600 people dead and thousands injured. That sparked days of violence that killed 173 people and injured 1,330 people on Friday alone, when the Brotherhood called for protests during a “Day of Rage,” cabinet spokesman Sherif Shawki said.

Among those who died Friday was Ammar Badie, a son of the Brotherhood’s spiritual leader Mohammed Badie, the group’s political arm said in a statement.

Egyptian Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi, who leads the military-backed government, later told journalists that authorities had no choice but to use force in the wake of recent violence.

The Muslim Brotherhood, founded in 1928, came to power a year ago when Morsi was elected in the country’s first free presidential elections. The election came after the overthrow of autocrat Hosni Mubarak in a popular uprising in 2011.

The fundamentalist group has been banned for most of its 85-year history and repeatedly subjected to crackdowns under Mubarak’s rule. While sometimes tolerated with its leaders allowed to be part of the political process, members regularly faced long bouts of imprisonment and arbitrary detentions.

Disbanding the group, experts say, would mean allowing security forces to have a zero-tolerance policy in dealing with its street protests, as well as going after its funding sources. That could be a serious blow to the Brotherhood, though it likely wouldn’t mean an end to a group that existed underground for decades.

The possible banning comes amid calls by pro-military political forces to brand the Brotherhood a “terrorist organization.”

“We are calling for declaring the Brotherhood as a terrorist group,” said Mohammed Abdel-Aziz, one of the leaders of the Tamarod movement.

The military-backed government has declared a state of emergency and imposed a dusk-to-dawn curfew since Wednesday, empowering army troops to act as a law enforcement force. Top Brotherhood leaders, including Morsi, remain held on a variety of charges, including inciting violence.

Since Morsi was deposed in the popularly backed military coup, the Brotherhood has stepped up its confrontation with the new leadership, rallying thousands of supporters in sit-ins and vowing not to leave until Morsi is reinstated.

After security forces broke up the protest camps, Islamist supporters stormed and torched churches and police stations. In response, the interim government authorized Egypt’s security forces to use deadly force against those attacking vital government institutions.

On Saturday, Egypt’s Interior Ministry said in a statement that a total of 1,004 Brotherhood members had been detained in raids across the country and that weapons, bombs and ammunition were confiscated from the detainees.

Several foreigners were also rounded up including Sudanese, Pakistanis and Syrians, the Interior Ministry said.

Morsi himself has been held incommunicado since his ouster. Top Brotherhood leaders including General Guide Deputy Khairat el-Shater were detained last month.

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Zionist Merkel: Anti-Semitism a threat to democracy in Europe


Benjamin Netanyahu meets Angela Merkel

Times of Israel

German Chancellor Angela Merkel said anti-Semitism and racism remain a threat to democracy in Europe almost 70 years after the end of World War II.

Merkel cited the ongoing trial of five alleged neo-Nazis over the killing of 10 people between 2000 and 2007, and the fact that Jewish schools and synagogues still require police protection, as evidence of the problem in Germany.

She said Germany and the rest of Europe need to be vigilant against far-right extremists who seek to spread a distorted account of history.

Merkel’s comments came Saturday in a weekly online address three days before a planned visit to the remains of the Nazi concentration camp at Dachau in southern Germany.

Almost six million European Jews were murdered in the Holocaust orchestrated by Germany’s Nazi party.

Merkel’s scheduled visit to Dachau Tuesday will make her Berlin’s first leader to travel to the former Nazi concentration camp.

Merkel will lay a wreath at the site’s memorial, make a short speech, and will tour the camp.

Merkel will be joined on her visit by Holocaust survivor Max Mannheimer, director of the site, and by Bavaria’s education minister.

In 1992, German Chancellor Helmut Kohl turned down a request to visit the concentration camp, angering Jewish and Israeli groups. Seven years earlier, US President Ronald Reagan also refused to visit, saying that he and Kohl both agreed that it was unnecessary.

