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Zionist Christians pray in Jerusalem for I$raHell and the Jews


Christian Zionists at the 2013 Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem Sunday night (photo credit: Times of Israel/ Lazar Berman)

Hundreds of worshipers join millions worldwide at annual event proclaiming faith in God’s promise to the Jewish people

Times of Israel

The scene would have been unimaginable throughout the vast majority of Jewish history. Row upon row of Christians shouting and swaying, fervently proclaiming their faith right in the heart of Jerusalem. But these Christians, on a pilgrimage to the Holy Land, were not denouncing the scattered Jews in the room, or preaching of a time when control of the holy city would be wrested from Jewish hands.

They were cheering the Jews in the audience, singing in Hebrew, and proclaiming God’s love for the Jewish people and the Jewish state.

From Malaysia and the Philippines, the Netherlands and Ireland — even the West Bank — hundreds of Christian Zionists gathered in the Clal Building on Jaffa Road Sunday night. They had come for the 10th annual Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem, broadcast around the world by God TV, which reaches 900 million homes, according to its founder.

The diverse crowd was confident, joyous, articulate, and unashamed of its belief in the Bible as the literal word of God and its support for the Jewish people and the state of Israel.

The DPPJ began in 2002 at the height of the Second Intifada, as leaders in the evangelical Christian world met to create the burgeoning prayer movement. It has, in its short history, become the largest Israel-focused prayer event in history, according to organizers.

Every year, on the first Sunday of October, millions of Christian Zionists join together to pray for Jerusalem. The organizer’s goal this year was to reach 300 million participants. Most of the participants pray in their home country, but hundreds of worshipers came to Israel to participate in person.

Robert Stearns, the founder of Eagle’s Wings, is the driving force behind the event. A gifted singer and powerful preacher, the charismatic Stearns led the program Sunday night, mixing humor with sermons and swelling songs of prayer.

“The conflicts that surround Jerusalem, the conflicts that surround Israel and the Middle East, touch our whole world,” he told The Times of Israel. “And so anyone concerned about the kind of future our world is going to have to believe that we have to work for peace in the Middle East, and that certainly comes through negotiations and through many different efforts. But maybe it’s also a good idea to take a day or more, a year, to sit back and spend some time in prayer and reflection to bring peace to the city.”

Stearns’s connection with Israel started when he volunteered at the International Christian Embassy in Jerusalem, a Christian Zionist organization that sits in Jerusalem’s upscale Katamon neighborhood. He believes that a secure Jewish homeland will lead to a better future for all the peoples of the region.

“We understand the Jewish people’s right to their homeland, to live in peace and security in their land, and the need for all the peoples in this area to be treated with equity and kindness,” he explained.

Stearns has led all 10 days of prayer. “Baruch Hashem [praise God], we are growing every year,” he said, especially in East Asia. Worshipers from the Philippines, Japan, Malaysia, Korea, and Hong Kong made their presence felt in the hall, with pastors rising to the lectern to lead prayers in their native tongues.

Christian Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem sing Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem, October 6, 2013. (photo credit: Lazar Berman)
Christian Day of Prayer for the Peace of Jerusalem sing Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem, October 6, 2013. (photo credit: Lazar Berman)

While hundreds sang, stood, and danced together in Jerusalem, they were joined by many millions more around the globe. Over 300,000 churches in 175 nations participated, according to Eagle’s Wings.

The prayer guide distributed to participants instructed them to “pray for both Jew and Arab alike, and for all the inhabitants of Jerusalem.” It asked worshipers to pray for “God’s promised redemption” to come to the Jewish people, for Israel to be protected from terrorism, for Israeli leaders to act wisely, and for reconciliation between Christians and Jews.

“Bless the people of Israel with Your promise of redemption,” participants around the world prayed, ”shield them with Your love, and bring them renewed hope for their day of salvation. Guide Israel’s leaders and advisers with the light of Your truth. For Your name’s sake, I ask that You remember Your promise and bless the Land with peace, and its inhabitants with lasting joy. Amen.”

‘God has a blessing for not only Isaac, but also Ishmael’
Christian Zionists are regularly caricatured — often by liberal Jews — as uneducated, uncompromising fundamentalists whose support for Israel masks a desire to convert Jews and use their control over the biblical land of Israel to bring about the apocalypse.

There was not much Sunday night to give that characterization any credence. Stearns insisted firmly that the conversation of Jews was not a factor in his passionate support for Israel.

“With great respect,” he explained, “I say it’s time to get over that. We’ve been here for thirty years, we’ve come during intifadas… We are not going to agree on every doctrinal point, or every theological point. But by and large the Christian Zionist community movement has a tremendous sense of respect for Jewish identity, and we are here to support and strengthen Jewish identity and a Jewish presence in the land.”

Even rank-and-file participants proved knowledgeable about Israeli politics. Pastor David Dekker, who has been a resident of Israel for thirty years working on Jewish-Christian relations, has three children, including two girls, who have served in the IDF. He and his children are fluent in Hebrew.

Margaret and Peter Jones, in from the United Kingdom for their second DPPJ and to volunteer in the city, claimed to not be especially fluent in the nuances of Israel’s political and strategic challenges. But they waxed eloquent on Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s UN speech last week, and identified what they saw as key impediments to broader support of Israel in Europe- including British anti-Semitism. “I’m ashamed to see that,” said Peter. “Internationally, there are so many people against this small country. As proud as we are of our own country, we’re equally proud of Israel.”

The Joneses, at least, are against territorial concessions by Israel. “I believe very clearly that the land was given to the Jewish people thousands of years ago by God…through his covenant with Abraham,” Peter emphasized.

“We would not support any giving over of land,” added Margaret. “It does sadden me. “

Though many of the participants certainly believed that the land of Israel was given to the Jews, there was a great deal of concern and respect for the Muslims Arabs in the region. “We believe that God has a blessing for not only Isaac, but also Ishmael,” Stearns told the crowd to enthusiastic applause. “He’s an equal opportunity lover, and God’s peace will come when Isaac and Ishmael learn to live together.”

The theme of peace for the entire region was repeated throughout the night.

In fact, the only mention of radical Islam came from the one rabbi speaking at the DPPJ, Shlomo Riskin, chief rabbi of Efrat. He called on God not to “allow fanatic Wahabbi Islam — that stands for power and not for love, for Jihad and not for peace — to rule the world.”

“The word of God is stronger than the sword of jihad,” Riskin added to a standing ovation.

The only people pastors themselves denounced were Christians who advocate against Israel.

“Protect your church,” thundered Petra Helt, “from her church leaders. Who betray the roots of their church …who betray Zion, and give the place of your altar to thieves and liars. And protect the Christian people from their leaders when they falsely claim that Christians replaced the Jewish people.”

Though the event was unabashedly supportive of Jewish rights to the land of Israel and Jerusalem, not everyone praying for Jerusalem at the meeting was a Christian Zionist. Maher Canawati, a prominent Palestinian Christian businessman and city councilman in Bethlehem, first came to the event as a guest speaker two years ago. “Anything that goes toward peace… all the Palestinian people are with that.”

“I will be praying here tonight,” Canawati pledged, though he was not a proponent of Jewish sovereignty over Jerusalem like most participants. “I leave the final setup for Jerusalem for God. I believe that Jerusalem is for all the nations, capital of all nations. I will pray for the peace of Jerusalem no matter who is ruling over Jerusalem.’

Canawati was pro-peace as much as he was pro-Palestinian. “Palestinians should speak about the cause of the Palestinians wherever they can,” he explained. Though he doesn’t speak Hebrew well yet, Canawati said he had many Israeli “brothers.” “All of the Muslims love Jews. All of the Christians love the Jews. And the Jews love the Muslims and Christians. It’s not an issue of religion,” he said, rather optimistically.

‘You are the best friends Israel has in the world’
Broadcast live around the world, the 90-minute prayer meeting featured songs, sermons, and speeches. There was a heavy dose of Hebrew and Jewish terminology, with God often referred to by Hebrew terms as “Hashem — God of Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob”, and Israel as Eretz Yisrael. The Jerusalem Childrens’ Choir, affiliated with the ICEJ, sang in Israeli-accented Hebrew. “There is no other god in the world but you, there is no other salvation in the world but you,” they sang. “Shema Yisrael, hear O Israel, God is our God, God is one.”

