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The issue of I$raHell’s nuclear weapons will not go away


If there’s a silver lining to the murderous gas clound unleashed by the Butcher of Damascus on 21 August this year, it is the fact that the spotlight is now firmly on Israel’s nuclear arsenal.

As Victor Gilinsky and Henry D. Sokolski say in an ope-ed in the New York Times,

… President Obama’s effort to uphold international norms against weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East will entangle the United States in a diplomatic and strategic maze that is about much more than Syria’s chemical arsenal…

An obstacle of America’s own making has long prevented comprehensive negotiations over weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East. While the world endlessly discusses Iran’s nuclear capabilities and the likelihood that it will succeed in developing an atomic arsenal, hardly anyone in the United States ever mentions Israel’s nuclear weapons…

What sustains this pretense is the myth that America is locked into covering up Israeli nuclear bombs because of a 1969 agreement between President Richard M. Nixon and Israel’s prime minister, Golda Meir. For Mr Nixon, it was mainly about gaining Israeli support in the Cold War. He and Mrs Meir understood the need to discourage the Soviets from providing their Arab allies with nuclear weapons. A declared Israeli nuclear arsenal would have led to pressure for Moscow to do so. But such Cold War reasons for America to stay mum evaporated decades ago. Everyone knows the Israelis have nuclear bombs. Today, the main effect of the ambiguity is to prevent serious regional arms-control negotiations…

If Washington wants negotiations over weapons of mass destruction in the Middle East to work – or even just to avoid making America appear ridiculous – Mr Obama should begin by being candid. He cannot expect the countries participating in a conference to take America seriously if the White House continues to pretend that we don’t know whether Israel has nuclear weapons…

In other words, what’s good for the goose is good for the gander. If the Butcher of Damascus does indeed shed his chemical weapons, why not Israel too?

Must we wait for the apartheid Zionist regime to use its weapons of mass destruction before forcing it to disarm?

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Joe Biden Says: ‘The Taliban, Per Se, Is Not Our Enemy’



Biden says that the Taliban is not our enemy in Afghanistan

Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

Vice President Joe Biden and President Obama. (Photo: Wiki Commons)

By Anderew Freeman

One of the most interesting recurring themes in the book 1984 was the idea that the ruling political class would always be at war, but would constantly change who they were at war with to confuse the general population.  The books protagonist Winston Smith noticed that the government would constantly change their stance, one day they were at war with East Asia, and the next day they were not.

Like many situations described in 1984 this setup is eerily similar to what we see today, where the government is fighting Al-Qaeda in one country, but then fighting with them and supplying them with arms in other countries.  Recently, Joe Biden made a telling remark about the Taliban that is a perfect example of this confusing tactic that is used in 1984, and by today’s politicians.

In a recent interview, Biden said that:

Look, the Taliban per se is not our enemy. That’s critical. There is not a single statement that the president has ever made in any of our policy assertions that the Taliban is our enemy because it threatens U.S. interests. If, in fact, the Taliban is able to collapse the existing government, which is cooperating with us in keeping the bad guys from being able to do damage to us, then that becomes a problem for us. So there’s a dual track here:

One, continue to keep the pressure on al Qaeda and continue to diminish them. Two, put the government in a position where they can be strong enough that they can negotiate with and not be overthrown by the Taliban. And at the same time try to get the Taliban to move in the direction to see to it that they, through reconciliation, commit not to be engaged with al Qaeda or any other organization that they would harbor to do damage to us and our allies.”[1]

However, no one that was paying attention could forget about the fear mongering media campaign that was waged against the Taliban in the American mainstream media just years ago.  Additionally, there is another contradiction in this statement, because while the US government claims to be waging a “war on Terror” against Al-Qaeda, they have supported and supplied Al-Qeada in Libya, Syria and many other countries in the middle east.  To make matters even more confusing, the government in Afghanistan that Biden seems so interested in removing from power, is actually a puppet regime that was put into place by the US.



