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False Flag Alert: U.S. intelligence Warns of Al Qaeda Train Attack


US intelligence and mainstream news agencies in Europe are reporting on an impending terrorist plot that the NSA is claiming to have intercepted

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

Photo: Wikimedia Commons

By Andrew Freeman

Since the NSA scandal broke months ago the US government has been searching for excuses to justify their insane practices.

Despite the fact that the US government has never stopped a terrorist attack that they didn’t actually facilitate themselves, they have continued to insist that they have intercepted multiple terrorist plots.

Now they are claiming to have intercepted a new plot involving Al Qaeda and the train system in Europe.

Germany’s Bild newspaper reported today how U.S. intelligence services bugged a conference call between leading operatives of the terror group behind the 9/11 outrages as they discussed bringing death and destruction to the European rail network.

The group was possibly targeting trains and tunnels, or planning to sabotage railway tracks themselves and the electric cabling serving them.

The newspaper said the planned terrorist attacks were a ‘central topic’ of a conference call intercepted by the NSA involving high-ranking Al-Qaeda operatives.

According to other media reports, Deutsche Bahn – German Rail – has already responded to the threat with plain clothed police officers at main stations and along major routes serviced by the high-speed ICE – Inter City Express – trains.

To make matters even more suspicious this transmission was apparently intercepted in Germany, where the NSA has come under criticism forinternational spyingThe chances of this being an actual terrorist threat is very slim compared to the possibility of a propaganda hoax or a false flag event.

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The Moment the US Ended Iran’s Brief Experiment in Democracy


Sixty years ago this week, on Aug. 19, 1953, the United States, in collaboration with Britain, successfully staged a coup in Iran to overthrow democratically elected Prime Minister Mohammad Mossadegh that a newly declassified CIA document reveals was designed to preserve the control of Western companies over Iran’s rich oil fields


Mohammad Mossadegh in front of the Straight of Hormuz, as seen from the international space station. (NASA/WikiMedia Commons)

The U.S. government at the time of the coup easily had manipulated Western media into denigrating Mossadegh as intemperate, unstable and an otherwise unreliable ally in the Cold War, but the real motivation for hijacking Iran’s history was Mossadegh’s move to nationalize Western-controlled oil assets in Iran. According to the document, part of an internal CIA report:

“The target of this policy of desperation, Mohammad Mosadeq, [sic] was neither a madman nor an emotional bundle of senility as he was so often pictured in the foreign press; however, he had become so committed to the ideals of nationalism that he did things that could not have conceivably helped his people even in the best and most altruistic of worlds. In refusing to bargain—except on his own uncompromising terms—with the Anglo-Iranian Oil Company, he was in fact defying the professional politicians of the British government.  These leaders believed, with good reason, that cheap oil for Britain and high profits for the company were vital to their national interests.”

There you have it, the smoking gun declaration of the true intent to preserve high profits and cheap oil that cuts through all of the official propaganda justifying not only this sorry attempt to prevent Iranian nationalists from gaining control over their prized resources but subsequent blood-for-oil adventures in Iraq and Kuwait. The assumption is that “the best and most altruistic of worlds” is one that accommodates the demands of rapacious capitalism as represented by Western oil companies.

Tragically, the coup that overthrew Mossadegh also crushed Iran’s brief experiment in democracy and ushered in six decades of brutal dictatorship followed by religious oppression and regional instability. If Iran is a problem, as the United States persistently and loudly insists, it is a problem of our making. Mossadegh, who earned a doctorate in law from Neuchatel University in Switzerland, was not an enemy of the American people; he was an Iranian nationalist who as the CIA’s own internal report concedes was preoccupied with the well-being of his people as opposed to the profitability of Western oil interests.

The CIA report derides the Western media’s acceptance at the time of the coup of the demonization of all actors on the world stage that fail to follow the approved script provided by the U.S. government. As the report notes, the “complete secrecy about the operation,” breached only by leaked information, made it “relatively easy for journalists to reconstruct the coup in varied but generally inaccurate accounts.”

Without conceding responsibility for misleading the media, the report says “The point that the majority of these accounts miss is a key one: the military coup that overthrew Mosadeq [sic] and his National Front cabinet was carried out under CIA direction as an act of U.S. foreign policy, conceived and approved at the highest levels of government. It was not an aggressively simplistic solution, clandestinely arrived at, but was instead an official admission that normal, rational methods of international communication and commerce had failed. TPAJAX (the operation’s codename) was entered into as a last resort.”

Parts of the formerly top secret report, an internal CIA study from the 1970s titled “The Battle for Iran,” which detailed the CIA-directed plot, have been revealed previously. But the section disclosed Monday in response to a Freedom of Information Act lawsuit brought by the National Security Archive is, as the archive’s research director Malcolm Byrne writes in Foreign Policy magazine, the first time the CIA admits to “using propaganda to undermine Mossadegh politically, inducing the shah to cooperate, bribing members of parliament, organizing the security forces, and ginning up public demonstrations.”

All of these actions were described in great detail by veteran CIA operative Kermit Roosevelt in a lengthy interview with me for the Los Angeles Times in 1979. Roosevelt is confirmed in the newly released documents as having the leading role in planning and executing the coup. In the interview, Roosevelt revealed his part for the first time, but instead of celebrating the success of the venture, he cautioned that it had set a terrible example.

As I summarized the conversation in the story that appeared on March 29, 1979: “Roosevelt said that the success of the operation in Iran—called Project AJAX by the CIA—so inspired then-Secretary of State John Foster Dulles that Dulles wanted to duplicate it in the Congo, Guatemala, Indonesia and Egypt, where he wanted to overthrow President Gamal Abdel Nasser. Roosevelt said that he resisted these efforts and finally resigned from the CIA because of them.”

