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Oslo Revisited

The Palestinians’ Munich


“I don’t like making comparisons with Germany, but if it’s another Munich, we’re the Germans and the Palestinians are the Czechs.”

– SHLOMO GAZIT, former head of Israeli military intelligence, November 17, 1993

It is two months shy of 20 years since Shlomo Gazit made that telling comment after a near hysterical member of San Francisco’s Congregation Beth Shalom ran down an aisle towards him, shouting, “Munich!, Munich!,” implying that he and the Israeli government had participated in a Munich-type sellout by signing the Oslo Agreement with the Palestinians two months earlier.

It was a tacit admission by the former Israeli intelligence chief that the Declaration of Principles signed by PLO Chairman Yasser Arafat was an article of surrender, as the latter’s critics then charged. That instead of signaling the first step towards genuine Palestine independence, the Oslo agreement was designed, in fact, to consolidate Israel’s control over the Occupied Territories, which the subsequent “Cairo accords” clearly reaffirmed.

Gazit spoke as an “insider,” having been one of the Israelis who met with PLO representatives in Oslo to plan the “interim security” arrangements that would come into effect with the implementation of the Gaza-Jericho agreement.

His role in the negotiations was described in a press release issued that September by the “Israel/Palestine Center for Research and Information,” a relatively obscure Jerusalem-based organization better known by its acronym, IPCRI.

I first became aware of IPCRI’s existence when it initiated and co-sponsored a “peace conference” between Israelis and Palestinians near Palo Alto in July, 1992, an event from which local Palestinian leaders were excluded as well as uninformed.

The document they produced —  “Framework for a Public Peace Process; Toward a Peaceful Israeli-Palestinian Relationship”— was an agreement for a two-state solution that had been  “negotiated” between 10 visiting Israelis and Palestinians.

They included Nabeel Sha‘ath, Yasser Arafat’s top advisor on International Relations, Hanna Siniora, editor of the then defunct Al-Fajrnewspaper on the Palestinian side and Retired Brig. General Giora Ram Furman, former deputy Chief of Staff of the Israeli Air Force and Peace Now spokesperson, and Moshe Ma’oz, former advisor on Arab Affairs to Prime Minister Shimon Peres on the Israeli  negotiating team.

Some months later, the international directors of IPCRI, Zakaria al Qaq on the Palestinian side and Gershon Baskin on the Israeli side, toured the United States, publicizing the Palo Alto agreement and preaching the virtues of mutual recognition and the “two-state solution.”

That agreement was far more beneficial to the Palestinian side than what it would receive in Oslo, but since the Israelis did not “officially” represent their government, it might be viewed as having been meaningless. To understand its significance, however, it is necessary to look elsewhere.

A good place to start is the IPCRI news release, dated September 10, 1993. At the top of the page was a large bold-face headline declaring that “IPCRI WAS THERE!!!”

Where had it been? I quote:

“Israel Deputy Defense Minister Motta [Mordechai] Gur announced yesterday that the process of formal recognition between Israel and the PLO began following a meeting of Israeli and Palestinian security experts sponsored by IPCRI.

“Following the IPCRI meeting in October, 1992, General (res.) Shlomo Gazit and Yossi Alpher (director of the Jaffe Center for Strategic Studies and former senior Mossad official) who participated in the IPCRI meeting, presented a full report to Prime Minister Rabin on the contacts between them and PLO security personnel regarding internal security arrangementsduring the interim period. (Emphasis added)

“The meeting was declared a huge success.”

In other words, even as Israel’s brutal crackdown in Gaza and the West Bank was intensifying in its violence, PLO representatives were meeting with high level former Israeli intelligence officials to discuss the manner in which Palestinian security personnel would undertake to suppress continued resistance to Israeli occupation, all of this under the auspices of IPCRI.

Further down the page, IPCRI described itself as “a cooperative Israel-Palestinian think-tank concerned with the peace process and the development of public policy.  The object is to enable the two sides to understand one another’s hopes and aspirations and to jointly examine, analyze and propose constructive ideas for the promotion of peace and coexistence.”

May I be so cynical to suggest that the so-called “peace negotiations” in Palo Alto and indeed, the very existence of IPCRI were all part of a clever con game that self-styled “friends of Palestinian statehood,” with their deceptively soft-core Zionist agenda, had been running for years, and which would ultimately display its bitter fruit on the White House lawn?

That con game succeeded in getting Palestinians and Arab-Americans “dialoging” and joining in coalitions with American and Israeli Jews on the assumption that winning support of American Jewry was a prerequisite for Palestinians achieving their rights (which, of course, did not include the right of those expelled to return). As a result, addressing the one issue that might have brought a different conclusion to the conflict –namely, Congress’ annual $4 to $5 billion dollar appropriation to Israel –was never seriously raised before the American public.  In case readers have not noticed, that situation hasn’t changed.

By calling for “mutual recognition” and making a mantra of the “two state solution,” liberal Zionist activists were able to disguise the reality; that from the moment it took control of the West Bank and Gaza in 1967, Israel has been, de facto, one apartheid state from the Jordan River to the Mediterranean.

