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Zionist Statement on Possible Intervention in Syria

Military action carried out in the name of upholding a basic humanitarian norm – you don’t gas children in their sleep – will be judged by its effect in protecting all Syrian civilians from further unlawful attacks, whether chemical or conventional.
Kenneth Roth, executive director

(New York) – Following apparent chemical weapons attacks on August 21, 2013, in Eastern and Western Ghouta near Damascus, the United States, Britain, France, and other countries are assessing options for military intervention in Syria.

Human Rights Watch does not take a position advocating or opposing such intervention, but any armed intervention should be judged by how well it protects all Syrian civilians from further atrocities.

“Military action carried out in the name of upholding a basic humanitarian norm – you don’t gas children in their sleep – will be judged by its effect in protecting all Syrian civilians from further unlawful attacks, whether chemical or conventional,” said Kenneth Roth, executive director of Human Rights Watch.

If there is a military intervention, all warring parties must strictly adhere to the laws of war. The laws of war forbid deliberate attacks against civilians, attacks that do not discriminate between civilians and combatants, and attacks that cause disproportionate harm to civilians compared to the expected military gain. No prohibited weapons should be used, such as cluster munitions or antipersonnel landmines. The parties must take all feasible precautions to minimize harm to civilians and ensure that civilians are not the objects of attack, and avoid deploying forces in densely populated areas. Providing weapons and materiel to national armed forces or non-state armed groups known to commit widespread abuses can make a party complicit in their abuses.

Parties taking military action should take into account the additional humanitarian needs created by the action, and comprehensively plan and provide for those needs. Given the inadequacy of relief aid provided solely with the permission of the Syrian government, efforts to provide cross-border assistance should be scaled-up dramatically, regardless of Syria’s consent. All parties to the conflict must allow humanitarian assistance to reach civilian populations at risk.

For more than two years, the United Nations Security Council has been paralyzed on Syria and unable to help curtail atrocities because of the repeated vetoes of Russia and China. Quite apart from any military intervention, the Security Council should refer the situation in Syria to the International Criminal Court so that those implicated in serious violations of international law can be appropriately prosecuted, and should implement targeted sanctions against such individuals.

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Where is Hezbollah from Syria Attack?

Ibrahim Al-Amin (Al-Akhbar Newspaper)

What is cute about the Americans and the Europeans is that when they get ready to commit a crime, they hurry to ask the victim about its reaction. In the past few days, they were active on the level of gaining information concerning Iran’s, Syria’s, and Hezbollah’s reactions towards any attack against Syria.

Hezbollah, Assad

Those simpleminded sides want the victim to stand under the open sky, giving way to say: I am ready to be killed! But the attacker is even ill at ease when witnessing this reaction. He wants the victim’s family to catch up with him, cheer and thank him for having the chance of being one among its victims.

Then, someone appears within the decision-making circles in the West to say that the public opinion in Syria, the Arab World, and the west doesn’t accept our silence about a crime committed in Syria. And that any attempt to examination won’t enjoy any sort of media coverage. We mustn’t know that all opinion polls in the United States, Britain and France show that the majority opposes the attack. They also don’t want us to hear that the parliaments in most of those countries do not agree upon the decision of war, in addition to that some well-known experts and officials in the armies’ leaderships and intelligence apparatuses are warning from the risks of such an attack.

They only want us to listen to the voices of the great leaders, who, in a moment, decided, without any evidence or testimony, and without any need to examine, that there is a condemned criminal who must be punished, even without trial. Therefore, the side that issued the sentence is the same side that chooses the type of punishment. However, the side that wants to object must either write a statement of condemnation or deal with it if it wants.

Up till now, all the indicators of the decision making zone indicate an imminent military attack against Syria. But what was leaked from this zone, as well as the supposed sides to apply the decision, indicates the presence of confusion. It might just be an extra time-buying process to coordinate the strike. However, it might be at the same time an opportunity to revise a sort of different messages that were sent hastily to those who are concerned about it. The messages contain that every attack will witness a reaction. But in case the reaction was immediate, wide, and limited, there was no clear response in this regard. Among the confusing questions in various western milieus, there is a central question about Hezbollah’s reaction towards any strike against Syria, as well as the questions concerning Israel’s direct security on one level, in addition to the security of international forces in the region, and the political and military security of the western countries on another.