[1] Joe Biden On Iraq, Iran, China and the Taliban – The Daily Beast


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Explosions, Gunfire and Smoke as Siege in Nairobi Continues


Reports of chaos continue from Kenya as shopping mall massacre enters third day

Heavy smoke rises from the Westgate Mall in Nairobi. (Photograph: Jerome Delay/AP)With details and verifiable reports still hard to come by about what is going on inside, the violence at the Westgate shopping complex in Nairobi, Kenya continued into its third day on Monday with the latest news being a report of heavy gunfire and possible explosions from inside with plumes of black smoke then seen rising from the building.

Some outlets and reports from the scene indicate that a fire has been set, possibly by some of the remaining gunmen—allegedly al-Shabaab fighters upset by Kenya’s military intervention in neighboring Somalia—who first laid siege to the complex on Saturday.

As Reuters reports:

Thick smoke poured from the besieged Nairobi mall where Kenyan officials said their forces were closing in on Islamists holding hostages on Monday, three days after a raid by Somalia’s al Shabaab killed at least 62 people.

It remained unclear how many gunmen and hostages were still cornered in the Westgate shopping center, two hours after a series of loud explosions and gunfire were followed by a plume of black smoke, that grew in volume from one part of the complex.

Outside the mall, The Guardian’s Guy Alexander described a scene of chaos as police tried to clear onlookers from the area:

Responding to rumours that other al-Shabaab units maybe joining and hiding themselves amongst the crowds, Kenyan security services have tried to clear onlookers and members of the public from around the mall, he says. In doing this, they have fired tear gas creating even more scenes of chaos.

He also reports that the shooting has stopped but a towering plume of black smoke is still rising from the mall. Alexander does not believe that the smoke is related to security service action but instead believes that a large explosion had come from inside the building.

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What is Really Happening in Syria Today?

Bring Syrian cleric and activist Mother Agnes to your city!

Mother Agnes-Mariam of the Cross is Mother Superior at the Monastery and Convent of St. James the Mutilated in Qara, Syria.  Gunmen attacked her vehicle in May, 2013.  Much of the population in the towns and villages around the monastery have fled and been made refugees.

But the story that Mother Agnes tells is very different from what we hear and read in the North American press.  She has spoken in Ireland and Australia, and she organized an international delegation led by Nobel Peace Laureate Mairead Maguire to come to Syria to see for themselves.  And she is one of the main organizers of Mussalaha (“Reconciliation”), a popular movement in Syria that mediates disputes and organizes ceasefires between opposing forces.

Mother Agnes will be touring the U.S. and Canada from October 24, to December 4, 2013 under the auspices of the Syrian Solidarity Movement, a U.S. tax-exempt nonprofit project, ID no. 20-5516191.  If you or your church, house of worship, school, university, union or other organization wishes to invite Mother Agnes to to speak, please contact us at the address below.  If requested, Mother Agnes will also be happy to speak about the conditions of Arab and other Christian communities throughout the Middle East.

Syria Solidarity Movement
+1 510 232-2500

To bring Mother Agnes-Mariam to your community, please go to  In order to support the costs of this tour, we are asking each venue to contribute according to its ability, but to advance $200 at time of booking (to cover the transatlantic flights), and to cover local costs, including a one-way ticket from the previous location, which may be shared with other groups and events at your location.  You may wish to take a collection at each event to cover costs.  If we receive a grant, we may be able to lower the cost, but we also welcome any additional funds you may be able to contribute, at

To view short film clips of Mother Agnes on line, go to:

On the rebel uprising: 
On the information war: 
On Syrian secular society:

On the Mussalaha Movement:
On the chaos:


Vienna and Burg Schlaining

We also wish to draw your attention to this important event, the purpose of which is to begin the task of peace and reconciliation amongst all the parties. 

YouTube – Videos


Terrorist Attack in Kenya



Over the weekend, a devastating terrorist attack took place in Nairobi, Kenya, when gunmen aligned with the terrorist group Al-Shabaab attacked a shopping mall in the capital city of Kenya. For the last three days, police have laid siege to the mall in attempt to kill or capture the terrorist members before they did any more damage. At least 62 people have been killed and many more wounded in the fighting that began over the weekend in Kenya.

Al-Shahaab is based in the lawless land of Somalia and is an offshoot of Al-Qaeda. Before their Twitter account was shut down “Al-Shabaab issued a list of the names of nine people it said were among the attackers. It said three were from the United States, two from Somalia and one each from Canada, Finland, Kenya and the United Kingdom. Sources within Al-Shabaab also told CNN that the nine names published on Twitter were among the alleged hostage-takers, but CNN has not been able to independently confirm that.”