“They have a feeling, a guilt feeling that’s been imposed upon them, and I just think it’s unnecessary,” Reagan said then, according to a 1985 LA Times article. Reagan added that there are “very few alive that remember even the war, and certainly none of them who were adults and participating in any way.”

About 16 km from the Bavarian city of Munich, Dachau was the first Nazi concentration camp to open in Germany itself. In operation from 1933-1945, Dachau served as a template for other concentration camps operated by the Third Reich. It primarily housed various political prisoners, criminals, Catholics and Jews.

While not a death camp like Auschwitz, the mostly prisoners were worked mercilessly and many died there. Nazi records show some 31,000 official deaths during the years that the work camp was operational, but the total number of prisoner deaths are unknown. About one third of the prisoners were Jews.

Jewish former French Prime Minister Leon Blum was briefly imprisoned at Dachau, as were former Bank of Israel Governor Moshe Sanbar and noted psychologist Viktor Frankl.

The US Army liberated Dachau on April 29, 1945, after prisoners had taken control of the camp.

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Ending the Muslim Brotherhood’s “Occupy Egypt”


rab3a evacuation-27-2

“MB is about a distorted theology that is based mainly on blaspheming and delegitimizingthe other and the other, is simply everybody who is not MB”


    by  Dr. Ashraf Ezzat, VT Egypt Correspondent


[Editors Note: Regarding the government videos of arms being found at the camp sites being staged…a few comments. One, the MB having as using weapons has been reported in the news from the beginning. It started with shotguns on the street with reports of birdshot loads…low level combat resistance with the police. But AK-47 fire was observed from upper floor positions and some of the early police deaths were proof.

The level of anger and firepower has increased as the deaths continued and the MB called for never ending street protests. One wonders how these people support themselves with no income from not working. Where is all the money coming from?

But the coupe de grace which will land the MB leadership in prison is the behind the scenes video footage or armed and live shooting MB protestors with deadly weapons, small groups like you would expect to see with militia involvement. Claims that his footage was rigged will be laughed at.

Personally, I believe the MB had these militia people prepared to fire on the police to force they to fire and increase the death rate of their own people as their really only shot at keeping their people fired up to keep the protest going and making them more violent.

The calls from the MB leadership for the army to defect came out very quickly, as if they were pre-written. But their mistake was that the army has not participate in the camp clearing, but Interior Ministry. Their attempt to use a pile of dead protesters to spark a revolt has failed. And they are not widely exposed to armed insurrection legal consequences which you saw with the 1000 person round up on Thursday.

The failure of the MB to broaden their support was due to Revolution One not using these tactics. They did not kill police, have Hamas militias and the Israelis, and Gulf states (playing both sides) helping them.  Some my claim this to be a trivial difference, but my bet is that history will not view it as such.

I have yet to hear of a single religious court conviction for Crimes Against Humanity for radical Muslim atrocities of any sort. Their living in their own glass bubble is a pristine example of how they don’t even view this as a PR problem…Jim W. Dean]

ancient egyptian art in modern design lourve pyramid by pi

As expected, and as the mainstream media was raving about the horrifyingly bloody crackdown on the peaceful Muslim Brotherhood ‘sit-ins in Cairo on Wednesday morning August 14, most Egyptians (the decent patriots with a functioning and sane mind still) were heaving a sigh of relief.

The two sit-ins, or to be honest, the terrorist bases in Rabaa and Nahda squares, were not peaceful at all; unless you believe Moltov cocktails, automatic weapons, grenades, and RPG’s are legitimate tools in protests and occupy movements with a good cause.

(Watch video of the confiscated firearms after raiding the sit-ins)
YouTube – Veterans Today –

Unlike the second mass uprising on June 30, the clearing of the two sit-ins that have been occupied by brain washed Islamists, thugs and potential terrorists was a thing, or better yet a popular demand, that everybody has been asking for over a month now.

The decision to bust up those intimidating sit-ins has been taken for quite some time, only respecting the holy month of Ramadan and the concern about the possible high number of casualties and dead made the interim government leave space for diplomacy. And moreover, the police took all precautions not to turn this evacuation operation into a battle field.