Hezbollah is completely silent. It is not obliged at the moment to announce a significant position. It is that any statement issued by it will condemn the strike in advance and warn against the dangerous repercussions of this attack on the region. Some words between the lines might imply the party’s readiness to support Syria in defending itself against any foreign attack. As for those who are waiting Hezbollah’s decision, let them wait, but there are some main points that are good to be clarified for those who are concerned:

Firstly: In a case similar to what we are facing today, it is good to pay attention that Hezbollah is a part of a huge alliance led by Iran. Besides the special relationship, the non-secret one, between Hezbollah and Iran, it is better to those who are concerned to well-read Khamenei’s expressions that warn from a “catastrophe that will hit the region” in case a strike was launched against Syria. This position was also represented by distinguished army leaders and armed forces commanders noting that Iran will not accept its Syrian ally being attacked without intervening.

Secondly: Hezbollah is totally involved in the Syrian crisis, particularly in the confrontation between the western-backed or Takfiri armed groups. The party sacrificed dozens of martyrs thereat. It is playing a major role and considers itself concerned with what is going on in relation with a whole vision indicating that the most significant goal of the war is attacking the axis of resistance and reaching it. The party also doesn’t need to know the reasons of any foreign intervention, Israeli, American or European. It has rather been waiting this since a long period of time. Consequently, to those who think that Hezbollah, when it decided to intervene, had studied the issue from all sides and will not retreat now; it is totally opposite because any western strike against Syria will represent an additional motive to the party not only to stand more strongly by the side of its ally President Bashar Assad, but also to be in the heart of the battle to defend Syria against this strike. As for its behavior, it is a question whose answer is still hidden within the party.

Report translated by: Zeinab Abdallah

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Watch: unelected Racist Zionist UK parliamentarian attacks musician for speaking the truth


World-renowned violinist Nigel Kennedy has been attacked by Ruth Lynn Deech –Baroness Deech, of Cumnor – a member of the unelected upper chamber of the British Parliament, for speaking the truth at a BBC Proms concert, featuring the Palestinian Strings, a group of talented young musicians aged between 12 and 23.

Video by Anthony Lawson



Judge for yourself.

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I$raHeLl flag-wavers in US and UK suffer double whammy



In Europe and the United States, Israel’s stooges have suffered setbacks in their attempts to silence critics and destroy the careers of anti-apartheid campaigners.

Today, the Electronic Intifada reported that the body set up to deal with student complaints in England and Wales had turned down a complaint from a former Israeli student who claimed that she hadn’t been given high enough marks because she is Israeli.

Smadar Bakovic, an Israeli Masters student formerly at Warwick [University] who also works for an anti-Palestinian media group in Jerusalem, complained to the Office of the Independent Adjudicator last year. The OIA says she was unhappy that the university “refused to criticize” [her supervisor] Professor Nicola Pratt for giving her dissertation a mark of 62 per cent.

Bakovic claimed that Warwick’s complaints committee “did not make any provision for compensating me for the unsatisfactory teaching” – despite the fact the university allowed her to rewrite her dissertation with a new supervisor in 2011.

“She also seeks financial compensation,” the OIA’s Complaint Outcome stated last week.

The Israeli had taken a dislike to Pratt because the latter is a supporter of boycotts of Israeli academic institutions.

According to the new finding, Bakovic cited Pratt’s description as an activist in the “international peace/anti-war movement” on the university website as grounds for changing supervisors. According to Bakovic, the document states, this was an indicator of being “prejudiced in her views about Israel and Israelis.”

However, the OIA found  no evidence for Bakovic’s complaint that the rewritten dissertation’s higher mark (71 per cent) shows Pratt’s mark for the original was “biased marking”.

Meanwhile, in the US a federal complaint against the University of California, Berkeley, for failing to curb anti-Israel protests on campus which allegedly created a hostile environment for Jewish students has been dismissed, the Jewish Telegraphic Agency reports.

The complaint, filed last year by two recent graduates with the US Department of Education’s Office of Civil Rights, referred specifically to the annual February Apartheid Week demonstration. It charged that the demonstration violated Title VI of the Civil Rights Act of 1964, which bars the recipients of federal funds from discriminating on the basis of race, color or national origin. In 2010, the US Department of Education extended Title VI to include the protection of Jewish students from anti-Semitism on campuses.

