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Freed Gitmo Terrorist Member of Islamic Opposition in Syria


As the Obama administration pushes its delusional tale that Syrian rebels aren’t terrorists, a mainstream newspaper chain publishes a story about a former Guantanamo captive who died fighting the Bashar Assad regime as a member of an Islamic opposition group.The ex-Guantanamo prisoner, Mohammed al Alami, was one of hundreds released from the U.S. military facility in southeastern Cuba during the Bush administration. He spent four years at Gitmo, admitted training with Al Qaeda and participating in an Afghan paramilitary camp where Osama bin Laden visited “to encourage and reinforce the trainee’s commitment to the cause of jihad.” [[[[Records cited in the article show that the U.S. Army general in charge of Gitmo at the time advised against releasing Alami.]]]] 
 [ed note:though most gitmo detainees are innocent and not charged for any crimes,yet still kept under torture conditions(in us govt hopes ,that once released,they ”will become hostile to US,to help justify the war on terror scam”),this one however ”supposedly” did have ties to alqaeda(whom cia funded and trained in Afghanistan of course),but released him even against a generals warning not to do so!Whats this tell us?that they did this knowing hed go back to terror activities,wich in this case ,of course support us objectives,the overthrow of Bashar al Assad!!!
Over the years a variety of intelligence and foreign news reports have revealed that, like Alami, many of the freed Gitmo prisoners have rejoined terrorist missions after leaving the military compound. The Department of Defense (DOD) supposedly keeps track of the released Gitmo captives, but the agency had no comment when asked about Alami and his role in the Syrian insurgency. That’s probably because, in its quest to make a case for U.S. military intervention, the Obama administration claims that a collection of secular moderates—that deserve U.S. backing—are leading the fight against the Syrian regime. Concerns about Al Qaeda jihadists running the rebel operations in Syria are unfounded, the admin


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