Some might cynically and instantly respond by saying “Well, it turned out to be a battle field after all, didn’t it” … and my answer is absolutely not.

If you want to see a real confrontation turning into a battle field, contact your travel agent for a week’s vacation in Sinai. You will not only enjoy the sights, the sun and the blue sea, but you will also get to witness a 3D live thriller of al Qaeda warfare in a very rare and unforgettable close encounter.

Al Qaeda-style children suiciders


Hired orphans herded in a MB sit-in carrying their coffin wrappings as potential suiciders

Hired orphans herded in a MB sit-in carrying their coffin wrappings as potential suiciders

As a matter of fact, the Egyptian police has carried out this operation with the highest degree of professionalism and self-restraint.

And while a death toll of a few hundreds out of around 20 000 protesters is absolutely regrettable, but on the ground I’m afraid this was inevitable.

On the other hand 54 police officers and soldiers have been shot dead while on this national duty. While this has gotten some international press, it has been completely censored out of Muslim Brotherhood massacre reporting, but no surprise there.

YouTube – Veterans Today –

(Watch video of sit in aftermath- MB blasting a police station with RPG’s- Extremely graphic footage) 

And even if the death toll was a little higher, the police forces were still to be commended, for the sit-ins crowd harbored considerable numbers of suiciders, including children who were molested into accepting the sick notion of alleged martyrdom.
Those brain-washed suiciders were willing to die not under the flag of Egypt, but the black one of Al Qaeda.

And that is the core of the problem; those sit-ins are carried out not by patriots and political activists but by sick-minded militants and potential terrorists. And I somehow, find it hard to believe that anyone could cry over terrorists.

Now, and before getting further into this, and to put the reader into perspective, we need to clarify few things.

This crowd is different


MB rally, with fundamentalists holding the Koran

MB rally, with fundamentalists holding the Koran

The protesters you used to watch, on TV news bulletins, occupying the Rabaa and Nahdaa squares are not politically motivated, as a matter of fact most of them are illiterate, politically and literally speaking.

Those protesters were shepherded into this sit in, because they were made to believe that, believe it or not, Islam was in danger. I know, it’s funny … and it’s sad … but this is the name of the game, the MB game, in Egypt.

Most viewers tend to sympathize with the scene of thousands of protesters in the street opposing any regime and somehow, and maybe unconsciously, feel related to the angry crowd. But hold your horses, Ladies and Gents, for this crowd is different.

This whole thing is not some political dispute, though carried out under political banners. As a matter of fact, the MB is one of the most politically incompetent organizations all over the world, the rise and fall of that terrorist group has taken less than two years. The political stupidity of the MB Morsi & gang ought to be studied and analyzed by scholars of politics and psychology.

But to spare you the time, I can tell you the decline of the Muslim Brothers was so swift because the ideology of MB ran counter to the true nature of the Egyptian culture and traditions, namely and mainly moderation

The current conflict in Egypt, is not between political rivals, oh no, and unfortunately this is exactly where most of the followers of the Egyptian status quo have gone wrong.

The conflict is between Egyptians and a terrorist group that peddles religion and manipulates the piety of the uneducated, the poor and the gullible.

Terrorist group


Sayed Qutb

Sayed Qutb

MB is the big umbrella that ideologically nurtured all of the current Islamist terrorist groups.   All of the militant groups, like Islamic Jihad and al Qaeda have been feeding on the ideology and theories of the notorious Sayed Kotb, one of the leading theorists in the bloody history of MB during the 1950-1960s.

Kotb, for those who are not familiar with the name or his books, is the mentor of Ayman el Zawahri, the current al-Qaeda leader and he is also the spiritual guru for most of the Islamist militants from Afghanistan all the way to Morroco.

Once again, MB is not a political party, as mistakenly defined, it is an international underground group, based in Egypt, with militant theology that endorses resorting to violence and assassination, aka armed Jihad, to overturn governments and replace them with a caliphate-era model.