However, an investigation by Office of Civil Rights, which included interviews with students and observations of the demonstrations, has concluded that the events described in the complaint did not constitute harassment but rather an “expression on matters of public concern directed to the university community”.

“In the university environment, exposure to such robust and discordant expressions, even when personally offensive and hurtful, is a circumstance that a reasonable student in higher education may experience,” the investigators said.

Their view was echoed by the university’s chancellor, Nicholas Dirks, who said the claim of a hostile environment for Jewish students “is, on its face, entirely unfounded”.

The university, he added, will continue to protect the right to free speech while promoting respectful dialogue and maintaining a campus environment that is safe for all our students”.

While we have no doubt that vexatious litigation by Israel’s pimps and stooges will continue, it’s also heartening that public bodies are beginning to stand up to the kind of bullying that has allowed Israel and its apologists to stymie free speech, wreck careers and get away with one big lie after another.

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Vladimir Putin is silent in favor of Syria


The ships of the 6th U.S. Navy , including nuclear submarine with 154 cruise missiles on board, strapped to the coast of Syria.Turkey , Iraq and Israel are mobilizing troops . Heads of leading Western countries involved in the conflict around Syria , formulated positions . Obama goes on the air almost every day. About the possibility of a silent war President . Why ?
The West is in a loss to explain why Russian President Vladimir Putin has never spoken against the sharply exacerbated the situation in Syria. In the first days after the use of chemical weapons in the suburbs of Damascus, Putin , as the newspaper The New York Times, ” took part in a ceremony to restore the fountain in Volgograd , visited the breakaway province of neighboring Georgia and inspected the mine and dam in Siberia.”
How is it that surprised the newspaper , the whole world is on the ears , and the main character spends the weekend, ” like the rest of the Russians .” Exposure Putin infuriates the Western media . They are ” declassified ” , as the president spoke with British Prime Minister David Kemeronom and rebelled . Educate the reader. ” Russia has no evidence whether the attack with chemical weapons in Syria, and who is responsible for it, if it took place ” – leads the verbatim words of Putin’s spokesman Cameron cut short his vacation (what a feat! ) To discuss the Syrian issue with legislators , allies and the government.
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Silence Putin allegedly said that he is indifferent to the fate of Assad and Syria, concludes The New York Times, and again perplexed because they do not see the logic in the actions of the Russian authorities. Why then block antiasadovskie resolution in the UN Security Council ? West is not aware that this position is working on the reputation of the Russian Federation for the Middle East, where it does not protect the individual modes , and existing international law , because if it is destroyed , the world is plunged into chaos and be guided only by the law of force . The West, however , used to violate this right , waits for the last words of the Russian president and is afraid of it .
Meanwhile, Russia’s position on Syria is a very profitable and stable . ” We are not required to do something . Weapons – we have given enough , I Bashar Assad weapons in bulk , so that nothing from us is required. Kantemirovskaya division or something there to send? Ridiculous . But more is needed – that the West ” – said the chief researcher at the Institute of World Economy and International Relations, Russian Academy of Sciences , Georgy Mirsky .

Kantemirovskaya division, certainly not necessary, but the military – will not hurt. So, of course , not without the knowledge of the Supreme Commander , the Command of the Navy of Russia in connection with the situation around Syria made ​​a decision today to “upgrade state of the permanent task force in the Mediterranean Sea ,” – said a source in the Russian General Staff . In the coming days it will join the large anti-submarine ship of the Northern Fleet , then ” it joins the Black Sea Fleet missile cruiser ” Moskva ” , which is now completing the tasks in the North Atlantic and will soon begin transatlantic crossing in the direction of the Strait of Gibraltar ,” quotes “Interfax ” .
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Also in the autumn Mediterranean grouping Navy must replenish the Pacific Fleet missile cruiser ” Varyag ” , which will replace a large anti-submarine ship Pacific Fleet “Vice -Admiral Panteleev ” , now performing combat tasks in the task force . It is today the most formidable ships of the Russian Navy. And , although the total combat power they lose American group in the Mediterranean, but the fact of the presence of a significant impact on the planning of combat operations against Syria, and on the morale of the Syrian army . Note, in a very similar situation in 1957 , similar to the aggression of the West and Turkey against Syria, which came to power left-wing forces , helped derail it is the presence in the eastern Mediterranean, two ships of the Baltic Fleet in the cruiser ” Zhdanov ” and the destroyer ” Free” versus 75 Navy ships USA.
Syrian Foreign Minister Walid Moallem said that coordination at the political level between Moscow and Damascus are almost on a daily basis . ” Russia does not turn away from Syria. Our relationship continues to evolve in different areas, and we thank them for their support of Syria , which ultimately protects not only Syria, but Russia itself ” – Foreign Minister said at a press conference in Damascus , responding to reporters’ questions.
As is well known , it is better to do than to say, and it is absolutely wrong to say and do . It seems that the entire Western rhetoric against intervention in Syria was a psychic attack to knock out compensation from Russia in talks on Syria . Failed . And President Putin , by the way, did not say the last word .