Prior to Oslo, with support of Yasser Arafat at its lowest level ever in the Occupied Territories, Israel reached out to save him, reasoning that, despite his tarnished reputation, he was the only Palestinian capable of signing an agreement that would be accepted by the majority of the Palestinian population even if, for all practical purposes, it legitimized Israel’s permanent presence in the West Bank.

Of course, the Palestinians were not aware of that because they were denied access to an Arabic version of the agreement. Furthermore, to make sure that the arrangements with the Israelis went smoothly, Arafat included not a single lawyer in the Palestinian delegation which was headed by none other than Mahmoud Abbas, the un-elected president of the Palestinian Authority.

It should not be forgotten that every communiqué issued from the leadership of the Intifada from its beginning in Gaza in December, 1987, carried as a banner across the top of the page: “No Voice Above the Voice of the Uprising!” which was as much an unmistakable message to Arafat, headquartered in Tunis, as it was to the government of Israel.

Following the signing at Oslo, which effectively brought an end to the Intifada and restored Arafat’s position, a Jerusalem Post cartoonist captured the situation perfectly when he depicted Yitzhak Rabin and Shimon Peres carrying a stretcher on which, a sitting up, smiling Arafat, was giving the “V” sign.

Arafat’s Nobel Prize winning performance was extraordinary. On the White House lawn, in a single gesture, he legitimized Israeli occupation and delegitimized resistance to that occupation.

Then he reached out to shake the hand of the man who had authored the “Iron Fist policy” that called for “the breaking of bones” of young Palestinian stone throwers, referring to him as “another DeGaulle.” In his euphoria, he even referred to Bill Clinton, the most pro-Israel president yet, as “our friend in the White House.”

For those who still romanticize Arafat’s role in the Palestinian liberation struggle, it is well to recall how the late, irreplaceable Edward Said, eloquently described it:

“The fashion-show vulgarities of the White House ceremony, the degrading spectacle of Yasser Arafat thanking everyone for the suspension of most of his people’s rights, and the fatuous solemnity of Bill Clinton’s performance, like a 20th-century Roman emperor shepherding two vassal kings through rituals of reconciliation and obeisance: all these only temporarily obscure the truly astonishing proportions of the Palestinian capitulation.

“So … let us call the agreement by its real name: an instrument of Palestinian surrender, a Palestinian Versailles.”  (London Review of Books, Oct. 21, 1993)

From Gazit’s description of Oslo as Munich for the Palestinians and Said’s depiction of it as another Versailles, there is not a whit of difference.

Arafat’s “seal of approval” provided other benefits for the Israelis. Countries throughout Africa, Asia and Latin America that had broken off or greatly reduced political and economic relations with Israel in solidarity with the Palestinian cause, resumed those relations within the days and weeks that followed while the situation on the ground in the West Bank and Gaza deteriorated.

Then, in Cairo, he signed an additional agreement which affirmed Israel’s continuing control over Palestinians wishing to enter or leave the territories.

In the Arabic press and in the Nation (Feb. 14, 1994), Edward Said issued a call for the Palestinian people to come together both in the still Occupied Territories and the diaspora to take control of their destiny from those in leadership who had abandoned it.  The Second Intifada turned out to be a poorly led attempt at that which had devastating results and put the Palestinians on the path to what today is arguably the worst situation they have faced since 1948.

Not only are they physically divided between the West Bank and Gaza, there appears to be nothing resembling responsible leadership in either area although Israel’s siege of Gaza makes the situation there more challenging than in the West Bank.

As agreed to in Oslo, the Palestinian Authority, created by those accords, operates a US-trained and armed militia in the West Bank which works in conjunction with the Israeli military to suppress legitimate Palestinian resistance to the ongoing ethnic cleansing and settlement construction.

At the same time it does absolutely nothing to protect Palestinians from the routine raids on refugee camps, towns and villages, or from the targeted assassinations and house demolitions, carried out by Israel’s occupying army.

This is the same Palestinian Authority that is, once again, at the urging of Washington, pretending to negotiate with its Israeli masters,  doing its part in what must be the longest running soap-opera in modern history, the so-called “peace process” which, if it didn’t mask one of the world’s great injustices, would be a ready subject for satirical comedy.

Readers may wonder what became of “Palestine,” welcomed on November 29, 2012, as a “non-member observer state” by the UN General Assembly by a 138-9 vote.  The answer is “nothing.” Ten months later, no one ever mentions it.

It is reasonable to conclude that the statehood gesture was only a ruse to restore the deteriorating position of Abbas, the last elected president of the Palestinian Authority, among West Bank and diaspora Palestinians and to woo the support of those in Gaza under Hamas’s rule.

Abbas’s term in office expired in 2009 and was extended indefinitely by the PLO Central Committee despite his open collaboration with the Netanyahu government. If nothing else, the PLO’s decision exemplifies the political and moral bankruptcy of what once was considered “the sole legitimate representative of the Palestinian people.” That, too, is the legacy of Oslo.