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Recep Tayyip Erdogan

It is not so hard to tell you what a caliphate system looks like, one look at Taliban in Afghanistan or the Shabaab in Soamlia or even Boko Haram in Nigeria will spare me the unnecessary elaboration.

And if you were into history, consider looking up the Ottoman era, may be that will explain why this Erdogan, Turkey’s PM, is so pissed off by what happened in Egypt.

It’s no wonder Erdogan is having sleepless nights, bed room problems and looking always over his shoulders, not to mention that his party is affiliated with the international MB network.

MB is about a distorted theology that is based mainly on blaspheming and delegitimizing the other and the other, is simply everybody who is not MB.

Now, the imperative question is how could you play a fair game of politics with that kind of extremism and theological perversion?

MB: the enemy from within


Ruling by the alleged holy sword and exploiting the name of god in eliminating any opposition or thought diversity, where could we go from there?

We could do a lot, we could revolt, we could say it out loud and shout “down with the rule of the MB” … Well, even if that sounded like a coup or a bit undemocratic in the eyes of the White House, Washington Post and of course Al Jazeera.

The hazy stand of the White House is quite understood, after all, the Egyptian second wave of the revolution that ousted their puppet Morsi, did away with the American plan of signing up yet another proxy government in the new Middle East under the convenient Islamist cloak of MB.

And this proxy government is so valuable to lose that soon, for it is the government that will sell out Sinai to Hamas and Israel and thus relieve Israel and Uncle Sam of the chronic Palestinian headache.

All of of the dead security people could result in Badie and others being charged

All of of the dead security people could result in Badie and others being charged

Time was running out, the Brotherhoodization was well underway, Egypt was so close to a longtime national hijack. It happened before; Egypt had been hijacked before, by the Romans, the Turks and the British.

But that was beyond control, for that was a foreign invasion. But this time it is more dangerous, and more ominous, because the invasion and the danger is from within.

What is currently taking place in Egypt is politically quite new, it is something that history will forever mark as a model of confronting a malignant tumor in the body of a nation.

Egyptians are not, divided over a deposed president, for god sake that pathetic Morsi hardly had any popularity, not even amongst the Islamists, or even the cats. Everybody knew he was a pale shadow of a marionette on the wall, and the strings were being pulled from the White House and Tel Aviv.

So who are those thousands that have been defiant in over-a-month sit in and who are rallying all over Egypt, if they are not Morsi- supporters?

Well, they are the MB loyalists, foreign intelligence agents, Hamas militias, and members of the Salafist groups and yes, the brain washed and the gullible – every nation has its share of those.

(watch video of the unreported story of clearing the violent MB sit-ins, showing that the sit-in was militarized, the potesters were forewarned and that the clearance was attended by the press and NGOs)
YouTube – Veterans Today

The new Middle East & MB plans


Syrian vote rigging in progress

Syrian vote rigging in progress

Egyptians are trying to evade the horrible Syrian scenario and if we want to comprehend the Egyptian case, one has to zoom out and take a look at the broader scene from the Algerian and Malian borders in the west all the way across North Africa to the Iraqi and Syrian borders in the east.

You’ll soon discover that Egypt is the only nation, with a strong and unified military, that is still struggling to escape the sweeping power of the so called creative chaos and new Middle East.

The so called Arab spring, a designation currently loathed by many Middle Easterns, has allowed one of the scariest and dormant threats to surface on the region’s political arena, namely political Islam.

And for the sake of accuracy, the so called political Islam has absolutely nothing to do with Islam nor the science and norms of politics, for it’s all about the dominance of their dogma and by the name of their twisted interpretation of the scripture.

And to achieve their goal, MB had a plan of demolishing the main pillars of the Egyptian state, namely the Judiciary, the free media and press, the army and of course the police.