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American Attack on Syria Announced by I$raHell



Super-Dvora 3“On the Way to the Attack”
Yediot Ahronot, August 26, 2013

The banner above was the main headline of Yediot Ahronot—the largest paid Hebrew newspaper—on August 26, 2013. The text reads “On the Way to the Attack” and shows images of USA’s President Obama and Syria’s President Assad.

The article it illustrated wasn’t about the ongoing violence in Syria, but one describing the details of an American-British attack on Syria.

Wagging the Dog*

On April 28, 2013, there was a 4-hour long meeting of the Israeli Cabinet,** which according to official sources was the first one of the new Netanyahu’s government to deal with the War in Syria. The decisions taken were not published; however, a significant part of the IDF Intelligence Directorate (AMAN) assessment was published, in an attempt to manipulate public opinion.

Winds of WarWinds of War
Fahrenheit 451

On April 29, much of Aman’s proposed plan for an American War on Syria were published by Haaretz, an Israeli newspaper closely related to the Shin Beth. The newspaper cited Brigadier General Ytai Brun, Head of Aman-Research, the most strategic part of this organization.

Understandably, he couldn’t speak for the actions of an army belonging to a different country. Yet, even the details published are significant since they are directly related to the survival of 75,000 Americans and millions of people in the Middle East.

The main problem faced by Israel, is that the red-line endlessly cited by Western media, namely the use of chemical weapons, would not be crossed by the Syrian government. Thus, Aman has redefined the issue as “two entwined red-lines.” It claims that beyond the use of chemical weapons, there is a second line, the Syrian “lose of control of its chemical weapons depots and production sites.” AMAN proposed a massive American ground attack on Syria.

On April 28, Former Mossad Director Meir Dagan (he recently survived a liver transplant in Belarus, no other country agreed to treat him) said during the Jerusalem Post Annual Conference in New York that Bashar al-Assad didn’t sanction the use of chemical weapons. Dagan may have committed many war crimes along the years, but he is not a fool. He understands that the claim that Assad used chemical weapons “doesn’t hold water” (Hebrew idiom for a false argument, like a bag full of holes). Yet, the IDF wants an American Holy-Democracy Attack on Syria.

One decade after the Mother of All Battles, Israel is again attempting to wag the dog.*

The Grandmother of All Battles

Obama Options on SyriaObama Options on Syria according to Israel
Damascus is the large city inland, Beirut the largest one by the sea


Unaware of its inconsistency, Yediot Ahronot claimed on the same article that Bashar al-Assad is winning (this is true, see Syrian-Kurds Exodus = Assad’s Victory?) and a few lines later that he “had used chemical weapons out of despair.” Any trick is kosher in the attempt to wag the dog into the Grandmother of All Battles.

After thinking that its propaganda had convinced the readers, the newspaper continued by portraying President Obama’s options. It used the graphic reproduced above. Let’s review what Israel recommends Obama:

1. Air strike on the units that attacked with chemical weapons. Disadvantage: Time is needed to collect intelligence.

2. Air strike on Syrian air force and ballistic missiles units. Disadvantage: Sinking in the Syrian mud.

3. Enforcement of a non-fly area in Syria. Disadvantage: It will not neutralize Syrian artillery (many times stronger than the Israeli).

4. Taking control of chemical weapons depots. Disadvantage: It demands a ground attack and the Americans oppose.

Then the Israeli article, which looks written by the military intelligence, goes on describing the desired attack. Also in this case, it published a very graphical depiction of the event. Here it is:

American-British Attack Desired by IsraelAmerican-British Attack Desired by Israel


It marks the main chemical warehouses in Syria, and the American-British forces Israel wants to use in order to destroy them. Cyprus (the British Colonial Empire still owns two air-force bases on the island) and Jordan would provide the military bases needed for air-strikes to be conducted by American F-16 and British Tornado fighters. Tomahawk missiles would be launched by American and British war ships while British Trafalgar class nuclear submarines will fill an undisclosed task.