Jerusalem’s Deputy Mayor Naomi Tzur gave a well-received speech on the city’s efforts to ensure that Jerusalem is a city of peace for all religions. “Ten measures of beauty were given to the world, and nine were given to Jerusalem, she quipped. “Of course, we got nine measures of many other things as well.”

Riskin, who founded the Center for Christian-Jewish Understanding and Cooperation, followed with a passionate address. “We didn’t reach out to you,” he told the crowd. “You, my beloved brothers and sisters, reached out to us.”

“You are the best friends Israel has in the world.”

The event brought supporters from around the world, including many from developing countries. A group of women from South Africa made the trip – their first — to celebrate their birthdays.

Robert Eustagio was in from the Philippines for his fifth visit to Israel, along with his pastor. He had won a free trip after a clip of him praying for Israel received first place in a video prayer contest. He and Pastor Francis Nicholas thought it was too good to be true until they received their tickets in Manila. About half their small church ended up making the trip, a stunning move considering the poverty of the country.

“Remember,” said Nicholas, “the average monthly salary in the Philippines is $300.” The congregants took loans to visit and pray for Jerusalem.

One of their requests is that God see to it that the Jewish Temple is rebuilt in Jerusalem. “We believe,” said Nicholas, “and we even give money to groups preparing for the Third Temple.” But he does not suggest Israel tear down the Dome of the Rock and al-Aqsa mosque, which sit on the Temple Mount.

“God should make it happen. I don’t know how; man can’t comprehend.”

‘It sure feels good to hear from people who do want you to be here’
There were a significant number of Jews at the event, many of them wearing yarmulkes, in the crowd. For many, it was their first prayer meeting with Christian Zionists. It did not take long for them to be won over by the intensity of the support and love for them as Jews, for Israel, and for God.

Hatikva, the Israeli national anthem, came on. The crowd sang it in Hebrew. Israelis sitting in the third row, skeptical and somewhat bemused until that point, took note. “Hey, there’s even Hatikva!” one of them exclaimed.

As the evening continued, the Israelis felt increasingly at ease. Helt gave a prayer for the Israel Defense Forces, similar to the one recited in synagogues across the world on Sabbath morning. When she asked God to “give to a Jew that what every Christian and Muslim and pilgrim enjoys in Jerusalem…the joy of walking freely and safely through all of Jerusalem, in the Old City and the New City, in the capital of Israel — and indeed that every Jew can live safely, walk safely, drive safely in all of Israel,” they stood and cheered.

And by the final song, the Israelis were dancing and clapping along with everyone else.

Natalie Solomon and Jay Schultz came in from Tel Aviv for the event. Solomon called herself “a friend and admirer of Robert Stearns.”

They run Tel Aviv International Salon, an organization that brings young Tel Aviv residents of all stripes together to discuss pressing issues. Stearns came in to speak to the group about Christian Zionism.

“It’s amazing to stand here as a Jew,” Solomon reflected, “who has fulfilled my dream of being in Israel, and to know there’s people that support that, when I know there’s so many people out there who don’t want me to be here. It sure feels good to hear from people who do want you to be here.”

“Now that we have friends, and they’re extending their hands to us, they need us to be here,” Schultz said emphatically. “They need to know that we’re grateful for their friendship. It’s as important for them to see us supporting them as it is for them to be supporting us.”

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Witness to injustice in Palestine

Fast Times in Palestine

Review of Pamela Olson’s Fast Times in Palestine

By Jamal Kanj

… As I read the book I tried to fathom what drove a young American woman from a small town in Oklahoma with a degree in physics to end up spending two years traversing military checkpoints and helping farmers harvest olives in the Middle East…

After graduating from Stanford University in 2002, the new graduate was working at a neighbourhood bar to save enough money for a backpacker holiday in the Greek isles when her French friend suggested Egypt as an alternative, less expensive destination. She travelled to Cairo and the Sinai, where she met an Israeli tourist named Dan who invited her to visit him in Israel.

The author tackles the paradox of occupation in very straightforward layman’s terms, describing how a 40-mile journey from Jerusalem to the Palestinian city of Nablus would take a full day…

Her journey took her across the Red Sea to Jordan, where she met – by chance – two peace volunteers, one British and one Canadian, who were on holiday from their work in Palestine. In the few days she spent with them in a central Amman hotel, she learned for the first time of the 3 billion dollars the US government pays Israel annually on behalf of American taxpayers.

Stories about occupation, the Palestinian people and human rights activism intrigued her, and she became interested in finding out for herself the truth about life in the West Bank. She jumped on the opportunity when they invited her to come along with them, and they took her to an unlikely tourist destination, a small Palestinian village called Jayyous.

The author tackles the paradox of occupation in very straightforward layman’s terms, describing how a 40-mile journey from Jerusalem to the Palestinian city of Nablus would take a full day crossing a separation wall, changing cabs six times and navigating permanent and flying Israeli military checkpoints. Meanwhile a much longer trip with her Israeli friend on “Jews-only settlement roads” could be completed uninterrupted in a much shorter time.

She also describes how the separation wall isolates villagers from their olive groves and farms – for many their only livelihood – while hilltop Jews-only settlements encroach on centuries-old trees and isolate Palestinian towns and villages into islands surrounded by Zionist colonies and the army that protects them.

The reader is able to feel the author’s inner glee at meeting beloved friends, pain while witnessing and experiencing the horrors of occupation and the melancholy of bidding farewell to people who became part of her family in Palestine.

Ever more fascinated by the wickedness of occupation and the joys of life among Palestinians, Pamela Olson took a low-paying job in Ramallah as an editor and head writer for the Palestine Monitor to study and document the daily human rights abuses under Israeli occupation.

Living and working in the Palestinian political capital, Pamela entered Palestinian politics from its widest doors by becoming the foreign press coordinator for a major candidate in the 2005 presidential election.

In her two years between Jayyous and Ramallah, the author takes the reader on an extraordinary expedition very few of us will ever get the opportunity to experience in a lifetime. She takes us along with her via immaculate descriptions of the spring greenery on hills and meadows – not yet raped by the concrete desertification of the Jews-only settlements – or smoking nargila (hookah) on porches with friends in Jayyous or sipping coffee at westernized cafés in Ramallah.

What makes this book special is the writer’s ability to keep the reader spellbound with her vivid descriptions of events, people and places. The reader is able to feel the author’s inner glee at meeting beloved friends, pain while witnessing and experiencing the horrors of occupation and the melancholy of bidding farewell to people who became part of her family in Palestine.

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Has anyone made a serious effort to map her travels as Secretary of State against the activities of the Foundation and the donations it’s received?


Ed.note : The Truthseeker does a good hit piece, on former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton



by Amy Davidson

The New Yorker

Hillary trainwreck

Do people really think that a Hillary Clinton 2016 campaign is a good idea—for the Democratic Party, our collective sanity, even for her? Maybe it doesn’t matter; some political locomotives just move ahead, even if the wreck is predestined, and her campaign is now coming around the bend.

There is talk of the real rollout beginning this week, which may make for slightly odd timing given that a better focus might be on introducing Obamacare, aspects of which go into effect October 1st. Bill Clinton is supposed to be helping with that. Then again, it’s also the week of the big Clinton party, the Clinton Global Initiative summit, with all sorts of worldly people in town for the General Assembly, too. That could help Hillary, who will introduce her husband and Obama at the summit tonight, and whose name, with her daughter’s, has been added to the name of the Foundation. But there are also two new magazine stories out, at least one of which won’t help her at all.

New York has a big profile, by Joe Hagan, all about Hillary Clinton as her own powerful person—after Bill, after the First Lady stint and all those Clinton scandals, the woman in the plane with the BlackBerry and her own relationships with world leadersShe visited a lot of them, as Secretary of State. And while many don’t think she had particular big ideas (“For foreign-policy critics, some of this could look like wheel spinning”), her allies tell the magazine that’s just because they haven’t properly theorized the making of connections itself:

Clinton’s State team argues that Clinton was a great stateswoman, her ambition to touch down in as many countries as possible a meter of how much repair work she did to the nation’s image abroad.