On June 28, 2011, and during the first days of the revolution, all of the police stations were attacked, ransacked and torched down … and as the days went by, new clues and growing suspicions of the involvement of the MB in those attacks and many similar jail breaks began to arouse.

Only after the clearance of the ugly sit-ins did the Egyptians know for certain that the MB were behind those terrorist attacks on Jan 28, for the stupid leaders of the MB gave the orders to their loyalists to attack police stations and also the churches around the country, especially in upper Egypt, copycatting the horrifying Jan 28th’ scenario.

Twenty five churches have been attacked, 21 police stations and 10 major ministerial and municipal buildings all over the country and the chaos is still going on. (Watch video of MB attacking ancient churches in upper Egypt)
YouTube – Veterans Today –

After failing to succeed in plan A and B, I think the MB will resort to one of their old game of violent terrorism and organized assassination. And bearing in mind the obscene petro-dollars finance MB are getting from some of the Gulf Arab countries, it seems that Egypt is in for a long series of terrorist operations and assassinations.  All doors are wide open for the creepy wind of orchestrated civil war.

The terrorism in Sinai fraught with Jihadists cells armed with heavy weaponry and infiltrated by foreign intelligence seems like a time bomb ready to explode any time. The jihadists’ tactic right now seems to involve the Egyptian military in a dreadful confrontation with the Israelis over the rockets they launch towards the other side every now and then.

But those morons don’t understand that Israel is not interested in an all-out war with Egypt, while Egypt could be taken down, like Iraq, by other proxy organizations, e.g., MB & militias.

The next president of Egypt


Mohamed El-Baradei

Mohamed El-Baradei

There is a growing belief amongst the wider sector of Egyptians, and amidst the ongoing turmoil, that the next president should be a military man who can pull the country together, restore order and peace and wipe out the terrorist threats of the MB.

What has lately added to these pro-military sentiments is the shock caused by the sudden resignation of Mohamed El Baradei, one of the icons of the Egyptian revolution.

El Baradei, by his most foolish timing in submitting the resignation, which was totally unjustified, has deliberately not only embarrassed the interim government but also dealt a painful blow to the secular political front which used to consider him the guru of their movement.

If Baradei was in the military, he would have been ordered shot over the crime of desertion for he abandoned his fellow fighters and left his post and weapon during a fierce battle.

Egypt is facing tough days, and even tougher days loom ahead, but the good thing is that, with each passing day more masks are falling off, and the real ugly face of political Islam is revealed.

As for the US and the European Union, they could carry on their make-believe and keep condemning the use of excess violence and cry over the violation of human rights, but Egypt will never allow their proxy regime to take hold of this great nation once again.

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McCain and Graham flipflop on aid to Egypt– after AIPAC speaks up


Here he goes again...

Here he goes again…

This is a demonstration of how central AIPAC’s ideas are to American foreign policy.



Two conservative senators, John McCain and Lindsey Graham, went to Egypt this week to urge Egyptian leaders to show more respect for democracy. McCain and Graham may be Republicans, but they have a lot of clout. They were reported to have the blessing of the Obama administration in making this embassy.

Why do they have such clout? One reason is that they are extremely responsive to the Israel lobby. In fact, both men lately flipflopped on a principled statement– cutting off aid to Egypt — evidently at the urging of AIPAC, the leading Israel lobby organization.

Here is the sequence.

Back in early July, McCain went on CBS’s Face the Nation saying that the U.S. should cut off aid to Egypt.

“Reluctantly, I believe that we have to suspend aid until such time as there is a new constitution and a free and fair election.”

McCain had good company: libertarian Kentucky Senator Rand Paul and South Carolina’s Lindsey Graham too.

McCain and Graham made clear that this was a matter of principle. They wrote a long op-ed in calling for a cut-off of aid to Egypt in the Washington Post last month:

We know that many of our friends in Egypt and the region do not want the United States to suspend assistance. But we are fully committed to encouraging the Egyptian people’s efforts to build an effective and enduring democracy. And if Egyptians join together and move their country toward the democratic future that so many of them have risked so much to achieve, we will be the first to call for a full restoration of U.S. assistance to Egypt.