Roosevelt, as he recounted in his memoir published five months after our interview, came away from the coup he engineered with serious concerns about the efficacy of such ventures.  But unfortunately it became the model in Vietnam, Guatemala, Cuba, Afghanistan, Nicaragua and other countries, where the full official record is apparently judged still too embarrassing for our government to declassify.

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UK Government Destroys Hard Drives During Raid in Effort to Stop Snowden Revelations


UK authorities reportedly raided the Guardian’s office in London to destroy hard drives in an effort to stop future publications of leaks from former NSA contractor Edward Snowden.



Guardian editor Alan Rusbridger revealed in a Monday article posted on the British newspaper’s website that intelligence officials from the Government Communications Headquarters (GCHQ) told him that he would either have to hand over all the classified documents or have the newspaper’s hard drives destroyed.

After more talks, two “security experts” from GCHQ – the British version of the National Security Agency – visited the Guardian’s London offices.

Rusbridger wrote that the government officials then watched as computers, which contained classified information passed on by Snowden, were physically destroyed in one of the newspaper building’s basements.

“We can call off the black helicopters,” Rusbridger said one of the officials joked.

Another source familiar with the event confirmed to Reuters that Guardian employees destroyed the computers as UK officials observed.

During negotiations with the government, Rusbridger said that the newspaper could not fulfill its journalistic duty if it satisfied the authorities’ requests.

But GCHQ reportedly responded by telling the Guardian that it had already sparked the debate, which was enough.

“You’ve had your debate. There’s no need to write any more,” Reuters quoted the unnamed official as saying.

In the article, Rusbridger explained that because of existing “international collaborations” between journalists, it was still possible to report the story and “take advantage of the most permissive legal environments.”

“I explained to the man from Whitehall about the nature of international collaborations…Bluntly, we did not have to do our reporting from London. Already most of the NSA stories were being reported and edited out of New York. And had it occurred to him that [reporter Glenn] Greenwald lived in Brazil?” wrote Rusbridger.

“The man was unmoved. And so one of the more bizarre moments in the Guardian’s long history occurred – with two GCHQ security experts overseeing the destruction of hard drives in the Guardian’s basement just to make sure there was nothing in the mangled bits of metal which could possibly be of any interest to passing Chinese agents.”

The news comes after Sunday’s international incident during which David Miranda, the partner of Guardian journalist Glenn Greenwald, was held at Heathrow airport under the UK Terrorism Act for the maximum time allowed before pressing charges. Greenwald was the reporter who exclusively broke the Snowden story.

The editor promised that the Guardian will “continue to do patient, painstaking reporting on the Snowden documents, we just won’t do it in London. The seizure of Miranda’s laptop, phones, hard drives and camera will similarly have no effect on Greenwald’s work.”

Another US security source told Reuters that Miranda’s detention was meant to send a message to those who received Snowden’s classified documents, about how serious the UK is in closing all the leaks in relation to the whistleblower’s revelations.

Greenwald, who first published secrets leaked by former NSA contractor Edward Snowden, responded by promising to release more documents. He added that the UK would be “sorry” for detaining his partner for nine hours.

Snowden, who has been granted asylum by Russia, gave Greenwald up to 20,000 documents with details about the US National Security Agency and the UK’s GCHQ surveillance operations.

Lawyer Eva Golinger told RT that the UK has violated all concepts of freedom of the press. “We are talking about a media outlet. Journalists and their spouses and partners being detained and interrogated. So clearly there has been a decision made that everything related to Edward Snowden must be captured no matter what, violating anyone’s right under any country’s laws.”

Golinger believes that government’s pressure on journalists could inspire some to cover the topic of government surveillance even more, instead of discouraging them to do so.

“The more principled the people reporting are, the more they will continue to pursue that work in the face of threat. Such cheap threats and intimidation give people even more reasons to continue doing what they are doing because it shows that those in power are clearly frightened of the information that is being put out,” she explained.

“At the same time it could certainly intimidate other journalists and create the environment of self-censorship, where many would be unwilling to take the risks that are involved with national security reporting, particularly when it comes to the US.”

Golinger argued that US is the “intellectual author behind the detainment of Miranda.”

“We are talking about a search and capture that is going on for Edward Snowden and it is the US that is leading that effort. It is not the UK or other European nations, they are merely abiding by the wishes of the US…What I believe is that Washington has simply put out a request to all of its allies that anyone related to Edward Snowden must be detained if they come into your territory and the UK abided by that and did their duty.”

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Court orders Mubarak freed


Egypt's deposed president Hosni Mubarak attends a hearing session in his retrial on appeal in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, April 15, 2013 (photo credit: AP/Ahmed Gomaa)

Times of Israel

An Egyptian court ordered Wednesday the release of ousted President Hosni Mubarak, but it is not yet clear if the ailing ex-leader will walk free after over two years in detention, officials said.

Prosecutors may appeal the order, which comes following a hearing on charges against Mubarak of accepting gifts from a state-owned newspaper, the last case that has kept him in detention. It is not known if they will file they appeal.

The possibility of Mubarak going free is likely to fuel the unrest already roiling the country after the autocratic leader’s successor, Islamist President Mohammed Morsi, was removed in a military coup last month.

Top prison official Mostafa Baz told the private CBC TV station that his offices will ask the prosecutors Thursday if Mubarak is wanted in other cases. If not, he would be set free.

The hearing was held in Tora prison, where Mubarak, 85, has been held for most of his detention since April 2011. Officials cited security concerns as the reason for holding it in the sprawling, tightly secured facility.