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VIDEO: Brian Becker responds to President Obama’s UN speech


Interview on RT

Brian Becker, National Coordinator of the ANSWER Coalition, responds on RT to President Obama’s speech to the United Nations. “U.S. policy toward Syria and the Middle East is driven by Empire and the interests of U.S. oil, banking and corporate elites.” 


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Bolivia to sue United States for war crimes


Morales calls on Latin American nations to withdraw ambassadors

By Ethan Jury

Evo Morales

As the drive for “humanitarian” intervention in Syria has turned international attention towards the hypocrisy and violence of U.S. foreign policy, Bolivian president Evo Morales has announced his intent to file a lawsuit against the United States government for crimes against humanity.

The announcement came as a direct response to the denial of Venezuelan president Nicolas Maduro’s jet from entering U.S. airspace on his way to bi-lateral talks in China this week, and only two months after Morales’ own plane was forced to land in Vienna on suspicion that whistleblower Edward Snowden was on board.

“The U.S. cannot be allowed to continue with its policy of intimidation and blockading of presidential flights,” stressed Morales during a press conference in the Bolivian city of Santa Cruz.

These latest transgressions come following the revelation of widespread spying on several Latin American countries by the National Security Association. Morales has called an emergency meeting of the Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) to address the issue of neo-colonial intimidation in the region, but his impending lawsuit is a wider condemnation of the impunity and violence of North American imperialism around the world.

“We are preparing a lawsuit against Barack Obama to condemn him for crimes against humanity,” said Morales. He has called for CELAC members to withdraw their ambassadors from the United States and for members of the Bolivarian Alliance of the Americas (ALBA) to boycott the next United Nations meeting.

The Obama administration has sent predator drones to kill hundreds of innocent civilians in Yemen and Pakistan, has defended the use of torture tactics on prisoners of war, and has continued to financially support the colonial state of Israel and other oppressive regimes. The administration’s recent drive for unilateral war on Syria highlights U.S. violations of international law in the interest of empire.

As the U.S. government continue to spread death and violence around the world, it will be crucially important for members of the world community to follow Bolivia’s example and stand in solidarity against the beast of imperialism.

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Adjunct instructor’s death illustrates evils of capitalism


Elderly woman hounded to death by greedy employer’s practices

Duquesne’s Reverend Daniel Walsh argued that the university had treated Vojtko well because the priests at the school had visited her.

On Aug. 16, 83-year-old Margaret Mary Vojtko was found unconscious in the yard of her dilapidated home in Pittsburg, Penn.  She would never awaken and was dead two weeks later. Voitko had experienced a heart attack after learning that someone had referred her to Adult Protective Services, telling the agency that Vojtko could no longer take care of herself.

Until May, however, Vojtko was still working as an adjunct professor of French at Duquesne University and receiving excellent student evaluations.  She was well-liked by co-workers and helped full-time faculty proofread their manuscripts. Vojtko had published respected pieces on the history of Pennsylvania, and she had been teaching at the university for 25 years, but was never offered any benefits because she was an adjunct professor, an instructor hired on a semester-by-semester, class-by-class basis.

Until the fall semester of 2012, Vojtko taught three classes a semester at Duquesne, the standard teaching load for full time, tenured faculty.  Even then, however, she earned only about $20,000 annually with no benefits or pension.  When one considers the amount of time adjuncts spend preparing for class and grading papers, they are paid below the federal minimum wage per hours worked. The average salary for tenured faculty is $120,000 a year.  The Dean of Duquesne, who does no actual educating, makes $700,000 a year.

Although adjuncts have the same qualifications as full time faculty, usually a Master’s or Ph.D., they are considered part-time employees.  Not only are adjuncts not considered for the professional protections associated with tenure, most have no job protection beyond the current semester. Even if an adjunct has a contract for the next semester, the class could be canceled if too few students enroll.

Nonetheless, in most states, adjuncts are not eligible for unemployment if the contract is not renewed or if the class is canceled. Most such instructors must work a non-academic job in case they lose classes.  This writer lectured on film history as an adjunct, teaching at one school in Boston and another in Fairfield, Conn., almost 200 miles apart and had to work a night job in a pharmaceutical plant just to pay for gas.

Universities dodging Affordable Care Act obligations

Universities across the country have begun cutting courses for adjuncts, hiring yet more part time educators to only teach one class each, in response to the Affordable Care Act.  The Act, better known as Obamacare, will penalize employers with more than 50 part time workers if the employer does not pay for health care for part time workers working at least 30 hours per week.  If each adjunct only teaches one class, the universities can avoid paying both for health coverage and the penalty.  Last fall, Vojtko’s schedule was reduced to one class per semester, reducing her income to less than ten thousand a year.

At about the same time, Vojtko started expensive treatments for ovarian cancer.  She could no longer afford to pay the electricity bill, making her home uninhabitable during the harsh Pennsylvania winter.  She took a job at an all night fast food restaurant, both for extra money and so she would have a warm place to stay at night.  She slept in her office after class. When university administrators discovered her sleeping at her desk, they had campus police throw her off the grounds.