Most veterans will recognize this as a schematic Order of Battle.

Bashar al-Assad Reacts

These are strange times. An Order of Battle is made public by one side of the conflict before the battle while the other side reacts publicly on the same day. How would Sun Tzu have reacted on this ridicule?

Russian Izvestia published an impressive interview with Bashar al-Assad. Let me just quote a few remarkable sentences:

“From the beginning of the crisis, the USA, the UK, and France have tried to get militarily involved. They tried to change the positions of China and Russia in the UN Security Council, but they failed. They failed to convince the world that this is an intelligent step. They can open a war, but they know neither how long will it be nor to which areas will it expand. They understand that they have no control on that. What is going on in Syria is not a popular revolution, but terror. Western leaders cannot tell their people: ‘We enter Syria to support terror.'”

“Failure awaits America as it has happened in all its wars from Vietnam onwards.” He is mistaken. The USA utterly defeated Grenada.

“Why Israel opens fire against our forces every time we defeat the terrorists next to the border?”

The claims on the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian Government were defined by Assad as “an insult to the intelligence. It is nonsense. First, they put you on trial and only after they collect evidence…. On Wednesday, we were blamed, and only two days later the USA announced it would start to collect evidence.” This is not the first time that the American Government displays a misunderstanding of the term “evidence” (Iran Shows Captured Drone; USA Claims “No Evidence”).

Russian Minister of Foreign Affairs Sergey Lavrov has also publicly denied the existence of proofs that Syria had used chemical weapons. The Western mercenaries are the most likely users.

Certain things could not be said openly by Bashar al-Assad; luckily, this diplomatic limitation has been solved eons ago. Halef al-Maftah, a senior member of Assad’s party who until recently was the assistant of the ministry responsible for PR, gave on the same day an interview to American Radio Sawa in Arabic. He explained the mysterious hints in the Assad interview:

“Damascus considers that Israel is behind the violence and thus it will be under fire. We have strategic weapons, and we can react. Basically, the strategic weapons are aimed at Israel. If the USA or Israel will commit the error of attacking us using the chemical issue as justification, the entire area will experience unending fire.”

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A letter from Zionist human rights activist to an antiwar activist, on Syria.


No "more" bombs...the ones from Russia and Iran dropped by Assad's army can keep coming though... there are terrorists, you know.

No “more” bombs…the ones from Russia and Iran dropped by Assad’s army can keep coming though… there are terrorists, you know.

RE: Stop the War in Syria

Hello Antiwar Activist,

How are you? It’s been 2 and half years. I’ve missed you. I hope all is well. Thank you for writing back. Yes you’re right, we have to stop this war!

I am glad you are here now. We can use your help. You are against war, right? So you must really care about the Syrian people and want to help save them from the tragedies they have endured for far too long. Let me catch you up to speed so you can join the effort to help end this war.

The media is telling us that the West is about to attack Syria. You seem concerned. Just a heads up, Israel attacked Syria a month ago. The West attacked Mali last year, Libya the year before that, and continues to use drones worldwide every day. I didn’t hear from you then so you probably just didn’t get the memo. The war isn’t just about to start. It’s actually been going on for 2 and half years. 100,000 people are dead. 1 out of every three people is displaced. 1 out of every 3 people needs humanitarian assistance. The medical system has collapsed. And third of the country is in rubble because conventional weapons are being used indiscriminately every day.  ” CONVENTIONAL WEAPONS ARE BEING USED BY WHO? BY ZIO-NATO WAHABI RAT’S

So, the West is about to attack. We don’t want foreign military intervention right? Oh but Iranian and Lebanese forces have been there for some time now fighting with The Government’s army, and along with Russia have been arming them with sophisticated weapons. I guess that doesn’t count as foreign because those are not western countries. Israel attacked Syria a few times too but they are not Western so let’s forget about that too.


What’s important now is to stop the West. They’re always looking to start wars. They are the bad guy. So that means Syria must be the good guy. Oh you don’t know much about them. Let me fill you in. There is a dictatorship there. ”


It’s been about 40 years. It comes with all the stuff you expect from good guys, no freedom of expression, no democracy, gross human rights violations, political prisoners, and complete theft of the economy.