There could be something to that—but whose image, and, one might add, whose connections? What is striking is that the Hillary-at-State philosophy is awfully like the one practiced by Bill at his foundation, though money is more openly on the table there. During an official visit, when the plane lands and the dinner with local influential figures begins, the material aspect is merely implied. In both cases, good can come of it. And for an idea of the unpleasant places the solicitation of donors can lead, read Alec MacGillis’s New Republic piece on Doug Band, one of Bill Clinton’s key aides and the man whose job, in part, seems to have been translating dollar figures into Clinton access. There were a lot of rides on private and corporate planes, and other favors that Band helped broker, but the Clintons received. “By his tally, he has accompanied the former president to nearly 125 countries and 2,000 cities,” MacGillis writes. (Hillary visited a hundred and twelve countries during her Secretary of Stateship.) But, her aides tell New York, each of those miles marked distance from Bill—toward her own ends: he was

“Not a presence,” says a close State aide. “And I don’t mean that just literally. But not someone who was built into the system in any way. He had a very minimal presence in her time at the State Department.

“It’s kind of jarring when she says ‘Bill,’ ” this person adds, recalling meetings with Hillary Clinton. “Well, who’s Bill? And then you realize that she’s talking about her husband. It happened so infrequently that you were kind of like, Oh, the president.”

That’s their story, anyway. And yet, in the past few years, Bill and Hillary have both met a lot of powerful people, the same or in the same circles—she projecting present power, he, with his own stature and force, facilitating good but also collecting an awful lot of money. Has anyone made a serious effort to map her travels as Secretary of State against the activities of the Foundation and the donations it’s received?

The Band piece is full of crass vignettes of corporations and wealthy foreigners pretty straightforwardly purchasing access to Clinton with donations to the Foundation. They also, increasingly, gave money to Band, through the sideline company he set up, Teneo, and several other even less transparent partnerships.(MacGillis: “One month before the Rockefeller Foundation presented Clinton with an award for philanthropy, it gave Teneo a $3.4 million contract to propose ‘tangible solutions to global problems.’ ”) For a while, Bill Clinton was a paid adviser, making one wonder if part of the company’s function was to absorb money directed at the family that the Foundation couldn’t. Band eventually alienated the Clintons, or at least Hillary and Chelsea—Bill has been out defending him—in part for being a little too embarrassingly obvious. Also, for forcing them to have conversations like this one, which MacGillis recounts:

The second person close to the foundation says that one major donor complained directly to Clinton that he had been writing large checks to Band and was upset that his access to Clinton had decreased. “The president was furious.”

Was the problem writing a check for access, or just writing it to the wrong person?

No matter how brutal and detail-rich they are, this and other big pieces related to the Foundation—like one this summer in the Times—have read less like definitive takedowns than like a to-do list for an investigative-reporting assignment desk. (The hundred and six million dollars Clinton has received in speaking fees is mentioned only parenthetically.) There is so much there. Band comes across not as a loose end but as a particularly shiny thread as woven as any into the Clinton cloth. (Another one is Huma Abedin.) It is being laundered and brushed and ironed and internally audited for 2016, with Chelsea reportedly making herself busy over there, at the Bill, Hillary, and Chelsea Clinton Foundation. And is Chelsea’s role supposed to make people who have reservations about dynasties in American politics feel better?

All that just makes its activities more relevant to a Clinton campaign. This is not a matter of a woman in politics being unfairly asked about her husband’s business. Saying that her position as Secretary of State was not part of the bundle of power and what might be called glamour that the Foundation offered is not a serious proposition. And by adding her name at the moment she, to all appearances, is getting ready to run, she has effectively made future influence part of the Foundation’s prospectus. From New York:

On her first major public stage since leaving the State Department, Hillary told the crowd that the foundation will be a “full partnership between the three of us,” including her daughter, Chelsea. But this was clearly Hillary Clinton’s show.


“It’s all people jockeying for position,” says a person with close ties to the foundation. “This is an operation that runs on proximity to people. Now there are three people. How does all that work?”

How does it work? The Foundation may do a lot of good. And the Clinton Presidency, those years in the nineties, was a time when the economy and life looked good. It would be so important to have a woman as President. But the dread that one feels at the thought of having to listen to one more word about Vince Foster, if Hillary gets the Democratic nomination, is exceeded by the thought of stories on whatever has been going on at the Foundation. She lost in the 2008 primaries to a candidate no one thought had a chance, who was able to move to the front in part because she had taken care to push others out early; we never saw what a Republican attack would have looked like. (There was a peek, around Benghazi, both of the unhinged hate and her own capacity for missteps.) That sort of trouble and noise would not be an unfair revival of ancient Whitewater-Monica-Ken Starr-vast-right-wing-conspiracy history. It doesn’t even encompass Bill’s social life, or Hillary’s own shortcomings as a campaigner. It has to do with debts Hillary Clinton and her family have taken on, and might be asked, with currency voters give them, to pay back.

Source : The New Yorker

Cross Talk: Benghazi Cover up


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An Up-to-the-Second Visual of the U.S. Debt Picture


A vicious upward debt spiral is gaining momentum. The budgets of most advanced debteconomies, excluding interest payments, need 20 consecutive years of surpluses exceeding 2% of gross domestic product – starting now – just to bring the debt-to-GDP ratio back to its pre-crisis level. How likely is that?

To see an up-to-the-second visual of the debt picture visit the links below:

1. World (by country):

2. U.S.A.:

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5. Australia: 

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At this point, thanks to a long-standing policy of wanton money printing, the Fed has more liabilities than ever before in its history – by an enormous margin – and this precarious balance sheet is dangerous, because if the Fed goes bust, everyone loses [- including YOU. Let me explain why that is the case]. Words: 398 Read More »

5. Rapid Rise In Interest Rates Will Collapse U.S. Financial System – Here’s Why



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6. Economics Can’t Trump Mathematics & the Math Says US In a Debt Death Spiral


The madmen who are responsible for the coming economic disaster continue to behave as if they can manage to avoid it.  Violating Einstein’s definition of insanity, they continue to apply the same poison that caused the problem. These fools believe they can manage complexities they do not understand. We are bigger fools for providing them the authority to indulge their hubris and wreak such damage. Read More »


Anyone that thinks that the U.S. economy can keep going along like this is absolutely crazy.  We are in the terminal phase of an unprecedented debt spiral which has allowed us to live far, far beyond our means for the last several decades.  Unfortunately, all debt spirals eventually end, and they usually do so in a very disorderly manner. Read More »

8. Why the End of This Economic Death Spiral Is So Hard to Call


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9. Lessons of 2008 Forgotten – Debt Threatens to Undo the World Again


Little has been done in the past six years to restructure economies and cut debt i.e. learn the lessons of 2008. Because we’ve partially recovered from that traumatic period, that’s led to complacency. All the while, the debt that caused the bust in the first place has compounded and threatens to undo the world again. Let’s hope it doesn’t come to that. Read More »

10. Another Crisis Is Coming & It May Be Imminent – Here’s Why


Is there going to be another crisis? Of course there is. The liberalised global financial system remains intact and unregulated, if a little battered…The question therefore becomes one of timing: when will the next crash happen? To that I offer the tentative answer: it may be imminent…[This article puts forth my explanation as to why that will likely be the case.] Read More »

11. Japan: A Country On the Brink of Fiscal & Economic Disaster!


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12. “Ponzi Finance”: What Must Happen To Bring It To An End?

”The Boston Consulting Group has issued a paper that recommends 10 steps that developed countries must take to end what they refer to as ‘Ponzi finance’ and to return to a sustainable growth path but I believe their recommendations to be but theoretical and impractical constructs. While I believe we face – and will experience – interesting, speculative, fragile, and very challenging and very likely life-changing times going forward, I believe that the only thing that will force developed country politicians to work for common purposes is a further global financial crisis. This article provides an overview and assessment of said paper and the rationale for my position.  Read More »

13. Gov’t Debt Will Keep Increasing Until the System Implodes! Are You Ready?

Why are so many politicians around the world declaring that the debt crisis is “over” when debt-to-GDP ratios all over the planet continue to skyrocket?  The global economy has never seen anything like the sovereign debt bubble that we are experiencing today. This insanity will continue until a day of reckoning arrives and the system implodes.  Nobody knows exactly when that moment will be reached, but without a doubt it is coming. Are you ready? Read More »

14. A Disaster of Unprecedented Proportions (The End Of The World As We Know It) Is Coming Sometime This Decade and It Will Be Irreversible!