In April, Daniel Kovalik, Senior Associate General Counsel of the United Steelworkers, led an effort to unionize the 125 adjuncts at Duquesne.  Unionization would not solve all the problems faced by adjuncts; adjuncts in New Hampshire are unionized, but have not been able to successfully negotiate for improved conditions.  Unionization would at least, however, provide a mediating force, and protection from the kind of abusive treatment visited on Vojtko.

While the part-time faculty voted to join the union, Duquesne claimed that the National Labor Relations Board has no jurisdiction over it because it is a Catholic school, and that Duquesne could thereby refuse unionization to its part-time faculty.

It was at about this time that Duquesne informed Vojtko that her contract would not be renewed for the following semester.  She pleaded with Kovalik for help in saving her job.  Kovalik wrote the school repeatedly, explaining Vojtko’s difficult circumstances, but never heard back from school administrators.  He also tried to explain to Adult Protective Services that Vojtko’s home was in disrepair not because she was incapable of taking care of it, but because she had no income with which to maintain it.  After Vojtko’s death, Kovalik wrote an editorial in the Sept. 18 edition of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette shedding light on the university’s treatment of the veteran teacher.  The piece has since gone viral and has started an on-line debate on the struggle of adjuncts.

On Sept. 19 Duquesne’s Reverend Daniel Walsh responded with his own editorial and argued that the university had treated Vojtko well because the priests at the school had visited her.

Growing use of adjuncts in US

Through the 1960s, about 70 percent of university educators held tenure track positions, and even more held full-time positions.  Adjuncts were used sparingly, and were primarily of instructors with non-academic training.  For instance, a business owner might teach a single course on marketing, providing a “real world” outlook to students. By 1975, 43 percent of university educators were working outside of tenured positions, and by 1995 it was 58 percent.  As of 2011, only 30 percent of university educators had any hope of tenure, and the majority of teaching is now done by adjuncts. Fields such as the humanities have been almost completely gutted of full-time positions, making the study of the social sciences extremely unpractical for all except the independently wealthy.

The expansion of adjunct teachers in American universities benefits the capitalist class for a number of reasons.  First, as in all fields, the move to part-time, low-paid labor cuts costs for the wealthy capitalists that control privately owned institutions of higher learning.  It results in lower standards of living for all professors. Even those lucky enough to get full-time positions must accept lower pay and reduced benefits in exchange for job security.

But the expansion of part-time positions in higher education benefits the capitalist state in another way.  In the late 1960s and early 1970s, universities became hotbeds of radical thought.  Full-time tenured professors enjoyed the freedom to discuss leftist politics.  Classrooms devoted to the humanities and social sciences could openly engage students in discussions of feminism, Black and Latino nationalism, and Marxism.  The higher education system was instrumental in fomenting the rebellions of the 1960s and ’70s, particularly among the young white people who began to feel solidarity with oppressed communities.  Such unity helped bring about the unfinished revolution of the Civil Rights Movement.

This story of the death of a beloved 83-year-old French teacher is sad and it illustrates some of the worst aspects of the capitalist system. While Voitko may have loved teaching, she unable to retire with dignity. When she became ill with cancer, she had to choose between paying for treatment or maintaining her home. Her employer, claiming religious freedom, attempted to deny her the right to organize and fight for a better standard of living. Under a socialism, a job with a living wage would be a right, as would be healthcare, decent housing and the right to retire after a lifetime of work.

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Zio-Nazi forces continue systematic attacks against Palestinian civilians and property in the occupied Palestinian territory (oPt)


  • Israeli forces have continued to open fire at Palestinian civilians in the border areas.

–       2 Palestinian civilians were wounded in the east of Jabalia in the north of the Gaza Strip.


  • A Palestinian child was wounded in the centre of Hebron.


  • Israeli forces have continued to use excessive force against peaceful protesters in the West Bank.


–       11 civilians were wounded during Bil’in and Kofur Qaddoum weekly protests.

–       Of the wounded were 2 photojournalists, including a Chinese and a Palestinian ones, and Israeli and Swiss activists.

–       Dozens of civilians suffered tear gas inhalation.

  • Israeli forces conducted 62 incursions into Palestinian communities in the West Bank and 2 limited ones in the Gaza Strip.


–       At least 45 Palestinian civilians, including 1 child, were arrested in the West Bank.


  • Israel has continued to impose a total closure on the oPt and has isolated the Gaza Strip from the outside world.

–       Israeli forces established dozens of checkpoints in the West Bank.

–       At least 6 Palestinian civilians, including 3 children, were arrested at checkpoints in the West Bank.


  • Israeli forces have continued to support settlement activities in the West Bank and Israeli settlers have continued to attack Palestinian civilians and property.

–       Settlers moved into many areas and performed their Talmudic rituals.

–       2 researchers from B’Tselem were attacked and their cameras were damaged in Hebron.

–       Settlers seized a house in the Old Town of Hebron.


Israeli violations of international law and international humanitarian law in the oPt continued during the reporting period (19– 25 September 2013).