In fact one guy owns 60% of the entire Syrian economy!


Hmm, let me see what else. Oh yeah they were responsible for the killing of an entire city of Hama killing over 20,000 people in 1982 and are a designated a state sponsor of terrorism since 1979. And in case you forgot they attacked, kidnapped, tortured, and killed peaceful ??


protesters for the first 6 months of the conflict while people asked for their basic rights and freedoms. Most recently chemical attacks were used against people while they slept killing over a thousand men,


women, and children. In case you were wondering, Syria has the largest stockpile of chemical weapons in the world.


But they are not the bad guys, right? It’s more important to stop the West because they cause collateral damage. Never mind the existing collateral damage caused by The Government that has reduced a third of the country to rubble and killed tens of thousands in the process. No need to protest against the daily indiscriminate missile strikes being used by Syria’s military because the 3 days of missile strikes by the West will be much worse for the people of Syria.


I mean who does the West think its fooling? After their claims about Iraq, who can believe them? There is no proof that a war exists in Syria and that The Government is responsible for anything. Maybe we should check with someone else who we can really trust. Let’s see what AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL, ” AMNESTY RUN BY ZIONIST SOROS ” HUMAN RIGHTS WATCH, UN-OCHA, INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE OF THE RED CROSS, AND REPORTERS WITHOUT BORDERS have to say. What? You’re kidding me? There actually IS a war going on and The Government IS responsible for the vast majority of crimes against humanity. You mean they have been using tanks, airplanes, helicopters and snipers indiscriminately against the population? ” ”AGAINST ZIO-NATO WAHABI RAT’S” You know, I don’t think I have heard you mention this war. Maybe you believe that war is only bad when other countries get involved, and that it is not a war when the government attacks its own people?

Let us be clear. When you say stop the war, you don’t just mean that West should not attack? You also mean that The Government should stop indiscriminately attacking its own population? I don’t think those countless reliable sources are wrong when they have repeatedly documented that a war has been going on, that The Government is largely responsible, and that this is not acceptable? You are against war, right? Or maybe it’s okay if the war is just inside the country itself? I mean the government’s crimes against humanity are needed because their enemy is foreign jihads who eat human hearts. ” DID YOU SEE THAT THIS KIND OFF SICK ANIMALS THE SYRIAN GOVERNMENT FIGHTING ” That’s the real bad guy. Oh didn’t you know? The foreign jihadis have always been there. They have been there for 40 years so that’s why it was okay to have a dictatorship that trampled people’s freedom for decades. They were there during the peaceful protests, that’s why The Government had to attack and kill peaceful protestors for 6 months. And they are everywhere now. No Syrian has ever picked up a gun to defend himself after seeing his wife raped, his children slaughtered, and his home razed. The 100 000 people killed and 6 million people displaced are all foreign jihadis.


Don’t you know that dictatorship, oppression, waging war, and committing crimes against humanity does not cause a local population to resist? This is all just one big conspiracy by the West. Syrians don’t have a problem from 40 years of oppression. The scenes of millions of people across the entire country protesting peacefully for the human rights were all faked. And if they weren’t, well they must have been orchestrated by the West. I mean any human rights activist can tell you how easy it is to mobilize nationwide protests in the millions for 6 months. Even in the face of torture and death, they continued to protest because the West wanted them to. It had nothing to do with any internal desire for their own basic rights. We all know how easy it is to brainwash millions of people to go in the street and protest day after day when you’re facing possible death.

I mean in the end, it’s the people you care about right? That’s why you don’t want the West to attack. Protesting against a limited Western attack will help the people much more protesting against a war that has destroyed the country for 2 and half years, calling for more help in the largest humanitarian operation in the history of the UN, or demanding our governments do something, anything REAL to stop the bloodshed. Protesting against a limited Western attack will help the people by stopping the war all together. That’s what you really care about after all, the people. It has nothing to do with protesting yet another American foreign attack. You are there to protest because you truly care about the people.

Hmmm but where have you been. I haven’t seen you protesting and lobbying your government to increase humanitarian aid to the people of Syria. You do know it’s the largest humanitarian disaster of the century? That there are over 7 million people who need humanitarian assistance? I haven’t seen you asking for more pressure on the Syrian government to stop attacking civilians indiscriminately.