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15. Nothing Can Be Done to Avoid Coming World-wide Depression! Here’s Why

Governments everywhere are becoming more distressed and desperate as economic realities dominate the political doublespeak. The world is at a dangerous point. Much of what we thought we knew and assumed regarding governmental behavior and economics is beginning to be reassessed. Governments of the world are out of money and out of ideas. The Ponzi scam that has been perpetrated for over fifty years is collapsing under its own weight. There are not enough suckers and capital left to sustain the fraud. [Let me explain further.] Read More »

16. “This Time is Different: Eight Centuries of Financial Folly” – A Book by Reinhart and Rogoff

Highly leveraged economies, particularly those in which continual rollover of short-term debt is sustained only by confidence in relatively illiquid underlying assets, seldom survive forever, particularly if leverage continues to grow unchecked. Words: 1264 Read More »

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The Evisceration of Yugoslavia Part III: CIA Islamists, Halliburton and Fake Massacres


(Part three of a five-part series excerpted from Chapter 15: Yugoslavia Bad, Greater Albania Good: Big Oil & Their Bankers…)


by Dean Henderson



Al Qaeda to the Rescue

Even as President Clinton was hailing an outbreak of peace in the region, Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff General John Shalikashvili – now a director at Carlyle Group – was meeting with Croat military commanders in Zaghreb to coordinate the deployment of 25,000 US troops to back the breakaway armies in Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina.

Islamic fundamentalists poured into Bosnia. They were trained by ex-Afghan mujahadeen leaders, including Osama bin Laden.  Iranian mullahs were also sending fighters, with blessings from the Clinton Administration.  Bin Laden’s al Qaeda operatives trained a cell of Bosnian fighters known as Takfir wal Hijra (Expiration and Exile).  Some in the Clinton State Department were nervous about the growing ranks of Islamists in Bosnia, but CIA argued against the expulsion of al-Qaeda. [1]  They even arranged to have certain terrorist groups deleted from a State Department watch list so that members could travel freely to the Balkans to take part in the war.

Across the Adriatic Sea in Italy, Imam Anwar Shaban was recruiting fighters for Bosnia at the Islamic Center in Milan.  Shaban was a follower of the radical Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman, whom the CIA had brought to the US during the 1980’s to recruit mujahadeen fighters for the Afghan War.  Rahman was spiritual leader of Egyptian Islamic Jihad, an offshoot of the secret society Muslim Brotherhood that holds sway in the House of Saud.  The Milan Islamic Center was funded by Ahmed Idris Nasreddin, a wealthy Kuwaiti who served as Kuwait’s Honorary Consul to Italy.  Nasreddin founded Al Taqwa, a Swiss Bahamas-based company which changed its name to Nada Management to honor Chairman Youssef Nada, a prominent leader of the Muslim Brotherhood.  Nada Management has recently come under investigation for its role in funding global terrorism. [2]

In 1995 as the government of CIA-protege Gulbuddin Hekmatyar stepped aside in Afghanistan giving way to the Taliban regime, the Taliban handed over its training camps on the Pakistan border to the Pakistani Jamiat-ul-Ulema-e-Islam (JUI), which had supported the rise of the Taliban in close cooperation with Pakistani ISI intelligence.  The JUI recruited and trained volunteers to fight in Bosnia and later in Kosovo.  The Bosnian Army, whose MPRI training was being funded by the Saudis and Kuwaitis, was also being bankrolled by the Golden Crescent heroin trade, whose traffickers were now establishing smuggling routes to Europe through Bosnia. [3]

Some in the Clinton State Department were nervous about the growing ranks of Islamists inBosnia, but CIA argued against the expulsion of al-Qaeda. [1]  They even arranged to have certain terrorist groups deleted from a State Department watch list so that members could travel freely to the Balkans to take part in the war.

The CIA arranged safe passage for Islamic Jihad members wanted in Egypt and for Armed Islamic Group (AIG) terrorists on the run in Algeria, where they had toppled the nationalist government of Chadli Benjladid, who had refused to pass the Hydrocarbon Law for the Four Horsemen.  On January 18, 2002 an AIG cell of six operatives was nabbed planning to blow up the US Embassy in Sarajevo.  The embassy’s locksmith was a father-in-law of one of the suspects. He had given AIG keys and access codes to carry out their planned mission.  Thousands of angry Bosnian Muslims protested as the Saudi-backed terrorists were handed over to the US. [4]

Suddenly the US corporate media sounded a less than sympathetic tone towards the Bosnian Muslims, who a few years earlier had been electronically engineered to bring tears to the eyes of every American household.

Ethnic Cleansing in Reverse

Thousands of Bosnian Serbs gathered daily in the Sarajevo suburb of Ilijas to protest the handing over of predominantly Serb suburbs of the city to the Muslim/Croat Federation via the Dayton Accords.  French General Jean-Rene Bachelet, who commanded UN troops in Sarajevo, termed the deal “ethnic cleansing”, the phrase which the US used against the Serbs throughout the war.  Bachelet initially refused to have his troops enforce the Dayton Accord provisions, but eventually bowed under pressure from Paris.

The Yugoslavs were also protesting the presence in their country of 60,000 NATO troops. [5]  Pale Television reported that “NATO forces used low-intensity nuclear weapons when they conducted air strikes on Serb positions around Sarajevo, Gorazde and Majevica in August and September 1995.  Experts have concluded that some people show signs of being contaminated by radiation.”  Pale also reported that “Yugoslav General Djordje Djukic had been tortured by the International War Crimes Tribunal in the Hague.”  Shortly after the court released the general he died.  As he struggled for his life, Djukic condemned Tribunal Chief Justice Richard Goldstone as a “murderer with a child’s face and a hater of Serbs”. [6]

Pale aired another program titled Genocide, which documented al Qaeda terror against Serbs and featured Borvivoje Sendic, Deputy Chair of the Serb Democratic Party, who commented of the upcoming Yugoslav elections, “The international community will try to intervene in the forthcoming elections.  But the Serbs will not allow themselves to be cheated this time out of respect for all the victims who have fallen…”  Mirjana Markovic, wife of President Milosevic and head of the United Left Party, which is allied with her husband’s Socialist Party, said in 1996 that protestors in Belgrade were fomenting civil war, many carrying US and German flags.  Markovic denounced both nations as “dark powers” behind the tumult.

US interference in Belgrade continued into the new millennium.  On February 7, 2000 Yugoslav Defense Minister Pavle Bula was assassinated at his cousin’s Belgrade restaurant.  Yugoslavia’s Information Minister issued a statement saying “foreign intelligence services” were responsible.  Vojoslav Seselj, leader of the Serbian Radical Party, said the assassination had been carried out by “either US, British or French operatives”. [7]

Milosevic, who was re-elected head of the Socialist Party in November 2000 carrying 86.55% of the vote, was handed over to the War Crimes Tribunal in return for an IMF aid package to the new Belgrade government.  Milosevic was defiant in The Hague, saying he didn’t have to answer questions because the court had no legitimacy or jurisdiction.  He called the Tribunal “the new Gestapo in the Hague”, and said “genocide had been carried out against the Serbs by part of the international community”.

Peter Finn, the Washington Post journalist who had led the attacks on the Milosevic, uncritically spewing out the CIA-fabricated charges of ethnic cleansing by Serbs, spent the year 2000 admitting he had been hoodwinked regarding alleged Serb atrocities.  Finn wrote in the January 17, 2000 issue of the Post, “Western accusations that there were Serb-run rape camps…and poorly sourced allegations in some publications that the Serbs were engaging in mutilations of the dead and the living…all proved false.”

Yugoslav children had their own way of protesting the hijacking of their country.  At Peter Petrovic Nyegos primary school students were asked to lend their artistic talents to help summarize the war being waged on their country.  One child drew a picture of a fat American prostitute walking a little dog named “Europe”, another portrayed the Ku Klux Klan lynching Serb soldiers, while a third depicted UNICEF airplanes bombing Serb children.