The op-ed cited “our democratic values” and the wisdom gained from the U.S. experience in the Middle East:

If events in Egypt and the broader Middle East over the past three years have taught us anything, it should be that we may pay a short-term price by standing up for our democratic values, but it is in our long-term national interest to do so. Ultimately, that is the best thing the United States can do to support our friends in Egypt and around the world.

Hold on, guys. Former Connecticut Senator Joe Lieberman, formerly McCain and Graham’s wingman in the neoconservative caucus called the Three Amigos, weighed in. From the National Review, July 15:

The retired Democratic-turned-independent senator expressed guarded optimism about the state of affairs in Egypt, and declared that, contra his former ally John McCain, the U.S. shouldn’t cut off its aid to the Egyptian military.

He explained to Sean Hannity today… “I’m actually going to disagree with my buddy John McCain; I don’t think we should suspend military aid.”

Then the other shoe drops. AIPAC, the leading Israel lobby group, also speaks up. Jewish Telegraphic Agency:

“We do not support cutting off all assistance to Egypt at this time, as we believe it could increase the instability in Egypt and undermine important U.S. interests and negatively impact our Israeli ally,” AIPAC said in a letter to Sen. Robert Menendez (D-N.J.), the chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and Sen. Bob Corker (R-Tenn.), its top Republican.

The letter is the first public signal since the army coup that deposed Egyptian President Mohammed Morsi in early July that AIPAC is actively opposing efforts to cut aid to Egypt.

And McCain and Graham sided with AIPAC. The Senate killed Rand Paul’s bill to end aid to Egypt on July 31, with McCain and Graham harping on Israel:

The floor debate was virtually everyone versus Paul. Sens. John McCain (R-Ariz.) and Jim Inhofe (R-Okla.) said cutting off aid to Egypt would also hurt Israel, a close ally.

Here’s the transcript of that debate. (Which Ali Gharib reported first). Graham and McCain repeatedly cited AIPAC.

“As you know, Egypt is the largest Arab state in the Middle East and has played a vital role in advancing key U.S. interests in that region,” said the [AIPAC] letter, read into the Senate record on Wednesday by Sen. Lindsey Graham (R-S.C.).

Graham said that if Egypt becomes a failed state, “it would be a nightmare for Israel, and it would take the whole region down a path that would be at best chaotic.”

McCain called Rand Paul an isolationist and an American Firster and also cited the AIPAC letter:

I think the vote on this amendment has even larger implications than that of whether we should cut off all assistance to Egypt. By the way, my friends, I don’t think it is an accident that APAC, our friends there who represent the interests of the State of Israel, have opposed this amendment. If there is further upheaval in the Sinai, and if there is a collapse of the rule of law in Egypt, I don’t think there is any doubt that the threat to Israel is dramatically increased.

McCain made a statement about Israel’s interests that many have quoted since:

Again, isn’t the question whether the Senator from Kentucky knows what is better for Israel or Israel knows what is better for Israel? The fact is, AIPAC and the Israelis are adamantly opposed to this amendment; isn’t that correct?

Time to Take the Car Keys from Grandpas

Time to Take the Car Keys from Grandpas

It certainly appears that the two men abandoned a position of principle because AIPAC told them to. You’d think they would be buffoons. But they’re not. They haven’t lost any political capital for this abdication of principle. No, they’ve gained political capital. The Times said the senators went to Egypt this week “at the request of President Obama.” And as Jeff Klein, who pointed me to this story, says, No one in the press is calling them out for flipflopping. It’s just not a story when powerful senators dance to AIPAC’s tune.

This is a demonstration of how central AIPAC’s ideas are to American foreign policy. As neocon Lee Smith once said, the central plank of the last dictatorship in Egypt was the peace treaty. That is all that matters to the U.S. We’re willing to throw everything else overboard for the sake of preserving Israel’s security.