You do know not a single UN Security Council on Syria has been passed?. Well you are here now. Nice to have you. I hope I can count on you to help the people of Syria. We need all the help we can get. We need to stop this war. We need to help the people. Let us stand together in solidarity and call for an end to the war in Syria. Let us stand together and demand protection and aid for the people of Syria. That’s why we are here right. It’s not just about stopping a small scale limited Western military intervention. It’s about ENDING THE WAR! It’s about helping the people of Syria. We are activists for a reason, right? Stopping wars is not our end goal, it’s just a means to saving our fellow man from oppression.

I have been here for some time now. I am exhausted. It’s nice to have you next to me. This war will likely not end anytime soon. I hope you will stay for the long haul.

Thank you,
A Human rights Activist

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Demonstration at the White House: “Hands Off Syria! No U.S. Intervention”

For Immediate Release Press Contact:
Eugene Puryear, 434-242-8672

Demonstration at the White House
TODAY – Thursday, August 29
“Hands Off Syria! No U.S. Intervention”

Today – Thursday, August 29 – individuals and organizations from around the Washington, D.C., area will be gathering in front of the White House demanding “Hands Off Syria – No U.S. Intervention!” Representatives a diverse group of anti-war, social justice and community organizations will speak at a rally.

This is one of many protests taking place nationwide.

With overwhelming opposition amongst the American people towards a war against Syria, today’s rally will be a clear expression of the discontent that is going completely unrecognized by American political leaders.

The pretext for attacking Syria is the allegation that the Syrian government used chemical weapons last week in the suburbs of the capital, Damascus, just after a UN team had arrived in the country to investigate an earlier alleged use of chemical weapons. President Obama declared over a year ago that the use of chemical weapons by the Syrian government would cross a “red line,” triggering U.S. military action.

The idea that the Syrian government would launch a chemical weapons attack exactly at the moment when the UN team was in the country investigating chemical weapons defies all logic.

In a sign of their total disregard for the truth, the United States government has declared, in advance of any actual investigation, that the Syrian government is guilty of using chemical weapons. U.S. officials have stated that the United Nations weapons inspection team, which is today at the site near Damascus where hundreds of people died last week, is “too late.” In other words, the United States, along with Britain and France — the former colonizers of the region — have decided to use chemical weapons as an excuse to go to war.

The White House rally is one of many demonstrations taking place nationwide. 

Click here to see a list of other demonstrations taking place across the country on Aug. 29 and beyond.

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President # Daniel complaint # schedule warmongering U.S. and European countries