The Brown & Root of the Problem

The Croatian Army bought many weapons from German arms dealer Ernst Werner Glatt, a favorite CIA supplier to both the Nicaraguan contras and the Afghan mujahadeen.  At one point Glatt was shipping the Croats $200 million worth of arms per year, with much of the tab picked up by the Saudis.  Glatt did so well for himself that he was able to retire on a Virginia estate that he calls Black Eagle.  The black eagle was the official emblem of the German Nazi government and had been Oliver North’s code-name for the contra-cocaine operations being overseen by Panamanian General Manuel Noriega on behalf of his CIA and Mossad bosses. [8]

Military contracts were being doled out like candy throughout the Balkans conflict, but no firm received more than did Brown & Root, which later merged with construction giant MW Kellogg to become KBR. KBR is a subsidiary of Houston-based Halliburton, where Dick Cheney was at the helm.  Halliburton also owns Dresser Industries, where Lawrence Eagleburger was on the board of directors.  The firm is a global octopus with operations in 130 countries and over 100,000 employees.  Cheney wasn’t particular about his firm’s customers, doing brisk business with Nigerian dictators, Saddam Hussein and the military junta of Myanmar alike. [9]

“Western accusations that there were Serb-run rape camps…and poorly sourced allegations in some publications that the Serbs were engaging in mutilations of the dead and the living…all proved false.”

Brown & Root was paid $546 million to build latrines, barracks and other infrastructure necessary to maintain NATO and UN troops occupying Yugoslavia.  Three years later the company was paid another $400 million for logistical support in Bosnia, Croatia and Hungary, where a Brown & Root subsidiary known as International American Products provided troop support.  Its Hungarian kitchen workers accused US troops who frequented their workplace of constant sexual harassment and exploitation.

Cheney’s company also got contracts to beef up US military bases in Italy.  Brown & Root, which has enjoyed a no-bid monopoly over the troop support business since the Gulf War, made over $260 million doing similar work during US military adventures in Haiti, Somalia and Rwanda. [10]

In 1999 it received a $900 million contract in the Balkans.  In 2000, the year Cheney stepped down to become the running mate of candidate Bush Jr., Brown & Root was awarded a $300 million contract by the US Navy to improve overseas bases, a $100 million contract to improve US Embassy security around the world and a $40 million contract to maintain the National Institutes of Health.  Cheney received a whopping $20 million retirement package from Halliburton.  He kept $10 million in stock options. Cheney’s salary at Halliburton, where he was Chairman and CEO from 1995-2000, was $1.3 million/year. [11]

In 1996 US Commerce Secretary Mickey Kantor arrived in Zaghreb with representatives of 18 US multinationals.  Kantor and his entourage negotiated an investment agreement to rebuild Croatia that would be a boon to the companies.  Bechtel, never remiss to sniff out a government contract, got two to build power plants from the government of Croatia.  Much of the Bosnian reconstruction effort was headed by the 353rd Civil Affairs Command, a Bronx Army Reserve Unit with big-time connections to corporate America.  The unit was headed by US Army Colonel Michael Hess, who frequented the brand new World Bank office set up in Sarajevo.

In 2000, the year Cheney stepped down to become the running mate of candidate Bush Jr., Brown & Root was awarded a $300 million contract by the US Navy to improve overseas bases, a $100 million contract to improve US Embassy security around the world and a $40 million contract to maintain the National Institutes of Health.  Cheney received a whopping $20 million retirement package from Halliburton.

Hess’ usual employer was Citigroup, where he served as Relationship Manager for Scandinavia, Finland and the Benelux nations.  Another member of the 353rd was a vice-president at ABN Amro Holdings NV, the Dutch banking giant that in 1997 took over the failed British old-money Barings Bank and was later merged into Royal Bank of Scotland.  The 353rd included an engineer for Schering-Plough, a broker for Merrill Lynch and a former AT&T executive.  Other members worked with Texas Instruments, American Airlines, private Saudi military trainer BDM International and defense giant Lockheed Martin.  ABN Amro banker Renato Bacci took charge of training Bosnia’s bankers in the transition from socialism to capitalism.  353rd Lieutenant Colonel Gerry Suchanek taught economics at the University of Iowa.  He said of his job, “Everything I do at home is about teaching capitalism.  Everything I do here is similar.”[12]

The CIA had completed its partition of most of Yugoslavia and the agents of international capital were taking over.  Problem was, Yugoslavia still controlled Stari Trg mine, massive coal reserves and the Adriatic oilfields which Big Oil coveted.  Gaining those assets would require the severing of one more chunk of territory from the unruly Belgrade central government.


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Taliban “Maneuvers” at Peace Table



The Taliban’s (Pakistan Chapter) has lived up to the tagline of unpredictable from the battlefield to the negotiation table. Surrounded by smoke screen, the GOP finally was able to convince all stakeholders that peace shall be given the first slot through negotiations with TTP.

This initiative is undoubtedly a bitter pill considering the loss of over 40,000 civilians and soldiers in the past 1 decade.

With all waves of public sentiment and political will geared toward a meaningful and productive dialogue, I was wondering how parity will be displayed when you have a seasoned team of envoys from GOP taking on individuals who have mastered just one trade, and that stands “conflict”. But it seems that Taliban have learned well from the maneuvers of Pakistan’s political actors and they have shown early signs of mastering this trade as well.

Since the “taboo” of official talks have been undone with Taliban, some interesting yet distressing developments have taken place, putting the Government, Military and the public at large on a rough track leading to the talks on peace. Firstly, Taliban has struck some vital blows as the talks are in their initial stages. This includes the assassination of a top ranking military officer through IED followed by a series of blasts including the deadly twin suicide attacks on a church in Peshawar.

As soon as the eyes started rolling, Taliban were wise enough to create an air of uncertainty by predicting that it wasn’t the parent organization, the TTP which ordered or executed the strikes. Infact it was other fictions associated with Taliban who were behind these attacks. For instance, a video has been released of notorious Taliban leader of Swat Chapter and widely believed to be operating from Afghanistan, Fazalullah celebrating the assassination of the General in Command in an IED strike along with the men who had carried out the strike.

Though Fazalullah has all the reasons to be considered among the top ranks of Taliban, it is also worth elaborating that he and his men are part of the organization Swat Chapter which usually operates on its own. In the second instance involving church which killed nearly 80 worshippers, the claim has been made by Jandullah, which is again projected as an organization sharing TTP charter, but independent towards its actions and targets.

Secondly, the preconditions which initially seemed vague are now becoming more evident. It stands crystal clear that the Taliban has no inclination toward a cease fire or surrendering of their arsenal as they are wise enough to foresee that the bargaining position they have found themselves in comes with these pre requisite. In addition, they would like the military to be pulled out of the Tribal Areas along with the release of prisoners as the first step toward the progressive peace talks. Thirdly, the question of drone strikes by Obama administration has become the nucleus of these developments as nearly all attacks on civilian and military targets gets associated with drone strikes in one way or the other.

Based on this, till now it’s the Taliban who have triumphed in the pre talk’s developments by maneuvering wickedly on multifaceted fronts. By letting other organization claim responsibility for strikes on civilian and military targets, they have successfully planted a second line of defense as they head for talks. The pressure will be maintained through strikes by other groups while the central chapter of TTP will dismiss them as one of their. This was masterly exhibited in their statement that the attack on a church in Peshawar was not their execution, but this goes in line with their agenda and ideology. Toward the withdrawal of troops from Tribal Areas, the government is in no position to provide these discounts to the Taliban, and against all odds if it does, it will definitely prove a wedge between the civil and military cadre. Lastly, the drone strikes as it is well known have moved beyond the reach of Pakistan, especially after Obama has publicly endorsed his policy of unmanned warfare.

Having all this considered, the talks prior to their formal execution have landed on a tight rope, with GOP the biggest loser for the time being. If they go ahead with concessions to the Taliban, this might open a barrage of exploiters in the shape of various groups demanding concessions on similar lines or else barbarianism will prevail. On the other hand if GOP resorts to tighter measures against Taliban, the group will have perfect excuse to walk out and blame the establishment for all the pain in the coming future. Among all this, the resolve for peace with Taliban through dialogue is getting costlier with every incident being carried out, placing substantial question mark over the future of the peace talks.

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Police in America: Licensed to Kill

by Stephen Lendman



Miriam Carey is the latest victim. She deserved to live, not die. More on her below.

Incidents occur daily across America. Blacks and Latinos are most vulnerable. Police shoot innocent suspects for any reason or none all.