Related article:

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IsraHell Mass Recruits College Espionage Agents



Zio-Nazi PM recruiting university students in publicity war for Tel Aviv.

   … by  Press TV

[Editors Note: Israel has been doing this on American college campuses for decades with our own counter Intel doing nothing about it.  Zionist and Jewish Lobby undergrads would spy on fellow students, professors and staff to profile any who was not sufficiently ‘pro-Israel’ for getting some ‘special treatment’.

During the whole anti-bullying campaign that swept the country, Jewish Lobby bullying, by far the most organized, funded and practiced, I never saw a single media mention that it should be stopped. What we have and a combination of treason being cool, if it is for Israel’s benefit, and pure cowardice by those sworn to protect us. the loyal Intel community holds them in utter contempt…Jim W. Dean]



The Israeli regime has undertaken a new bid to recruit students to work at universities as “covert units,” posting messages on social networking websites on behalf of Tel Aviv.The recruited students taking part in the clandestine propaganda project for the Zionist regime will be part of the “public diplomacy” arm of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s office, with leaders of the “covert units” receive full scholarships as compensation for their online pro-Israel publicity campaign, Israeli daily Haaretz reported . 

“The main subjects that the campus-based [secretive]units will deal with are diplomatic- and security-related issues, efforts to combat boycotts of Israel, anti-Semitism and the de-legitimization of Israel,” the daily reports, citing sources in Netanyahu’s office.

Suppressing criticism is a major Israel espionage goal

Suppressing criticism is a major Israel espionage goal

The students, the report adds, will focus on the Zionist regime’s purported “democratic values, freedom of religion, pluralism and other subjects that give expression to the Israeli government’s public diplomacy policy.”

The undercover student units will post messages on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube on behalf of the Israeli regime without identifying themselves as Zionist agents, according to the report.

The Israeli PM office is further planning to have the regime’s “student union” recruit up to 550 students with foreign language skills from Israel’s seven universities.

The student union, the report adds, will then publicize the secret publicity project among “tens of thousands of students,” and will provide computers and work space for a project headquarters at all university campuses.

“With social media, you can’t wait,” said another unidentified Israeli official about the propaganda project as cited in a Jerusalem Post report.

“We will get authoritative information out and make sure it goes viral,” the official further added. “We won’t leave negative stories out there online without a response, and we will spread positive messages. What we are doing is revolutionary. We are putting public diplomacy in the hands of the public.”

How many Israeli spying 'networks' has the FBI broken up in 25 years?

How many Israeli spying ‘networks’ has the FBI broken up in 25 years?

According to the reports, the “covert units” will be set up and structured in ‘a semi-military fashion’ at each university.

“The national public diplomacy unit in the PMO (Prime Minister’s Office) places an emphasis on social network activity,” Netanyahu’s office said in a statement.

“As part of this, a new pro-Israel public diplomacy infrastructure of students on Israeli campuses is being established that will assist in advancing and disseminating content on the social networks, particularly to international audiences.”

Moreover, according to details published in the Israeli media, a liaison officer for the Zionist regime will oversee the dissemination of “rapid responses” from Israeli officials to respond to news events, and coordinate with the regime’s other official bodies that deal with public diplomacy, including the Israeli military forces.

The Israeli publicity project, according to these reports, is the outcome of the regime’s eight-day ‘Operation Pillar of Defense,’ a military aggression launched against the besieged, Hamas-controlled Gaza Strip, in which the Palestinian Islamic resistance group was widely regarded as victorious in the “war of words on online media.”

Has the FBI been compromised on Israeli espionage?

Has the FBI been compromised?


“The perception dominating the online discourse was that the IDF had embarked on an unjustified attack,” said Israeli researcher Tomer Simon, who studied social networking activity during the eight-day aggression against Gaza.

The Israeli prime minister’s office plans to invest nearly 850,000 dollars “to recruit, organize and fund the activities of hundreds of university students” for the propaganda effort, the reports also state.

Editing:  Jim W. Dean


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