The President Daniel Ortega Saavedra, denounced the international political agenda implemented by European countries and the U.S., to install in the theater world a larger war, which is a danger to world security.
During a meeting with deputies, members of Parliament (Parlacen), which concluded a series of work sessions in Nicaragua, Daniel called it ironic that on the 50th anniversary of the landmark speech by Martin Luther King, United States and several European countries, among which he mentioned to France, Italy and England, prepare to start a war with Syria.”There is already installing the board of war in a theater of war far greater, larger, higher reaches of greatest danger to global security, war theater currently has and the planet,” said Nicaraguan president.The President recalled that the same theater of war was imposed by developed countries in Iraq, Afghanistan and Libya, where NATO forces killed the leader of the nation, Moammar Gadhafi.”NATO came in with all guns blazing, when Gaddafi was to consolidate peace in Benghazi, then entered NATO forces and killed a head of state. And what has been Libya: a country destroyed, anarchy, destroyed, disintegrated, “he said.He also recalled how the “Arab Spring” took place in countries like Egypt and Tunisia where huge demonstrations were expelled rulers, President Mubarak of Egypt and Ben Ali in Tunisia.These processes were initially driven by local forces, then have been induced and directed by those who think they have the formula for freedom and democracy in the world, which are the European countries and the United States, said Daniel.
The commander reported that on Syria and weighs a decision of the United States, France, Italy and England, on the use of chemical weapons against the population, and thereby justify its intervention in that country.“Since this is presented as a decision: the decision to attack Syria. I decided that the Syrian government that the Syrian army used chemical weapons. Already decided. Who? England, France, Italy and the United States itself … all of them and with war preparations, and installing all naval forces in what is a real siege to Syria, “he said.”There are already installed rockets, preparing aviation, discussing and approving British Parliament, bone Democrats, civilized, civilized Europe, civilized Europe, talking about death, war,” joked Daniel.The President recalled that the UN commission that was delegated to inspect and verify if they have used chemical weapons has not yet completed its work. However, Daniel said it is clear that “in despair, mercenary forces have been armed and financed by the European, the impotence of power forward and hold positions, it is they who have used these chemical weapons” .However, he criticized governments conspire against Syria and decided and declared to be punished because the Syrian government used chemical weapons “and secure it, without any proof,” said Daniel, who confirmed that repeats the same story from Iraq.He also alleged that the interests of the powers outweigh Peace, including strategic steps to seize, seize the oil and control the Suez Canal.
[[[[Daniel reiterated that the situation in Syria is dangerous for the region and take more blood, pain and death if not stopped. Also nobody has criticized the European powers punished for the crimes they have committed throughout history in Africa, Asia or Latin America.”Millions of people killed throughout the period of colonialism and neocolonialism, enslaved nations and still subject to those countries.”]]]]]
UN Charter is not respected
The President criticized that countries are readying their forces to invade Syria does not respect the role of the United Nations or the Security Council.”What a world we live, what principles, what values, what is worth the UN Charter, for what it’s adherence to the UN Charter, UN what good, what good is the same Council Security, “said Daniel, at the statements of the powers that said attack on Syria, although the Security Council approves.”They have done and have already announced they will return to. That is, have launched attacks at other times, bombings, invasions against the Security Council of the UN, without the backing of the Security Council of United Nations. They have the support, the Security Council met today and had no support, then they are saying clearly: will be launched without the Council and that at least are preparing air strikes and missile launches of rockets from the warships and from the facilities they have in neighboring countries, “said Daniel.“There is a clear desire, official, formal of these governments, the government of the United States, the French government, British government and other governments, where they have already approved launch attacks against Syria. What kind of attacks? How far the scope of these attacks? We do not know, “he said.”This is the world where we find what that imperial practice, which comes from colonialism, neocolonialism, imperialism, who refuses to accept that the world has changed, it is not true that they can do whatever they want, it is not true that where they intervene now achieve total control, and we are seeing in Iraq, and we are seeing in Afghanistan, countries that were occupied militarily, had to retreat, and left the chaos, anarchy “he said.
Daniel calls for reflection and dialogue
The President called on the European nations in particular President Barack Obama of the United States, that do not engage in a military adventure against Syria.”Mal Luther King tribute would be for that in its 50th year is preparing to launch all the machinery (a war),” he said.
Daniel stands to Central America as an example to find Peace
The President stood to Central America as a clear example of a region that fought to achieve peace after years of war.In this regard, he said that in the world we have two huge process: the integration, unity, economic development, social development, political understanding for peace and to eradicate poverty, and on the other hand we have the same model of domination, colonialism, neo-colonialist, imperialist who refuses to accept that their days are over.The president reiterated that “is negotiated, and finally managed to do it here in Central America, we put an end to the wars in Central America. It is trading as it is doing the President (Juan Manuel) Santos with the FARC in Colombia, as it will put an end to this war, “he said.

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The President of Bolivia, Evo Morales, rejected an eventual military attack on Syria and the use of chemical weapons in that country, and considers that the United States pokes into that conflict, in a Wednesday Press Conference.”We reject, we condemn, foreign military intervention,and its likelyhood in Syria, as well as “we do not accept the use of chemical agents which, reportedly, just come from groups that destabilize democracy, and its Government in Syria,” he said at the presidential Quemado Palace, in La Paz.Morales, a strong critic of Washington, said that the Syrian case should be cause for reflection because “Now the United States no longer uses just coups, because it can not impose military dictatorships (but) finances the division of peoples and when it intensifies prepares military interventions”.“Now we wonder and ask, in whos hands is Libyan oil today?.” It is no longer in the hands of Libyans, and the (US) interests is just in those natural resources”, to overcome its crisis, abounded.In this sense, “the talk by Presidents like (American, Barack) Obama that only prepare wars its to save its countries from its financial crisis, its economic crisis, appropriating natural resources in some countries, trying to divide them”.Morales is in solidarity with Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad from 2010 when rejected a resolution of the general Assembly of the United Nations which condemned the violence then in Syria. The UN document criticizing alleged human rights violations and the use of weapons of war by the regime of Al-Assad against the civilian population.



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