Witness accounts claim that around midday, 10 to 15 men began shooting in the mall. They moved from store to store shooting people and asking questions. “While we were back there, you could hear them methodically going from store to store, talking to people and asking questions… They were shooting, screaming. Then it would stop for a while and they would go to another store.” Al-Shabaab claimed that they were targeting non-Muslims.

While only three of the attackers have been confirmed dead, the Kenyan military has secured most of the building and are actively searching for the remaining gunmen. Kenyan police Inspector General David Kimaiyo took to Twitter to encourage the public: “Taken control of all the floors. We’re not here to feed the attackers with pastries but to finish and punish them.”

The attack comes at the same time that Al-Qaeda allies in the Taliban attacked and killed more than 80 people in a Christian Church in Pakistan.

The terrorist groups in the Islamic world seem to be turning up the heat on local governments and US allies over the last few months, making President Obama’s contention that the radical Islamic groups are weakening seem pretty empty. It’s more than apparent with the recent surges in violence in Afghanistan, Iraq, Yemen, and now these attacks, that radical Islamic terrorism is alive and well.


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Pakistan’s Christians Under Siege



It was a busy weekend for the terrorist monsters in the Islamic world. In Kenya, a massive attack on a mall in the capital city of Nairobi shocked the world as gunmen, armed to the teeth, overtook a peaceful shopping mall. In Peshawar, Pakistan another sinister attack took place.

On Sunday, the Lord’s Day, as several hundred worshipers gathered at All Saints Church in the city of Peshawar in Pakistan, several suicide bombers walked in a blew themselves up among the mass of people. The attack killed at least 81 people, including women and children, while wounding more than 120 other people.

In an interview with CNN, “The Rev Humphrey S. Peters, Bishop of Peshawar, expressed condolences and called for prayers, but he also struck a defiant tone. In a statement, Peters condemned the local government, calling the attack a “total failure” of official efforts to protect minorities.” In a nation of almost 200 million people Christians make up only 3% of the population, and live under constant threat of attack by the majority Sunni Muslim population.

An offshoot of the Pakistani Taliban claimed responsibility, but the main Pakistani Taliban group, Tehrik-e-Taliban Pakistan, refused to accept responsibility claiming that the attack was an attempt to sabotage peace talks between the Taliban and the Pakistani government.

Christians protest

The cowards who took responsibility didn’t even have the guts to take full responsibility – they instead chose to blame the United States. “Until and unless drone strikes are stopped, we will continue to strike wherever we will find an opportunity against non-Muslims,” said the spokesman for the Taliban splinter-group.

Pakistani Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif expressed his outrage at the attack by saying the Islam prohibits the targeting of innocents and that the attackers actually have “no religion.” He also offered his condolences to the families and loved ones of those hurt by the blast at the church.

While the Prime Ministers words may be spoken from the heart the truth is that Christians all over the world are suffering at the hands of devoutly religious Muslims. From Nigeria, to Iran, to Indonesia, to Pakistan, Iraq and the Sudan. Millions of Christians face persecution, harassment and death every day and almost all of that pain happens in the Islamic world.

Something must be done… but who will do it?

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United States Set to Attack Kenya, and other African Countries


Following a mass shooting by Al-Shabab militants at a shopping mall in Kenya’s Capitol on Sunday, the U.S. is set to target the militants.

A lone giraffe in Nairobi National Park. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

A lone giraffe in Nairobi National Park. (Photo: Wikimedia Commons)

By Andrew Pontbriand

NAIROBI — On Sunday September 22, 2013 the Westgate shopping mall in Nairobi, Kenya was invaded by Al-Shabab Somalian Militants, killing at least 68 people. The Kenyan Military announced late Sunday that they have taken back “most” of the mall, and freed hostages.[1]

According to Former US general Army Vice Chief of Staff Gen. Peter Chiarell, the United States is now seeking targets to hit.  ”They’re developing targets and refining target lists, trying to fill in any gaps that we possibly have,” the former four-star general said during an interview with ABC’s This Week on Sunday.[2]

“Intelligence has been gathered and will continue to be gathered to fill in any holes that we have about what happened in this particular attack and what could happen in the future”, Gen. Chiarelli added. He also stated that the situation is very chaotic, and U.S. Officials are doing everything they can to gather intelligence.