Mubarak is now on trial for the killing of protesters during the 2011 uprising against him and other charges.

He was found guilty and sentenced to life in prison last year for failing to stop the killing of some 900 protesters in Egypt’s 2011 uprising. His sentence was overturned on appeal and he is now being retried, along with his security chief and six top police commanders. His trial resumes later this month.

He is facing a number of other corruption charges, but no other trial dates have been set.

The court officials spoke anonymously because they are not authorized to speak to the media.

Rights lawyer and judicial expert Nasser Amin said procedurally Mubarak should have been released since his sentence was overturned, but that the political circumstances may delay letting him go.

“His release will cause chaos,” he said. “It will be used by Islamists as proof of the return of the old regime.”

Egyptian authorities have continued their crackdown on Morsi’s Muslim Brotherhood, arresting the group’s supreme leader and other senior figures and sending them to trial.

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Police State Terror in Egypt


by Stephen Lendman

Egyptian riot police march as they guard outside the police academy court in Cairo, Egypt,  Thursday, Sept. 8, 2011. The judge in the trial of Hosni Mubarak has summoned the top members of Egypt's ruling military council to testify in closed sessions, a move Egyptians have eagerly hoped for, expecting the top generals will expose the ousted leader's role in putting down protests against his rule. (AP Photo/Khalil Hamra)


Protracted conflict continues. Reports suggest Egypt’s Supreme Council of the Armed Forces (SCAF) plans to declare the Muslim Brotherhood (MB) a terrorist organization.

On August 19, Russia Today (RT) said Egypt’s draft constitution may prohibit religious parties from engaging in political activities. Word is expected by Wednesday.

Interim President Adly Mansour created a ten-member commission. It includes six pro-government judges and four constitutional law professors. They’re tasked with proposing constitutional amendments.

A second pro-regime committee comprised of 50 public figures will review proposed amendments. They have 60 days to decide they’re ready for a national referendum.

“Parliamentary elections are expected to follow,” said RT. Committee members agreed. Constitutional law intends banning “political parties based on religious ideology.”

Ruling generals want unchallenged power. Another amendment intends reinstating Mubarak’s National Democratic Party (NDP). On April 16, 2011, it was dissolved. Expect sham elections when held.

According to RT, committee members said Egypt’s upper parliamentary house Shura Council will be scrapped. A source said:

“Most political factions also press for the elimination of this council, which was exploited by the Muslim Brotherhood and its allies over one year to impose their Islamist ideology on the country.”

Interim Prime Minister Hazem el-Beblawi wants the Muslim Brotherhood banned. It’s being studied, he said. He pointed fingers the wrong way.

“There will be no reconciliation with those whose hands have been stained with blood and who turned weapons against the state and its institutions,” he added.

Muslim Brotherhood members were blamed for attacking Coptic Christian churches and communities.

MB’s Freedom and Justice Party board member Amr Darrag said Brotherhood members always protected them.

He blamed thugs complicit with security forces, saying:

“These allegations are being propounded by the current (regime), in order to justify the aggression.”

On August 18, The New York Times headlined “Islamists Killed While in Custody, Egypt Confirms,” saying:

“The Egyptian government acknowledged that its security forces had killed 36 Islamists in its custody on Sunday, as the country’s military leaders and Islamists vowed to keep up their fight over Egypt’s future.”

“The deaths were the fourth mass killing of civilians since the military took control on July 3, but the first time so many had died while in government custody.”

Egypt’s Interior Ministry claimed detainees tried to escape. It issued contradictory reports. It gave one account, then another. MB officials called what happened “assassinations.”

An official MB statement condemned what happened. In part it said:

“No sooner do Egyptians now bury their martyrs felled by the hand of treachery and state terrorism than they receive even more martyrs killed by military and police forces of the bloody coup engaged in a war of annihilation against Egyptians opposed to the brutal putsch.”

“Dead and injured peaceful protesters have reached astronomical numbers, with the last of state-executed massacres killing at least 37 Egyptian citizens in a police van on the way to a prison on Sunday, August 18.”

Assassinations were “for their opposition to the bloody military council.”

“This heinous crime shows the total disregard of the right to life by these murderous fascist thugs.”

“But the people will not kneel and will get through this black period of Egyptian history.”

Koran 26.227 was quoted saying:

“Those who do wrong will soon come to know where they will end up.”

Israel’s complicit in what’s ongoing. On August 18, The Times headlined “Israel Escalating Efforts to Shape Allies’ Strategy,” saying:

“Israel plans this week to intensify its diplomatic campaign urging Europe and the United States to support the military-backed government in Egypt despite its deadly crackdown on Islamist protesters, according to a senior Israeli official involved in the effort.”

Israeli ambassadors in Washington and EU capitals are lobbying foreign ministers. Netanyahu’s government claims SCAF control is vital to prevent further chaos.

According to an unnamed Israeli official:

“We’re trying to talk to key actors, key countries, and share our view that you may not like what you see, but what’s the alternative?”

“If you insist on big principles, then you will miss the essential – the essential being putting Egypt back on track at whatever cost.”

“First, save what you can, and then deal with democracy and freedom and so on. At this point, it’s army or anarchy.”

Israeli journalist Alex Fishman said:

“Israel is in a state of diplomatic emergency. It has been waging an almost desperate diplomatic battle in Washington.”

It wants support for Egypt’s government continued. It wants US-supplied aid maintained. It underpins the 1978 Camp David Accords. The 1979 Egypt-Israel Peace Treaty followed.

Washington, Israel, and EU leaders agree. Public rhetoric belies official policy. Support business as usual continues.