During the reporting period, Israeli forces wounded 14 civilians, including 4 children and 2 photojournalists; one of whom is Chinese and the other one is Palestinian, and two Israeli and a Swiss activists. 12 civilians were wounded in the West Bank; 11 of whom were wounded in peaceful protests while the 12th one was wounded in Hebron, and 2 others were wounded in the Gaza Strip.

During the reporting period, Israeli forces continued the systematic use of excessive force against peaceful protests organised by Palestinian, Israeli and international activists against the construction of the annexation wall and settlement activities in the West Bank.  As a result, 11 civilians were wounded during 2 peaceful protests in Bil’in village, northwest of Ramallah, and Kofur Qaddoum village, northeast of Qalqilia. Furthermore, dozens suffered tear gas inhalation and other sustained bruises. 6 civilians were wounded in Kofur Qaddoum protest and the 5 others were wounded in Bil’in protest.

On 22 September 2013, a Palestinian boy was wounded in Hebron when some boys gathered and threw stones at Israeli soldiers stationed at the entrance of al-Shuhada’ Street, south of the Old Town of Hebron. The Israeli soldiers fired sound bombs, tear gas canisters and rubber-coated metal bullets in response. As a result, a 16-year-old civilian was wounded by a rubber-coated metal bullet in the right thigh.

In the Gaza Strip, on Friday, 20 September 2013, 2 Palestinian boys were wounded when Israeli forces stationed along the border fence to the east of al-Shuhada’ cemetery, east of Jabalia, opened fire at a group of young men, who were about 100 meters away from the fence.


The full report is available online at:

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Target is Pakistan, Not Christians

By Sajjad Shaukat

In this regard, June 15, 2013, was the blackest day in the history of Pakistan, as the

insurgents of Balochistan Liberation Army (BLA) carried out the most dastardly terror

attack on Quaid-e-Azam residency in Ziarat. Next day, in Quetta, these ruthless terrorists

targeted a bus of the Sardar Bahadar Women’s University and Bolan Medical Complex.

BLA and the extremist sectarian group Lashkar-e-Jhangvi (LeJ) felt pride in claiming

It is notable that during his trip to Beijing, Pakistan’s Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif and

Chinese Prime Minister Li Keqiang signed eight agreements on July 5, 2013 in various

fields. The most important one envisages the establishment of an Economic Corridor

between deep Gwadar seaport of Balochistan and the historic Silk Road city in western

regions-Xinjiang of China. By rejecting US growing pressure, Pakistan has handed over

the control of Gwader seaport to China. Earlier, a day before Chinese Premier Li Keqiang

arrived in Islamabad; Chinese engineers being driven through Clifton Block-1 in Karachi

escaped a major bomb attack. In June, the TTP claimed responsibility for killing 10

foreign mountain-climbers including several Chinese at a base camp of Nanga Parbat.

Now, a majority of people have understood that Balochistan’s mineral resources and geostrategic location with deep Gwadar seaport, connecting rest of the world with Central

Asia have further annoyed the US and India because China has already invested billion

of dollars to develop this seaport. It is due to multiple strategic designs that the US which

signed a nuclear deal with India in 2008 seeks to dismember both Pakistan and Iran.

It is mentionable that entrenched in Afghanistan external secret agencies like American

CIA, Indian RAW and Israeli Mossad have perennially been supporting bomb blasts,

suicide attacks, abductions, target killings, ethnic and sectarian violence in various

parts of the country through TTP, BLA, Jundollah (God’s soldiers) and their affiliatedinsurgent groups to destabilize and denuclearize Pakistan, because it is the only nuclear

country in the Islamic World. These militant outfits which have connections with each

other including some Baloch feudal lords (Sardars) want to fulfill the secret strategic

designs of US, India and Israel at the cost of Pakistan, China and Iran. Besides martyring

several personnel of law-enforcing agencies and security forces in Balochistan, Khyber

Pakhtoonkhwa and Karachi, these foreign-backed entities kidnapped and massacred

many Punjabis, Pushtuns, Shias, people of Hazara community. In the past few years, they

abducted and killed a number of Chinese and Iranian nationals in Pakistan.

In this regard, Karachi which is Pakistan’s financial hub with the largest commercial

markets, collecting 70 per cent of the country’s tax revenue has become special target of

the subversive activities of the external-backed culprits and the TTP.

The targeted operation which continues unabated by the Rangers against terrorists, target

killers and kidnappers, launched by the present government, after obtaining consensus

of all stakeholders like media, business community and political parties whose leaders

participated in the All Parties Conference (APC).

The operation is rapidly achieving successes. But, it is regrettable that some analysts are

using media to create misperception that operation in Karachi will fail. These are the real

game spoilers. On the other hand, without any discrimination, the Ranger’s personal,

and those of Police who have sacrificed their lives have arrested several criminals and

terrorists besides capturing huge catches of arms and weapons in Karachi.