Rarely are officers or their superiors held accountable. On average, US police kill one or two people daily. Most often, incidents go unnoticed.

Violence in America is systemic. Previous articles discussed it. America glorifies wars. It does so in the name of peace.

It has by far the highest homicide rate among all developed nations. It’s obsessed with owning guns.

Violent films are some of the most popular. So are similar video games. Peace, stability and security are convenient illusions. Imperial wars and domestic violence crowd them out.

Communities, neighborhoods, schools, work places, commercial areas and city streets are affected. Driving while black is dangerous.

A 1999 ACLU report discussed it. Titled “Driving While Black: Racial Profiling On Our Nation’s Highways,” it said:

It’s longstanding practice in America. In 1967, dozens of witnesses told Kerner Commission members that “stopping of Negroes on foot or in cars without obvious basis” was a key reason for riots the previous summer in cities across America.

The Fourth Amendment assures “(t)he right of the people to be secure in their persons, houses, papers, and effects, against unreasonable searches and seizures.”

The Eight Amendment prohibits “cruel and unusual punishments.”

What’s crueler than state-sponsored cold-blooded murder.

The Fifth Amendment prohibits “depriv(ing) (anyone) of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.”

The 14th Amendment forbids states from “depriv(ing) any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law.” It affirms “equal protection of the laws.”

Police across America spurn constitutional and US statute laws. They do so with impunity. According to ACLU:

“No person of color is safe from (mis)treatment anywhere, regardless of their obedience to the law, their age, the type of car they drive, or their station in life.”

“In short, skin color has become evidence of the propensity to commit crime, and police use this ‘evidence’ against minority drivers on the road all the time.”

“This vicious cycle carries with it profound personal and societal costs.”

“It is both symptomatic and symbolic of larger problems at the intersection of race and the criminal justice system.”

“It results in the persecution of innocent people based on their skin color.”

“It has a corrosive effect on the legitimacy of the entire justice system.”

It’s worse than that. Blacks and other people of color risk death at the hands of out-of-control cops. They’re licensed to kill. They murder with impunity.

Overwhelming evidence proves it. In 2010, Injustice Everywhere (IE) published a National Police Misconduct Statistical Report.

It found thousands of instances of police misconduct. Hundreds of civilian deaths followed. When officers are held accountable, most often discipline imposed is mild.

Criminal justice in America is systemically unfair. Victims are cheated. A previous article discussed Trayvon Martin’s murder.

It asked when is killing a non-threatening, unarmed teenager not murder? It’s when Jim Crow justice trumps fundamental civil rights.

It’s when victims are black. It’s when killing them is OK when whites do it.

It’s when institutionalized racism threatens all people of color. It’s when longstanding practice turns a blind eye to killing them.

It’s when cops are licensed to kill. On October 3, Washington, DC police gunned down Miriam Carey. They did so in cold blood. They did it willfully.

Doing so reflects epidemic levels of state-sponsored violence across America. Cops call killing non-threatening civilians “justifiable homicides.”

Unarmed Blacks and Latinos are victimized. Post-9/11, police have increasingly been militarized.

It’s justified on the pretext of waging war on terror. Mariam Carey was a 34-year old Stamford, CT dental hygienist. Previously she lived in Brooklyn.

She was unarmed. Capitol police killed her after a car chase. Reportedly she tried breaching a White House security barrier. Police banged on her car window. They ordered her to stop.

She appeared to back up into a police vehicle. She fled. She did so after cops opened fire. Capitol police and Secret Service officers gave chase.

They fired multiple times at her vehicle. Why on busy DC streets? Why when backup units could have blocked her safely?

Why wasn’t she taken alive, detained and questioned? Why do cops routinely shoot first? Why are they allowed to get away with it?

Things ended violently near the US Capitol. Miriam’s car crashed. She got out. She was clearly unarmed. She was non-threatening.

Cops shot her to death. They riddled her body with bullets. Doing so was cold-blooded murder. Bystanders nearby could have been harmed.

Miriam had her one-year daughter with her when she was killed.

Family members said she suffered from postpartum depression. The Mayo Clinic says many new mothers experience the “baby blues” after childbirth.

Mood swings and crying spells follow. Usually they fade quickly. Sometimes they last longer. The behavioral pattern isn’t a character flaw or weakness.

Change of life at times affects people this way. Some need more time than others to adjust. Given today’s dire economic conditions, doing so is harder than during more normal times.

Mariam’s sisters want answers. Amy Carey-Jones said there should’ve been “another way instead of shooting and killing” her.

Valerie Carey said she “didn’t deserve to have her life cut down” this way.

Her mother, Idella, said she had no history of violence. She threatened no one.

Mariam’s friends, neighbors and associates were shocked.

Next door neighbor Erin Jackson said she doted on her daughter, Erica. She often took her on picnics.

“She was pleasant. She seemed very happy with her daughter, very proud of her.”

Former Brooklyn neighbor, Jeff Newsome, said he was shocked to hear what happened.

“I would have never, never thought that she would do something like this. I can’t believe it.”

Angela Windley was a former high school classmate. She remained a close friend. She was “floored and sad,” she said.

Mariam “was just a very sweet person, very determined and driven in order to get out of the neighborhood and do better for herself,” she added.

“She wasn’t violent or anything like that. I looked up to her a little bit. She was kind of like a big sister.”

According to psychiatrist Ariela Frieder:

“If it’s just a case of postpartum depression, you usually don’t see people hurting others or getting aggressive.”

Mariam worked for periodontist Barry Weiss. She was fired, he said, about a year ago. He wouldn’t say why.

He did say a head injury requiring hospitalization prevented her from working for a time. Several weeks after returning, she was fired.

It’s unknown why she tried breaching a White House security barrier. She turned her car around to flee. Cops opened fire. Doing so, of course, terrified her.

She likely panicked. She sped off. She wanted to get away safely. She wanted to protect her daughter.

Being shot at is terrifying. So is being chased by armed cops and Secret Service agents. She didn’t threaten them. She deserved to live, not die.

According to Dr. Mark Mason:

“Given the fact that we have an unarmed female, the police have come forward to say she was unarmed.”

“There was an infant in the car. There was no gunfire of any kind that came from the car at any time.”

“A lot of questions need to be asked. The police in Washington DC way-way overreacted.”

“There are alternatives to respond to situations short of deadly force.”

She could have been stopped by blocking city streets or shooting out her tires. Failure to do so shows the mentality of trigger-happy cops in America today.

It bears repeating. They kill one to two civilians in America daily. They do it willfully and maliciously. Most victims are unarmed. Most committed no crimes.

Most are Blacks or Latinos. Cops shoot first. They ask questions later. Their answers don’t wash.

Militarized America leaves no one safe. Trayvon Martin, Mariam Carey, and countless others like them learned the hard way.

Their deaths reflect a national sickness. It’s a national addiction. Violent cultures operate this way. Among all developed countries, America’s by far the worst.

About the Author: Stephen Lendman lives in Chicago. He can be reached at He writes and

He is also author of the celebrated books “Banker Occupation: Waging Financial War on Humanity” and “How Wall Street Fleeces America: Privatized Banking, Government Collusion and Class War“.

Lendman also hosts his own blog at

He is host of a progressive radio show with cutting-edge discussions and distinguished guests on the Progressive Radio News Hour on the Progressive Radio Network. It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening. It airs Fridays at 10AM US Central time and Saturdays and Sundays at noon. All programs are archived for easy listening.

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Naziyahu’s Dictation to US ” A Disgrace


Press TV – Kevin Barrett

A US political commentator says it is a disgrace for the United States that a mass murderer like Benjamin Netanyahu can come to Washington and dictate to the American president what to do.

Dr. Kevin Barrett, who is one of the renowned US critics of Washington’s so-called war on terror, made the remarks in an interview with Press TV on Tuesday, a day after the Israeli prime minister met with US President Barack Obama and asked him to toughen sanctions against Iran over its nuclear energy program.

After meeting Netanyahu, Obama repeated his war rhetoric against the Islamic Republic, saying, “We take no options off the table, including military options, in terms of making sure that we do not have nuclear weapons in Iran.”

The Israeli regime is widely believed to be the sole possessor of a nuclear arsenal in the Middle East with more than 200 undeclared nuclear warheads. Tel Aviv has rejected global calls to join the nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and does not allow international inspectors to observe its controversial nuclear program.