EU’s warning about “urgent(ly) review(ing)” relations with Egypt falls short of credibility. Whatever follows will be less than what’s needed. It’ll be short-lived.

A joint European Council President Herman Van Rompuy and European Commission President Jose Manuel Barroso statement was less than convincing, saying:

“We regret deeply that international efforts and proposals for building bridges and establishing an inclusive political process, to which the EU contributed actively, were set aside and a course of confrontation was pursued instead.”

“While all should exert maximum restraint, we underline the particular responsibility of the interim authorities and of the army in bringing clashes to a halt.”

“The violence and the killings of these last days cannot be justified nor condoned. Human rights must be respected and upheld. Political prisoners should be released.”

According to Israeli Professor Yoram Meital:

“From the Israeli perspective it is security, security and security – and then other issues.”

“If we study the Israeli perspective, then (so-called) universal values are secondary to the top priorities of security and security.”

Bar-Ilan University lecturer Mordechai Kedar heads its Center for the Study of the Middle East and Islam.

He opposes backing Egypt’s government. He calls it “a very big mistake to interfere in what happens.”

“Israel, by supporting explicitly the army, exposes itself to retaliation. Israel should have done things behind the scenes, under the surface, without being associated with any side of the Egyptian problem.”

Robert Fisk reported from Cairo. He’s unequivocal. He condemned state-sponsored violence, saying:

“Disgust, shame, outrage.”

“All these words apply to the disgrace of Egypt these past six weeks.”

“A military coup, millions of enraged supporters of the democratically elected but deposed dictator – reports that indicate well over 1,000 Muslim Brotherhood sympathisers slaughtered by the security police – and what were we told by the authorities yesterday?”

“That Egypt was subject to ‘a malicious terrorist plot.’ ”

“The country, we are now informed, is at the mercy of ‘extremist forces who want to create war.’ You would think, on hearing this, that most of the dead these past six weeks were soldiers and policemen, whereas in fact most were unarmed demonstrators.”

Who’s to blame, asked Fisk? Obama’s very much complicit. He lied claiming most Egyptians supported ousting Morsi by coup d’etat.

General Sisi “must have been delighted” to hear it, said Fisk. He compared dissolving the MB to Britain earlier declaring the IRA illegal. “Did that make them go away,” he asked?

He’s in Cairo. He’s witnessing events firsthand. He sees state of emergency harshness. It means: “Fear. No rights. No arrest warrants. No law,” he said.

It bodes ill for what’s coming. When state-sponsored terror’s official government policy, the worst of all possible outcomes follows.

When world leaders let despotic regimes get away with brute force, mass murder, illegal detentions and torture, all bets are off.

Egypt holds its breath. Conflict continues. Resolution’s nowhere in sight. Anything ahead is possible. Worst of all would be civil war.

A Final Comment

Fareed el-Deeb represents ousted Egyptian dictator Hosni Mubarak. He’ll be released later this week, he said. Judicial authorities ordered it.

He was cleared of corruption charges. A second case will be cleared up later this week, Deeb said. A simple administrative procedure will free him.

For how long remains to be seen. He faces retrial on complicity with murder charges. They pertain to protesters killed during early 2011 anti-Mubarak demonstrations.

Maybe they’ll be whitewashed like corruption. A previous article discussed Mubarakism 2.0. SCAF wants what Egyptians deplore reinstituted.

Maybe ruling generals will invite Murbarak back to lead it. Rogue states operate that way.


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I$raHell secretly targeting US war veterans


A homeless US war veteran (file photo)

A homeless US war veteran (file photo)
By Gordon Duff and Press TV

“Nearly 40% of the millions of homeless in the United States are veterans. When the count of recent veterans that had committed suicide hit 30,000, back in 2008, the US government stopped counting.”

This week, American war veterans in Los Angeles await a court decision that would return the Veterans National Home to them. The land had been stolen from them by gangsters and politicians, two groups most Americans now know are one and the same.

However, they fear the judge is under pressure from powerful anti-veteran groups now clearly identified as Israeli-based.

“Steamrolling” veterans

American war veterans have been targeted. They have known it for years, but it wasn’t until they were named “terrorists” by Department of Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano and “anti-Semites” by Abe Foxman’s Anti-Defamation League that they knew who was out to get them.

A powerful organization, organized crime figures, AIPAC, the ADL and JDL, aided by Senator’s Feinstein and Boxer and Representatives Waxman and Pelosi, have declared war on America’s homeless veterans.

Aiding them are phony non-profit organizations, the Veteran’s Park Conservancy and Brentwood Homeowners Association, multi-millionaires, Israeli citizens, stealing from homeless veterans, organizing smear campaigns, hiring thugs, police and military, to threaten and intimidate veterans, many well into their 80’s. But why?

Veterans control billions in land, are served by one of the world’s largest hospital systems and supposedly receive endless billions in aid programs which have not just been increasingly privatized but increasingly targeted by organized crime.

Police state or “gangster state?”

Veterans are an easy target and laws that allowed Congress to be taken over by “banksters,” drug cartels and human traffickers have empowered criminal elements among America’s “friends of Israel” to prey on damaged and disenfranchised war heroes.

Service organizations tasked with protecting veterans have made it even easier as they had begun the process long before, taking everything in sight and waving the flag to cover their crimes.

Now the real professionals have taken over.


Back during the 19th century, nearly 400 acres of worthless land was donated as a home for war veterans. That land is now worth four billion dollars. The veterans group, “the Old Guard” that has been demonstrating for nearly 300 consecutive weeks, never knew who their real enemies were.

Police came to arrest them, war heroes with an average age of over 70. The courts ruled that the police had violated the law.