The game spoilers also propagate that the government and Army were not on the same

page, as Army wanted to use force against militants, while prime minister favored

dialogue. Army wanted the talks to be held as per Constitution of Pakistan and all nonstate actors were required to lay down their arms before the start of dialogue, while no

such pre-condition was laid by APC. They opined that all past peace accords with the

Taliban failed and APC consensus on the option of dialogue is also likely to fail.

Nevertheless, now situation has entirely changed after the terror-attack at the church in

Peshawar and assault by the TTP insurgents who assassinated Maj-Gen. Sanaullah Khan.

Now, a majority of people and members of the civil society are talking about the foreign

conspiracy against Pakistan, and support military action against the Taliban militants,

especially of the TTP, who sometimes accept peace offer, while sometimes, retreat from

their offer. Their duplicity indicates that they will continue to weaken Pakistan, as their

recent terrorist activities have proved.

Notably, besides acts of sabotage, a deliberate propaganda campaign also keeps on going

against Pakistan by the foreign-enemies who intend to achieve their desired goals. And

these Taliban provide every opportunity to external elements in tarnishing the image

of the country through their criminal acts. In this context, since the attack on Malala

Yousufzai by the TTP, US-led foreign countries have perennially been manipulating the

event to distort Pakistan’s image. Meanwhile, suicide bombings at church in Peshawar

further tarnished country’s image abroad. In this respect, Pope Francis led several

thousand people in a special prayer for the victims of the church attack in Pakistan, and

western media and political leaders condemned the assault on the Christians, saying

Christians are not safe in our country.

So, the target of the terrorists is Pakistan instead of Christian community, as other

subversive acts of the Taliban, supported by anti-Pakistan conspirators show.

Sajjad Shaukat writes on international affairs and is author of the book: US vs Islamic

Militants, Invisible Balance of Power: Dangerous Shift in International Relations

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Poll Finds a Majority of Canadians Support Recent 9/11 Truth Campaign


A new poll finds that most Canadians are in favor of the recent “Rethink 9/11″ campaign

Rethink 911 Billboard

Rethink 911 Billboard

By JG Vibes

“Rethink 9/11″ is a volunteer organization that has been raising money to set up billboards in major cities which call attention to the collapse of building 7.  So far the project has been extremely successful and has been met with a surprising amount of curiosity, even in America.

In Canada a recent survey was taken on building 7, after participants were shown a quick video of the collapse.  The following are the results of that survey:

  -51% Suspect Controlled Demolition of Building 7 after Viewing Video of Collapse

  -44% Support Investigation into Building 7’s Collapse, Compared to 13% Who Oppose It

  -54% Believe Ads about Building 7 Are Protected by Free Speech, Compared to 19% Who Think Such Ads Should Not Be Allowed

  -51% of respondents are sure or suspect that Building 7’s collapse was caused by a controlled demolition, compared to just 18% who are sure or suspect fires caused it, and 31% who don’t know;

  -49% are more inclined to believe the critics who say that explosives were used to bring down Building 7, compared to 20% who are more inclined to believe the U.S. government’s conclusion that fires caused Building 7’s collapse, and 24% who don’t know;

  -By a margin of more than 3 to 1, 44% support a new investigation into the collapse of Building 7, compared to just 13% who are opposed. 34% neither support nor oppose a new investigation, and 8% are unsure;

  -Canadians are somewhat more evenly divided on whether Canada or an international body should launch an investigation into the events of 9/11, with a plurality of 36% supporting an investigation, 30% neither supporting nor opposing an investigation, and 27% opposed;

  -54% believe that the Ottawa transit system’s advertising policy should not be revised because the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms protects the right to free speech and the Canadian Code of Advertising Standards already establishes standards of acceptability in advertising; compared to 19% who believe that the advertising policy should be revised to place greater emphasis on community acceptability so that ads like ReThink911’s would not be allowed.

30-second video shown to 510 survey respondents across Canada:



[1] New Poll Finds a Majority of Canadians Side with Ads Questioning 9/11 – Rethink 911


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Flesh Eating Drug From Russia Makes First Appearance in U.S.


A cheap substitute for heroin that contains gasoline is causing flesh eating infections like similar cases seen in Russia

Krokodil Flesh Eating Infection (Photo: YouTube)

Krokodil Flesh Eating Infection (Photo: YouTube)

By JG Vibes

A cheap heroin substitute that has ruined countless lives in Russia has now made its way to the US.  Not only is the drug highly addictive and dangerous, but it also causes many users flesh to rot off of their bodies.  The street name for the drug is “Krokodil‘, apparently because it causes users skin to resemble that of a crocodile.

Krokodil is a “Desomorphine”, opiate drug that is mixed with gasoline and other toxic home products.  The drug is 3 times cheaper than heroin but nearly 10 times as strong.

“We’ve had two cases this past week that have occurred in Arizona,” said Dr. Frank LoVecchio, the co-medical director at Banner’s Poison Control Center.

“As far as I know, these are the first cases in the United States that are reported. So we’re extremely frightened,” he continued.