Israeli Special Forces are already on the ground in Kenya, as they were airlifted soon after the attacks began. It is not clear exactly how the United States plans on carrying out said attacks, but what is clear is the attacks are already being formulated, and revised.



[1] Kenya Presses Assault Against Militants in Mall Siege –

[2] Report: US military to hit targets in Kenya, other African states –

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  • In a poll taken over the weekend about the looming debt-ceiling crisis and government shutdown, most Americans said that they were totally excited about the new iPhone 5s.
When asked about the prospect of a debt-ceiling logjam leading to a downgrade of the U.S. economy, seventy-two per cent of those surveyed said that the new iPhone looks like the most awesome iPhone yet.

Questioned about the disastrous impact of the U.S. government defaulting on the nation’s debt, sixty-five per cent agreed with the statement, “I can’t believe I waited on line all Friday for the 5s and they told me they’re sold out until October.”

On the topic of whether the debt-ceiling crisis could plunge the world economy into the most apocalyptic catastrophe since the financial meltdown of 2008, Americans were deeply divided over which color iPhone they would choose, but agreed that all of them looked amazing.


UK Scientists Claim Proof of Alien Life Discovered in Stratosphere


A group of scientists reveal samples of biological life from another planet

Space Weather - Image by

Space Weather – Image by

By JG Vibes

In recent years, there has been a steady increase in scientific findings that indicate very strongly that there is extraterrestrial life elsewhere in the universe.

Now in the UK group of scientists claim to have discovered the smoking gun.

According to the Belfast Telegraph “the scientists sent a balloon 27km into the stratosphere, which came back carrying small biological organisms which they believe can only have originated from space.”

Professor Milton Wainwright said he was “95 percent convinced” that the organisms did not originate from earth.

“By all known information that science has, we know that they must be coming in from space,” he said. “There is no known mechanism by which these life forms can achieve that height. As far as we can tell from known physics, they must be incoming.”

The organisms are not usual,” said Professor Wainwright, who works at the University of Sheffield’s Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology. “If they came from earth, we would expect to see stuff that we find on earth commonly, like pollen.”

“We’re very, very confident that these are biological entities originating from space,” he said, acknowledging that absolutely certainty is hard to achieve in science.

The particles are very clean,” added Prof Wainwright. “They don’t have any dust attached to them, which again suggests they’re not coming to earth. Similarly, cosmic dust isn’t stuck to them, so we think they came from an aquatic environment, and the most obvious aquatic environment in space is a comet.

“If we’re right, it means that there’s life in space, and it’s coming to earth. It means that life on earth probably originated in space,” said Professor Wainwright.“Statistically, there’s no reason why life should originate on earth. There are billions and billions of comets, but most biologists are stuck on earth.

“The earth is an open system with biology raining down on it as we speak.

“It’s almost too amazing to believe.”

The possibility of extraterrestrial contact has been pondered for ages but in recent history there has been an incredible amount of public interest in the topic.

Accounts of UFO sightings and alien abductions have been on the constant increase since the beginning of the 20th century.  Until recently the discussion of extraterrestrial life has been a very underground topic.

In the beginning of the 21st century the sightings and other evidence that supports extraterrestrial life became staggering.

The scientific community has even been making incredible progress in the search for life supporting planets and alien organisms, and now with this new discovery we are even closer to confirming that we are not alone in the universe.


[1] Scientists claim to have found proof of alien life – Belfast Telegraph

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Nazi Forces Storm Hebron



Following the killing of an Israeli soldiers on Sunday evening, 22 September 2013, near the southern checkpoint on al-Shuhada’ street in the southern area of the Old Town in Hebron, Israeli forces carried out a series of collective punishment measures against Palestinian civilians in the city.