Aging veterans had their phones tapped, their computers hacked and were even followed by members of special police units working for the Department of Veterans Affairs, some dressed as “ground keepers, photographed leaning on shovels while “not so casually” talking into microphones hidden in their sleeves and tapping their earpieces.

It would have been funny if it weren’t also so criminal. Military police came, filmed assaulting the aging wheelchair-bound vets, but police and the courts would do nothing.

How do you tell the Israel lobby from the mafia? You can’t!

Then it happened, the “Old Guard” were called “anti-Semites” by the ADL.

The ADL called them “Nazi extremists.” A local Jewish paper claimed the group was “terrorist,” citing that:

“Veteran protesters are likely to bring machine guns and start killing people in the streets.”

There is a problem with this. Some of the vets are Jewish. Their supporters are Jewish. Their lawyers with the ACLU (American Civil Liberties Union) are all Jewish.

What makes them “anti-Semites” is that they are threatening a racket that is spreading across America, billions of dollars of land, some designated for veterans, some for parks, some for hospitals or wildlife, all being given to billionaire developers.

Every one of these developers are Israeli citizens. All have long-time ties to the Meyer Lansky “Murder Incorporated” gang that was the real “Mafia.” They are alive and well today, many safely settled in Israel, others still in America. This same organization, the one at war with America’s veterans, the “Old Guard” and “Veterans Today,” put Bush (43) in office, made billions when the World Trade Center was demolished on 9/11, made trillions during the bailouts and market crash and, of course, started the Iraq and Afghan wars and are manipulating the slaughter in Syria and Egypt.

Ground zero Los Angeles

Nearly 40% of the millions of homeless in the United States are veterans. When the count of recent veterans that had committed suicide hit 30,000, back in 2008, the US government stopped counting.

Over 10,000 veterans of Operation Desert Storm have died of a mysterious disease called “[Persian] Gulf War Syndrome,” well documented but denied.

Few Americans know or care that, by 1985, 50,000 Vietnam veterans had died of Agent Orange poisoning. By 2005, over 1 million Vietnam veterans had died of suicide or “unknown causes,” making the toll from that war greater than the combined losses of all other wars combined, including two World Wars, the Civil War and even Korea.

Veterans as the new Palestinians

The methods used against American veterans, in California and across the US, deeply parallels Israel’s land grabs that have disposed millions of Palestinians.

However, American veterans don’t even have refugee camps to go to, no organization to represent them and, when and if they speak up, they are quickly “disappeared,” prison, accidents or untimely suicides.

“New-Think,” supporting al Qaeda and declaring war on veterans

Veterans have been officially classified as “terrorists” by the Department of Homeland Security. From theWashington Times:

“Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano said Wednesday that she was briefed before the release of a controversial intelligence assessment and that she stands by the report, which lists returning veterans among terrorist risks to the US.

‘The document on right-wing extremism sent last week by this department’s Office of Intelligence and Analysis is one in an ongoing series of assessments to provide situational awareness to state, local and tribal law enforcement agencies on the phenomenon and trends of violent radicalization in the United States,’ Ms. Napolitano said in her statement.

‘Let me be very clear: We monitor the risks of violent extremism taking root here in the United States. We don’t have the luxury of focusing our efforts on one group; we must protect the country from terrorism whether foreign or homegrown, and regardless of the ideology that motivates its violence,’ Ms. Napolitano said.

‘We are on the lookout for criminal and terrorist activity but we do not – nor will we ever – monitor ideology or political beliefs. We take seriously our responsibility to protect the civil rights and liberties of the American people, including subjecting our activities to rigorous oversight from numerous internal and external sources.’”

Ground zero Los Angeles

Each week for nearly six years veterans from three wars have stood against the powerful “West Side Political Machine” of Henry Waxman and the millionaire Israeli-Americans of the Brentwood Homeowners Association.

America’s “Veterans Home” was seized, given to the rich who built a private school, a place for their pets to befoul and a million dollar rose garden, all on land held sacred for America’s homeless heroes.

A multi-million dollar fence and militarized police force guarantee that the 20,000 local homeless veterans will never step foot on the home they alone own.

The rich hold parties there, movie premiers, fund raisers for gay and lesbian charities, all the while the veterans who own the land, and have proven it in court, sleep on the sidewalks, in the bushes, sometimes, too often, to be hauled away “dead of unknown causes.”

The names

Think Waxman, Foxman, Netanyahu, Pelosi, Boxer, Beiter, Broad, Millman, Mizel, Frank and especially John McCain.

Few outside the US know how American veterans suffer. After Vietnam, Senator John McCain, according to Col’s Ted Guy, Earl Hopper and Jim Hanke worked tirelessly to make sure none of the hundreds of POWs held after the end of the war were repatriated.

Hanke, former POW recovery officer in Thailand, tells of reports of POW sightings being suppressed, of the American people being lied to under the veil of “operational secrecy.”

Today, nearly a million veterans await claims processing, said to be as long as 18 months. In truth, “processing” means blanket denials with real claims taking up to 25 years or more to process.

Many Vietnam veterans are only now getting claims processed for illnesses and injuries dating from the 1960s and 70s.

Veterans call it: “Deny, deny, deny until they die.”

This is the rule, not the exception.

Easy targets

Veterans didn’t know. They never guessed that they could be targeted like Syria or Iran. The “war” in the Middle East wasn’t supposed to come to America, not here and certainly not be fought against veterans, so many of whom fought illegal and hopeless wars on behalf of Israel. They know now.