“They extract it and even though they believe that most of the oil and gasoline is gone, there is still remnants of it. You can imagine just injecting a little bit of it into your veins can cause a lot of damage,” he said.

“When they do it repeatedly, the skin sloughs. It causes hardening of their skin. It will cause necrosis,” explained LoVecchio.

In the black market one of the major drawbacks is that there is no accountability among the people selling the drug.  Since anyone can get kidnapped and thrown in a cage for even dealing with the stuff, it really doesn’t make sense for people to be plastering their names and logos all over the drugs

In this age of corporate mercantilism logos and branding may seem like a really tacky idea, but when looking at the black market we can see the value in such things.  Someone who is selling a product with their name on it, is going to go through far greater lengths to ensure the quality of their product, as opposed to someone who would remain anonymous.

This anonymity creates an incentive for people to be dishonest with what they sell.  This could lead to rip offs, or downright contamination of the drug with unwanted harmful substances.  This is why there was bathtub gin that would make you go blind if your drank it during alcohol prohibition This is also the reason why some of the harder street drugs today are cut with toxic chemicals that increase the chance of overdose ten fold.  The fact that the drugs need to be smuggled also creates the incentive to make drugs more potent, and thus in some circumstances more dangerous.

The increased potency and decreased availability inevitably leads to a massive increase in cost.  The increased cost is a whole other issue with its own unique side effects in regards to drug safety.  When the price of the real drugs go up, people just start huffing paint thinner, smoking bath salts and cooking up crystal meth in their basements, which is then even many times more dangerous than the unbranded drugs on the black market.



[1] First cases of flesh-eating drug reported in AZ –CBS

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This is probably one of the most disturbing photos or disturbing photos coming out of Syria.

I pray that you take the image and take it viral if possible. Make this young woman’s torture count for something.

It really is unforgettable alas so you are warned.


ED Noor: Someone was very upset about the original opening shot when I first posted this piece. (This is my seventh edit in an hour). I have moved the second part of the photo to the bottom of the page so you can choose to scroll or not scroll down to view it.

ED Noor: This is an ooops and FINAL update. I have found the photo is a fake, that the gory picture below comes from some demented horror movie. Apparently, either someone decided to just engage in a scam, or some pro-Syrian government partisans got a bit carried away and used a fake image to promote their cause.   After  learning this is fake, I went toFriends of Syria, an excellent news blog and there was no mention of this event anywhere and they have never hesitated to post atrocities of the rebels. This also makes me agree that this is a manufactured image for this story which may or may not be true.

If it is not true, you can rest assured, that such horrors and worse have been perpetrated on the women of Syria, Christian and otherwise, by these Western and Saudi supported “rebels”. So here is the post; I shall leave it as it stands and FINALLY get to sleep.

In the meantime,  I apologize for my original posting and should have checked my sources better. This shows, even if it from a normally very solid source, always check for yourself. I did not. Mea culpa, mea culpa, mea maxima culpa.



This beautiful woman was attacked ~ raped by about 20 “Syrian rebels” and afterwards murdered in Syria. What was her crime? She was a Christian. 

Now ask why Putin is becoming the international hero of the age! He is standing up for OUR Christian world!

Are the perpetrators of this crime the ones you really want to back in Syria? Because that is what OUR Western leaders are in favour of ~ those under the thumb of Israel.

By Noor Al Haqiqa
Snippits and SnappitsI was sent this appalling image by someone who used the opportunity to bash the Muslim world completely over these horrid crimes against Christians. He linked the whole thing to the dangers of Shariah Law; him a highly influential and respected Canadian, one of the top voices in our freedom of speech movement. However in this instance he seems to have lost sight of who is behind the whole mess to begin with; which surprised me because he is quite Zionist aware.

At the end of the email were the words:

“This is the real face of:
Wake up World.
No Christmas,
Happy Ramadan.
I don’t know why the caps but the writer seemed to think them necessary. Anyhow, I responded:
“These boat people are not fleeing Syria, for example, because they WANT to leave their ancient homes! Remove the wars and they will gladly return, provided the place is not devastated to smithereens and unliveable like so many parts of Iraq, among other places. There would be no refugee problem if there were no wars. Basic common sense.  These fleeing non-Wahabbist Muslims are as much potential victims as that lovely Christian girl was, make no mistake about that. And who is keeping those thugs in position? Who is paying the bill? America and  her allies including, especially, the KSA.
“Just a thought. This sort of thing really does push the Jewish agenda of the “Clash of the Civilizations” forward a notch or two. The thinking behind most of this email plays right into that very hateful mindset necessary to bring that Zionist event about.”.
Sadly I forgot to remind him of the Noahide Laws so smoothly codified in the legal system of our own country, Canada. Forget Shariah! Noahide is already here!Over the past I have made my position clear on the horrors being perpetrated in Syria. And by whom. Who backs them. The world knows the truths of this by now thanks to this truly being an age of information that tends to break away and be seen by all who have eyes to see.