The US, Israel, and some of their allies have repeatedly accused Iran of pursuing non-civilian objectives in its nuclear energy program and have used the unfounded accusation as a pretext to impose illegal sanctions on the Islamic Republic.

Barrett said that a US president in his second term, such as Obama, should be able to resist Tel Aviv’s pressure and stand up for American benefit rather than Israeli interest.

“I would hope that these words of Obama’s are really just sort of empty words that he is feeding the Zionist lobby to try to keep them happy,” the political commentator stated.

“I think it is a disgrace to the presidency and to the United States of America that a criminal against humanity on the scale of Netanyahu, who has blood all over his hands in so many ways, who is actually a prime suspect in the controlled demolition of World Trade Center in September 11, 2001… he immediately went on television and said that… it is very good. That was his reaction to September 11… and then he caught himself and said well actually I meant it was just good for Israel,” he said.


“But he was basically celebrating 9/11 just like the dancing Israelis who were caught at celebrating the success of the demolition of the Twin Towers in New York.

“Now it is just a disgrace that somebody like that can come to the United States and try to dictate to the American president how he should conduct his foreign policy. And more and more Americans are being outraged by this. We’re hoping that some day we will have a president with the intestinal fortitude to stand up against these Israeli mass murderers and big liars.”

Elsewhere in his remarks, Barrett said, “The Israeli lobby does not just have a lot of clout in Congress. It owns Congress outright; about half of the money that is contributed to federal candidates in the US comes from Zionists and it has very strong strings attached.”

“This has been going on ever since we heard from President John F. Kennedy who confided to his close friend Gore Vidal that he had been approached by Israeli lobby people who told him that if he would let them run his foreign policy, they would take care of all of his financial needs from then on. And the same thing has been going on ever since. Kennedy rejected the deal and that’s one of the reasons he was killed.”

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Time to sanction US diplomacy?


Uh oh...this shot caught me, over on the left. I was just visiting, really.

Uh oh…this shot caught me, over on the left. I was just visiting, really.

 America’s foreign policy roller coaster continues its thrilling and scary ride

   … by  Jim W. Dean, VT Editor    … with  Press TV, Tehran

The world just can't get enough of the 'good thing'

The world just can’t get enough of the ‘good thing’

Obama has now dropped back temporarily from the front lines and sent Susan Rice out to do the Alice in Wonderland trick, where ‘when I use a word it means exactly what I want it to mean, nothing more, nothing less’.

She claims no US approval of Iran’s nuclear reprocessing has been agreed to by Obama.

Does this indicate that Israel, the only real weapons of mass destruction threat in the Mid East, the country that has rejected any outside WMD controls or restrictions is now going to be interpreting the rules for Iran who is a signatory of the NPT?

And does Obama not realize what a laughing stock this makes of America to the world when the word ‘exceptionalism’ is trotted out… like people would really buy that?

Susan Rice has now put Iran’s right to reprocess under the Non Proliferation Treaty subject to US approval. In effect this has the US claiming the right to abridge the treaty, for one country, because it wants to. This is clearly an attack on Iran’s sovereignty.

And mind you, it is the US that has protected Israel’s WMD programs from any threat of reduction or controls whatsoever, for decades. It is a track record of nuclear, biological and chemical proliferation, carved in stone. It has our name on it, and has greatly put our national security at risk.

Susan Rice - No longer on ice

Susan Rice – No longer on ice

We break our own laws on proliferation which require us to cease all foreign aid to a country that is not in compliance, yet in an act of incredible arrogance we hold out some unwritten right to use military force to attack anyone, basically for any reason that we choose.

And Ms. Susan Rice claims that the President has this right solely on his own authority.

I have watched as these assertions of power have been put out by the executive branch, and yet no one, no legal authority or public interest group, nor any group in Congress has taken upon itself to challenge this clear abuse of executive power.

The proper time to ‘attack this attack’ on the Constitution is before it is used. If we don’t, then years of litigation will ensue while all those involved in the crime are enjoying their post government careers, often as consultants for showing others how to get around the rules that others must obey. Our Founding Fathers are turning over in their graves at this spectacle.

If ever there was an obvious need to reign in presidential military power it was during the Bush (43) and Cheney mobster scourge that had the country for eight years. The abuses that happened then are legendary, which include obstruction of justice in the biggest terrorist attack in American history.

This is not a conspiracy theory as 911 commission members have publicly stated that they knew that witnesses had perjured themselves and others had withheld information they claimed not to have, which the commission later found out that they did.

This was of course rigged to happen this way so no testimony was taken under oath. Those not actively involved in the cover-up to hide who really did it got sucked up into it anyway to defend themselves being made the scapegoats. I am sorry to say that self-preservation will trump a lot of oaths of offices, even for those in the military and security fields.

"Yo...David, enough with the exceptionalsim fantasy. Put something on man."

“Yo…David, enough with the exceptionalsim fantasy. Put something on man.”

America’s national security apparatus has poorly served our country as all those who really know what happened on that day have done nothing.

They have left us literally undefended for another such attack by the precedent they have allowed to stand. No one feels any shame. They do not look over their shoulder to see if anyone is hunting them. They know they are safe because they picked the right side be on, the perpetrators.

Where am I going with this? Simple. The situation on 911, of the confirmed reports we had of multiple Israeli groups being picked up and then quickly released, or in one case some ready made fake FBI agents just marched in and demanded suspects be released to them on orders of the president, then disappeared.

No rogue group could pull something like that off folks. That was first-class intelligence operation people doing something like that, and there is a short list of those capable. And Rudy Giuliani land is near the top of the list.

Part of the juice that the bad guys used to get away with this is the years of conditioning that when Israelis were involved, teamed up with high government officials, you were risking your life to stand in the way.

They had just murdered 3,000 people, and were about to kill hundreds of thousands more, so would a few state police people or NY City detectives bother them?

Hell no, and those people knew it which is why they are hiding out and hoping to be forgotten… so they don’t end up on a ‘tidying up’ list.

I know some of you think they should come forward anyway, regardless of the risk, which is the whole point of my missive today. It is easy for you think that way, because it is not your butt, and your families that you are putting on the line.

These people know that you would not do it. They know you think it would be a great thing for someone else to do, but that it is not your job. So frankly, they don’t feel you are worth the sacrifice.

Now I don’t want you to feel I am taking to cheap shot at you. You have a lot of company. Even my Association for Intelligence Officers has James Woolsey on its honorary board of directors despite his being on the Free Jonathan Pollard band wagon. It’s quite an embarrassment to the community.

"Why did you do it Woolsey...go over to Pollard?"

“Why did you do it Woolsey…go over to Pollard?”

A search of this past weekend’s news was expected to reveal what Israel’s plans were to keep the fake threat game going which is their economic lifeline, threats, war, and mayhem.

Their think tank water carriers were pitching that ‘no Iranian nuclear activity’ at all could be accepted as then the evil tricky Iranians could just divert some of it to a secret bomb making facility.

The Zio lobby here will have no problem getting mass media to publish this silliness.

But there is just one problem. The IAEA has already confirmed with their audit that not one gram of reprocessed uranium was unaccounted for. Imagine that.

Any competent reporter, especially the highly paid ones at the big media, could have accessed the inspectors to learn that such stockpiles are under 24/7 video surveillance. They can detect any movement almost in real time. Clinton Bastin, Veterans Today’s nuclear expert, 40 years with the Dept. of Energy, stepped us through the whole process.

Clinton Bastin - Veterans Today nuclear expert

Clinton Bastin – Veterans Today nuclear expert

As as for the secret bomb making facilities, that also is a hoax. Our satellite technology has been able to detect reprocessing going on anywhere, for decades.

It is impossible to hide it. What has been going on here folks is a fake nuclear threat has been staged for an entirely different reason that you were told, one they obviously don’t think you would approve of, so you have been lied to.

Are you enjoying your democracy today? …your make believe democracy? They have made fools of us, and deserve our contempt, but way too many of us have been far too polite and submissive.

The most blunt term I have heard to describe this is that people are reducing themselves to the level of dogs eating vomit, and yet have no shame.

So what we have to do now is blow by all the psyops public consumption stuff and put their feet to the fire as to what is the real reason they have engaged in this huge hoax that has gone on for years.