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Pakistan: Distinction Between Friend and Foe

by Asif Haroon Raja

PPP-Raza Rabbani


Presidential election held on 30 June 2013 kicked up lot of dust owing to PPP’s cranky behavior. PML-N’s demand to seek a change of date was not with mala fide intention. It was wrong on part of well-meaning but secular Fakhru Bhai not to understand the significance of 27th Ramadan which fell on 6th August and that many either sit in Aitiqaf or perform Umrah during last ten days of Ramadan. He should have owned his mistake and changed the date rather than showing his inability to do so when requested by PML-N. He displayed weakness when he was required to act firmly to stop pre-poll rigging and rigging on polling day, but became rigid at a wrong time. Rather than taking decision he passed the buck to the Supreme Court.

PPP’s attitude was debatable and it gave an impression as if Raza Rabbani would win the contest if held on 6 August and not otherwise. Judging from the political strength of each party and alliance of MQM and JUI-F with PML-N, victory of Mamnoon Hussain was a foregone conclusion. The only wishful possibility visualized by Rabbani was absence of large number of PML-N and JUI-F Parliamentarians on 6 August because of Aitiqaf/Umrah might pave his way to victory. He also naively thought that nomination of a weak candidate by PML-N might help him in winning over dissidents from PML-N and allied parties. Hidden motives were to make the election and judiciary controversial.

Notwithstanding some undesirable reservations expressed about Mamnoon, none will disagree with me that anyone howsoever mediocre but clean would be better than tainted Zardari. Hence boycott of election by PPP and its two worthless allies was in bad taste. PTI wisely decided to take part in election and field its candidate, although Imran Khan has still not got reconciled to general elections results and has landed himself in avoidable trouble. Mamnoon won with an overwhelming majority and will enter the presidency as a ceremonial president in September, putting an end to palace intrigues pursued by his predecessor.

Presidential election was no issue; what concerns Pakistanis are insecurity of life and property, energy crisis, faltering economy, declining morals and values, erosion of national sovereignty and honor, media’s negativity and foreign interference. Blood is oozing out of every pore of Pakistan for the last many years without blood transfusion to replenish the loss. As a result, the state is getting enfeebled with every passing day. The only preventive measure taken is to barricade the country by putting string of barriers and check posts and pitching security forces against faceless enemy which is well-trained, well-equipped and supported by external powers. While lawless FATA has to some extent been secured because of heroics of Army and FC, settled areas of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KP) and urban centres where police is in the forefront remain in turmoil. Militants stab the chosen target with ease and get away. No fool-proof system has been devised to nip the evil in the bud by preventing occurrence through timely intelligence.

This myth has also been broken after the DIK jail break about which all concerned had been forewarned well in time. Police sluggishness, ineptness and collusion with the militants were reasons behind the embarrassing outcome. It was in knowledge of all that the police are involved in high scale corruption and in league with the criminals particularly in Balochistan and in Sindh. Performance of KP police was relatively better in facing militancy. Some say this downslide is owing to unclear policy of PTI government regarding TTP.

While the effect of this demoralizing event had not faded away, the nation was subjected to another embarrassment in Islamabad on August 15 where a lone gunman kept the capital city police in a spin for over five hours. But for Zamurrad’s bold act, the high drama would have continued till next morning. Having seen the conduct of Islamabad Police and its senior officials on TV, it can be safely concluded that it is unfit to confront even minor challenges.

It is indeed mind boggling that our security forces have been fighting war on terror haphazardly for a decade without national security and counter terrorism policies. This is despite the fact that Pakistan is the biggest victim of terrorism. Reason behind this criminal neglect is that the elites have secured themselves within the confines of Red and Green zones, bulletproof vehicles, and ring of security guards while leaving the masses to fend for themselves. In hundreds of acts of terror, the underprivileged class has suffered the most. This unfortunate class had neither been taken into confidence to participate in US imposed war nor is in direct clash with the militants. It is caught between the crossfire of security forces, militants and foreign agents.

The police which are the frontline force to check crime and terrorism have been thoroughly corrupted and politicized by the elites to serve their ends. Moral turpitude of all segments of society has nosedived and distinction between good and bad blurred. Rather, dishonest officials are patronized and rewarded while the honest are seen as misfits. This downslide started during Gen Musharraf era which allowed complete liberty of action to Washington to neo-colonize Pakistan and India given a free hand to crush freedom movement in occupied Kashmir. Five-year inglorious rule of PPP-ANP-MQM combine ruined Pakistan’s economy, social fabric and state institutions.

Till 2002, FATA was unofficially recognized as Illaqa Ghair where murderers, absconders, car-lifters, abductors and criminals could find refuge from hand of law. Now whole of Pakistan has turned into Illaqa Ghair since there is no rule of law, elites are biggest law breakers, accountability is absent, law enforcers and lower courts are corrupt. Terrorists having confessed committing over hundred murders are set free; terrorists nabbed during close combat in war zones are given bail; those in jail are freed by terrorists. Anti-terrorist courts violate mandatory timeframe and take their time to decide high profile cases, and those sentenced to death are not hanged.

A stage had been set to declare nuclear Pakistan a failed state, but God saved Pakistan from sinking by turning the victory of USA in Afghanistan into defeat and thus checkmating its imperialist designs. Since ISAF cannot possibly pull itself out of the quagmire without the help of Pakistan, the US is grudgingly tolerating Pakistan. Issues on which the US has been making hue and cry are being put up with and friendly gestures made. Its affability is however not at the cost of annoying India which continues to remain in its good books. USA is not putting any pressure on India to stop its hostile acts against Pakistan as is evident from ongoing escalation of tensions along the LoC. TTP and BLA have not been bridled by CIA.