God bless all whistleblowers and also the sickos who take such pride in their despicable actions that they memorialize them in the digital world.
Both the late Saddam Hussein and Bashar al Assad in Syria protected the large Christian minorities in their countries. Enabling jihadist victory in Syria seriously imperils Christians there.
I can guarantee you that not a single synagogue in Syria has been desecrated. If you find such information ~ or, even better, photos ~ I would be more than thrilled to know about it. Wherever these takeovers happen, such as the Bolshevik Revolution in Russia, the synagogues are left standing unscathed all else desecrated, destroyed, the believers persecuted in ways that defy belief.
After the coalition of the brainless overthrew Saddam Hussein, caused 600,000 Iraqi deaths and a trillion dollars cost to the empty U.S. treasury, the result has been vicious persecution of Iraqi Christians and tens of thousands of refugees.
Is attempting to replace the present Syrian Government really such a good idea? 
It may be in Israel’s interests; it is NOT in the interests of Christians. As if Israel gives a darn about these people who follow the Jesus so abhorred by all Jews. We know of their ancient hatred of all things gentile.
We know that this mad version of Islam, Wahabbism and its violent offshoots; Wahabbism, the Islam espoused by the Muslim Brotherhood, is the driving force behind this war. And again we know these rebels are comprised of the scum of Middle Eastern prisons and an international force of disenfranchised and radicalized Muslim men. These men are driven by a vile hatred of all things not so radical as they ~ thugs on a murderous rampage funded by America, Israel, Turkey and various other allies.
(I find it interesting to consider that the Muslim radicals participate in beheading as a form of execution whilst the preferred method by the Talmudics is beheading as well although they seem to prefer the guillotine.)
But remember, dear Reader, the evil and hatred of these thugs is being channelled by the elite; these jihadists are tools being used to bring about the destruction of a peaceful, independent, diverse Muslim nation. A nation that has until now resisted successfully to their meddling.
The films of beheadings and atrocities are everywhere on the net. Warm ups to the real thing. We can almost become hardened to the sights we see if we are to survive yet know. I have posted photos of hung babies, tortured children, all horrors to never be forgotten once seen.
This photograph, this beautiful girl, is one of those images. Once seen, you will never forget her face. She was such a beautiful girl.
Remember, too, that this sort of thing is the fate of all Christians under the JWO/NWO. Such atrocities against Christian women during the Bolshevik “revolution”, the ensuing war in Spain were all in a day’s work. The atrocities committed against women, particularly those of the cloth, were beyond heinous. What you see in this photograph is the work of the same mindset to eradicate Christianity.
Remember. Synagogues never get desecrated.
. Now you have the choice to scroll down or change the page. As I have said many times before, the seen can never be unseen. However, this woman’s death should not be in vain. She is a martyr,  make no mistake about it.


Occupation Ignored as Saudi Hires G4S for Hajj Security



HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf Al Saud

Royal Embassy of Saudi Arabia

Your Excellency,

We write this letter with concern following reports that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia is using the global security company G4S to manage the annual Hajj crowds. This letter intends to draw your attention to some of G4S’s activities, which we hope will make you reconsider working with them. Primarily, G4S has for many years been profiting from the Israeli occupation of Palestinian land.

G4S provides a number of services to Israel including managing military checkpoints and the detention and imprisonment of Palestinians. Checkpoints are a daily misery for Palestinians, and these are intended to oppress them, denying them free movement including access to schools, hospitals and places of worships. It also helps provide Israel with complete power and control over the population. By providing such services, G4S is directly complicit in the oppression and subjugation of the Palestinian people and has been the target of global boycott campaigns as a result.

G4S claims it intends to end these contracts in the West Bank however, as confirmed by the UN Rapporteur for Human Rights in the OPT Richard Falk, G4S will remain complicit in the oppression of Palestinians for its role in running Israeli jails where Palestinians are held, some without charge or trial; while others face torture. In effect G4S is the instrument through which Israel routinely breaks international laws and Conventions where Palestinian detainees are concerned. One especially disturbing aspect of the Israeli prison system managed by G4S is the high numbers of Palestinian child prisoners held in adult prisons.

These facts cannot be ignored and by continuing with this contract with G4S, Saudi Arabia will be sending a message that it is indifference to the plight of the Palestinians. It would also mean that international calls being made to boycott G4S are being ignored by Saudi and thus raise questions about the seriousness with which Saudi views the Israeli occupation of the Holy Al-Aqsa and Palestine. Across the world, G4S has been the target of boycott campaigns for its role in sustaining the Israeli occupation and a number of entities have taken the principled action of ended their contracts with G4S, including the European Union and the University of Oslo, among others.

We hope that you will heed the call being made in this letter, and take the case up within the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia with the appropriate authorities. For those who are guardians of the Haram al-Sharif in Makkah and Masjid An-Nabawi in Medina; I’m sure you will agree that granting G4S a contract to manage one of the most spiritual journeys that Muslims undertake is unacceptable. We therefore call for Saudi Arabia to immediately end its contracts with G4S and send a strong message that it will not work with companies directly complicit in the occupation.

Yours Faithfully,

Ismail Patel

Chair, Friends of Al-Aqsa


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