I will close with Iran’s Foreign Minister Zarif’s interview where he nailed it preciously:

“A smile attack is much better than a lie attack. Mr. Netanyahu and his colleagues have been saying since 1991… that Iran is six months away from a nuclear weapon. And we are how many years, 22 years after that? And they are still saying we are six months away from nuclear weapons.”

Clinton Bastin sent an analysis several years ago to Netanyahu through the Israeli embassy, reviewing the onsite storage surveillance safety procedures against any diversion. He also gave a detailed explanation that it would take Iran ten years of work to build a bomb even if they wanted to, and there would be no way they could hide the activity.

They send him a thank-you letter back, and disputed nothing that he had said.

It’s all a hoax folks, pure and simple. So it’s time we moved on as to why, who benefits, and what legal recourse we have against them, for things like wanting a full accounting of everybody involved and return of all taxpayer monies wasted. We need to do this… before it is too late.

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War Self-Delusion


Assad on the anniversary of the October War

Assad on the anniversary of the October War

War Self-Delusion


(Damascus)- In Damascus and many other areas of Syria this weekend, citizens will celebrate the accomplishments of the October 6, 1973 –  19 day war jointly launched by Syrian and Egyptian armies to regain Arab land illegally occupied since 1967.

Syrians will honor the 6,000 (Syrians) who died during battle. Many events are planned including special television broadcasts which will revisit the conflict; also numerous art exhibits, plays, films, concerts, rallies, and wreath-laying ceremonies. Public and government officials will appear at the monument, located atop Qasioun Mountain in Damascus, mindful of the many sacrifices being made today.  In Egypt, October 6 is Armed Forces Day, commemorating the Egyptians’ role in that October War.

For both peoples, breaking Israel’s sense of invincibility after its 1967 aggression was victory enough.  The results of the battle were mixed as history records, but the political and military effects are still indelible, as Zionist leaders exhibit a certain bi-polarization. Many analysts and pro-Zionist “think tanks” are holding seminars on the subject in occupied Palestine and some in the US as well, with many attendees still gnashing their teeth over what went wrong forty years ago.  For many Israelis, the surprise battle that killed nearly 3000 Israeli soldiers threatened to destroy the so-called ‘Third Temple’ thus eliminating the last 19th century colonial enterprise.  ”Academic” seminars, in “professional” strategic forums – even IDF and intelligence fora are planned just as they have been organized every year since 1973.

Many Israelis are still condemning their political leaders at the time, particularly then Prime Minister  Golda Meir and military ‘heroes’ from the 1967 aggression as incompetents derelict in their military duties including lack of preparedness. The adulation for General Moshi Dayan resulting from 1967 turned ugly in October of 1973 as many families picketed and chanted “murderer” for the killing of their sons and daughters. The repentance appears to intensify each year over the “Yom Kippur fiasco,” the outcome of the “blindness” and the “smugness and arrogance following the conquests of the Six-Day War,” as many claim.

The Israeli military has never denied that General Dayan urged the use of Chemical weapons during the October war. But chemical weapons are not all that Dayan wanted permission to use.  Writing in the 10/3/13 issue of the New York Times, Avner Cohen, a professor at the Monterey Institute of International Studies and a senior fellow at the Center for Nonproliferation Studies discusses an interview he had in 2008 with  Mr.  Arnan Azaryahu who was a senior political insider and trusted aide and confidant to Yisrael Galili, a minister without portfolio and Golda Meir’s closest political ally.  Writes Cohen, “Mr. Azaryahu was privy to some of Israel’s most fateful decisions. In the early afternoon of Oct. 7, as a fierce battle with Syrian forces raged and the Israeli Army appeared to be losing its grasp on the Golan Heights.”  Mr. Azaryahu further reported that  Dayan sought from Golda Meir, during the cabinet meeting which Mr. Azaryahu attended, “an immediate authorization of preparatory steps for a nuclear blast that he claimed would save precious time and allow the order to detonate a bomb to be executed rapidly should the need arise.”

Cohen continues, “Siding with her two senior ministers, the prime minister told Mr. Dayan to “forget it.” He responded by saying that he remained unconvinced but that he respected the prime minister’s decision.”  Dayan sought but was refused authority to use either chemical or nuclear weapons.

One of the lessons from that October war still being discussed is that the hubris from the 1967 aggression concerning the “invincible Israeli army” was simple propaganda for domestic consumption – as were the many battles in South Lebanon during 22 years of occupation and the 33 day 2006 war illustrate.  That war clearly established beyond peradventure that the Israeli army cannot defend the Zionist colony unless it has massive American military supplies and blank check funding.  During the Tishri battle, the American government, without input from Pentagon or public, provided the Israeli military with planeloads of weaponry, including 9 types of US cluster bombs that were taken from supplies at Subic Bay, Philippines, causing the local US commander to resign claiming that “emptying those warehouses put thousands of US troops in Vietnam at risk.”  Yet, President Nixon caved to pressure from PM Golda Meir so that many hundreds of those old cluster bombs, thirty years past their shelf life were used as recently as during the July 2006 war in Lebanon.

The Nixon administration also provided Israel with something far more important – intelligence. Documents relating to the American spy-plane, the ‘SR-71 Blackbird’, show that the Israelis knew where major concentrations of Arab forces were as they were supplied with this information as a result of SR-71 overflights of that war zone. With such knowledge,  Israelis knew where to deploy their forces for maximum effect.  Whatever dreams of self-sufficiency in weapon development and production were entertained in Israel before the war, were abandoned. Tel Aviv learned that it needs close support, strategic weapons and funding from Washington to survive.

Following the October war, the Arab oil boycott turned Israel into a pariah; fewer countries had diplomatic relations with the Jewish state than with the PLO, which didn’t pretend to seek anything but Palestine’s liberation and the full right of Return. The UN General Assembly gave a standing ovation to Yasser Arafat and shortly thereafter the UN passed the Zionism is Racism resolution.   Last month’s embarrassing Netanyahu spectacle at the UN General Assembly where he presented himself as some sort of sociopathic racist, led reportedly, to one European delegate saying after that speech ‘if a snap vote was held on the 1975 Zionism is Racism Resolution (GAR 3379) it would pass again–but by a larger margin than the 11/10/75 vote of 72 to 35.’

Ehud Barak, Israel’s former defense minister claims at pep rallies and AIPAC type gatherings that “states much larger than ours and supposedly much stronger collapsed within weeks under surprise attack and we were totally victorious in 1973.”

Think tanks, such as the Institute for National Security Studies at Tel Aviv University and the Begin-Sadat Center (BESA) for Strategic Studies at Bar-Ilan University, have become bolder participants in the national security debates and have offered alternatives to Netanyahu-Lieberman governmental policies.   Gen. Isaac Ben Israel, a specialist on strategic affairs, wrote recently in the small right-wing publication Ha-Umma that “Israel’s achievement was great for revealing to its enemies their inability to overwhelm Israel’s Defense Forces even in the most favorable circumstances.

Both gentlemen delude themselves and fail to understand the growing global resistance to the occupation of Palestine and opposition to confiscation of Jerusalem by misstating what happened forty years ago this month.      More realistic is the statement made last week by Defense Minister Moshe Yaalon at a meeting with top defense officials: “One of the causes of our failure at the beginning of the conflict came from a feeling of superiority that we held after the 1967 victory. Israel had “too much confidence, arrogance and lack of caution.”

Every October, bereavement becomes a major element of the Israeli ethos, and a dominant national display of trauma.  It is to blame, some claim, for Zionist doubts about facing the future of their enterprise in Palestine.   And even among many Israelis awareness about the very right of the Apartheid Jewish state to exist. Israel once again feels vulnerable to surprise attack.

The shock of the October War left deep scars on the national psyche that affect Israelis even today. Foremost among them, according to the Jaffee Center, is a gnawing anxiety that the national leadership is so locked into a “conceptzia” — a shared strategic concept that determines the leaders’ worldview — that they may be misreading reality and ignoring opportunities for peace.

Commenting on the report’s claim that Israel is now better off strategically than at any time in its history, the military analyst for the Ma’ariv newspaper, Amir Rapaport, observed wryly that “the last time we boasted that things were never better was in the autumn of 1973.”

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