It is heartening to note that the new government has firmed up to stem the rot and to not only clean the mess but also improve the economy and living conditions of the downtrodden. Some positive steps have already been taken. Electricity policy has been formulated and curse of prolonged load shedding marginally controlled. PM Nawaz Sharif’s address was inspirational and well-intentioned but good intentions require speedy and result oriented implementation. What is needed now is to take all stakeholders on board and finalize coherent national security policy and counter terrorism policy at the earliest to control the scourge of terrorism. Setting up of Rapid Response Force (RPF) and Joint Intelligence Secretariat to combat terrorism by the close of this month is satisfying, but police needs a big overhaul and so do investigating and prosecution agencies and lower courts. Effective RPFs and effectual intelligence setup are also required in each province.

As regards foreign policy, friendship with immediate neighbors is desirable, but it should not be one-sided and at the cost of honor and dignity. Clear distinction should be made between friend and foe since enemies guised as friends have caused more harm to Pakistan. It is good that grant of MFN status to India has been put on hold till normalization of relations. China being all-weather and time-tested friend, should be trusted and envisaged long-term projects executed.

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WAKE UP AMERICA: Police Now Can Switch off iPhone Camera and Wi-Fi


 ScreenHunter_2023 Aug. 19 16.39

Thanks to the Tech Staff at Apple Computers

Police throughout the globe have been embarrassed to see online videos of their officers pepper spraying tied captives. In our age of mobile gadgets the pictures can be uploaded online in seconds, making supervisors to answer the questions.

But now the police may not need to fear scrutiny anymore, because Apple has recently patented a piece of technology that would allow the authorities and police to block data transmission, including video and photos, whenever they like. All they need to do is decide that a public gathering or venue is deemed “sensitive” and needs to be protected from externalities. In this case Apple will enable them to switch off all its gear. The developers insist that the affected locations are normally cinemas, theaters and concert grounds, but Apple admits it could also be used in covert police or government operations that may need complete “blackout” conditions.

In the meantime, privacy outfits point out that it could also be used to prevent such whistle blowers as Edward Snowden from shooting pictures and sharing them online. In response, Apple claimed that the wireless transmission of sensitive data to a remote source is a threat to security, with the sensitive data being anything from classified government data to answers to an exam administered in an academic setting.

Anyway, the fact is that Apple has patented the means to transmit an encoded signal to all wireless gadgets, commanding them to disable recording functions. The developers reveal that the policies would be activated by GPS, and Wi-Fi or mobile base-stations that would ring-fence around a building or a sensitive area in order to prevent mobile cameras from taking pictures or recording video.

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The Role of Secret US Funding in Egypt’s Coup


State Department Funnels Millions to Anti-Morsi Activists

By Dr Stuart Jeanne Bramhall

The Obama administration has come under fire for violating Section 508 of the 1999 Foreign Assistance Act by continuing $1.5 billion in military aid to the Egyptian generals who led the coup against Egypt’s democratically elected president and recently slaughtered more than 1,000 peaceful civilian protestors. The millions of dollars of secret aid the State Department funneled to anti-Morsi activists responsible for the mass protests preceding the coup is also illegal. However the corporate media is silent on this issue. It’s a non-event in the US mainstream media, despite the July 10 Al Jazeera expose by Emad Mekay from University of California-Berkeley’s Investigative Reporting Program.

Mekay’s article is mainly based on Internal Revenue and State Department documents he received via a Freedom of Information Act request, interviews with former Egyptian police intelligence officer Colonel Omar Afifi Soliman and Stephen McInerney, Executive Director of the Washington-based non-profit Project on Middle East Democracy (POMED), Egyptian court documents from Soliman’s 2011 trial in absentia for inciting violence against the US and Saudi embassies, and Soliman’s social media posts.

The Key State Department Front Groups

What Mekay learned was that since 2002, the State Department has been channeling hundreds of millions of dollars to Middle East pro-democracy activists through three State Department agencies, the US Agency for International Development (USAID), the Bureau for Democracy, Human Rights and Labor (DRL), and the Middle East Partnership Initiative (MEPI), as well as the CIA-linked nonprofit foundation National Endowment for Democracy (NED). Australian political scientist Michael Barker and William Robinson (Promoting Polyarchy1996) have both written extensively about the role of NED and similar CIA-funded foundations in promoting US friendly “revolutions” in Eastern Europe and third world countries.

The funds are then re-routed to other organizations, such as the International Republican Institute, the National Democratic Institute (NDI),  and Freedom House. Tax returns and federal grant records show these groups have subsequently disbursed these funds to Egyptian non-profit organizations run by senior members of anti-Morsi political parties. This – funding foreign politicians and financing subversive activities targeting democratically elected governments – is also illegal under US law.

The NED has removed public access to Egyptian grant recipients in 2011 and 2012 from its website. However POMED’s executive director Stephen McInerney estimates Washington spends approximately $390 million annually on “democracy promoting” groups in the Middle East, with roughly $65 million going to Egypt in 2011 and $25 million in 2012. McInerney estimates anti-Morsi groups will receive comparable funding for 2013.

Our Man in Falls Church

Mekay mainly focuses on Soliman, who began receiving NED funds in 2008. Until 2011, Soliman’s “pro-democracy” group targeted Mubarak’s repressive regime. More recently his social media sites have targeted Morsi’s government. Tax returns show that NED paid Soliman tens of thousands of dollars through an organization he created called Huku Al-Nas (People’s Rights), based in Falls Church, Virginia. Soliman is the only employee.

After he was awarded a NED human rights fellowship in 2008, Soliman moved to the US. His group Ukuk Al Nas subsequently received a $50,000 NED grant in 2009, a $60,000 grant in 2010 and a $10,000 grant in 2011. Soliman acknowledged receiving the funding in an interview with Mekay. It also complained it was nowhere adequate.