According to investigations conducted by the Palestinian Centre for Human Rights (PCHR) and statements of eyewitnesses, on Sunday evening, following the killing of an Israeli soldiers in Qatyoun area near the southern checkpoint on al-Shuhada’ street in the southern area of the Old Town in Hebron, Israeli forces deployed between houses in the centre of the Old Town and declared the area a closed military zone. They raided many houses in different neighborhoods, including Abu Snaina, Jabal Jawhar, Qatyoun, Jaber neighbourhood, Tal’at Abu Hadeed, al-Karantina, the vicinity of the Ibrahimi mosque and the vicinity of Tareq Ben Ziad School. Israeli forces also searched the houses, and damaged their contents. They kept their occupants in a room and took others to the vicinity of the above-mentioned school. In the meantime, Israeli forces stationed atop of a number of houses and turned them into military sites. Moreover, they informed occupants of those houses of the decision to seize the houses for military reasons. Israeli forces closed all entrances leading to Hebron and erected checkpoints. They also completely closed the entrance of al-Harayeq road linking Hebron with its southern villages.

Ali Abu Snaina said to a PCHR fieldworker:

“At approximately 18:30 on Sunday, 22 September 2013, Israeli forces were firing sound bombs and tear gas canisters at a number of boys, who threw stones at them in Qatyoun neighborhood that is about 70 meters away from my house. Following the news of killing an Israeli soldier, Israeli forces moved into the area and closed it completely. At approximately 01:00, over 13 soldiers raided my house and kept me and my 11-member family in a room. They searched the house brutally, broke the windows and damaged the couches. An hour later, they left the house. I looked out of the house and saw large numbers of soldiers raiding neighboring houses, arresting civilians and taking them towards Tareq Ben Ziad School.”

The wife of Abdul Latif al-Karaki said to the PCHR fieldworker:

“At approximately 22:00 on Sunday, 22 September 2013, a number of Israeli soldiers raided our house that is located in Tal’at Abu Hadeed area in the centre of the Old Town. They kept my husband Abdul Latif al-Karaki (48), who is sick, and my sons outdoors. In the meantime, I heard my daughter-in-law Reem (19) screaming inside the house. I hurried up and found her lying on the ground. She told me that an Israeli soldier hit her in the belly although she is pregnant. In the meanwhile, my sons and Israeli soldiers, who went out of the house, clashed and my daughter-in-law was taken by an ambulance of the Palestine Red Crescent Society to Hebron Hospital. While going back home, a number of Israeli soldiers had stationed atop of a number of houses belonging to the families of Abu Hadeed and al-Fakhouri. Moreover, Israeli forces were arresting young men.”

In the same context, Israeli forces raided a house belonging to Ra’ed Abu Rumaila (45), a volunteer in B’Tselem, in the southern area of the Ibrahimi mosque. They arrested his 2 sons: Tareq (12) and Mo’tasem (9) claiming that the boys were wanted.

Abu Rumaila stated to PCHR’s fieldworker:

“I work as a volunteer in B’Tselem. I was filming in the area near Qatyoun neighborhood, where clashes erupted between Palestinian boys and Israeli soldiers. During these clashes, an Israeli soldier pushed me away from the place, as an Israeli soldier had fell onto the ground and I learnt later that he was killed. I then moved to Hebron Hospital, because I was hit by a stone in the right hand. In the evening, an Israeli police officer called me and informed me it was necessary to refer to ‘Ja’bara’ police station to hand my camera that I used in filming.” I refused to go there alone because of the security situation in the area, during which, my father called and told me that Israeli forces had arrested my 2 sons: Tareq (12) and Mo’tasem (9). In addition, they informed my family that they arrested my 2 sons to force me to surrender to them. I contacted lawyers and B’Tselem, and in the morning I went with Manal al-Ja’bari, a researcher in B’Tselem, to the police station. I submitted a copy of the tape and I was released few hours later.”     

PCHR condemns the Israeli practices against Palestinian civilians in Hebron and stresses that such practices constitute collective punishment measures that are prohibited under article 33 of the Fourth Geneva Convention 1949. Moreover, PCHR calls upon the High Contracting Parties to the Fourth Geneva Convention to fulfill their obligations according to article 1 of the convention, which provides that the High Contracting Parties undertake to respect and to ensure respect for the present Convention in all circumstances, and obligations stipulated in article 146 of the convention relevant to prosecuting persons alleged to have committed grave breaches taking in consideration such breaches are considered war crimes under article 147 of the convention and Additional Protocol.

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