In 2012, an Egyptian court sentenced Soliman in absentia for his 2011 role in inciting violence against the US and Saudi embassies. Court documents Mekay obtained revealed Soliman used media interviews, YouTube, and Facebook to call for the violent overthrow of Mubarak’s government.

Court documents indicate Soliman has taken down some of his older social media posts. However his recent Facebook posts to his 83,000 followers are pointedly graphic. A post in late May, as anti-Morsi opponents were in the planning stage for massive anti-government street protests instructs protestors to “behead those who control power, water and gas utilities.”

Then in late June, he advises his followers to “incapacitate them by smashing their knee bones first … ake a road bump with a broken palm tree to stop the buses going into Cairo, and drench the road around it with gas and diesel. When the bus slows down for the bump, set it all ablaze so it will burn down with all the passengers inside … God bless.”

On a YouTube video, Soliman takes credit for a December attempt to storm the Egyptian presidential palacewith handguns and Molotov cocktails.

Other Anti-Morsi Groups Funded by the State Department

Mekay’s article goes on to detail (with dates and amounts) other anti-Morsi groups who have received State Department funding. These include the The Salvation Front main opposition bloc, a key organizer of recent protests that turned violent and Esraa Abdel-Fatah, a prominent figure in the Egyptian Democratic Academy. Last year Abdel-Fatah called on her followers to lay siege to mosques that supported Egypt’s new constitution, which was established via public referendum in December 2012. Other organizations identified in the IRS and State Department documents include the Hand in Hand for Egypt Association, which rallied Egypt’s Coptic Christian minority to take to the streets on June 30, and Reform and Development Party member Essmat al-Sadat, founder of the Sadat Association for Social Development. Sadat was a member of the coordination committee, the main organising body for the June 30 anti-Morsi protest.

US Encouragement to Incite Unrest

A number of recipients of US “democracy promoting” funding indicate that their US funders encouraged them to incite protests to whip up public sentiment against Morsi. Mekay’s article links to a YouTube video by anti-Morsi activist Saaddin Ibrahim, as well as an article in Egypt’s English language Daily News.

Mekay’s findings about the US role in fomenting public unrest in Egypt are corroborated by French Canadian Ahmed Bensaada’s 2011 Arabesque Americaine. The book details the role of State Department and CIA funding in all the so-called “Arab Spring” revolutions. I have posted an English summary of Bensaada’s key finding atSmoking Gun: US Role in Arab Spring.

There have been a few rather timid attacks against Mekay’s article and Al Jazeera (for running it) at the usual “free market” and pro Obama websites. Predictably the role State Department funding may have played in Egypt’s recent coup has been invisible in the corporate media. It’s an issue Washington policy makers prefer to keep hidden from the American people.

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Are ADL operatives “unofficial auxiliaries of the Department of Justice?” – I$raHell Lobby Archive


Today the I$raHell Lobby Archive releases an additional 850 pages of FBI files about the Anti-Defamation League (ADL) obtained under the Freedom of Information Act. The files cover the period 1942-1949.

Key highlights:


1. FBI complains to the ADL in 1942 that it was circulating false reports that ADL had conducted 373 investigations on behalf of the FBI during a one-year period. (file ending in 4)
2. The FBI director expresses view “that private investigative agencies had no excuse for existence, that they only created hysteria and contributed to vigilantism and a mob spirit…the FBI had never asked the ADL to conduct an investigation…” The ADL offers to disband during the controversy. (file 4)
3. Luigi Crisculo reports ADL undercover investigators claim the ADL acts as “unofficial auxiliaries of the Department of Justice.” FBI internal analysis that the ADL and related groups are “interested only in their own material benefit and their work is directed more in the line of persecution and of framing their enemies than the exposing of Nazism and Facism…” (file 4)
4. Warner Brothers Studio contributes $60,000 to ADL. Report that a secret fund was used to spotlight Japanese Americans and draw attention away from Hollywood. (file 5)
5. The ADL requests permission to check FBI files in order to avoid “duplication” of investigatory efforts. The FBI internally reports “As the Bureau can see, under the procedure suggested by Gross, the Anti Defamation League would have an opportunity to learn of the informants being utilized by the Bureau and would also be in a position to learn of those under investigation.” (file 5)
6. Senator Rufus Holman complains the ADL has targeted both his business and reelection in a smear campaign. (file 5)

1940's ADL logo

1940′s ADL logo

7. FBI does not investigate, the ADL operative, David Robinson, who is orchestrating the ultimately successful campaign against Holman, is FBI informant #7 of the Portland field office. (ADL gave the FBI a list of 1,600 representatives, including Robinson, to be of service to the FBI in 1940.) (file 5)
8. A 1945 joint ADL AJC fund-raising appeal lists a wide range of propaganda campaigns. “333,000 copies of important books carrying our message…9,000,000 pamphlets…40,000,000 comic books!” Fundraising letter claims, “Out of every 100 Americans, 25 are infected with Anti-Semitism!” (file 5)
9. ADL checks with the FBI whether anyone on the official ADL speakers list has an “unsavory” background. (file 5)
10. ADL June 1946 “The Facts” newsletter investigates the Institute for Arab-American Affairs, which has done successful public education “refuting the Jewish point of view on Palestine.” The ADL presents IAAA’s internal operations including confidential banking information, “The bank sources revealed that this organization solicits only membership dues of $10.00 from their mailing list of about 3,500, of which they receive only a small fraction of paying dues. As of last week, their bank balance was $9,000…”

The entire archive, “The FBI and the Anti-Defamation League” may be viewed online at:

Recently added items are marked “new.”

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